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#1; Nelly                     (Take Me Home)           1969; Stegall, Keith
#1; Stryder, Tinchy &            Country Roads;        1973 (Radio
   N-Dubz                        Toots & The              Version); Blunt,
#1 Crush; Garbage                Maytals                  James
(Everybody's Got To           (You Want To) Make       1982; Travis, Randy
   Learn Sometime) I             A Memory; Bon         1985; Bowling For
   Need Your                     Jovi                     Soup
   Loving; Baby D.            (Your Love Has           1999; Wilkinsons
(Ghost) Riders In                Lifted Me) Higher     1999; Prince & The
   The Sky; Cash,                And Higher;              Revolution
   Johnny                        Coolidge, Rita        19th Nervous
(I Don't Want To Go           1, 2 Step; Ciara            Breakdown;
   To) Chelsea;               1, 2, 3, 4; Feist           Rolling Stones
   Costello, Elvis            A 1,000 Miles;           2 Become 1; Spice
(I Never Promised                Carlton, Vanessa         Girls, The
   You A) Rose                1,2, Step; Ciara feat.   21 Guns; Green Day
   Garden; Martina               Missy Elliot          21 Questions; 50
   McBride                    10 Days Late; Third         Cent & Nate Dogg
(I'm Not Your)                   Eye Blind             21 Things I Want In
   Stepping Stone;            10 SECONDS                  A Lover;
   Monkees, The                  DOWN; SUGAR              Morissette, Alanis
(I've Had) The Time              RAY                   21st Century
   Of My Life Bill            10,000 Promises;            Breakdown; Green
   Medley; J Warnes              Backstreet Boys,         Day
(Love Will) Turn                 The                   22; Allen, Lily
   Back The Hands             100 Years; Five For      24; Jem
   Of Time; Grease 2             Fighting              24 Hours At A Time;
(Medley) Blue                 100% Chance Of              Tucker, Marshall
   Hawaii; Presley,              Rain; Morris, Gary    247; Edmonds, Kevon
   Elvis                      10th Avenue              25 Or 6 To 4;
(Medley) Can't Help              Freezeout;               Chicago
   Falling In Love;              Springsteen, Bruce    26 Cents; Wilkinsons,
   Presley, Elvis             10th Avenue                 The
(Medley) Good Luck               Freezeout;            29 Palms; Plant,
   Charm; Presley,               Springsteen, Bruce       Robert
   Elvis                      123; Len Barry           3; Spears, Britney
(Medley) It's Now Or          123; Estefan, Gloria     3 Am; Matchbox
   Never; Presley,            1-2-3; Estefan, Gloria      Twenty
   Elvis                      1234; Feist              3 Blind Mice;
(Medley) Love                 15 Minutes; Atkins,         Children's Songs
   Letters; Presley,             Rodney                3 Little Birds;
   Elvis                      16 Candles; Crests,         Marley, Bob
(Medley) One Night;              The                   3 Little Pigs;
   Presley, Elvis             16 Tons; Ford,              Children's Songs
(Medley) Such A                  'Tennessee' Ernie     3 Times A Lady;
   Night; Presley,            17; Cross Canadian          Richie, Lionel
   Elvis                         Ragweed               3 Wooden Crosses;
(Medley) Surrender;           18 And Life; Skid           Travis, Randy
   Presley, Elvis                Row                   3 Words; Cole,
(Medley) Suspicion;           18 Video Tapes;             Cheryl & Will.I.Am
   Presley, Elvis                Meadows, Jason        360; Hoge, Josh
(Medley) Teddy                19 2000; Gorillaz        3am; Eminem
   Bear; Presley,             19 And Crazy;            4 In The Morning;
   Elvis                         Bomshel                  Stefani, Gwen
                              19 Something; Wills,     4 Minutes; Avant


4 To 1 In Atlanta;           8Th World Wonder;          A little bit of green;
   Byrd, Tracy                  Locke, Kimberley          Elvis Presley
4 Wheel Drive;               9 to 5; Parton, Dolly      A Little Less
   Montgomery, John          911; Jean, Wyclef &          Conversation;
   Michael                      Mary J Blige              Elvis Presley
40 Days; Third Day           96 Tears; Question         A Little More Love;
40 Kinds Of                     Mark & The                Vince Gill
   Sadness; Cabrera,            Mysterians              A Little More You;
   Ryan                      986 Degrees And              Little Big Town
42nd Street; 42nd               Falling; King, Jill     A Little Respect;
   Street                    99; Toto                     Erasure
45; Shinedown                99 Luftballoons;           A Little Too Late;
455 Rocket; Mattea,             Nena                      Keith, Toby
   Kathy                     99 Problems; Jay-Z         A Man I'll Never Be;
4ever; Veronicas,            99 Red Balloons;             Boston
   The                          Nena                    A Mess Of Blues;
4th Of July;                 99.9% Sure;                  Elvis Presley
   Jennings, Shooter            Mccomas, Brian          A Moment Like This;
5,6,7,8; Steps, The          A Bad Goodbye;               Kelly Clarkson
5:15; Who, The                  Black, Clint &          A New Day Has
50 Ways To Leave                Wynonna Judd              Come; Dion,
   Your Lover;               A Bay Bay (Radio             Celine
   Simon, Paul                  Version);               A Pirate Looks at
50,000 Names;                   Hurricane Chris           Forty; Jimmy
   Jones, George             A Beautiful Morning;         Buffett
500 Miles Away                  Rascals                 A Poor Man's
   From Home; Bare,          A Better Class Of            Roses; Patsy Cline
   Bobby                        Loser; Randy            A Puro Dolor;
57 Chevrolet;                   Travis                    Spanish-Son By
   Spears, Billie Jo         A Better Man; Black,         Four
59th Street Bridge              Clint                   A Quarter To Three;
   Song; Simon &             A Big Hunk o' Love;          Bonds, Gary U.S.
   Garfunkel                    Elvis Presley           A Quien Le Importa;
6 8 12; McKnight,            A boy like me, a girl        Spanish-Thalia
   Brian                        like you; Elvis         A Real Fine Place To
6 Underground;                  Presley                   Start; Evans, Sara
   Sneaker Pimps             A Certain Smile;           The A Saint;
6, 8, 12; Mcknight,             Mathis, Johnny            Chesnutt, Mark
   Brian                     A Chorus Line; At          A Satisfied Mind;
7 Days; David, Craig            The Ballet                Jean Shepard
7 Things; Miley              A Different World;         A Six Pack to Go;
   Cyrus                        Bucky Covington           Hank Thompson
7 Years & 50 Days;           A Feelin' Like That;       A Teenager In Love
   Groove Coverage              Gary Allan                Dion; Belmonts
73; Hanson, Jennifer         A Few Questions;           A Thing Called
76 Trombones;                   Clay Walker               Love; Elvis Presley
   Music Man                 A Fool Such As I;          A Thousand Miles;
8 Days A Week;                  Presley, Elvis            Carlton, Vanessa
   Beatles, The              A Groovy Kind Of           A Tisket A Tasket;
8 Mile; Eminem                  Love; Phil Collins        Fitzgerald, Ella
800 Pound Jesus;             A Horse With No            A Veces Tu A Veces;
   Sawyer Brown                 Name; America             Iglesias, Julio
867 5309 Jenny;              a little bit me a little   A View To Kill;
   Tutone, Tommy                bit you; Monkees,         Duran Duran
8th of November;                The                     A White Sport Coat;
   Big & Rich                                             Robbins, Marty


A Whiter Shade Of             According To You;         Adidas; Korn
  Pale; Procol Harum            Orianthi                Adore; Velasquez,
A Woman Needs;                Ace In The Hole;            Jaci
  Harp, Jessica                 Strait, George          Adrenaline;
A world of our own;           Ace Of Spades;              Rossdale, Gavin
  Elvis Presley                 Motorhead               Adrienne; Calling
Aaron's Party;                Achy Breaky Heart;        Aerials; System Of A
  Carter, Aaron                 Cyrus, Billy Ray          Down
Abacab; Collins, Phil         Achy Breaky Song;         Aeroplane; Red Hot
ABBA Medley (Stars              Yankovic, Weird Al        Chili Peppers
  On 45); ABBA                Across The                Affirmation; Savage
ABC; Jackson,                   Universe; Apple,          Garden
  Michael                       Fiona                   Africa; Toto
The ABC's Of Love;            Act A Fool (Radio         After A Kiss; Tillis,
  Lymon, Frankie                Version); Ludacris        Pam
Abgels Among Us;              Act Naturally;            After All; Jarreau, Al
  Alabama                       Owens, Buck             After All; James,
Abilene; Hamilton,            The Actor; Micheal          Brett
  George IV                     Learns To Rock          After All; Cetera,
Abilene; Crow,                Adalida; Strait,            Peter & Cher
  Sheryl & Natalie              George                  After All These
  Maines                      Adam And Evil; Elvis        Years; Foster &
About You Now                   Presley                   Allen
  (Radio Version);            Adam's Side;              After Glow; Inxs
  Sugababes                     Walker, Billy           After loving you;
Above All; Smith,             Adam's Song; Blink          Elvis Presley
  Michael W.                    182                     After Midnight;
Above All; Gospel             Add It Up; Violent          Clapton, Eric
Above And Beyond;               Femmes, The             After Party; Brown,
  Rodney Crowell              The Addams Family           Koffee
Abracadabra; Steve              TV Theme; Mizzy,        After The Glitter
  Miller Band, The              Vic                       Fades; Fleetwood
Abraham, Martin &             Addicted; Iglesias,         Mac
  John; Dion                    Enrique                 After The Love Has
Abrazame; Iglesias,           ADDICTED; SAVING            Gone; Steps, The
  Julio                         ABEL                    After The Loving;
Absence Of Fear;              Addicted;                   Humperdinck,
  Jewel                         Winehouse, Amy            Engelbert
Absence Of The                Addicted; Simple          After The Rain Has
  Heart; Carter,                Plan                      Fallen; Sting
  Deana                       Addicted To Love;         After The Thrill Is
Absolute Beginners;             Turner, Tina              Gone; Eagles, The
  Bowie, David                Addicted To Love;         After You Have
Absolutely; 9 Days              Palmer, Robert            Gone; Sinatra,
Absolutely; Gates,            Addicted To Spuds;          Frank
  Gareth                        Yankovic, Weird Al      After You've Gone;
Absolutely (Story Of          Addictive; Truth            Standard
  A Girl); Nine Days            Hurts & Rakim           After You've Gone;
Acapulco; Diamond,            Addio Addio; Italian        Sinatra, Frank
  Neil                          Songs                   After You've Gone;
Accidentally In               Address In The              Jolson, Al
  Love; Counting                Stars; Caitlin & Will   Afternoon Delight;
  Crows                       Adele; Hometown             Starland Vocal
Accidents Will                  Glory                     Band
  Happen; Costello,           Adia; McLachlan,          Agadoo; Black Lace
  Elvis                         Sarah                   Again; Kravitz, Lenny


Again & Again;                Ain't No Mountain      Ain't That Just The
  Jewel                         High Enough;           Way; McNeal,
Again & Again;                  Gaye, Marvin &         Lutricia
  Status Quo                    Tammi Terrell        Ain't That Lonely
Against All Odds;             Ain't No Mountain        Yet; Yoakam,
  Carey, Mariah                 High Enough;           Dwight
Against All Odds;               Ross, Diana          Ain't That Lovin'
  Collins, Phil               Ain't No Other Man;      You Baby; Elvis
Against The Grain;              Christina Aquilera     Presley
  Brooks, Garth               Ain't No Stoppin' Us   Ain't That Peculiar;
Against The Wind;               Now; McFadden &        Gaye, Marvin
  Brooks & Dunn                 Whitehead            Ain't Too Proud To
Against The Wind;             Ain't No Stopping        Beg; Temptations,
  Seger, Bob                    Her Now; Bowers,       The
Age Ain't Nothing               Ash                  Ain't Wastin' Good
  But A Number;               Ain't No Sunshine        Whiskey On You;
  Aaliyah                       When She's Gone;       Trick Pony
Agnus Dei; Third Day            Withers, Bill        Ain't Wastin' Time
Agnus Dei; Smith,             Ain't No Way; Aretha     No More; Allman
  Michael W.                    Franklin               Brothers, The
Ah! Leah!; Iris,              Ain't No Way To        Ain't What It Used
  Donnie                        Treat A Lady;          To Be; Mullins,
Ahab The Arab;                  Reddy, Helen           Megan
  Stevens, Ray                Ain't No Woman         Air Force Ones;
Ain't Back Yet;                 (Like The One I        Nelly & St Lunatics
  Chesney, Kenny                Got); Four Tops,     The Air That I
Ain't Even Done                 The                    Breath; Hollies,
  With The Night;             Ain't Nobody Gonna       The
  Mellencamp, John              Take That From       The Air That I
  Cougar                        Me; Raye, Collin       Breath; Newton-
Ain't Going Down              Ain't Nobody Like        John, Olivia
  (Til The Sun                  You; Howard, Miki    Airborn; McFly
  Comes Up);                  Aint Nobodys           Al Di La; Italian
  Brooks, Garth                 Business;            Ala Freakin' Bama;
Ain't Gon' Beg You;             Witherspoon,           Adkins, Trace
  Fantasia                      Jimmy                Alabam; Cowboy
Ain't Got Nothin' But         Ain't Nothing 'Bout      Copas
  The Blues; Ford,              You; Brooks &        Alabama; Of Course
  Robin                         Dunn                   I'm Alright
Ain't Got Nothin' On          Ain't Nothing Like;    Alabama Song;
  Us; Montgomery,               Paisley, Brad          Doors, The
  John Michael                Ain't Nothing Like     Albuquerque; Sons
Ain't Had No Lovin';            The Real Thing;        Of The Desert
  Connie Smith                  Gaye, Marvin &       Alcohol; Paisley,
Ain't It Funny;                 Tammi Terrell          Brad
  Lopez, Jennifer             Ain't She Sweet;       Alejandro; Lady
Ain't Misbehavin';              Standard               Gaga
  Fats waller                 Ain't That A Bitch;    Alexanders Rag
Ain't My Day To                 Watson, Johnny         Time Band;
  Care; Bomshel               Ain't That A Kick In     Standard
Ain't No Grave;                 The Head; Martin,    Alfie; Warwick,
  Robinson, Betty               Dean                   Dionne
  Jean                        Ain't That A Shame;    Alguna Vez;
                                Domino, Fats           Spanish-Castro,


Alibis; Lawrence,              All Day And All Of       All I Really Want;
  Tracy                          The Night; Kinks,        Morissette, Alanis
Alice Cooper;                    The                    All I Wanna Do;
  School's Out                 All Downhill From          Crow, Sheryl
Alice In Chains; Your            Here; New Found        All I Wanna Do Is
  Decision                       Glory                    Make Love To
Alimony; Yankovic,             All Eyes On Me;            You; Heart
  Weird Al                       Monica                 All I Want; Toad The
Alison; Costello,              All Fired Up;              Wet Sprocket
  Elvis                          Hendrix, Jimi          All I Want For
Alive; Shepherd,               All For Love;              Christmas Is You;
  Kenny Wayne                    Stewart, Rod             Carey, Mariah
Alive; Lopez, Jennifer         All For You; Sister        (Christmas)
Alive; P.O.D.                    Hazel                  All I Want Is A Life;
Alive And Kicking;             All For You; Jackson,      McGraw, Tim
  Simple Minds                   Janet                  All I Want Is
All About Love;                All Good Things            Everything;
  Chapman, Steven                (Come To An              Mccready, Mindy
  Curtis                         End); Furtado,         All I Want Is You;
All Alone Am I; Lee,             Nelly                    Bellefire
  Brenda                       All I Ask For            All I Wanted Was
All Along The                    Anymore; Adkins,         You; Hoffman, Billy
  Watchtower;                    Trace                  ALL IN THE FAMILY
  Hendrix, Jimi                All I Ask Of You;          (TV) - THOSE
All American Girl;               Phantom Of The           WERE THE DAYS;
  Underwood, Carrie              Opera, The               Karaoke Bay
All American Girl;             All I Do Is Love Her;    All In Your Mind;
  Etheridge, Melissa             Bonamy, James            Carey, Mariah
All Around Me;                 All I Ever Need Is       All Is Fair In Love;
  Flyleaf                        You; Cher                Wonder, Stevie
All Around The                 All I Ever Wanted;       All Jacked Up;
  Mulberry Bush;                 Basshunter               Wilson, Gretchen
  Children's Songs             All I Have; Lopez,       All Lit Up In Love;
All Around The                   Jennifer & Ll Cool J     Murphy, David Lee
  World; Stansfield,           All I Have; Kearney,     All Messed Up;
  Lisa                           Mat                      Breaking Point
All At Once; Fray,             All I Have; Chapman,     All Mixed Up; 311
  The                            Beth Nielsen           All My Ex's Live In
All At Once;                   All I Have To Do Is        Texas; Strait,
  Houston, Whitney               Dream; Everly            George
All At Once; Raitt,              Brothers, The          All My Friends Say;
  Bonnie                       All I Have To Give;        Bryan, Luke
All Because Of You;              Backstreet Boys,       All My Life; Ronstadt,
  U2                             The                      Linda & Aaron
All By Myself; Dion,           All I Need;                Neville
  Celine                         Temptations, The       All My Life; K-Ci &
All By Myself;                 All I Need; Wagner,        JoJo
  Carmen, Eric                   Jack                   All My Life; Foo
All Cried Out; Moyet,          All I Need Is A            Fighters
  Alison                         Miracle; Mike &        All My Love; Led
All Cried Out (Duet);            The Mechanics            Zeppelin
  Lisa Lisa & The              All I Need To Know;      All My Loving;
  Cult Jam                       Chesney, Kenny           Beatles, The
All Day & All Of The           All I Needed Was
  Night; Kinks, The              Rain; Elvis Presley


All My Rowdy                  All That Jazz; Zeta      All Who Are Thirsty;
  Friends Have                   Jones, Catherine        Kutless
  Settled Down;               all that jazz; chicago   All Wrapped Up In
  Williams, Jr. Hank          All That Matters           Christmas;
All Night Long;                  Anymore; Parnell,       Christmas-
  McClinton, Delbert             Lee Roy                 Lawrence, Tracy
All Night Long;               All That She Wants;      All You Ever Do Is
  Evans, Faith & Puff            Ace Of Base             Bring Me Down;
  Daddy                       All That You Could         Mavericks, The
All Night Long;                  Be; Rogers, Kenny     All You Need Is
  Montgomery                  All The Gold In            Friends To Fly;
  Gentry                         California; Gatlin,     Spongebob Square
All Night Long (All              Larry & The Gatlin      Pants
  Night); Richie,                Brothers              All You Need Is
  Lionel                      All The Good Ones          Love; Beatles, The
All Of Me; Standard              Are Gone; Tillis,     All You Want; Dido
All Of Me; Sinatra,              Pam                   All You Wanted;
  Frank                       All The Man That I         Branch, Michelle
All Of Me; Holiday,              Need; Houston,        Allegheny Moon;
  Billie                         Whitney                 Page, Patti
All Of My Life;               All The Small            Alley Oop; Talking
  Collins, Phil                  Things; Blink 182       Heads, The
All Of The                    All The Things She       Alley Oop; Hollywood
  Dreamers;                      Said; T.A.T.U.          Argyles, The
  Powderfinger                All The Things You       Allison Road; Gin
All Or Nothing; Ray,             Are; Vaughn,            Blossoms, The
  Sugar                          Sarah                 Almighty God;
All Or Nothing; Cher          All The Way; Sinatra,      Combs, Michael
All Or Nothing; O                Frank                 almost; elvis presley
  Town                        All The Way; Holiday,    Almost; Bowling For
All Or Nothing At                Billie                  Soup
  All; Sinatra, Frank         All The Young            Almost A Memory
All Out Of Love; Air             Dudes; Mott The         Now; Blackhawk
  Supply                         Hoople                Almost always true;
All Over But The              All These Things           Elvis Presley
  Shouting;                      That I've Done;       Almost Doesn't
  Shenandoah                     The Killers             Count; Brandy
All Over Me; Shelton,         All These Years;         Almost Doesn't
  Blake                          Sawyer Brown            Count; Wills, Mark
All Over You;                 All Things Are           Almost Easy ( Radio
  Jackson, Freddie               Possible; Hillsong      Version); Avenge
All Right Now; Free           All Things Are             Sevenfold
All Rise; Blue                   Possible; Gospel      Almost Here;
All She Wants To Do           All Things Bright          Carpenter, Mary
  Is Dance; Henley,              And Beautiful;          Chapin
  Don                            Various Artists       Almost Home;
All Shook Up;                 All Things                 Carpenter, Mary
  Presley, Elvis                 Considered;             Chapin
All Sit Down; James              Yankee Grey           Almost Home;
All Star; Smash               All This Love; Lost        Morgan, Craig
  Mouth                          Trailers, The         Almost in love; Elvis
All Summer Long;              All This Time;             Presley
  Kid Rock                       McManus, Michelle     Almost Like Being
All that I am; Elvis          All Together Now;          In Love; Frank
  Presley                        Beatles, The            Sinatra


Almost Like Being              Always A Woman;        Am I That Easy To
  In Love; Brigadoon             Joel, Billy           Forget;
  (Natalie Cole)               Always And              Humperdinck,
Almost Lover; Fine               Forever; Vandross,    Engelbert
  Frenzy, A                      Luther               Am I The Same Girl;
Almost Over You;               Always And              Swing Out Sister
  McCann, Lila                   Forever; Heatwave    Am Radio; Everclear
Almost Paradise;               Always Be My Baby;     Am To Pm; Milian,
  Reno, Mike & Ann               Carey, Mariah         Christina
  Wilson                       Always Come Back       Amanda; Williams,
Almost Paradise;                 To Your Love;         Don
  Wilson & Reno                  Mumba, Samantha      Amanda; Boston
Almost Perfect; Hill,          Always In My Heart;    Amarillo By
  Ingram                         Campbell, Tevin       Morning; Strait,
Almost Persuaded;              Always Late With        George
  Houston, David                 Your Kisses;         Amarillo Sky;
Almost There;                    Frizzell, Lefty       Aldean, Jason
  Williams, Andy               Always On My Mind;     Amazed; Lonestar
Almost There; Nolen,             Presley, Elvis       Amazing; Aerosmith
  Gabbie                       Always On My Mind;     Amazing; Kelley,
Alone; Lasgo                     SWV                   Josh
Alone; Heart                   Always On My Mind;     Amazing; Michael,
Alone Again; Dokken              Nelson, Willie        George
Alone Again                    Always On My Mind;     Amazing Grace;
  Naturally;                     Pet Shop Boys         Elvis Presley
  O'Sullivan, Gilbert          Always On Time; Ja     Amazing Grace;
Alone With You;                  Rule & Ashanti        Gospel
  Young, Faron                 Always On Your         Amazing Grace;
Along Came Jones;                Side; Crow, Sheryl    Traditional
  Stevens, Ray                   With Sting           Amazing Grace (My
Along Comes A                  Always Something        Chains Are Gone);
  Woman; Chicago                 There To Remind       Tomlin, Chris
Alouette; Children's             Me; Naked Eyes       Amen; Kid Rock
  Songs                        Always The Sun;        Amen; Christmas
The Alphabet Song;               The Stranglers       Amen Kind Of Love;
  Children's Songs             Always Tomorrow;        Singletary, Daryle
Already Gone;                    Estefan, Gloria      America; Diamond,
  Sugarland                    Always Was; Tippin,     Neil
Already Gone;                    Aaron                America; Patriotic
  Eagles, The                  Always Will; Judd,     America; Simon &
Alright; Jackson,                Wynonna               Garfunkel
  Janet                        Always You; Paige,     America; Santana &
Alright By Me;                   Jennifer              P. O. D.
  Rucker, Darius               Alyssa Lies; Jason     America Again;
Alright, Okay, You               Michael Carroll       Carman
  Win; Krall, Diana &          Alyssa Milano          America the
  Norah Jones                    (Radio Version);      Beautiful;
Always; Blink 182                Sodium                Standard
Always; Erasure                Am I Blue; Strait,     America The
Always; Atlantic Starr           George                Beautiful; Elvis
Always; Bon Jovi,              Am I Blue; Waters,      Presley
  Jon                            Ethel                America The
Always (I'll Be                Am I Losing You;        Beautiful; Patriotic
  Loving You);                   Jim Reeves           America The
  Standard                     Am I ready; Elvis       Beautiful;
                                 Presley               Traditional


America The                   Amish Paradise;        And It Stoned Me;
 Beautiful; Charles,            Yankovic, Weird Al     Morrison, Van
 Ray                          Among My               And She Was;
America Will                    Souvenirs;             Talking Heads, The
 Survive; Williams,             Robbins, Marty       And So It Goes; Joel,
 Hank Jr                      Among The Missing;       Billy
American Baby;                  McDonald, Michael    And So This Is
 Dava Mathws Band               & Kathy Mattea         Christmas;
American Bad Ass;             Amor Eterno;             Christmas
 Kid Rock                       Spanish-Castro,      And Still; McEntire,
American Boy;                   Christian              Reba
 Isaak, Chris                 Amore (Sexo);          And The Beat Goes
American By God's               Santana & Macy         On; Sonny & Cher
 Amazing Grace;                 Gray                 And The Boys;
 Stricklin, Luke              Amos Moses; Jerry        Angus & Julia
American Child;                 Reed                   Stone
 Vassar, Phil                 Amsterdam; Bowie,      And The Cradle Will
American Dream;                 David                  Rock; Van Halen
 Nitty Gritty Dirt            Amy's Back In          And The Crowd
 Band, The                      Austin; Little         Goes Wild; Wills,
American Girl; Petty,           Texas                  Mark
 Tom &                        An Honor To Serve;     And The Grass
 Heartbreakers                  Boltz, Ray             Won't Pay No
American Girls;               An Innocent Man;         Mind; Elvis Presley
 Counting Crows &               Joel, Billy          And Then; Dusty
 Sheryl Crow                  An Old Fashioned         Drake
American Honey;                 Love Song; Three     And We Danced;
 Lady Antebellum                Dog Night              Hooters, The
American Honky                An Old Pair Of         And When I Die;
 Tonk Bar                       Shoes; Travis,         Blood Sweat &
 Association;                   Randy                  Tears
 Brooks, Garth                Anchor Holds; Boltz,   And Your Bird Can
American Idiot;                 Ray                    Sing; Beatles, The
 Green Day                    Anchor To The          Angel; Richie, Lionel
American Life;                  Power Of The         Angel; Aerosmith
 Madonna                        Cross; Hoppers,      Angel; Elvis Presley
American Made; Oak              The                  Angel; Baker, Anita
 Ridge Boys, The              Anchors Away; The      Angel; Hendrix, Jimi
American Pie;                   Navy Song            Angel; Young, Will
 McLean, Don                  Ancient Of Days;       Angel; Sarah
American Pie;                   Gospel                 McLachlin
 Madonna                      And I Am Telling       Angel; Shaggy
American Ride;                  You I'm Not          Angel; Perez,
 Keith, Toby                    Going; Hudson,         Amanda
American Soldier;               Jennifer             Angel Boy; McGraw,
 Keith, Toby                  And I Love Her;          Tim
American Trilogy;               Beatles, The         Angel Eyes;
 Presley, Elvis               And I Love You So;       Standards
American Tune;                  Elvis Presley        Angel Eyes; Roxy
 Cassidy, Eva                 And I Love You So;       Music
American Woman;                 Bassey, Shirley      Angel Eyes; Wet Wet
 Guess Who, The               And I Love You So;       Wet
American Woman;                 Como, Perry          Angel Flying Too
 Kravitz, Lenny               And I'm Telling You;     Close To The
Amie; Pure Prairie              Dreamgirls, The        Ground; Nelson,
 League                                                Willie


Angel From                    Angie; Rolling          Another Perfect
  Montgomery;                   Stones, The             Day; American Hi
  Raitt, Bonnie               Angie Baby; Reddy,        Fi
Angel In Disguise;              Helen                 Another Postcard;
  Brandy                      Angry All The Time;       Barenaked Ladies
Angel In My Eyes;               Mcgraw, Tim &         Another Sad Love
  Montgomery, John              Faith Hill              Song; Braxton,
  Michael                     Angry Chair; Alice In     Toni
Angel In The Night;             Chains                Another Saturday
  Basshunter                  Angry Eyes; Loggins       Night; Buffett,
Angel Of Berlin;                & Messina               Jimmy
  Martin Kesici               Animal; Def Leppard     Another Saturday
Angel Of Harlem; U2           animal crackers in        Night; Stevens,
Angel Of Mine;                  my soup; temple,        Cat
  Monica                        shirley               Another Side;
Angel Of The                  Animals; Nickelback       Brown, Sawyer
  Morning; Newton,            Anna Molly; Incubus     Another Side Of
  Juice                       Annie's Song;             You; Nichols, Joe
Angel On My                     Denver, John          Another Somebody
  Shoulder; Cole,             Anniversary Song;         Done Somebody
  Natalie                       Jones, Tom              Wrong Song;
Angeles;                      The Anniversary           Thomas, B.J.
  Humperdinck,                  Song; Jazz            Another Star;
  Engelbert                     Standard                Wonder, Stevie
Angels; Simpson,              The Anniversary         Another Time,
  Jessica                       Song; Shore,            Another Place;
Angels; Children's              Dinah                   Humperdinck,
  Songs                       Anniversary Waltz;        Engelbert
Angels; Travis,                 Standard              Another Try; Turner,
  Randy                       Anonymous; Bobby          Josh
Angels; Williams,               Valentino feat.       Another Valley Left
  Robbie                        Timbaland               Behind; Bowling,
Angels Among Us;              Another Brick In The      Mike
  Impacts                       Wall; Pink Floyd      Another White Dash;
Angels Brought Me             Another Day In            Butterfly Boucher
  Here; Underwood,              Paradise; Collins,    Another You
  Carrie                        Phil                    Another Me;
Angels Don't Fly;             Another Dumb              Seals, Brady
  Prosser, James                Blonde; Hoku          The Answer Is
Angel's Eye;                  Another Lonely            Christ; Talley Trio,
  Aerosmith                     Song; Tammy             The
Angels In Waiting;              Wynette               Answer Me, My
  Cochran, Tammy              Another Night;            Love; Cole, Nat
Angel's Son; Straight           Franklin, Aretha        'King'
  Up & Lajon                  Another Night;          Answer The Phone;
Angels To Watch                 McCoy, Real             Sugar Ray
  Over You;                   Another Nine            Answer To My
  Children's Songs              Minutes; Yankee         Prayer; Ewing,
Angels We Have                  Grey                    Skip
  Heard On High;              Another One Bites       Answering Bell;
  Christmas                     The Dust; Queen         Adams, Ryan
Angels Working                Another One Rides       Anthem; Chess
  Overtime; Carter,             The Bus;              Anthem Of Our
  Deana                         Yankovic, Weird Al      Dying Day; Story
Angels Would Fall;                                      Of The Year
  Etheridge, Melissa


The Anthem; Good            Anything But Mine;         April Shower;
  Charlotte                   Chesney, Kenny             Jolson, Al
The Ants Go                 Anything For Love;         Aqualung; Jethro Tull
  Marching; Various           House, James             Aquarius; Hair
  Artists                   Anything For You;          Aquarius (Let The
Ants Marching;                Estefan, Gloria &          Sun Shine In); 5th
  Matthews, Dave              The Miami Sound            Dimension
  Band                        Machine                  Archies; Sugar Sugar
Any Day Now;                Anything For Your          Arctic Monkeys;
  Milsap, Ronnie              Love; Clapton, Eric        Crying Lightning
Any Dream Will Do;          Anything Goes;             Are The Good Times
  Broadway                    Sinatra, Frank             Really Over;
Any Dream Will Do;          Anything Goes;               Haggard, Merle
  Joseph & The                Fitzgerald, Ella         Are You
  Amazing                   Anything Is                  Experienced;
  Technicolor                 Possible; Young,           Hendrix, Jimi
Any Man Of Mine;              Will                     Are You Gonna Be
  Twain, Shania             Anything That's Part         My Girl; Jet
Any Old Wind That             Of You; Elvis            Are You Gonna Go
  Blows; Cash,                Presley                    My Way; Kravitz,
  Johnny                    Anything You Can             Lenny
Any One Of Us                 Do I Can Do              Are You Happy
  (Stupid Mistake);           Better; Annie Get          Baby; West, Dottie
  Gates, Gareth               Your Gun                 Are You Happy Now;
Any Other Night;            Anytime; Patsy Cline         Branch, Michelle
  Sharissa                  Anytime You Need A         Are You Lonesome
Any Time, Any                 Friend; Carey,             Tonight; Presley,
  Place; Jackson,             Mariah                     Elvis
  Janet                     Anyway (Radio              Are You Prayin'
Any Way You Want              Version); McBride,         Hard; Gospel-
  It; Journey                 Martina                    Bluegrass
Anyday Now;                 Anyway Anyhow              Are You Ready; Gold
  Bellefire                   Anywhere; Who,             City
Anymore; Tritt,               The                      Are You Ready;
  Travis                    Anyway You Want It;          Creed
Anyone At All;                Journey                  Are You There;
  Carole King               Anyway You Want              Oleander
Anyone Can                    Me; Elvis Presley        Are Your Eyes Still
  Whistle; Anyone           Anywhere But Here;           Blue; Mcanally,
  Can Whistle                 Kershaw, Sammy             Shane
Anyone Could Fall           Anywhere For You;          Area Codes;
  In Love With You;           Backstreet Boys,           Ludacris & Nate
  Elvis Presley               The                        Dogg
Anyone Else; Raye,          Apologize; One             Arise My Love;
  Collin                      Republic &                 Newsong
Anyplace Is                   Timbaland                Arizona Rain; 3 Of
  Paradise; Elvis           Appletree; Badu,             Hearts
  Presley                     Erykah                   Arlington; Adkins,
Anything; Calling           Apply Some                   Trace
Anything; SWV                 Pressure; Maximo         Armageddon It; Def
Anything; Third Eye           Park                       Leppard
  Blind                     April In Paris; April In   Arms Wide Open;
Anything; Jaheim &            Paris                      Creed
  Next                      April Love; Boone,         Army; Ben Folds Five
Anything But Down;            Pat                      Army Of Me; Bjork
  Crow, Sheryl


Around The World;              Ashes By Now;           Authority Song;
  Red Hot Chili                  Womack, Lee Ann         Mellencamp, John
  Peppers                      Ashes To Ashes;           Cougar
Around The World;                Bowie, David          Autobiography;
  Crosby, Bing                 Ashton, Susan;            Simpson, Ashlee
Around World In 80               Can't Cry Hard        Automatic; Pointer
  Days; Around The               Enough                  Sisters, The
  World In 80 Days             Asi Es La Vida;         Automatic High; S
Arrivederci Roma;                Spanish-Tanon,          Club Juniors
  Italian Songs                  Olga                  Autumn Leaves;
Arthur's Theme;                Ask The Lonely;           Williams, Roger
  Christopher Cross              Four Tops, The        Ave Maria; Schubert
As Any Fool Can                Askin' Too Much;        Ave Maria; Beyonce
  See; Lawrence,                 Walker, Tamara        Ave Maria; Manilow,
  Tracy                        Astounded; Tantric        Barry
As Good As                     At 17; Ian, Janis       Ave Maria; Bach-
  Goodbye Gets;                At Last; James, Etta      Gounod
  Easter, Jeff & Sheri         At Last; Dion, Celine   Ave Mary A; Pink
As Good As I Once              At Long Last Love;      Awake; Josh Groban
  Was; Keith, Toby               Sinatra, Frank        Away From Me;
As If; Sara Evans              At My Most                Puddle Of Mudd
As Long As He                    Beautiful; R.E.M      Away From The
  Needs Me; Oliver             At Night I Pray; Wild     Sun; 3 Doors
  (Musical)                      Orchid                  Down
As Long As I Have              At Seventeen; Ian,      Away In A Manger;
  You; Elvis Presley             Janis                   Christmas
As Long As I Live;             At Sundown;             Awesome God;
  Krall, Diana &                 Standard                Mullins, Rich
  Norah Jones                  At The Beginning;       Awesome God;
As Long As You                   Lewis, Donna &          Gospel
  Follow; Fleetwood              Richard Marx          Awesome In This
  Mac                          At The End Of             Place; Integrity
As Long As You                   Everyday; Coffee,     Awful; Hole
  Love Me;                       Kellie                Awful Beautiful Life;
  Backstreet Boys,             At the End of the         Worley, Darryl
  The                            Day; Coffey, Kellie   Awnaw; Nappy Roots
As Tears Go By;                At The Hop; Danny &     B Boy Baby; Mutya &
  Rolling Stones, The            The Juniors             Amy Winehouse
As The Deer; Gospel            At This Moment;         B I N G O; Various
As Time Goes By;                 Vera, Billy & The       Artists
  Bennett, Tony                  Beaters               B J The D J;
As Time Goes By;               At Your Best (You         Stonewall Jackson
  Durante, Jimmy                 Are Love); Aaliyah    Baa Baa Black
As Time Goes By;               Atlantic Starr;           Sheep; Children's
  Simon, Carly                   Always                  Songs
As Told By Ginger;             Atomic Dog; Clinton,    Babaji; Supertramp
  As Told By Ginger              George                Babe; Styx
As We Lay; Murdock,            Attitude; Wynonna       Babe I'm Gonna
  Shirley                      Auctioneer; Van           Leave You; Led
As We Lay; Price,                Dyke, Leroy             Zeppelin
  Kelly                        Auld Lang Syne;         Baby; Fabulous &
As You Like It; Faith,           Jazz Standard           Mike Shorey
  Adam                         Auld Lang Syne;         Baby; Ashanti
Asereje; Spanish-Las             Traditional           Baby; Brandy
  Ketchup                      Austin; Shelton,        Baby; Bieber, Justin
                                 Blake                   & Ludacris


B-a-b-y; Thomas,              Baby I Love You;        Baby, What A Big
  Carla                         Lopez, Jennifer         Surprise; Chicago
Baby Baby; Grant,             Baby I Love Your        Babylon; Gray, David
  Amy                           Way; Big Mountain     Baby's Got Her Blue
Baby Baby Don't               Baby I Love Your          Jeans On; Sammy
  Cry; Robinson,                Way; Framton,           Kershaw
  Smokey And The                Peter                 Baby's Got Her Blue
  Miracles                    Baby I Need Your          Jeans On;
Baby Blue; Badfinger            Loving; Four Tops,      McDaniel, Mel
Baby Boy; Knowles,              The                   Baby's Got My
  Beyoncé & Sean              Baby If You're            Number; South
  Paul                          Ready; Doggy's          Sixty Five
Baby Bumblebee;                 Angels & Latoya       Baby's Gotten Good
  Traditional                   Williams                At Goodbye;
Baby Bye Bye; Gary            Baby I'm A Want           Strait, George
  Morris                        You; Bread            Back 2 Good;
Baby Can I Hold               Baby I'm For Real;        Matchbox Twenty
  You; Boyzone                  Originals, The        Back At One;
Baby Come Back;               Baby I'm Yours;           McKnight, Brian
  Player                        Lewis, Barbara        Back At One; Wills,
Baby Come Over;               Baby It's Cold            Mark
  Mumba, Samantha               Outside; Mcbride,     Back At One;
Baby Come To Me;                Martina & Dean          Mcknight, Brian
  Austin, Patti &               Martin                Back Door Man;
  James Ingram                Baby It's You; Jojo       Doors, The
Baby Did A Bad Bad            Baby It's You;          Back For Good;
  Thing; Isaak, Chris           Shirelles, The          Take That
Baby Doll; Green,             Baby Let's Play         Back Here; BB Mak
  Pat                           House; Elvis          Back Home Again;
Baby Don't Get                  Presley                 Denver, John
  Hooked On Me;               Baby Likes To Rock      Back In Black;
  Davis, Mac                    It; Tractors, The       AC/DC
Baby Don't Go; Cher           Baby Love; Nicole       Back In Business
Baby Don't Go; Holy,          Baby Love;                (Dick Tracy);
  Steve                         Scherzinger, Nicole     Madonna
Baby Don't You                Baby Love;              Back In His Arms;
  Break My Heart                Supremes, The           Schultz, Mark
  Slow; Shepard,              Baby Now That I         Back In Love Again
  Vonda & Emily                 Have Found You;         (Every Time I Turn
  Saliers                       Krauss, Alison &        Around); L.T.D.
Baby Face; Hyland,              Union Station         Back In My Arms
  Brian                       Baby One More             Again; Ross,
Baby Girl; Sugarland            Time; Spears,           Diana & The
Baby Got Back; Sir              Britney                 Supremes
  Mix-A-Lot                   Baby The Rain Must      Back In My Baby's
Baby Hold On;                   Fall; Yarbrough,        Arms; Patsy Cline
  Money, Eddie                  Glenn                 Back In The Arms Of
Baby I Don’t Care;            Baby Workout;             Love; Jack Greene
  Holly, Buddy                  Wilson, Jackie        Back In The Day;
Baby I Don't Care;            Baby, Come To Me;         Elliott, Missy & Jay
  Elvis Presley                 Ingram, James &         Z
Baby I Lied; Brown,             Patti Austin          Back In The High
  Shannon                     Baby, I'm Yours;          Life Again;
Baby I Love You;                Lewis, Barbara          Winwood, Steve
  Aretha Franklin             The Baby; Shelton,      Back In The Saddle;
                                Blake                   Berg, Matraca


Back In The Saddle;           Bad As I Want To;      Bad Things; Everett,
  Sleepless In                  Jenkins, Matt          Jace
  Seattle                     Bad Bad Leroy          Bad To The Bone;
Back In The USSR;               Brown; Croce, Jim      Thorogood, George
  Beatles, The                Bad Blood; Sedaka,     Bad To The Bone;
Back Of The Bottom              Neil                   Thorogood, George
  Drawer; Wright,             Bad Boy For Life;        & The Destroyers
  Chely                         Diddy, P. & Black    The Bad Touch;
The Back Of Your                Rob & Curry            Bloodhound Gang,
  Hand; Yoakam,               Bad Boys; Burke,         The w/vocal
  Dwight                        Alexandra & Flo-     The Bad Touch;
Back On My Mind                 Rida                   Bloodhound Gang
  Again; Milsap,              Bad Boys; Wham         Badfinger; No Matter
  Ronnie                      Bad Boys; Estefan,       What
Back On The Chain               Gloria               Badge; Cream
  Gang; Pretenders,           Bad Boys; Inner        Bag Lady; Badu,
  The                           Circle                 Erykah
Back Pack; Dora The           Bad Card; Marley,      Bag Of Tricks; Isle
  Explorer                      Bob                    Of Q
Back Stabbers;                Bad Case Of Loving     Bagpipes Cryin';
  O'jays                        You; Palmer,           Rushlow Harris
Back Street Affair;             Robert               baha men; who let
  Webb Pierce                 Bad Company; Bad         the dogs out
Back That Azz Up;               Company              Baila Casanova;
  Juvenile, Manny             Bad Day; Daniel          Spanish-Rubio,
  Fresh & Lil Wayne             Powter                 Paulina
Back To Black;                Bad Day; Fuel          Bailamos; Iglesias,
  Winehouse, Amy              Bad Day To Let You       Enrique
Back To Life; Soul II           Go; White, Bryan     Bainbridge, Merrill;
  Soul                        Bad Dog No Biscuit;      Mouth
Back To School;                 Norwood, Daron       Baker Street;
  Deftones                    Bad For Me; Peck,        Rafferty, Gerry
Back To School                  Danielle             Bali Ha'i; South
  Again; Grease 2             Bad Girl; Usher          Pacific
Back To The                   Bad Girls; Summer,     Ball And Chain;
  Barrooms;                     Donna                  Social Distortion
  Haggard, Merle              A Bad Goodbye;         Ball And Chain;
Back To The Hotel;              Black, Clint           Overstreet, Paul
  N2 Deep                     A Bad Goodbye;         Ball And Chain;
Back To Your Heart;             Judd, Wynonna &        Joplin, Janis
  Backstreet Boys               Clint Black          Ball Of Confusion;
Back When; Mcgraw,            Bad Man; Kelly, R        Temptations, The
  Tim                         Bad Medicine; Bon      The Ballad Of A
Back When I Knew It             Jovi                   Teenage Queen;
  All; Montgomery             Bad Medicine; Bon        Cash, Johnny
  Gentry                        Jovi, Jon            The Ballad Of
Backdoor Man;                 Bad Moon Rising;         Chasey Lain;
  Doors, The                    Creedence              Bloodhound Gang,
Backseat Of A                   Clearwater Revival     The
  Greyhound Bus;              Bad Moon Rising;       The Ballad Of Curtis
  Evans, Sara                   Creedence              Loew; Lynyrd
Backside Of Thirty;             Clearwater Revival     Skynyrd
  Conlee, John                Bad Romance; Lady      The Ballad Of Curtis
Backwards; Rascal               Gaga                   Loew; Lynyrd
  Flatts, The                 Bad Romance; Lady        Skynyrd
Bad; Michael Jackson            GaGa


The Ballad Of                 Bang The Drum All       The Battle Of New
  Dwight Fry;                   Day; Rundgren,          Orleans; Horton,
  Cooper, Alice                 Todd                    Johnny
The Ballad Of                 Baptism (Live);         Battlefield; Sparks,
  Gilligan's Island;            Travis, Randy           Jordin
  TV Theme                    Bar Exam; Derailers,    Bawitdaba; Kid Rock
The Ballad Of Ira               The                   Bawitdaba; Kid Rock
  Hayes; Cash,                Barbara Ann; Beach      Bay City Rollers;
  Johnny                        Boys, The               Saturday Night
The Ballad Of John            Barbed Wire And         Be A Man; Hole
  & Yoko; Lennon,               Roses ;               Be Blessed; Parker,
  John                          Pinmonkey               Ivan
The Ballad Of John            Barbie Girl; Aqua       Be Bop A Lula;
  Rocker; Wilson,             Bare Naked; Hewitt,       Vincent, Gene
  Tim                           Jennifer Love         Be Bop Baby; Ricky
The Ballad Of The             Barefoot & Crazy;         Nelson
  Green Berets;                 Ingram, Jack          Be Careful; Martin,
  Sadler, Sgt. Barry          Barefoot In The           Ricky
Ballroom Blitz;                 Grass; Isaacs,        Be Good To
  Sweet, The                    Sonya                   Yourself; Journey
Ballroom Blitz;               Barefootin'; Jackson,   Be Kind To Your
  Calibretto 13                 Alan & Jimmy            Web Footed
Bama Breeze;                    Buffett                 Friends; Children's
  Buffett, Jimmy              Barely Breathing;         Songs
Banana Boat Song                Sheik, Duncan         Be Like That; 3
  (Day-O); Belafonte,         Barlow, Gary; So          Doors Down
  Harry                         Help Me Girl          Be My Baby;
Band; Weight, The             Barracuda; Heart          Ronettes, The
Band A Gong; Rex,             Barracuda; Heart        Be My Baby
  T                           Barrio Boys; Cerca        Tonight;
Band Of Gold;                   De Ti                   Montgomery, John
  Locke, Kimberly             Bartender; Planet         Michael
Band Of Gold;                   Earth                 Be My Escape;
  Payne, Freda                Bartender (Radio          Reliant K
Band On The Run;                Version); T Pain &    Be My Lover; La
  McCartney, Paul               Akon                    Bouche
The Band; Up On               Bartender's Blues;      Be My Lover;
  Cripple Creek                 Jones, George           Cooper, Alice
The Bandaid Song;             The Basics Of Life; 4   Be That Way;
  Children's Songs              Him                     McBride, Martina
Bandida; Spanish-             Basket Case; Green      Be The Girl; Aslyn
  Crespo, Elvis                 Day                   Be Thou Near Me;
Bang And Blame;               Basket Case;              Selah
  REM                           Greenday              Be True To Your
Bang And Blame;               Basketball; Blow,         School; Beach
  REM                           Kurtis                  Boys, The
Bang Bang; Cher               Batdance; Prince        Be With You;
Bang Bang;                    Bathwater; No Doubt       Enrique Iglesias
  Robertson, B.A.             Battle Hymn of the      Be With You;
Bang Bang (My                   Republic; Stephen       Iglesias, Enrique
  Baby Shot Me                  Foster                Be Without You;
  Down); Cher                 Battle Hymn Of The        Mary J Blige
Bang On The Drums               Republic; Patriotic   Be Yourself;
  All Day; Rundgren,          Battle of New             Audioslave
  Todd                          Orleans; Johnny       Beach Boy Special;
                                Horton                  Elvis Presley


The Beaches Of                 Beautiful In My         Because I Love You;
  Cheyenne; Brooks,              Eyes; Kadison,          Stevie B
  Garth                          Joshua                Because Of Love;
The Bear Went Over             Beautiful Loser;          Jackson, Janet
  The Mountain;                  Seger, Bob            Because Of Who
  Traditional                  Beautiful Loser;          You Are; Jacobs,
Beast Of Burden;                 Seger, Bob              Judy & Juanita
  Rolling Stones, The          Beautiful Loser;          Bynum
Beat Again; Jls                  Seger, Bob            Because Of You;
The Beat Goes On;              Beautiful Love;           McEntire, Reba &
  Cher                           Afters, The             Kelly Clarkson
The Beat Goes On;              Beautiful Mess;         Because Of You; Ne-
  Sonny & Cher                   Diamond Rio             Yo
Beat It; Jackson,              A Beautiful Morning;    Because Of You;
  Michael                        Rascals, The            Standard
Beatin' It In; Mccoy,          The Beautiful           Because Of You;
  Neal                           People; Sharp,          Kelly Clarkson
The Beatles;                     Kevin                 Because The Night;
  Blackbird                    Beautiful Soul;           Smith, Patti Group
Beau's All Night                 McCartney, Jesse      Because You Love
  Radio Love Line;             Beautiful Soul;           Me; Messina, Jo
  Kadison, Joshua                McCartney, Jesse        Dee
Beautiful; King,               Beautiful Star Of       Because You Loved
  Carole                         Bethlehem;              Me; Dion, Celine
Beautiful; Akon &                Christmas-            Bed Of Roses; Bon
  Kardinal Offishall &           Christmas               Jovi
  Colby O'Donis                Beautiful Stranger;     The Bed That You
Beautiful; Green,                Madonna                 Made; Duncan,
  Vivian                       Beautiful Ways; Pat       Whitney
Beautiful; Aguilera,             McGee Band            Bedrock; Young
  Christina                    Beauty & The Beast;       Money & Lloyd
Beautiful; Paige,                Dion, Celine          Beds Are Burning;
  Jennifer                     Beauty & The Beast;       Midnight Oil
Beautiful (All That              Home                  Beechwood 4-5789;
  You Could Be);               Beauty And The            Marvelettes
  Rogers, Kenny                  Beast; Dion, Celine   Been There; Black,
Beautiful (Radio                 & Bryson                Clint & Steve
  Version); Snoop              Beauty In Disguise;       Wariner
  Dogg & Pharrell &              Reed, John            Been There Drunk
  Uncle Charlie                Beauty Is Only Skin       That; Brady Seals
  Wilson                         Deep;                 Been To Canaan;
Beautiful Brown                  Temptations, The        Carole King
  Eyes; Standard-              Beauty Of The           Beep; Pussycat Dolls
  Traditional                    Beast; Fleetwood        & Will.I.Am
Beautiful Day; U2                Mac                   Beep Beep;
Beautiful Disaster;            Beauty Queen; Next        Playmates
  McLaughlin, Jon              Beauty School           Beer And Bones;
Beautiful Disaster;              Dropout; Grease         Montgomery, John
  Clarkson, Kelly              Because He Is;            Michael
Beautiful Dreamer;               Perfect Heart         beer barrel polka;
  Orbison, Roy                 Because He Lives;         Irish Classics
Beautiful Girls;                 Gaithers, The         Beer Drinkers And
  Kingston, Sean               Because I Got High;       Hell Raisers; ZZ
Beautiful Goodbye;               Afroman                 Top
  Hanson, Jennifer             Because I Got High;


Beer For My Horses;            Behind Closed           Bend Until It Breaks;
  Keith, Toby & Willie           Doors; Andre,           Anderson, John
  Nelson                         Peter                 Bennie And The
Beer In Mexico;                Behind These Hazel        Jets; John, Elton
  Kenny Chesney                  Eyes; Clarkson,       Benson, George; On
Beer Man; Willmon,               Kelly                   Broadway
  Trent                        Behind Those Eyes;      Bent; Matchbox
Beer On The Table;               3 Doors Down            Twenty
  Thompson, Josh               Bei Mir Bist Du         Berlin; Take My
Beer Run; Brooks,                Schoen; Andrews         Breath Away
  Garth & George                 Sisters, The          Bermuda Triangle;
  Jones                        Being For The             Manilow, Barry
Beer Run; Brooks,                Benefit Of Mr.        Bernadette; Four
  Garth & George                 Kite!; Beatles, The     Tops, The
  Jones                        Being With You;         Bernadine; Pat
Beer Thirty; Brooks              Robinson, Smokey        Boone
  & Dunn                       Believe; Bravery        The Best Damn
Before He Cheats;              Believe; Josh Groban      Thing; Lavigne,
  Underwood, Carrie            Believe; Cher             Avril
Before I Knew                  Believe; Kravitz,       The Best Day; Swift,
  Better; Martin,                Lenny                   Taylor
  Brad                         Believe; John, Elton    The Best Day; Strait,
Before It's Too Late;          Believe; Brooks &         George
  Goo Goo Dolls                  Dunn                  Best Days (the Rest
Before The Next                Believe; Keating,         Of Our Lives);
  Teardrop Falls;                Ronan                   Colton, Graham
  Fender, Freddy               Believe; John, Elton    The Best For The
Before The Next                Believe Me Baby I         Worst; Whisnants,
  Teardrop Falls;                Lied; Yearwood,         The
  Fender, Freddie                Trisha                Best Friend; S Club
Before You Accuse              Believers; Nichols,       7
  Me; Eric Clapton               Joe                   Best I Ever Had;
Before You Kill Us             Bell Bottom Blues;        Allan, Gary
  All; Travis, Randy             Derek & The           The Best Is Yet To
Before Your Love;                Dominos                 Come; Seals,
  Clarkson, Kelly              Bell Boy; Who, The        Brady
Beg, Steal Or                  Bella; Martin, Ricky    The Best Man;
  Borrow; New                  Bella; Italian            Larsen, Blaine
  Seekers, The                 Bella Donna;            Best Of Intentions;
Begin The Beguine;               Fleetwood Mac           Tritt, Travis
  Standard-                    Belle Of The            The Best Of
  Traditional                    Boulevard;              Intentions; Tritt,
Begin The Beguine;               Dashboard               Travis
  Fitzgerald, Ella               Confessional          The Best Of Love;
Begin The Beguine;             Belleau Woods;            Bolton, Michael
  Mathis, Johnny                 Brooks, Garth         Best Of Me; Michele
Beginnings; Chicago            The Bells; Color Me       Chrisette
Beginnings; Chicago              Badd                  Best Of My Love;
Behind Blue Eyes;              Belvin, Jessie; Good      Eagles, The
  Who, The                       Night My Love         The Best Of My
Behind Blue Eyes;              Ben; Jackson,             Love; Emotions,
  Limp Bizkit                    Michael                 The
Behind Closed                  Bend Me Shape Me;       best of times; la
  Doors; Rich,                   American Breed          cage aux folles
  Charlie                      Bend Me, Shape Me;      The Best Of Times;
                                 American Breed          Styx


The Best Of Times;          Better Class Of         Between Angels
  Styx                        Losers; Travis,         And Insects; Papa
Best Of You; Foo              Randy                   Roach
  Fighters                  Better Days; Goo        Between Blue Eyes
Best Thing I Had              Goo Dolls               And Jeans; Twitty,
  Going; Paisley,           Better Days;              Conway
  Brad w/vocal                Springsteen, Bruce    Between Me And
Best Thing I Had            Better Days (And          You; Ja Rule &
  Going; Paisley,             The Bottom Drops        Christina Milian
  Brad                        Out); Citizen King    Between Raising
Best Thing That             Better Get To Livin';     Hell And Amazing
  Ever Happened               Parton, Dolly           Grace; Big & Rich
  To Me; Knight,            BETTER IN TIME;         Between The Devil
  Gladys & The Pips           LEONA LEWIS             And Me; Jackson,
Best Things In Life         Better Is One Day;        Alan
  Are Free;                   Gospel                Between The Two Of
  Vandross, Luther          Better Life; Urban,       Them; Tucker,
The Best Things In            Keith                   Tanya
  Life Are Free;            Better Man; Warren      The Beverly
  Jackson, Janet              Brothers, The           HillBillies; TV
The Best Things;            Better Man Better         Theme
  Filter                      Off; Lawrence,        Beverly Hills;
The Best Year Of My           Tracy                   Weezer
  Life; Ross, Diana         A Better Man; Black,    Bewitched,
The Best You Never            Clint                   Bothered And
  Had; Lewis, Leona         Better Now;               Bewildered;
The Best; Turner,             Collective Soul         Stewart, Rod
  Tina                      Better Off; Simpson,    Bewitched,
Betcha By Golly,              Ashlee                  Bothered, And
  Wow; Stylistics,          Better Off Alone;         Bewildered;
  The                         Deejay, Alice           Stewart, Rod &
Betcha Say That;            Better Off Alone;         Cher
  Estefan, Gloria             Deejay, Alice         Bewitched,
Beth; Kiss                    w/vocal                 Bothered, And
Beth; Kiss                  Better Off Alone;         Bewildered;
Bethlehem Morning;            Deejay, Alice           Harper, Toni
  Christmas-Patty,          Better Places Than      Beyonce; Sweet
  Sandi                       This; Tracy Byrd        Dreams
Bette Davis Eyes;           Better Than Me;         Beyonce; Crazy In
  Carnes, Kim                 Hinder                  Love
Bette Midler; Rose,         Better The Devil You    Beyonce;
  The                         Know; Steps, The        Bootylicious
Bette Midler; Wind          Better The Devil You    Beyonce; Single
  Beneath My Wings            Know; Minogue,          Ladies (Put A Ring
Better; Spektor,              Kylie                   On It)
  Regina                    Better Things To Do;    Beyonce; Broken
Better As A Memory;           Clark, Terri            Hearted Girl
  Chesney, Kenny            Betty Lou's Getting     Beyonce; Sweet
Better Be Good To             Out Tonight;            Dreams
  Me; Turner, Tina            Seger, Bob & The      Beyonce; Halo
Better Best                   Silver Bullet Band    Beyonce; If I Was A
  Forgotten; Steps,         Between An Old            Boy
  The                         Memory And Me;        Beyond The Bend;
Better Class Of               Tritt, Travis           Elvis Presley
  Losers; Travis,                                   Beyond The Grave;
  Randy                                               Galloways, The


