ASSOCIATED STUDENT GOVERNMENT

                                              October 5th, 2009

  I.   Call to Order
       Vice President Luna called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

 II.   Pledge of Allegiance
       Senator Millican led the senate in the pledge.

III.   Roll Call
       Absent: Senators Carter, Dabbs, Garza, Hanrahan, Koenig, Nesselhauf, Paulson, Ramirez, Samuels, and Taylor

IV.    Approval of Minutes
       No objections.

V.     Guest Speakers
              A. Mr. John Root, Director of Auxiliary Services, and Mrs. Leslie Bulkley, Chartwells’ Resident
                   District Manager
                          i. 7:06 Mr. Root spoke to the senate about the Commons Dining Hall situation. He said he
                              had a meeting last week. He had a meeting last week and there is now a contract in the
                              works to get the building fixed and reopened. The contract is going to take approximately
                              ten weeks. Mrs. Bulkley said there were about 2,000 eating at Commons. The Den
                              numbers have picked up all around. More staff was added to The Den and Jones. Mr.
                              Root said he hopes Commons can be opened back up by the first day of spring classes.
                              Mr. Root spoke about the opening of the Panda Express on campus.
                                   1. Senator Darby asked about vegetarian options for meal trays.
                                               a.    Mrs. Bulkley told Senator Darby to check online. She said all meal
                                                     trays were explained there. Mrs. Bulkley told the senate that there
                                                     is a chef for all dining halls.
                                   2. Senator Morris asked about the possible extension of hours to dining halls
                                         other than Jones.
                                               a.    Mrs. Bulkley explained that they have extended hours for many
                                                     dining halls. Mr. Root spoke about the statistics where people have
                                                     been eating for the past couple of years.
                                   3. Senator Terrell mentioned possible problems he has encountered.
                                               a.    Mrs. Bulkley explained how they have to follow the franchise
                                                     policies. Mr. Root added to the franchise rules. He said Chick-fil-A
                                                     has been to the student center. Chick-fil-A is talking about
                                   -Time expired. Senator Darby motioned to extend time by five minutes. Senator
                                   Morris second her motion.-
                                   4. Senator Aguilar asked about hours for Jones. He also asked when Commons
                                         opened back up if Jones would continue to serve breakfast.
                                   5. Senator Cook asked why some places won’t let you purchase lunch before
                                         1:00 p.m. and why salads aren’t a meal trade.
                                               a.    Mr. Root said that downstairs the 1:00 meal trade are also
                                                     servicing the retail students as well as meal tray students. Mrs.
                                                     Bulkley said not everything is offered as a meal trade. They try to
                                                     choose a variety.
                                   6. Senator Leija asked if the 1:00 p.m. meal trade can be moved back until noon.
                                               a.    Mr. Root said that really isn’t an option. Students can go to Jones
                                                     for lunch. 7:26 p.m.

VI.    Public Forum
               A. 7:26 A BLI spoke about the national Texas State debate team. Texas State will be hosting a few
                    Oxford students in a debate next Thursday, October 15. 7:28
               B. 7:28 Jude Prather spoke to the senate to support soldiers in San Marcos. –Time expired. Senator
                    Leija motioned to extend time by five minutes. Senator Ray second his motion.- Jude asked the
                    senate to volunteer November 7, Veteran’s Day. 7:33 p.m.
VII.    President’s Report
                A. 7:33 p.m. President Covo asked for more volunteers for “Discover Texas State.” He encouraged the
                      senate to go to the game, and not to leave after the first quarter. He passed around the “Bobcat Flip”
                      sign up sheet. He asked more students to sign up for that. Texas Night Out is tomorrow. Senator
                      Leija will be riding around with the Mayor and a few policemen. Everyone is encouraged to attend.
                      Meet at the police station. This Sunday the Greeks will be holding a sport related event. All proceeds
                      will go to the Special Olympics. 7:37 p.m.

VIII.   Vice President’s Report
                A. 7:37 p.m. Vice President Luna spoke told the senate a story about when he helped give a campus
                     tour. He asked the senate to “call out” people that wear other university shirts. He asked senate
                     members to bring this up in other organizations meetings. He said it is beyond tacky to wear other
                     university shirts. He encouraged the senate to get legislation out. We are working on getting a
                     senator to attend another organization’s meeting that doesn’t have a senator to represent them. 7:43

 IX.    Committee Reports
              A. External Affairs 7:43 p.m.
                    Senator Posey said his committee viewed the Senator Moldenhauer’s legislations. October 16
                    grievance session will be moved to October 13.

                B.     Student Relations
                       Senator Guerra said his committee talked about senator expectations. They talked about many ideas
                       his has. They are working on getting those on paper.

                C.     Internal Affairs
                       Senator Flores apologized for not having the grievance session due to weather. They had Senator
                       Moldenhauer speak about his legislation. Her committee has some great ideas.

                D.     University Relations
                       Senator Ray talked about his grievance session. Everyone in his committee has something to work
                       on. He asked if Senate Pro Tempore Vargas could make a list of all the initiatives senators are
                       working on, so everyone can work on something different. 7:49 p.m.

  X.    Advisor Report(s)
        7:49 p.m. Mrs. Weiser reminded the senate that she is always available. 7:50 p.m.

 XI.    New Business
        7: 50 p.m. No new business.

XII.    Old Business

                A.     S.R.S 2009-2010/4 “Civic Responsibility”
                       7: 51 p.m. Senator Posey motioned to consider this piece already read. Senator Riggs second this
                               i. Senator Guerra motioned to adopt. Senator Ferrari seconded his motion.
                              ii. Senator Posey motioned to suspend the rules and take up the legislation by voice vote. A
                                  senator seconded his motion.
                             iii. The piece of legislation was taken up by voice vote.
                             iv. Motion passed unanimously.

XIII.   Questions
        Senator Loving asked the senate if they knew Texas State no longer has Mobile Campus.

XIV.    Announcements
        -Senator McNeff reminded the senate that AXiD is having a volleyball tournament. Sign up at the quad or e-mail
        -Vote Senator Vargas and Gordon Taylor for Gallardian.
        -Dt1135 would like to talk to senate members about his legislation.
        -Senator Guerra thinks his band is playing the in the homecoming talent show.
        -Wednesday, October 7 is a Job and Internship Fair at Strahan from 3-6 p.m.
      -Senator Leija’s BLI told the senate that we were doing the Texas Flag wrong.
      -Senator Moldenhauer asked the senate support Lambda and National Coming Out Week.
      -Senator Fox told the senate the Lighting the Way Committee will be meeting this Friday at 4.
XV.   Adjournment
      8:02 p.m. Senator Kincaide motioned to adjourn.

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