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									                   The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

1. (Eli) In this story, Mark Twain wanted Tom to become a pirate. If
   you were the author and the story was about kids today, who would
   you want your character of Tom to become and where would you run
   away to?

2. (Marcus) Tom tricked the other boys into doing his whitewashing
   chore for him. What would you do and how would you do it if you
   were Tom?

3. (Josh) If the ending of the story didn’t have Injun Joe getting caught,
   how would the story ending change?

4. (Brieanna) If you were comparing and contrasting yourself to Tom,
   how would you be alike, how would you be different?

5. If Tom had not found the money, what would have occurred?

6. Are there any people in your life that remind you of:
   Willie Mufferson
   Aunt Polly
Synthesis Application: Huck and Tom discuss several methods of removing
warts. Formulate a new cure for a human imperfection (e.g. baldness) by
combining bits and pieces of folklore and superstitions.


     Eli – at the middle of the night, sneak out and steal 3 hairs from a
     horse’s tail and tape them on your head, wait by the side of a well for
     3 minutes, dip head in well with bald spot first, go home – do not talk
     to anyone or don’t look at any other animals or it won’t work!

     Hairy Arm Pits:
     Marcus-at midnight on Friday the 13th you must go to a haunted
     house, be bit by a bat on your left finger, rub your armpits with it!

     Old Age:
     Josh – Go into a forest at 1 a.m., find an alarm clock, set it back in
     time and wait for 20 minutes!

     Ashy Legs:
     Brieanna- At 3:02 a.m. you dive under water in the Pacific Ocean,
     stay under for 20 seconds, try to find 3 seashells, rub them on your
     legs, stay under for 3 more seconds, wait 2 days under a tree for

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