Beyond The Sea;               Big Dog Daddy;           Big Star; Chesney,
  Young, Will                   Keith, Toby              Kenny
Beyond The Sea;               Big Fish; Children's     Big Star; Chesney,
  Darin, Bobby                  Songs                    Kenny
Beyond The Sunset;            Big Girls Don't Cry;     Big Ten Inch
  Standard                      Four Seasons, The        Record; Aerosmith
Bfd; Mattea, Kathy            Big Girls Don't Cry      Big Ten Inch
Bicycle Built For               (Personal) (Radio        Record; Aerosmith
  Two; Various                  Version); Fergie       Big Things Poppin'
  Artists                     Big Green Tractor;         (Do It); T.I.
Bicycle Built For               Aldean, Jason          Big Time; Gabriel,
  Two; Standard               Big Guitar;                Peter
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom;              Blackhawk              Big Time; Adkins,
  Spanish-Selena              Big Gun; AC/DC             Trace
Big & Rich; Save A            A Big Hunk O' Love;      Big Time; Gabriel,
  Horse (Ride A                 Presley, Elvis           Peter
  Cowboy)                     Big Iron; Robbins,       Big Time; Big & Rich
Big Bad John; Dean,             Marty                  Big Top Women;
  Jimmy                       Big Love; Byrd,            Williams, Jr. Hank
Big Bad John; Dean,             Tracy                  Big Wind; Wagoner,
  Jimmy                       Big Love; Byrd,            Porter
Big Bad Voodoo                  Tracy                  Big Yellow Taxi;
  Daddy; You And              Big Love; Fleetwood        Mitchell, Joni
  Me And The Bottle             Mac                    Big Yellow Taxi;
  Makes Three                 Big love, big              Counting Crows &
Big Balls; AC/DC                heartache; Elvis         Vanessa Carlton
Big Black Man; Full             Presley                The Bigger I Laugh,
  Monty                       Big Machine; Goo           The Harder I Cry;
Big Black Man; Full             Goo Dolls, The           Spin Doctors
  Monty                       big man in town;         Bigger Than My
Big Black Man                   valli, frankie & the     Body; Mayer, John
  (vocals); Full                four seasons           Bigger Than The
  Monty w/vocal               Big Mistake; Natalie       Beatles; Diffie, Joe
Big Blue Note; Keith,           Imbruglia              Bigger Than The
  Toby                        Big Old Truck; Keith,      Beatles; Diffie, Joe
Big Boots; Elvis                Toby                   Biker Chick;
  Presley                     The Big One;               Messina, Jo Dee
The Big Bopper;                 Confederate            Bill Bailey; Standard
  Chantilly Lace                Railroad               Bill Haley; Rock
Big boss man; Elvis           The Big One; Strait,       Around The Clock
  Presley                       George                 Bill Withers; Lean
Big Brother; Wonder,          Big Pimpin; Jay-Z &        On Me
  Stevie                        UGK                    Billie Jean; Cornell,
Big Casino; Jimmy             The Big Revival;           Chris
  Eat World                     Anderson, John         Billie Jean; Jackson,
Big City; Haggard,            Big River; Trick Pony      Michael
  Merle                         & Johnny Cash &        Billion Dollar
Big City; Haggard,              Waylon Jennings          Babies; Cooper,
  Merle                       Big River; Cash,           Alice
Big City Life;                  Johnny                 Bills Bills Bills;
  Mattafix                    Big Shot; Joel, Billy      Destiny's Child
Big Deal; LeAnn               Big Spender;             Bills, Bills, Bills;
  Rimes                         Bassey, Shirley          Destiny's Child
Big Deal; Rimes,              Big Spender; Sweet       Bills, Bills, Bills;
  Leann                         Charity                  Destiny's Child


Billy Boy; Children's          Black Butterfly;       Black, Frances; Love
   Songs                         Williams, Deniece      Me
billy eckstine;                Black Cat; Jackson,    Blackbird; Beatles,
   tenderly                      Janet                  The
Billy Joel; Piano Man          Black Coffee In Bed;   Blah Blah Blah;
Billy Joel; Honesty              Squeeze                Ke$ha feat 3 OH!3
Billy Joel; Only The           Black Dog; Led         Blame It On Mama;
   Good Die Young                Zeppelin               Jenkins
Billy Joel; It's Still         Black Dog; Led         Blame It On My
   Rock And Roll To              Zeppelin               Youth; Sinatra,
   Me                          Black Dog; Led           Frank
Billy's Got His Beer             Zeppelin             Blame It On Texas;
   Goggles On;                 Black Dog; Led           Chesnutt, Mark
   McCoy, Neal                   Zeppelin             Blame It On The
bing crosby; around            Black Eyed Peas; I       Boogie; Jacksons,
   the world in 80               Gotta Feeling          The
   days                        The Black Eyed         Blame It On The
bing crosby; true                Peas; Boom Boom        Bossa Nova;
   love                          Pow                    Gorme, Edye
The Bird Song;                 The Black Eyed         Blame It On The
   Edwards, Meredith             Peas; I Gotta          Sun; Wonder,
The Bird; Time                   Feeling                Stevie
Bird, The & The                The Black Eyed         Blame It On Your
   Worm; Used, The               Peas; Meet Me          Heart; Loveless,
The Birds And The                Halfway                Patty
   Bees; Akens,                Black Eyes, Blue       blane, marcie;
   Jewel                         Tears; Twain,          bobby's girl
Birmingham;                      Shania               Blank; Blank
   Marshall, Amanda            Black Horse & The      Blank Sheet Of
Birthday; Beatles,               Cherry Tree; K T       Paper; Mcgraw,
   The                           Tunstall               Tim & Faith Hill
Bitch; Brooks,                 Black Is Black; Los    Blanket On The
   Meredith                      Bravos                 Ground; Spears,
Bitch; Rolling Stones,         Black Jesus;             Billie Jo
   The                           Everlast             Blayden Races; Nail,
Bits & Pieces; Dave            Black Magic              Jimmy, Tim Healy
   Clark Five, The               Woman; Santana,        & Kevin Whately
The Bitter End;                  Carlos               Blaze Of Glory; Bon
   Dodd, Deryl                 Black Magic              Jovi
Bizounce; Olivia                 Woman; Santana,      Blaze Of Glory; Bon
Black; Pearl Jam                 Carlos                 Jovi
Black; Pearl Jam               Black Oak              Bleeding Love;
Black And White;                 Arkansas; Jim          Lewis, Leona
   Three Dog Night               Dandy                Bless The Broken
Black Balloon; Goo             Black Or White;          Road; Rascal
   Goo Dolls                     Jackson, Michael       Flatts
Black Betty; Ram               Black Suits Comin';    Bless The Broken
   Jam Band                      Smith, Will            Road; Selah
Black Betty; Ram               Black Velvet; Myles,   Bless You; Orlando,
   Jam                           Alannah                Tony
Black Board Of My              Black Waters;          Blessed; McBride,
   Heart; Hank                   Doobie Brothers,       Martina
   Thompson                      The                  Blessed; John, Elton
Black Box; Walker,             Black, Cilla; Anyone   Blessed; Lampa,
   Stan                          Who Had A Heart        Rachael


Blessed; Aguilera,            Blood Sweat &           Blue County; Good
  Christina                     Tears; I Can't Quit     Little Girls
Blessed Assurance;              Her                   Blue Eyes Blue;
  Third Day                   Blood Sweat &             Clapton, Eric
Blessed Assurance;              Tears; God Bless      Blue Eyes Blue;
  Free, Brian &                 The Child               Clapton, Eric
  Assurance                   The Blood Will          Blue eyes crying in
Blessed Be The                  Never Lose It's         the rain; Elvis
  Name Of The                   Power; Perry            Presley
  Lord; Gospel                  Sisters, The          Blue Eyes Crying In
Blessed Be The                Bloom; P.O.D.             The Rain; Nelson,
  Name Of The                 Blow Me; Peters,          Willie
  Lord; Gore, Tony &            Red                   Blue Hawaii; Presley,
  Majesty                     Blow Monkeys; You         Elvis
Blessed Be Your                 Don't Own Me          Blue Hawaii; Presley,
  Name; Tree 63               Blow The Man              Elvis
Blind; Lifehouse                Down; Children's      Blue Jean; Bowie,
Blinded By The                  Songs                   David
  Light; Springsteen,         Blowin' In The Wind;    Blue Jean Blues;
  Bruce                         Bob Dylan               Healy, Jeff
Blink Of An Eye;              Blowin' In The Wind;    Blue Jean Blues; ZZ
  Ricochet                      Peter, Paul & Mary      Top
Blink Of An Eye;              Blowin' Me Up;          Blue Jean Blues; ZZ
  Ricochet                      Chasez, JC              Top
Blister In The Sun;           Blowing In The          Blue Jeans & A
  Violent Femmes,               Wind; Peter, Paul       Rosary; Kid Rock
  The                           & Mary                Blue Kentucky Girl;
Blondie; Island Of            Blue; Rimes, LeAnn        Harris, Emmylou
  Lost Souls                  Blue; LeAnn Rimes       Blue Kentucky Girl;
Blondie; Denis Denis          Blue; Perfect Circle,     Harris, Emmylou
Blondie; Union City             A                     Blue Man Group &
  Blue                        Blue; Rimes, LeAnn        Venus Hum; I Feel
Blondie; I'm Always           Blue (Da Ba Dee);         Love
  Touched By Your               Eiffel 65             Blue Monday; New
  Presence Dear               Blue Angel; Orbison,      Order, The
Blondie; Picture This           Roy                   Blue Monday;
Blondie; Nothing Is           Blue Bayou;               Domino, Fats
  Real But The Girl             Ronstadt, Linda       Blue Money;
Blondie; Atomic               Blue Bayou; Orbison,      Morrison, Van
Blondie; Sunday Girl            Roy                   Blue Moon; Elvis
The Blood Covered             Blue Bayou;               Presley
  It All; Greenes,              Ronstadt, Linda       Blue Moon; Torme,
  The                         Blue Bells Of             Mel
The Blood Is Still              Scotland;             Blue Moon; Stewart,
  There; Kevin                  Standard                Rod
  Spencer Family,             Blue Blue Day;          Blue Moon; Marcels,
  The                           Gibson, Don             The
Blood Red And                 Blue Boy; Reeves,       Blue Moon; Holy,
  Going Down;                   Jim                     Steve
  Tucker, Tanya               Blue Christmas;         Blue Moon Of
Blood Sweat &                   Presley, Elvis          Kentucky; Patsy
  Tears; I Love You           Blue Christmas;           Cline
  More Than You'l               Presley, Elvis        Blue Moon Of
Blood Sweat &                   (Christmas)             Kentucky; Presley,
  Tears; Hi-De-Ho             Blue Clear Sky;           Elvis
                                Strait, George


Blue Morning Blue             Bob Segar & The          Boogie Fever;
  Day; Foreigner                Silver Bullet            Sylvers, The
Blue On Blue;                   Band; We've Got        The Boogie Man;
  Vinton, Bobby                 Tonight                  Black, Clint
Blue Savannah;                Bobbi With An I;         Boogie Nights.;
  Erasure                       Vassar, Phil             Heatwave
Blue Skies; Nelson,           Bobbie Ann Mason;        Boogie On Reggae
  Willie                        Trevino, Rick            Woman; Wonder,
Blue Suede Shoes;             Bobby Boris Pickett;       Stevie
  Presley, Elvis                Monster Mash           Boogie Oogie
Blue Suede Shoes;             Bobby Gentry; Ode          Oogie; Taste Of
  Presley, Elvis                To Billy Joe             Honey, A
Blue Suede Shoes;             Bobby Jean;              Boogie Shoes; KC &
  Perkins, Carl                 Springsteen, Bruce       The Sunshine
Blue Velvet; Vinton,          bobettes, the; mr. lee     Band
  Bobby                       Bodies; Drowning         Boogie Wonderland;
Blue Velvet; Vinton,            Pool                     Earth, Wind & Fire
  Bobby                       Bodies; Williams,        Boogie Woogie
Blueberry Hill; Elvis           Robbie                   Bugle Boy; Midler,
  Pesley                      The Body & The             Bette
Blueberry Hill;                 Blood; Paschal,        Boogie Woogie
  Domino, Fats                  Janet                    Bugle Boy;
Blueberry Hill;               Body And Soul;             Andrews Sisters,
  Armstrong, Louis              Holiday, Billie          The
Bluebird; Various             Body And Soul;           Book Of Love;
  Artists                       Baker, Anita             Monotones, The
Bluer Than Blue;              Body And Soul;           The Book Of Love;
  Johnson, Michael              Krall, Diana &           Monotones, The
Blues; John, Elton              Norah Jones            Boom; Jolie &
Blue's Clues (Tv              Body Electric; Fame        Wanted
  Theme); Blue's              Body II Body;            Boom; Trinket
  Clues                         Mumba, Samantha        Boom Boom;
The Blues Image;              Body Language;             Animals, The
  Ride Captain Ride             McCartney, Jesse       Boom Boom (I Got
The Blues In The                & T-Pain                 That); Spears,
  Night; Shore,               Bohemian                   Britney & Ying
  Dinah                         Rhapsody; Queen          Yang Twins
The Blues Man;                Boiler; Limp Bizkit      Boom Boom Boom;
  Jones, George &             Boiler; Limp Bizkit        Hooker, John Lee
  Dolly Parton                Bombshell;               Boom Boom Pow;
The Blues Man;                  Powerman 5000            Black Eyed Peas
  Jackson, Alan               Bon Jovi; It's My Life   Boondocks; Little Big
Blues Power;                    (Acoustic)               Town
  Clapton, Eric               Boney M; Brown Girl      Boone, Daniel;
Blues Power;                    In The Ring              Beautiful Sunday
  Clapton, Eric               Bonfire; Morgan,         Boot Scooting
Blunt, James; Love              Craig                    Boogie; Brooks &
  Love Love                   Bonnie And Clyde;          Dunn
Blur; Park Life                 Jay Z & Beyonce        Boot Scooting
Blur; Beetlebum               Bonnie Raitt;              Boogie; Brooks &
Blurry; Puddle Of               Something To Talk        Dunn
  Mudd                          About                  Boots On; Houser,
Bo Diddley; Holly,            Boogie Child; Bee          Randy
  Buddy                         Gees, The              Bootylicious;
                              Boogie Down;               Destiny's Child
                                Kendricks, Eddie       Bop; Seals, Dan


Borderline; Madonna          Born Under A Bad       The Boy From New
Borderline; Madonna            Sign; Albert King      York City; Ad Libs,
Borderline; Madonna          Born Under A Bad         The
Born Country;                  Sign; Cream          The Boy Is Mine;
  Alabama                    Borrow You;              Brandy & Monica
Born Free; Kid Rock            Roberson, Eric       Boy Like Me; Harp,
Born Free; Don Black         Bosom of Abraham;        Jessica
  And John Barry               Elvis Presley        A Boy Like You;
Born Free; Standard          The Boss; Ross,          Trick Pony
Born Free; Monro,              Diana                Boy Named Sue;
  Matt                       Bossa Nova Baby;         Cash, Johnny
Born In The U.S.A.;            Presley, Elvis       A Boy Named Sue;
  Springsteen, Bruce         Bossa Nova Baby;         Cash, Johnny
Born in the USA;               Presley, Elvis       A Boy Named Sue;
  Bruce Springsteen          Boston; Augustana        Cash, Johnny
Born In The USA;             Both Sides Now;        Boy Oh Boy;
  Springsteen, Bruce           Collins, Judy          Wilkinsons, The
Born On The Bayou;           Bother; Stone Sour     Boy Oh Boy;
  Creedence                  Bottle It Up;            Wilkinsons, The
  Clearwater Revival           Bareilles, Sara      Boyfriend; Simpson,
Born To Be Alive;            The Bottle Let Me        Ashlee
  Hernandez, Patrick           Down; Haggard,       Boys; Spears, Britney
Born To Be Blue;               Merle                Boys & Girls; Lott,
  Judds, The                 Bottle Of Wine;          Pixie
Born To Be My                  Fireballs            The Boys And Me;
  Baby; Bon Jovi,            Boulevard; Browne,       Sawyer Brown
  Jon                          Jackson              The Boys Are Back
Born To Be Wild;             Boulevard Of             In Town; Bus
  Steppenwolf                  Broken Dreams;         Boys, The
Born To Be Wild;               Green Day            The Boys Are Back
  Steppenwolf                Bouncing Back            In Town; Thin
Born To Boogie;                (Bumpin Me             Lizzy
  Hank Williams Jr.            Against The Wall);   The Boys Are Back
Born To Fly; Evans,            Mystikal               In Town; Loveless,
  Sara                       Bouncing Off The         Patty
Born To Hand Jive;             Ceiling; A Teens     Boys Boys Boys;
  Grease                     Bouncy Ball; Dora        Lady Gaga
Born To Hand Jive;             The Explorer         Boys Keep
  Sha-Na-Na                  Boundless Love;          Swinging; Bowie,
Born To Lose;                  Cathedrals, The        David
  Charles, Ray               Bouquet Of Roses;      The Boys Of
Born To Love You;              Eddie Arnold           Summer; Ataris
  Collie, Mark               Bow Wow (That's        The Boys Of
Born To Make You               My Name); Lil' Bow     Summer; Henley,
  Happy; Spears,               Wow                    Don
  Britney                    The Box; Travis,       Boys Will Be Boys;
Born To Mourn;                 Randy                  Backstreet Boys,
  Talley, Kirk               The Boxer; Simon &       The & N Sync
Born To Run;                   Garfunkel            Boyz In The Hood;
  Springsteen, Bruce         Boxtops; Letter, The     Dynamite Hack
Born To Run;                 The Boy Does           Boyzone; Coming
  Springsteen, Bruce           Nothing; Dixon,        Home Now
Born To Try;                   Alesha               Boyzone; Isn't It A
  Goodrem, Delta             The Boy From New         Wonder
Born Under A Bad               York City;           Boyzone; Key To My
  Sign; Cream                  Manhattan Transfer     Life


Boyzone; Love Me             Braxton, Toni;           Breaking The Law;
  For A Reason                 Breathe Again            Judas Priest
Boyzone; Father &            Brazil; Sinatra, Frank   Breaking Up Is Hard
  Son                        Bread; Baby I'm A          To Do; Sedaka,
Boyzone; So Good               Want You                 Neil
Boyzone; Words               Bread And Butter;        Breaking Up Is Hard
Boyzone; Picture Of            Newbeats, The            To Do; Boston
  You, A                     Break; Three Days        Breaking Up Is Hard
Boyzone; Different             Grace                    To Do; Sedaka,
  Beat, A                    Break Down Here;           Neil
Boyzone; Love You              Roberts, Julie         Breakout; Foo
  Anyway                     Break It Off; Rihanna      Fighters
Boyzone; Better              Break It To Me           Breaks My Heart;
Brad Paisley; Mud              Gently; Newton,          Monica
  On The Tires                 Juice                  The Breaks; Blow,
The Brady Bunch;             Break Me; Jewel            Kurtis
  TV Theme                   Break My Stride;         Breath; Judd, Cledus
Braid My Hair;                 Matthew Wilder           T
  Owen, Randy                Break On Through;        Breath; Breaking
Brain                          Doors, The               Benjamin
  Damage/eclipse;            Break On Through;        Breath Of Heaven;
  Pink Floyd                   Doors, The               Christmas-Grant,
Branch, Michelle;            Break Stuff; Limp          Amy
  Goodbye To You               Bizkit                 Breathe; Smith,
Branch, Michelle;            Break The Rules;           Michael W.
  Everywhere                   Status Quo             Breathe; Hill, Faith
Brand New Day; Wiz           Break Up The Ice;        Breathe; Hill, Faith
Brand New Day;                 Spears, Britney        Breathe; Seven
  Sting                      Break Up To Make           Channels
Brand New                      Up; Method Man &       Breathe; Hill, Faith
  Girlfriend; Holy,            D Angelo               Breathe; Hill, Faith
  Steve                      Break Ya Neck;           Breathe; Branch,
Brand New Key;                 Busta Rhymes             Michelle
  Melanie                    Break Your Heart;        Breathe; Etheridge,
Brand New Life;                Cruz, Taio               Melissa
  Lampa, Rachael             Breakaway;               Breathe; St. James,
Brand New Man;                 Clarkson, Kelly          Rebecca
  Brooks & Dunn              Breakdown; Petty,        Breathe; Sixpence
Brand New Man;                 Tom                      None The Richer
  Brooks & Dunn              Breakdown; Petty,        Breathe; Smith,
Branded Man; Merle             Tom &                    Michael W.
  Haggard                      Heartbreakers          Breathe; Cantrell, Blu
Branded Man;                 Breakdown; Tantric       Breathe; Smith,
  Haggard, Merle             Breakdown Dead             Michael W.
Brandy You're A                Ahead; Scaggs,         Breathe; Hill, Faith
  Fine Girl; Looking           Boz                    Breathe; Branch,
  Glass                      Breakeven; Script          Michelle
Brass In Pocket I            Breakfast At             Breathe; Pink Floyd
  Am Special;                  Tiffany's; Deep        Breathe (2am);
  Pretenders, The              Blue Something           Nalick, Anna
Brass Monkey;                Breakfast In             Breathe 2AM; Anna
  Beastie Boys, The            Birmingham;              Nalick
Braxton, Toni; Un-             Murphy, David Lee      Breathe Again;
  Break My Heart             Breaking The Habit;        Braxton, Toni
Braxton, Toni; Un-             Linkin Park            Breathe And Stop;
  Break My Heart                                        Q-Tip


Breathe Easy; Blue             Bring Em Out*; T.I.     Broadway; Goo Goo
Breathe In Breathe             Bring Him Home;           Dolls, The
  Out; Kearney, Mat              Les Miserables        Broadway; Goo Goo
Breathe On Me;                 Bring It All Back; S      Dolls
  Knapp, Jennifer                Club 7                Brocken (Duet
Breathe Slow; Dixon,           Bring It All To Me;       Version); Seether
  Alesha                         Blaque & Nsync        Broken; Haun,
Breathe Your Name;             Bring It On; Harling,     Lindsey
  Sixpence None                  Keith                 Broken (Duet
  The Richer                   Bring It On Home;         Version); Seether
Breathing; Lifehouse             Little Big Town       Broken Down Angel;
Breathless; Corrs              Bring It On Home To       Nazareth
Breathless; Corrs,               Me; Animals, The      Broken Hearted;
  The                          Bring It On Home To       Brandy
Breathless; River                Me; Pickett, Wilson   Broken Hearted
  Road                         Bring Me Down;            Melody; Vaughn,
Breathless; Lewis,               Lambert, Miranda        Sarah
  Jerry Lee                    Bring Me Some           Broken Hearts Are
Brice, Lee; Love Like            Water; Etheridge,       For Assholes;
  Crazy                          Melissa                 Zappa, Frank
Brick; Collins, Albert         Bring Me To Life;       Broken Home; Papa
Brick House;                     Evanescence &           Roach
  Commodores, The                Paul McCoy            Broken Home; Papa
Brickman & Ashton;             Bring On The Rain;        Roach
  Gift, The                      Messina, Jo Dee &     Broken Lady; Gatlin
The Bride; Pony,                 Tim McGraw              Brothers, The
  Trick                        Bringin' Back The       The Broken Ones;
Bridge Of Sighs;                 Sunshine; Smith,        Talleys, The
  Trower, Robin                  Anthony               Broken Road;
Bridge Over                    Bringin' It Back;         Crittenden, Melodie
  Troubled Water;                Elvis Presley         A Broken Wing;
  Elvis Presley                Bringin' On The           McBride, Martina
Bridge Over                      Heartbreak; Carey,    A Broken Wing;
  Troubled Water;                Mariah                  McBride, Martina
  Aiken, Clay                  Bringin' On The         A Broken Wing;
Bridge Over                      Heartbreak; Def         Mcbride, Martina
  Troubled Water;                Leppard               Broken Wings; Mr.
  Simon & Garfunkel            Bringing Back             Mister
Bright Eyes; Essex,              Those Memories;       Broken Wings; Mr.
  David                          Joseph, Marc            Mister
Bright Idea; Orson             Bringing In The         Brokenheartsville;
Bright Lights;                   Sheaves; Various        Nichols, Joe
  Matchbox 20                    Artists               Brooklyn Bridge;
Bright Lights, Big             Bringing Out The          Worst That Could
  City; James,                   Elvis; Hill, Faith      Happen, The
  Sonny                        Broadway; Money         Brooks & Dunn; He's
Bright Side Of The               Song, The               Got You
  Road; Morrison,              Broadway; I'm           Brooks, Garth; Long
  Van                            Gonna Wash That         Neck Bottle
Brighter Days;                   Man Right Out Of      Brooks, Garth;
  Keating, Ronan                 My Hair                 Wrapped Up In
Brighter Than                  Broadway; If I Were       You
  Sunshine;                      A Rich Man            Brooks, Garth;
  Aqualung                     Broadway; Consider        Friends In Low
Brilliant Disguise;              Yourself                Places
  Springsteen, Bruce


Brooks, Garth;                 Buble, Michael;         Bump, Bump,
  Friends In Low                 Haven't Met You         Bump; B2K & P
  Places                         Yet                     Diddy
Brooks, Garth;                 Buckaroo; Womack,       The Bump; Bay City
  Callin' Baton                  Lee Ann                 Rollers, The
  Rouge                        Buckinghams;            Bumper Of My Suv;
Brotha (Part II);                Midnight                Wright, Chely
  Stone, Angie, Alicia           Confessions           Bundle Of Nerves;
  Keys & Eve                   Buddy Boogie;             Mellons, Ken
Brother Jukebox;                 Blue's Clues          Bungle In The
  Chesnutt, Mark               Buddy Holly; Weezer       Jungle; Jethro Tull
Brother Louie;                 Buffalo Girls;          Bunton, Emma & Tin
  Stories, The                   Standard                Tin Out; What I Am
Brother Love's                 Buffalo Soldier;        Buona Sara; Bad
  Traveling                      Marley, Bob             Manners
  Salvation Show;              Buffalo Stance;         Buono Sera; Martin,
  Diamond, Neil                  Cherry, Neneh           Dean
Brown; Eyed Girl Van           Buffet, Jimmy;          Burdon, Eric; San
  Morrison                       Changes In              Franciscan Nights
Brown Eyed Girl;                 Latitude Changes      Burdon, Eric; Spill
  Morrison, Van                  In Attitude             The Wine
Brown Eyed Girl;               Bug A Boo; Destiny's    Burgers & Fries;
  Punk Cover                     Child                   Pride, Charley
Brown Eyed Girl;               The Bug; Carpenter,     Burk, Alexandra;
  Morrison, Van                  Mary Chapin             Hallelujah
Brown Eyed                     Build Me Up             Burn; Messina, Jo
  Handsome Man;                  Buttercup;              Dee
  Holly, Buddy                   Foundations, The      Burn; Cure
Brown Sugar; Rolling           Build Me Up             Burn; Usher
  Stones, The                    Buttercup;            Burn Down The
Brown, Chris & T-                Foundations, The        Trailer Park;
  Pain; Kiss Kiss              Build My Mansion;         Cyrus, Billy Ray
Brown, Chubby; Hey               Rambos, The           Burn One Down;
  Santa Boy                    Build My World;           Black, Clint
Brown, James;                    Chasez, JC            BURNIN UP; JONAS
  Living In America            Building A Mystery;       BROTHERS
Brown, James; I Feel             McLachlan, Sarah      Burnin' Up; Elliott,
  Good                         Building Bridges;         Missy
Browne, Jackson;                 Brooks & Dunn           Misdemeanor &
  Doctor My Eyes               Built To Last;            Faith
Bryan, Luke; Rain Is             Heartland             Burning A Hole In
  A Good Thing                 Bullet With Butterfly     My Mind; Connie
Bubba Hyde;                      Wings; Smashing         Smith
  Diamond Rio                    Pumpkins              Burning Bridges;
Bubba Shot The                 Bullets; Creed            Scott, Jack
  Jukebox;                     Bullfrogs &             Burning Bridges (On
  Chesnutt, Mark                 Butterflies;            And Off And On
Bubblegoose;                     Children's Songs        Again); Status Quo
  Wyclef, Jean                 Bulls On Parade;        Burning Bright;
Bubblin; Blue                    Rage Against The        Shinedown
BUBBLY; COLBIE                   Machine               Burning Down The
  CAILLAT                      Bump; Bay City            House; Talking
Buble, Michael;                  Rollers, The            Heads, The
  Crazy Little Thing           Bump 'n Grind;          Burning Down The
  Called Love                    Kelly, R                House; Talking
                                                         Heads, The


Burning In The Sun;             Butterfly; Gerard,      By Your Side; Sade
  Blue Merle                      Danyel                Bye Bye; Mariah
Burning Love;                   Butterfly; Crazy          Carey
  Presley, Elvis                  Town                  Bye Bye; Messina, Jo
Burning Love;                   Butterfly; Carey,         Dee
  Presley, Elvis                  Mariah                Bye Bye; Messina, Jo
Burning Sky; Bad                Butterfly Kisses;         Dee
  Company                         Carson, Jeff          Bye Bye Blackbird;
Burning The                     Butterfly Kisses;         Cocker, Joe
  Roadhouse Down;                 Carlisle, Bob         Bye Bye Blackbird;
  Wariner, Steve &              Buttons; Pussycat         Newton, Wayne
  Garth Brooks                    Dolls, The & Snoop    Bye Bye Bye; N Sync
Bury Me Not On The                Dogg                  Bye Bye Bye; N Sync
  Lone Prairie;                 Buttons And Bows;         w/vocal
  Standard                        Standard-             Bye Bye Bye; N Sync
Bury The Shovel;                  Traditional           Bye Bye Bye; Nsync
  Walker, Clay                  Buy Me A Rose;          Bye Bye Love;
Bury The Shovel;                  Rogers, Kenny           Everly Brothers,
  Walker, Clay                  Buy Me A Rose;            The
Bus Stop; Hollies,                Rogers, Kenny         Bye Bye, Love;
  The                           Buy Me A Rose;            Charles, Ray
Bus Stop; Hollies,                Vandross, Luther      bye, bye, baby (
  The                           Buy U A Drank; T-         baby goodbye );
Business; Eminem                  Pain                    Four Seasons, The
Business; Eminem                By & By; Knapp,         Byrd, Tracy; Love,
Bust A Move; Young                Jennifer                You Ain't Seen The
  MC                            By And By; Elvis          Last Of Me
Busted; Conlee, John              Presley               The Byrds; Turn,
Busted; Conlee, John            By Grace Through          Turn, Turn
Busy Being                        Faith; Steeles, The   C. C. Rider; Elvis
  Fabulous; Eagles,             By His Wounds;            Presley
  The                             Hall, Mark, Steven    C´mon everybody;
Busy Man; Cyrus,                  Curtis Chapman,         Elvis Presley
  Billy Ray                       Mac Powell, &         Cab; Train
But For The Blood;                Brian Littrell        Cabaret; Cabaret
  Hoppers, The                  By His Wounds;          Cabaret; Minelli, Liza
But For The Grace                 Powel, Mac &          Cabaret; Don't Tell
  Of God; Urban,                  Casting Crowns          Mama
  Keith                         By My Side; Morgan,     Cabaret; Money
But For The Grace                 Lorrie & Jon            Makes The World
  Of God; Urban,                  Randall                 Go 'Round
  Keith                         By The Book;            Cadillac Style;
But I Do Love You;                Peterson, Michael       Kershaw, Sammy
  Rimes, Leann                  By The Time I Get       Cadillac Tears;
But I Will; Hill, Faith           To Phoenix; Glen        Denney, Kevin
But It's Better If You            Campbell              Cafe On The Corner;
  Do; Panic at the              By The Time I Get         Sawyer Brown
  Disco                           To Phoenix;           Cafferty, John &
But Not For Me;                   Humperdinck,            Beaver Brown;
  Newton, Wayne                   Engelbert               Tender Years
Butterflies; Jackson,           By The Time This        Caillat, Colbie;
  Michael                         Night Is Over;          Bubbly
Butterfly; Crazy                  Bryson, Peabo &       The Caissons Go
  Town                            Kenny G                 Rolling Along;
Butterfly; Carey,               By The Way; Red           Patriotic
  Mariah                          Hot Chili Peppers


Calendar Girl;                Call My Job; King,      Campbell, Glen; By
  Sedaka, Neil                  Albert                  The Time I Get To
Calido Y Frio; De             Call My Job; King,        Phoenix
  Vita, Franco                  Albert                Camptown Races;
California Dreaming;          Call On Jesus;            Children's Songs
  Mamas, The & The              Mullen, Nicole C.     Camptown Races;
  Papas                       Call On Me;               Standard
California Girls;               Humperdinck,          Can I Get A Witness;
  Wilson, Gretchen              Engelbert               Gaye, Marvin
California Girls;             Call The Man; Dion,     Can I Get A....; Jay-Z
  Roth, David Lee               Celine                Can I Have It Like
California Girls;             The Call; Bowling,        That; Pharrell &
  Beach Boys, The               Mike                    Jay-Z
California Here I             The Call; Backstreet    Can I Kick It; Tribe
  Come; Jolson, Al              Boys                    Called Quest, A
California Love               Callin' Baton Rouge;    Can I Stay With You;
  (Original Version);           Brooks, Garth           White, Karyn
  2 Pac                       Calling All Angels;     Can I Steel a Little
California Sun;                 Train                   Love; Sinatra,
  Rivieras, The               Calling Baton             Frank
Californication; Red            Rouge; Brooks,        Can I Trust You With
  Hot Chili Peppers             Garth                   My Heart; Tritt,
Californification;            Calling Dr Love; Kiss     Travis
  Red Hot Chili               Calling Elvis; Dire     Can U Believe
  Peppers, The                  Straits                 (Radio Version);
Call And Answer;              Calling Me; K.            Thicke, Robin
  Barenaked Ladies              Rogers & D.           Can We Still Be
Call It Love; Deuce             Henley                  Friends;
Call It Stormy                Calling You; Blue         Rundgren, Todd
  Monday; Walker, T             October               Can We Talk;
  Bone                        Calvary Came              Campbell, Tevin
Call Me; Blondie                Through; Gold City    Can You Feel The
Call Me; Tweet                Calvary's The             Love Tonight;
Call Me; Blondie                Reason Why;             John, Elton
Call Me Crazy; Lost             Way, Del              Can You Find It In
  Trailers, The               Calypso; Denver,          Your Heart;
Call Me Gone;                   John                    Bennett, Tony
  Hinsons, The                Camel Toe;              Can You Handle It;
Call Me                         Fannypack               Redd, Sharon
  Irresponsible;              Camouflage; Plus        Can You Hear Me
  Sinatra, Frank                One                     Now; Brown,
Call Me                       Campbell, Glen;           Sawyer
  Irresponsible;                Wichita Lineman       Can You Hear Me
  Sinatra, Frank              Campbell, Glen;           When I Talk To
Call Me                         Rhinestone              You; Gearing,
  Irresponsible;                Cowboy                  Ashley
  Standard                    Campbell, Glen; By      Can You Help Me;
Call Me                         The Time I Get To       Usher
  Irresponsible;                Phoenix               Can You Stand The
  Newton, Wayne               Campbell, Glen;           Rain; New Edition
Call Me The Breeze;             Rhinestone            Candida; Orlando,
  Lynyrd Skynyrd                Cowboy                  Tony & Dawn
Call Me When                  Campbell, Glen;         Candle In The Wind;
  You're Sober;                 Gentle On My Mind       John, Elton
  Evanescence                                         Candy; Nutini, Paolo


Candy; Moore,               Can't Get Enough;       Can't Let Go; Pigg,
  Mandy                       Loveless, Patty         Landon
Candy Everybody             Can't Get Enough;       Can't Let Go; Carey,
  Wants; 10,000               Rhagav                  Mariah
  Maniacs                   Can't Get Enough        Can't Let You Go;
Candy Girl; Four              of Your Love;           Fabolous & Mike
  Seasons, The                Barry WHite             Shorey & Lil' Mo
Candy Kisses;               Cant Get Enough Of      Can't Make You
  Morgan, George              You Baby; Smash         Love Me; Spears,
Candy Man; Sammy              Mouth                   Britney
  Davis Jr                  Can't Get Enough Of     Can't Nobody;
Candy Man; Orbison,           Your Love; Bad          Rowland, Kelly
  Roy                         Company               Can't Nobody Love
Candy Man; Newley,          Can't Get It Out Of       You Like I Do;
  Anthony                     My Head; Electric       Judd, Wynonna
Canned Heat; Goin'            Light Orchestra,      Can't Smile Without
  Up The Country              The                     You; Manilow,
Canned Heat;                Can't Get Over;           Barry
  Jamiroquai                  September             Can't Stay Away
Cannonball;                 Can't Get Used To         From You;
  Supertramp                  Losing You;             Estefan, Gloria &
Cannonball (Remix);           Williams, Andy          The Miami Sound
  Rice, Damien              Can't Get You Out         Machine
Can't Be Really               Of My Head;           Can't Stop; After 7
  Gone; McGraw,               Minoque, Kylie        Can't Stop Falling
  Tim                       Can't Give Up Now;        Into Love; Cheap
Can't Be Really               Mary Mary               Trick
  Gone; McGraw,             Can't Go For That;      Can't Stop Loving
  Tim                         Tamia                   You; Collins, Phil
Can't Behave; Jaye,         Can't Help Calling      Can't Stop My Heart
  Courtney                    Your Name;              From Loving You;
Can't Behave; Peck,           Sellers, Jason          Neville, Aaron
  Danielle                  Can't Help Falling In   Can't Stop Thinking
Can't Buy Me Love;            Love; Presley,          About That;
  Beatles, The                Elvis                   Ricochet
Can't Deny It;              Can't Help Falling In   Can't Stop This
  Fabolous & Nate             Love; UB40              Thing We Started;
  Dogg                      Can't Help Falling In     Adams, Bryan
Can't Even Get The            Love; Presley,        Can't Stop, Won't
  Blues No More;              Elvis                   Stop; Young Gunz
  Mcentire, Reba            Can't Hold Us Down;     Can't Take My Eyes
Can't Fight The               Aguilera, Christina     Off Of You; Hill,
  Feelin'; Dion,              & Lil' Kim              Lauryn
  Celine                    Can't Keep A Good       Can't Take My Eyes
Can't Fight The               Man Down;               Off Of You; Valli,
  Moonlight; Coyote           Alabama                 Frankie
  Ugly                      Can't Keep A Good       Can't Take My Eyes
Can't Fight The               Man Down;               Off You; Barry
  Moonlight; Rimes,           Alabama                 Manilow
  Leann                     Can't Keep It In;       Can't Take My Eyes
Can't Fight This              Stevens, Cat            Off You;
  Feeling; REO              Can't Keep It Up;         Humperdinck,
  Speedwagon                  Stevens, Cat            Engelbert
Can't Find My Way           Can't Let Go; Carey,
  Home; Blind Faith           Mariah


Can't Take That               Carey, Mariah;           Carol; Rolling Stones,
  Away (Mariah's                Emotions                 The
  Theme); Carey,              Carey, Mariah; Music     Carolina In My Mind;
  Mariah                        Box                      Taylor, James
Can't Take That               Carey, Mariah; Open      The Carolina Kind;
  Away From Me;                 Arms                     Lucas, Lauren
  Newton, Wayne               Carey, Mariah;           Caroline; Status Quo
Can't Wait Until                Always Be My           Caroling Medley;
  Tonight; Max                  Baby                     Christmas
Can't We Try;                 Carey, Mariah; All I     Carolyn; Haggard,
  Sheppard, Vonda &             Want For                 Merle
  Dan Hill                      Christmas Is You       Carpenter, Mary
Can't You Hear My             Carey, Mariah; I'll Be     Chapin; Down At
  Heartbeat?;                   There                    The Twist & Shout
  Herman's Hermits            Carey, Mariah; So        Carpenter, Mary
Can't You See;                  Blessed                  Chapin;
  Tucker, Marshall            Carey, Mariah; Hero        Passionate Kisses
Can't You See;                Carey, Mariah; Make      Carpenter, Mary
  Marshall Tucker               It Happen                Chapin; He Thinks
  Band, The                   Carey, Mariah;             He'll Keep Her
Canyon Prayer;                  Without You            The Carpenters; I
  Alexander, Jessi            Carey, Mariah;             Won't Last A Day
Captain & Tennile;              Fantasy                  Without You
  Love Will Keep Us           Carey, Mariah;           The Carpenters;
  Together                      Honey                    We've Only Just
The Captain &                 Carey, Mariah; I           Begun
  Tennille; Do That             Don't Wanna Cry        The Carpenters;
  To Me One More              Carey, Mariah; Love        Please Mr.
  Time                          Takes Time               Postman
The Captain Of Her            Carey, Mariah;           The Carpenters; Top
  Heart; Double                 Dreamlover               Of The World
Car Crash;                    Carey, Mariah; Can't     The Carpenters;
  Nathanson, Matt               Let Go                   Close To You
Car Wash; Royce,              Carey, Mariah; Vision    The Carpenters;
  Rose                          Of Love                  Yesterday Once
Car Wash (Radio               Carey, Mariah; Hero        More
  Version); Aguilera,         Caribbean Queen;         The Carpenters;
  Christina & Missy             Ocean, Billy             Hurting Each Other
  Elliott                     Carlene; Vassar, Phil    The Carpenters;
Cara Luna; Spanish-           Carlos, Roberto;           Calling Occupants
  Bicilos                       Mujer Pequena            Of Interplanetary
cara, irene; fame             Carlton, Carl; She's       Craft
Caramel; City High &            A Bad Mama Jama        Carribean Queen;
  Eve                         Carlton, Vanessa;          Ocean, Billy
Caravan; Morrison,              Ordinary Day           Carried Away; Strait,
  Van                         Carlton, Vanessa;          George
Carefree Highway;               Thousand Miles, A      The Carroll County
  Lightfoot, Gordon           Carly Simon; You're        Accident;
Careful; Guster                 So Vein                  Wagoner, Porter
Careless Whisper;             carly simon & james      Carry On; Green, Pat
  Seether                       taylor; mockingbird    Carry On My
Careless Whisper;             Carnival; Merchant,        Wayward Son;
  Wham                          Natalie                  Kansas
Careless Whisper;             The Carnival Is          Carry On Wayward
  Michael, George               Over; Seekers,           Son; Kansas


Carry You Home;               Catdog (Tv Theme);     Celebrity; Paisley,
  Blunt, James                  Catdog                 Brad
Carry Your Load;              Cathy's Clown;         Celebrity; Paisley,
  Carole King                   McEntire, Reba         Brad
Carrying Your Love            Cathy's Clown;         Celebrity; Paisley,
  With Me; Strait,              Everly Brothers,       Brad
  George                        The                  Celine Dion; Have
Carrying Your Love            Cats; Macavity           You Ever Been In
  With Me; Strait,            Cat's In The Cradle;     Love
  George                        Chapin, Harry        Celine Dion; That's
Carrying Your Love            Cattle Call; Arnold,     The Way It Is
  With Me; Strait,              Eddy                 Cell Block Tango;
  George                      Caught In The            Chicago
Cars; Numan, Gary               Middle; A1           Cell Block Tango;
Cars; Just What I             Caught In The Sun;       Queen Latifah & Lil'
  Needed                        Course Of Nature       Kim & Macy Gray
Cars With The                 Caught Up; Usher       Cemetery Gates;
  Boom; L'trimm               Caught Up In A           Pantera
Carter, Deana; Did I            Rapture; Usher       Center Of My Joy;
  Shave My Legs For           Caught Up In The         Smallwood,
  This (CMA                     Rapture; Baker,        Richard
  VERSION)                      Anita                Centerfold; J. Geils
Cartoons; Children's          Caught Up In You;        Band, The
  Songs                         38 Special           Centerfold; J Geils
Cascada; Evacuate             Cecilia; Simon &         Band, The
  The Dance Floor               Garfunkel            Centerfold; J. Geils
Cascada; Because              Celebrate Jesus;         Band, The
  The Night                     Praise & Worship     Centerfold; J Geils
Case Of The Ex; Mya           Celebration; Kool &      Band, The
Case Of The Ex                  The Gang             Cerca De Ti; Barrio
  (Whatcha Gonna              Celebration;             Boy
  Do); Mya                      Madonna              Cest La Vie;
Casey Jones;                  Celebration; Kool &      Bwitched
  Grateful Dead, The            The Gang             C'est La Vie; B
Cassions Song; The            Celebration; Kool &      Witched
  Army Song                     The Gang             C'est La Vie; Nevil,
Castles In The Sky;           Celebration; Kool &      Robbie
  Dahl, Ian Van                 The Gang             C'est La Vie; Seger,
Castles Made Of               Celebration; Kool &      Bob & The Silver
  Sand; Hendrix,                The Gang               Bullet Band
  Jimi                        Celebration; Kool &    Ces't La Vie;
Cat Diggity Dog;                The Gang               B'witched
  Catdog                      Celebration; Kool &    Cha Cha Slide; Mr. C
Cat Scratch Fever;              The Gang               The Slide Man
  Nugent, Ted                 Celebration; Kool &    The Cha Cha Slide;
Cat Stevens; Peace              The Gang               D.J. Casper
  Train                       Celebration; Kool &    Cha-Cha Slide; Mr.
Catch A Falling Star;           The Gang               C.
  Como, Perry                 Celebration; Kool &    Chain Gang; Cooke,
Catch A Wave;                   The Gang               Sam
  Beach Boys, The             Celebration; Kool &    Chain Gang; Cooke,
Catch Me I'm                    The Gang               Sam
  Falling; Pretty             Celebration; Kool &    Chain Hang Low;
  Poison                        The Gang               Jibbs
Catch Your Wave;              Celebration1; Kool &   Chain Of Fools;
  Click Five                    The Gang               Aretha Franklin


Chain Of Fools;             Change;                Chantilly Lace; Big
  Franklin, Aretha            Merriweather,          Bopper, The
Chain Of Fools;               Daniel Ft Wale       Chantilly Lace; Big
  Franklin, Aretha          Change; Locke,           Bopper, The
Chain Of Fools;               Kimberly             Chantilly Lace; Big
  Franklin, Aretha          Change; Brooks,          Bopper, The
Chain Of Fools;               Garth                Chantilly Lace; Big
  Franklin, Aretha          Change; Tears For        Bopper, The
The Chain Of Love;            Fears                Chapel In The
  Walker, Clay              Change; Sons Of          Moonlight;
The Chain Of Love;            Desert                 Bachelor's, The
  Walker, Clay              Change;                Chapel Of Love;
Chain Reaction;               Merriweather,          Dixie Cups, The
  Ross, Diana & The           Daniel               Chapel Of Love;
  Supremes                  Change; Sons Of The      Dixie Cups, The
Chain Reaction;               Desert               Chapin, Harry; Cat's
  Steps, The                Change Clothes;          In The Cradle
Chains; Arena, Tina           Jay-Z                Charade; Newton,
Chains; Loveless,           Change Me; Hilson,       Wayne
  Patty                       Keri & Akon          Charades; Grease 2
Chains Of Love;             Change Me; Hilson,     Chariot; Degraw,
  Erasure                     Keri & Akon            Gavin
The Chair; Strait,          Change Me              The Charlatans; Only
  George                      Wvocals; Hilson,       One I Know, The
Chamagne                      Keri & Akon          Charles, Ray;
  Supernova; Oasis          Change My Heart Oh       Georgia On My
The Chambers                  God; Gospel            Mind
  Brothers; Time            Change My Mind;        Charles, Ray; I Can't
  Has Come Today              Berry, John            Stop Loving You
Champagne High;             change of habit;       Charles, Ray; Hit The
  Sister Hazel                elvis presley          Road, Jack
Champagne High;             Change Of Heart        Charles, Ray; Your
  Sister Hazel                (Live); Brickman,      Cheatin' Heart
Champagne                     Jim & Olivia         Charles, Ray; Cryin'
  Supernova; Oasis            Newton John            Time
  wvocal                    Change The World;      Charles, Ray;
Champagne                     Clapton, Eric          America The
  Supernova; Oasis          Change Your Mind;        Beautiful
Champagne                     Sister Hazel         Charles, Ray; Take
  Supernova; Oasis          A Change; Crow,          These Chains
Champagne                     Sheryl                 From My Heart
  Supernova; Oasis          Changes; Bowie,        Charles, Ray; Busted
Champion Of Love;             David                Charles, Ray;
  Cathedrals, The           Changes; 2 Pac           Georgia On My
Chance; Chesney,            Changes; Bowie,          Mind
  Kenny                       David                Charlie Brown;
A Chance; Chesney,          Changes In Latitude,     Charlie Brown
  Kenny                       Changes In           Charlie Brown;
The Chance;                   Attitude; Buffett,     Coasters, The
  Roberts, Julie              Jimmy                Charlie Brown's
Chances Are;                Changes In Latitude,     Parents; Dishwalla
  Mathis, Johnny              Changes In           The Charlie Daniels
Chances Are;                  Attitude; Buffett,     Band; Devil Went
  Mathis, Johnny              Jimmy                  Down To Georgia,
Chances Are;                Changing All The         The
  Mathis, Johnny              Time; Smokie


charlie rich; most            Check On It;            Cherokee Maiden;
  beautiful girl, the           Beyonce & Slim          Asleep At The
Charro; Elvis Presley           Thug                    Wheel
Chasin' Amy; James,           Check On It;            Cherry Bomb;
  Brett                         Beyonce & Slim          Mellencamp, John
Chasin' That Neon               Thug                    Cougar
  Rainbow; Jackson,           Check Yes Or No;        Cherry Cherry;
  Alan                          Strait, George          Diamond, Neil
Chasing Cars; Snow            Checker, Chubby;        Cherry Cherry;
  Patrol                        Limbo Rock              Diamond, Neil
Chasing Cars; Snow            Checker, Chubby;        Cherry Pie; Warrant
  Patrol                        Pony Time             Cherry Pie; Warrant
Chasing That Neon             Checker, Chubby;        Cherry Pie; Warrent
  Rainbow; Jackson,             Let's Twist Again     Chesney, Kenny;
  Alan                        Cheek To Cheek;           When The Sun
Chattahoochee;                  Standard,               Goes Down
  Jackson, Alan                 American              Chesney, Kenny;
Chattahoochee;                Cheeky Song;              When I Close My
  Jackson, Alan                 Cheeky Girl's, The      Eyes
Chattahoochee;                Cheeky Song;            Chesney, Kenny;
  Jackson, Alan                 Cheeky Girls            Keg In The Closet
Chattahoochee;                Cheers; TV Theme        Chesney, Kenny; Big
  Jackson, Alan               Cheeseburger In           Star
Chattahoochee; Alan             Paradise; Buffett,    Chesney, Kenny; I
  Jackson                       Jimmy                   Wonder Do You
Chattahoochee;                Cheeseburger In           Think Of Me
  Jackson, Alan                 Paradise; Buffett,    Chesney, Kenny; No
Chattanooga Choo                Jimmy                   Shoes, No Shirt,
  Choo; Miller, Glen          Cheeseburger In           No Problems
  & His Orchestra               Paradise; Buffett,    Chesney, Kenny;
Chattanoogie Shoe               Jimmy                   How Forever Feels
  Shine Boy; Foley,           Cheeseburger In         Chesney, Kenny;
  Red                           Paradise; Buffett,      That's Why I'm
Chattanoogie                    Jimmy                   Here
  Shoeshine Boy;              Cheeseburger In         Chesney, Kenny;
  Red Foley                     Paradise; Buffett,      Young
Che Sara; Italian               Jimmy                 Chesney, Kenny;
Cheap Seats;                  Chelsea; Stefy            Old Blue Chair
  Alabama                     The Chemicals           Chesnutt, Mark;
Cheap Sunglasses;               Between Us; Bush        Thank God For
  Zz Top                      The Chemicals             Believers
Cheap Whiskey;                  Between Us; Bush      Chevy Van; Johns,
  McBride, Martina            The Chemicals             Sammy
Cheap Whiskey;                  Between Us; Bush      chic; le freak
  McBride, Martina            Chemicals React;        Chicago; Sinatra,
Cheaper To Keep                 Aly & Aj                Frank
  Her; Fowler, Kevin          cher; take me home      Chicago (We Can
Cheapest Motel;               cher; if i could turn     Change The
  Byrd, Tracy                   back time               World); Crosby,
The Cheater; Bob              Cherish; Association,     Stills & Nash
  Kuban & The                   The                   The Chicken Dance;
  InMen                       Cherish; Kool & The       Emeralds, The
Cheatin'; Evans,                Gang                  Chicken Fried; Lost
  Sara                        Cherokee Boogie;          Trailers, The
Cheatin'; Sara Evans            Br5-49                Chicken Fried; Zac
                                                        Brown Band


Chicks Dig It; Cagle,          China Girl; Bowie,     Christmas; O Little
  Chris                          David                  Town Of
A Child Is Born;               China Girl; Bowie,       Bethlehem
  Chapin, Harry                  David                Christmas; Deck The
Childhood; Jackson,            China Grove; Doobie      Halls
  Michael                        Brothers, The        Christmas; Let It
Children; Clementine           China Grove; Doobie      Snow
Children; Skip To My             Brothers, The        Christmas; O Come
  Lou                          China Grove; Doobie      All Ye Faithful
Children; Cindy                  Brothers, The        C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S;
Children; She'll Be            China Grove; Doobie      Christmas
  Comin' Round The               Brothers, The        Christmas Guest;
  Mountain                     China Grove; Doobie      Christmas-Grandpa
Children; Old Dan                Brothers, The          Jones
  Tucker                       China Grove; Doobie    Christmas In Dixie;
Children; Yellow                 Brothers, The          Alabama
  Rose Of Texas                China In Your Hand;    Christmas Shoes;
Children; Home On                T'pau                  Christmas-
  The Range                    Chipmunk; Diamond        Newsong
Children; Oh                     Rings                Christmas Song;
  Susanna                      Chipmunk; Oopsy          Cole, Nat King
Children Go Where I              Daisy                The Christmas
  Send Thee;                   Chiquitta; ABBA          Song; Christmas
  Christmas                    Chocolate; Madonna     The Christmas
Children Of The                Chocolate Salty          Song; Christmas
  Grave; Black                   Balls (PS I Love     The Christmas
  Sabbath                        You); Chef             Song; Christmas
Childrens; Frere               Chocolate Salty        The Christmas
  Jacques                        Balls (PS I Love       Song; Nat King
Childrens; Baa Baa               You); Chef             Cole
  Black Sheep                  Chocolate Salty        The Christmas
Childrens; Farmer In             Balls (PS I Love       Song; Christmas
  The Dell, The                  You); Chef           The Christmas
Childrens; Three               Choices; Jones,          Song; Cole, Nat
  Blind Mice                     George                 'King' (Christmas)
Childrens; Alphabet            Chop Suey; System      Christmas Time's A
  Song, The                      Of A Down              Comin'; Christmas-
Childrens; Mary Had            Chorus; Erasure          Gold City
  A Little Lamb                Christine Sixteen;     Chrome; Adkins,
Childrens; This Old              Kiss                   Trace
  Man                          Christmas; Joy To      Chubby Checker;
Childrens; London                The World              Limbo Rock
  Bridge                       Christmas; White       Chubby Checker;
Childrens; Twinkle,              Christmas              Twist, The
  Twinkle, Little Star         Christmas; Silent      Chuck E's In Love;
Childrens; Old                   Night                  Jones, Rickie Lee
  Macdonald                    Christmas; Frosty      Chuck E's In Love;
Childrens; Hokey                 The Snowman            Jones, Rickie Lee
  Pokey, The                   Christmas; Hark The    Chug A Lug; Miller,
Childrens; It's                  Herald Angels Sing     Roger
  Raining, It's                Christmas; Silver      Chug A Lug; Miller,
  Pouring                        Bells                  Roger
Chill Factor;                  Christmas; Jingle      Chug All Night;
  Haggard, Merle                 Bells                  Eagles, The
Chillin'; Lady Gaga &                                 Chug-A-Lug; Miller,
  Wale                                                  Roger


Chug-a-lug; Miller,           The Clap Back; Ja         Clementine; Various
  Roger                         Rule                       Artists
The Church In The             Clapping Song;            Clementine;
  Wildwood;                     Black Lace                 Standard
  Standard                    Clarity; Mayer, John      Clementine;
Church Medley;                Clark, Terri; I Just         Standard
  McClurkin, Donnie             Wanna Be Mad            Clementine;
The Church On                 Clark, Terri; If I Were      Traditional
  Cumberland                    You                     Cleopatra Queen Of
  Road; Shenandoah            Clark, Terri; Poor           Denial; Tillis, Pam
Cigarettes And                  Poor Pitiful Me         Click Click Boom;
  Alcohol; Oasis              Clarkson, Kelly; Miss        Saliva
  wvocal                        Independent             Climb Every
Cigarettes And                Clarkson, Kelly; I Do        Mountain; Sound
  Alcohol; Oasis                Not Hook Up                Of Music, The
Cilmi, Gabriella;             Clarkson, Kelly; My       climb every
  Save The Lies                 Life Would Suck            mountain; sound
Cilmi, Gariella;                Without You                of music, the
  Warm This Winter            The Clash; Should I       The Climb;
Cincinnati, Ohio;               Stay Or Should I           McElderry, Joe
  Smith, Connie                 Go                      The Climb; Myley
Cinderella; Various           The Class Of '57;            Cyrus
  Artists                       Statler Brothers,       Climbing Jacob's
Cinderella;                     The                        Ladder; Downing,
  Stepsister's Lament         Class Reunion;               Ann
Cinderella; Gill,               Lonestar                Cline, Patsy; Sweet
  Vince                       Class Reunion (That          Dreams
Cinderella; In My               Used To Be Us);         Cline, Patsy; Walkin'
  Own Little Corner             Lonestar                   After Midnight
Cindy Cindy; Elvis            Clean Up Woman;           Cline, Patsy; Crazy
  Presley                       Wright, Betty           Cline, Patsy; I Fall To
Cinema Italiano;              Clean Up Woman;              Pieces
  Hudson, Kate                  Wright, Betty           Cline, Patsy; I Fall To
Circle Of Friends;            Clean Up Your Own            Pieces
  Point Of Grace                Back Yard; Elvis        Cline, Patsy; She's
Circle Of Life; John,           Presley                    Got You
  Elton                       Cleaning Out My           Cline, Patsy; Sweet
The Circle Of Life;             Closet; Eminem             Dreams
  John, Elton                 Cleaning Out My           Cline, Patsy; Crazy
Circles; Brown,                 Closet; Eminem          Cline, Patsy; Walkin'
  Sawyer                      Cleaning This Gun;           After Midnight
Circus; Spears,                 Atkins, Rodney          Cline, Patsy; She's
  Britney                     Cleaning This Gun            Got You
The Circus; Erasure             (Come On In Boy);       Cline, Patsy; Walkin'
The Cisco Kid; War              Atkins, Rodney             After Midnight
City; Natalie                 Cleaning This Gun         Cline, Patsy; Crazy
  Imbruglia                     (Come On In Boy);       Cline, Patsy; Crazy
City Lights; Ray                Rodney Atkins           Cline, Patsy; I Fall To
  Price                       Cledus The Karaoke           Pieces
City Of Love;                   King (Parody);          Cline, Patsy; I Fall To
  Mcbride, Martina              Judd, Cledus T.            Pieces
The City Put The              Clementine; Darin,        Cline, Patsy; Leavin'
  Country Back In               Bobby                      On Your Mind
  Me; McCoy, Neal             Clementine;               Cline, Patsy; Crazy
Clair; O'Sullivan,              Standard                Cline, Patsy; Faded
  Gilbert                                                  Love


Cline, Patsy; Blue            Close Up The Honky     Clown In Your
   Moon Of Kentucky             Tonks; Yoakam,         Rodeo; Mattea,
Cline, Patsy; San               Dwight                 Kathy
   Antonio Rose               Closer; Nine Inch      Club Tropicana;
Cline, Patsy; Three             Nails                  Wham!
   Cigarettes And An          Closer; Nine Inch      Clumsy; Fergie
   Ashtray                      Nails (South Park)   Clumsy; Fergie feat.
Cline, Patsy; Sweet           Closer; NeYo             Sean Kingston
   Dreams                     Closer; Nine Inch      Clyro, Biffy; Captain,
cline, patsy; crazy             Nails                  The
Cline, Patsy; Seven           Closer; Ashton,        Clyro, Biffy;
   Lonely Days                  Susan                  Mountains
Cline, Patsy;                 Closer; Rae, Corinne   C'mon C'mon; Crow,
   Stranger In My               Bailey                 Sheryl
   Arms                       The Closer I Get To    C'Mon Everybody;
Cline, Patsy; Walkin'           You; Vandross,         Eddie Cochran
   After Midnight               Luther               C'mon N Ride The
Clinging To A                 The Closer I Get To      Train; Quad City
   Saving Hand;                 You; Flack, Robert     DJs
   Rimes, LeAnn                 & Donny Hathaway     Coal Miner's
Clint Eastwood;               The Closer I Get To      Daughter; Lynn,
   Gorillaz                     You; Flack,            Loretta
Clira & Justin                  Roberta & Donny      Coal Miner's
   Timberlake; Love             Hathaway               Daughter; Lynn,
   Sex Magic                  The Closer I Get To      Loretta
Clocks; Coldplay                You; Knowles,        Coal Miner's
Clocks; Coldplay                Beyonce & Luther       Daughter; Lynn,
Clocks; Coldplay                Vandross               Loretta
Close Enough To               Closer To Fine;        Coalmine; Evans,
   Perfect; Alabama             Indigo Girls, The      Sara
close every door;             Closer To Fine; The    Coast 2 Coast
   joseph & the                 Indigo Girls           (Suavemente);
   amazing                    Closer To Fine;          Martinez, Angie &
   technicolor                  Indigo Girls, The      Jean Wyclef
   dreamcoat                  Closer To God          The Coast Is Clear;
Close My Eyes                   (Acoustic Goth);       Lawrence, Tracy
   Forever;                     Nine Inch Nails      The Coast Is Clear;
   Osbourne, Ozzy &           Closer To Heaven;        Emerick, Scotty
   Lita Ford                    Mason, Mila          Coat Of Many
Close The Door;               Closer To The Bone;      Colors; Parton,
   Pendergrass,                 Prima, Louis           Dolly
   Teddy                      Closer To You;         Coat Of Many
Close To You; Priest,           Schultz, Mark          Colors; Twain,
   Maxi                       The Closer You Are;      Shania & Alison
Close To You;                   Alabama                Krauss
   Carpenters, The            The Closer You Get;    Coca Cola Cowboy;
Close To You; Maxi              Alabama                Tillis, Mel
   Priest                     Closet Freak; Cee Lo   Cocaine; Clapton,
Close To You;                 Closing Time;            Eric
   Carpenters, The              Semisonic            Cocaine; Browne,
Close To You, (They           Closing Time;            Jackson
   Long To Be);                 Semisonic            Cocaine; Clapton,
   Carpenters, The            Cloud Nine;              Eric
Close To You, (They             Temptations, The     Cochran, Eddie;
   Long To Be);               Cloud Nine;              C'mon Everybody
   Carpenters, The              Temptations, The


Cock-A-Doodle-Doo;             Cold Day In July;       Color Him Father;
  Various Artists                Dixie Chicks            Winstons, The
Cocker & Warnes;               Cold Day In July;       Color My World;
  Up Where We                    Dixie Chicks            Chicago
  Belong                       Cold Day In July;       Color My World;
Cocker, Joe; Cry Me              Dixie Chicks            Chicago
  A River                      Cold Ethyl; Cooper,     The Color Of Love;
Cocker, Joe & J                  Alice                   Boyz II Men
  Warnes; Up Where             Cold Gin; Kiss          The Color Of Love;
  We Belong                    The Cold Hard Facts       Boyz II Men
Cocker, Joe &                    Of Life; Wagoner,     The Color Of Roses;
  Jennifer Warnes;               Porter                  Morgan, Lorrie
  Up Where We                  The Cold Hard           Colorful; Deluca,
  Belong                         Truth; Jones,           Rocco & The
Cocky; Kid Rock                  George                  Burden
Cocky; Kid Rock                Cold One Comin'         Colors; Blue's Clues
Cocky Robin;                     On; Montgomery        Colors; Crossfade
  Various Artists                Gentry                COLORS OF THE
Cocoanut Woman;                Cold Shot; Vaughn,        WIND; VANESSA
  Belafonte, Harry               Stevie Ray              WILLIAMS
Code Of The West;              Cold Sweat (Part 1);    Colour Blind; Darius
  Black, Clint                   Brown, James          The Colour Of My
Coffey, Kellie; At The         Colder Weather; Zac       Love; Dion, Celine
  End Of The Day                 Brown Band            Come & Get These
Cold; Crossfade                Coldplay; Strawberry      Memories; Martha
Cold; Crossfade                  Swing                   & The Vandellas
Cold; McComb,                  Coldplay; Viva La       Come & Talk To Me;
  Jeremy                         Vida                    Jodeci
Cold And Empty; Kid            Coldplay; Lost          Come A Little Bit
  Rock                         Coldplay; Life In         Closer; Jay & The
Cold As Ice;                     Technicolour II         Americans
  Foreigner                    Cole, Cheryl; Fight     Come A Little Bit
Cold As Ice;                     For This Love           Closer; Jay & The
  Foreigner                    Cole, Nat King;           Americans
Cold As Ice;                     When I Fall In Love   Come A Little
  Foreigner                    Cole, Nat King;           Closer; Bentley,
Cold As Ice;                     Those Lazy, Hazy        Dierks
  Foreigner                      Crazy Days Of         Come A Little
Cold As You; Swift,              Summer                  Closer; Bentley,
  Taylor                       Cole, Nat King; Let       Dierks
Cold As You; Swift,              There Be Love         Come A Little
  Taylor                       Cole, Nat King;           Closer; Dierks
Cold Cold Heart;                 Smile                   Bentley
  Norah Jones                  Cole, Nat King;         Come A Little
Cold Cold Heart;                 Blossom Fell, A         Closer; Mccann,
  Williams, Hank               Cole, Nat King;           Lila
Cold Day In Hell;                Ballerina             Come And Get Your
  Gary Moore                   Cole, Nat King;           Love; Real
Cold Day In Hell;                Pretender, The          McCoys, The
  Moore, Gary                  Cole, Natalie; When I   Come And Get Your
Cold Day In July;                Fall In Love            Love; Redbone
  Dixie Chicks, The            Cole, Natalie; Pink     Come Around;
Cold Day In July;                Cadillac                Richey, Kim
  Dixie Chicks, The            Collide; Day, Howie     Come As You Are;
Cold Day In July;              Collide; Day, Howie       Nirvana
  Dixie Chicks


Come As You Are;             Come Into My            Come On Over ;
  Nirvana                      World; Minogue,         Twain, Shania
Come As You Are;               Kylie                 Come On Rain; Holy,
  Nirvana                    Come Into My              Steve
Come Away With                 World; Minogue,       Come On Ring
  Me; Jones, Norah             Kylie                   Those Bells;
Come Away With               Come Just As You          Christmas-Mills,
  Me; Jones, Norah             Are; Gospel             Walt
Come Away With               Come Monday;            Come Out and Play;
  Me; Jones, Norah             Buffett, Jimmy          Offspring
Come Back To Bed;            Come Monday;            Come Out And Play;
  Mayer, John                  Buffett, Jimmy          Offspring, The
Come Back To Bed;            Come Next Monday;       Come Over; Aaliyah
  Mayer, John                  Oslin, KT               & Tank
Come Back To Me;             Come On Children;       Come Prima; Italian
  Jackson, Janet               Paschal, Janet        Come Rain Or Come
Come Back When It            Come On Come On;          Shine; Garland,
  Ain't Rainin';               Carpenter, Mary         Judy
  Yearwood, Trisha             Chapin                Come Rain Or Come
Come Blow Your               Come On Down To           Shine; Garland,
  Horn; Sinatra,               My Boat; Every          Judy
  Frank                        Mother's Son          Come Rain Or Come
Come Clean; Duff,            Come On Eileen;           Shine; Sinatra,
  Hilary                       Dexy's Midnight         Frank
Come Clean; Duff,              Runners               Come Rain Or Come
  Hilary                     Come On Eileen;           Shine; Holiday,
Come Cryin' To Me;             Dexys Midnight          Billie
  Lonestar                     Runners               Come Sail Away;
Come Crying To Me;           Come On Eileen;           Cartman, Eric
  Lonestar                     Dexy's Midnight         (South Park)
Come Dance With                Runners               Come Sail Away;
  Me; Sinatra, Frank         Come On Let's Go;         Styx
Come Fly With Me;              Valens, Richie        Come Sail Away;
  Frank Sinatra              Come On Let's Go;         Styx
Come Fly With Me;              Valens, Richie        Come Saturday
  Sinatra, Frank             Come On Over;             Morning;
Come Friday; Tippin,           Jessica Simpson         Sandpipers
  Aaron                      Come On Over;           Come See About
Come Go With Me;               Twain, Shania           Me; Ross, Diana
  Del Vikings, The           Come On Over;           Come See About
Come Go With Me;               Twain, Shania           Me; Supremes,
  Dell Vikings, The          Come On Over (All I       The
Come Go With Me;               Want Is You);         Come See About
  Dell Vikings, The            Aguilera, Christina     Me; Supremes,
Come Go With Me;             Come On Over Baby         The
  Expose'                      (All I Want Is        Come See About
Come Home Soon;                You); Twain,            Me; Supremes,
  Shedaisy                     Shania                  The
Come In From The             Come On Over Baby       Come Softly To Me;
  Rain; Manchester,            (All I Want Is          Fleetwoods, The
  Melissa                      You); Twain,          Come Some Rainy
Come In Stranger;              Shania                  Day; Judd,
  Cash, Johnny               Come On Over Baby         Wynonna
Come Into His                  (All I Want Is        Come Some Rainy
  Presence; Gospel             You); Aguilera,         Day; Judd,
                               Christina               Wynonna


Come Spring; King,           Comin' To Your City;     Como, Perry; It's
  Jessica                      Big & Rich               Impossible
Come Spring;                 Coming Back To           Como, Perry; Round
  Freemans, The                Life; Pink Floyd         & Round
Come To Bed;                 Coming Home For          Como, Perry; And I
  Gretchen Wilson              Christmas;               Love You So
Come To Me; Raitt,             Christmas-             Company B;
  Bonnie                       Brickman, Jim &          Fascinated
Come To Me; Raitt,             Richie McDonald        Company's Comin';
  Bonnie                     Coming Out Of The          Wagoner, Porter
Come To My                     Dark; Estefan,         Completely; Bolton,
  Window; Ethridge,            Gloria                   Michael
  Melissa                    Coming Out Of The        Completely; Day,
Come To My                     Dark; Estefan,           Jennifer
  Window;                      Gloria                 Completemente
  Etheridge, Melissa         Coming Undone;             Enamorados;
Come To My                     Korn                     Spanish-Chayanne
  Window;                    Coming Up;               Complicated;
  Etheridge, Melissa           McCartney, Paul          Lavigne, Avril
Come To My                   Commander Cody;          Complicated;
  Window;                      Hot Rod Lincoln          Johnson, Carolyn
  Etheridge, Melissa         Commander Cody;            Dawn
Come To Papa;                  Hot Rod Lincoln        Complicated;
  Seger, Bob                 Commitment; Rimes,         Lavigne, Avril
Come To Papa;                  LeAnn                  Complicated;
  Seger, Bob                 Commitment; Leann          Lavigne, Avril
Come To The Cross;             Rimes                  Complicated;
  Smith, Michael W.          commitments;               Lavigne, Avril
Come Together;                 mustang sally          Complicated;
  Third Day                  Commodores; Brick          Johnson, Carolyn
Come Together;                 House                    Dawn
  Third Day                  Commotion;               Complicated;
Come Together;                 Creedence                Lavigne, Avril
  Beatles, The                 Clearwater Revival     Complicated;
Come Together;               The Communards;            Lavigne, Avril
  McCartney, Paul              Don't Leave Me         Complicated;
Come Undone;                   This Way                 Lavigne, Avril
  Williams, Robbie           Communication            Complicated;
Come Up & See Me;              Breakdown; Led           Lavigne, Avril
  Cockney Rebel                Zeppelin               Complicated;
Come What May;               Communication              Lavigne, Avril
  Kidman, Nicole &             Breakdown; Led         Complicated;
  Ewan Mcgregor                Zeppelin                 Johnson, Carolyn
Come, Now Is The             Como La Flor;              Dawn
  Time To Worship;             Selena                 Complicated;
  Gospel                     Como, Perry; As            Johnson, Carolyn
Comedown; Bush                 Time Goes By             Dawn
Comedown; Bush               Como, Perry; If          Complicated;
Comfortably Numb;            Como, Perry; Hot           Lavigne, Avril
  Pink Floyd                   Diggity (Dog Ziggity   Complicated;
Comin' In & out Of             Boom)                    Lavigne, Avril
  Your Life;                 Como, Perry; Some        Concrete Angel;
  Streisand, Barbra            Enchanted Evening        McBride, Martina
Comin' To Your City;         Como, Perry; Catch       Concrete Angel;
  Big & Rich                   A Falling Star           Mcbride, Martina


The Confederate              Consider Yourself;      Cool Rider; Grease 2
  Railroad; Queen              Oliver                Cool To Be A Fool;
  Of Memphis                 Consider Yourself;        Nichols, Joe
Confessions (Part              Oliver                Cool Water; Sons Of
  II); Usher                 consider yourself;        The Pioneers, The
Confessions Of A               oliver                Cool Water; Frankie
  Broken Heart;              Consider Yourself         Laine
  Lindsay Lohan                (From Oliver);        Cooling Water;
Confessions Part 2;            Show Tunes              Williams Brothers,
  Usher                      Constant Craving;         The
Confessions Part 2;            Lang, KD              Copacabana;
  Usher                      Consume Me; D.C.          Manilow, Barry
Confidence Man;                Talk                  Copperhead Road;
  Healy, Jeff                Contact; Starr, Edwin     Steve Earle
Confidence Man;              Contagious; Lavigne,    Core' Ngrato; Italian
  Jeff Healey Band,            Avril                   Songs
  The                        Contagious; Isley       Corn Fed; Brown,
Conflict; Disturbed            Brothers                Shannon
Confusion Girl;              Continuing Story Of     Corner Of The Sky;
  Frankmusik                   Bungalow Bill           Pippin
Conga; Estefan,                ,The; Beatles, The    corner of the sky;
  Gloria                     Control; Puddle Of        pippin
Conga; Estefan,                Mudd                  Cornflake Girl;
  Gloria                     Control; Jackson,         Amos, Tori
Conga; Estefan,                Janet                 Corrina, Corrina;
  Gloria & Miami             Control; Jackson,         Turner, Joe
  Sound Machine                Janet                 The Corrs; What Can
Conga1; Estefan,             Control; Puddle Of        I Do (Acoustic)
  Gloria                       Mudd                  Cotton Eye Joe;
Congratulations              Convoy; McCall,           Rednex
  Songs; Coc                   C.W.                  Cotton Fields; DK
Conlee, John; Rose           Convoy; McCall, CW        Arrangement
  Colored Glasses            Conway Twitty; It's     Cotton Fields;
Connected; Stereo              Only Make Believe       Creedence
  MC's                       Cool; Stefani, Gwen       Clearwater Revival
Connected; Stereo            Cool; Stefani, Gwen     Cotton Fields;
  M.C.'s                     Cool; Stefani, Gwen       Highwaymen, The
Connected At The             Cool Change; Little     Could Have Been;
  Heart; Ricochet              River Band, The         Tiffany
The Connection;              Cool Change; Little     Could I Have This
  Phish                        River Band              Dance; Murray,
Connie Francis;              Cool Change; Little       Anne
  Where The Boys               River Band            Could I Have This
  Are                        Cool Change; Little       Dance; Murray,
Connie Francis;                River Band              Anne
  Lipstick On Your           Cool Drink Of Water;    Could I Have This
  Collar                       Gold City               Dance; Murray,
Connie Francis;              Cool For Cats;            Anne
  Who's Sorry Now              Squeeze               Could I Have This
Conquistador;                Cool Jerk; Capitols,      Dance; Murray,
  Harum, Procol                The                     Anne
Conquistador;                Cool Me Down; Jenai     Could I Have This
  Procol Harum               Cool Night; Davis,        Dance; Murray,
Consider The Lilies;           Paul                    Anne
  Hemphills, The             Cool Out Tonight;
                               Essex, David


Could I Have This             Count Me In; Gary       Country Music Love
  Dance; Murray,                Lewis And The           Song (It Was An
  Anne                          Playboys                Absolutely Fing;
Could I Have This             Count Me In; Carter,      Bomshel
  Kiss Forever;                 Deana                 Country My Ass;
  Houston, Whitney            Count On Me;              Watson, Dale
  & Enrique Iglesias            Winans, Cece &        Country Road;
Could It Be; Jaheim             Whitney Houston         Taylor, James
Could It Be I Am              Count On Me;            Country Roads;
  Falling In Love;              Jefferson Starship      Denver, John
  Spinners, The               Count Your              Country Rock Star;
Could It Be I'm                 Blessings; Crosby,      Marcels, The
  Falling In Love;              Bing                  Country Star; Green,
  Spinners, The               Count Your                Pat
Could It Be I'm                 Blessings;            Country Thing;
  Falling In Love;              Martins, The            Montgomery, John
  Spinners, The               Counting Blue Cars;       Michael
Could It Be I'm                 Dishwalla             Country Til I Die;
  Falling In Love;            Counting Song;            Anderson, John
  Spinners, The                 Children's Songs      Courtesy Of The
Could It Be Magic;            Counting Song;            Red White And
  Manilow, Barry                Children's Songs        Blue; Keith, Toby
Could You Be                  COUNTRY; Diffie,        Courtesy Of The
  Loved; Marley,                Joe                     Red, White &
  Bob                         Country Ain't             Blue; Keith, Toby
Could You Be                    Country; Tritt,       Courtesy Of The
  Loved; Marley,                Travis                  Red, White &
  Bob                         Country Boy;              Blue; Keith, Toby
Couldn't Get It                 Skaggs, Ricky         Courtesy Of The
  Right; Climax               A Country Boy Can         Red, White, And
  Blues Band                    Survive; Williams,      Blue; Keith, Toby
Couldn't Get It                 Jr. Hank              Coven; One Tin
  Right; Climax               Country Bumpkin;          Soldier
  Blues Band, The               Smith, Cal            The Cover Of
Couldn't Get It               Country By The            Rolling Stone; DR
  Right; Climax                 Grace Of God;           Hook
  Blues Band, The               Cagle, Chris          The Cover Of The
Couldn't Last A               Country Club; Tritt,      Rolling Stone; Dr.
  Moment; Raye,                 Travis                  Hook
  Collin                      Country Club; Tritt,    Cover You In
Couldn't Last A                 Travis                  Kisses; John
  Moment; Raye,               Country Comes To          Michael
  Collin                        Town; Keith, Toby       Montgomery
Couldn't Stand The            Country Girl; Palmer,   Covington, Bucky;
  Weather;                      Rissi                   Gotta Be
  Vaughan, Stevie             Country Grammar           Somebody
  Ray                           (Hot...); Nelly       Coward Of The
Could've Been;                Country In My             County; Rogers,
  Tiffany                       Genes; Lynn,            Kenny
Could've Been;                  Loretta               Coward Of The
  Tiffany                     Country Man; Luke         County; Rogers,
Coulter, Phil; Town I           Bryan                   Kenny
  Loved So Well, The          Country Man; Bryan,     Coward Of The
Count Me In; Carter,            Luke                    County; Rogers,
  Deana                                                 Kenny
                                                      Cowboy; Kid Rock


Cowboy; Kid Rock             Cracklin' Rose;          Crazy; Cline, Patsy
Cowboy; Kid Rock               Diamond, Neil          Crazy; K Ci & Jojo
Cowboy; Kid Rock             Cracklin' Rose;          Crazy; Supertramp
Cowboy Cassanova;              Diamond, Neil          Crazy; Iglesias, Julio
  Underwood, Carrie          Cracklin' Rose;          Crazy; Cline, Patsy
The Cowboy In Me;              Diamond, Neil          Crazy; Cline, Patsy
  McGraw, Tim                Cracklin' Rosie;         Crazy; Cline, Patsy
The Cowboy In Me;              Diamond, Neil          Crazy; Cline, Patsy
  McGraw, Tim                Cradle Of Love; Idol,    Crazy (You Drive
The Cowboy In Me;              Bill                     Me); Spears,
  Mcgraw, Tim                Crank That (Soulja         Britney
The Cowboy In Me;              Boy); Soulja Boy       Crazy About Her;
  Mcgraw, Tim                  Tell 'em                 Stewart, Rod
Cowboy Love;                 Crash; Gwen Stefani      Crazy Arms; Price,
  Montgomery, John           Crash And Burn;            Ray
  Michael                      Savage Garden          Crazy Arms; Price,
Cowboy Love;                 Crash And Burn;            Ray
  Montgomery, John             Savage Garden          Crazy Bitch;
  Michael                    Crash Boom Bang;           Buckcherry
The Cowboy Rides               Roxette                Crazy Bitch;
  Away; Strait,              Crash Here Tonight;        Buckcherry
  George                       Keith, Toby            Crazy Dreams;
Cowboy Take Me               Crashed; Daughtry          Underwood, Carrie
  Away; Dixie Chicks         Crashed The              Crazy Elephant;
Cowboy Take Me                 Wedding; Busted          Gimme Gimme
  Away; Dixie                Crawdad Song;              Good Lovin'
  Chicks, The                  Standard               Crazy Ex Girlfriend;
Cowboy Take Me               crawfish; elvis            Miranda Lambert
  Away; Dixie                  presley                Crazy ExGirlfriend;
  Chicks, The                Crawl; Kings Of Leon       Miranda Lambert
Cowboy Take Me               Crawl; Brown, Chris      Crazy Ex-girlfriend;
  Away; Dixie Chicks         Crawling; Linkin Park      Lambert, Miranda
Cowboy Take Me               Crawling; Linkin Park    Crazy For This Girl;
  Away; Dixie Chicks         Crawling; Linkin Park      Evan & Jaron
Cowboy Take Me                 w/vocal                Crazy For This Girl;
  Away; Dixie                Crawling; Linkin Park      Evan & Jaron
  Chicks, The                Crawling In The          Crazy For You;
Cowboy Take Me                 Dark; Hoobastank         Madonna
  Away; Dixie Chicks         Crawling In The          Crazy For You;
Cowboys Don't Cry;             Dark; Hoobastank         Madonna
  Raven, Eddy                Crawling To You;         Crazy For You;
Cowboys Like Us;               Backstreet Boys          Madonna
  Strait, George             Crazier; Swift, Taylor   Crazy For You;
Cowboys Take Me              Crazy; Cline, Patsy        Madonna
  Away; Dixie Chicks         Crazy; Gnarls Barkley    Crazy For You;
Cowgirl`s Don`t Cry;         Crazy; Cline, Patsy        Madonna
  Brooks and Dunn            Crazy; Simple Plan       Crazy For You;
Cowgirls; Harvick,           Crazy; Morissette,         Madonna
  Kerry                        Alanis                 Crazy For You;
cowsills; hair               Crazy; Gnarls Barkley      Madonna
Crack The Bottle;            Crazy; K-Ci & JoJo       Crazy He Calls Me;
  Eminem, Dr. Dre,           Crazy; Gnarls Barkley      Fitzgerald, Ella
  50 Cent                    Crazy; K-Ci & JoJo       Crazy He Calls Me;
Cracker Jack                 Crazy; Cline, Patsy        Holiday, Billie
  Diamond; Raybon,           Crazy; K-ci & Jojo       Crazy In Love;
  Marty                      Crazy; Patsy Cline         Beyonce & Jay-z


Crazy In Love; Jay-Z         Creedance              Crimson and clover;
  & Beyonce                    Clearwater             Tommy James &
Crazy In Love;                 Revival; Have You      Shondells
  Beyonce & Paul               Ever Seen The        Crimson And
  McCoy                        Rain                   Clover; Jett, Joan
Crazy In Love; Jay-Z         Creedence                & Blackhearts
  & Beyonce                    Clearwater; Who'll   Crippled Inside;
Crazy In Love;                 Stop The Rain          Lennon, John
  Beyonce & Paul             Creedence              The Critic; Keith,
  McCoy                        Clearwater;            Toby
Crazy In Love;                 Lookin' Out My       Crocodile Rock;
  Knowles, Beyonce             Back Door              John, Elton
  & Jay Z                    Creedence              Crocodile Rock;
Crazy Life; Rushlow,           Clearwater             John, Elton
  Tim                          Revival; Lodi        Crocodile Rock;
Crazy Little Thing           Creedence                John, Elton
  Called Love;                 Clearwater           Crocodile Rock;
  Queen                        Revival; Born On       John, Elton
Crazy Little Thing             The Bayou            Crocodile Rock;
  Called Love;               Creedence                John, Elton
  Yoakam, Dwight               Clearwater           Crosby, Bing; Count
Crazy Little Thing             Revival; Hey           Your Blessings
  Called Love;                 Tonight              Crosby, Bing; Don't
  Queen                      Creedence                Fence Me In
Crazy Little Thing             Clearwater           Crosby, Stills, Nash
  Called Love;                 Revival; Green         & Young; Long
  Queen                        River                  Time Gone
Crazy Little Thing           Creedence              Crosby, Stills, Nash
  Called Love;                 Clearwater             & Young; Heart Of
  Queen                        Revival; Have You      Gold
Crazy Love; Lane,              Ever Seen The        Crosby, Stills, Nash
  Mulberry                     Rain                   & Young; For
Crazy Love;                  Creedence                What It's Worth
  Morrison, Van                Clearwater           Crosby, Stills, Nash
Crazy On You; Heart            Revival; I Put A       & Young; Military
Crazy On You; Heart            Spell On You           Madness
Crazy Times; Jars Of         Creep; Radiohead       Crosby, Stills, Nash
  Clay                       Creep; Radiohead         & Young; Deja Vu
Crazy Train;                 Creep; Radiohead       Crosby, Stills, Nash
  Osbourne, Ozzy             Creep; Tlc               & Young; Southern
Crazy Train;                 Creepin'; Vandross,      Man
  Osbourne, Ozzy               Luther               Crosby, Stills, Nash
Crazy Women;                 Creepin' In; Parton,     & Young; Cowgirl
  Rimes, Leann                 Dolly & Norah          In The Sand
Cream; Strange Brew            Jones                Crosby, Stills, Nash
Cream; Prince                Creepin' In; Norah       & Young; Ohio
Creative; Jackson,             Jones                Crosby, Stills, Nash
  Leon                       Cresh Into Me; Dava      & Young; Love
Creative; Jackson,             Mathws Band            The One You're
  Leon                       Criminal; Apple,         With
Creed; Higher                  Fiona                Crosby, Stills, Nash
Creed; My Sacrifice          Criminal; Apple,         & Young; Down By
Creed; With Arms               Fiona                  The River
  Wide Open                  Crimson & Clover;      Crosby, Stills, Nash
                               James, Tommy           & Young; Carry On


Crosby, Stills, Nash          Crush; Mccann, Lila     Cry Me A River;
  & Young; Simple             Crush; Paige,             Timberlake, Justin
  Man                           Jennifer              Cry Out To Jesus;
Crosby, Stills, Nash          Crush Crush Crush;        Third Day
  & Young; Almost               Paramore              Cry Wolf; Shaw,
  Cut My Hair                 Crush Crush Crush;        Victoria
Crosby, Stills, Nash            Paramore              Cry, Cry (Till The
  & Young; Just A             Crush Crush Crush;        Sun Shines);
  Song Before I Go              Paramore                Newfield, Heidi
Cross My Heart                Crush On You; Jets,     Cryin' Days; Megan
  Hope To Die; Elvis            The                     Mullins
  Presley                     Crush On You;           Cryin' Time; Charles,
The Cross Said It               Moore, Mandy            Ray
  All; Hopper, Kim            Crush On You; Jets,     Crying; Roy Orbison
The Cross; Crabb                The                   Crying; Don McLean
  Family,The                  Cruz, Taio; Break       Crying; Orbison, Roy
Crossfire; Vaughn,              Your Heart            Crying; Orbison, Roy
  Stevie Ray                  Cry; Hill, Faith        Crying; Orbison, Roy
Crossroads; Cream             Cry; Hill, Faith        Crying; Orbison, Roy
Crossroads; Clapton,          Cry; Hill, Faith        Crying; Orbison, Roy
  Eric                        Cry; Moore, Mandy       A Crying Game;
Cross-town Traffic;           Cry; Hill, Faith          Evans, Sara
  Hendrix, Jimi               Cry; Ray, Johnnie       The Crying Game;
Crow, Sheryl; Run             Cry; Hill, Faith          Boy George
  Baby Run                    Cry; Hill, Faith        Crying In The
Crowded House;                Cry Baby; Joplin,         Chapel; Presley,
  Don't Dream It's              Janis                   Elvis
  Over                        Cry Baby; Joplin,       Crying Out For Me;
Crucified With                  Janis                   Mario
  Christ; Craig,              Cry Baby/Piece Of       Crying Time;
  Phillips & Dean               My Heart;               Charles, Ray
Cruel Summer;                   Ethridge, Melissa &   Crying, Waiting,
  Bananarama                    Joss Stone              Hoping; Holly,
Cruel To Be Kind;             Cry Cry Cry; Cash,        Buddy
  Lowe, Nick                    Johnny                Crying, Waiting,
Cruisin'; Robinson,           Cry For Help; Astley,     Hoping; Holly,
  Smokey                        Rick                    Buddy
Cruisin'; Robinson,           A Cry From The          Crystal Ball; Styx
  Smokey And The                Blood; Freemans,      Crystal Baller; Third
  Miracles                      The                     Eye Blind
Cruisin'; Lewis, Huey         Cry Like Baby; The      Crystal Blue
  & Gwyneth Paltrow             Boxtops                 Persuasion;
Cruisin'; Huey Lewis          Cry Me A River;           James, Tommy &
  & Gwyneth Paltrow             Timberlake, Justin      The Shondells
Crumbling Down;               Cry Me A River;         Crystal blue
  Mellencamp, John              Streisand, Barbra       persuasion;
  Cougar                      Cry Me A River;           Tommy James &
Crush; Moore, Mandy             Cocker, Joe             Shondells
Crush; Moore, Mandy           Cry Me A River;         Crystal Blue
Crush; Paige,                   London, Julie           Persuasion;
  Jennifer                    Cry Me A River;           James, Tommy &
Crush; Paige,                   Cocker, Joe             The Shondells
  Jennifer                    Cry Me A River;         Crystal Blue
Crush; Dava Mathws              London, Julie           Persuasion;
  Band                        Cry Me A River;           Tommy James And
Crush; Moore, Mandy             Timberlake, Justin      The Shondells


Crystal Chandeliers;         Daddy Wasn't            Dance Dance; Fall
  Charley Pride                There; Tea, Ming &      Out Boy
Crystal Ship; Doors,           Mike Myers (Austin    Dance Dance Dance;
  The                          Powers)                 Beach Boys, The
Cult Of Personality;         Daddy Won't Sell        Dance For Me; Blige,
  Living Colour                The Farm;               Mary J & Common
Cum On Feel The                Montgomery            Dance In The Boat;
  Noize; Quiet Riot            Gentry                  Kinleys, The
Cum On Feel The              Daddy's Come            Dance Into The
  Noize; Quiet Riot            Around;                 Night; Collins, Phil
Cumbersome; Seven              Overstreet, Paul      Dance The Night
  Mary Three                 Daddy's Hands;            Away; Van Halen
Cupid; Cooke, Sam              Dunn, Holly           Dance The Night
Cupid; Cooke, Sam            Daddy's Home; Shep        Away; Mavericks,
Cupid's Chokehold;             & The Limelights        The
  Gym Class Heroes           Daddy's Home; Shep      Dance The Night
Curbside Prophet;              & The Limelights        Away; Mavericks,
  Mraz, Jason                Daddy's Little Girl;      The
Cursed; Williams,              Martino, Al           Dance The Night
  Robbie                     Daddy's Little            Away; Van Halen
Cut Across Shorty;             Helper; Martino, Al   Dance To The
  Cochrane, Eddie            Daddy's Money;            Music; Sly & The
Cut Both Ways;                 Ricochet                Famly Stone
  Estefan, Gloria            Daddy's Money;          Dance Tonight;
Cutie Pie; One Way             Ricochet                McCartney, Paul
Cuts Like A Knife;           Daddy's Money;          Dance With Me; 112
  Adams, Bryan                 Ricochet              Dance With Me;
Cyndi Lauper; True           Dagger Through The        Morgan, Debelah
  Colors                       Heart; Parton,        Dance With Me;
Cyndi Lauper; Girls            Dolly                   Morgan, Debelah
  Just Wanna Have            Daisy; Halfway To       Dance With Me;
  Fun                          Hazard                  Morgan, Debelah
D.J.; Bowie, David           Dalley, Amy; Men        Dance With Me;
Da Butt; EU                    Don't Change            Morgan, Debelah
Da Doo Ron Ron;              Dam That River;         Dance With Me (Just
  Crystals, The                Alice In Chains         One More Time);
Da Doo Ron Ron;              Damaged; Tlc              Rodriguez, Johnny
  Crystals, The              Damascus Road;          Dance With My
Daddy Don't You                Perrys, The             Father; Coffey,
  Walk So Fast;              Damn; Youngbloodz         Kellie
  Newton, Wayne                & Lil Jon             Dance With My
Daddy Don't You              Damn I Wish I Was         Father; Vandross,
  Walk So Fast;                Your Lover;             Luther
  Newton, Wayne                Hawkins, Sophie B     Dance With The One
Daddy Frank;                 DAMN RIGHT;               That Brought You;
  Haggard, Merle               TERRI CLARK             Twain, Shania
Daddy Never Was              Damn Right, I've Got    Dance With The One
  The Cadillac Kind;           The Blues; Guy,         Who Brought
  Confederate                  Buddy                   You; Twain,
  Railroad                   Dana; All Kinds Of        Shania
Daddy Never Was                Everything            Dance, Dance,
  The Cadillac Kind;         Dance; Brooks, Garth      Dance; Mary Mary
  Confederate                Dance And Shout;        Dance, Dance,
  Railroad                     Shaggy                  Dance; Miller,
Daddy Sang Bass;             Dance Away; Roxy          Steve
  Cash, Johnny                 Music


The Dance; Garth             Dancing Shagging       Danny's Song;
  Brooks                       On The                 Loggins & Messina
The Dance; Brooks,             Boulevard;           Danny's Song;
  Garth                        Alabama                Murray, Anne
The Dance; Brooks,           Dancing Shoes;         Danny's Song;
  Garth                        Arctic Monkeys         Loggins & Messina
The Dance; Brooks,           Dancing With           Dare To Be A Daniel;
  Garth                        Myself; Idol, Bill     Free, Brian &
Dancin'; Guy                 Dang Me; Miller,         Assurance
Dancin', Shaggin'              Roger                Dare To Be Stupid;
  On The                     Dang Me; Miller,         Yankovic, Weird Al
  Boulevard;                   Roger                Dare To Dream;
  Alabama                    Dang Me; Miller,         Messina, Jo Dee
Dancing Days; Led              Roger                Dare To Dream;
  Zeppelin                   Danger (Been So          Messina, Jo Dee
Dancing Fool;                  Long); Mystikal &    Dare You To Move;
  Zappa, Frank                 Nivia                  Switchfoot
Dancing In The               Danger (Radio          Darin, Bobby; Bill
  Dark; Modelle,               Version); Badu,        Bailey
  Mickey & Jessy               Erykah               Darin, Bobby; Lazy
Dancing In The               Danger High              River
  Dark; Springsteen,           Voltage; Electric    Darin, Bobby; You
  Bruce                        Six                    Must Have Been A
Dancing In The               Danger Zone;             Beautiful Baby
  Moonlight; King              Loggins, Kenny       Darin, Bobby; La
  Harvest                    Dangerous; Roxette       Mer
Dancing In The               Dangerously In         Dark End Of The
  Moonlight; King              Love; Beyonce          Str...;
  Harvest                    Dani California; Red     Commitments, The
Dancing In The                 Hot Chili Peppers    Dark Eyed Molly;
  Street; Martha &           Daniel; John, Elton      Cassidy, Eva
  The Vandellas              Daniel; John, Elton    Dark Lady; Cher
Dancing In The               Daniel; John, Elton    Dark Lady; Cher
  Street; Martha &           Daniels, Charlie;      Dark Lady; Cher
  The Vandellas                Devil Went Down      Dark Lady; Cher
Dancing In The                 To Georgia, The      Darkness, Darkness;
  Street; Martha &           Danke Schoen;            Plant, Robert
  The Vandellas                Newton, Wayne        Darling; Backstreet
Dancing In The               Danke Schoen;            Boys, The
  Street; Van Halen            Newton, Wayne        Darling Je Vous
Dancing In The               Danny & The              Aime Beaucoup;
  Street; Martha &             Juniors; At The        Cole, Nat King
  The Vandellas                Hop                  Darling Nikki; Prince
Dancing In The               Danny Boy; Irish         & The Revolution
  Streets; Martha &            Songs                Darned If I Don't
  The Vandellas              Danny Boy; Irish         Danged If I Do;
Dancing Machine;               Songs                  Shenandoah
  Jackson 5, The             Danny Boy; Elvis       Data; Data
Dancing On The                 Presley              Daughter; Pearl Jam
  Ceiling; Richie,           Danny Boy; Standard    Daughtry, Chris;
  Lionel                     Danny Boy; Irish         Feels Like Tonight
Dancing Queen;                 Song's               Daughtry, Chris;
  Abba                       Danny Boy;               Feels Like Tonight
Dancing Queen;                 Traditional          Dave Clark Five;
  ABBA                       Danny Boy; Standard      Catch Us If You


Dave Clark Five;              Day By Day;             Daystar; Gaither
  Glad All Over                 Godspell                Vocal Band, The
Dave Clark Five;              Day Dreaming;           Daytime Friends;
  Can't You See That            Aretha Franklin         Rogers, Kenny
  She's Mine                  Day In Day Out;         Dazed And
Dave Clark Five; Bits           Kersh, David            Confused; Led
  And Pieces                  A Day In The Life;        Zeppelin
Dave Clark Five;                Beatles, The          Dazed And
  Everybody Knows             Day O (The Banana         Confused; Led
dave clark five;                Boat Song);             Zeppelin
  because                       Belafonte, Harry      Dazed And
Dave Mason; We                The Day She Left          Confused; Led
  Just Disagree                 Tulsa In A Chevy;       Zeppelin
David Duchovny;                 Hayes, Wade           De Burgh, Chris;
  Sharp, Bree                 Day Too Soon; Sia         Lady In Red
David Lee Roth; Just          Day Tripper; Beatles,   De Burgh, Chris;
  A Gigilo                      The                     Lady In Red
Davis, Mac; Baby              The Day Will Come;      De Danann & Mary
  Don't Get Hooked              Whisnants, The          Black; Song For
  On Me                       Day, Bobby; Rockin'       Ireland
Davis, Sammy Jr;                Robin                 De Hoy En Adelante;
  Candy Man                   Daydream Believer;        Spanish-Millie
Davis, Sammy Jr.;               Monkees, The          De Vita, Franco;
  What Kind Of Fool           Daydreamer;               Calido Y Frio
  Am I                          Cassidy, David        Deacon Blues;
Davis, Sammy Jr.;             Daydreams About           Steely Dan
  I've Gotta Be Me              Night Things;         Dead & Broken;
Davis, Sammy Jr.;               Milsap, Ronnie          Godsmack
  Candy Man                   Days Go By; Dirty       Dead & Gone; T.I. &
Davis, Sammy Jr.;               Vegas                   Justin Timberlake
  That Old Black              Days Go By; Keith       Dead Babies;
  Magic                         Urban                   Cooper, Alice
Davis, Sammy Jr.;             Days Go By;             Dead Babies;
  Me & My Shadow                Barnburners             Cooper, Alice
Davis, Sammy Jr.;             Days In Avalon;         Dead Flowers;
  Something's Gotta             Marx, Richard           Lambert, Miranda
  Give                        Days Like This;         Dead Man Walking;
Davis, Sammy Jr.;               Proctor, Rachel         Won By One
  Love Me Or Leave            Days Of America;        Deadbeat Club; B-
  Me                            Blackhawk               52's, The
Davis, Sammy Jr.;             Days Of Elijah;         Dean Martin; Little
  You Don't Know                Revival In Belfast      Ol' Wind Drinker
  Me                          Days Of Our Lives;        Me
dawn ( go away );               Otto, James           Dean Martin; That's
  Four Seasons, The           Days Of Thunder;          Amore
Day & Night; Kid                Wills, Mark           Dean Martin;
  Cudi Vs Crookers            Days Of Thunder;          Everbody Loves
Day And Night; Isyss            Brooks & Dunn           Somebody
  & Jadakiss                  Days Of Wine &          Dean Martin;
Day Before You;                 Roses; Andy             Imagination
  Rascal Flatts                 Williams              Dean, Billy; Thank
Day By Day;                   The Days Of Wine          God I'm A Country
  Standard                      And Roses; Jazz         Boy
Day By Day; Sinatra,          Days You Live For;      Dean, Jimmy; Big
  Frank                         Roberts, Mica           Bad John


Dear Diary; Spears,           Dee, Dave & Dozy &      Delilah; Jones, Tom
  Britney                       Beaky & Mick &        Delilah; Jones, Tom
Dear Jessie;                    Tich; Save Me         Deliver Me;
  Madonna                     Dee, Dave & Dozy &        Brightman, Sarah
Dear Lie; Tlc                   Beaky & Mick &        Delta Dawn; Reddy,
Dear Mama; 2 Pac                Tich; Legend Of         Helen
Dear Me; Morgan,                Xanadu                Delta Dawn; Tucker,
  Lorrie                      Dee, Kiki;                Tanya
Dear Me; Morgan,                Amoureuse             Delta Dawn; Tucker,
  Lorrie                      Deep; Nine Inch Nails     Tanya
Dear Prudence;                Deep Blue               Denial; Sugababes
  Beatles, The                  Something;            Denise; Randy &
Dear Santa;                     Breakfast At            Rainbows
  Christmas-                    Tiffany's             Denney, Kevin;
  McGraw, Tim                 Deep Down; Tillis,        That's Just Jesse
Dearly Beloved; Hill,           Pam                   Denver, John;
  Faith                       Deep In The Heart         Annie's Song
Death Valley Days;              Of Texas;             Denver, John; Take
  Wilburns, The                 Traditional             Me Home, Country
The Debt; Talleys,            Deep In The Heart         Roads
  The                           Of Texas;             Denver, John;
December; Collective            Standard                Annies Song
  Soul                        Deep In The Heart       Department Of
December; Collective            Of Texas; Crosby,       Youth; Cooper,
  Soul                          Bing                    Alice
December 1963 (Oh             Deep Inside Of You;     Der Kommissar;
  What A Night);                Third Eye Blind         After The Fire
  Four Seasons, The           Deep Purple; Smoke      Der Kommissar;
Decent Days &                   On The Water            After The Fire
  Nights;                     Deeper Life; Grant,     Derulo, Jason; In My
  Futureheads                   Natalie                 Head
Deck The Halls;               Deeper Shade Of         Desert Rose; Sting
  Christmas                     Blue; Steps, The      Designated Drinker;
Deck The Halls;               Deeper Than The           Jackson, Alan &
  Christmas                     Holler; Travis,         George Strait
Deck The Halls;                 Randy                 Desire; Us
  Christmas                   Def Leppard; Let's      Desperado; Black,
Deck The Halls;                 Get Rocked              Clint
  Christmas                   Defy You; Offspring     Desperado;
Deck The Halls;               Deja Vu; Warwick,         Ronstadt, Linda
  Traditional                   Dionne                Desperado; Black,
Deck The Halls;               Delaney & Bonnie &        Clint
  Christmas                     Sister; Never         Desperado; Eagles,
Deck The Halls;                 Ending Song Of          The
  Christmas                     Love                  Desperate But Not
Decode; Paramore              Delayed Devotion;         Serious; Adam Ant
Decode; Paramore                Duffy                 Desperately; Strait,
Dedicated To The              Delicious Surprise;       George
  One I Love;                   Messina, Jo Dee       Desperately
  Mamas, The & The            Delicious Surprise;       Wanting; Better
  Papas                         JoDee Messina           Than Ezra
Dedicated To The              Delicious Surprise (I   Destination
  One I Love;                   Believe); Hart,         Unknown; Missing
  Shirelles, The                Beth                    Persons
                              Delilah; Jones, Tom     Destiny; Richie,
                              Delilah; Jones, Tom       Lionel


Destiny; Hill, Jordan          Dexy's Midnight         Did I Shave My Legs
  & Billy Porter & Jim           Runners; Geno           For This; Shania
  Brickman                     Diamond Girl; Seals       Twain
Destiny's Child; Say             & Crofts              Did It In A Minute;
  My Name                      Diamond Rings;            Hall & Oates
Destiny's Child;                 Chipmunk              Didja Ever; Elvis
  Jumpin Jumpin                Diamond Rio;              Presley
Detective; No Doubt              Imagine That          Didn't I; Gentry,
Detroit City; Bare,            Diamond Rio; Bubba        Montgomery
  Bobby                          Hyde                  Didn't We; Sinatra,
Detroit City; Tom              Diamond, Neil;            Frank
  Jones                          Sweet Caroline        Didn't We; Sinatra,
Detroit City; Bare,            Diamond, Neil; Love       Frank
  Bobby                          On The Rocks          Didn't We Almost
Detroit City Rock;             Diamond, Neil;            Have It All;
  Kiss                           America                 Houston, Whitney
Detroit Rock City;             Diamond, Neil;          Didn't We Love;
  Kiss                           America                 Tamara Walker
Devil And The                  Diamond, Neil;          Didn't You Know
  Cross; Halfway To              September Morn          How Much I
  Hazard                       Diamond, Neil; Hello      Loved You; Kelly
Devil In Disguise;               Again                   Pickler
  Presley, Elvis               Diamonds; Los           Didn't You Know
Devil In The Bottle;             Lonely Boys             How Much I
  T.G. Sheppard                Diamonds And Rust;        Loved You;
Devil In The Wishing             Baez, Joan              Pickler, Kellie
  Well; Five For               Diamonds Are A          Didn't You Know
  Fighting                       Girls Best Friend;      How Much I
Devil May Care;                  Monroe, Marilyn         Loved You;
  Krall, Diana &               Diamonds Are A            Pickler, Kellie
  Norah Jones                    Girls Best Friend;    Didn't You Know
Devil Or Angel;                  Gentlemen Prefer        How Much I
  Bobby Vee                      Blondes                 Loved You;
The Devil Went                 Diamonds Are A            Pickler, Kellie w-
  Down To Georgia;               Girl's Best Friend;     vocal
  Charlie Daniels                Marilym Monroe        Die Another Day;
  Band, The                    Diamonds Are A            Madonna
The Devil Went                   Girl's Best Friend;   Die Another Day;
  Down To Georgia;               Monroe, Marilyn         Madonna
  Charlie Daniels              Diamonds Are            Die Of A Broken
  Band, The                      Forever; Bassey,        Heart; Johnson,
Devil With A Blue                Shirley                 Carolyn Dawn &
  Dress On; Ryder,             Diamonds In The           Keith Urban
  Mitch & The Detroit            Back; Ludacris        Die, Die My Darling;
  Wheels                       Diana; Anka, Paul         Metallica
Devil With A Blue              Diary; Keys, Alicia     Differences;
  Dress On1; Ryder,            Diary; Bread              Ginuwine
  Mitch & The Detroit          Did I Shave My Back     Differences;
  Wheels                         For This (Parody);      Ginuwine
Devil Woman;                     Judd, Cledus T.       Different Drum;
  Robbins, Marty               Did I Shave My Legs       Ronstadt, Linda
Devils And Angels;               For This; Carter,     Different Drum;
  Lightman, Toby                 Deana                   Stone Poneys &
Devotion, Sheila B;            Did I Shave My Legs       Linda Ronstadt
  Singin' In The Rain            For This; Carter,     Different Drum;
Devour; Shinedown                Deana                   Ronstadt, Linda


Different Road;                Dion, Celine; River       Disco Inferno (Radio
  Troccoli, Kathy                Deep Mountain             Version); 50 Cent
A Different World;               High                    Disco Inferno1;
  Covington, Bucky             Dion, Celine;               Trammps, The
The Difficult Kind;              Because You             Disco Lady; Taylor,
  Crow, Sheryl                   Loved Me                  Johnnie
The Difficult Kind;            Dion, Celine; Power       Discotheque; U2
  Crow, Sheryl                   Of Love                 Disease; Matchbox
Dig; Incubus                   Dionne Warwick;             Twenty
Dig In; Kravitz, Lenny           That'a What             Disease; Matchbox
Dig In; Kravitz, Lenny           Friends Are For           Twenty
Dig In; Kravitz, Lenny         A Dios Le Pido;           Disillusion; Badly
Dig In; Kravitz, Lenny           Spanish-Juanes            Drawn Boy
Dig In; Kravitz, Lenny         Dip It Low; Milan,        Disposable Teens;
Diggin Up Bones;                 Christina                 Manson, Marilyn
  Randy Travis                 Dirt; Alice In Chains     DisSatisfied; Bill
Diggin' Up Bones;              The Dirt Road;              Anderson and Jan
  Travis, Randy                  Brown, Sawyer             Howard
Digging On You;                Dirty; Audio              The Distance; Evan
  TLC                            Adrenaline                & Jaron
Digital Bath;                  Dirty; Aguilera,          The Distance; Cake
  Deftones                       Christina               Distant Dreamer;
Dilemma; Nelly &               DIRTY DIANA;                Duffy
  Kelly Rowland                  MICHAEL                 Distracted; I5
Dilemma; Nelly &                 JACKSON                 DISTURBIA;
  Kelly Rowland                Dirty Deeds Done            RIHANNA
Dilemma; Nelly &                 Dirt Cheap; AC/DC       Disturbia; Rihanna
  Kelly Rowland                Dirty Deeds Done          DIVORCE; Wynette,
Dilemma; Nelly &                 Dirt Cheap; AC/DC         Tammy
  Kelly Rowland                Dirty Dirty Feeling;      Dixie; Standard
Dim All The Lights;              Elvis Presley           Dixie; Patriotic
  Summer, Donna                Dirty Girl; Terri Clark   Dixie; Standard
Dimelo (I Need To              Dirty Laundry;            Dixie; DK
  Know); Spanish-                Henley, Don               Arrangement
  Anthony, Marc                Dirty Laundry;            Dixie; Traditional
The Ding Dong                    Henley, Don             Dixie Chicken; Little
  Daddy Of The D               Dirty Little Secret;        Feat
  Car Line; Cherry               All-American            Dixie Chicks;
  Poppin' Daddies                Rejects                   Cowboy Take Me
Dinosaur; Williams,            Dirty Old Man; 3            Away
  Jr., Hank                      Degrees, The            Dixie Chicks; Sin
Dio, Come Ti Amo;              Dirty Old Town;             Wagon
  Italian                        Pogues, The             The Dixie Chicks;
Dion; Runaround Sue            Dirty White Boy;            Goodbye Earl
Dion; Wanderer, The              Foreigner               Dixie Lullaby; Green,
Dion, Celine; My               Dirty White Boy;            Pat
  Heart Will Go On               Foreigner               Dixie On My Mind;
Dion, Celine; Like A           Dirty Work; Steely          Williams, Hank JR
  Natural Woman                  Dan                     Dixie Road;
Dion, Celine; It's All         Disappear;                  Greenwood, Lee
  Coming Back To                 Hoobastank              Dixie Rose Deluxe's
  Me Now                       Disco Inferno;              Honky Tonk;
Dion, Celine; Power              Trammps, The              Willmon, Trent
  Of Love                      Disco Inferno;            Dixieland Delight;
                                 Trammps, The              Alabama


Dixon, Alesha; Boy            Do Re Mi; Sound Of      Do We Still; Lynne,
   Does Nothing, The            Music, The              Rockie
Dixon, Alesha;                Do Re Mi; Sound Of      Do What You Gotta
   Breathe Slow                 Music, The              Do; Brooks, Garth
Dixon, Alesha; Let's          do re mi; sound of      Do What You Gotta
   Get Excited                  music, the              Do; Brooks, Garth
Dizzy; Roe, Tommy             Do Right; Jimmie's      Do What You Have
Dizzy; Roe, Tommy               Chicken Shack           to Do; Sara
Dizzy; Roe, Tommy             Do Right Woman Do         McLachlin
dj sammy; heaven                Right Man;            Do Ya'; Oslin, Kt
Do; Vocal Warmup                Franklin, Aretha      Do Ya Think I'm
Do Do Do; Standard            Do Right Woman Do         Sexy; Stewart, Rod
Do I; Bryan, Luke               Right Man; Aretha     Do Ya Think I'm
Do I Have To Say                Franklin                Sexy; Stewart, Rod
   The Words;                 Do Somethin'*;          Do Ya Think I'm
   Adams, Bryan                 Spears, Britney         Sexy; Stewart, Rod
Do I Love You                 Do Something; Gray,     Do Ya Think I'm
   Enough; Ricochet             Macy                    Sexy; Stewart, Rod
Do I Make You                 Do That; B2K & P        Do You; Ne-Yo
   Proud; Taylor                Diddy                 Do You Believe In
   Hicks                      Do That To Me One         Love; Huey Lewis
Do I Make You                   More; Captain &         & The News
   Proud; Hicks,                Tenille, The          Do You Believe In
   Taylor                     Do That To Me One         Magic; Lovin'
Do It Again; Steely             More Time;              Spoonful, The
   Dan                          Captain & Tennille,   Do You Hear What I
Do It Again; Steely             The                     Hear; Christmas
   Dan                        Do That To Me One       Do You Hear What I
Do It Again; Smash              More Time;              Hear; Christmas
   Mouth                        Captain & Tennille    Do You Know (The
Do It For Love; Hall          Do That To Me One         Ping Pong Song);
   & Oates                      More Time;              Iglesias, Enrique
Do It For Our                   Captain & Tennille,   Do You Know How It
   Country; Grease 2            The                     Feels; McKameys,
DO IT NELLY                   Do That To Me One         The
   FURTADO ftg.;                More Time;            Do You Know The
   MISSY ELLIOT                 Captain & Tennille      Way To San Jose;
Do It 'Til Your               Do The Bartman;           Warwick, Dionne
   Satisfied; J C               Simpsons, The         Do You Know The
   Chasez                     Do The Sponge;            Way To San Jose;
Do It To Me; Richie,            Spongebob Square        Warwick, Dionne
   Lionel                       Pants                 Do You Know What I
Do It Well; Lopez,            Do Wah Diddy;             Mean; Michaels,
   Jennifer                     Manfred Mann            Lee
Do Lord; Children's             Band, The             Do You Know What I
   Songs                      Do Wah Diddy;             Mean; Michaels,
Do Me; Bell Biv                 Manfred Mann's          Lee
   Devoe                        Earth Band            Do you know who I
Do Me; Dell Biv               Do Wah Diddy;             am; Elvis Presley
   DeVoe                        Mann, Manfred         Do You Know You
Do Me Baby;                   Do Wah Diddy              Are My Sunshine;
   Morgan, Melisa               Diddy; Mann,            Statler Brothers,
Do Me!; Bell Biv                Manfred                 The
   Devoe                      Do Wah Diddy1;
Do not disturb; Elvis           Manfred Mann
   Presley                      Band, The


Do You Love As             Do You Want Fries       Does Anybody
  Good As You                With That; Tim          Really Know What
  Look; Bellamy              McGraw                  Time It Is; Chicago
  Brothers, The            Do You Want Me;         Does Chewing Your
Do You Love Me;              Salt-N-Pepa             Gum Lose Its
  Contours, The            Do You Want To;           Flavour; Donegan,
Do You Love Me;              Ferdinand, Franz        Lonnie
  Contours, The            Do You Want To;         Does Fort Worth
Do You Love Me1;             Franz Ferdinand         Ever Cross Your
  Contours, The            Do You Want To            Mind; Strait,
Do You Really Want           Dance; Bette            George
  Me; Robyn                  Midler                Does Fort Worth
Do You Really Want         Do You Want To            Ever Cross Your
  Me(Show                    Dance; Freeman,         Mind; Strait,
  Respect); Robyn            Bobby                   George
Do You Really Want         Do You Want To          Does He Love You;
  To Hurt Me;                Know A Secret;          Mcentire, Reba &
  Culture Club               Beatles, The            Davis, Linda
Do You Really Want         Do Your Ears Hang       Does He Love You;
  To Hurt Me;                Low; Children's         McEntire, Reba &
  Culture Club             Do Your Ears Hang         Linda Davis
Do You Really Want           Low; Children's       Does My Ring Burn
  To Hurt Me;                Songs                   Your Finger;
  Culture Club             Do Your Ears Hang         Womack, Lee Ann
Do You Remember;             Low; Traditional      Does That Blue
  Sean, Jay & Sean         Do Your Thing; Isaac      Moon Ever Shine
  Paul & Lil Jon             Hayes                   On You; Keith,
Do You Remember;           Dobie Gray; Drift         Toby
  Collins, Phil              Away                  Does Your Mother
Do You Wanna               Dock Of Bay, Sitting      Know; ABBA
  Dance; Freeman,            On The; Redding,      Doesn't Mean A
  Bobby                      Otis                    Thing; Keys, Alicia
Do You Wanna               Dock Of Bay, Sitting    Doesn't Mean
  Dance; Cochrane,           On The; Redding,        Anything; Keys,
  Eddie                      Otis                    Alicia
Do You Wanna               Dock Of The Bay;        Doesn't Mean
  Dance; Beach               Redding, Otis           Anything; Keys,
  Boys, The                The Dock Of The           Alicia
Do You Wanna Go              Bay; Bolton,          Doesn't Mean
  To Heaven;                 Michael                 Anything
  Sheppard, TG             Doctor My Eyes;           Wvocals; Keys,
Do You Wanna Hold            Browne, Jackson         Alicia
  Me; Bow Wow              Doctor My Eyes;         Doesn't Really
  Wow                        Browne, Jackson         Matter; Jackson,
Do You Wanna Make          Doctor My Eyes;           Janet
  Something Of It;           Browne, Jackson       Doesn't Really
  Messina, Jo Dee          Doctor My Eyes;           Matter; Jackson,
Do You Want Fries            Browne, Jackson         Janet
  With That;               Doctor Time;            Doesn't Remind Me;
  McGraw, Tim                Trevino, Rick           Audioslave
Do You Want Fries          Does Anybody            Doggie In The
  With That; Tim             Really Know What        Window, (How
  Mcgraw                     Time It Is; Chicago     Much Is That);
Do You Want Fries          Does Anybody              Page, Patti
  With That;                 Really Know What      Doggin' Around;
  Barnburners                Time It Is; Chicago     Wilson, Jackie


Doing It By The               Don't Be Cruel;      Don't Bring Me
  Book; Whites, The             Presley, Elvis       Down; Electric
Dolby, Thomas; She            Don't Be Cruel;        Light Orchestra,
  Blinded Me With               Judds, The           The
  Science                     Don't Be Stupid;     Don't Cha; Pussycat
The Dollar; Johnson,            Twain, Shania        Dolls
  Jamey                       Don't Be Stupid;     Don't Cha; Pussycat
Doller Wine; Taxi               Shania Twain         Dolls, The
The Dolphins Cry;             Don't Be Stupid;     Don't Cha; Pussycat
  Live                          Twain, Shania        Dolls, The
Domino; Morrison,             Don't Be Stupid      Don't Cha Wanna
  Van                           (You Know I Love     Ride; Stone, Joss
Domino; Morrison,               You); Twain,       Don't Chase Me;
  Van                           Shania               Fisher, Shea
Domino Dancing;               Don't Be Stupid      Don't Cheat In Our
  Pet Shop Boys,                (You Know I Love     Hometown;
  The                           You); Twain,         Skaggs, Ricky
Dommage                         Shania             Don't Close Your
  Dommage (Too                Don't Be Stupid        Eyes; Kixx
  Bad, Too Bad);                (You Know I Love   Don't Close Your
  Humperdinck,                  You); Twain,         Eyes; Whitley,
  Engelbert                     Shania               Keith
Dom't Be Stupid;              Don't Be Stupid      Don't Close Your
  Shania Twain                  (You Know I Love     Eyes; Whitley,
Don`T Rock The                  You); Twain,         Keith
  Boat; Marley, Bob             Shania             Don't Close Your
Doncha Think It's             Don't Be Stupid        Eyes; Whitley,
  Time; Elvis Presley           (You Know I Love     Keith
Donna; 10CC                     You); Twain,       Don't Come Around
Donna; Valens,                  Shania               Here No More;
  Richie                      Don't Be Stupid        Petty, Tom &
Donna The Prima                 (You Know I Love     Heartbreakers
  Donna; Dion                   You); Twain,       Don't Come Crying
Don't; Presley, Elvis           Shania               To Me; Gill, Vince
Don't; Twain, Shania          Don't Believe In     Don't Come Home A
Don't; Barnburners              Love; Dido           Drinkin; Lynn,
Don't; Presley, Elvis         Don't Blink; Kenny     Loretta
Don't Answer Me;                Chesney            Don't Come Home A
  Alan Parsons                Don't Blink;           Drinkin'; Lynn,
  Project, The                  Chesney, Kenny       Loretta
Don't Ask Me How I            Don't Bother;        Don't Cross The
  Know; Pinson,                 Shakira              River; Brooks,
  Bobby                       Don't Break My         Garth
Don't Ask Me No                 Heart Again;       Don't Cry (original);
  Questions; Lynyrd             Green, Pat           Guns N' Roses
  Skynyrd                     Don't Bring Me       Don't Cry Daddy;
Don't Ask Me Why;               Down; Animals,       Presley, Elvis
  Elvis Presley                 The                Don't Cry For Me
Don't Be A Stranger;          Don't Bring Me         Argentina;
  Dina Carroll                  Down; Animals,       Madonna
Don't Be Angry;                 The                Don't Cry For Me
  Stonewall Jackson           Don't Bring Me         Argentina;
Don't Be Cruel;                 Down; Electric       Madonna
  Cheap Trick                   Light Orchestra,   Don't Cry For Me
Don't be cruel;                 The                  Argentina; Evita
  Cheap Trick


Don't Cry For Me              Don't Forget About    Don't It Make My
  Argentina; Evita              Us; Mariah Carey      Brown Eyes;
Don't Cry For Me              Don't Forget Me         Gayle, Crystal
  Argentina; Evita              When I'm Gone;      Don't It Make My
Don't Cry Out Loud;             Glass Tiger           Brown Eyes Blue;
  Brooks, Elkie               Don't Forget To         Gayle, Crystal
Don't Cry Out Loud;             Remember; Bee       Don't It Make My
  Manchester,                   Gees, The             Brown Eyes Blue;
  Melissa                     Don't Forget to         Gayle, Crystal
Don't Cry Out Loud;             Remember Me;        Don't It Make My
  Manchester,                   Underwood, Carrie     Brown Eyes Blue;
  Melissa                     Don't Get Around        Gayle, Crystal
Don't Do Me Like                Much Anymore;       Don't Know Much;
  That; Petty, Tom              Sinatra, Frank        Ronstadt, Linda &
Don't Do Me Like              Don't Get Me            Aaron Neville
  That; Petty, Tom              Started; Akins,     Don't Know Much;
Don't Do Me Like                Rhett                 Ronstadt, Linda &
  That; Petty, Tom            Don't Go; Hot House     Aaron Neville
Don't Do Me Like                Flowers             Don't Know Much;
  That; Petty, Tom            Don't Go (Boys And      Neville, Aaron &
Don't Do Me No                  Girls); Dobson,       Ronstadt, Linda
  Good; Gretchen                Fefe                Don't Know What
  Wilson                      Don't Go Breaking       You Got;
Don't Dream It's                My Heart; John,       Cinderella
  Over; Crowded                 Elton & Kiki Dee    Don't Know Why;
  House                       Don't Go Breaking       Jones, Norah
Don't Dream It's                My Heart; John,     Don't Know Why;
  Over; Sixpence                Elton & Kiki Dee      Jones, Norah
  None The Richer             Don't Go Breaking     Don't Know Why;
Don't Dream It's                My Heart; John,       Jones, Norah
  Over; Crowded                 Elton & Kiki Dee    Don't Laugh At Me;
  House                       Don't Go Breaking       Wills, Mark
Don't Ever Let Me               My Heart; John,     Don't Leave Home;
  Go; Hart, Tara Lyn            Elton & Rupaul        Dido
Don't Ever Touch              Don't Go Knocking;    Don't Leave Me;
  Me (Again); Farris,           Spears, Britney       Backstreet Boys,
  Dionne                      Don't Go Out;           The
Don't Explain;                  Tucker, Tanya & T   Don't Leave Me
  Holiday, Billie               Graham Brown          Now; Elvis Presley
Don't Fall In Love            Don't Happen Twice;   Don't Leave Me This
  With A Dreamer;               Chesney, Kenny        Way; Houston,
  Rogers, Kenny &             Don't Happen Twice;     Thelma
  Kim Carnes                    Chesney, Kenny      Don't Leave Me This
Don't Fall In Love            Don't Happen Twice;     Way; Houston,
  With A Dreamer;               Chesney, Kenny        Thelma
  Rogers, Kenny &             Don't Happen Twice;   Don't Leave Me This
  Kim Carnes                    Chesney, Kenny        Way; Houston,
Don't Fear The                Don't Happen Twice;     Thelma
  Reaper; Blue                  Chesney, Kenny      Don't Leave Me This
  Oyster Cult                 Don't Happen Twice;     Way1; Houston,
Don't Fear The                  Chesney, Kenny        Thelma
  Reaper; Blue                Don't Hate Me For     Don't Leave, I Think
  Oyster Cult                   Lovin' You; Jeff      I Love You; Keith,
Don't Fence Me In;              Bates                 Toby
  Crosby, Bing                                      Don't Let Go;
                                                      Ketchum, Hal


DONT LET GO                    Don't Let The Sun       Don't Mess Around
  (LOVE); EN                     Go Down On Me;          With Jim; Croce,
  VOGUE                          John, Elton             Jim
Don't Let Him Go;              Don't Let The Sun       Don't Mess With Bill;
  REO Speedwagon                 Go Down On Me;          Marvelettes, The
Don't Let It End; Styx           Michael, George &     Don't Mess With Bill;
Don't Let It Go To               Elton John              Marvelettes, The
  Your Head;                   Don't Let The Sun       Don't Mess With Bill;
  Dobson, Fefe                   Go Down On Me;          Marvelettes
Don't Let Me Be                  John, Elton           Don't Mess With Bill;
  Lonely Tonight;              Don't Let The Sun         Marvelettes, The
  James Taylor                   Go Down On Me;        Don't Mess With My
Don't Let Me Be                  John, Elton             Man; Nivea
  Lonely Tonight;              Don't Let Them;         Don't Mess With My
  Taylor, James                  Ashanti                 Man; Nivea, Brian
Don't Let Me Be                Don't Lie; Black Eyed     & Brandon Casey
  Loney Tonight;                 Peas, The             Don't Overlook
  Taylor, James                Don't Lie; Black Eyed     Salvation; Van
Don't Let Me Be                  Peas                    Shelton, Ricky
  Misunderstood;               Don't Lie; Adkins,      Don't Pass Me By;
  Animals, The                   Trace                   Beatles, The
Don't Let Me Be The            Don't Look Any          Don't Phunk With
  Last To Know;                  Further; Edwards,       My Heart; Black
  Spears, Britney                Dennis & Seidah         Eyed Peas
Don't Let Me Cross               Garrett               Don't Phunk With
  Over; Carl & Pearl           Don't Look At Me;         My Heart (Radio
  Butler                         Orrico, Stacie          Version); Black
Don't Let Me Down;             Don't Look Back;          Eyed Peas
  Kayle, Kortney                 Boston                Don't Play Any Love
Don't Let Me Get Me;           Don't Look Back In        Songs; Clark,
  Pink                           Anger; Oasis            Jameson
Don't Let Me Go;               Don't Look Back In      Don't Play That
  Lareau Wvocal                  Anger; Oasis            Song; Franklin,
Don't Let Me Go;                 wvocal                  Aretha
  Lareau                       Don't Love Make A       Don't Play That
Don't Let Our Love               Diamond Shine;          Song; Franklin,
  Start Slippin                  Byrd, Tracy             Aretha
  Away; Gill, Vince            Don't Make Me;          Don't Play That
Don't Let Our Love               Blake Shelton           Song; Aretha
  Start Slippin'               Don't Make Me Beg;        Franklin
  Away; Gill, Vince              Holy, Steve           Don't Play Your
Don't Let The Sun              Don't Make Me Beg;        Rock & Roll To
  Catch You Crying;              Holy, Steve             Me; Smokie
  Gerry & The                  Don't Make Me           Don't Pull Your
  Pacemakers                     Come Over There         Love; Hamilton,
Don't Let The Sun                And Love You;           Joe Frank &
  Go Down On Me;                 Strait, George          Reynolds
  John, Elton                  Don't Marry Her         Don't Pull Your
Don't Let The Sun                Have Me; Beautiful      Love; Hamilton,
  Go Down On Me;                 South                   Joe Frank &
  John, Elton                  Don't Matter (Radio       Reynolds
Don't Let The Sun                Version); Akon        Don't Rain On My
  Go Down On Me;               Don't Mean Nothing;       Parade; Streisand,
  John, Elton                    Marx, Richard           Barbra
                                                       Don't Rain On My
                                                         Parade; Hello Dolly


Don't Rock The                Don't Sit Under The     Don't Stop The
  Boat; Marley, Bob             Apple Tree;             Music; Rihanna
Don't Rock The                  Andrews Sisters,      Don't Stop The
  Juke Box;                     The                     Music; Rihanna
  Jackson, Alan               Dont Speak; No          Don't Stop 'Til You
Don't Rock The                  Doubt                   Get Enough;
  Juke Box;                   Don't Speak; No           Jackson, Michael
  Jackson, Alan                 Doubt                 Don't Stop Till You
Don't Rock The                Don't Speak; No           Get Enough;
  Jukebox; Alan                 Doubt                   Jackson, Michael
  Jackson                     Don't Speak; No         Don't Take Away My
Don't Rock The                  Doubt                   Heaven; Neville,
  Jukebox; Jackson,           Don't Speak; No           Aaron
  Alan                          Doubt                 Don't Take Away My
Don't Rock The                Don't Speak; No           Heaven; Neville,
  Jukebox; Jackson,             Doubt                   Aaron
  Alan                        Don't Speak; No         Don't Take Her
Don't Rock The                  Doubt                   She's All I Got;
  Jukebox; Jackson,           Don't Stand So            Byrd, Tracy
  Alan                          Close To Me;          Don't Take The Girl;
Don't Rock The                  Police, The             McGraw, Tim
  Jukebox; Jackson,           Don't Stop; Hayes,      Don't Take The Girl;
  Alan                          Wade                    Mcgraw, Tim
Don't Rock The                Don't Stop;             Don't Take The Girl;
  Jukebox; Jackson,             Fleetwood Mac           McGraw, Tim
  Alan                        Don't Stop;             Don't Take Your
Don't Rock The                  Fleetwood Mac           Gun To Town;
  Jukebox; Jackson,           Don't Stop;               Cash, Johnny
  Alan                          Fleetwood Mac         Don't Take Your
Don't Save It All For         Don't Stop;               Guns To Town;
  Chrirstmas;                   Fleetwood Mac           Cash, Johnny
  Christmas-Avalon            Don't Stop;             Don't Talk; Jon B.
Don't Say Goodbye;              Fleetwood Mac         Don't Tell Me;
  Rubio, Paulina              Don't Stop;               Lavigne, Avril
Don't Say Goodbye;              Fleetwood Mac         Don't Tell Me;
  Rubio, Paulina              Don't Stop;               Lavigne, Avril
Don't Say Goodbye;              Fleetwood Mac         Don't Tell Me;
  Rubio, Paulina              Don't Stop Believin';     Lavigne, Avril
Don't Say Goodbye               Journey               Don't Tell Me;
  Girl; Campbell,             Don't Stop Believin';     Madonna
  Tevin                         Glee Cast             Don't Tell Me;
Don't Say You Don't           Don't Stop Believin';     Womack, Lee Ann
  Remember;                     Journey               Don't Tell Me;
  Bremers, Beverly            Don't Stop Believin';     Madonna
Don't Say You Love              Journey               Don't Tell Me What
  Me; M2M                     Don't Stop Dancing;       To Do; Tillis, Pam
Don't Set Me Free;              Creed                 Don't Tell Me You
  Charles, Ray                Don't Stop Dancing;       Love Me; Night
Don't Shed A Tear;              Creed                   Ranger
  Carrack, Paul               Don't Stop Me Now;      Don't Think I Can't
Don't Shoot Me                  Queen                   Love You; Owen,
  Santa; Killers              Don't Stop Me Now;        Jake
Don't Sit Under The             Queen                 Don't Think I Can't
  Appl; Andrews               Don't Stop Moving;        Love You; Owen,
  Sisters, The                  S Club 7                Jake


Don't Think I Don't          Don't Wanna Try;        Don't You (Forget
  Think About It;              Frankie J.              About Me); Simple
  Darius Rucker              Don't Wanna Try;          Minds
Don't Think I'm Not;           Frankie J             Don't You Ever Get
  Kandi                      Don't Want To Be A        Tired (Of Hurting
Don't Think Twice;             Fool; Luther            Me); Milsap,
  Elvis Presley                Vandross                Ronnie
Don't Think Twice;           Don't Want To Be A      Don't You Forget
  Four Seasons, The            Fool; Vandross,         About Me; Simple
Don't Think Twice              Luther                  Minds
  It's All Right;            Don't Want To Miss      Don't You Forget
  Clapton, Eric                A Thing; Martins,       About Me; Simple
Don't Think Twice              The                     Minds
  It's Alright;              Don't Waste My          Don't You Forget
  Clapton, Eric                Time; Little Big        About Me; Simple
Don't Touch Me;                Town                    Minds
  Jeannie Seely              Don't Waste My          Don't You Forget
Don't Touch My                 Time; Little Big        About Me; Simple
  Willie; Fowler,              Town                    Minds
  Kevin                      Don't Waste Your        Don't You Forget It;
Don't Tread On Me;             Heart; Dixie            Lewis, Glenn
  311                          Chicks, The           Don't You Forget It;
Don't Trust Me;              Don't Worry;              Lewis, Glenn
  3OH!3                        Robbins, Marty        Don't You Forget It;
Don't Turn Around;           Don't Worry Baby;         Lewis, Glenn
  Ace Of Base                  Beach Boys, The       Don't You Forget It ;
Don't Turn Off The           Don't Worry Be            Lewis, Glenn
  Lights; Iglesias,            Happy; McFerrin,      Don't You Know
  Enrique                      Bobby                   What The Night
Don't Turn Off The           Don't Worry Be            Can Do; Winwood,
  Lights; Iglesias,            Happy; McFerrin,        Steve
  Enrique                      Bobby                 Don't You Know
Don't Upset The              Don't Worry Be            You're Beautiful;
  Rhythm (Go Baby              Happy; Mcferrin,        Kellie Pickler
  Go); Noisettes               Bobby                 Don't You Think
Don't Wait;                  Don't Worry Be            This Outlaw Bit's
  Dashboard                    Happy; McFerrin,        Done Got Out Of
  Confessional                 Bobby                   Hand; Jennings,
Don't Wanna Fall In          Don't Worry Be            Waylon
  Love; Child, Jane            Happy; McFerrin,      Don't You Wanna
Don't Wanna Lose               Bobby                   Go; Crabb
  You; Estefan,              Don't Worry 'bout A       Family,The
  Gloria                       Thing; Shedaisy       Don't You Wanna
Don't Wanna Lose             Don't Worry Bout          Go; Crabb Family,
  You; Estefan,                Me; Holiday, Billie     The
  Gloria                     Don't Worry 'bout       Don't You Want Me;
Don't Wanna Lose               Me Baby; Fricke,        Human League,
  You; Estefan,                Janie                   The
  Gloria                     Don't Worry, Be         Don't You Want Me;
Don't Wanna Think              Happy; McFerrin,        Watley, Jody
  About You; Simple            Bobby                 Don't You Want Me;
  Plan                       Don't You (Forget         Human League,
Don't Wanna Think              About Me); Simple       The
  About You; Simple            Minds                 Don't You Worry
  Plan                                                 'Bout A Thing;
                                                       Wonder, Stevie


Doo Wap (That                  Down; Sean, Jay &      Down By The
  Thing); Hill, Lauryn           Lil' Wayne             Riverside; Various
Doo Wop; Hill,                 Down; Sean, Jay &        Artists
  Lauryn                         Lil Wayne            Down By The
Doobie Brothers;               Down; Sean, Jay &        Riverside;
  China Grove                    Lil Wayne              Standard
The Doobie                     Down; Moke             Down Came A
  Brothers; Black              Down; Socialburn         Blackbird;
  Water                        Down & Out Of            McCann, Lila
The Doobie                       Time; Sixpence       Down Down; Status
  Brothers; Takin' It            None The Richer        Quo
  To The Streets               Down 4 U; INC & Ja     Down Home;
The Doobie                       Rule & Ashanti &       Alabama
  Brothers; China                Charli Baltimore &   Down Home Blues;
  Grove                          Vita                   King, Freddy
The Doobie                     Down A$$ Chick; Ja     Down In Flames;
  Brothers; Real                 Rule & Charlie         Blackhawk
  Love                           Chuck Baltimore      Down In Mississippi;
The Doobie                     Down Ass Chick; Ja       Sugarland
  Brothers; Long                 Rule & Chuck         Down In Tennessee;
  Train Running                  Baltimore              Chesnutt, Mark
The Doobie                     Down At The Twist      Down In The Alley;
  Brothers; Listen               & Shout;               Elvis Presley
  To The Music                   Carpenter, Mary      Down In The Valley;
The Door; Jones,                 Chapin                 Standard
  George                       Down At The Twist      Down On Me; Joplin,
Doors; People Are                & Shout;               Janis
  Strange                        Carpenter, Mary      Down On Me; Joplin,
Doors; Break On                  Chapin                 Janis
  Through                      Down At The Twist      Down On My Knees;
Doors; Riders On                 And Shout;             Yearwood, Trisha
  The Storm                      Carpenter, Mary      Down On The
Doors; Roadhouse                 Chapin                 Corner; Creedence
  Blues                        Down At The Twist        Clearwater Revival
Doors; Light My Fire             And Shout;           Down On The
Dope Nose; Weezer                Carpenter, Mary        Corner; Creedence
Dora The Explorer;               Chapin                 Clearwater Revival
  Dora The Explorer            Down At The Twist      Down On The
Dot Com; Usher                   And Shout;             Corner; Creedence
Double Dutch Bus;                Carpenter, Mary        Clearwater Revival
  Smith, Frankie                 Chapin               Down On The
Double Vision;                 Down At The Twist        Corner; Creedence
  Foreigner                      And Shout;             Clearwater Revival
Double Vision;                   Carpenter, Mary      Down On The Farm;
  Foreigner                      Chapin                 McGraw, Tim
Double Vision;                 Down Boy; Holly        Down On The Farm;
  Foreigner                      Valance                McGraw, Tim
Double Vision;                 Down Boys; Warrant     Down On The Rio
  Foreigner                    Down By The              Grande;
Double Wide                      Riverside;             Rodriguez, Johnny
  Paradise; Keith,               Standard             Down So Long;
  Toby                         down by the              Jewel
Douglas, Craig; Only             riverside; Irish     Down The Dustpipe;
  Sixteen                        Classics               Status Quo
Down; Sean, Jay &                                     Down This Road;
  Lil' Wayne                                            Wrights, The


Down To My Last               Dr. & The Medics;      Dream On; Depeche
  Cigarette; Lang,              Spirit In The Sky      Mode
  KD                          Dr. Feelgood; Aretha   Dream On; Aerosmith
Down To My Last                 Franklin             Dream Police; Cheap
  Teardrop; Tucker,           Dr. Feelgood; Motley     Trick
  Tanya                         Crue                 Dream Walkin';
Down To The River             Dr. Feelgood; Motley     Keith, Toby
  To Pray; Krauss,              Crue                 Dream Walkin';
  Alison                      Draggin' The Line;       Keith, Toby
Down Under; Men At              James, Tommy &       Dream Weaver;
  Work                          The Shondells          Wright, Gary
Down Under; Men At            Dragostea Din Tei;     Dream Weaver;
  Work                          O-Zone                 Wright, Gary
Down Under; Men At            Dragula; Zombie,       Dream Your Way To
  Work                          Rob                    Me; Lawson,
Down With The                 Drama; Erasure           Shannon
  Sickness;                   Draw Me Close;         Dream Your Way To
  Disturbed                     Smith, Michael W.      Me; Lawson,
Down With The                 Draw Me Close;           Shannon
  Sickness;                     Praise & Worship     Dreamer; Osbourne,
  Disturbed                   Draw Me Close;           Ozzy
Down Wvocals;                   Smith, Michael W.    Dreamgirl; Matthews,
  Sean, Jay & Lil             Dreadlock Holiday;       Dave
  Wayne                         10CC                 Dreamin'; Rambler
Downfall; Matchbox            Dream; He Loves        Dreaming; Williams,
  Twenty                        You Not                Venessa
Downfall; Trust               Dream A Little         Dreaming Love; Kate
  Company                       Dream Of Me;           & Kacey
Downfall; Trust                 Cass, Mama           Dreaming Of You;
  Company                     Dream A Little           Selena
Downtime; Messina,              Dream Of Me;         Dreaming Of You;
  Jo Dee                        Elliott, Cass          Selena
Downtime; Messina,            Dream A Little         Dreaming With A
  Jo Dee                        Dream Of Me;           Broken Heart;
Downtime; Messina,              Mamas, The & The       Mayer, John
  Jo Dee                        Papas                Dreaming With My
Downtime; Messina,            Dream Away;              Eyes Open;
  Jo Dee                        Babyface & Lisa        Walker, Clay
Downtown; Clark,                Stansfield           Dreaming With My
  Petula                      Dream Baby;              Eyes Open;
Downtown; Clark,                Orbison, Roy           Walker, Clay
  Petula                      Dream Baby; Roy        Dreaming With My
Downtown Train;                 Orbison                Eyes Open;
  Stewart, Rod                Dream Big; Shupe,        Walker, Clay
Downtown Train;                 Ryan & The           Dreamlover; Carey,
  Stewart, Rod                  Rubberband             Mariah
DR Hook; Sylvia's             Dream High; Stone,     Dreams; Fleetwood
  Mother                        Doug                   Mac
Dr Hook; When                 Dream Lover; Carey,    Dreams; Fleetwood
  You're In Love With           Mariah                 Mac
  A Beautiful Woman           Dream Lover; Carey,    Dreams; Fleetwood
Dr Hook; Little Bit             Mariah                 Mac
  More, A                     Dream Lover; Darin,    Dreams; Cranberries,
dr, zhivago;                    Bobby                  The
  somewhere my                Dream On; Sweet,       Dreams; Chesney,
  love                          Kelly                  Kenny


Dreams; Molly                 Drinkin' Bone; Byrd,   Drive Me Wild;
  Hatchet                       Tracy                  Brown, Sawyer
Dreams; DeGarmo,              Drinkin' Bone; Tracy   Drive My Car;
  Diana                         Byrd                   Beatles, The
Dreams; Fleetwood             Drinkin' Bone; Byrd,   Drive-In Saturday;
  Mac                           Tracy                  Bowie, David
Dreams; Gabrielle             Drinkin' Bone; Byrd,   Drives Me Crazy;
Dreams; Hatchet,                Tracy                  Parton, Dolly
  Molly                       Drinkin'               Drivin' Into The Sun;
Dreams; Cranberries,            Champagne;             Austin, Sherrie
  The                           Strait, George       Drivin' My Life
Dreams; Fleetwood             Drinkin' In My           Away; Rabbitt,
  Mac                           Sunday Dress;          Eddie
Dreams; Ashanti                 Haynes, Susan        Drivin' My Life
Dreams Of The                 Drinkin' My Baby         Away; Eddie
  Every Day                     (Off My Mind);         Rabbitt
  Housewife;                    Rabbitt, Eddie       Drivin' My Life
  Campbell, Glen              Drinking From A          Away; Rabbitt,
Dress You Up;                   Saucer; Combs,         Eddie
  Madonna                       Michael              Drivin' My Life
Dress You Up;                 Drinking From My         Away; Rabbitt,
  Madonna                       Saucer; Combs,         Eddie
Drift And Die; Puddle           Michael              Drivin' My Life
  Of Mudd                     Drinking Me Lonely;      Away; Rabbitt,
Drift And Die; Puddle           Young, Chris           Eddie
  Of Mudd                     Drive; Cars, The       Drivin' Nails In My
Drift Away; Uncle             Drive; Incubus           Coffin; Tubb,
  Kracker                     Drive; Incubus           Ernest
Drift Away; Gray,             Drive; Incubus         Driving Crying
  Dobie                       Drive; Incubus           Missing You;
Drift Away; Uncle             Drive; Incubus           Oslin, K.T.
  Kracker                     Drive; Incubus         Drop It Like It's Hot;
Drift Away; Gray,             Drive; Cars, The         Snoop Dogg &
  Dobie                       Drive; Cars, The         Pharrell
Drift Away; Gray,             Drive; Cars, The       Drop It Like It's Hot;
  Dobie                       Drive; Incubus           Snoop Dogg feat.
The Drifters; On              Drive; R.E.M             Pharrell
  Broadway                    Drive; Cars, The       Drops Of Jupiter;
The Drifters; Spanish         Drive (For Daddy         Train
  Harlem                        Gene); Jackson,      Drops Of Jupiter;
The Drifters; This              Alan & George          Train
  Magic Moment                  Jones                Drops Of Jupiter;
The Drifters; Up On           Drive (For Daddy         Train
  The Roof                      Gene); Jackson,      Drops Of Jupiter;
The Drifters; Under             Alan                   Train
  The Boardwalk               Drive (For Daddy       Drops Of Jupiter;
The Drifters; Save              Gene); Jackson,        Train
  The Last Dance                Alan                 Drops Of Jupiter
  For Me                      Drive (For Daddy         (Tell Me); Train
The Drifters; There             Gene); Jackson,      Drops Of Jupiter
  Goes My Baby                  Alan                   (Tell Me); Train
Drink, Swear, Steal           Drive (For Daddy         w/vocal
  And Lie; Peterson,            Gene); Jackson,      Drops Of Jupiter
  Michael                       Alan                   (Tell Me); Train
Drinkin' & Dreamin';          Drive Me Crazy;        Drops Of Jupiter
  Jennings, Waylon              Lyttle, Kevin          (Tell Me); Train


Drops Of Jupiter            Dumas Walker;             Early In The
  (Tell Me); Train             Kentucky                 Morning; Gap
Drown In My Own                Headhunters, The         Band, The
  Tears; Charles,           Dumas Walker;             Early Morning Rain;
  Ray                          Kentucky                 Elvis Presley
Drown In My Own                Headhunters, The       Early Winter; Stefani,
  Tears; Charles,           Dumas Walker;               Gwen
  Ray                          Kentucky               The Earrings Song;
Drowning;                      Headhunters, The         Wilson, Gretchen
  Backstreet Boys           Dumb Girls;               Earth Angel Will You
Drowning In The                Woodward, Lucy           Be Mine;
  Sea Of Love; Joe          Dumb Girls;                 Penguins, The
  Simon                        Woodward, Lucy         Earth Song; Jackson,
Drowning In The             Duran Duran;                Michael
  Sea Of Love;                 Chauffer, The          Earth, Wind & Fire;
  Cassidy, Eva              Dust In The Wind;           Let's Groove
The Drugs Don't                Kansas                 Ease My Troubled
  Work; Verve, The          Dust In The Wind;           Mind; Ricochet
Drugs For Jesus;               Kansas                 Easier Said Than
  Mcgraw, Tim               Dust In The Wind;           Done; Essex, The
Drumming Song;                 Kansas                 East Bound And
  Florence & The            Dust In The Wind;           Down; Road
  Machine                      Kansas                   Hammers, The
Drunken Lullabies;          Dust In The Wind;         East Bound And
  Flogging Molly               Kansas                   Down; Reed, Jerry
Drunker Than Me;            Dust In The Wind;         Eastbound And
  Tomlinson, Trent             Kansas                   Down; Reed, Jerry
Dry Bones; Gospel           Dust On The Bottle;       Easy; Barenaked
Dry Bones; Standard            Murphy, David Lee        Ladies
Dry Bones; Various          Dusty Springfield;        Easy; Richie, Lionel
  Artists                      Son Of A Preacher      Easy; Commodores,
Dry Bones;                     Man                      The
  Cathedrals, The           Dyer Maker; Led           Easy; Commodores,
Du Hast (English               Zeppelin                 The
  Version);                 Dyer Maker; Led           Easy Come, Easy
  Rammstein                    Zeppelin                 Go; Strait, George
Duality; Slipknot           Dy'er Ma'ker; Led         Easy For Me To Say;
Ducas, George;                 Zeppelin                 Black, Clint & Lisa
  Teardrops                 E. Bow The Letter;          Hartman
Dudley, Dave; Truck            REM                    Easy Livin'; Uriah
  Drivin' Man               E.I.; Nelly                 Heep
Duff, Hilary; Come          EACH DAY GETS             Easy Livin' Solitude;
  Clean                        BETTER; JOHN             Holiday, Billie
Duffy; Stepping                LEGEND                 Easy Lover; Collins,
  Stone                     Eagle When She              Phil
Duffy; Rain On Your            Flies; Parton, Dolly   Easy Loving; Hart,
  Parade                    Eamon; Fuck It (I           Freddie
Duke Of Earl;                  Don't Want You         Easy Money; Electric
  Chandler, Gene               Back) (Clean             Light Orchestra,
Duke Of Earl;                  Version)                 The
  Chandler, Gene            Early In The              Easy Street; Annie
DUKES OF                       Morning; Holly,        Easy To Be Hard;
  HAZZARD (TV) -               Buddy                    Three Dog Night
  GOOD OL'BOYS;             Early In The              Easy Tonight; Five
  Television Theme             Morning; Holly,          For Fighting
  Songs                        Buddy


Eat It; Weird Al               Eh Eh (Nothing Else     Elton John; Your
  Yankovic                        I Can Say); Lady       Song
Eat The Rich;                     Gaga                 Elton John; Don't Go
  Aerosmith                    Eight Days A Week;        Breaking My Heart
Eat, Drink And Be                 Beatles, The         Elusive Butterfly;
  Merry (For                   Eight Easy Steps;         Bob Lind
  Tomorrow;                       Morissette, Alanis   Elvira; Oak Ridge
  Wagoner, Porter              Eight Second Ride;        Boys, The
Ebb Tide; Righteous               Owen, Jake           Elvira; Oak Ridge
  Brothers, The                Eighteen; Cooper,         Boys, The
Ebony & Ivory;                    Alice                Elvira; Oak Ridge
  McCartney, Paul &            Eighteen Wheels           Boys, The
  Stevie Wonder                   And A Dozen          Elvis; One Night
Ebony And Ivory;                  Roses; Mattea,       Elvis; I Need Your
  Mccartney, Paul                 Kathy                  Love Tonight
Ebony Eyes; Welch,             Eighteen Wheels         Embraceable You;
  Bob                             And A Dozen            Sinatra, Frank
Ebony Eyes; Everly                Roses; Mattea,       Embraceable You;
  Brothers, The                   Kathy                  Sinatra, Frank
Echo; Trapt                    El Condo Pasa;          Emie K. Doe; Mother
Echoes Of Love;                   Simon & Garfunkel      In Law
  Elvis Presley                El Mondo;               Emmanuel;
Eclipse; Pink Floyd               Humperdinck,           Christmas-Grant,
ed arnes; my cup                  Engelbert              Amy
  runneth over                 El Paso; Robbins,       Emotion; Sang,
Eddy Arnold; I Want               Marty                  Samantha
  To Go With You               El Rey; Spanish-        Emotion; Destiny's
Eddy Grant; Electric              Mendez, Kinito         Child
  Avenue                       Eleanor; Low Millions   Emotion; Destiny's
Edelweis; Sound Of             Eleanor Rigby;            Child
  Music, The                      Beatles, The         Emotional;
The Edge Of                    Electric Avenue;          DeGarmo, Diana
  Heaven; Wham                    Grant, Eddie         Emotional; Thomas,
The Edge Of                    Electric Avenue;          Carl
  Heaven; Michael,                Grant, Eddie         Emotional Girl;
  George                       Electric Boogie           Clark, Terri
Edge Of Reality;                  (Electric Slide);    Emotional Rescue;
  Elvis Presley                   Griffiths, Marcia      Rolling Stones, The
Edge Of Seventeen;             Electric Slide;         Emotional Rescue;
  Nicks, Stevie                   Griffiths, Marcia      Rolling Stones, The
Edison Lighthouse;             Electric Slide;         Emotional
  Love Grows Where                Griffith, Marcia       Rollercoaster;
  My Rosemary                  Electrical Storm; U2      Green, Vivian
  Goes                         Elevation; U2           Emotions; Carey,
Edwards, Jonathan;             Eli's Comin'; Three       Mariah
  Sunshine                        Dog Night            Emotions; Carey,
Edwards, Tommy;                Elizabeth; Gilman,        Mariah
  It's All In The Game            Billy                Emotions; Lee,
Edwards, Tommy;                Elton John; Your          Brenda
  It's All In The Game            Song                 Empire Of The Sun;
Eensie Weensie                 Elton John; Saturday      We Are The People
  Spider; Various                 Nights Alright For   Empire State Of
  Artists                         Fighting               Mind; Jay-Z &
Eensie Weensie                 Elton John; Don't Let     Alicia Keys
  Spider; Children's              The Sun Go Down


Empire State Of              Enemy; Days Of The     Especially For You;
  Mind (Pt 2); Keys,           New                    Minogue, Kylie
  Alicia                     Enemy; Days Of The     estefan, gloria;
Emptiest Arms In               New                    heaven is what i
  The World;                 The Enemy; No Time       feel
  Haggard, Merle               For Tears            Eternal Flame;
Empty; Clark, Terri          Energy; Natalie          Bangles, The
Empty Garden (Hey            Engel; Rammstein       Eternal Flame;
  Hey Johnny);               Engine, Engine #9;       Atomic Kitten
  John, Elton                  Miller, Roger        Eternal Flame;
Empty Track; Empty           England, Ty;             Bangles, The
  Track                        Should've Asked      Eternity; Williams,
Encourage Yourself;            Her Faster             Robbie
  Tri-City Singers,          Englebert              Etheridge, Melissa;
  The                          Humperdinck;           I'm The Only One
End Is The                     Release Me           Etheridge, Melissa;
  Beginning Of The           Enjoy The Silence;       All American Girl
  End; Smashing                Depeche Mode         Ethridge, Melissa;
  Pumpkins                   Enough; BarlowGirl       Angels Would Fall
End Of The                   Enough Of Me;          Europe; Final
  Innocence;                   Etheridge, Melissa     Countdown, The
  Henley, Don                  w/vocal              Eurythmics; Sweet
End Of The Road;             Enough Of Me;            Dreams
  Boyz II Men                  Gareth, Gates        Eurythmics; Here
End Of The Road;             Enough Of Me;            Comes The Rain
  Boyz Ii Men                  Etheridge, Melissa     Again
End Of The Road;             Enrique Eglasius;      Evacuate The Dance
  Boyz II Men                  Hero                   Floor; Cascada
End Of The Road;             Enter Sandman;         Evanescence;
  Boyz Ii Men                  Metallica              Breathe No More
End Of The World;            Enternellemant;        Evans, Sara; Suds In
  Carpenters                   Tragedie               The Bucket
The End Of The               The Entertainer;       Eve Of Destruction;
  World; Davis,                Joel, Billy            McGuire, Barry
  Skeeter                    Epic; Faith No More    Eve Of Destruction;
The End Of The               Epiphany; Staind         McGuire, Barry
  World; Davis,              Erasure; Sometimes     Even Angels Fall;
  Skeeter                    Erasure; Oh L'amour      Riddle, Jessica
End Theme; Elvis             Erasure Medley;        Even God Must Get
  Presley                      Erasure                The Blues;
The End; Doors, The          ESCAPADE; JANET          Messina, Jo Dee
The End; Doors, The            JACKSON              Even Now; Barry
Endless Love;                Escapade; Jackson,       Manilow
  Carey, Mariah &              Janet                Even Now; Manilow,
  Luther Vandross            Escape; Iglesias,        Barry
Endless Love;                  Enrique              Even Now; Manilow,
  Carey, Mariah              Escape (Pina Colada      Barry
Endless Love;                  Song); Rupert        Even The Nights Are
  Richie, Lionel               Holmes                 Better; Air Supply
Endless Love; Ross,          Escape (The Pina       Even The Valley;
  Diana & Lionel               Colada Song);          McKameys, The
  Richie                       Holmes, Rupert       Even Then;
Endless Sleep; Jody          Esmerelda, Santa;        Montgomery, John
  Reynolds                     Don't Let Me Be        Michael
Ends; Everlast                 Misunderstood        Ever Ever After;
                                                      Underwood, Carrie


Ever The Same;                Every Breath You      Every Other
  Thomas, Rob                   Take; Police, The     Weekend; Reba
Ever The Same;                Every Day; Rascal       McEntire and Skip
  Thomas, Rob                   Flatts                Ewing
Everbody's Talkin';           Every Dog Has Its     Every River; Brooks
  Nilsson, Harry                Day; Keith, Toby      & Dunn
Evergreen;                    Every Fool Has A      Every Road Leads
  Streisand, Barbra             Rainbow;              Back To You;
Evergreen; Young,               Haggard, Merle        Midler, Bette
  Will                        Every Friday          Every Rose Has It's
The Everlasting                 Afternoon;            Thorn; Poison
  Gaze; Smashing                Morgan, Craig       Every Rose Has It's
  Pumpkins                    Every Kinda People;     Thorn; Poison
Everlasting Love;               Palmer, Robert      Every Second; Raye,
  Estefan, Gloria             Every Light In The      Collin
Everlasting Love;               House; Adkins,      Every Single Thing;
  Jones, Howard                 Trace                 Poison
Everlong; Foo                 Every Little Thing;   Every Single Thing;
  Fighters                      Carter, Carlene       Jenkins, Jody
Everlong; Foo                 Every Little          Every Story Is A
  Fighters, The                 Whisper; Wariner,     Love Story; Aida
Everly Brothers; Bye            Steve               Every Time; Tillis,
  Bye Love                    Every Little Word;      Pam
The Everly Brothers;            Ketchum, Hal        Every Time I Close
  Let It Be Me                Every Man For           My Eyes;
The Everly Brothers;            Himself; Mccoy,       Backstreet Boys,
  Wake Up Little                Neal                  The
  Susie                       Every Mile A          Every Time I Close
The Everly Brothers;            Memory; Bentley,      My Eyes; Babyface
  Walk Right Back               Dierks              Every Time I Fall;
The Everly Brothers;          Every Morning;          Velasquez, Jaci
  Till I Kissed You             Sugar Ray           Every Time I Get
The Everly Brothers;          Every Morning;          Around You;
  All I Have To Do Is           Sugar Ray w/vocal     Murphy, David Lee
  Dream                       Every Morning;        Every Time I Hear
The Everly Brothers;            Sugar Ray             Your Name;
  Cathy's Clown               Every Morning;          Anderson, Keith
The Everly Brothers;            Sugar Ray           Every Time I Think
  Bird Dog                    Every Move I Make;      Of You; Babys,
The Everly Brothers;            Gospel                The
  Crying In The Rain          Every Now And         Every Time I Turn
The Everly Brothers;            Then; Brooks,         Around; LTD
  Bye Bye Love                  Garth               Every Time I Turn
The Everly Brothers;          Every Other             Around, Back In
  When Will I Be                Memory; Trick         Love Again; LTD
  Loved                         Pony                Every Time My Heart
Every Beat Of My              Every Other Time;       Calls Your Name;
  Heart; Knight,                Matchbox 20           Berry, John
  Gladys                      Every Other Time;     Every Time Two
Every Breath I Take;            Lfo                   Fools Collide;
  Pitney, Gene                Every Other             Rogers, Kenny &
Every Breath You                Weekend;              Dottie West
  Take; Police, The             McEntire, Reba      Every Time You Go
Every Breath You                                      Away; Young, Paul
  Take; Police, The


Every Which Way              Everybody Plays        Everyday I Have The
  But Loose;                   The Fool; Aaron        Blues; B.B. King
  Rabbitt, Eddie               Neville              Everyday Is A
Every Woman In The           Everybody Wants          Winding Road;
  World; Air Supply            To Rule The            Crow, Sheryl
Everybody;                     World; Tears For     Everyday Is A
  Backstreet Boys,             Fears                  Winding Road;
  The                        Everybody Wants          Crow, Sheryl
Everybody; Urban,              To Rule The          Everyday Love;
  Keith                        World; Tears For       Rascal Flatts
Everybody; Keith               Fears                Everyday Love;
  Urban                      Everybody Wants          Rascal Flatts
Everybody;                     You; Kelley, Josh    Everyday People;
  Backstreet Boys,           Everybody's              Sly & The Family
  The                          Changing; Keane        Stone
Everybody Cries;             Everybody's Fool;      Everyday People;
  Liberty X                    Evanescence            Sly & The Family
Everybody Doesn't;           Everybody's Gonna        Stone
  Amanda w/vocal               Be Happy; Kinks,     Everyone's A
Everybody Doesn't;             The                    Winner; Hot
  Amanda                     Everybody's Got A        Chocolate
Everybody Have                 Story; Marshall,     Everything; Buble,
  Fun Tonight;                 Amanda                 Michael
  Wang Chung                 Everybody's Gotta      Everything; Buble,
Everybody Have                 Grow Up                Michael
  Fun Tonight;                 Sometime; Sons       Everything; Stereo
  Chung, Wang                  Of The Desert          Fuse
Everybody Hurts;             Everybody's            Everything; Dobson,
  Helping Haiti                Somebody's Fool;       Fefe
Everybody Hurts;               Francis, Connie      Everything; Michael
  REM                        Everybody's Talkin';     Buble
Everybody Hurts;               Nilsson, Harry       Everything;
  R.E.M.                     Everybody's Talkin';     Morissette, Alanis
Everybody Knows;               Nilsson, Harry       Everything About
  Yearwood, Trisha           Everyday; Dave           You; Ugly Kid Joe
Everybody Knows                Matthews Band,       Everything About
  We're Through;               The                    You; Ugly Kid Joe
  Humperdinck,               Everyday; Bon Jovi     Everything Back But
  Engelbert                  Everyday; Dave           You; Lavigne, Avril
Everybody Loves                Matthews Band,       Everything Burns;
  Somebody; Martin,            The                    Moody, Ben &
  Dean                       Everyday; Holly,         Anastacia
Everybody Loves                Buddy                Everything Burns -
  Somebody; Martin,          Everyday; Collins,       Ben Moody W;
  Dean                         Phil                   Anastacia
Everybody Needs              Everyday; Holly,       Everything
  Somebody; Blues              Buddy                  Changes; Little Big
  Brothers, The              Everyday; Buddy          Town
Everybody Needs                Holly                Everything
  Somebody1;                 Everyday; Dave           Changes; Little Big
  Pickett, Wilson              Matthews Band,         Town
Everybody Plays                The                  Everything
  The Fool; Neville,         Everyday America;        Changes; Staind
  Aaron                        Sugarland            Everything
                             Everyday Angel;          Changes; Little Big
                               Foster, Radney         Town


Everything Happens            Everything You          Everywhere; Branch,
  To Me; Standards              Need; Madison           Michelle
Everything Happens              Avenue                Everywhere; Branch,
  To Me; Holiday,             Everything You            Michelle
  Billie                        Want; Vertical        Everywhere;
Everything I Do;                Horizon                 McGraw, Tim
  Gates, Gareth               Everything You          Everywhere; Branch,
Everything I Do, I Do           Want; Vertical          Michelle
  It For You; Adams,            Horizon               Everywhere;
  Bryan                       Everything You            McGraw, Tim
Everything I Love;              Want; Vertical        Everywhere;
  Jackson, Alan                 Horizon                 Fleetwood Mac
Everything I Own;             Everything You          Everywhere; Branch,
  Tippin, Aaron                 Want; Vertical          Michelle
Everything I Own;               Horizon               Everywhere; Branch,
  Boy George                  Everything You            Michelle
Everything I Own;               Want; Vertical        Everywhere I Go;
  Bread                         Horizon                 Vassar, Phil
Everything I Own;             Everything You          Everywhere I Go;
  Bread                         Want; Vertical          Vassar, Phil
Everything Is                   Horizon               Everywhere I Go;
  Beautiful; Stevens,         Everything You            Mullins, Shawn
  Ray                           Want; Vertical        Evil; Howlin Wolf
Everything Is                   Horizon               Evil Man's Blues;
  Everything; Hill,           Everything You            Joe Williams
  Lauryn                        Want; Vertical        Evil On Your Mind;
Everything Is                   Horizon                 Jan Howard
  Everything; Hill,           Everything Your         Evil Ways; Santana
  Lauryn                        Heart Desires; Hall   Evil Ways; Santana,
Everything She                  & Oates                 Carlos
  Wants; Wham                 Everything's            Evil Woman; Electric
Everything She                  Changed; Lonestar       Light Orchestra,
  Wants; Michael,             Everything's              The
  George                        Changed; Lonestar     Ewen, Jade; It's My
Everything That               everything's coming       Time
  Glitters (Is Not              up roses; gypsy       Ex Factor; Hill,
  Gold); Seals, Dan           Everything's              Lauryn
Everything That                 Coming Up             Ex Factor; Hill,
  Glitters (Is Not              Roses; Merman,          Lauryn w/vocal
  Gold); Seals, Dan             Ethel                 Ex Factor; Hill,
Everything That You           Everytime; Spears,        Lauryn
  Want; Mcentire,               Britney               Ex Factor; Hill,
  Reba                        Everytime I Cry;          Lauryn
Everything There Is             Clark, Terri          The Ex Files;
  To Know About               Everytime I Cry;          Bellamy Brothers
  You; Wills, Mark              Clark, Terri          Except For Monday;
Everything To Me;             Everytime I Cry;          Morgan, Lorrie
  Hogan, Brooke                 Clark, Terri          Except For Monday;
Everything To Me;             Everytime I Think         Morgan, Lorrie
  Phair, Liz                    About Her; Jaheim     Except For Monday;
Everything To Me;               & Jadakiss              Morgan, Lorrie
  Monica                      Everytime We            Except For Monday;
Everything To Me;               Touch; Cascada          Morgan, Lorrie
  Monica Wvocal               Everywhere; Branch,     Excuse Me Miss; Jay
Everything You Are;             Michelle                Z
  Praise & Worship


Excuses; Children's           F Word, The (Live       Faith In Me, Faith In
  Songs                          TV Version);           You; Stone, Doug
EX-GIRLFRIEND; NO                Williams, Jr. Hank   Faith In You;
  DOUGHT                         & Kid Rock             Wariner, Steve
Exhale; Houston,              F*** It (I Dont Want    Faith, Adam; What
  Whitney                        You Back) (Radio       Do You Want
Exhale (Shoop                    Version); Eamon      Faith, Paloma; New
  Shoop); Houston,            Fa Fa (Never Be The       York
  Whitney                        Same Again);         Faithfully; Berry,
Exhale (Shoop                    Guster                 John
  Shoop); Houston,            fabares, shelly;        Faithfully; Journey
  Whitney                        johnny angel         Faithfully; Cetera,
Exhale Shoop                  fabian; tiger             Peter
  Shoop; Houston,             fabian; turn me loose   Faithless Love;
  Whitney                     Fabulous; Jaheim &        Campbell, Glen
Exodus; Marley, Bob              Tha Rayne            Fake It; Seether
  & The Wailers               Fabulous; High          Fall; Clay Walker
Express Yourself;                School Musical 2     Fall Into Me;
  Wright, Charles             Fabulous                  Emerson Drive
Expressway To Your               Thunderbirds; Tuff   Fall To Pieces;
  Heart; Soul                    Enuff                  Velvet Revolver
  Survivors, The              Face Down; Red          Fall To Pieces;
Expressway To Your               Jumpsuit               Lavigne, Avril
  Heart; Blues                   Apparatus, The       Fall To Pieces;
  Brothers, The               Face To Face;             Velvet Revolver
Extra; Extra                     Alabama              Fallen; Mya
Extra; SuperCore              Fade; Staind            Fallen; McLachlan,
  Disk 108                    Fade; Staind              Sarah
Extra Ordinary;               Fade To Black;          Fallen; Sarah
  Better Than Ezra               Metallica              McLachlin
Extraordinary;                Faded; Soul Decision    Fallin'; Keys, Alicia
  Moore, Mandy                faded love; elvis       Fallin'; Keys, Alicia
Extraordinary; Phair,            presley              Fallin'; Keys, Alicia
  Liz                         Faded Love; Wills,      Fallin' Again; Hank
Extraordinary                    Bob                    Williams Jr
  Machine; Apple,             Faded Love; Cline,      Fallin' Again;
  Fiona                          Patsy                  Alabama
Extreme Ways; Moby            Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad     Fallin' For You;
Eye In The Sky; Alan             Song); Redding,        Caillat, Colbie
  Parsons Project,               Otis                 Fallin' Never Felt So
  The                         Fair, Yvonne; It          Good; Chesnutt,
Eye Of The Tiger;                Should Have Been       Mark
  Survivor                       Me                   Fallin'; Alicia Keys
Eye Of The Tiger;             Fairground; Simply      Falling; Keys, Alicia
  Survivor                       Red                  Falling Away From
The Eyes Of A New             Fairly Odd Parents        Me; Korn
  York Woman;                    (Tv Theme); Fairly   Falling Down;
  Thomas, BJ                     Odd Parents            Lavigne, Avril
Eyes Without A                Fairytales; Elvis       Falling Down; Duran
  Face; Idol, Billy              Presley                Duran
Eyes Without A                Faith; Limp Bizkit      Falling Down;
  Face; Idol, Bill            Faith; Michael,           Gomez, Selena &
F Her Gently;                    George                 The Scene
  Tenacious D                 faith hill & tim        Falling Down; Oasis
                                 mcgraw; let's
                                 make love


Falling For The First         Famous In A Small      Fashion; Lady Gaga
  Time; Barenaked               Town; Miranda        Fast As You;
  Ladies                        Lambert                Yoakum, Dwight
Falling In Love;              Famous Last Words;     Fast As You Can;
  Hamilton, Joe                 My Chemical            Apple, Fiona
  Frank & Reynolds              Romance              Fast Car; Chapman,
Falling In Love (Is           Famous Last Words;       Tracy
  Hard On The                   My Chemical          Fast Car; Chapman,
  Knees); Aerosmith             Romance                Tracy
Falling In Love (Uh           Fanatic; Felony        Fast Car; Chapman,
  Oh); Estefan,               Fancy; Mcentire,         Tracy
  Gloria                        Reba                 Fast Cars And
Falling In Love               Fancy; McEntire,         Freedom; Rascal
  Again; Eagle Eye              Reba                   Flatts, The
  Cherry                      Fantasy; Aldo Nova     Fat; Yankovic, Weird
Falling In Love At A          Fantasy; Black Box       Al
  Coffee Shop; Pigg,          Fantasy; Carey,        Fat Bottom Girls;
  Landon                        Mariah                 Queen
Falling Into You;             Fantasy; Earth, Wind   Fat Bottomed Girls;
  Whiskey Falls                 & Fire                 Queen Latifah
Falling Slowly;               Far Away; Nickelback   Fat Lip; Sum 41
  Hansard, Glen &             Far Away; Nickelback   Fat Lip; Sum 41
  Marketa Irglova             Far Behind;            Father & Son;
Falling Slowly; Glen            Candlebox              Stevens, Cat
  & Mar                       Far Behind;            Father & Son;
Falls Apart; Sugar              Candlebox              Boyzone
  Ray                         Far Behind;            Father Abraham;
Falls On Me; Fuel               Candlebox              Children's Songs
Fame; Bowie, David            Far From Over;         Father And
Fame; Bowie, David              Edwin Mccain           Daughter; Simon,
Fame; Cara, Irene             Faraway Voices;          Paul
Fame; Cara, Irene               Melus, Katie         Father And Son;
Fame Or Fortune;              Farewell Is A Lonely     Stevens, Cat
  Elvis Presley                 Sound; Ruffin,       Father And Son;
The Fame; Lady                  Jimmy                  Stevens, Cat
  Gaga                        Farewell Party;        Father And Son;
Family Affair; Ranks,           Watson, Gene           Cash, Johnny &
  Shabba                      Farewell To The          Fiona Apple
Family Affair; Sly &            Fairground; White    Father Figure;
  The Family Stone              Lies                   Michael, George
Family Affair; Ranks,         The Farmer In The      Father Figure;
  Shabba                        Dell; Children's       Michael, George
Family Affair; Blige,           Songs                Father To Son;
  Mary J.                     The Farmer In The        Collins, Phil
Family Man; Hall &              Dell; Various        Fathers Eyes; Grant,
  Oates                         Artists                Amy
Family Man; Hall &            The Farmers            Father's House;
  Oates                         Daughter;              Pfiefers, The
Family On Both                  Haggard, Merle       Fatty Girl; Ludacris,
  Sides; Gospel-              Farther Along; Elvis     Ll Cool J & Keith
  Bluegrass                     Presley                Murray
Family Portrait; Pink         Fascination; Morgan,   Favorite State Of
Family Tradition;               Jane                   Mind; Gracin, Josh
  Williams, Jr. Hank          Fascination Street;    Favorite State of
Family Tree; Worley,            Cure                   Mind; Gracin, Josh
  Darryl                      Fashion; Lady Ga Ga    Fear; Disturbed


The Fear Of Being           Feelin' The Same         Ferdinand, Franz;
  Alone; McEntire,            Way; Jones, Norah         Ulysses
  Reba                      Feelin' Way Too          Fergalicious; Fergie
Fearless Love;                Damn Good;             Fernando; ABBA
  Melissa Etheridge           Nickelback             Ferry Cross The
February Song;              Feeling Alright;            Mersey; Gerry &
  Groban, Josh                Cocker, Joe               The Pacemakers
Feed My                     Feeling Good;            Fever; Elvis Presley
  Frankenstein;               Anderson,              Fever; Lee, Peggy
  Cooper, Alice               Ernestine              A Few Old
Feel; Williams,             Feeling This; Blink         Memories; Parton,
  Robbie                      182                       Dolly
Feel Alive; Upo             Feelings; Albert,        A Few Questions;
Feel Good Time;               Morris                    Walker, Clay
  Pink                      Feels Good (don't        A Few Short Years;
Feel It Boy; Beenie           Worry Bout A              Herndon, Ty
  Man & Janet                 Thing); Naughty        Fiction (Dreams In
  Jackson                     By Nature & 3LW           Digital); Orgy
Feel Like Fallin';          Feels Just Like A        Fiddler On The
  Ricochet                    Love Song; Evans,         Roof; Sunrise
Feel Like Fooling             Sara                      Sunset
  Around; Exile             Feels Just Like It       Fidelity; Spektor,
Feel Like Makin'              Should; Green,            Regina
  Love; Kid Rock              Pat                    Fidelity; Regina
Feel Like Makin'            Feels Like Fire;            Spektor
  Love; Flack,                Santana & Dido         Field, Frank;
  Roberta                   Feels Like Love; Gill,      Wayward Wind
Feel Like Makin'              Vince                  Fields Of Gold; Sting
  Love; Flack,              Feels Like Love; Gill,   Fiesta; Pogues, The
  Roberta                     Vince                  Fiesta; Kelly, R., Boo
Feel Like Makin'            Feels Like The First        & Gotti
  Love; Bad                   Time; Foreigner        Fifteen; Swift, Taylor
  Company                   Feels Like This; Gill,   Fifty Ways To Leave
Feel Like Makin'              Vince                     Your Lover; Simon
  Love; Kid Rock            Feels Like Today;           & Garfunkel
Feel Like Making              Rascal Flatts          Fight For Your Right
  Love; Gerblansky,         Feels Like Today;           To Party; Beastie
  Ned (South Park)            Rascal Flatts             Boys
Feel My Way To              Feels Like Today;        Fight Like A Girl;
  You; Restless               Rascal Flatts             Bomshel
  Heart                     Feels Like Tonight;      Fight The Power;
Feelin' Alright;              Daughtry                  Public Enemy
  Cocker, Joe               Feels So Numb;           Fighter; Aguilera,
Feelin' On Your               Zombie, Rob               Christina
  Booty; Kelly, R.          Feels So Right;          Fightin' For; Cross
Feelin' So Good;              Eagle Eye Cherry          Canadian
  Lopez, Jennifer           Feels So Right;             Ragweed
Feelin' So Good;              Alabama                The Fightin' Side Of
  Lopez, Jennifer           Feliz Navidad;              Me; Haggard,
Feelin' Stronger              Christmas-                Merle
  Every Day;                  Feliciano, Jose        Figured You Out;
  Chicago                   Fell In Love With A         Nickelback
Feelin' Stronger              Girl; White Stripes    Fill Me In; David,
  Every Day;                Fell In Love With An        Craig
  Chicago                     Alien; Kelly Family,   Fill Me In; David,
                              The                       Craig


filler; Supercore              Fire And Rain;           The First Noel;
Final Chapter; Gore,              Edmonds, Kenny           Christmas
    Tony & Majesty                Babyface              The First Step; Byrd,
The Final Cut; Pink            Fire And Rain;              Tracy
    Floyd                         Taylor, James         First Straw; 311
Finally; Fergie                Fire Burning The         First Time; Lifehouse
Finally; Fergie                   Dancefloor;           First Time; Lifehouse
Finally; Peniston,                Kingston, Sean        First time ever I saw
    CeCe                       Fire Down Below;            your face; Elvis
Find My Way Back                  Seger, Bob               Presley
    To My Heart;               The Fire Down            First Time Ever I
    Krauss, Alison &              Below; Seger, Bob        Saw Your Face;
    Union Station                 & The Silver Bullet      Flack, Roberta
Find Out What's                   Band                  The First Time Ever I
    Happenin'; Elvis           A Fire I Can't Put          Saw Your Face;
    Presley                       Out; Strait, George      Houston, Thelma
Find Out Who Your              A Fire I Can't Put       The First Time Ever I
    Friends Are;                  Out; Strait, George      Saw Your Face;
    Lawrence, Tracy            Fire In The Night;          Flack, Roberta
Find You Waiting;                 Alabama               The First Time I Ever
    DecembeRadio               Fire Lake; Seger,           Saw Your Face;
Find Your Wings;                  Bob                      Dion, Celine
    Harris, Mark               Firecracker; Turner,     First To Hold The
Findin' A Good Man;               Josh                     Lamb; Christmas-
    Peck, Danielle             Firecrackers And            Steeles, The
Findin' a Good Man;               Ferris Wheels;        Fishin' In The Dark;
    Danielle Peck                 Blue Country             Nitty Gritty Dirt
Finding My Way                 Firefall; You Are The       Band, The
    Back Home;                    Woman                 Fist City; Lynn,
    Womack, Lee Ann            Fireflies; Owl City         Loretta
Fine Line;                     FireFly; Bennett,        Fit But You Know It;
    McCartney, Paul               Tony                     Street's, The
The Fine Line;                 The Fireman; Strait,     Fit To Be Tied
    Gentry,                       George                   Down; Kershaw,
    Montgomery                 Firework; Perry, Katy       Sammy
Fine Young                     First; Lohan, Lindsay    Fitzgerald, Ella;
    Cannibals; She             First Cut Is The            Tisket, A-Tasket, A
    Drives Me Crazy               Deepest; Crow,        Fitzgerald, Ella;
The Finer Things;                 Sheryl                   Stairway To The
    Winwood, Steve             First Cut Is The            Stars
Fins; Buffett, Jimmy              Deepest; Papa         Fitzgerald, Ella; I've
Fiona, Melanie;                   Dee                      Got Rhythm
    Monday Morning             The First Cut Is The     Five Feet High And
Fire; The Pointer                 Deepest; Crow,           Rising; Cash,
    Sisters                       Sheryl                   Johnny
Fire; Hendrix, Jimi            First Date; Blink 182    Five For Fighting;
Fire; Pointer Sisters,         First I Look At The         100 Years
    The                           Purse; J. Geils       Five Man Electrical
Fire And Ice;                     Band, The                Band; Signs
    Benatar, Pat               First Noel; Christmas    Five Minutes;
Fire And Ice;                  First Noel; Christmas       Morgan, Lorrie
    Benatar, Pat               The First Noel;          Five Minutes;
Fire And Ice;                     Christmas                Morgan, Lorrie
    Benatar, Pat               The First Noel;          Five Minutes;
                                  Christmas                Morgan, Lorrie


Five Minutes;                 Flavor Of The Weak;     Flip Flop And Fly;
  Morgan, Lorrie                 American Hi Fi          Blues Brothers,
Five O'Clock                  Flavor Of The Week;        The
  Somewhere; Alan                American Hi Fi       Flip Flop Summer;
  Jackson & Jimmy             Flawless; Michael,         Chesney, Kenny
  Buffett                        George               Float On; Modest
Five To One; Doors,           Fleetwood Mac; Go          Mouse
  The                            Your Own Way         Flobots; Handlebars
Fix You; Coldplay             Fleetwood Mac;          Florence & The
The Fixer; Pearl Jam             Don’t Stop              Machine;
Fixing A Hole;                Fleetwood Mac; Little      Drumming Song
  Beatles, The                   Lies                 Florence & The
Flack, Roberta;               Fleetwood Mac; You         Machine; You've
  Killing Me Softly              Make Loving Fun         Got The Love
Flack, Roberta;               Fleetwood Mac;          Flo-Rida; Right
  Closer I Get To                Dreams                  Round
  You, The                    Fleetwood Mac; Say      Flower In The Rain;
Flack, Roberta;                  You Love Me             Velasquez, Jaci
  Where Is The Love           Fleetwood Mac; Sara     Flowers; Paisley,
Flack, Roberta; First         Fleetwood Mac;             Brad
  Time Ever I Saw                Don't Stop           Flowers; Sweet
  Your Face, The(b)           Fleetwood Mac;             Female Attitude
Flack, Roberta; Back             Everywhere           Flowers; Yates, Billy
  Together Again              Fleetwood Mac;          Flowers On The
Flack, Roberta; Feel             Edge Of Seventeen       Wall; Heatherly,
  Like Making Love            Fleetwood Mac;             Eric
Flack, Roberta & M.              Stand Back           Flowers On The
  Priest; Set The             Fleetwood Mac;             Wall; Statler
  Night To Music                 Rhiannon                Brothers, The
Flack, Roberta &              Fleetwood Mac;          Fly; Wilkinsons, The
  Peabo Bryson;                  Gypsy                Fly; Sugar Ray
  Tonight I Celebrate         Fleetwood Mac;          Fly; Duff, Hilary
  My Love                        Seven Wonders        Fly; Duff, Hilary
Flagpole Sitta;               Fleetwood Mac;          Fly; Jars Of Clay
  Danger, Harvey                 Over My Head         Fly; Ray, Sugar
Flake; Johnson, Jack          Fleetwood Mac;          Fly; Joseph, Mark
Flame; Cheap Trick               Silver Springs       Fly; Sugar Ray
The Flame; Cheap              Flesh And Blood;        Fly Away; Denver,
  Trick                          Cash, Johnny            John
The Flame; Cheap              Flesh And Blood;        Fly Away; Kravitz,
  Trick                          Carpenter, Mary         Lenny
Flaming Star; Elvis              Chapin & Sheryl      Fly By Night/In The
  Presley                        Crow                    Mood; Rush
Flash Light;                  Flesh For Fantasy;      Fly Like An Eagle;
  Parliament                     Idol, Bill              Steve Miller Band,
Flashdance; Cara,             Flesh Of My Flesh;         The
  Irene                          Patillo, Leon        Fly Like An Eagle;
Flashdance (What A            Flies On The Butter;       Steve Miller Band,
  Feeling); Cara,                Judd, Wynonna &         The
  Irene                          Naomi                Fly Me To The
Flashdance (What A            The Flintstones; TV        Moon; Frank
  Feeling); Cara,                Theme                   Sinatra
  Irene                       Flip Flop And Fly;      Fly Me To The
Flat On The Floor;               Turner, Joe             Moon; Sinatra,
  Underwood, Carrie                                      Frank


Fly Me To The                Fool Hearted           Footloose; Loggins,
  Moon; Sinatra,               Memory; Strait,        Kenny
  Frank                        George               Footloose; Loggins,
Fly Me To The                Fool I'm A Woman;        Kenny
  Moon; Bennett,               Evans, Sara          Footprints In The
  Tony                       Fool In The Rain;        Sand; Lewis,
Fly On The Wall;               Led Zeppelin           Leona
  Miley Cyrus                The Fool On The        For A Change;
Fly The Angel Song;            Hill; Beatles, The     McCoy, Neal
  Wilkinsons, The            Fool Such As I;        For A Change;
The Fly; U2                    Presley, Elvis         McCoy, Neal
Flying; Beatles, The         A Fool Such As I;      For A Little While;
Flying Without                 Williams, Hank         McGraw, Tim
  Wings; Studdard,           Fool To Cry; Rolling   For A Little While;
  Ruben                        Stones, The            McGraw, Tim
Flying Without               The Fool; Womack,      For All Time; Soluna
  Wings; Westlife              Lee Ann              For All We Know;
A Foggy Day;                 The Fool; Womack,        Carpenters, The
  Bennett, Tony                Lee Ann              For All We Know;
Folk Music; Pinkard          Fooled Around &          Cole, Nat King
  & Bowden                     Fell In Love;        For Crying Out
Follow Me; Uncle               Bishop, Elvin          Loud; Cochran,
  Kracker                    Fooled Around And        Anita
Follow Me; Uncle               Fell In Love;        For Future
  Kracker w/vocal              Stewart, Rod           Generations; 4
Follow Me; Uncle             Fooled Around And        Him
  Karcker                      Fell In Love;        For God So Loved;
Follow Me; Uncle               Stewart, Rod           Free, Brian &
  Kracker                    Fooled Around And        Assurance
Follow Me; Uncle               Fell In Love;        For He's A Jolly
  Karcker                      Bishop, Elvin          Good Fellow;
Follow Me; Uncle             Foolin'; Def Leppard     Children's
  Kracker                    Foolin'; Rodriguez,    For He's A Jolly
Follow That Dream;             Johnny                 Good Fellow;
  Elvis Presley              Foolish; Ashanti         Various Artists
Follow Through;              Foolish Games;         For My Broken
  Degraw, Gavin                Jewel                  Heart; Mcentire,
Follow You Down;             Foolish Games;           Reba
  Gin Blossoms, The            Jewel                For My Broken
Follow You Down;             Foolish Games;           Heart; McEntire,
  Gin Blossoms, The            Jewel                  Reba
Follow You Follow            Foolish Little Girl;   For My Wedding;
  Me; Genesis                  Shirelles, The         Henley, Don
Folsom Prison                Fools Crying,          For Old Time Sake;
  Blues; Cash,                 Waiting, Hoping        Elvis Presley
  Johnny                       Look At Me; Holly,   For Once In My Life;
Folsom Prison                  Buddy                  Wonder, Stevie
  Blues; Cash,               Fools fall in love;    For Once In My Life;
  Johnny                       Elvis Presley          Stevie Wonder
Folsom Prison                Fools Paradise;        For Once In My Life;
  Blues; Cash,                 Holly, Buddy           Wonder, Stevie
  Johnny                     Fools Rush In;         For Once In My Life;
Fool; Elvis Presley            Sinatra, Frank         Sinatra, Frank
Fool For Your                Fools Rush In;         For Sentimental
  Loving;                      Sinatra, Frank         Reasons; Cole,
  Whitesnake                                          Nat King


For The First Time;           For Your Love;           Forever Loving You;
  Loggins, Kenny                 Yardbirds, The          Rich, John
For The First Time;           For Your Love;           Forever Man;
  Loggins, Kenny                 Wonder, Stevie          Clapton, Eric
For The Girl Who              For Your Precious        Forever Together;
  Has Everything; N              Love; Butler, Jerry     Travis, Randy
  Sync                        For Yourself;            Forever Tonight;
For The Good Time;               Mcentire, Reba          Cetera, Peter &
  Price, Ray                  Ford, Emile &              Crystal Bernard
For The Good                     Checkmates;           Forever Works For
  Times; Price, Ray              What Do You Want        Me; Mccoy, Neal
For The Heart Live               To Make Those         Forever Young;
  In Memphis; Elvis              Eyes At For Me          Stewart, Rod
  Presley                     Ford, Tennessee          Forever's As Far As
For The Life Of Me;              Ernie; Sixteen          I'll Go; Alabama
  Whisnant, Susan                Tons                  Forevers As Far As
For The Love Of               'fore She Was              I'll Go; Alabama
  Money; O'Jays,                 Mama; Walker,         Forevever And For
  The                            Clay                    Always; Shania
For The Millionth             Foreigner; I Want To       Twain
  And Last Time;                 Know What Love Is     Forget About It;
  Elvis Presley               Forever; Vertical          Krauss, Alison
For The Movies;                  Horizon               Forget About Us;
  Buckcherry                  Forever; Chris Brown       McGraw, Tim
For The Movies;               Forever; Papa Roach      Forget Domani;
  Buckcherry                  Forever; Loggins,          Sinatra, Frank
For These Times;                 Kenny                 Forget Him; Rydell,
  McBride, Martina            Forever; Smith,            Bobby
For These Times;                 Michael W.            Forget Him; Fury, Bill
  McBride, Martina            Forever; Plus One        Forget me never;
For What It's Worth;          Forever; Kiss              Elvis Presley
  Buffalo Springfield         Forever; Supertramp      Forget You; Cee Lo
For What It's Worth;          Forever; Kid Rock          Green
  Buffalo Springfield         Forever And Ever         Forgive; Howard,
For Whom The Bell                Amen; Travis,           Rebecca Lynn
  Tolls; Metallica               Randy                 Forgiven; Morissette,
For You; Smith,               Forever And Ever,          Alanis
  Michael W.                     Amen; Travis,         Forgiving You Was
For You; Staind                  Randy                   Easy; Nelson,
For You; Calling              Forever And For            Willie
For You; Staind                  Always; Twain,        Forgot About Dre;
For You; Lattimore,              Shania                  Dr. Dre & Eminem
  Kenny                       Forever And Forever      Fortress Around
For You I Will;                  Amen; Randy Trvis       Your Heart; Sting
  Tippin, Aaron               Forever Autumn;          Fortunate; Maxwell
For You I Will;                  Hayward, Justin       Fortunate Son;
  Monica                      Forever Everyday;          Creedence
For You I Will                   Womack, Lee Ann         Clearwater Revival
  (Confidence);               Forever In Blue          Fortunes; You've Got
  Teddy Geiger                   Jeans; Diamond,         Your Troubles
For Your Babies;                 Neil                  Forty Hour Week;
  Simply Red                  Forever In Blue            Alabama
For Your Eyes Only;              Jeans; Diamond,       Forty Hour Week;
  Easton, Sheena                 Neil                    Alabama
For Your Eyes Only;           Forever Love;            Foster & Allen;
  Easton, Sheena                 McEntire, Reba          Bunch Of Thyme, A


Foster & Allen;              Francis, Connie; My     Frantic; O'Neal,
  Maggie                        Heart Has A Mind       Jamie
Foster, Jodie; My               Of It's Own          Franz Ferdinand; No
  Name Is Tallulah           Francis, Connie;          You Girls
Found Out About                 Everybody's          The Fray; You Found
  You; Gin                      Somebody's Fool        Me
  Blossoms, The              Francis, Connie;        Freak Like Me;
Foundations; Build              Pretty Little Baby     Howard, Adina
  Me Up Buttercup            Frank & Nancy           Freak Like Me;
Foundations (Radio              Sinatra; Something     Sugarbabes
  Version); Nash,               Stupid               Freak On A Leash;
  Kate                       Frank Sinatra; That       Korn
Fountain of love;               Old Black Magic      Freakin It; Smith, Will
  Elvis Presley              Frank Sinatra; More     Freaks Come Out At
Four Aces; Love Is A         frank sinatra; stormy     Night; Whodini
  Many Splendored               weather              Freaky Girl; Shaggy
  Thing                      Frankfurt Special;        & The Kraft
Four Days Late;                 Elvis Presley        Fred; Carrington,
  Peck, Karen & New          Frankie; Sister           Rodney
  River                         Sledge               Fred John; Judy In
Four Tops; Reach             Frankie And               Disguise
  Out And I'll Be               Johnnie; Cooke,      Free; Young, Will
  There                         Sam                  Free; Ingram, Jack
Four Tops; Keeper            Frankie And             Free; All Right Now
  Of The Castle                 Johnny; Elvis        Free; Mya
Four Walls; Travis,             Presley              Free (Album
  Randy                      Frankie And               Version); Zac
Four Walls; Reeves,             Johnny; Standard       Brown Band
  Jim                        Frankie Avalon;         Free (Radio
Four Walls; Reeves,             Venus                  Version); Zac
  Jim                        frankie avalon;           Brown Band
Fourteen Minutes                bobby sox to         Free And Easy
  Old; Stone, Doug              stockings              (Down The Road I
Fox On The Run;              Frankie J; Don't          Go); Bentley,
  Tom T. Hall                   Wanna Try              Dierks
Fox On The Run;              Frankie Valli; Oh       Free Bird; Lynyrd
  Sweet                         What A Night           Skynyrd
Foxy Lady; Hendrix,          Franklin, Aretha; I     Free Bird; Lynyrd
  Jimi                          Don't Want To          Skynyrd
Fragile Heart;                  Know                 Free Fallin'; Petty,
  Adams, Yolanda             Franklin, Aretha;         Tom
Francis, Connie;                Natural Woman        Free Fallin'; Petty,
  Lipstick On Your           Franklin, Aretha;         Tom &
  Collar                        Think                  Heartbreakers
Francis, Connie;             Franklin, Aretha;       Free For All; Nugent,
  Where The Boys                Rock Steady            Ted
  Are                        Franklin, Aretha;       Free Loop; Powter,
Francis, Connie;                Freeway Of Love        Daniel
  Stupid Cupid               Franklin, Aretha;       Free Ride; Edgar
Francis, Connie;                Respect                Winter Group, The
  Who's Sorry Now            Franklin, Aretha;       Free Ride; Edgar
Francis, Connie;                Deeper Love, A         Winter Group, The
  Lipstick On Your           Franklin, Aretha;       Free Your Love
  Collar                        Chain Of Fools         Tonight; Van
                             Franky Perez;             Halen
                                Something Crazy


Free Your Mind;               Friends In Low          From Me To You;
   Vogue, En                    Places; Brooks,         Beatles, The
Free Yourself;                  Garth                 From My Head To
   Fantasia                   Friends In Low            My Heart; Evan &
Freedom; Judd,                  Places; Brooks,         Jaron
   Wynonna                      Garth                 From My Head To
Freedom; Legacy               Friends In Low            My Heart; Evan &
   Five                         Places; Garth           Jaron
Freedom; Wham                   Brooks                From Now On;
Freedom; Judd,                Friends In Low            Supertramp
   Wynonna                      Places; Garth         From Tha Chuuuch
Freedom; Michael,               Brooks                  To Da Palace;
   George                     Friends In Low            Snoop Doggy Dog
Freedom; Mccartney,             Places; Brooks,       From The
   Paul                         Garth                   Beginning;
Freeway Of Love;              Friends In Low            Emerson, Lake &
   Franklin, Aretha             Places; Brooks,         Palmer
Freeze Frame; J                 Garth                 From The
   Geils Band, The            Friends In Low            Beginning;
Freeze Frame; J                 Places (Live            Emerson, Lake &
   Geils Band, The              Version W/ 3rd          Palmer
French Foreign                  Verse); Brooks,       From The Bottom Of
   Legon; Sinatra,              Garth                   My Broken Heart;
   Frank                      Friends Never Say         Spears, Britney
Frere Jacques;                  Goodbye; John,          w/vocal
   Children's Songs             Elton & The           From The Bottom Of
Frere Jacques;                  Backstreet Boys         My Broken Heart;
   Children's Songs           Friends Will Be           Spears, Britney
Fresh; Kool & The               Friends; Queen        From The Bottom Of
   Gang                       Frim Fram Sauce;          My Broken Heart;
The Freshman;                   Krall, Diana &          Spears, Britney
   Verve Pipe, The              Norah Jones           From The Candy
The Freshman;                 Froggie Went A            Store On The
   Verve Pipe, The              Courting;               Corner; Bennett,
frey, glenn; one you            Children's Songs        Tony
   love, the                  From A Distance;        From The Depths Of
frey, glenn; you                Midler, Bette           My Heart; Issacs,
   belong to the city         From A Distance;          The
A Friend To Me;                 Midler, Bette         From The Ritz To
   Brooks, Garth              From A Lover To A         The Rubble; Arctic
Friends;                        Friend; Mccartney,      Monkeys
   Montgomery, John             Paul                  From This Moment;
   Michael                    From Here To              Shania Twain
FRIENDS; JODY                   Eternity; Peterson,   From This Moment
   WATLEY                       Michael                 On; Twain, Shania
Friends; Smith,               From Here To            From This Moment
   Michael W.                   Eternity; Peterson,     On; Sinatra, Frank
FRIENDS (TV) - I'LL             Michael               From This Moment
   BE THERE FOR               From Here To              On; Shania Twain
   YOU; Television              Eternity; Sinatra,    From This Moment
   Theme Songs                  Frank                   On; Twain, Shania
Friends And Family;           From Here To              & Bryan White
   Turner, Trik                 Eternity;             From This Moment
Friends In Low                  Humperdinck,            On; Twain, Shania
   Place; Brooks,               Engelbert               & Bryan White


From This Moment               Funkytown; Lipps         The Game Of Love;
  On; Twain, Shania              Inc.                     Fontana, Wayne &
From Where I'm                 Funny Face; Fargo,         The Mindbenders
  Sitting; Allan, Gary           Donna                  The Game Of Love;
From Your Knees;               Funny Familiar             Santana & Michelle
  King, Matt                     Forgotten                Branch
Frosty The                       Feelings; Jones,       Games People Play;
  Snowman;                       Tom                      Spinners, The
  Children's                   Funny Girl; My Man       Games That Lovers
Frosty The                     Funny How Time             Play; Newton,
  Snowman;                       Slips Away; Willie       Wayne
  Christmas                      Nelson                 Gangsta Lovin'; Eve
Frosty The                     Funny How Time             & Alicia Keys
  Snowman;                       Slips Away;            Gangsta Nation;
  Christmas                      Green, Al & Lyle         Westside
Frozen; Madonna                  Lovett                   Connection & Nate
Fruit Machine; Ting            Fureys, The & Davey        Dogg
  Tings, The                     Arthur; When You       Gangstas Paradise;
Fuel; Metallica                  Were Sweet               Coolio
Fuel_Bad                         Sixteen                Gansta Lovin'; Eve &
  Day_COL6967; 21              Furtado, Nelly;            Alicia Keys
Full Force Gale;                 Explode                The Gap Band; Party
  Morrison, Van                Fury, Billy; Like I've     Train
Full Moon; Brandy                Never Been Gone        Garden Party;
Full Moon ; Brandy             Future Lovers;             Nelson, Ricky
Full Time Job;                   Madonna                Gardot, Melody;
  Wilson, Gretchen             The Futures So             Who Will Comfort
Fully Dressed; Annie             Bright I Gotta           Me
Fun in acapulco;                 Wear Shades;           Garland, Judy;
  Elvis Presley                  Timbuk 3                 Come Rain Or
The Fun Of Your                G I Blues; Elvis           Come Shine
  Love; Day,                     Presley                Garland, Judy; Over
  Jennifer                     Gabriel, Ana;              The Rainbow
FUN Song;                        Hablame De Frente      Garland, Judy; But
  Spongebob Square             Galaxy Song; Black,        The World Goes
  Pants                          Clint                    Round
Fun, Fun, Fun;                 Galilo; The Indigo       Garland, Judy; Man I
  Beach Boys, The                Girls                    Love, The
Function At The                Gallery; Vasquez,        Garland, Judy; Zing
  Junction; Long,                Mario                    Went The Strings
  Shorty                       Gallery; Nice To Be        Of My Heart
Funhouse; Pink                   With You               Garland, Judy; Get
Funiculi Funicula;             Galveston;                 Happy
  Italian Songs                  Campbell, Glen         Garland, Judy; You
Funk #49; James                Galveston;                 Made Me Love You
  Gang, The                      Campbell, Glen         Garland, Judy; Man
Funky Broadway;                Galveston;                 That Got Away,
  Pickett, Wilson                Campbell, Glen           The
Funky Cold Medina;             The Gambler;             Garland, Judy;
  Tone Loc                       Rogers, Kenny            Trolley Song, The
Funky Cold Medina;             Game Of Love;            Gary Moore; Still Got
  Tone Loc                       Fontana, Wayne &         The Blues For You
Funky Nassau; Blues              Mindbenders            Gary Wright; Dream
  Brothers, The                The Game Of Love;          Weaver
Funkytown; Lipps Inc             Branch, Michelle       Gasolina; Daddy


The Gatlin Brothers;          Genuine; Orrico,        Get Down;
  Broken Lady                   Stacie                  Backstreet Boys,
Gave It All Away;             Genuine Rednecks;         The
  Boyzone                       Murphy, David Lee     Get Down On It; Kool
Gayle, Crystal;               George Harrison;          & The Gang
  Talking In Your               Give Me Love          Get Down On It; Kool
  Sleep                         (Give Me Peace          & The Gang
Gayle, Crystal; Don't           On Earth)             Get Down Saturday
  It Make My Brown            George Michael;           Night; Cheatam,
  Eyes Blue                     Kissing A Fool          Oliver
Gayle, Crystal; Don't         George Strait; All My   Get Down Tonight;
  It Make My Brown              Ex's Live In Texas      KC & The
  Eyes Blue                   Georgia; Stone,           Sunshine Band
Gayle, Crystal; Don't           Doug                  Get Down Tonight;
  It Make My Brown            Georgia; Boz Scaggs       Kc & The Sunshine
  Eyes Blue                   Georgia; Johnson,         Band
Gayle, Crystal; Don't           Carolyn Dawn          Get Down, Get
  It Make My Brown            Georgia; Johnson,         Down Get On The
  Eyes Blue                     Carolyn Dawn            Floor; Simon, Joe
Gayle, Crystal &              Georgia On My           Get Drunk And Be
  Eddie Rabbitt;                Mind; Charles, Ray      Somebody; Keith,
  You And I                   Georgia On My             Toby
Gaynor, Gloria; I Am            Mind; Nelson,         Get Drunk And Be
  What I Am                     Willie                  Somebody; Keith,
Gee Baby, Ain't I             Georgia On My             Toby
  Good To You;                  Mind; Charles, Ray    Get Free; Vines
  Krall, Diana                Georgia On My           Get Happy; Sinatra,
Geek In The Pink;               Mind; Charles, Ray      Frank
  Jason Mraz                  Georgia Rain; Trisha    Get Here; Adams,
Geggy Tah; Whoever              Yearwood                Oleta
  You Are                     Georgie Porgie;         Get In Line;
Gene Pitney; Town               Children's Songs        Barenaked Ladies
  Without Pity                Georgie Porgie;         Get Inside; Stone
gene pitney; liberty            Children's Songs        Sour
  valance                     Georgy Girl;            Get It On; T-Rex
gene pitney; town               Seekers, The          Get It On Tonight;
  without pity                Get A Haircut;            Jordan, Montell
gene pitney; it hurts           Thorogood, George     Get It On Tonite;
  to be in love               Get A Job;                Jordan, Montell
Generation                      Silhouettes, The      Get It While You
  Landslide;                  Get A Leg Up;             Can; Joplin, Janis
  Cooper, Alice                 Mellencamp, John      Get Low; Lil Jon, The
Genie In A Bottle;              Cougar                  Eastside Boys &
  Christina Aguilera          Get Back; Ludacris        Ying Yang
Genie In A Bottle;            Get Back; Beatles,      Get Me To The
  Aguilera, Christina           The                     Church On Time;
Gentle on my mind;            Get Busy; Paul, Sean      My Fair Lady
  Elvis Presley               Get Closer; Seals &     Get My Drink On;
Gentle On My Mind;              Croft                   Keith, Toby
  Campbell, Glen              Get Closer; Valerie     Get Off My Cloud;
Gentle On My Mind;              Dore                    Rolling Stones, The
  Campbell, Glen              Get Down;               Get On; Third Day
Gentle On My Mind;              Backstreet Boys,      Get On Your Boots;
  Campbell, Glen                The                     U2
Gentle Shepherd;              Get Down;               Get On Your Boots;
  Perrys, The                   O'Sullivan, Gilbert     U2


Get On Your Feet;            Get Up Offa That        Ghost Riders In The
  Won By One                   Thing (Release          Sky; Blues
Get On Your Feet;              The Pressure);          Brothers, The
  Estefan, Gloria              Brown, James          Ghost Riders In The
Get On Your Feet;            Get Up Stand Up;          Sky; Cash, Johnny
  Estefan, Gloria              Marley, Bob           Ghostbusters;
Get Outta My                 Get Up, Get Ready;        Parker Jr, Ray
  Dreams, Get Into             Gold City             Giddy On Up; Bundy,
  My Car; Ocean,             Get Ur Freak On;          Laura Bell
  Billy                        Elliott, Missy        Gift Of Grace; King,
Get Outta My Way;              Misdemeanor             Jessica
  Carolina Rain              Get What You Got        The Gift Of Love;
Get Outta My Way;              Comin'; Van Zant        Midler, Bette
  Carolina Rain              Get What You Got        The Gift; Raye, Collin
Get Over It; Eagles,           Comin'; Van Zant        & Jim Brickman
  The                        Getaway Car;            The Gift; Christmas-
Get Over You; Ellis-           Jenkins                 Boltz, Ray
  Bextor, Sophie             Getcha Some; Keith,     The Gift; Raye, Collin
Get Over Yourself;             Toby                    & Susan Ashton &
  Eden's Crush               Getcha To The             Jim Brickman
Get Over Yourself;             Other Side;           Gigolo (Radio
  Edens Crush                  Kingsmen, The           Version); Cannon,
Get Ready; Rare              Gets Me Through;          Nick & R Kelly
  Earth                        Osbourne, Ozzy        Gill, Vince; One More
Get Ready;                   Gettin' Back To You;      Last Chance
  Temptations, The             Dern, Daisy           Gilligan's Island; TV
Get Rhythm; Cash,            Gettin' In The Way;       Theme
  Johnny                       Scott, Jill           GILLIGAN'S ISLAND
Get Right; Jennifer          Gettin Jiggy Wit It;      (TV) - GILLIGAN'S
  Lopez                        Will Smith              ISLAND;
Get Sexy;                    Gettin' Jiggy Wit It;     Television Theme
  Sugababes, The               Smith, Will             Songs
Get Shaky; Ian Carey         Gettin' Jiggy Wit It;   Gimme A Little Sign;
  Project, The                 Smith, Will             Wood, Brenton
Get The Party                Getting Better;         Gimme All Your
  Started; Pink                Beatles, The            Lovin'; ZZ Top
Get This Money;              Getting In The Way;     Gimme Back My
  Jay-Z and R. Kelly           Scott, Jill             Bullets; Lynyrd
Get This Money ;             Getting There; Clark,     Skynyrd
  Kelly, Robert &              Terri                 Gimme Back My
  Jay-Z                      Getting You Home          Bullets; Lynyrd
Get To Know Ya;                (The Black Dress        Skynyrd & Kid
  Maxwell                      Song); Young,           Rock
Get to Me; Train               Chris                 Gimme Dat Ding;
Get Together;                Ghetto Superstar;         Pipkins, The
  Youngbloods, The             Pras, Mya & O.D.B.    Gimme Gimme
Get Together;                Ghost Of You And          Gimme; ABBA
  Youngbloods, The             Me; BBMak             Gimme Little Sign;
Get Up; Ciara &                w/vocal                 Wood, Brenton
  Chamillionaire             Ghost Of You And        Gimme More (Radio
Get Up In Jesus'               Me; Bbmak               Version); Spears,
  Name; Mote,                Ghost Riders In The       Britney
  Gordon                       Sky; Monroe,          Gimme Shelter;
Get Up Offa That               Vaughn                  Rolling Stones, The
  Thing; Brown,


Gimme Some                    Girl Thing; Judd,       A Girl's Gotta Do;
  Lovin'; Spencer               Wynonna &               Mccready, Mindy
  Davis Group, The              Tammy Wynette         Girls In Their
Gimme Some                    Girl To Change Your       Summer Clothes;
  Lovin'; Blues                 World; Youmans,         Springsteen, Bruce
  Brothers, The                 Heather               Girls Just Wanna
Gimme Some More;              Girl U For Me; Silk       Have Fun; Lauper,
  Rhymes, Busta               Girl Watcher;             Cyndi
Gimme That Girl;                O'Kaysions, The       Girls Just Wanna
  Nichols, Joe                Girl Watcher;             Have Fun; Lauper,
Gimme The Light;                O'kaysions, The         Cyndi
  Paul, Sean                  GIRL WHY YOU            Girls Lie Too; Clark,
Gimme Three Steps;              WANNA MAKE              Terri
  Lynyrd Skynyrd                ME BLUE;              Girls Night Out;
Gimme Three Steps;              Temptations, The        Judds, The
  Lynyrd Skynyrd              Girl You'll Be A        Girls Night Out;
Gimmie That Girl;               Woman Soon;             Judds, The
  Nichols, Joe                  Urge Overkill         Girls Of Summer;
Gin And Juice;                Girl You'll Be A          Aerosmith
  Dogg, Snoop                   Woman Soon;           The Girls Of
Gina; Mathis, Johnny            Urge Overkill           Summer; Mccoy,
Ginuwine; Trouble             Girl, Why You             Neal
Girl; Destiny's Child           Wanna Make Me         Girls On Film; Duran
Girl All The Bad                Blue; Temptations,      Duran
  Guys Want;                    The                   Girls With Guitars;
  Bowling For Soup            Girlfriend; Pebbles       Judd, Wynonna
Girl Can't Help It;           Girlfriend; N Sync      Girls, Girls, Girls;
  Journey                     Girlfriend; Avril         Elvis Presley
Girl For All Seasons;           Lavigne               Girls, Girls, Girls;
  Grease 2                    Girlfriend; N Sync        Jay Z
Girl From The                 Girlfriend (duet        Git Along Little
  Gutter; Kina                  Version); N Sync &      Dogies; Various
Girl Happy; Elvis               Nelly                   Artists
  Presley                     Girl's & Boys Come      Give A Little Bit;
A Girl In Love;                 Out To Play;            Goo Goo Dolls
  English, Robin                Children's Songs      Give A Little Love;
Girl In The Mirror;           Girls Aloud; The          Judds, The
  Spears, Britney               Loving Kind           Give It Away; Red
The Girl Is Mine;             Girls Aloud;              Hot Chili Peppers,
  Jackson, Michael &            Promise, The            The
  Paul McCartney              Girls Aloud;            Give It Away;
Girl Next Door;                 Untouchable             Straight, George
  Roberts, Julie              Girls And Boys;         Give It Away; Red
Girl Next Door; Star            Good Charlotte          Hot Chili Peppers,
  Disc                        Girls Girls Girls;        The
Girl Of Mine; Elvis             Motley Crue           Give It To Me;
  Presley                     Girls Girls Girls;        Timbaland, Nelly
Girl Of My Best                 Motley Crue             Furtado, & Justin
  Friend; Elvis               The Girl's Gone           Timberlake
  Presley                       Wild; Tritt, Travis   Give It To Me Baby;
Girl On The                   A Girl's Gotta Do         James, Rick
  Billboard; Reeves,            What A Girl's         Give It To Me Baby1;
  Del                           Gotta Do;               James, Rick
Girl On Tv; Lfo                 McCready, Mindy       Give It Up Or Let Me
Girl Talk; Tlc                A Girls Gotta Do;         Go; Raitt, Bonnie
                                McCready, Mindy


Give Me Forever (I            Give Myself To You;     Glory Of The Blood;
  Do); Tesh, John &             Train                   Avalon
  James Ingram                Give Peace A            Gloryland; Hall &
Give Me Just A Little           Chance; Lennon,         Oates
  More Time;                    John                  Gloryland; Hall, Daryl
  Chairmen Of The             Give Thanks; Gospel     Go All The Way;
  Board, The                  Given To Fly; Pearl       Raspberries, The
Give Me Just One                Jam                   Go Ask; Hoppers,
  Night; 98 Degrees           Gives You Hell; All       The
Give Me Love;                   American Rejects      Go Away; Morgan,
  Harrison, George            Givin' Water To A         Lorrie
Give Me Novocaine;              Drowning Man;         Go Away; Estefan,
  Green Day                     Parnell, Lee Roy        Gloria
Give Me Oil In My             Giving Him              Go Away; Morgan,
  Lamp; Children's              Something He            Lorrie
  Songs                         Can Feel; En          Go Away Little Girl;
Give Me One More                Vogue                   Donny Osmond
  Chance; Exile               Giving In; Adema        Go Away Little Girl;
Give Me One More              Glad All Over; Dave       Lawrence, Steve
  Shot; Alabama                 Clark Five, The       Go Back; Tennison,
Give Me One                   Gladys Knight;            Chalee
  Reason; Tracy                 Neither One Of Us     Go Back; Tennison,
  Chapman                     Glamorous; Fergie         Chalee
Give Me One                   Glamorous Indie         Go Be Young;
  Reason;                       Rock & Roll;            Mccain, Edwin
  Chapman, Tracy                Killers, The          Go Faster; Black
Give Me Some                  Glass Onion;              Crowes
  Truth; Lennon,                Beatles, The          Go Let It Out; Oasis
  John                        Glasvegas; Daddy's      Go On; Strait, George
Give Me Some                    Gone                  Go On Girl; Ne-Yo
  Wheels; Bogguss,            Glen Campbell;          Go Rest High On
  Suzy                          Gentle On My Mind       That Mountain;
Give Me The                   Glitter In The Air;       Gill, Vince
  Meltdown;                     Pink                  Go Tell It On The
  Thomas, Rob                 Gloria; Laura             Mountain;
Give Me The Night;              Branigan                Christmas
  Benson, George              Gloria; Shadows Of      Go With Her; Toby
Give Me The Night;              Knight, The             Keith
  Benson, George              Gloria; Morrison, Van   Go Your Own Way;
Give Me The                   Gloria; Branigan,         Wilson Phillips
  Reason; Vandross,             Laura                 Go, Gary; Wonderful
  Luther                      Gloria; Branigan,       God Bless America;
Give Me Wings;                  Laura                   Celine Dion
  Johnson, Michael            Glorious City Of        God Bless America;
Give My Heart To                God; Greenes            Standard
  You; Cyrus, Billy           Glorious Day;           God Bless America;
  Ray                           Embrace                 I Berlin
Give My Love To               Glory Box;              God Bless America;
  Rose; Cash,                   Portishead              Traditional
  Johnny                      Glory Days;             God Bless America
Give My Love To                 Springsteen, Bruce      We Will Rock You
  Rose; Cash,                 The Glory Of Love;        We Are The
  Johnny                        Midler, Bette           Champions;
Give My Regards To            The Glory Of Love;        Standard
  Broadway; Yankee              Durante, Jimmy
  Doodle Dandy


God Bless                     God Is In This Place;   God Rest Ye Merry
 America/We Will               Plus One                Gentlemen;
 Rock You/We Are              God Love Her; Toby       Christmas-Rascal
 The Cha; Standard             Keith                   Flatts
God Bless The                 God Loves You;          God Rest Ye Merry
 Child; Twain,                 Velasquez, Jaci         Gentlemen;
 Shania                       God Must Be Busy;        Christmas
God Bless The                  Brooks & Dunn          God Sits On High;
 Child; Twain,                God Must Have            Carolina Boys, The
 Shania                        Spent; N Sync &        God So Loved;
God Bless The                  Alabama                 Velasquez, Jaci
 Child; Shania                God Must Have           God Still Answers
 Twain                         Spent A Litte           Prayer; Peck,
God Bless The                  More Time On            Karen & New River
 Child; Cassidy,               You; N Sync            God Walks The Dark
 Eva                          God Must Have            Hills; Goodmans,
God Bless The                  Spent A Litte           The
 Child; Holiday,               More Time On           God Wants To Hear
 Billie                        You; Alabama            You Sing; Greater
God Bless The                 God Must Have            Vision
 Child; Twain,                 Spent A Little         God Will Make This
 Shania                        More; N Sync            Trial A Blessing;
God Bless the USA;            God Must Have            McKameys, The
 Lee Greenwood                 Spent A Little         God, Family And
God Bless The Usa;             More Time On            Country; Morgan,
 Greenwood, Lee                You; Alabama            Craig
God Bless The USA;            God Must Have           God's Bigger Than
 Greenwood, Lee                Spent A Little          That; Whisnants,
God Blessed Texas;             More Time On            The
 Little Texas                  You; Alabama           God's Promised
God Blessed Texas;            God Must Have            Land; Wilburns,
 Little Texas                  Spent A Little          The
God Don't Make                 More Time On           God's Will; Mcbride,
 Mistakes; Jamie               You; N Sync             Martina
 O'neal                       God Of This City;       Godspeed (Sweet
God Gave Me                    Tomlin, Chris           Dreams); Dixie
 Everything;                  God Of Thunder;          Chicks
 Jagger, Mick                  Kiss                   Goes Good With
God Gave Me You;              God Of Wonders;          Beer; Montgomery,
 Adkins, Mike                  Third Day               John Michael
God Gave Me You;              God On The              Goin' Away Party;
 White, Bryan                  Mountain;               Easter, Jeff & Sheri
God Gave Rock 'N               McKameys, The          Goin' Crazy; Natalie
 Roll To You; Kiss            God Only Cries;         Goin' Gone; Mattea,
God Gave Rock 'N'              Diamond Rio             Kathy
 Roll To You; Kiss            God Only Knows;         Goin' Out Of My
God Gave You To                Beach Boys, The         Head; Little
 Me; Hoskins                  God Raised The           Anthony & The
 Family, The                   Ransom; Hoppers,        Imperials
God Is A DJ; Pink              The                    Goin' Steady; Faron
God Is Able; Talleys,         God Rest Ye Merry        Young
 The                           Gentlemen;             Goin Through The
God Is Bigger;                 Christmas               Big D; Mark
 Children's Songs             God Rest Ye Merry        Chestnutt
God Is Good All The            Gentlemen;
 Time; Gospel                  Christmas


Going Away; Clark             Gone; N Sync           Good Day; Jewel
 Family Experience,           Gone Away;             Good Day; Warner,
 The                           Offspring, The          Hayley
Going Back To Cali;           Gone Country;          A Good Day To Run;
 LL Cool J                     Jackson, Alan           Worley, Darryl
Going Back To                 Gone Country;          Good Enough;
 Miami; Blues                  Jackson, Alan           McLachlan, Sarah
 Brothers, The                Gone Crazy; Alan       Good Enough;
Going Crazy; Plus              Jackson                 Evanescence
 One                          Gone Crazy;            Good Enough;
Going Down Down                Jackson, Alan           Dodgy
 Tonight; Status              Gone Daddy Gone;       Good Friend; Nine
 Quo                           Gnarls Barkley          Days
Going Going Gone;             Gone From Love         Good Friend & A
 McCoy, Neal                   Too Long;               Glass Of Wine;
Going Nowhere;                 Wilkinson, Amanda       Rimes, Leann
 Judd, Wynonna                Gone Gone Gone         Good Girls Don't;
Going To A Go Go;              (Done Moved On);        Knack, The
 Robinson, Smokey              Krauss, Alison &      Good Girls Don't;
Going To California;           Robert Plant            Knack, The
 Led Zeppelin                 Gone Gone Gone         Good God; Korn
Going Under;                   (Done Moved On);      Good Golly Miss
 Evanescence                   Krauss, Allison         Molly; Little
Going Up The                   Plant, Robert           Richard
 Country; Canned              Gone 'Til November;    Good Golly Miss
 Heat                          Jean, Wyclef            Molly; Little
Going Up The                  Gonna Build Me A         Richard
 Country; Canned               Mountain; Newley,     Good Heart; Feargal
 Heat                          Anthony                 Sharkey
Gold; Spandau Ballet          Gonna Get A Life;      Good Hearted Man;
Gold Digger; West,             Chesnutt, Mark          Merritt, Tift
 Kanye                        Gonna Get A Life;      A Good Hearted
Gold Dust Woman;               Chesnutt, Mark          Woman; Nelson,
 Fleetwood Mac                Gonna Make You A         Willie & Waylon
Golden Coins; Elvis            Star; Essex, David      Jennings
 Presley                      Gonna Make You         A Good Hearted
Golden Earing;                 Sweat; C&C Music        Woman; Jennings,
 Radar Love                    Factory                 Waylon
Golden Eye; Turner,           Gonna Rise; Dove       Good Intentions;
 Tina                          Brothers Quartet,       Toad The Wet
Golden Slumbers                The                     Sprocket
 Carry That                   Goo Goo Dolls; Iris    Good Is Good; Crow,
 Weight-; Beatles,            Good As Gone; Little     Sheryl
 The                           Big Town              Good Is Good;
Golden Years;                 Good As I Was To         Sheryl Crow
 Bowie, David                  You; Morgan,          Good King
Goldfinger; Bassey,            Lorrie                  Wenceslas;
 Shirley                      Good At Startin'         Christmas
Gone; Mac, Toby                Fires; Shelton,       The Good Left
Gone; Gentry,                  Blake                   Undone; Rise
 Montgomery                   Good Bye On A Bad        Against
Gone; Ferlin Husky             Day; Lawson,          Good Life; Bennett,
Gone; Clarkson, Kelly          Shannon                 Tony
Gone; Huffman,                Good Christian         The Good Life;
 Teddy                         Friends, Rejoice;       Willmon, Trent
Gone; Nsync                    Christmas


The Good Life;                Good Rockin'            A Good Way To Get
  Robison, Bruce                Tonight; Elvis          On My Bad Side;
The Good Life;                  Presley                 Byrd, Tracy & Mark
  Three Days Grace            A Good Run Of Bad         Wills
Good Little Girls;              Luck; Black, Clint    A Good Way To Get
  Blue County                 Good Souls;               On My Bad Side;
The Good Lord &                 Starsailor              Byrd, Tracy & Mark
  The Man; Rich,              The Good Stuff;           Chestnutt
  John                          Chesney, Kenny        A Good Year For
Good Lovin';                  The Good Stuff;           The Roses; Jones,
  Rascals, The                  Chesney, Kenny          George & A
Good Lovin' (Makes            Good Thing; Revere,       Jackson
  It Right); Wynette,           Paul & The Raiders    Goodby Earl; Dixie
  Tammy                       Good Time; Alan           Chicks
Good Lovin' Gone                Jackson               Goodbye; Army Of
  Bad; Bad                    Good Time; Steeles,       Anyone
  Company                       The                   Goodbye; Spice
Good Luck Charm;              Good Time Charlie;        Girl's The
  Presley, Elvis                King, Albert          Goodbye; Jagged
Good Luck Charm;              Good Time Charlie;        Edge
  Presley, Elvis                King, Albert          Goodbye; Spice
A Good Man;                   Good Times; Lee,          Girls, The
  Emerson Drive                 Tommy                 Goodbye Earl; Dixie
Good Morning                  Good Times; Brickell,     Chicks
  Beautiful; Holy,              Eddie                 Goodbye Earl; Dixie
  Steve                       Good Times; Chic          Chicks
Good Morning                  Good Times;             Goodbye Earl; Dixie
  Beautiful; Holy,              Cochran, Anita          Chicks
  Steve                       GOOD TIMES (TV) -       Goodbye Girl;
Good Morning                    GOOD TIMES;             Squeeze
  Heartache;                    Television Theme      Goodbye Is All We
  Standards                     Songs                   Have; Krauss,
Good Morning                  Good Times Bad            Alison
  Heartache; Wilson,            Times; Led            Goodbye Is The
  Gretchen                      Zeppelin                Wrong Way To
Good Morning                  Good Times Bad            Go; Hayes, Wade
  Judge; 10CC                   Times; Led            Goodbye Lament;
Good Morning                    Zeppelin                Iommi & Grohl,
  Starshine; Theatre          Good Times Roll;          David
  - Oliver                      Cars, The             Goodbye My Lover;
Good Ol' Boys;                Good Times Roll;          Blunt, James
  Jennings, Waylon              Cars, The             Goodbye On A Bad
Good Ol Fashioned             Good Timin'; Beach        Day; Lawson,
  Love; Byrd, Tracy             Boys, The               Shannon
The Good Old Bad              Good To Go; Steele,     Goodbye Squirrel;
  Old Days; Newley,             Jeffrey                 Judd, Cledus T
  Anthony                     GOOD TO GO; JOHN        Goodbye Time;
Good Ole Boys Like              CORBETT                 Shelton, Blake
  Me; Don Williams            Good Vibrations;        Goodbye To Love;
Good Ole Days;                  Marky Mark & The        Carpenters, The
  Vasser, Phill                 Funky Bunch           Goodbye To
Good People; Bates,           Good vibrations;          Romance;
  Jeff                          Beach Boys, The         Osbourne, Ozzy
Good Ride Cowboy;                                     Goodbye To
  Brooks, Garth                                         Romance;
                                                        Osbourne, Ozzy


Goodbye To You;             Gordon Lightfoot;        Got To Give It Up;
 Branch, Michelle            Sun Down                  Aaliyah
Goodbye To You;             Gore, Leslie; Judy's     Got To Give It Up;
 Scandal                     Turn To Cry               Gaye, Marvin
Goodbye World,              Gore, Leslie; It's My    Gots Ta Be; B2K
 Goodbye;                    Party                   Gotta Be Somebody;
 Statesmen, The             Gore, Leslie; Maybe I      Nickelback
Goodbye Yellow               Know                    Gotta Get Back;
 Brick Road; John,          Gore, Leslie;              Lynn, Shelby
 Elton                       Sunshine, Lollipops     Gotta Get Through
Goodbye's The                & Rainbows                This; Bedingfield,
 Saddest Word;              Gore, Leslie; You          Daniel
 Dion, Celine                Don't Own Me            Gotta Get Thru This;
Goodies; Ciara &            Gospel Medley              Bedingfield, Daniel
 Petey Pablo                 Live; Elvis Presley     Gotta Go; Songz,
Goodnight; Bogguss,         Gossip Folks; Elliott,     Trey
 Suzy                        Missy                   Gotta Go; Songz,
Goodnight and Go;            Misdemeanor &             Trey Wvocal
 Imogen Heap                 Luda                    Gotta Serve
Goodnight Girl; Wet         Got A Good Day;            Somebody; Dylan,
 Wet Wet                     Johnson, Carolyn          Bob
Goodnight                    Dawn                    Gotta Tell You;
 Goodnight; Hot             Got A Lot O' Livin'        Mumba, Samantha
 Hot Heat                    To Do; Elvis            GQ; Disco Nights
Goodnight Irene;             Presley                 Grace; Martins, The
 Standard                   GOT MY MIND SET          Grace Is Gone; Dava
Goodnight Irene;             ON YOU;                   Mathws Band
 Weavers, The                GEORGE                  Grace Kelly; Mika
Goodnight                    HARRISON                Grace Kelly; Mika
 Sweetheart;                Got My Mind Set On       Grace Like Rain;
 Spaniels, The               You; Harrison,            Agnew, Todd
Goodnight                    George                  Graduation (Friends
 Sweetheart;                Got My Mind Set On         Forever); Vitamin
 Kersh, David                You; George               C
Goodnight                    Harrison                Graduation (Friends
 Sweetheart;                Got My Mojo                Forever); Vitamin
 Spaniels, The               Working; Elvis            C
Goodnight                    Presley                 The Grand Illusion;
 sweetheart (it's           Got My Mojo                Styx
 time to go); Sha            Working; Muddy          Grand Theft Autumn
 Na Na                       Waters                    (Where Is Your
Goodnite                    Got Some Teeth;            Boy); Fall Out Boy
 Sweetheart,                 Trice, Obie             The Grand Tour;
 Goodnite;                  Got The Life; Korn         Jones, George
 Spaniels                   Got To Be Certain;       Grandma Got Run
Goodtime Charlie´s           Minogue, Kylie            Over By A
 Got The Blues;             Got To Be Real;            Reindeer;
 Elvis Presley               Lynn, Cheryl              Christmas-Elmo &
Goody Goody;                Got To Be Real;            Patsy
 Lymon, Frankie              Lynn, Cheryl            Grandma Got Run
Goody Two Shoes;            Got To Be There;           Over By A
 Ant, Adam                   Jackson, Michael          Reindeer; Elmo &
Goosey Goosey               Got To Get You Into        Patsy
 Gander; Children's          My Life; Earth,
 Songs                       Wind & Fire


Grandma Got Run               Great Balls Of Fire;   Greatest Love Of
  Over By A                     Lewis, Jerry Lee       All; Houston,
  Reindeer; Elmo &            Great Balls Of Fire;     Whitney
  Patsy                         Lewis, Jerry Lee     Greatest Love Of
Grandpa; The Judds            Great Balls Of Fire;     All; Benson,
Grandpa; Judds, The             Lewis, Jerry Lee       George
Grandpa; Judds, The           The Great Beyond;      Greatest Love Story;
Grandpa Told Me                 R.E.M.                 Goodmans, The
  So; Chesney,                Great Divide; Scott    Greatest Man I
  Kenny                         Stapp                  Never Knew;
Grandpa Told Me               The Great Escape;        McEntire, Reba
  So; Chesney,                  Boys Like Girls      The Greatest;
  Kenny                       Great Is Thy             Rogers, Kenny
Grant, Amy And                  Faithfulness;        Greed; Godsmack
  Vince Gill; House             Selah                Greed; Godsmack
  Of Love                     Great Light Of The     The Greek Wedding
Grapefruit Diet;                World; Norman,         Song; Tradtional
  Yankovic, Weird Al            Bebo                 Green Acres; TV
Grass Roots; Sooner           The Great                Theme
  Or Later                      Pretender;           GREEN ACRES (TV)
grass roots; midnight           Platters, The          - GREEN ACRES;
  confessions                 The Great                Television Theme
The Grass Roots;                Pretender;             Songs
  Let's Live For                Platters, The        Green Dolphin
  Today                       The Great                Street; London,
Grateful Dead;                  Pretender;             Julie
  Casey Jones                   Platters, The        Green Grass Grows;
Grateful Dead;                Great Speckled Bird;     Children's
  Truckin'                      Brumley, Albert E.   green green grass
The Grateful Dead;              Jr.                    of home; elvis
  Touch Of Grey               The Great Speckled       presley
The Grateful Dead;              Bird; Acuff, Roy     Green Green Grass
  Friend Of The Devil         Great Things;            Of Home; Jones,
The Grateful Dead;              Bishops, The           Tom
  Trucking                    Great To Be A Man;     Green Leaves of
The Grateful Dead;              Carrington, Rodney     Summer; Brothers
  Casey Jones                 Great White; Once        Four
Gravedigger; Nelson,            Bitten Twice Shy     The Green Manalishi
  Willie                      Greater Is He; Long,     (With The Two
Gravedigger; Dave               Janna                  Pronged Crown);
  Matthews Band               Greater Is He; Crabb     Judas Priest
Gravity; Mayer, John            Family, The          Green River;
Gravity; Mayer, John          A Greater Yes;           Creedence
Grazing In The                  Whisnants              Clearwater Revival
  Grass; Friends Of           Greatest American      Green River;
  Distinction, The              Hero; Scarbury,        Creedence
Grease; Frankie Valli           Joey                   Clearwater Revival
Grease; You're The            Greatest Day; Take     Green Tambourine;
  One That I Want               That                   Lemon Pipers, The
Grease; Summer                The Greatest Gift Of   Green, Green Grass
  Nights                        All; Christmas         Of Home;
Grease; Four                  Greatest Love Of         Wagoner, Porter
  Seasons, The                  All; Houston,        Green, Green Grass
Greased Lightning;              Whitney                Of Home; Jones,
  Travolta, John                                       Tom


Greenfields; Brothers         Grown Up                 Guys Do It All The
  Four                          Christmas List;          Time; McCready,
Greensleeves;                   Christmas-Grant,         Mindy
  Standard                      Amy                    Guys Do It All The
Grey Street; Dava             Grumpy Old Troll;          Time; Mccready,
  Mathws Band                   Dora The Explorer        Mindy
Griffith, Nanci; From         Guantanamera;            Guys Like Me;
  Clare To Here                 Sandpipers, The          Church, Eric
Griffiths, Marcia;            Guess Things             Guys Like Me; Eric
  Electric Slide                Happen That Way;         Church
Griggs, Andy; She               Cash, Johnny           Gym Class Heroes &
  Thinks She Needs            Guess Things               The Dream;
  Me                            Happen That Way;         Cookie Jar
Grind; Alice In                 Cash, Johnny           Gypsies, Tramps
  Chains                      The Guess Who;             And Thieves; Cher
Grindin; Clipse                 These Eyes             Gypsy; Fleetwood
Groban, Josh;                 Guetta, David &            Mac
  Broken Vow                    Kelly Rowland;         Gypsy Boots; Clark,
Groove Is In The                When Love Takes          Terri
  Heart; Dee-Lite               Over                   Gypsy Eyes;
Groove Is In The              Guilty; Warren             Hendrix, Jimi
  Heart; Dee-Lite               Brothers, The          Gypsy Woman;
Groove With Me                Guilty; Blue               Williams, Don
  Tonight Music Of            Guinevere; Eli Young     Gypsys, Tramps &
  The Heart; Mdo                Band                     Thieves; Cher
Groovin; Young                Guitar Man; Elvis        Gypsys, Tramps &
  Rascals The                   Presley                  Thieves; Cher
Groovin'; Rascals,            The Guitar Man;          Hablame De Frente;
  The                           Bread                    Gabriel, Ana
Groovy Kind Of                Guitar Slinger;          Haggard, Merle;
  Love; Collins, Phil           Crossin' Dixon           Swinging Doors
A Groovy Kind Of              Guitar Town; Earle,      Haggard, Merle;
  Love;                         Steve                    Mama Tried
  Mindbenders, The            Guitar's & Cadillacs;    Haggard, Merle;
The Ground                      Yoakam, Dwight           Silver Wings
  Beneath Her Feet;           Guitars And Tiki         Haggard, Merle; If
  U2                            Bars; Kenny              We Make It
Ground Hog;                     Chesney                  Through December
  Children's Songs            Guitars, Cadillacs;      Haggard, Merle; Okie
Grow Old With Me;               Dwight Yoakam            From Muskogee
  Carpenter, Mary             Guitars, Cadillacs;      Hail Hail The Gang's
  Chapin                        Yoakam, Dwight           All Here; Standard
Grow Young With               Gunpowder & Lead;        Hail! Hail! The
  You; Mccabe,                  Lambert, Miranda         Gang's All Here;
  Coley                       Gunpowder & Lead;          Children's Songs
Grown Man; Young,               Lambert, Miranda       Hair; Cowsills, The
  Bradd                       Guns N Roses;            Haley; Needtobreathe
Grown Men Don't                 Since I Don`t Have     Half A Heart Tattoo;
  Cry; McGraw, Tim              You                      Hanson, Jennifer
Grown Men Don't               Guthrie, Arlo; City Of   Half Breed; Cher
  Cry; McGraw, Tim              New Orleans            Half Breed; Cher
Grown Men Don't               Guys & Dolls; Luck       Half Crazy; Musiq
  Cry; Mcgraw, Tim              Be A Lady              Half Crazy; Musiq
                              Guys Do It All The         Soulchild
                                Time; Mindy            Half Enough;
                                McCready                 Morgan, Lorrie


Half Of My Mistakes;            Hand That Rocks        Hank Willaims; Hey
  Foster, Radney                  The Cradle;            Good Lookin'
Half The Man; Black,              Cambell, Glen &      Hank Williams; Your
  Clint                           Steve Wariner          Cheatin' Heart
Half-Breed; Cher                Handbags &             Hank Williams Jr;
Halfway Down;                     Gladrags; Stewart,     Family Tradition
  Loveless, Patty                 Rod                  Hanky Panky;
Halfway Home Cafe;              Handful Of Water;        James, Tommy &
  Skaggs, Ricky                   Tennison, Chalee       The Shondells
Hall, Tom T.; I Like            Handful Of Weeds;      Hanky Panky;
  Beer                            Easter, Sheri          Madonna
Hall, Tom T.; Old               Handlebars; Flobots    The Happening;
  Dogs, Children &              Hands; Jewel             Supremes, The
  Watermelon Wine               Hands Clean;           Happiest Girl In The
Hallelujah; Burke,                Morissette, Alanis     Whole USA;
  Alexandra                     Hands Down;              Fargo, Donna
Hallelujah; Buckley,              Dashboard            Happily Ever After;
  Jeff                            Confessional           Case
Hallelujah I Love Her           Hands Of A Working     Happy; Saving Jane
  So; Charles, Ray                Man; Herndon, Ty     Happy; Ashanti
Hallelujah To The               Hands Of A Working     Happy; Lewis, Leona
  Risen Lamb;                     Man; Herndon, Ty     Happy Birthday;
  Hayes Family, The             Hands To Heaven;         Traditional
Hallelujah, I Love                Breathe              Happy Birthday;
  Him So; Cassidy,              Hands Up; Ottawan        Wonder, Stevie
  Eva                           Handsome Man;          Happy Birthday
Hallelujah, Praise                Williams, Robbie       Darlin'; Twitty,
  The Lamb; Talleys,            Handy Man; Taylor,       Conway
  The                             James                Happy Birthday
Hallelujah, Your                Hang On; Smash           Darling; Twitty,
  Love Is Amazing;                Mouth                  Conway
  Phillips, Craig &             Hang On; Plumb         Happy Birthday
  Dean                          Hang On Sloopy;          Jesus; Christmas
Halliwell, Geri; Bag It           McCoys, The          Happy Birthday
  Up                            Hang On Sloppy;          Jesus; Christmas-
Halliwell, Geri; Mi               McCoys, The            Brooklyn
  Chico Latino                  Hangin' In; Tucker,      Tabernacle Choir,
Halliwell, Geri; Lift             Tanya                  The
  Me Up                         Hangin' On A String;   Happy Birthday
Halliwell, Geri; Look             Loose Ends             Sweet Sixteen;
  At Me                         Hanginaround;            Sedaka, Neil
Halo; Beyonce                     Counting Crows       Happy Birthday To
Hammer To Fall;                 Hanging By A             You; Standard
  Queen                           Moment; Lifehouse    Happy Christmas;
Hammerhead;                     Hanging By A             Lennon, John
  Offspring, The                  Moment; Lifehouse    Happy Days; TV
Hand In My Pocket;              Hanging By A             Theme
  Morissette, Alanis              Moment; Lifehouse    happy ending; elvis
Hand Me Down                    Hanging By A             presley
  Heartache; King,                Moment; Lifehouse    Happy Endings;
  Jill                          Hanging By A             Brice, Lee
Hand Of Fate; Sons                Moment; Lifehouse    Happy Girl; McBride,
  Of The Desert                 Hanging On;              Martina
Hand On Your Heart;               Cheyenne Kimball     Happy Holidays;
  Minogue, Kylie                Hanging On Too           Christmas
                                  Long; Duffy


Happy Jack; Who,            Hard Times (No One      Hark The Herald
  The                         Knows Better            Angels Sing;
Happy People; R.              Than I); Charles,       Christmas
  Kelly                       Ray                   Hark The Herald
Happy Talk; South           Hard To Be A              Angels Sing;
  Pacific                     Husband, Hard To        Christmas
Happy Together;               Be A Wife; Paisley,   Hark The Herald
  Turtles, The                Brad & Chely            Angels Sing;
Happy Trails;                 Wright                  Christmas
  Rogers, Roy &             Hard To Be Humble;      Hark! The Herald
  Dale Evans                  Davis, Mac              Angels Sing;
Happy ; Ashanti             Hard To Handle;           Christmas
Harbor Lights;                Black Crowes          The Harlem Shuffle;
  Platters, The             Hard To Handle;           Rolling Stones, The
Harbor Lights;                Black Crowes, The     Harmony; Elton John
  Standard                  Hard To Handle;         Harmony; John,
  Reminiscing                 Redding, Otis           Elton
Hard; Rihanna &             Hard To Handle;         Harper Valley P.T.A.;
  Jeezy                       Black Crowes, The       Riley, Jeannie C
Hard Call To Make;          Hard To Handle;         Harper Valley Pta;
  Harter, J Michael           Black Crowes, The       Riley, Jeannie C.
A Hard Days Night;          Hard To Say; Sawyer     Harrigan; Irish Songs
  Beatles, The                Brown                 Harris, Calvin; I'm
Hard Habit To               Hard To Say I'm           Not Alone
  Break; Chicago              Sorry; Chicago        Harry Chapin; Cats
Hard Habit To               Hard To Say I'm           In The Cradle
  Break; Chicago              Sorry; Chicago        Harry Connick Jr; It
Hard Headed                 Hard Trials Will          Had To Be You
  Woman; Stevens,             Soon Be Over;         harry connick jr; it
  Cat                         Cathedrals, The         had to be you
Hard Headed                 The Hard Way;           Harry, Debbie; I
  Woman; Stevens,             Carpenter, Mary         Want That Man
  Cat                         Chapin                Harry, Debbie;
Hard Headed                 Hard Workin' Man;         French Kissin' In
  Woman; Presley,             Brooks & Dunn           The USA
  Elvis                     Hard Workin' Man;       Hart, Freddie; Easy
Hard Knocks; Elvis            Brooks & Dunn           Loving
  Presley                   Harden My Heart;        Has Anybody Seen
Hard Lovin' Woman;            Quarterflash            My Gypsy Rose;
  Collie, Mark              Harden My Heart;          Newton, Wayne
Hard Luck Woman;              Quarterflash          Has Anybody Talked
  Brooks, Garth             Harden My Heart;          To Jesus Lately;
Hard Luck Woman;              Quarterflash            Lambert, Amy
  Brooks, Garth             Harder Cards;           Hash Pipe; Weezer
Hard Luck Woman;              Rogers, Kenny         Hash Pipe; Weezer
  Kiss                      Harder They Come;       Hasta Ayer; Spanish-
Hard Luck Woman;              Cliff, Jimmy            Anthony, Marc
  Kiss                      Harder To Breathe;      Hasta Manana;
Hard Rock Bottom              Maroon 5                ABBA
  Of Your Heart;            The Hardest Thing;      Hate It Or Love It;
  Travis, Randy               98 Degrees              Game, The & 50
Hard Sun; Vedder,           The Hardest Thing;        Cent
  Eddie                       98 Degrees            Hate Me; Blue
                            The Hardest Thing;        October
                              98 Degrees


Hate That I Love             Have You Ever Seen      He Ain't Never Done
  You; Rihanna &               The Rain;               Me Nothin' But
  NeYo                         Creedence               Good; Gospel-
Hate That I Love               Clearwater Revival      Bluegrass
  You; Rihanna feat.         Have You Ever Seen      He Ain't Never Done
  NeYo                         The Rain; Stewart,      Me Notin' But
Hate To Say I Told             Rod                     Good; Isaacs, The
  You So; Hives,             Have You Ever Seen      He Ain't The Leavin'
  The                          The Rain;               Kind; Rascal
Haunted Heart;                 Creedence               Flatts, The
  Kershaw, Sammy               Clearwater Revival    He Ain't Worth
Hava Nagila; Jewish          Have You Forgotten;       Missing; Keith,
  Traditional                  Worley, Darryl          Toby
Have A Heart; Raitt,         Have You Never          He Ain't Worth
  Bonnie                       Been Mellow;            Missing; Keith,
Have A Little Faith            Newton-john, Olivia     Toby
  In Me; Moore,              Have You Seen Her;      He Broke The
  Mandy                        Chi-Lites, The          Chains;
Have I Told You              Have Yourself A           Inspirations, The
  Lately; Morrison,            Merry Little          He Calms Me;
  Van                          Christmas;              McKameys, The
Have I Told You                Christmas             He Came Looking
  Lately That I Love         Have Yourself A           For Me; Crabb
  You; Ritter, Tex             Merry Little            Family, The
Have I told you                Christmas;            He Can Only Hold
  lately that I love           Christmas               Her; Winehouse,
  you; Elvis Presley         Haven't Met You           Amy
Have I Told You                Yet; Buble, Michael   He Could Be The
  Lately That I Love         Having A Party;           One; Cotton, Josie
  You; Stewart, Rod            Stewart, Rod          He Didn't Have To
Have Mercy; Judds,           Having A Party;           Be; Paisley, Brad
  The                          Southside Johnny      He Didn't Have To
Have Mercy; Judds,           Having A Party;           Be; Paisley, Brad
  The                          Cooke, Sam            He Didn't Have To
Have You Ever; S             Having A Party;           Be; Paisley, Brad
  Club 7                       Cooke, Sam            He Don't Love You
Have You Ever;               Having My Baby;           (Like I Love You);
  Brandy                       Anka, Paul              Orlando, Tony &
Have You Ever Been           Having My Baby;           Dawn
  In Love; Dion,               Anka, Paul            He Drinks Tequila;
  Celine                     Having My Baby;           Morgan, Lorrie &
Have You Ever Been             Anka, Paul              Sammy Kershaw
  Mellow; Newton-            Hawaiian Sunset;        He Drinks Tequila;
  John, Olivia                 Elvis Presley           Morgan, Lorrie &
Have You Ever                Hawaiian Wedding          Sammy Kershaw
  Loved A Woman;               Song; Presley,        He Gets That From
  Derek And The                Elvis                   Me; McEntire,
  Dominos                    Hay Ya; Outkast           Reba
Have You Ever                Hazardous; Amorosi,     He Has Forgiven Me;
  Loved A Woman;               Vanessa                 Carbaugh, Damaris
  Derek and The              He Ain't Heavy, He's    He Has Made Me
  Dominos                      My Brother;             Glad; CCLI
Have You Ever                  Hollies, The          He Hates Me; Johns,
  Needed Someone                                       Sarah
  So Bad; Def                                        He Hideth My Soul;
  Leppard                                              All Star Quartet


He Is; Headley,              He Thinks I Still        Head Over Heels;
  Heather                      Care; Murray,            Tears For Fears
He Left A Lot To Be            Anne                   Head To Toe; Lisa
  Desired; Ricochet          He Touched Me;             Lisa & The Cult
He Lifts Me; Issacs,           Gaithers, The            Jam
  The                        He Touched me;           Headlines
He Looked Beyond               Streisand, Barbra        (Friendship Never
  My Fault; Perry            He Understands My          Ends); Spice Girls
  Sisters, The                 Tears; Gospel-         Heads Carolina,
He Loves And She               Bluegrass                Tails California;
  Loves; Standard            He Walked On               Jo Dee Messina
He Loves Me All The            Water; Travis,         Heads Carolina,
  Way; Wynette,                Randy                    Tails California;
  Tammy                      He Was Really              Messina, Jo Dee
He Loves U Not;                Sayin' Somethin';      Headstrong; Trapt
  Dream                        Velvelettes, The       Headstrong; Trapt
He Loves U Not;              He Wasn't; Lavigne,      Heal The World;
  Dream                        Avril                    Jackson, Michael
He Oughta Know               He Wasn't Man            The Healer; Talley
  That By Now;                 Enough; Braxton,         Trio, The
  Womack, Lee Ann              Toni w/vocal           Healing Hands;
He Pilots My Ship;           He Wasn't Man              John, Elton
  Hinsons, The                 Enough; Braxton,       Healing Hands Of
He Reigns; Franklin,           Toni                     Time; Nelson,
  Kirk                       He Wasn't Man              Willie
He Reigns;                     Enough; Toni           Healthy Snacks;
  Newsboys, The                Braxton                  Blue's Clues
He Rolled Back The           He Wasn't Man            Heard 'em All;
  Stone; Nelons, The           Enough; Braxton,         Amerie
He Saw It All; Booth           Toni                   Heard 'em Say;
  Brothers, The              He Wasn't Man              West, Kanye &
He Still Looks Over            Enough; Braxton,         Adam Levine
  Me; Gospel-                  Toni                   Heard It All Before;
  Bluegrass                  He Will Break Your         Anderson,
He Still Rolls The             Heart; Butler, Jerry     Sunshine
  Stone Away;                He Will Carry Me;        Heard It In A Love
  Spencers, The                Schultz, Mark            Song; Marshall
He Stopped Loving            He Will She Knows;         Tucker Band, The
  Her Today; Jones,            Rogers, Kenny          Heard The World; O
  George                     He Would Be                AR
He Stopped Loving              Sixteen; Wright,       Heart; Crazy On You
  Her Today; Jones,            Michelle               heart; these dreams
  George                     He´ll have to go;        Heart & Soul; T'Pau
He Talks To Me;                Elvis Presley          Heart (I Hear You
  Morgan, Lorrie             Head Games;                Beating); Newton,
He Talks To Me;                Foreigner                Wayne
  Morgan, Lorrie             Head Games;              Heart And Soul;
He Thinks He'll                Foreigner                T'Pau
  Keep Her;                  Head On Collision;       Heart And Soul;
  Carpenter, Mary              New Found Glory          Standard
  Chapin                     Head Over Feet;          Heart And Soul;
He Thinks He'll                Morissette, Alanis       Lewis, Huey & The
  Keep Her;                  Head Over Heels;           News
  Carpenter, Mary              Tears For Fears        Heart And Soul; Four
  Chapin                     Head Over Heels;           Aces, The
                               Tears For Fears


Heart Half Empty;            Heartaches By The      Hearts Desire;
  Herndon, Ty                  Number; Guy            Parnell, Lee Roy
Heart Hold On;                 Mitchell             The Heat Is On; Frey,
  Buffalo Club               Heartbeat; Holly,        Glenn
The Heart Is A                 Buddy                Heat Of The
  Lonely Hunter;             Heartbeat; Steps,        Moment; Asia
  McEntire, Reba               The                  Heat Of The Night;
The Heart Is A               Heartbeat; Michael,      Adams, Bryan
  Lonely Hunter;               George               Heat Wave; Martha &
  McEntire, Reba             Heartbeat; Holly,        The Vandellas
The Heart Is Blind;            Buddy                Heat Wave;
  Twain, Shania              Heartbreak Hill;         Ronstadt, Linda
Heart Of Glass;                Emmylou Harris       Heathers Wall;
  Blondie                    Heartbreak Hotel;        Herndon, Ty
Heart Of Glass;                Houston, Whitney     heatwave; boogie
  Blondie                      & Faith Evans &        nights
Heart Of Gold;                 Kelly Price          Heaven; Los Lonely
  Young, Neil                Heartbreak Hotel;        Boys
Heart Of Gold;                 Houston, Whitney     Heaven; Adams,
  Young, Neil                  & Faith Evans &        Bryan
Heart Of Gold;                 Kelly Price          Heaven; Mark
  Young, Neil                Heartbreak Hotel;        Trammel Trio, The
The Heart Of Matter;           Houston, Whitney     Heaven; Dj Sammy &
  Henley, Don                Heartbreak Hotel;        Yanou
Heart Of Rock &                Houston, Whitney     Heaven; Live
  Roll; Lewis, Huey          Heartbreak Hotel;      Heaven 17;
  & The News                   Presley, Elvis         Temptation (Male
Heart Of Rock And            Heartbreak Town;         Solo)
  Roll; Lewis, Huey            Dixie Chicks         Heaven 17;
  & The News                 Heartbreak Town;         Temptation (Duet)
Heart Of Rome; Elvis           Dixie Chicks         Heaven Bound;
  Presley                    Heartbreak U.S.A.;       Shenandoah
Heart Of Stone; Cher           Wells, Kitty         Heaven Help Me;
The Heart Of The             Heartbreaker;            Judd, Wynonna
  Matter; Henley,              Warwick, Dionne      Heaven Is A
  Don                        Heartbreaker; Led        Halfpipe; Opm
The Heart Of                   Zeppelin             Heaven Is A Place
  Worship; Smith,            Heartbreaker; Led        On Earth; Carlisle,
  Michael W.                   Zeppelin               Belinda
The Heart Of                 Heartbreaker; Carey,   Heaven Is A Place
  Worship; Gospel              Mariah & Jay-Z         On Earth; Carlisle,
Heart Over Mind;             Heartbreaker; Carey,     Belinda
  Morgan, Lorrie               Mariah & Jay-z       Heaven Knows;
Heart Trouble;               Heartbreaker;            Hicks, Taylor
  McBride, Martina             Benatar, Pat         Heaven Knows;
The Heart Won't Lie;         Heartbroke Every         Grass Roots
  Mcentire, Reba &             Day; Lonestar        Heaven Must Be
  Vince Gill                 Heartland; Strait,       Missing An Angel;
The Heart Won't Lie;           George                 Tavares
  McEntire, Reba &           Heartland; Strait,     Heaven Must Have
  Vince Gill                   George                 Sent You; Elgins,
Heartache Tonight;           Heartless; West,         The
  Eagles, The                  Kanye                Heaven On Earth
Heartaches By The            Heartless; West,         Down Here;
  Number; Ray Price            Kanye                  Mitchell, Beverley


Heaven Sent;                  Hello Again;             Help Is On The Way;
  Keyshia Cole                  Diamond, Neil            Lawson, Doyle &
Heaven's Avenue;              Hello Darlin'; Twitty,     Quicksilver
  Perry Sisters, The            Conway                 Help Me; Carter, Nick
Heaven's Child;               Hello Darlin'; Twitty,   Help Me Hold On;
  Christmas-Martins,            Conway                   Tritt, Travis
  The                         Hello Darlin'; Twitty,   Help Me Hold On;
Heavens Just A Sin              Conway                   Tritt, Travis
  Away; Kendalls,             Hello Dolly; Show        Help Me Make It
  The                           Tunes                    Through The
Heaven's Just A Sin           Hello Dolly;               Night; Elvis
  Away; Kendalls,               Armstrong, Louis         Presley
  The                         Hello God; Parton,       Help Me Make It
Heaven's What I                 Dolly                    Through The
  Feel; Estefan,              Hello Hello; AC/DC         Night; Smith,
  Gloria                      Hello Hooray;              Sammi
Heavy; Collective               Cooper, Alice          Help Me Make It
  Soul                        Hello I Love You;          Through The
Heavy Things; Phish             Doors, The               Night; Smith,
He'd Still Been God;          Hello In Heaven;           Sammi
  Freemans, The                 Freemans, The          Help Me
Held; Grant, Natalie          Hello It's Me;             Understand;
Helena; My Chemical             Rundgren, Todd           Adkins, Trace
  Romance                     Hello It's Me;           Help Me, Rhonda;
Hell; Squirrel Nut              Rundgren, Todd           Beach Boys, The
  Zippers                     Hello L O V E;           Help Pour Out The
He'll Be Back;                  Montgomery, John         Rain (Lacey's
  Womack, Lee Ann               Michael                  Song); Jewell,
He'll Do It Again;            Hello L O V E;             Buddy
  Wheaton, Karen                Montgomery, John       Help Somebody;
He'll Have To Go;               Michael                  Van Zant
  Reeves, Jim                 Hello L O V E;           Helping Me Get Over
He'll Have To Go;               Montgomery, John         You; Tritt, Travis &
  Reeves, Jim                   Michael                  Lari White
Hell Is For Children;         Hello Mama;              Helpless When She
  Benatar, Pat                  Jackson, Vern            Smiles; Backstreet
Hell Is For Children;         Hello Mary Lou;            Boys
  Benatar, Pat                  Nelson, Ricky          Helplessly
Hell Is For Children;         Hello Mary Lou;            Hopelessly;
  Benatar, Pat                  Nelson, Ricky            Andrews, Jessica
The Hell Song; Sum            Hello Muddah Hello       Hemorrage (In My
  41 w/vocal                    Faddah (A Letter         Hands); Fuel
The Hell Song; Sum              From Camp);            Hemorrhage (In My
  41                            Sherman, Alan            Hands); Fuel
Hell Yeah; Gentry,            Hello Walls; Young,      Hendrix, Jimi; You
  Montgomery                    Faron                    Got Me Floating
Hella Good; No                Hello, I Love You;       Hendrix, Jimi; All
  Doubt                         Doors, The               Along The
The Hellion Electric          Hellraiser; Sweet,         Watchtower
  Eye; Judas Priest             The                    henley, don; all she
Hello; Evanescence            Hells Bells; AC/DC         wants to do is
Hello; Evanescence            Hell's Bells; AC/DC        dance
Hello; Richie, Lionel         Help; Beatles, The       henley, don; new
Hello Again;                  Help Is On It's Way;       york minute
  Diamond, Neil                 Little River Band,


Henry Cartwright's           Here For You;          Here We Are;
  Prayer & Produce             Firehouse              Alabama
  Stand; Tomlinson,          Here I Am; Loveless,   Here We Are;
  Trent                        Patty                  Estefan, Gloria
Her; Tippin, Aaron           Here I Am; Adams,      Here We Are;
Her Eyes; Monahan,             Bryan                  Estefan, Gloria
  Pat                        Here I Am; Loveless,   Here We Come A
Her Eyes; Monoghan,            Patty                  Wassailing;
  Pat                        Here I Am; Ub40          Christmas
Her Man; Allan, Gary         Here I Am (Come        Here We Go Again;
Here & Now; Steps,             And Take Me);          Charles, Ray and
  The                          UB40                   Nora Jones
Here (In Your Arms);         Here I Am (Come        Here We Go Around
  Hellogoodbye                 And Take Me);          The Mulberry
Here Am I; MercyMe             UB40                   Bush; Children's
Here And Now;                Here I Am (Just          Songs
  Vandross, Luther             When I Thought I     Here We Go Looby
Here And Now;                  Was Over You);         Loo; Children's
  Vandross, Luther             Air Supply             Songs
Here By Me; 3 Doors          Here I Go Again;       Here With Me; Dido
  Down                         Mario                Here With Me; Mercy
Here Comes                   HERE I GO AGAIN;         Me
  Goodbye; Rascal              WHITESNAKE           Here With Me;
  Flatts                     Here I Go Again;         Mercyme
Here Comes My                  Whitesnake           Here With Me; Dido
  Baby; Mavericks            Here I Go Again;       Here With Me; Dido
Here Comes Santa               Casting Crowns       Here With Me; Dido
  Claus; Christmas           Here I Go Again;       Here Without You; 3
Here Comes Santa               Whitesnake             Doors Down
  Claus; Elvis               Here I Go Again;       Here Without You;
  Presley                      Morgan, Lorrie         Three Doors Down
Here Comes Santa             Here I Go Again;       Here Without You; 3
  Claus; Traditional           Whitesnake             Doors Down
Here Comes The               Here I Go Again;       Here You Come
  Hotstepper;                  Whitesnake             Again; Parton,
  Kamoze, Ini                Here In The Real         Dolly
Here Comes The                 World; Jackson,      Here, There &
  Night; Morrison,             Alan                   Everywhere; Dion,
  Van                        Here In Your Arms;       Celine
Here Comes The                 Hellogoodbye         Here, There &
  Rain Again;                Here Is Gone; Goo        Everywhere; Dion,
  Mavericks, The               Goo Dolls, The         Celine
Here Comes The               Here Is Gone; Goo      Here, There &
  Rain Again;                  Goo Dolls, The         Everywhere; Dion,
  Mavericks, The             Here Is Gone; Goo        Celine
Here Comes The                 Goo Dolls            Here, There And
  Sun; Harley, Steve         Here Is Gone; Goo        Everywhere;
  & Cockney Rebel              Goo Dolls              Beatles, The
Here Comes The               Here It Goes Again;    Here's A Quarter;
  Sun; Beatles, The            Ok Go                  Tritt, Travis
Here Comes Those             Here There And         Here's A Quarter;
  Tears Again;                 Everywhere;            Tritt, Travis
  Browne, Jackson              Mccartney, Paul      Here's A Quarter;
Here For The Party;          Here To Stay; Korn       Tritt, Travis
  Wilson, Gretchen           Here To Stay; Korn


Here's A Quarter             Hero; Verve Pipe       He's Still Passing
  (Call Someone              Hero; Kroeger, Chad      By; Gospel-
  Who Cares); Tritt,           & Josey Scott          Bluegrass
  Travis                     Hero Heroine; Boys     He's Still Passing
Here's A Quarter               Like Girls             By; Primitive
  (Call Someone              Hero Heroine; Boys       Quartet
  Who Cares); Tritt,           Like Girls           He's Still Waiting By
  Travis                     Heroes; Shinedown        The Well; Greater
Here's That Rainy            Heroes; Isaacs, The      Vision
  Day; Davis Jr.,            Heroes; Wallflowers    He's Still Working
  Sammy                      Heroes; Wallflowers,     On Me; Children's
Here's To The Night;           The                    Songs
  Eve 6                      Heroes; Wallflowers,   He's Watching Me;
Here's To The Night;           The                    Gaither Vocal
  Eve 6 w/vocal              Heroes; Bowie, David     Band, The
Here's To The Night;         He's A Heartache;      Hey Baby; No Doubt
  Eve 6                        Frickie, Janie       Hey Baby; No Doubt
Herida; Spanish-             He's A Jolly Good      Hey Baby; No Doubt
  Starr, Brenda K.             Fellow; Standard       & Bounty Killer
Hernandez, Miriam;           He's A Rebel;          Hey Bartender;
  Un Hombre                    Crystals               Blues Brothers
  Secreto                    He's A Rebel;          Hey Bartender;
Hernandez, Patrick;            Crystals, The          Blues Brothers,
  Born To Be Alive           He's A Rebel;            The
Hernando's                     Crystals, The        Hey Bartender; Lee,
  Hideaway; Damn             He's Alive; Parton,      Johnny
  Yankees                      Dolly                Hey Diddle Diddle;
Herndon, Ty;                 He's Alive; Talley,      Children's Songs
  Heather's Wall               Lauren               Hey Diddle Diddle;
Herndon, Ty; No              He's Flying;             Children's Songs
  Mercy                        Spongebob Square     Hey Diddle Diddle;
Hero; Kroeger, Chad            Pants                  Various Artists
  & Josey Scott              He's Got The Whole     Hey Diddle Diddle;
Hero; Kroeger, Chad            World; London,         Children's Songs
  & Josey Scott                Laurie               Hey Good Lookin';
Hero; Carey, Mariah          He's Got The Whole       Buffett & Black &
Hero; Enrique                  World; Children's      Chesney &
  Iglasias                   He's Got The Whole       Jackson & Keith &
Hero; Iglesias,                World In His           Strait
  Enrique                      Hands; Children's    Hey Jealous Lover;
Hero; Kroeger, Chad            Songs                  Sinatra, Frank
  & Josey Scott              He's Got You;          Hey Jealous Lover;
Hero; Carey, Mariah            Brooks & Dunn          Sinatra, Frank
Hero; Carey, Mariah          He's Mine; Mokenstef   Hey Jealousy; Gin
Hero; Superchick             He's My Son;             Blossoms, The
Hero; Carey, Mariah            Schultz, Mark        Hey Joe; Hendrix,
Hero; Carey, Mariah          He's Not On His          Jimi
Hero; Carey, Mariah            Knees Yet;           Hey Joe; Hendrix,
Hero; Kroeger, Chad            Winans, CeCe           Jimi
  & Josey Scott              He's So Fine;          Hey Joe; Hendrix,
Hero; Iglesias,                Chiffons, The          Jimi
  Enrique                    He's So Shy; Pointer   Hey Joe; Hendrix,
Hero; Carey, Mariah            Sisters, The           Jimi
Hero; X Factor               He's Still On The      Hey Joe; Hendrix,
  Finalists                    Throne; Gold City      Jimi
Hero; Carey, Mariah


Hey Joe; Hendrix,            Hey There Delilah;       Hidden Heroes;
  Jimi                         Plain White T's          Fairchild, Barbara
hey jude; elvis              Hey There Lonely         Hide U; Kosheen
  presley                      Girl; Holman,          Higgins, Bertie; Key
Hey Jude; Beatles,             Eddie                    Largo
  The                        Hey Whatever;            High; Blunt, James
Hey Leonardo;                  Westlife               High And Dry;
  Blessed Union Of           Hey Ya; Outkast            Radiohead
  Souls, The                 Hey Ya! (Radio           High Cost Of Living;
Hey Leonardo (She              Version); Outkast        Johnson, Jamey
  Likes Me For Me);          Hey Ya! (Radio           High Enough; Damn
  Blessid Uniion Of            Version); Outkast        Yankees
  Souls                      Hey Ya! (Radio           High Enough; Damn
Hey Little Girl; Bad           Version); Outkast        Yankees
  Manners                    Hey You; Pink Floyd      High Hopes; Sinatra,
Hey Loretta; Loretta         Hey! Baby; Channel,        Frank
  Lynn                         Bruce                  High Hopes; Sinatra,
Hey Love; Wonder,            Hey, Good Lookin';         Frank
  Stevie                       Williams, Hank         High Hopes; Pink
Hey Lover; LL Cool J         Hey, Soul Sister;          Floyd
Hey Ma; Cam'ron &              Train                  High Lonesome;
  Juelz                      Hey, Soul Sister;          Hughes, Jedd
Hey Mama; Black                Train                  High Lonesome
  Eyed Peas, The             Hey, Won't You             Sound; Gill, Vince
Hey Mama; Black                Play; Thomas, BJ       High Maintenance
  Eyed Peas, The             Hi De Ho That Old          Woman; Toby
Hey Mama; Black                Sweet Roll; Blood        Keith
  Eyed Peas                    Sweat & Tears          High Maintenance
Hey Man Nice Shot;           Hi Hi Hi; Wings            Woman; Toby
  Filter                     Hi, Hi, Hi; McCartney,     Keith
Hey MR Dj (Keep                Paul & Wings           High On Love;
  Playin' This               Hickory Dickory            Loveless, Patty
  Song); Backstreet            Dock; Children's       High School Never
  Boys, The & N                Songs                    Ends; Bowling For
  Sync                       Hickory Dickory            Soup
Hey Mr. President;             Dock; Children's       High School Never
  Warren Brothers              Songs                    Ends; Bowling For
Hey Nineteen; Steely         Hickory Dickory            Soup
  Dan                          Dock; Various          High Time; Jones,
Hey Pachuco; Royal             Artists                  Paul
  Crown Revue                Hickory Dickory          High Time We Went;
Hey Paula; Paul &              Dock; Various            Joe Cocker
  Paula                        Artists                High Time We Went;
Hey Porter; Cash,            Hickory Dickory            Cocker, Joe
  Johnny                       Dock; Children's       High, Low And In
Hey Pretty; Poe                Songs                    Between; Wills,
Hey There Delilah;           Hicktown; Aldean,          Mark
  Plain White T's              Jason                  Higher; Creed
Hey There Delilah;           Hidden Agenda;           Higher; Creed
  Plain White T's              David, Craig           Higher; Creed
Hey There Delilah;           Hidden Agenda;           Higher; Creed
  Plain White T's              David, Craig           Higher; Creed
Hey There Delilah;           Hidden Agenda;           Higher; Creed
  Plain White T's              David, Craig           Higher; Creed
Hey There Delilah;           Hidden Agenda;           Higher; Creed
  Plain White T's              David, Craig


Higher & Higher;                Hill, Faith & Tim         His Life For Mine;
  Wilson, Jackie                  Mcgraw; Just To           Talley Trio
Higher & Higher;                  Hear You Say That       His Name Is Jesus;
  Wilson, Jackie                  You Love Me               Christmas-Nelons,
Higher And Higher;              Hillbillies; Hot Apple      The
  Coolidge, Rita                  Pie                     History in the
Higher Ground;                  Hillbilly Bone;             Making; Darius
  UB40                            Shelton, Blake &          Rucker
Higher Ground;                    Trace Adkins            History In The
  Ub40                          Hillbilly Deluxe;           Making; Rucker,
Higher Ground;                    Brooks & Dunn             Darius
  Wonder, Stevie                Hillbilly Heart;          Hit me with your
Higher Ground; Red                Rodriguez, Johnny         best shot; Pat
  Hot Chili Peppers             HILLBILLY NATION;           benator
Higher Love;                      COWBOY CRUSH            Hit 'Em Up Style;
  Winwood, Steve                Hillbilly Rock; Stuart,     Cantrell, Blu
Highway 20 Ride;                  Marty                   Hit 'Em Up Style;
  Zac Brown Band                Hillbilly Shoes;            Cantrell, Blu
Highway Star; Deep                Gentry,                 Hit 'em Up Style;
  Purple                          Montgomery                Cantrell, Blu
Highway To Hell;                Hilson, Keri & Kanye      Hit 'em Up Style;
  AC/DC                           West & Ne-Yo;             Cantrell, Blu
Highwayman;                       Knock You Down          Hit 'Em Up Style
  Highwaymen, The               Hip Hop Hooray;             (Oops!); Cantrell,
Hill, Faith; Secret Of            Naughty By Nature         Blu
  Life                          Hip Hop Hooray;           Hit 'em Up Style
Hill, Faith; Breathe              Naughty By Nature         (Oops!); Cantrell,
Hill, Faith; Breathe            Hip To Be Square;           Blu
Hill, Faith; Let's Go             Huey Lewis & The        Hit 'em Up Style
  To Vegas                        News                      (Oops!); Cantrell,
Hill, Faith; Breathe            Hip To Be Square;           Blu
Hill, Faith; Secret Of            Lewis, Huey & The       Hit 'Em Up Style
  Life, The                       News                      (Oops!); Cantrell,
Hill, Faith; There              Hippy Hippy Shake;          Blu
  You'll Be                       Swinging Blue           Hit 'Em Up Style
Hill, Faith; I Got My             Jeans                     (Oops!); Cantrell,
  Baby                          Hips Don't Lie;             Blu
Hill, Faith; This Kiss            Shakira                 Hit 'Em Up Style
Hill, Faith; Take Me            Hips Don't Lie;             (Oops!); Cantrell,
  As I Am                         Shakira & Wyclef          Blu
Hill, Faith; Piece Of             Jean                    Hit Me With Your
  My Heart                      His Blood No                Best Shot;
Hill, Faith; Wild One             Longer Leaves A           Benatar, Pat
Hill, Faith; It Matters           Stain; Greenes,         Hit Me With Your
  To Me                           The                       Best Shot;
Hill, Faith; This Kiss          His Eye Is On The           Benatar, Pat
Hill, Faith; Let's Go             Sparrow; Jackson,       Hit Me With Your
  To Vegas                        Mahalia                   Best Shot;
Hill, Faith; You Give           His Eye Is On The           Benatar, Pat
  Me Love                         Sparrow; Harris,        Hit Me With Your
Hill, Faith & Tim                 Larnell                   Best Shot;
  McGraw; Let's                 His Hand In Mine;           Benatar, Pat
  Make Love                       Roberson, Carroll       Hit Me With Your
                                His Latest Flame;           Best Shot;
                                  Presley, Elvis            Benatar, Pat


Hit Me With Your             Hold Me Down; Lee,      Hold On; Wilson
  Best Shot;                   Tommy                   Phillips
  Benatar, Pat               Hold Me Now;            Hold On; Phillips,
Hit Me With Your               Thompson Twins,         Wilson
  Best Shot;                   The                   Hold On; Sam &
  Benatar, Pat               Hold Me Now;              Dave
Hit Me With Your               Thompson Twins,       Hold On; Wilson
  Best Shot;                   The                     Phillips
  Benatar, Pat               Hold Me Now;            Hold On; Good
Hit Me With Your               Thompson Twins,         Charlotte
  Best Shot;                   The                   Hold On I'm Comin';
  Benatar, Pat               Hold Me Now;              Sam & Dave
Hit Me With Your               Thompson Twins        Hold On I'm Comin';
  Best Shot;                 Hold Me While I Cry;      Sam & Dave
  Benatar, Pat                 Peck, Karen & New     Hold On Loosely; 38
Hit Me With Your               River                   Special
  Best Shot;                 Hold Me, Thrill Me,     Hold On Loosely; 38
  Benatar, Pat                 Kiss Me; Mel            Special
Hit Me With Your               Carter                Hold On Tight;
  Best Shot;                 Hold Me, Thrill Me,       Electric Light
  Benatar, Pat                 Kiss Me, Kill Me;       Orchestra, The
Hit Me With Your               U2                    Hold On To Hope;
  Best Shot;                 Hold My Hand;             Ruppes, The
  Benatar, Pat                 Hootie & The          Hold On To Me;
Hit That; Off Spring           Blowfish                Palmer, Rissi
Hit The Freeway;             Hold My Hand;           Hold On To Me;
  Braxton, Toni                Hootie & The            Montgomery, John
Hit The Road Jack;             Blowfish                Michael
  Charles, Ray               Hold My Hand;           Hold On To Our
Hit The Road Jack;             Hootie & The            Love; Fox, James
  Charles, Ray                 Blowfish              Hold On To The
Hit The Road Jack;           Hold My Hand;             Nights; Marx,
  Charles, Ray                 Hootie & The            Richard
Hit The Road Jack;             Blowfish              Hold On, I'm Comin';
  Charles, Ray               Hold My Hand;             Sam & Dave
Hitch Hike; Gaye,              Hootie & The          Hold On, I'm
  Marvin                       Blowfish                Comin'1; Sam &
Hits From The Bong;          Hold My Hand;             Dave
  Cypress Hill                 Hootie & The          Hold The Line; Toto
Hokey Pokey;                   Blowfish              Hold Up; Lee,
  Traditional                Hold My Hand;             Murphy
The Hokey Pokey;               Hootie & The          Hold Up A Light;
  Various Artists              Blowfish                Take That
The Hokey Pokey;             Hold On; McLachlan,     Hold Your Head Up;
  Standard                     Sarah                   Argent
The Hokey Pokey;             Hold On; Tunstall, KT   Holdin'; Diamond Rio
  Children's Songs           Hold On; Tunstall, KT   Holdin' Heaven;
The Hokey Pokey;             Hold On; Good             Byrd, Tracy
  Anthony, Ray                 Charlotte             Holdin' Heaven;
Hold Me; Robertson,          Hold On; Wilson           Byrd, Tracy
  B.A. & Maggie Bell           Phillips              Holdin' On To
Hold Me; Savage              Hold On; Buble,           Something;
  Garden                       Michael                 Carson, Jeff
Hold Me; Fleetwood           Hold On; Good           Holdin' You; Wilson,
  Mac                          Charlotte               Gretchen


Holding Back The              Holiday; Rascal,         Holly Holy; Diamond,
  Years; Simply Red             Dizzee                   Neil
Holding Back The              Holiday; Scorpions,      Holly Jolly
  Years; Simply Red             The                      Christmas;
Holding Back The              Holiday, Billie;           Christmas-Ives,
  Years; Simply Red             Tweedle Dee              Burl
Holding Back The              Holiday, Billie; It      Holly Leaves And
  Years; Simply Red             Might As Well Be         Christmas Trees;
Holding Hands;                  Spring                   Elvis Presley
  Standard                    Holiday, Billie;         Holly, Buddy; It
Holding Out For A               Moonlight In             Doesn't Matter
  Hero; Tyler, Bonnie           Vermont                  Anymore
Holding Out For A             Holiday, Billie; Misty   Holly, Buddy;
  Hero; Tyler, Bonnie         Holiday, Billie; God       Raining In My
Holding Out For A               Bless The Child          Heart
  Hero; Tyler, Bonnie         Holiday, Billie; Them    Holly, Buddy; Brown
Hole Hearted;                   There Eyes               Eyed Handsome
  Extreme, The                Holiday, Billie;           Man
Hole Hearted;                   Strange Fruit          Hollywood;
  Extreme                     Holiday, Billie; Crazy     Collective Soul
Hole In My Heart;               He Calls Me            Hollywood; Madonna
  Blackhawk                   Holiday, Billie; Don't   Hollywood Nights;
Hole In My Pocket;              Explain                  Seger, Bob & The
  Ricky Van Shelton           Holiday, Billie; What      Silver Bullet Band
Hole In My Soul;                A Difference A Day     Hollywood Nights;
  Aerosmith                     Makes                    Seger, Bob & The
Hole In The Head;             Holiday, Billie; Good      Silver Bullet Band
  Sugababes                     Morning Heartache      Hollywood
Hole In The Head;             Holiday, Billie;           Swinging; Kool &
  Sugababes                     Harbour Lights           The Gang
Hole In The Head;             Holiday, Billie; My      Hollywood's Not
  Sugababes                     Man                      America; Ferras
The Hole; Travis,             Holiday, Billie;         Holy; Nordeman,
  Randy                         You've Changed           Nichole
Holes In The Floor            Hollaback Girl;          Holy Diver; Dio,
  Of Heaven;                    Stefani, Gwen            Ronnie James
  Wariner, Steve              Hollaback Girl;          Holy Spirit, Come
Holes In The Floor              Stefani, Gwen            And Fill This
  Of Heaven;                  Hollaback Girl;            Place; Winans,
  Wariner, Steve                Stefani, Gwen            Cece
Holes In The Floor            Hollaback Girl;          Holy Spirit, Come
  Of Heaven; Steve              Gwen Stefani             Fill This Place;
  Wariner                     Hollaback Girl*;           Winans, CeCe
Holes In The Floor              Stefani, Gwen          Holy Water; Big &
  Of Heaven;                  Holler Back; Lost          Rich
  Wariner, Steve                Trailers               Holy Water; Big &
Holidae In; Chingy &          Holler Back; Lost          Rich
  Snoop Dogg,                   Trailers, The          Holy Water; Big &
  Ludacris                    Holler Back; Lost          Rich
Holidae In; Chingy,             Trailers, The          Holy Water; Big &
  Ludacris & Snoop            Hollies; The Air That      Rich
  Dogg                          I Breathe              Holy, Steve; Put Your
Holiday; Greenday             The Hollow; Perfect        Best Dress On
Holiday; Madonna                Circle, A              Holy,Holy, Holy;
Holiday; Bee Gees,            Holly Holy; Diamond,       Starnes, John
  The                           Neil


Home; Buble,                  Homeland; Rogers,      Honey Im Home;
  Michael                       Kenny                  Shania Twain
Home; Three Days              Homeless; Lewis,       Honey I'm Home;
  Grace                         Leona                  Twain, Shania
Home; Jackson, Alan           Homesick; MercyMe      Honey I'm Home;
Home; Shelton, Blake          Homesick; Mercy Me       Shania Twain
Home; Buble,                  Hometown Boy;          Honey I'm Home;
  Michael                       Restless Heart         Twain, Shania
Home; Daughtry                Hometown               Honey I'm Home;
Home; Daughtry                  Honeymoon;             Shania Twain
Home; Wiz                       Alabama              Honey I'm Home;
Home; Ross, Diana             Homeward Bound;          Twain, Shania
Home Ain't Where                Simon & Garfunkel    Honey I'm Home;
  His Heart Is;               Homeward Bound;          Twain, Shania
  Twain, Shania                 Simon & Garfunkel    Honey I'm Home;
Home Ain't Where              Homewrecker;             Twain, Shania
  His Heart Is;                 Wilson, Gretchen     Honey I'm Home;
  Twain, Shania               Homewrecker;             Twain, Shania
Home Ain't Where                Barnburners          Honeycomb;
  His Heart Is                Honestly; Cartel         Rodgers, Jimmie
  (Anymore); Twain,           Honestly; Isaacs,      Honeycomb;
  Shania                        The                    Rodgers, Jimmie
Home In My Heart              Honestly; Rimes,       Honeydrippers; Sea
  (North Carolina);             Leann                  Of Love
  Church, Claudia             Honestly; Zwan         Honeysuckle Rose;
Home Of The Blues;            Honestly (Write Me       Standard
  Cash, Johnny                  A List); Atkins,     Honeysuckle Rose;
Home On The                     Rodney                 Standard
  Range; Standard             Honesty; Joel, Billy   Honeysuckle Sweet;
Home On The                   Honesty; Joel, Billy     Alexander, Jessi
  Range; Various              Honesty; Joel, Billy   Honk If You Honky
  Artists                     Honesty; Joel, Billy     Tonk; Strait,
Home On The                   Honesty; Joel, Billy     George
  Range; Standard             Honesty; Joel, Billy   Honkey Tonk
Home On The                   Honesty; Joel, Billy     Attitude; Joe Diffie
  Range; Standard             Honesty (Write Me A    Honky Cat; John,
Home On The                     List); Rodney          Elton
  Range; Various                Atkins               Honky Cat; John,
  Artists                     Honey; Mariah Carey      Elton
Home On The                   Honey; Goldsboro,      Honky Tonk
  Range; Children's             Bobby                  America; Kershaw,
  Songs                       Honey; Carey,            Sammy
Home Sweet Holiday              Mariah               Honky Tonk
  Inn; Willmon, Trent         Honey; Goldsboro,        Attitude; Diffie,
Home Sweet Home;                Bobby                  Joe
  Underwood, Carrie           Honey; Goldsboro,      Honky Tonk Baby;
Home Sweet Home;                Bobby                  Ricochet
  Motley Crue                 Honey Do; Walker,      Honky Tonk
Home To Me; Kelley,             Mike                   Badonkadonk;
  Josh                        Honey Don't;             Adkins, Trace
Home To You;                    Perkins, Carl        Honky Tonk Blues;
  Montgomery, John            Honey Don't;             Hank Williams
  Michael                       Perkins, Carl        Honky Tonk Girl;
Homeland; Rogers,             Honey I Do; Leigh,       Hank Thompson
  Kenny                         Danni                Honky Tonk Moon;
                                                       Travis, Randy


Honky Tonk Myself            Hooker, John Lee;      Hot; Inna
  to Death; Jones,             One Bourbon, One     Hot & Cold; Perry,
  George                       Scotch, One Beer       Katy
Honky Tonk Song;             Hooker, John Lee;      Hot & Cold; Katy
  Jones, George                Boom Boom Boom         Perry
Honky Tonk Truth;            Hooker, John Lee;      Hot & Cold; Perry,
  Brooks & Dunn                I`m In The Mood        Katy
Honky Tonk Truth;            Hooray For             Hot Blooded;
  Brooks & Dunn                Hollywood; That's      Foreigner
Honky Tonk U; Keith,           Entertainment        Hot Blooded;
  Toby                       Hootie & The             Foreigner
Honky Tonk U; Toby             Blowfish; Let Her    Hot Blooded;
  Keith                        Cry                    Foreigner
Honky Tonk U; Toby           Hootie & The           Hot Blooded;
  Keith                        Blowfish; Sad          Foreigner
Honky Tonk U; Keith,           Caper                Hot Child In The
  Toby                       Hooverville; Annie       City; Gilder, Nick
Honky Tonk U; Keith,         Hopelessly Devoted     Hot Child In The
  Toby                         To You; Olivia         City; Gilder, Nick
Honky Tonk                     Newton & John        Hot Child In The
  Woman; Rolling               Travolta               City; Gilder, Nick
  Stones, The                Hopelessly Devoted     Hot Fudge; Williams,
Honky Tonk                     To You; Newton-        Robbie
  Women; Rolling               John, Olivia         Hot Fun In The
  Stones, The                Hopelessly Devoted       Summertime; Sly
Honky Tonk                     To You; Newton-        & The Family
  Women; Rolling               John, Olivia           Stone
  Stones, The                Hopelessly Devoted     Hot Fun In The
Honky Tonkin';                 To You; Newton-        Summertime; Sly
  Williams, Jr. Hank           John, Olivia           & The Family
Honky Tonkin's               Hopelessly Devoted       Stone
  What I Do Best;              To You; Newton-      Hot Girls In Love;
  Stuart, Marty &              John, Olivia           Loverboy
  Travis Tritt               Hopelessly Devoted     Hot Hot Hot;
Hoobastank;                    To You; John,          Poindexter, Buster
  Reason, The                  Olivia Newton        Hot Hot Hot;
Hoobastank; Out Of           Horny (Adult);           Poindexter, Buster
  Control                      Mousse T. & Hot 'N   Hot Hot Hot;
Hoobastank Feat.               Juicy                  Poindexter, Buster
  Vanessa Amorosi;           Horoscope; Wright,     Hot Hot Hot;
  The Letter                   Chely                  Poindexter, Buster
Hoochie Coochie              Horoscope; Wright,     Hot Hot Hot; Arrow
  Man; Muddy                   Chely                Hot Hot Hot;
  Waters                     A Horse With No          Poindexter, Buster
Hoochie Coochie                Name; America        Hot In Here; Nelly
  Man; Waters,               Horsepower;            Hot In Here; Nelly
  Muddy                        Ledoux, Chris        Hot In Here; Nelly
Hooked On A                  Hosanna; Franklin,     Hot In Here; Nelly
  Feeling; Thomas,             Kirk                 Hot In Here; Nelly
  BJ                         Hosanna; Gospel        Hot In Herre; Nelly
Hooked On A                  Hosanna; Franklin,     Hot In Herre; Nelly
  Feeling; Thomas,             Kirk                 Hot In The City; Idol,
  BJ                         Hot; Lavigne, Avril      Bill
Hooked On Music;             Hot; Avril Lavigne     Hot Legs; Stewart,
  Davis, Mac                 Hot; Lavigne, Avril      Rod
                             Hot; Lavigne, Avril


Hot Legs; Stewart,           House Is Rockin;       Houston Means I'm
  Rod                          Vaughan, Stevie        One Day Closer
Hot Love; Essex,               Ray                    To You; Gatlin,
  David                      House Like That;         Larry & The Gatlin
Hot Mama; Adkins,              Donovan Chapman        Brothers
  Trace                      House Of Cards;        Houston Solution;
Hot n` Cold; Perry,            Radiohead              Milsap, Ronnie
  Katy                       House Of Cash;         Houston, David;
Hot Patootie-bless             Strait, George &       Almost Persuaded
  My Soul; Meat                Patty Loveless       Houston, Whitney;
  Loaf                       House Of Gold;           Million Dollar Bill
Hot Rod Lincoln;               Lowry, Mark          Houston, Whitney;
  Commander Cody             House Of Love;           Shoop Shoop
Hot Stuff; Summer,             Grant, Amy &         Houston, Whitney;
  Donna                        Vince Gill             Star Spangled
Hot Stuff; Summer,           House Of Love;           Banner
  Donna                        Grant, Amy &         houston, whitney;
Hot Stuff; Summer,             Vince Gill             run to you
  Donna                      House Of Love;         Houston, Whitney;
Hot Stuff; Summer,             Grant, Amy             Greatest Love Of
  Donna                      House Of Love            All, The
Hot Stuff; Summer,             (Duet); Amy          houston, whitney;
  Donna                        Grant/Vince Gill       i'm every woman
Hot Stuff; Summer,           House Of Pain;         houston, whitney;
  Donna                        Leigh, Danni           where do broken
Hot Stuff (Guitar            House Of Pain;           hearts go
  Orientated);                 Leigh, Danni         Houston, Whitney; I
  Summer, Donna              The House Of The         Have Nothing
Hot Stuff1; Summer,            Rising Sun;          Houston, Whitney; I
  Donna                        Animals, The           Look To You
Hot Water; Level 42          The House Of The       Houston, Whitney;
Hot, Hot, Hot;                 Rising Sun;            Million Dollar Bill
  Poindexter, Buster           Animals, The         houston, whitney; i
Hot, Hot, Hot;               House Party (Ain't       have nothing
  Poindexter, Dexter           Nothin' But); J.     Houston, Whitney;
Hot, Hot, Hot;                 Geils Band, The        Watchulookinat
  Poindexter, Buster         The House That         houston, whitney;
Hot, Hot, Hot;                 Built Me; Lambert,     how will i know
  Poindexter, Buster           Miranda              houston, whitney;
Hot, Hot, Hot1;              House That Has           my name is not
  Poindexter, Buster           Everything;            susan
Hotel California;              Presley, Elvis       houston, whitney;
  Eagles, The                The House That           my love is your
Hotel Room Service;            Jack Built;            love
  Pitbull                      Franklin, Aretha     houston, whitney;
Houndog; Presley,            The House That           why does it hurt so
  Elvis                        Jack Built;            bad
Hounds Of Love;                Franklin, Aretha     houston, whitney;
  Bush, Kate                 A House With No          star spangled
House At Pooh                  Curtains; Jackson,     banner
  Corner; Loggins &            Alan                 houston, whitney; all
  Messina                    Houses Of The Holy;      at once
The House I Live In;           Led Zeppelin         houston, whitney; if
  Sinatra, Frank             Houston; Martin,         you say my eyes
                               Dean                   are beautiful


houston, whitney; i          How Can You Mend       How Do I Live;
  wanna dance with             A Broken Heart;        LeeAnn Rimes
  somebody                     Bee Gees, The        How Do I Live;
houston, whitney;            How Can You Mend         Rimes, LeAnn
  love will save the           A Broken Heart;      How Do I Live;
  day                          Green, Al              Rimes, LeAnn
houston, whitney;            How Come You           How Do I Live;
  queen of the night           Don't Call Me;         Rimes, LeAnn
houston, whitney; i            Keys, Alicia         How Do I Live;
  love the lord              How Come You             Rimes, LeAnn
  (preachers wife)             Don't Call Me;       How Do I Live;
houston, whitney;              Keys, Alicia           Rimes, LeAnn
  miracle                    How Come You           How Do I Live;
How A Cowgirl Says             Don't Call Me;         Rimes, LeAnn
  Goodbye;                     Keys, Alicia         How Do I Live;
  Lawrence, Tracy            How Cool Is That;        Rimes, LeAnn
How About You;                 Griggs, Andy         How Do I Live;
  Sinatra, Frank             How Cool Is That;        Rimes, Leann
How About You;                 Griggs, Andy         How Do I Live;
  Staind                     How Cool Is That;        Rimes, LeAnn
How Am I Doin';                Griggs, Andy         How Do I Live;
  Bentley, Dierks            How Could An             Rimes, LeAnn
How Am I Doin';                Angel Break My       How Do I Live;
  Dierks Bentley               Heart; Braxton,        Yearwood, Trisha
How Am I Supposed              Toni                 How Do I Make You;
  To Live Without            How Could An             Linda Ronstadt
  You; Bolton,                 Angel Break My       How Do I Wrap Up
  Michael                      Heart; Braxton,        My Heart; Travis,
How Am I Supposed              Toni & Kenny G         Randy
  To Live Without            How Could I Ask For    How Do You Fall In
  You; Laura                   More; Talley,          Love; Alabama
  Branigan                     Lauren               How Do You Fall In
How Bad Do You               How Could You;           Love; Alabama
  Want It; Tim                 Mario                How Do You Get
  McGraw                     How Deep Is The          That Lonely;
How Bizarre; O.M.C.            Ocean; Fitzgerald,     Larsen, Blaine
How Blue Can You               Ella                 How Do You Keep
  Get; B.B. King             How Deep Is The          The Music Playin;
How 'bout Them                 Ocean; Sinatra,        Ingram, James
  Cowgirls; Strait,            Frank                How Do You Like Me
  George                     How Deep Is The          Now; Keith, Toby
How 'bout You;                 Ocean; Krall,        How Do You Like Me
  Church, Eric                 Diana                  Now; Keith, Toby
How 'Bout You; Eric          How Deep Is The        How Do You Like Me
  Church                       Sea; McKameys,         Now; Keith, Toby
How Can I Be Sure;             The                  How Do You Like Me
  Lynne, Shelby              How Deep Is Your         Now; Keith, Toby
How Can I Ease The             Love; Bee Gees,      How Do You Like Me
  Pain; Fisher, Lisa           The                    Now; Keith, Toby
How Can I Fall;              How Deep Is Your       How Do You Like Me
  Breathe                      Love; Bee Gees,        Now; Keith, Toby
How Can I Forget;              The                  How Do You Like Me
  Isaacs, Sonya              How Deep Is Your         Now; Keith, Toby
How Can I Help You             Love; Bee Gees       How Do You Like Me
  Say Goodbye;               How Do I Get There;      Now; Keith, Toby
  Loveless, Patty              Carter, Deana


How Do You Like Me           How I Feel; Martina   How Was I To Know;
  Now; Keith, Toby             McBride               Montgomery, John
How Do You Love;             How I Got Over;         Michael
  Collective Soul              Jackson, Mahalia    How Was I To Know;
How Do You Milk A            How Insensitive;        Mcentire, Reba
  Cow (Parody);                Jazz Standard       How We Do (Radio
  Judd, Cledus T.            How Long; Ace           Version); The
How Do You Sleep;            How Long; White,        Game & 50 Cent
  Lennon, John                 Bryan               How Will I Know;
How Do You Sleep             How Long; Eagles,       Houston, Whitney
  At Night; Hayes,             The                 How Will I Know;
  Wade                       How Long Gone;          Houston, Whitney
How Excellent Is               Brooks & Dunn       How Will I Know;
  Thy Name; Patti,           How Long Gone;          Houston, Whitney
  Sandi                        Brooks & Dunn       How Will I Know
How Far Do You               How Love Should         (Who You Are);
  Wanna Go;                    Be; Hilton, Tyler     Folcker, Jessica
  Gloriana                   How Many Days;        How You Live (Turn
How Far We've                  Ingram, Jack          Up The Music);
  Come; Matchbox             How Many Times          Point Of Grace
  Twenty                       Can We Say          How You Remind
How Far We've                  Goodbye;              Me; Nickelback
  Come; Matchbox               Vandross, Luther    How You Remind
  Twenty                     How Many Times,         Me; Nickelback
How Far We've                  How Many Lies;      How You Remind
  Come; Matchbox               Pussycat Dolls        Me; Nickelback
  Twenty                     How Many Times,       How Your Love
How Forever Feels;             How Many Lies;        Makes Me Feel;
  Chesney, Kenny               Pussycat Dolls        Diamond Rio
How Forever Feels;           How Much Do You       How´s the world
  Chesney, Kenny               Love Me; Berry,       treating you; Elvis
How Forever Feels;             John                  Presley
  Chesney, Kenny             How Much Longer;      How's It Going To
How Forever Feels;             Sisters Wade          Be; Third Eye Blind
  Chesney, Kenny             How Peculiar;         How's The World
How Forever Feels;             Williams, Robbie      Treating You;
  Chesney, Kenny             How Sweet It Is;        Alison Krauss &
How Great Is Our               Taylor, James         James Taylor
  God; Praise &              How Sweet It Is;      How's The World
  Worship                      Taylor, James         Treating You;
How Great Is Your            How Sweet It Is To      Krauss, Alison &
  Love; MercyMe                Be Loved By You;      James Taylor
How Great Thou Art;            Gaye, Marvin        How's Your Whole
  Elvis Presley              How To Be A             Family; Peters,
How Great Thou Art;            Country Star;         Red
  Presley, Elvis               Statler Brothers,   Howzat; Sherbet
How High; Madonna              The                 Hudson, Jennifer;
How I Could Just             How To Save a Life;     Spotlight
  Kill A Man; Rage             Fray                Huey Lewis; Workin'
  Against The                How To Touch A          For A Livin'
  Machine                      Girl; Jojo          Huey Lewis & The
How I Feel;                  How Was I To Know;      News; I Want A
  McBridge, Martina            Montgomery, John      New Drug
How I Feel; Mcbride,           Michael             Human; Human
  Martina                    How Was I To Know;      League, The
                               McEntire, Reba


Human; Pretenders,            Hurt (Acoustic           I Ain't No Quitter;
  The                            Goth); Nine Inch         Shania Twain
Human; Killers, The              Nails                 I Ain't Scared; Rain,
The Human Beings;             Hurt Me; Rimes,             Carolina
  Nobody But Me                  LeAnn                 I Ain't The One;
Human League;                 Hurt Me; LeAnn              Lynyrd Skynyrd
  Louise                         Rimes                 I Almost Let Go;
The Human League;             Hurt Me Bad In A            Carr, Kurt
  Don't You Want Me              Real Good Way;        I Already Do; Wright,
Humble Pie; Hot 'n'              Loveless, Patty          Cheryl
  Nasty                       Hurt So Bad;             I Already Fell; Grand,
Hump De Bump;                    Ronstadt, Linda          Gil
  Red Hot Chili               The Hurt; Stevens,       I Am; Train
  Peppers                        Cat                   I Am A 'C'; Children's
Humpty Dance;                 The Hurt; Stevens,          Songs
  Digital                        Cat                   I Am A Christian;
  Underground                 Hurting Each Other;         Greenes, The
The Humpty Dance;                Carpenters, The       I Am A Man Of
  Digital                     Hurts So Bad; Little        Constant Sorrow;
  Underground                    Anthony                  Soggy Bottom
The Humpty Dance;             Hurts So Good;              Boys
  Digital                        Mellencamp, John      I Am A Man Of
  Underground                    Cougar                   Constant Sorrow;
Humpty Dumpty;                Husbands & Wives;           Soggy Bottom
  Various Artists                Miller, Roger            Boys
Humpty Dumpty                 Husbands And             I Am A Promise;
  Heart; Hank                    Wives; Brooks &          Children's Songs
  Thompson                       Dunn                  I Am A Rock; Simon
The Hunger; Holy,             Hush; Deep Purple           & Garfunkel
  Steve                       Hush Hush Hush           I Am A Simple Man;
The Hunger; Holy,                Hush (I Will             Shelton, Ricky Van
  Steve                          Survive); Pussycat    i am changing;
Hungry; Revere, Paul             Dolls, The               dreamgirls, the
  & The Raiders               Hush Little Baby;        I Am I Said;
Hungry Eyes;                     Children's Songs         Diamond, Neil
  Haggard, Merle              Hypnotize; Notorious     I Am Just A Child Of
Hungry Heart;                    BIG                      The King;
  Springsteen, Bruce          Hysteria; Def               Children's Songs
Hungry Like The                  Leppard               I Am Made Of You;
  Wolf; Duran Duran           Hysteria; Def               Martin, Ricky
Hungry Like The                  Leppard               I Am My Own
  Wolf; Duran Duran           Hysterians; 96 Tears        Grandpa; Lonzo &
Hunter; Dido                  I 95 Song; August           Oscar
A Hunting We Will                And Spur Of The       I Am My Own
  Go; Various Artists            Moment Band              Grandpa; Lonzo &
Hurdy Gurdy Man;              I Ain't Gonna Take It       Oscar w/vocal
  Donovan                        Anymore; Hill,        I Am That Man;
Hurry Home; Carroll,             Faith                    Brooks & Dunn
  Jason Michael               I Ain't Her Cowboy       I Am The Working
Hurt; Elvis Presley              Anymore; Strait,         Man; Drake, Dusty
Hurt; Cash, Johnny               George                I Am What I Am;
Hurt; Cash, Johnny            I Ain't In Checotah         Talley Trio, The
  w/vocal                        Anymore;              I Am What I Am;
Hurt; Aguilera,                  Underwood, Carrie        Lacage Aux Follies
  Christina                   I Ain't Never; Tillis,   I Am Woman; Reddy,
Hurt; Cash, Johnny               Mel                      Helen


I Am Your Father, I            I Believe In Me And       I Can Help; Swan,
   Am Your Son;                   You; Dayne, Taylor        Billy
   Steeles, The                I Believe In Music;       I Can Love You
I Am, I Feel; Alisha's            Davis, Mac                Better; Dixie
   Attic                       I Believe in The Man         Chicks
I Apologize; Baker,               in The Sky; Elvis      I Can Love You
   Anita                          Presley                   Better; Dixie
I Beg Of You; Elvis            I Believe In You;            Chicks
   Presley                        Williams, Don          I Can Love You
I Believe; Elvis               I Believe In You &           Better; Dixie
   Presley                        Me; Houston,              Chicks
I Believe; Barrino,               Whitney                I Can Love You Like
   Fantasia                    I Believe Jesus Died         That; Montgomery,
I Believe; Blessed                For Me; Roberson,         John Michael
   Union Of Souls,                Carroll                I Can Mend Your
   The                         I Believe To My              Fences; King,
I Believe; Robson &               Soul; Charles, Ray        Jessica
   Gerome                      I Belong To Me;           I Can Only Imagine;
I Believe; Rimes,                 Simpson, Jessica          Carson, Jeff
   LeAnn                       I Belong To You;          I Can Only Imagine;
I Believe; Gold City              Kravitz, Lenny            MercyMe
I Believe; Jones, Tom          I Bless Your Name;        I Can Pray; Dove
I Believe; D.J. Bobo              Selah                     Brothers, The
I Believe; Diamond             I Bowed On My             I Can See Clearly
   Rio                            Knees & Cried             Now; Johnny Nash
I Believe I Can Fly;              Holy; Gaither          I Can See Clearly
   Kelly, Robert                  Vocal Band, The           Now; Cliff, Jimmy
I Believe In A Hill            I Brake For               I Can See For Miles;
   Called Mount                   Brunettes; Akins,         Who, The
   Calvary; Gaithers,             Rhett                  I Can See For Miles;
   The                         I Break Things; Jo,          Who, The
I Believe In A Thing              Erika                  I Can Sleep When
   Called Love;                I Breathe In; Cagle,         I'm Dead; Carroll,
   Darkness, The                  Chris                     Jason Michael
I Believe In A Thing           I Call Him Lord;          I Can Still Feel You;
   Called Love;                   Lowry, Mark &             Raye, Collin
   Darkness, The                  Lordsong               I Can Still Make
I Believe In A Thing           I Call It Home; Squire       Cheyenne; Strait,
   Called Love;                   Parsons                   George
   Darkness                    I Call It Love; Richie,   I Can Still Make
I Believe In A Thing              Lionel                    Cheyenne; Strait,
   Called Love;                I Came Here To               George
   Darkness, The                  Praise The Lord;       I Can Tell By The
I Believe In A Thing              Combs, Michael            Way You Dance;
   Called Love;                I Can Bring Her              Gosdin, Vern
   Darkness, The                  Back; Mellons, Ken     I Can Transform Ya;
I Believe In A Thing           I Can Do Better;             Chris Brown feat Lil
   Called Love;                   Lavigne, Avril            Wayne & Swizz
   Darkness                    I Can Do Too; Cole           Beatz Wvocal
I Believe In Jesus;            I Can Dream About         I Can, I Have, I Will;
   Gospel                         You; Hartman, Dan         Perrys, The
I Believe In Love;             I Can Help; Swan,         I Can't Be Your
   Cole, Paula                    Billy                     Friend; Rushlow
I Believe In Love;             I Can Help; Elvis         I Can't Dance;
   Paula Cole Band                Presley                   Genesis


I Can't Do That                I Can't Love You         I Could Never Take
   Anymore; Hill,                 Anymore; Gary            The Place Of Your
   Faith                          Nichols                  Man; Knight,
I Can't Drive 55;              I Can't Make You            Jordan
   Hagar, Sammy                   Love Me; Raitt,       I Could Not Ask For
I Can't Even Walk;                Bonnie                   More; Evans, Sara
   Johnson, Charles            I Can't Quit You         I Could Not Ask For
I Can't Explain; Who,             Baby; Led                More; Mccain,
   The                            Zeppelin                 Edwin
I Can't Feel You               I Can't Stand It;        I Could Sing Of Your
   Anymore; Loretta               Clapton, Eric            Love Forever;
   Lynn                        I Can't Stay Mad At         Gospel
I Can't Get Next To               You; Davis,           I Could Write A
   You; Temptations,              Skeeter                  Book; Jazz
   The                         I Can't Stop Loving         Standard
I Can't Get No                    You; Charles, Ray     I Couldn't Be Me
   Satisfaction;               I Can't Stop Loving         Without You;
   Spears, Britney                You; Charles, Ray        Rodriguez, Johnny
I Can't Get Over               I Can't Stop Loving      I Couldn't Leave You
   You; Brooks &                  You; Presley, Elvis      If I Tried;
   Dunn                        I Can't Take You            McDowell, Rodney
I Can't Get Over                  Anywhere;             I Count The Minutes;
   You; Brooks &                  Emerick, Scotty &        Martin, Ricky
   Dunn                           Toby Keith            I Cross My Heart;
I Can't Get Started;           I Can't Tell You Why;       Strait, George
   Standard                       Eagles, The           I Cross My Heart;
I Can't Give You               I Can't Unlove You;         Strait, George
   Anything But                   Rogers, Kenny         I Cry; Cochran,
   Love; Clooney,              I Can't Wait; Nu            Tammy
   Rosemary                       Shooz                 I Cry; Ja Rule & Lil'
I Can't Give You               I Come In The Name          Mo
   Anything But                   Of The Lord;          I Dare You;
   Love; Standard                 Isaacs, The              Shinedown
   Reminiscing                 I Concentrate On         I Dare You;
I Can't Go For That;              You; Sommers,            Shinedown
   Hall & Oates                   Joanie                I Decide; Lohan,
I Can't Go For That            I Could; Locke,             Lindsay
   (No Can Do); Hall,             Kimberly              I Did It; Dave
   Daryl & John Oates          I Could Ask For             Matthews Band
I Can't Hate You                  More; McCain,         I Didn't Come Here
   Anymore; Lachey,               Edwin                    To Talk; Scott, Ray
   Nick                        I Could Fall In Love;    I Didn't Even Know
I Can't Hear The                  Selena                   My Own Strength;
   Music; Lynn,                I Could Get Used To         Morgan, Lorrie
   Loretta                        You; Exile            I Didn't Know My
I Can't Help It If I'm         I Could Have                Own Strength;
   Still In Love With             Danced All Night;        Morgan, Lorrie
   You; Hank                      My Fair Lady          I Didn't Mean To
   Williams                    I Could Have                Turn You On;
I Can't Help Myself;              Danced All Night;        Palmer Robert
   Four Tops, The                 Andrews, Julie        I Dig Rock And Roll
I Can't Help You I'm           I Could Kick Your           Music; Peter, Paul
   Falling Too; Davis,            Ass; Moore, Justin       & Mary
   Skeeter                     I Could Never Love       I Disappear;
I Can't Lie To Me;                You Enough;              Metallica
   Davidson, Clay                 McComas, Brian        I Do; Brandt, Paul


I Do; Wills, Mark             I Don't Know How        I Don't Wanna Live
I Do; 98 Degrees                 They Make It;           Without Your
I Do; Loeb, Lisa                 Gore, Tony &            Love; Chicago
I Do; Loeb, Lisa                 Majesty              I Don't Wanna Play
I Do; 98 Degrees              I Don't Know How           House; Wynette,
I Do; Blaque                     To Love Him;            Tammy
I Do; Brandt, Paul               Jesus Christ         I Don't Wanna Stop;
I Do (Wanna Get                  Superstar               Osbourne, Ozzy
   Close To You);             I Don't Know What       I Don't Wanna Stop;
   3LW                           She Said; Larsen,       Osbourne, Ozzy
I Do Cherish You;                Blaine               I Don't Want To;
   Toya                       I Don't Know When          Monroe, Ashley
I Do I Do I Do I Do I            To Quit; Road        I Don't Want to Be;
   Do; ABBA                      Hammers, The            DeGraw, Gavin
I Do It For You;              I Don't Like            I Don't Want To Be;
   Adams, Bryan                  Mondays;                DeGraw, Gavin
I Do Now; Andrews,               Boomtown Rats,       I Don't Want To Be;
   Jessica                       The                     DeGraw, Gavin
I Do!; Toya                   I Don't Like To Sleep   I Don't Want To Be;
I Do(Cherish You);               Alone; Anka, Paul       DeGraw, Gavin
   Mark Wills                 I Don't Love You        I Don't Want To Be A
I Don't; Peck,                   Like That; Jypsi        Memory; Exile
   Danielle                   I Don't Need            I Don't Want To Be
I Don't Believe In               Anything But You;       In Love (Dance
   Goodbye; Brown,               Annie                   Floor Anthem);
   Sawyer                     I Don't Need You;          Good Charlotte
I Don't Care; Webb               Rogers, Kenny        I Don't Want To Be
   Pierce                     I Don't Paint Myself       Tied; Elvis Presley
I Don't Care; Plus               Into Corners;        I Don't Want To Live
   One                           Yearwood, Trisha        Without You;
I Don't Do Duets;             I Don't Think I Will;      Foreigner
   Patti LaBelle                 Bonamy, James        I Don't Want To Live
I Don't Even Know             I Don't Wanna;             Without You;
   Your Name;                    Aaliyah                 Foreigner
   Jackson, Alan              I Don't Wanna Be In     I Don't Want To Live
I Don't Feel Like                Love; Good              Without You;
   Loving You                    Charlotte               Foreigner
   Today; Wilson,             I Don't Wanna Cry;      I Don't Want To Live
   Gretchen                      Carey, Mariah           Without You;
I Don't Feel That             I Don't Wanna Cry;         Foreigner
   Way Anymore;                  Carey, Mariah        I Don't Want To Live
   Leigh, Danni               I Don't Wanna Fight;       Without You;
I Don't Give;                    Turner, Tina            Foreigner
   Lavigne, Avril             I Don't Wanna Go        I Don't Want To
I Dont Have A Thing              On With You Like        Lose Your Love;
   To Wear; Laura                That; John, Elton       Jackson, Freddie
   Bryna                      I Don't Wanna Kiss      I Don't Want To Miss
I Don't Have To Be               You Goodnight;          A Thing;
   Me; Azar, Steve               LFO                     Aerosmith
I Don't Have To Try;          I Don't Wanna Kiss      I Don't Want To Miss
   Lavigne, Avril                You Goodnight;          A Thing; Chesnutt,
I Don't Know;                    Lfo                     Mark
   Williams, Hank Iii         I Don't Wanna           I Don't Want To Miss
                                 Know; Winans,           A Thing; Chesnutt,
                                 Mario                   Mark


I Don't Want To Miss          I Drove All Night;      I Feel Good; Brown,
   A Thing; Marc                 Pinmonkey               James
   Chestnut                   I Drove All Night;      I Feel Good; Brown,
I Don't Want To Miss             Dion, Celine            James
   A Thing; Chesnutt,         I Drove All Night;      I Feel Good; Brown,
   Mark                          Dion, Celine            James
I Don't Want To Miss          I Drove All Night       I Feel Good; Brown,
   A Thing;                      (Dance Remix);          James
   Aerosmith                     Dion, Celine         I Feel Good; Brown,
I Don't Want To Talk          I Drove All Night          James
   About It; Stewart,            (Remix); Dion,       I Feel Good; Brown,
   Rod                           Celine                  James
I Don't Want To               I Drove Her To          I Feel Good; Blige,
   Wait; Cole, Paula             Dallas; England,        Mary J.
I Don't Want To                  Ty                   I Feel Lucky;
   Wait; Cole, Paula          I Eat Cannibals;           Carpenter, Mary
I Don't Want You To              Total Cleo              Chapin
   Go; Johnson,               I Enjoy Being A Girl;   I Feel Lucky;
   Carolyn Dawn                  Suzuki, Pat             Carpenter, Mary
I Don't Want You To           i enjoy being a girl;      Chapin
   Go; Johnson,                  flower drum song,    I feel that I've known
   Carolyn Dawn                  the                     your forever; Elvis
I Don't Want You To           I Fall To Pieces;          Presley
   Go; Johnson,                  Patsy Cline          I Feel The Earth
   Carolyn Dawn               I Fall To Pieces;          Move; King, Carole
I Don't Want You To              Patsy Cline          I Feel The Earth
   Go; Johnson,               I Fall To Pieces;          Move; Carole King
   Carolyn Dawn                  Cline, Patsy         I Feel The Earth
I Don't Want You To           I Fall To Pieces;          Move; Carole King
   Go; Johnson,                  Cline, Patsy         I Fell In Love Again
   Carolyn Dawn               I Fall To Pieces;          Last Night;
I Dream Of Jeannie               Patsy Cline             Forester Sisters,
   With The Light             I Fall To Pieces;          The
   Brown Hair;                   Cline, Patsy         I Fell In The Water;
   Standard                   I Fall To Pieces;          Anderson, John
i dreamed a dream;               Cline, Patsy         I Finally Found
   les miserables             I Fall To Pieces;          Someone; Adams,
I Drink Alone;                   Cline, Patsy            Bryan & Barbra
   Thorogood, George          I Fall To Pieces;          Streisand
I Drink Alone;                   Cline, Patsy         I Forgot To
   Thorogood, George          I Fall To Pieces;          Remember To
I Drive Myself Crazy;            Cline, Patsy            Forget; Elvis
   N Sync                     I Fall To Pieces;          Pesley
I Drive Myself Crazy;            Cline, Patsy         I Fought The Law;
   Backstreet Boys,           I Fall To Pieces;          Bobby Fuller Four,
   The & N Sync                  Cline, Patsy            The
I Drive Myself Crazy;         I Fall To Pieces;       I Fought The Law;
   N Sync                        Cline, Patsy            Bobby Fuller Four
I Drive Myself Crazy;         I Fall To Pieces;       I Fought The Law;
   N Sync                        Cline, Patsy            Bobby Fuller Four,
I Drive Myself Crazy;         I Feel Fine; Beatles,      The
   N Sync                        The                  I Fought The Law;
I Drove All Night;            I Feel For You; Khan,      Clash, The
   Dion, Celine                  Chaka                I Fought The Law;
I Drove All Night;            I Feel Good; Brown,        Bobby Fuller Four,
   Pinmonkey                     James                   The


I Found Jesus On               I Got A Name; Croce,     I Got You (I Feel
   The Jailhouse                  Jim                      Good); Brown,
   Floor; Strait,              I Got A Name; Croce,        James
   George                         Jim                   I Got You Babe;
I Found Someone;               I Got A Right To            Cher
   Cher                           Sing The Blues;       I Got You Babe;
I Found Someone;                  Billy Eckstine           Sonny And Cher
   Cher                        I Got A Woman; Elvis     I Got You Babe;
I Found The Lily In               Presley                  Sonny And Cher
   My Valley; Mills,           I Got A Woman;           I Got You Babe;
   Qinton                         Charles, Ray             Sonny And Cher
I Get A Kick Out Of            I Got A Woman;           I Got You Babe;
   You; Frank Sinatra             Charles, Ray             Sonny & Cher
I Get A Kick Out Of            I Got A Woman;           I Got You Babe;
   You; Sinatra, Frank            Charles, Ray             Sonny & Cher
I Get Along Without            I Got ID; Pearl Jam      I Got You Babe;
   You Very Well;              I Got It Honest;            Sonny & Cher
   Sinatra, Frank                 Tippin, Aaron         I Got You Babe;
I get around; Beach            I Got It Made; Special      Sonny & Cher
   Boys, The                      Ed                    I Got You Babe;
I Get It; Chevelle             I Got Loaded; Harris,       Sonny & Cher
I Get Lost; Eric                  Peppermint            I Got You Babe;
   Clapton                     I Got Lucky; Elvis          Sonny & Cher
I Get To; Blue County             Presley               I Got You Babe;
I Get Weak; Carlisle,          I Got Mexico; Raven,        Sonny & Cher
   Belinda                        Eddy                  I Got You Under My
I Give You Take;               I Got More; Cole            Skin; Prima, Louis
   Maria                          Deggs & The              & Keely Smith
I Go Back; Chesney,               Lonesome              I Gotta Feeling;
   Kenny                       I Got More; Deggs,          Black Eyed Peas,
I Go Back; Chesney,               Cole & The               The
   Kenny                          Lonesome              I Gotta Get To You;
I Go Back; Kenny               I Got My Baby; Hill,        Strait, George
   Chesney                        Faith                 I Gotta Know; Elvis
I Go Back; Chesney,            I Got My Game On;           Presley
   Kenny                          Adkins, Trace         I Gotta Woman;
I Go Crazy; DHT                I Got Rhythm;               Charles, Ray
I Go Crazy; Davis,                Happenings, The       I Guess I'm Crazy;
   Paul                        I Got Stripes; Cash,        Reeves, Jim
I Go Crazy; Davis,                Johnny                I Guess You Had To
   Paul                        I Got Stung; Elvis          Be There; Morgan,
I Go To Extremes;                 Presley                  Lorrie
   Joel, Billy                 I Got The Feelin';       I Guess You Had To
I Go To Extremes;                 James Brown              Be There; Morgan,
   Joel, Billy                 I Got Up & Went;            Lorrie
I Go To Extremes;                 Steeles, The          I Guess You Had To
   Joel, Billy                 I Got You; Split Enz        Be There; Morgan,
I Got A Feelin';               I Got You; Lewis,           Lorrie
   Currington, Billy              Leona                 I Had The Craziest
I Got A Feelin';               I Got You (I Feel           Dream; Sinatra,
   Carrington, Billy              Good); Brown,            Frank
I Got A Feelin';                  James                 I Had The Craziest
   Currington, Billy           I Got You (I Feel           Dream; Sinatra,
I Got A Feeling In                Good); Brown,            Frank
   My Body; Elvis                 James                 I Hate Everything;
   Presley                                                 Strait, George


I Hate Everything;           I Heard A Rumour;       I Just Can't Help
   Strait, George               Bananarama              Believing;
I Hate Everything            I Heard It Through         Thomas, BJ
   About You; Three             The Grapevine;       I Just Can't Stop
   Days Grace                   Knight, Gladys          Loving You;
I Hate Men; Kiss Me          I Heard It Through         Jackson, Michael
   Kate                         The Grapevine;       I Just Can't Stop
I Hate Myself For               Creedence               Loving You;
   Loving You; Jett,            Clearwater Revival      Jackson, Michael
   Joan & The                I Heard It Through      I Just Can't Stop
   Blackhearts                  The Grapevine;          Loving You;
I Hate Rap;                     Gaye, Marvin            Jackson, Michael
   Confederate               I Heard That            I Just Died In Your
   Railroad                     Lonesome                Arms Tonight;
I Hate U; Prince                Whistle Blow;           Cutting Crew, The
I Have A Dream;                 Cash, Johnny         I Just Don't Know
   ABBA                      I Here A Symphony;         What To Do With
I Have Been There;              Ross, Diana             Myself; Dionne
   Schultz, Mark             I Honestly Love;           Warwick
I Have Nothing;                 John, Olivia         I Just Fall In Love
   Houston, Whitney             Newton                  Again; Murray,
I Have Nothing;              I Honestly Love You;       Anne
   Houston, Whitney             Newton-John,         I Just Fall In Love
I Have To Say I Love            Olivia                  Again; Anne
   You In A Song;            I Honestly Love You;       Murray
   Croce, Jim                   Newton-John,         I Just Fall In Love
I Have To Surrender;            Olivia                  Again; Murray,
   Herndon, Ty               I Honestly Love You;       Anne
I Have To Surrender;            John, Olivia         I Just Love You; Five
   Herndon, Ty                  Newton                  For Fighting
I Hear A Symphony;           I Hope; Dixie Chicks    I Just Wanna Be
   Supremes, The             I Hope You Dance;          Mad; Clark, Terri
I Hear A Symphony;              Womack, Lee Ann      I Just Wanna Be
   Supremes, The             I Hope You Dance;          Mad; Terri Clark
I Hear A Symphony;              Womack, Lee Ann      I Just Wanna Dance
   Supremes, The             I Just Call You Mine;      With You; Strait,
I Hear You Knockin';            McBride, Martina        George
   Gale Storm                I Just Call You Mine;   I Just Wanna Live;
I Hear You Knockin';            McBride, Martina        Good Charlotte
   Edmunds, Dave             I Just Called To Say    I Just Wanna Live;
I Hear You                      I Love You;             Good Charlotte
   Knocking;                    Wonder, Stevie       I Just Wanna Live;
   Edmunds, Dave             I Just Came Back           Good Charlotte
I Hear You                      From A War;          I Just Wanna Live;
   Knocking; Smiley             Darryl Worley           Good Charlotte
   Lewis                     I Just Came To Talk     I Just Wanna Live;
I Hear You                      With You, Lord;         Good Charlotte
   Knocking;                    Rambo, Dottie        I Just Wanna Make
   Wynonna                   I Just Can't Get Her       Love To; Rolling
I Hear You                      Out Of My Mind;         Stones, The
   Knocking;                    Rodriguez, Johnny    I Just Want To Be
   Domino, Fats              I Just Can't Help          Your Everything;
I Hear You                      Believing; Elvis        Gibb, Andy
   Knocking;                    Pesley               I Just Want To
   Edmunds, Dave                                        Celebrate; Rare


I Just Want To                I Knew I Loved You;     I Know How The
   Celebrate; Rare               Savage Garden           River Feels;
   Earth                      I Knew I Loved You;        Diamond Rio
I Just Want To                   Savage Garden        I Know How The
   Celebrate; Rare            I Knew I Loved You;        River Feels;
   Earth                         Savage Garden           Diamond Rio
I Just Want To                I Knew I Loved You;     I Know How The
   Celebrate; Rare               Savage Garden           River Feels;
   Earth                      I Knew I Loved You;        Mcalyster
I Just Want To Make              Singletary, Daryle   I Know I'm Losing
   Love To You;               I Knew I Loved You;        You; Temptations,
   Foghat                        Savage Garden           The
I Just Want To Make           I knew the Bride;       I Know I'm Losing
   Love To You;                  Lowe, Nick              You; Temptations,
   Foghat                     I Knew The Bride;          The
I Just Want To Make              Lowe, Nick           I Know I'm Losing
   Love To You;               I Knew The Bride;          You; Temptations,
   James, Etta                   Lowe, Nick              The
I Just Want To                I Knew The Bride;       I Know She Hung
   Thank You Lord;               Lowe, Nick              The Moon; Keith,
   Gospel-Bluegrass           I Knew You Were            Toby
I Keed (Radio                    Waiting; Michael,    I Know That's Right;
   Version); Triumph             George                  Raye, Collin
   The Insult Comic           I Knew You Were         I Know What You
   Dog                           Waiting (For Me);       Want; Busta
I Keed (Radio                    Franklin, Aretha &      Rhymes & M.
   Version); Triumph             G Michael               Carey & Flipmode
   The Insult Comic           I Knew You Were            Squad
   Dog                           Waiting For Me;      I Know Who Holds
I Keep Coming                    Franklin, Aretha        Tomorrow; Rimes,
   Back; Josh Gracin          I Know; Bell, Drake        LeAnn
I Keep Looking;               I Know; Farris,         I Know Who Holds
   Evans, Sara                   Dionne                  Tomorrow; Rimes,
I Keep Looking;               I Know; Farris,            LeAnn
   Evans, Sara                   Dionne               I Know You Want Me
I Keep Looking;               I Know; Farris,            (Calle Ocho);
   Evans, Sara                   Dionne                  Pitbull
I Keep Looking;               I Know A Little;        I Lay My Love On
   Evans, Sara                   Lynyrd Skynyrd          You; Westlife
I Keep Looking;               I Know A Man Who        I Learned From The
   Evans, Sara                   Can; Cathedrals,        Best; Houston,
I Kept On Praying;               The                     Whitney
   Kevin Spencer              I Know A Man Who        I Learned From The
   Family, The                   Can; Talleys, The       Best; Houston,
I KISSED A GIRL;              I Know A Place;            Whitney
   KATY PERRY                    Petula Clark         I Left My Heart In
I Kissed A Girl;              I Know A Place;            San Francisco;
   Perry, Katy                   Clark, Petula           Bennett, Tony
I Kissed A Girl;              I Know Him; Talley,     I Left My Heart In
   Perry, Katy                   Kirk                    Tokyo; Viva, Mini
I Kissed A Girl;              I Know Him So Well;     I Left Something
   Perry, Katy                   Elaine Paige &          Turned On At
I Kissed A Girl;                 Barbara Dickson         Home; Adkins,
   Perry, Katy                I Know Him So Well;        Trace
I Knew I Loved You;              Steps, The           I Let Her Lie;
   Singletary, Daryle                                    Singletary, Daryle


I Let The Stars Get           I Love How You           I Love The Little
   In My Eyes; Goldie            Love Me;                 Things; Monro,
   Hill                          Campbell, Glen           Matt
I Like Beer; Hall,            I Love It Loud; Kiss     I Love The Nightlife;
   Tom T                      I Love Little Pussy;        Bridges, Alicia
I Like It; Sammie                Various Artists       I Love The
I Like It Like That;          I Love My Boots;            Nightlife1;
   Blackout Allstars             Dora The Explorer        Bridges, Alicia
I Like It Rough; Lady         I Love My Life;          I Love The Way That
   Gaga                          O'Neal, Jamie            You Love Me;
I Like It, I Love It;         I Love Paris; Sinatra,      Montgomery, John
   McGraw, Tim                   Frank                    Michael
I Like It, I Love It;         i love paris; can can    I Love This Bar;
   McGraw, Tim                I Love Rock & Roll;         Keith, Toby
I Like It, I Love It;            Jett, Joan            I Love This Bar;
   McGraw, Tim                I Love Rock & Roll;         Keith, Toby
I Like It, I Love It;            Jett, Joan            I Love This Bar;
   Tim McGraw                 I Love Rock & Roll;         Keith, Toby
I Like It, I Love It;            Jett, Joan & The      I Love This Bar;
   McGraw, Tim                   Blackhearts              Keith, Toby
I Like It, I Love It;         I Love Rock & Roll;      I Love This Bar;
   McGraw, Tim                   Jett, Joan               Keith, Toby
I Like It, I Love It;         I Love Rock & Roll;      I Love This Bar;
   McGraw, Tim                   Jett, Joan & The         Keith, Toby
I Like It, I Love It;            Blackhearts           I Love This Bar;
   McGraw, Tim                I Love Rock & Roll;         Keith, Toby
I Like That; Houston             Jett, Joan            I Love This Bar;
   & Chingy & Nat             I Love Rock & Roll;         Keith, Toby
   Dogg                          Jett, Joan            I Love To Tell The
I Like Them Girls;            I Love Rock And             Story; Gold City
   Tyrese                        Roll; Jett, Joan      I Love You; McBride,
I Live My Life For            I Love Rock And             Martina
   You; Firehouse                Roll; Jett, Joan      I Love You; McBride,
I Lost It; Kenny              I Love Rock And             Martina
   Chesney                       Roll; Jett, Joan &    I Love You; Evans,
I Lost It; Chesney,              The Blackhearts          Faith
   Kenny                      I Love Rock And          I Love You; Evans,
I Lost It; Chesney,              Roll; Jett, Joan &       Faith
   Kenny                         The Blackhearts       I Love You; Evans,
I Lost It; Chesney,           I Love Rock And             Faith
   Kenny                         Roll; Jett, Joan &    I Love You; McBride,
I Lost It; Chesney,              The Blackhearts          Martina
   Kenny                      I Love Rock 'n Roll;     I Love You; McBride,
I Lost It; Chesney,              Jett, Joan & The         Martina
   Kenny                         Blackhearts           I Love You; Mcbride,
I Lost It; Chesney,           I Love Rock 'N' Roll;       Martina
   Kenny                         Joan Jett & The       I Love You; Evans,
I Love A Rainy                   Blackhearts              Faith
   Night; Rabbitt,            I Love The Dead;         I Love You; Mcbride,
   Eddie                         Cooper, Alice            Martina
I Love A Rainy                I Love The Dead;         I Love You; Evans,
   Night; Rabbitt,               Cooper, Alice            Faith
   Eddie                      I Love The Dead;         I Love You Because;
I Love Her She                   Cooper, Alice            Ernest Tubb
   Hates Me; Worley,


I Love You Came               I Miss My Friend;       I Need To Know;
   Too Late;                     Worley, Darryl          Anthony, Marc
   Mcintyre, Joey             I Miss My Mary;         I Need To Know;
I Love You Lord;                 Ketchum, Hal            Anthony, Marc
   Gospel                     I miss you; Elvis       I Need To Know;
I Love You So Much               Presley                 Marc Anthony
   It Hurts; Jimmy            I Miss You; Blink 182   I Need To Know;
   Wakely                     I Miss You; Klymaxx        Anthony, Marc
I Love You This               I Miss You A Little;    I Need To Know;
   Much; Wayne,                  Montgomery, John        Petty, Tom &
   Jimmy                         Michael                 Heartbreakers
I Love You This               I Miss You So; Little   I Need To Wake Up;
   Much; Wayne,                  Anthony                 Etheridge, Melissa
   Jimmy                      I Missed Again;         I Need You;
I Love You This                  Collins, Phil           Yearwood, Trisha
   Much; Wayne,               I Move On; Zeta         I Need You; McGraw,
   Jimmy                         Jones, Catherine &      Tim & Faith Hill
I Love You, Lord;                Renee Zellweg        I Need You; Rimes,
   America's 25               I Must Tell Jesus;         LeAnn
   Favorite Praise &             Downing, Ann         I Need You; McGraw,
   Worship                    I Need A Breather;         Tim & Faith Hill
I Loved Her First;               Worley, Darryl       I Need You; Jars Of
   Heartland                  I Need A Girl; Puff        Clay
I Loved Her First;               Daddy, Usher &       I Need You; Rimes,
   Heartland                     Loon                    LeAnn
I Loved Her First;            I Need A Girl (Part     I Need You; Anthony,
   Heartland                     1); P Diddy &           Marc
I Luv Your Girl;                 Usher & Loon         I Need You; Rimes,
   Dream, The                 I Need A Girl (part        LeAnn
I May Hate Myself In             2); P Diddy &        I Need You; Jars Of
   The Morning;                  Ginuwine & Loon &       Clay
   Womack, Lee Ann               Winans & Ruggieri    I Need You; Easter,
I Meant To; Cotter,           I Need A Girl (Part        Jeff & Sheri
   Brad                          One); P Diddy &      I Need You; America
I Mean't To Do That;             Usher & Loon         I Need You; Rimes,
   Brandt, Paul               I Need A Girl (Part        Leann
I Melt; Rascal Flatts            Two); P. Diddy &     I Need You; Rimes,
I Melt; Rascal Flatts            Ginuwine & Loon         Leann
I Melt; Rascal Flatts         I Need A Vacation;      I Need You All The
I Melt; Rascal Flatts            Howard, Rebecca         Time; Blackhawk
I Melt With You;                 Lynn                 I Need You To
   Modern English             I Need A Vacation;         Survive; Walker,
I Melt With You;                 Howard, Rebecca         Hezekiah
   Modern English                Lynn                 I Need Your Love
I Melt With You;              I Need Love;               Tonight; Presley,
   Modern English                Sixpence None           Elvis
I Met Him On A                   The Richer           I Never Cry; Cooper,
   Sunday; Shirelles,         I Need More Love;          Alice
   The                           Randolph, Robert     I Never Cry; Cooper,
I Met Him On A                   & The Family Band       Alice
   Sunday; Shirelles,         I Need More Love;       I Never Loved A
   The                           Randolph, Robert        Man; Franklin,
I Might Even Quit                & The Family            Aretha
   Lovin' You;                i need somebody;
   Chesnutt, Mark                elvis presley


I Never Loved A Man           I Pray For You; Rich,   I Saw God Today;
   (The Way That I               John                    Strait, George
   Love You);                 I Predict A Riot;       I Saw Her Standing
   Franklin, Aretha              Kaiser Chiefs           There; Beatles,
I Never Loved A Man           I Promise; Orrico,         The
   (The Way That I               Stacie               I Saw Her Standing
   Love You);                 I Put A Spell On           There; Beatles,
   Franklin, Aretha              You; Creedence          The
I Never Loved A                  Clearwater Revival   I Saw Him Standing
   Man(The Way I              I Put a Spell On You;      There; Tiffany
   Love You); Aretha             Creedence            I Saw Mommy
   Franklin                      Clearwater Revival      Kissing Santa
I Only Get This Way           I Put A Spell On           Claus; Christmas
   With You; Trevino,            You; Animals, The    I Saw Mommy
   Rick                       I Put A Spell On           Kissing Santa
I Only Have Eyes                 You; Creedence          Claus; Christmas-
   For You;                      Clearwater Revival      Jackson 5, The
   Flamingos, The             I Ran; Flock Of         I Saw Mommy
I Only Have Eyes                 Seagulls, A             Kissing Santa
   For You;                   I Ran (So Far Away);       Claus; Christmas
   Flamingos, The                Flock Of Seagulls,   I Saw Mommy
I Only Have Eyes                 A                       Kissing Santa
   For You;                   I Ran (So Far Away);       Claus; Sinatra,
   Flamingos, The                Flock Of Seagulls       Frank (Christmas)
I Only Have Eyes              I Ran So Far Away;      I Saw Mommy
   For You;                      Flock Of Seagulls,      Kissing Santa
   Garfunkel, Art                A                       Claus; Christmas
I Only Have Eyes              I Really Don´t Want     I Saw The Light;
   For You;                      To Know; Elvis          Ketchum, Hal
   Flamingos                     Presley              I Saw The Light;
I Only Have Eyes              I Remember; Cole,          Rundgren, Todd
   For You;                      Keyshia              I Saw The Light;
   Flamingos, The             I Remember You;            Rundgren, Todd
I Only Have Eyes                 Frank Ifield         I Saw The Light;
   For You;                   I Remember You;            Judd, Wynonna
   Garfunkel, Art                Dorsey, Jimmy        I Say A Little Prayer;
I Only Have Eyes              I Remember You;            Warwick, Dionne
   For You;                      Cole, Nat King       I Say A Little Prayer;
   Flamingos, The             I Rest My Case At          Warwick, Dionne
I Only Wanna Be                  The Cross; Perrys,   I Say A Little Prayer
   With You; Fox,                The                     For You; Warwick,
   Samantha                   I Rest My Case At          Dionne
I Only Want To Be                The Cross; Perrys,   I Say A Little
   With You;                     The                     Prayer1; Warwick,
   Springfield, Dusty         I Run For Life;            Dionne
I Only Want To Be                Melissa Etheridge    I Second That
   With You; Fox,             I Run To You; Lady         Emotion;
   Samantha                      Antebellum              Robinson, Smokey
I Only Want To Be             I Run To You; Lady      I See It Now;
   With You;                     Antebellum              Lawrence, Tracy
   Springfield, Dusty         I Run To You; Lady      I See Me; Travis Tritt
I Play Chicken With              Antebellum           I See Me; Tritt, Travis
   The Train; Cowboy          I Said A Prayer For     I See You Baby;
   Troy                          You; Tillis, Pam        Groove Armada
I Pray For You; Rich,         I Sang Dixie;           I See Your Smile;
   John                          Yoakam, Dwight          Estefan, Gloria


I Shall Be Released;           I Stil Miss Someone       I Think About It All
   Band, The                      (Duet Version);           The Time; Berry,
I Shall Not Be                    McBride, Martina &        John
   Moved; Elvis                   Parton, Dolly          I Think About You;
   Presley                     I Still Believe; Carey,      Raye, Collin
I Shall Not Be                    Mariah                 I Think God Can
   Moved; Principles,          I Still Believe; Carey,      Explain; Splender
   The                            Mariah                 I Think I Love You;
I Shall Wear A                 I Still Believe In You;      Partridge Family
   Crown; Gaither                 Gill, Vince            I Think I Love You;
   Vocal Band, The             I Still Haven't Found        Partridge Family
I Shot The Sheriff;               What I'm Looking       I Think I Love You;
   Clapton, Eric                  For; U2                   Partridge Family
I Shot The Sheriff;            I Still Haven't Found     I Think I Love You;
   Marley, Bob                    What I'm Looking          Partridge Family
I Shot The Sheriff;               For; U2                I Think I Love You;
   Marley, Bob                 I Still Haven't Found        Partridge Family,
I Should Be; Hill, Dru            What I'm Looking          The
I Should Be                       For; U2                I Think I Love You
   Sleeping; Emerson           I Still Haven't Found        Too Much; Jeff
   Drive                          What I'm Looking          Healey Band, The
I Should Be                       For; U2                I Think I Love You
   Sleeping; Emerson           I Still Haven't Found        Too Much; Jeff
   Drive                          What I'm Looking          Healey Band, The
I Should Be So                    For; U2                I Think I'll Just Stay
   Lucky; Minogue,             I Still Like Bologna;        Here And Drink;
   Kylie                          Jackson, Alan             Merle Haggard
I Should Have Been             I Still Like Bologna;     I Think I'll Just Stay
   True; Mavericks,               Jackson, Alan             Here And Drink;
   The                         I STILL MISS                 Haggard, Merle
I Should Have                     SOMEONE;               I Think Im Gonna
   Known Better;                  MARTINA                   Like It Here; Annie
   Beatles, The                   McBRIDE                I Think I'm In Love
I Showed Her; O-               I Still Miss You;            With You;
   Town                           Anderson, Keith           Simpson, Jessica
I Showed Her; O-               I Still Miss You;         I Think I'm In Love
   Town                           Keith Anderson            With You;
I Sing Praises;                I Sure Can Smell             Simpson, Jessica
   Gospel                         The Rain;              I Think We're Alone
I Slipped, I                      Blackhawk                 Now; Tiffany
   Stumbled, I Fell;           I Sure Miss You;          I Think We're Alone
   Elvis Presley                  Crabb Family,The          Now; Tiffany
I Stand Alone;                 I Survived You;           I Think You're
   Godsmack                       Aiken, Clay               Beautiful; Minor,
I Stand Amazed;                I Swear; All 4 One           Shane
   Millard, Bart               I Swear; Take That        I Think You're
I Stand Upon The               I Swear;                     Beautiful; Minor,
   Rock Of Ages;                  Montgomery, John          Shane
   Kingsmen, The                  Michael                I Thought I'd Seen
I Start My Day;                I Take Him Back;             Everything;
   Talley, Kirk                   Bowling, Mike             Adams, Bryan
I Started A Joke;              I Thank You; St.          I Threw Away The
   Bee Gees, The                  James, Rebecca            Rose; Haggard,
                               I Thank You; Sam &           Merle
                                  Dave                   I Told You So; Keith


I Told You So;                 I Wanna Be Bad;       I Wanna Dance With
   Urban, Keith                   Ford, Willa           Somebody (Who
I Told You So;                 I Wanna Be Bad;          Loves Me);
   Travis, Randy                  Ford, Willa           Houston, Whitney
I Told You So;                 I Wanna Be Bad;       I Wanna Do It All;
   Travis, Randy                  Ford, Willa           Clark, Terri
I Told You So;                 I Wanna Be Bad;       I Wanna Do It All;
   Travis, Randy                  Ford, Willa           Clark, Terri
I Told You So; Randy           I Wanna Be Loved      I Wanna Do It All;
   Travis                         By You; Monroe,       Clark, Terri
I Told You So;                    Marilyn            I Wanna Do It All;
   Underwood, Carrie           I Wanna Be Loved         Clark, Terri
I Told You So;                    By You; Kane,      I Wanna Fall In
   Travis, Randy                  Helen                 Love; McCann, Lila
I Touch Myself;                I Wanna Be Sedated;   I Wanna Fall In
   Divinyls, The                  Ramones, The          Love; McCann, Lila
I Touch Myself;                I Wanna Be That       I Wanna Feel That
   Divinyls, The                  Girl; Wilkinsons      Way Again; Byrd,
I Touch Myself;                I Wanna Be With          Tracy
   Divinyls, The                  You; Moore,        I Wanna Go Back;
I Touch Myself;                   Mandy                 Money, Eddie
   Divinyls, The               I Wanna Be With       I Wanna Go Too Far;
I Try; Gray, Macy                 You; Moore,           Yearwood, Trisha
I Try; Gray, Macy                 Mandy w/vocal      I Wanna Have Your
I Try; Gray, Macy              I Wanna Be With          Babies;
I Try; Gray, Macy                 You; Moore,           Bedingfield,
   w/vocal                        Mandy                 Natasha
I Try; Gray, Macy              I Wanna Be With       I Wanna Know; Joe
I Try; Gray, Macy                 You; Backstreet    I Wanna Know; Joe
I Try; Gray, Macy                 Boys, The & N      I Wanna Know How
I Try; Gray, Macy                 Sync                  It Feels; Peck,
I Try; Gray, Macy              I Wanna Be With          Karen & New River
I Try To Think About              You; Moore,        I Wanna Live;
   Elvis; Loveless,               Mandy                 Campbell, Glen
   Patty                       I Wanna Be Your       I Wanna Love You;
I TURN TO YOU;                    Lover; Prince         Snoop Dogg &
   CHRISTINA                   I Wanna Believe;         Akon
   AUGILERA                       Loveless, Patty    I Wanna Love You
I Turn To You;                 I Wanna Dance With       Forever; Simpson,
   Melanie C                      Somebody;             Jessica
I Turn To You; C.,                Whitney Houston    I Wanna Love You
   Melanie                     I Wanna Dance With       Forever; Simpson,
I Turn To You;                    Somebody;             Jessica
   Aguilera, Christina            Houston, Whitney   I Wanna Love You
I Walk The Line;               I Wanna Dance With       Forever; Simpson,
   Cash, Johnny                   Somebody;             Jessica
I Walk The Line;                  Houston, Whitney   I Wanna Love You
   Cash, Johnny                I Wanna Dance With       Forever; Simpson,
I Walk The Line;                  Somebody;             Jessica
   Cash, Johnny                   Houston, Whitney   I Wanna Make You
I Wanna Be A                   I Wanna Dance With       Close Your Eyes;
   Cowboy; Boys                   Somebody;             Bentley, Dierks
   Dont Cry                       Houston, Whitney   I Wanna Make You
I Wanna Be Around;                                      Close Your Eyes;
   Bennett, Tony                                        Bentley, Dierks


I Wanna Make You              I Want It All; Queen    I Want To Know
   Cry; Bates, Jeff           I Want It All; Queen       What Love Is;
I Wanna Remember              I Want It That Way;        Foreigner
   This; Davis, Linda            Backstreet Boys,     I Want To Know
I Wanna Sex You                  The                     What Love Is;
   Up; Color Me Badd          I Want It That Way;        Foreigner
I Wanna Talk About               Backstreet Boys      I Want To Know
   Me; Keith, Toby            I Want Love; John,         What Love Is;
I Wanna Talk About               Elton                   Foreigner
   Me; Keith, Toby            I Want Love; John,      I Want To Know
I Wanna Talk About               Elton                   What Love Is;
   Me; Keith, Toby            I Want My Baby             Foreigner
   w/vocal                       Back; Chesnutt,      I Want To Know
I Wanna Talk About               Mark                    What Love Is;
   Me; Keith, Toby            I Want My Life Back;       Foreigner
I Wanna Talk About               Covington, Bucky     I Want To Know
   Me; Keith, Toby            I Want My Life Back;       What Love Is;
I Wanna Talk About               Covington, Bucky        Foreigner
   Me; Keith, Toby            I Want My Money;        I Want To Know
I Wanna Talk About               Kershaw, Sammy          What Love Is;
   Me; Keith, Toby            I Want To Be In            Foreigner
I Wanna Talk About               Love; Etheridge,     I Want To Live;
   Me; Keith, Toby               Melissa                 Spacehog w/vocal
I Wanna Talk About            I Want To Be Your       I Want To Live;
   Me; Keith, Toby               Man; Roger              Spacehog
I Wanna Talk About            I Want To Break         I Want To Live;
   Me; Keith, Toby               Free; Queen             Denver, John
I Wanna Talk About            I Want To Come          I Want To Live; Josh
   Me; Keith, Toby               Over; Etheridge,        Gracin
I Wanna Wake Up                  Melissa              I Want To Love You
   With You;                  I Want To Come             Forever; Simpson,
   Gardner, Boris                Over; Melissa           Jessica
I Want A Cowboy;                 Etheridge            I Want To Stroll
   Katrina Elam               I Want To Come             Over Heaven With
I Want A Cowboy;                 Over; Etheridge,        You; Goodmans,
   Elam, Katrina                 Melissa                 The
I Want A Man; Lace            I Want To Go With       I Want Us Back;
I Want A Man; Lace               You; Arnold, Eddy       Morgan, Craig
I Want A New Drug;            I Want To Hold Your     I Want Us To Be
   Huey Lewis & The              Hand; Beatles, The      Together In
   News                       I Want To Know             Heaven; Gospel-
I Want A New Drug;               Everything There        Bluegrass
   Lewis, Huey                   Is; Wills, Mark      I Want You; Hill,
I Want A New Drug;            I Want To Know             Faith
   Lewis, Huey                   What Love Is;        I Want You Back;
I Want A New Drug;               Foreigner               Backstreet Boys,
   Huey Lewis                 I Want To Know             The
I Want A New Drug;               What Love Is;        I Want You Back;
   Lewis, Huey                   Foreigner               Jackson 5, The
I Want A New Drug;            I Want To Know          I Want You Back; N
   Lewis, Huey & The             What Love Is;           Sync
   News                          Carey, Mariah        I Want You Back; N
I Want A New Duck;            I Want To Know             Sync
   Yankovic, Weird Al            What Love Is;        I Want You Back;
I Want Candy; Bow                Foreigner               Nsync
   Wow Wow


I Want You Back;              I Was Country When     I Will Always Love
   Jackson, Michael              Country Wasn't         You; Houston,
I Want You Bad;                  Cool; Mandrell,        Whitney
   Robinson, Charlie             Barbara             I Will Always Love
I Want You Bad;               I Was Country When        You; Houston,
   Robison, Charlie              Country Wasn't         Whitney
I Want You I Need                Cool; Mandrell,     I Will Always Love
   You I Love You;               Barbara                You; Houston,
   Presley, Elvis             I Was Country When        Whitney
I Want You To Be                 Country Wasn't      I Will Always Love
   My Girl; Lymon,               Cool; Mandrell,        You; Houston,
   Frankie                       Barbara                Whitney
I Want You To Need            I Was Here; Lady       I Will Always Love
   Me; Dion, Celine              Antebellum             You; Houston,
I Want You To Want            I Was Made For            Whitney
   Me; Cheap Trick               Loving You; Kiss    I Will Always Love
I Want You To Want            I Was Made To Love        You; Parton, Dolly
   Me; Yoakum,                   Her; Wonder,        I Will Always Love
   Dwight                        Stevie                 You; Houston,
I Want You To Want            I Was The One; Elvis      Whitney
   Me; Cheap Trick               Presley             I Will Always Love
I Want You To Want            I Was There; Lady         You; Houston,
   Me; Cheap Trick               Antebellum             Whitney
I Want You To Want            I Washed My Hands      I Will Always Love
   Me; Cheap Trick               In Muddy Water;        You; Houston,
I Want You To Want               Elvis Presley          Whitney
   Me; Cheap Trick            I Wear Your Love;      I Will Always Love
I Want You To Want               Angelle, Lisa          You; Parton, Dolly
   Me; Cheap Trick            I Went To Your            & Vince Gill
I Want You To Want               Wedding; Page,      I Will Always Love
   Me; Yoakam,                   Patti                  You; Houston,
   Dwight                     I Who Have Nothing;       Whitney
I Want You, I Need               Jones, Tom          I Will Always Love
   You, I Love You;           I Will; Dean Martin       You; Houston,
   Presley, Elvis             I Will; Beatles, The      Whitney
I Want Your Sex;              I Will; Martin, Dean   I Will Always Love
   Michael, George            I Will Always Love        You; Houston,
I Want Your Sex;                 You; Whitney           Whitney
   Michael, George               Houston             I Will Be; Lewis,
I Want Your Sex;              I Will Always Love        Leona
   Michael, George               You; Houston,       I Will Be; Grant,
I Want Your Sex;                 Whitney                Natalie
   Michael, George            I Will Always Love     I Will Be; Mccann,
I Want Your Sex;                 You; Houston,          Lila
   Michael, George               Whitney             I Will Be Right Here;
I Was; McCoy, Neal            I Will Always Love        All 4 One
I Was Blown Away;                You; Houston,       I Will Be Right
   Tillis, Pam                   Whitney                There; All 4 One
I Was Country When            I Will Always Love     I Will Be There For
   Country; Mandrell,            You; Houston,          You; Andrews,
   Barbara                       Whitney                Jessica
I Was Country When            I Will Always Love     I Will Be There For
   Country Wasn't                You; Houston,          You; Andrews,
   Cool; Reba                    Whitney                Jessica
   McEntire w/Kenny


I Will Be Your                 I Will Not Go            I Will Survive;
   Friend; Smith,                 Quietly; Henley,         Gaynor, Gloria
   Michael W.                     Don                   I Will Survive;
I Will But; Shedaisy           I Will Overcome;            Gaynor, Gloria
I WILL BUY YOU A                  McCraes, The          I Will Survive;
   NEW LIFE;                   I Will Possess Your         Gaynor, Gloria
   EVERCLEAR                      Heart; Death Cab      I Will Survive;
I Will Carry You;                 For Cutie                Gaynor, Gloria
   Aiken, Clay                 I Will Remember          I Will Survive;
I Will Celebrate;                 You; McLachlan,          Gaynor, Gloria
   Gospel                         Sarah                 I Will Survive;
I Will Come To You;            I Will Remember             Gaynor, Gloria
   Hanson                         You; McLachlan,       I Will Survive; Wild
I Will Find You                   Sarah                    Horses
   Again; Perrys, The          I Will Remember          I Will Survive;
I Will Follow; U2                 You; Sara                Gaynor, Gloria
I Will Follow Him;                McLachlan             I Will Survive;
   Various                     I Will Remember             Gaynor, Gloria
I Will Follow Him;                You; Sarah            I Will Survive;
   March, Little Peggy            McLachlan                Gaynor, Gloria
I Will Follow Him;             I Will Remember          I Will Survive1;
   Little Peggy March             You; Mclachlan,          Gaynor, Gloria
I Will Follow Him;                Sarah                 I Will, But; SheDaisy
   March, Little Peggy         I Will Remember          I Will, But; Shedaisy
I Will Follow Him                 You; McLachlan,       I Will...But; Shedaisy
   with vocals;                   Sarah                 I Wish; Messina, Jo
   Various                     I Will Remember             Dee
I Will Get There;                 You; McLachlan,       I Wish; Kelly, R.
   Boyz II Men                    Sarah                 I Wish; Point Of
   w/vocal                     I Will Remember             Grace
I Will Get There;                 You; Mclachlan,       I Wish; Kelly, R
   Boyz II Men                    Sarah                 I Wish; Kelly, R.
I Will Glory In The            I Will Remember          I Wish; R. Kelly
   Cross; Rambo,                  You (Live); Sarah     I Wish; Wonder,
   Dottie & The                   McLachlin                Stevie
   Gaithers                    I Will Rest In You;      I Wish; Thomas, Carl
I Will Go The                     Velasquez, Jaci       I Wish; Kelly, R.
   Distance; Martins,          I Will Serve Thee;       I Wish I Could Fly;
   The                            Gospel                   Spongebob Square
I Will Hold My                 I Will Stand;               Pants
   Ground; Worley,                Chesney, Kenny        I Wish I Could Have
   Darryl                      I Will Stand For            Been There;
I Will If You Will;               Jesus; Talley, Kirk      Perrys, The
   Berry, John                 I Will Survive; Gloria   I Wish I Could Have
I Will Love Again;                Gaynor                   Been There;
   Fabian, Lara                I Will Survive;             Anderson, John
I Will Love You;                  Gaynor, Gloria        I Wish I Didn't Love
   Angelle, Lisa               I Will Survive; Wild        You So; Perils Of
I Will Love You;                  Horses, The              Pauline
   Fisher                      I Will Survive;          I Wish I Was A Punk
I Will Not Be Broken;             Gaynor, Gloria           Rocker (With
   Raitt, Bonnie               I Will Survive;             Flowers In My
I Will Not Bow;                   Gaynor, Gloria           Hair); Sandi Thom
   Breaking Benjamin           I Will Survive; Gloria   I Wish I Wasn't;
                                  Gaynor                   Headley, Heather


I Wish I Were In               I Won't Be The One       I Wouldn't Take
   Love; Sinatra,                 To Let Go;                Nothing For My
   Frank                          Streisand, Barbra &       Journey Now;
I Wish It Would                   Barry Manilow             Goodmans, The
   Rain; Temptations,          I Won't Dance;           I Wouldn't Tell You
   The                            Sinatra, Frank            No Lie; Tractors
I Wish It Would                I Won't Forget You;      I Wouldn't Trade
   Rain; Temptations,             Poison                    You For The
   The                         I Won't Hold You             World; Bachelor's,
I Wish It Would                   Back; Toto                The
   Rain; Temptations,          I Won't Last A Day       I Would've Loved
   The                            Without You;              You Anyway;
I Wish It Would                   Carpenters, The           Yearwood, Trisha
   Rain; Perfect Heart         I Won't Let The Sun      I Write Sins Not
I Wish The Best For               Go Down On Me;            Tragedies; Panic!
   You; Hart,                     Nik Kershaw               At The Disco
   Emerson                     I Won't Lie; Brown,      I Write Sins, Not
I Wish You Were                   Shannon                   Tragedies; Panic!
   Here; Incubus               I Won't Mention It           At The Disco
I Wish You Were                   Again; Ray Price      I Write The Songs;
   Here; Incubus               I Won't Need You             Manilow, Barry
I Wish You Were                   Anymore; Travis,      I Yi Yi Yi (Like You
   Here; Incubus                  Randy                     Very Much);
I Wish You'd Stay;             I Won't Need You             Miranda, Carmen
   Paisley, Brad                  Anymore; Travis,      I, John; Elvis Presley
I Wish You'd Stay;                Randy                 I.G.Y.; Fagen, Donald
   Paisley, Brad               I Won't Say              I`m In The Mood;
I Wish You'd Stay;                Goodbye; Elam,            Hooker, John Lee
   Paisley, Brad                  Katrina               I´ll be back; Elvis
I Wish You'd Stay;             I Worship You;               Presley
   Paisley, Brad                  MercyMe               I´ll Hold You In My
I Wish You'd Stay;             I Would; Jolie &             Heart; Elvis
   Paisley, Brad                  Wanted                    Presley
I Wonder; Kellie               I Would; Dawn, Laura     I´ll never know; Elvis
   Pickler                     I Would Cry; Dalley,         Presley
I Wonder; Pickler,                Amy                   I´m yours; Elvis
   Kellie                      I Would Die For You;         Presley
I Wonder Do You                   Mercy Me              I´ve lost you; Elvis
   Think Of Me;                I Wouldn't Be A              Presley
   Chesney, Kenny                 Man; Dean, Billy      I’M Still Waiting;
I Wonder Do You                I Wouldn't Beg For           Ross, Diana
   Think Of Me;                   Water; Easton,        Ice Cream;
   Whitley, Keith                 Sheena                    McLachlan, Sarah
I Wonder If I Ever             I Wouldn't Change        Ice Cream (Live);
   Said Goodbye;                  You If I Could;           Mclachlan, Sarah
   Rodriguez, Johnny              Skaggs, Ricky         Ice Ice Baby; Vanilla
I Wonder Why; Dion             I Wouldn't Have              Ice
   & The Belmonts                 Missed It For Th;     Ice Ice Baby; Vanilla
I Wonder Why; Dion                Milsap, Ronnie            Ice
   & The Belmonts              I Wouldn't Have          Ice Ice Baby; Vanilla
I Won't Back Down;                Missed It For The         Ice
   Petty, Tom &                   World; Milsap,        Ice Ice Baby; Vanilla
   Heartbreakers                  Ronnie                    Ice
                                                        Ice, Ice Baby; Vanilla


Icky Thump; White             I'd Rather Have          If Heaven; Griggs,
   Stripes, The                   Jesus; Crabb             Andy
Icky Vicky; Fairly                Family, The          If Heaven; Andy
   Odd Parents                I'd Rather Ride              Griggs
I'd Be A Legend In                Around With You;     If Heaven Wasn't So
   My Time; Ronnie                McEntire, Reba           Far Away; Akins,
   Milsap                     I'd Really Love To           Rhett
I'd Be A Legend In                See You Tonight;     If Her Lovin' Don't
   My Time; Milsap,               I'd Really Love To       Kill Me; Tippin,
   Ronnie                         See You Tonight          Aaron
I'd Be Lyin'; Cagle,              Lyrics               If Hollywood Don't
   Chris                      I'd Really Love To           Need You;
I'd Be Lying; Cagle,              See You Tonight;         Williams, Don
   Chris                          England Dan &        If I Ain't Got You;
I'd Do Anything;                  John Ford Coley          Keys, Alicia
   Simple Plan                I'd Really Love To       If I Ain't Got You;
I'd Do Anything;                  See You Tonight;         Alicia Keys
   Simple Plan                    England, Dan &       If I Ain't Got You;
I'd Do Anything;                  John Ford Coley          Keys, Alicia
   Simple Plan                I'd Still Have You;      If I Am; Nine Days
I'd Do Anything For               Pierce, John         If I Can Dream;
   Love; Meat Loaf            Identify; Imbruglia,         Celion Dion and
I'd Do Anything For               Natalie                  Elvis Presley
   Love; Meat Loaf            idol, billy; mony        If I Can Dream;
I'd Do Anything For               mony                     Presley, Elvis
   Love; Meat Loaf            If; Bread                If I Can't; 50 Cent
I'd Lie For You; Meat         If; Jackson, Janet       If I Can't Have You;
   Loaf                       If; Jackson, Janet           Elliman, Yvonne
I'd Like To; Rae,             If; Como, Perry          If I Can't Have You;
   Corinne Bailey             If; Bread                    Yvonne Elliman
I'd Like To Teach             If; Bread                If I Could; Regina
   The World To               If A Man Answers;            Belle
   Sing; New                      Keith, Toby          If I Could Build My
   Seekers, The               If Anyone Falls;             World Around
I'd Like To Teach                 Fleetwood Mac            You; Gaye, Marvin
   The World To               If Ever I Would              & Tammi Terrell
   Sing; Children's               Leave You;           If I Could Do It All
I'd Like To Teach                 Goulet, Robert           Again; Wilson,
   The World To               If Everyday Was              Gretchen
   Sing; Lea Salonga              Like Christmas;      If I Could Go;
I'd Love To Lay You               Elvis Presley            Martinez, Angie &
   Down; Twitty,              If Everyone Cared;           Lil' Mo & Sacario
   Conway                         Nickelback           If I Could Go;
I'd Love To Lay You           If Everyone Cared;           Martinez, Angie &
   Down; Singletary,              Nickelback               Lil' Mo & Saca
   Daryle                     If Everyone Cared;       If I Could Make A
I'd Love To Lay You               Nickelback               Living; Clay
   Down; Twitty,              If Everyone Cared;           Walker
   Conway                         Nickelback           If I Could Make A
I'd Love To Lay You           If God Made You;             Living; Walker,
   Down; Singletary,              Five For Fighting        Clay
   Daryle                     If He Hung The           If I Could Make A
I'd Love You To                   Moon; Talley, Kirk       Loving; Walker,
   Want Me; Lobo              If Heaven; Griggs,           Clay


If I Could Only Win            If I Don't Make It        If I Know Me; Strait,
    Your Love; Harris,             Back; Lawrence,           George
    Emmylou                        Tracy                 If I Left You; Willis,
If I Could Only Win            If I Don't Tell You           Kelly
    Your Love; Harris,             Now; Keating,         If I Left You; Willis,
    Emmylou                        Ronan                     Kelly
If I Could Telephone           If I Fall (You're         If I Let You Go;
    Heaven; Primitive              Going Down With           Westlife
    Quartet                        Me); Dixie Chicks     If I Lost You; Tritt,
IF I COULD TURN                If I Fall (You're             Travis
    BACK THE                       Going Down With       if i loved you;
    HANDS OF TIME;                 Me); Dixie Chicks         carousel
    R. KELLY                   If I Fall You're Goin'    If I Needed
If I Could Turn Back               Down With Me;             Someone; Beatles,
    The Hands Of                   Dixie Chicks, The         The
    Time; Kelly, R.            If I Fall You're Goin'    If I Never See Your
If I Could Turn Back               Down With Me;             Face Again;
    Time; Cher                     Dixie Chicks, The         Maroon 5 &
If I Could Turn Back           If I Fall You're Going        Rihanna
    Time; Cher                     Down With Me;         If I Never See Your
If I Could Turn Back               Dixie Chicks              Face Again;
    Time; Cher                 If I Fall You're Going        Maroon 5 feat.
If I Could Turn Back               Down With Me;             Rihanna
    Time; Cher                     Dixie Chicks          If I Never Stop
If I Could Turn Back           If I Fell; Beatles, The       Loving You;
    Time; Cher                 If I Get Home On              Kersh, David
If I Could Turn Back               Christmas Day;        If I Said You Had A
    Time; Cher                     Elvis Presley             Beautiful Body;
If I Could Turn Back           If I Had $1,000,000;          Bellamy Brothers,
    Time; Cher                     Bare Naked Ladies         The
If I Could Turn Back           If I Had A                If I Told You That;
    Time; Cher                     $1,000,000;               Houston, Whitney
If I Could Turn Back               Barenaked Ladies      If I Wanted To;
    Time; Cher                 If I Had A Dollar;            Etheridge, Melissa
If I Didn't Have You;              Roberson, Carroll     If I Was A Drinkin'
    Travis, Randy              If I Had A Hammer;            Man; McCoy, Neal
If I Didn't Have You;              Peter, Paul & Mary    If I Was Jesus; Keith,
    Travis, Randy              If I Had A Hammer;            Toby
If I Didn't Know                   Peter, Paul & Mary    If I Was Your
    Better; Vandross,          If I Had a Hammer;            Woman; Keys,
    Luther                         Peter Paul & Mary         Alicia
If I Didn't Love You;          If I Had A Million        If I Was Your
    Wariner, Steve                 Dollars;                  Woman; Keys,
If I Die Tomorrow;                 Barenaked Ladies          Alicia Wvocal
    Motley Crue                If I Had A Nickel         If I Was Your
If I Die Tomorrow;                 (One Thin Dime);          Woman; Keys,
    Motley Crue                    Redmon & Vale             Alicia
If I Die Tomorrow;             If I Had Eyes;            If I Was Your
    Motley Crue                    Johnson, Jack             Woman; Keys,
If I Don't Have You;           If I Had You;                 Alicia
    Backstreet Boys,               Alabama               If I Were A Boy;
    The                        If I Had You;                 Beyonce
If I Don't Make It                 Alabama               If I Were A Boy;
    Back; Lawrence,            If I Know Me; Strait,         Beyonce
    Tracy                          George                If I Were A Boy;


If I Were A                   If Loving You Is         If That Isn't Love;
    Carpenter; Cash,             Wrong; Ingram,           Elvis Presley
    Johnny & June                Luther                If That Isn't Love;
    Carter                    If Loving You Is            Jackson, Vern
If I Were A Rich                 Wrong (I Don't        If That's Love;
    Man; Fiddler On              Want To Be               Paulsin, Laura
    The Roof                     Right); Mandrell,     If The Devil Danced
If I Were A Rich                 Barbara                  (In Empty
    Man; Fiddler On           If Loving You Is            Pockets); Diffie,
    The Roof                     Wrong I Don't            Joe
If I Were A Rich                 Want To Be Right;     If The Devil Danced
    Man; Fiddler On              Jones, Tom               (In Empty
    The Roof                  If My Friends Could         Pockets); Diffie,
If I Were You; Clark,            See Me Now;              Joe
    Terri                        Sweet Charity         If The Devil Danced
If I Were You; Raye,          If My Friends Could         In Empty Pockets;
    Collin                       See Me Now;              Diffie, Joe
If I Were You;                   Sweet Charity         If The Good Die
    Hoobastank                If My Heart Had             Young; Lawrence,
If I Were You; Clark,            Wings; Hill, Faith       Tracy
    Terri                     If My Heart Had          If The Jukebox Took
If I Were Your                   Wings; Hill, Faith       Teardrops; Leigh,
    Woman; Knight,            If My Heart Had             Danni
    Gladys                       Wings; Hill, Faith    If The Rapture Was
If I Were Your                If My Heart Had             Yesterday; Kevin
    Woman; Knight,               Wings; Hill, Faith       Spencer Family,
    Gladys                    If My Heart Had             The
If I Were Your                   Wings; Hill, Faith    If There Had Been
    Woman; Knight,            If Nobody Believed          No Calvary; New
    Gladys & The Pips            In You; Nichols,         Hinsons, The
If I Were Your                   Joe                   If There Was A Way;
    Woman; Knight,            If Only; Hanson             Yoakam, Dwight
    Gladys & The Pips         If Only You Knew;        If There's A Rocket
if i'm a fool for                Labelle, Patti           Tie Me To It; Snow
    loving you; elvis         If Practice Makes           Patrol
    presley                      Perfect;              If There's No God;
If I'm Not In Love;              Rodriguez, Johnny        Greater Vision
    Troccoli, Kathy           If She Don't Love        If This Is It; Huey
If I'm Not In Love;              You; Buffalo Club        Lewis & The News
    Hill, Faith               If She Were Any          If This Is It; Lewis,
If It Goes Down                  Other Woman;             Huey & The News
    Easy; Van Zant               Jewell, Buddy         If This World Were
If It Isn't Love; New         If She Were Any             Mine; Gaye,
    Edition, The                 Other Woman;             Marvin & Tammi
If It Makes You                  Barnburners              Terrell
    Happy; Crow,              If Something Should      If Today Was Your
    Sheryl                       Happen; Darryl           Last Day;
If It Makes You                  Worley                   Nickelback
    Happy; Crow,              If That Ain't Country;   If Tomorrow Never
    Sheryl                       Smith, Anthony           Comes; Brooks,
If It Makes You               If That Ain't Country;      Garth
    Happy; Crow,                 Coe, David Allan      If Tomorrow Never
    Sheryl                    If That Don't Make          Comes; Keating,
If Looks Could Kill;             You Wanna Go;            Ronan
    Crowell, Rodney              Isaacs, The


If Tomorrow Never               If You Can; Cochran,     If You Ever Change
   Comes; Brooks,                  Tammy                    Your Mind; Crystal
   Garth                        If You Can Be Good          Gayle
If Tomorrow Never                  Be Glad; McCoy,       If You Ever Feel Like
   Comes; Brooks,                  Neal                     Lovin' Me Again;
   Garth                        If You Can Do               Walker, Clay
If Tomorrow Never                  Anything Else;        If You Ever Feel Like
   Comes; Brooks,                  Strait, George           Lovin' Me Again;
   Garth                        If You Change Your          Walker, Clay
If Tomorrow Never                  Mind; Cash,           If You Ever Have
   Comes; Brooks,                  Rosanne                  Forever In Mind;
   Garth                        If You Change Your          Vince Gill
If Tomorrow Never                  Mind; Cash,           If You Ever Have
   Comes (Dance                    Rosanne                  Forever In Mind;
   Mix); Keating,               If You Come To Me;          Gill, Vince
   Ronan                           Atomic Kitten         If You Ever Have
If Tomorrow Never               If You Could Only           Forever In Mind;
   Comes (Dance);                  See; Thomson,            Vince Gill
   Keating, Ronan                  Cyndi                 If You Ever Leave
If Tonight Is My                If You Could Read           Me; Streisand,
   Last; Izibor, Laura             My Mind; Gordon          Barbra & Vince Gill
If U Seek Amy;                     Lightfoot             If You Ever Stop
   Spears, Britney              If You Could Read           Loving Me;
If We Are The Body;                My Mind; Gordon          Gentry,
   Casting Crowns                  Lightfoot                Montgomery
If We Make It                   If You Could Read        If You Had My Love;
   Through                         My Mind; Lightfoot,      Jennifer Lopez
   December;                       Gordon                If You Had My Love;
   Haggard, Merle               If You Could Read           Lopez, Jennifer
If We Make It                      My Mind Love;         If You Had My Love;
   Through                         Lightfoot, Gordon        Lopez, Jennifer
   December;                    If You Didn't Love       If You Have To Ask;
   Haggard, Merle                  Me; Stacey, Phil         Red Hot Chili
If We Make It                   If You Didn't Love          Peppers
   Through                         Me; Phil Stacy        If You Leave;
   December;                    if you don't come           Orchestral
   Haggard, Merle                  back; elvis presley      Manoeuvres In The
If We Never Meet                If You Don't Know           Dark
   Again; Elvis                    Me By Now;            If You Leave;
   Presley                         Simply Red               Orchestral
If We Were A Movie;             If You Don't Know           Manoeuvres In
   Montana, Hannah                 Me By Now;               Dark
If We Were Lovers;                 Melvin, Harold &      If You Leave Me
   Estefan, Gloria                 The Blue Notes           Now; Chicago
If You Ask; Hill, Faith         If You Don't Know        If You Leave Me
If You Asked Me To;                Me By Now;               Now; Chicago
   Dion, Celine                    Harold Melvin &       If You Love Me;
If You Asked Me To;                The Bluenotes            Keating, Ronan
   Dion, Celine                 If You Don't Know        If You Love Me; Mint
If You Believe;                    Me By Now;               Condition
   Sasha                           Melvin, Harold &      If You Love Me (Let
If You Came Back                   The Blue Notes           Me Know); John,
   From Heaven;                 If You Don't Know           Olivia Newton
   Morgan, Lorrie                  Me By Now;            If You Love Me Let
If You Can; Cochran,               Melvin, Harold &         Me Know; Elvis
   Tammy                           The Blue Notes           Presley


If You Love                   If You're Gone;           If You're Not The
   Somebody; Sharp,              Matchbox Twenty            One; Bedingfield,
   Kevin                      If You're Gone;               Daniel
If You Loved Me;                 Matchbox 20            If You're Not The
   Lawrence, Tracy            If You're Gone;               One; Bedingfield,
If You Really Love               Matchbox Twenty            Daniel
   Me; Stevie Wonder          If You're Gone;           If You're Reading
If You Really Love               Matchbox 20                This; McGraw, Tim
   Me; Wonder,                If You're Gone;           If You're Reading
   Stevie                        Matchbox 20                This; Tim McGraw
If You See Him/If             If You're Gonna           If You're Reading
   You See Her;                  Leave; Hart,               This; Mcgraw, Tim
   McEntire, Reba &              Emerson                If You're Ready
   Brooks & Dunn              If You're Gonna Play          (Come Go With
If You Sleep;                    In Texas; Alabama          Me); Staple
   Bachman, Tal               If You're Gonna               Singers
If You Talk In Your              Walk, I'm Gonna        If You're Wondering
   Sleep; Elvis                  Crawl; Kershaw,            If You Want To;
   Presley                       Sammy                      Weezer
If You Wanna Be               If You're Happy &         If You've Got Love;
   Happy; Soul,                  You Know It;               Montgomery, John
   Jimmy                         Children's Songs           Michael
If You Wanna Be               If You're Happy And       If You've Got The
   Happy; Jimmy                  You Know It;               Money I've Got
   Soul                          Traditional                The Time; Frizzell,
If You Wanna Be               If You're Not In It For       Lefty
   Happy; Soul,                  Love; Shania           If You've Got The
   Jimmy                         Twain                      Money, I've Got
If You Wanna Get To           If You're Not In It For       The Time; Frizzell,
   Heaven; Ozark                 Love; Twain,               Lefty
   Mountain                      Shania                 If You've Got The
   Daredevils, The            If You're Not In It For       Money, I've Got
If You Want To Be                Love; Twain,               The Time; Frizzell,
   Good Girl;                    Shania                     Lefty
   Backstreet Boys,           If You're Not In It For   If You've Got The
   The                           Love; Twain,               Money, I've Got
If You Were Mine;                Shania                     The Time; Frizzell,
   Hernandez, Marcos          If You're Not In It For       Lefty
If Your Heart Ain't              Love; Twain,           Iglu & Hartly; In This
   Busy Tonight;                 Shania                     City
   Tucker, Tanya              If You're Not In It For   Ignition; Kelly, R.
If Your Not In It For            Love; Twain,           Ignition (Remix);
   Love; Shania                  Shania                     Kelly, R.
   Twain                      If You're Not In It For   Ignition (Remix);
If You're Goin'                  Love (I'm Outta            Kelly, R.
   Through Hell                  Here); Twain,          Ignorance; Paramore
   (Before The Devil             Shania                 Iko Iko; Dixie Cups
   Even Knows);               If You're Not In It For   Iko Iko; Belle Stars,
   Atkins, Rodney                Love (I'm Outta            The
If Youre Gone;                   Here); Twain,          I'll Always Love
   Matchbox Twenty               Shania                     You; Dayne, Taylor
If You're Gone;               If You're Not The         I'll Be; McCain,
   Matchbox 20                   One; Bedingfield,          Edwin
If You're Gone;                  Daniel                 I'll Be; McEntire,
   Matchbox 20                                              Reba
                                                        I'll Be; Mccain, Edwin


I'll Be; Mcentire,             I'll Be There; Carey,    I'll Be With You In
    Reba                           Mariah & Trey            Apple Blossom
I'll Be; McCain,                   Lorenz                   Time; Newton,
    Edwin                      I'll Be There;               Wayne
I'll Be; McCain,                   Jackson 5, The       I'll Believe In You;
    Edwin                      I'll Be There; Carey,        Payne, Sandra &
I'll Be; Mcentire,                 Mariah & Trey            Alvin Slaughter
    Reba                           Lorenz               I'll Cry Instead;
I'll Be Alright                I'll Be There; Carey,        Beatles, The
    Without You;                   Mariah               I'll Do It All Over
    Journey                    I'll Be There; Carey,        Again; Crystal
I'll Be Around;                    Mariah                   Gayle
    Spinners, The              I'll Be There; Carey,    I'll Fly Away; Jars Of
I'll Be Around;                    Mariah & Trey            Clay
    Pendergrass,                   Lorenz               I'll Get Over You;
    Teddy                      I'll Be There;               Gayle, Crystal
I'll Be Doggone;                   Jackson, Michael     I'll Give All My Love
    Gaye, Marvin               I'll Be There; Bunton,       To You; Sweat,
i'll be home for                   Emma                     Keith
    christmas; elvis           I'll Be There; Carey,    I'll Go Crazy; Griggs,
    presley                        Mariah & Trey            Andy
I'll Be Home For                   Lorenz               I'll Go Crazy; Griggs,
    Christmas;                 I'll Be There; Carey,        Andy
    Christmas-Evans,               Mariah & Trey        I'll Go Crazy If I
    Sara                           Lorenz                   Don't Go Crazy
I'll Be Home For               I'll Be There (If You        Tonight; U2
    Christmas;                     Ever Want Me);       I'll Go Crazy If I
    Christmas                      Ray Price                Don't Go Crazy
I'll Be Home For               I'll Be There For            Tonight; U2
    Christmas;                     You; Rembrandts,     I'll Go Down
    Christmas                      The                      Swinging;
I'll Be Missing You;           I'll Be There For            Wagoner, Porter
    Puff Daddy & Faith             You; Bon Jovi        Ill Go On Loving
    Evans                      I'll Be There For            You; Alan Jackson
I'll Be Over You;                  You; Rembrandts,     I'll Go On Loving
    Toto                           The                      You; Jackson, Alan
I'll Be Right Here             I'll Be There For        I'll Have To Say I
    Loving You;                    You; Rembrandts,         Love You In A
    Travis, Randy                  The                      Song; Croce, Jim
I'll Be Seeing You;            I'll Be There For        I'll Hold You In My
    Sinatra, Frank                 You; Rembrandts,         Heart; Arnold,
I'll Be Seeing You;                The                      Eddy
    Stewart, Rod               I'll Be There For        I'll Just Hold On;
I'll Be Seeing You;                You; Bon Jovi, Jon       Shelton, Blake
    Sinatra, Frank             I'll Be There For You    I'll Just Stay Here
Ill Be Seing You;                  (Theme From              And Drink;
    Sinatra, Frank                 'Friends');              Haggard, Merle
I'll Be That; Wayne,               Rembrandts, The      I'll Keep You
    Jimmy                      I'll Be Waiting;             Memory Vague;
I'll Be That; Wayne,               Kravitz, Lenny           Finger Eleven
    Jimmy                      I'll Be Waiting;         I'll Keep Your
I'll Be There; Carey,              Kravitz, Lenny           Memory Vague;
    Mariah                     I'll Be With You In          Finger Eleven
I'll be there; Elvis               Appl; Andrews        I'll Leave This World
    Presley                        Sisters, The             Lovi; Shelton,
                                                            Ricky Van


I'll Make Love To              I'll Never Stop; N        I'm A Believer;
    You; Boyz II Men               Sync                     Smash Mouth
I'll Make Love To              I'll Remember;            I'm A Believer;
    You; Boyz Ii Men               Madonna                  Smash Mouth
I'll Make Love To              I'll Remember You;        I'm A Believer;
    You; Boyz Ii Men               Elvis Presley            Smash Mouth
I'll Make Love To              I'll Stand By You;        I'm A Believer;
    You; Boyz II Men               Pretenders, The          Smash Mouth
I'll Make Love To              I'll Stand By You;        I'm A Believer;
    You; Boyz II Men               Underwood, Carrie        Monkees, The
I'll Make Love To              I'll Stand By You;        I'm A Boy; Who, The
    You; Boyz II Men               Pretenders, The       I'm A Father Too;
I'll Make Love To              I'll Still Be Loving         Way, Del
    You; Boyz II Men               You; Restless         I'm A Little Teapot;
I'll Meet You In The               Heart                    Various Artists
    Morning; Gaithers,         I'll Still Love You       I'm A Little Teapot;
    The                            More; Trisha             Children's Songs
I'll Meet You On The               Yearwood              I'm A Lonesome
    Mountain; Lewis            I'll Still Love You          Fugitive; Haggard,
    Family, The                    More; Yearwood,          Merle
I'll Never Break You               Trisha                I'm A Man; Chicago
    Heart; Backstreet          I'll String Along With    I'm A Man; Diddley,
    Boys, The                      You; Standards           Bo
I'll Never Break Your          I'll Survive; B.B. King   I'm A Man; Chicago
    Heart; Backstreet          I'll Take Love Over       I'm A Ramblin' Man;
    Boys, The                      Money; Tippin,           Jennings, Waylon
I'll Never Fall In                 Aaron                 I'm A Ramblin' Man;
    Love Again; Elvis          I'll Take That As A          Jennings, Waylon
    Presley                        Yes (The Hot Tub      I'm A Rocker;
I'll Never Fall In                 Song); Vassar, Phil      Springsteen, Bruce
    Love Again; Tom            I'll Take Today;          I'm A Slave 4 U;
    Jones                          Allan, Gary              Spears, Britney
I'll Never Fall In             I'll Take You There;      I'm A Stand By My
    Love Again;                    Staple Singers,          Woman Man;
    Jones, Tom                     The                      Milsap, Ronnie
I'll Never Fall In             I'll Think Of A           I'm A Survivor;
    Love Again;                    Reason Later;            McEntire, Reba
    Warwick, Dionne                Womack, Lee Ann       I'm A Survivor;
I'll Never Fall In             I'll Think Of                Mcentire, Reba
    Love Again;                    Something;            I'm A Survivor;
    Jones, Tom                     Chesnutt, Mark           Mcentire, Reba
I'll Never Forgive My          I'll Try; Jackson, Alan   I'm A Thug; Trick
    Heart; Brooks &            I'll Try Something           Daddy
    Dunn                           New; Ross, Diana      I'm A Woman; Peggy
I'll Never Get Over                & The Temptations        Lee
    You; Expose                I'll Tumble 4 Ya;         I'm Afraid Of
I'll Never Get Over                Culture Club             Americans; Bowie,
    You Getting Over           I'll Wait for You;           David
    Me; Expose'                    Elliot Yamin          I'm Alight; Jars Of
I'll Never Smile               I'll Wait For You;           Clay
    Again; Sinatra,                Nichols, Joe          I'm Alive; Celine Dion
    Frank                      I'm A Believer;           I'm Alive; Dion,
I'll Never Stop;                   Smash Mouth              Celine
    Backstreet Boys,           I'm A Believer;           I'm Alive; Chesney,
    The & N Sync                   Smash Mouth              Kenny & Dave


I'm Alive; Chesney,              I'm Down To My           I'm Going To Wash
   Kenny & David                    Last Cigarette;          That Man Right
   Matthews                         Lang, K.D.               Outta My Hair;
I'm Alive; Dion,                 I'm Eighteen;               South Pacific
   Celine                           Cooper, Alice         I'm Gone; Thompson,
I'm Alive; Dion,                 I'm Eighteen;               Cyndi
   Celine                           Cooper, Alice         I'm Gone; Thompson,
I'm All Yours;                   I'm Eighteen;               Cyndi
   Lampa, Rachael                   Cooper, Alice         I'm Gone; Thomson,
I'm Already Taken;               I'm Eighteen; Creed         Cyndi
   Wariner, Steve                I'm Every Woman;         I'm Gonna Be (500
I'm Already Taken;                  Houston, Whitney         Miles);
   Wariner, Steve                I'm Every Woman;            Proclaimers, The
I'm Already There;                  Houston, Whitney      I'm Gonna Be
   Lonestar                      I'm Every Woman;            Alright; Lopez,
I'm Already There;                  Chaka Khan               Jennifer
   Lonestar                      I'm falling in love      I'm Gonna Be
I'm Already There;                  tonight; Elvis           Alright; Lopez,
   Lonestar                         Presley                  Jennifer & Nas
I'm Already There;               I'm Feeling You;         I'm Gonna Be
   Lonestar                         Santana & Michelle       Alright; Lopez,
I'm Already There;                  Branch                   Jennifer
   Lonestar                      I'm Feeling You;         I'm Gonna Be
I'm Already There;                  Branch, Michelle &       Somebody; Tritt,
   Lonestar                         Santana                  Travis
I'm Already There;               I'm Free; Talley Trio,   I'm Gonna Be
   Lonestar                         The                      Strong; Lauper,
Im Alright; Jo Dee               Im From The                 Cyndi
   Messina                          Country; Tracy        I'm Gonna Be There;
I'm Alright; Loggins,               Byrd                     Florida Boys, The
   Kenny                         I'm From The             I'm Gonna Follow
I'm Alright; Messina,               Country; Byrd,           You; Benatar, Pat
   Jo Dee                           Tracy                 I'm Gonna Get
I'm Alright; Loggins,            I'm From The                Married; Price,
   Kenny                            Country; Tracy           Lloyd
I'm Amazed;                         Byrd                  I'm Gonna Get
   Mccann, Lila                  Im Getting                  Married; Price,
I'm An Errand Girl                  Sentimental Over         Lloyd
   For Rhythm; Krall,               You; Standard         I'm Gonna Getcha
   Diana & Norah                 I'm Getting                 Good; Twain,
   Jones                            Sentimental Over         Shania
I'm Bad; LL Cool J                  You; Sinatra, Frank   I'm Gonna Getcha
I'm Bad, I'm                     I'm Getting Used To         Good; Twain,
   Nationwide; ZZ                   You; Selena              Shania
   Top                           I'm Glad; Lopez,         I'm Gonna Getcha
I'm Bad, I'm                        Jennifer                 Good; Twain,
   Nationwide; ZZ                I'm Glad; Lopez,            Shania
   Top                              Jennifer              I'm Gonna Getcha
I'm Coming Out;                  I'm Glad; Lopez,            Good; Twain,
   Ross, Diana                      Jennifer                 Shania
I'm Diggin' It; Elliot,          I'm Going To Be          I'm Gonna Getcha
   Alecia                           There; Sanz, Victor      Good; Twain,
I'm Diggin' It; Elliott,         I'm Going To Wash           Shania
   Alecia                           That Man Right        I'm Gonna Getcha
                                    Out Of My Hair;          Good; Twain,
                                    South Pacific            Shania


I'm Gonna Getcha             I'm Gonna Miss Her;      I'm In; Kinleys, The
   Good; Shania                 Paisley, Brad         I'm In; Kinleys
   Twain                     I'm Gonna Move;          I'm In A Hurry And I
I'm Gonna Getcha                Gospel-Bluegrass         Don't Know Why;
   Good; Twain,              Im Gonna Set Right          Alabama
   Shania                       Down And Wright       Im In Love Again;
I'm Gonna Getcha                My; Sinatra, Frank       Domino, Fats
   Good; Twain,              I'm Gonna Sing;          I'm In Love With A
   Shania                       Gaither Band, The        Capital U; Diffie,
I'm Gonna Getcha             I'm Gonna Take That         Joe
   Good; Twain,                 Mountain; Reba        I'm In Love With A
   Shania                       McEntre                  Married Woman;
I'm Gonna Getcha             I'm Gonna Take That         Chesnutt, Mark
   Good; Twain,                 Mountain;             I'm In Love With Her;
   Shania                       Mcentire, Reba           Brown, Sawyer
I'm Gonna Getcha             I'm Gonna Walk           I'm In Love With Her;
   Good (Country                Dem Golden               Sawyer Brown
   Version); Twain,             Stairs; Elvis         I'm In Love With
   Shania                       Presley                  You; Dean, Billy
I'm Gonna Love Her           I'm Gonna Wash           I'm In The Lord's
   For Both Of Us;              That Man Right           Army; Children's
   Meat Loaf                    Out Of My Hair;          Songs
I'm Gonna Love Her              South Pacific         I'm In The Mood;
   For The Both Of           I'm Gonna Wash              Alabama
   Us; Meat Loaf                That Man Right        I'm In The Mood For
I'm Gonna Love You              Outta My Hair;           Love; Cole, Nat
   Anyway; Adkins,              South Pacific            King
   Trace                     I'm Henry The Viii, I    I'm In The Mood For
I'm Gonna Love You              Am; Herman's             Love; Cole, Nat
   Too; Holly, Buddy            Hermits                  'King'
I'm Gonna Make You           I'm Henry The Viii, I    I'm Into Something
   Love Me;                     Am; Herman's             Good; Herman's
   Temptations, The             Hermits                  Hermits
I'm Gonna Make You           I'm Henry The VIII, I    I'm Into Something
   Love Me;                     Am; Herman's             Good; Herman's
   Jayhawks                     Hermits                  Hermits
I'm Gonna Make You           I'm Henry Viii I Am;     I'm Just A Girl;
   Love Me (Duet);              Herman's Hermits         Carter, Deana
   Ross, Diana & The         I'm Holdin' On To        I'm Just Me; Pride,
   Supremes                     Love To Save My          Charley
I'm Gonna Miss Her;             Life; Twain, Shania   I'm Just Talkin
   Paisley, Brad             I'm Holding On To           About Tonight;
I'm Gonna Miss Her;             Love; Twain,             Keith, Toby
   Paisley, Brad                Shania                I'm Just Talkin'
I'm Gonna Miss Her;          I'm Holding On To           About Tonight;
   Paisley, Brad                Love; Twain,             Keith, Toby
I'm Gonna Miss Her;             Shania                I'm Just Talkin'
   Paisley, Brad             I'm Holding On To           About Tonight;
I'm Gonna Miss Her;             Love; Twain,             Keith, Toby
   Paisley, Brad                Shania                I'm Just Talkin'
I'm Gonna Miss Her;          I'm Holding On To           About Tonight;
   Paisley, Brad                My Love; Twain,          Toby Keith
I'm Gonna Miss Her;             Shania                I'm Just Talkin'
   Paisley, Brad             I'm Horny; Hot N'           About Tonight;
I'm Gonna Miss Her;             Juicy                    Keith, Toby
   Paisley, Brad             I'm In; Kinleys, The


I'm Just Talkin'               I'm Moving On;           I'm Not Supposed
   About Tonight;                 Rascal Flatts            To Love You
   Keith, Toby                 I'm Moving On;              Anymore; White,
I'm Leavin'; Elvis                Snow, Hank               Bryan
   Presley                     I'm Moving On;           I'm Not That Easy
I'm Leaving; Tippin,              Rascal Flatts            To Forget;
   Aaron                       I'm No Angel; Gregg         Morgan, Lorrie
I'm Leaving It All Up             Allman Band, The      i'm not the marrying
   To You; Dale &              I'm No Stranger To          kind; elvis presley
   Grace                          The Rain; Whitley,    I'm Not What I Was;
I'm Leaving It All Up             Keith                    Gold City
   To You; Dale &              I'm Not A Girl, Not      I'm Not Your
   Grace                          Yet A Woman;             Stepping Stone;
I'm Left You're Right             Spears, Britney          Monkees, The
   She's Gone; Elvis           I'm Not Alone;           I'm Not Your Toy; La
   Presley                        Harris, Calvin           Roux
I'm Like A Bird;               I'm Not Breakin';        I'm Ok; Aguilera,
   Furtado, Nelly                 Holy, Steve              Christina
I'm Like A Bird;               I'm Not Breakin';        I'm Old Fashioned;
   Furtado, Nelly                 Holy, Steve              Standards
I'm Like A Bird; Nelly         I'm Not Gonna Do         I'm On Fire;
   Furtardo                       Anything Without         Springsteen, Bruce
I'm Like A Bird;                  You; Willis, Mark &   I'm On My Way;
   Furtado, Nelly                 Jamie O'neal             Parrish, Dean
I'm Like A Bird;               I'm Not Gonna Do         I'm On The Outside
   Furtado, Nelly                 Anything Without         Looking In; Little
I'm Like A Bird;                  You; Wills, Mark &       Anthony
   Furtado, Nelly                 Jamie O'neal          I'm One Of You;
I'm Like a Lawyer              I'm Not In Love;            Williams, Hank Jr
   (Me & You); Fall               Iglesias, Enrique     I'm Only Me When
   Out Boy                     I'm Not In Love;            I'm With You;
I'm Living In Canaan              10CC                     Swift, Taylor
   Now; Hinsons, The           I'm Not Lisa; Colter,    I'm Outta Here;
I'm Losing You;                   Jessi                    Shania Twain
   Lennon, John                I'm Not Lisa; Colter,    I'm Outta Here;
I'm Losing You, (I                Jessie                   Twain, Shania
   Know);                      I'm Not Lisa; Colter,    Im Outta Love;
   Temptations, The               Jessie                   Anastacia
I'm Losing You, (I             I'm Not Missing You;     I'm Outta Love;
   Know);                         Stacie Orrico            Anastacia
   Temptations, The            I'm Not Running          I'm Over You;
I'M LOVIN IT;                     Anymore;                 Whitley, Keith
   JUSTIN                         Mellencamp, John      I'm Raving; Scooter
   TIMBERLAKE                     Cougar                I'm Ready; Cherie
I'm Missing You;               I'm Not Scared;          I'm Ready; Cherie
   Rogers, Kenny                  Eighth Wonder         I'm Ready; Campbell,
I'm Movin On; Hank             I'm Not Sleeping;           Tevin
   Snow                           Tiffany               I'm Ready For Love;
I'm Movin' On; Flatts,         I'm Not Sleeping;           Martha & The
   Rascal                         Tiffany                  Vandellas
I'm Movin' On;                 I'm Not Strong           I'm Real; Lopez,
   Rascal Flatts                  Enough To Say            Jennifer
I'm Movin' On;                    No; Blackhawk         I'm Real; Lopez,
   Rascal Flatts                                           Jennifer & Ja Rule
I'm Movin' On;                                          I'm Real; Lopez,
   Rascal Flatts                                           Jennifer


I'm Real; Lopez,               I'm Sorry; Denver,       I'm That Kind Of
   Jennifer                       John                     Girl; Loveless,
I'm Real; Lopez,               I'm Sorry; Denver,          Patty
   Jennifer & Ja Rule             John                  I'm The Only Hell;
I'm Really Hot;                I'm Sorry; Lee,             Paycheck, Johnny
   Elliott, Missy                 Brenda                I'm The Only One;
   Misdemeanor                 I'm Sorry with              Etheridge, Melissa
I'm Rich; Gold City               vocals; Various       I'm The Only One;
I'm Running On;                I'm Sprung; T-Pain          Etheridge, Melissa
   Crabb Family, The           I'm Still A Guy; Brad    I'm The Only One;
I'm Scared; Duffy                 Paisley                  Etheridge, Melissa
I'm Shakin'; Rooney            I'm Still A Guy; Brad    I'm The Only One;
I'm Sitting On Top                Paisley                  Etheridge, Melissa
   Of The World;               I'm Still Alive;         I'm The Only One;
   Jolson, Al                     Yearwood, Trisha         Etheridge, Melissa
I'm So Excited;                I'm Still Amazed;        I'm Throwing Rice
   Pointer Sisters,               Perrys, The              (At The Girl That I
   The                         I'm Still Dancin' With      Love); Eddy Arnold
I'm So Excited;                   You; Hayes, Wade      I'm Too Sexy; Right
   Pointer Sisters,            I'm Still Here;             Said Fred
   The                            Vertical Horizon      I'm Too Sexy; Right
I'm So Excited;                I'm Still Here;             Said Fred
   Pointer Sisters,               Rzeznik, John         I'm Too Sexy; Right
   The                         I'm Still In Love;          Said Fred
I'm So Excited;                   Paul, Sean &          I'm Too Sexy; Right
   Pointer Sisters                Sasha                    Said Fred
I'm So Excited;                I'm Still In Love With   I'm Too Sexy; Rsf
   Pointer Sisters,               You; Paul, Sean &        (Right Said Fred)
   The                            Sasha                 I'm Too Sexy; Right
I'm So Excited;                I'm Still In Love With      Said Fred
   Pointer Sisters,               You; Al Green         I'm Tore Down;
   The                         I'm Still In Love With      Clapton, Eric
I'm So Glad; Cream                You; Paul, Sean &     I'm Torn Down; King,
I'm So Happy;                     Sasha                    Freddy
   Greenes, The                I'm Still In Love With   I'm Tryin'; Adkins,
I'm So Happy I Can't              You (Radio               Trace
   Stop Crying;                   Version); Pau         I'm Walkin'; Domino,
   Keith, Toby & Sting         I'm Still Standing;         Fats
I'm So Lonesome I                 John, Elton           I'm With The Band;
   Could Cry; Elvis            I'm Still Waiting;          Little Big Town
   Pesley                         Ross, Diana           I'm With You;
I'm So Lonesome I              I'm Still Wearing           Lavigne, Avril
   Could Cry;                     Your Name;            I'm With You;
   Campbell, Glen                 Nesby, Ann               Lavigne, Avril
I'm So Lonesome I              Im Telling You Now;      I'm With You; Avril
   Could Cry;                     Freddie And The          Lavigne
   Thomas, BJ                     Dreamers              I'm With You;
I'm So Lonesome I              I'm Telling You Now;        Lavigne, Avril
   Could Cry;                     Freddie & The         I'm With You;
   Thomas, B.J.                   Dreamers                 Lavigne, Avril
I'm Sorry; Denver,             I'm Telling You Now;     I'm You; Lewis,
   John                           Freddie & The            Leona
I'm Sorry; Various                Dreamers              I'm Your Angel;
I'm Sorry; Lee,                I'm That Kind Of            Dion, Celine & R.
   Brenda                         Girl; Loveless,          Kelly


I'm Your Angel;               Imagine Me Without      In A Little While;
   Dion, Celine & R              You; Velasquez,         Uncle Kracker
   Kelly                         Jaci                 In A Little While;
I'm Your Baby                 Imagine That;              Uncle Kracker
   Tonight; Houston,             Diamond Rio          In A Little While; U2
   Whitney                    Imagine That; LL        In A Little While;
I'm Your Baby                    Cool J                  Uncle Kracker
   Tonight; Houston,          Imagine That; Ll Cool   In A Real Love; Phil
   Whitney                       J                       Vassar
I'm Your Baby                 Imitation Of Life;      In A Shanty In Old
   Tonight; Houston,             R.E.M.                  Shanty Town;
   Whitney                    Immigrant Song; Led        Standard
I'm Your Baby                    Zeppelin                Reminiscing
   Tonight; Houston,          Immigrant Song; Led     In A Week Or Two;
   Whitney                       Zeppelin                Diamond Rio
I'm Your Man;                 Immortality; Dion,      In All Of His Glory;
   Wariner, Steve                Celine & The Bee        Mason, Babbie &
I'm Your Man;                    Gees                    Michael English
   Michael, George            Impossible;             In And Out Of Love;
I'm Your Man;                    Merriweather,           Bon Jovi
   Wham!                         Daniel               In Another World;
I'm Your Man;                 Impossible; Aguilera,      Diffie, Joe
   Richie, Shane                 Christina            In Another World;
I'm Your Man;                 The Impossible             Diffie, Joe
   Wariner, Steve                Dream; Man Of La     In Another World;
I'M YOURS; JASON                 Mancha, The             Diffie, Joe
   MRAZ                       The Impossible          In Anothers Eyes;
I'm Yours; Davis,                Dream; Show             Yearwood, Trisha
   Linda                         Tunes                   & Garth Brooks
I'm Yours; Davis,             The Impossible          In Anothers Eyes;
   Linda                         Dream; Jones,           Garth Brooks
I'm Yours; Mraz,                 Tom                  In Anothers Eyes;
   Jason                      The Impossible;            Yearwood, Trisha
I'm Yours; Mraz,                 Nichols, Joe            & Garth Brooks
   Jason                      The Impossible;         In Anothers Eyes;
I'm Yours; Garrett &             Nichols, Joe            Yearwood, Trisha
   Jones & Debarge            The Impression I           & Garth Brooks
Imagination; Martin,             Get; Mighty Mighty   In Another's Eyes;
   Dean                          Bosstones               Brooks, Garth
Imagine; Lennon,              In 2 Deep; Kenny        In Between Dances;
   John                          Wayne Shepherd          Tillis, Pam
Imagine; John                    Band                 In Between Dances;
   Lennon                     In A Big Country;          Tillis, Pam
Imagine; Lennon,                 Big Country          In Care Of The
   John                       In A Big Country;          Blues; Patsy Cline
Imagine; Lennon,                 Big Country          In Christ; Big Daddy
   John                       In A Big Country;          Weave
Imagine; Lennon,                 Big Country          In Christ Alone;
   John                       In A Big Country;          Grant, Natalie
Imagine; Lennon,                 Big Country          In Christ Alone;
   John                       In A Little While;         English, Michael
Imagine; Lennon,                 Uncle Kracker        In Color; Jamey
   John                       In A Little While;         Johnson
Imagine If You Will;             Uncle Kracker        In Color; Johnson,
   Perry Sisters, The         In A Little While;         Jamey
                                 Uncle Kracker        In Color; IN color


In Da Club; 50 Cent            In My Dreams;            In The Ghetto;
In Da Wind; Trick                 Dokken                   Presley, Elvis And
   Daddy                       In My Eyes; Steeles,        Lisa Marie
In Dreams; Orbison,               The                   In The Ghetto;
   Roy                         In My Fathers               Parton, Dolly
In For The Kill; La               House; Elvis          In The Ghetto;
   Roux                           Presley                  Presley, Elvis
In God We Still                In My Head; Derulo,      In The Good Old
   Trust; Diamond                 Jason                    Summertime;
   Rio                         In My High School;          Various Artists
In God's Hands;                   Larsen, Blaine        In The Good Old
   Furtado, Nelly              In My House; Mary           Summertime;
In God's Hands;                   Jane Girl's, The         Various Artists
   Furtado, Nelly              In My Life; Beatles,     In The Good Old
In Heaven There Is                The                      Summertime;
   No Beer; Clean              In My Life; Juvenile &      Children's Songs
   Living                         Mannie Fresh          In The Good Old
In Love Wit Chu                In My Life; Rasmus          Summertime;
   (Radio Version);            In My Life; Juvenile &      Various Artists
   Da Brat & Cherish              Mannie Fresh          In The Good Old
In Love With A Girl;           In My Life & If We          Summertime;
   Degraw, Gavin                  Never Meet Again;        Standard
In Love With A Girl;              Selah                 In The Good Ole
   Gavin DeGraw                In My Next Life;            Summertime;
In My Car (I'll Be The            Clark, Terri             Standard
   Driver); Twain,             In My Place;             In The Heart Of A
   Shania                         Coldplay                 Woman; Cyrus,
In My Daughter's               In My Place;                Billy Ray
   Eyes; Martina                  Coldplay              In The House Of
   McBride                     In My Place;                Stone And Light;
In My Daughter's                  Coldplay                 Page, Martin
   Eyes; McBride,              In My Room; Beach        In The House Of
   Martina                        Boys, The                Stone And Light;
In My Daughter's               In Our Lifetime;            Page, Martin
   Eyes; McBride,                 Texas                 In The House Of
   Martina                     In Pictures; Alabama        Stone And Light;
In My Daughter's               In Terms Of Love;           Page, Martin
   Eyes; McBride,                 Shedaisy              In The House Of
   Martina                     In That Day; Gospel         Stone And Light;
In My Daughter's               In The Air Tonight;         Page, Martin
   Eyes; Martina                  Collins, Phil         In The Jailhouse
   BcBride                     In The Army Now;            Now; Webb Pierce
In My Daughter's                  Status Quo            In The Jailhouse
   Eyes; McBride,              In The City; Eagles,        Now; Cash,
   Martina                        The                      Johnny
In My Daughter's               In The End; Linkin       In The Jailhouse
   Eyes; McBride,                 Park                     Now; Pierce, Webb
   Martina                     In The End; Linkin       In The Middle Of An
In My Daughter's                  Park                     Island; Bennett,
   Eyes; Mcbride,              In The End; Linkin          Tony
   Martina                        Park                  In The Midnight
In My Dreams;                  In The End; Linkin          Hour; Pickett,
   Dokken                         Park                     Wilson
In My Dreams; Rick             In The Garden;           In The Midnight
   Trevino                        Gospel                   Hour; Pickett,


In The Midnight                In The Valley, He        Incredible; Mary
   Hour; Pickett,                 Restoreth My            Mary
   Wilson                         Soul; Rambo,          Independence Day;
In The Midnight                   Dottie                  Underwood, Carrie
   Hour; Pickett,              In The Wee Small         Independence Day;
   Wilson                         Hours Of The            McBride, Martina
In The Midnight                   Morning; Christy,     Independence Day;
   Hour; Pickett,                 June                    McBride, Martina
   Wilson                      In The Year 2525;        Independence Day;
In The Midnight                   Zager & Evans           McBride, Martina
   Hour; Pickett,              In The Year 2525;        Independence Day;
   Wilson                         Zager & Evans           McBride, Martina
In The Midnight                In The Year 2525;        Independent Woman
   Hour; Pickett,                 Zager & Evans           (Part 1); Destiny's
   Wilson                      In The Year 2525;          Child
In The Misty                      Zager And Evans       Independent Woman
   Moonlight; Jerry            In This Diary; Ataris,     (Part 1); Destiny's
   Wallace                        The w/vocal             Child
In The Morning;                In This Diary; Ataris,   Independent Woman
   Mary Mary                      The                     (Part 1); Destiny's
In The Morning                 In This Life;              Child
   Light; Greenes,                Kreviazuk, Chantal    Independent Woman
   The                         In This Life;              Part 1; Destiny's
In The Navy; Village              Kreviazuk, Chantel      Child
   People, The                 In Those Jeans           Independent
In The Rain;                      (Radio Version);        Women; Destiny's
   Dramatics, The                 Ginuwine                Child
In The Rough;                  In Times Like These;     Independent Women
   Nalick, Anna                   Jackson, Mahalia        (Part 1); Destiny's
In The Secret;                 In Too Deep; Sum 41        Child
   Gospel                      In Your Eyes;            Independent Women
In The Shape Of A                 Gabriel, Peter          Part 1; Destiny's
   Heart; Browne,              In Your Eyes;              Child
   Jackson                        Gabriel, Peter        Indescribable blue;
In The Still Of The            In Your Eyes;              Elvis Presley
   Night; Five Satins             Gabriel, Peter        Indian Outlaw;
In The Still Of The            In Your Eyes;              McGraw, Tim
   Night; Five Satins             Benson, George        Indian Outlaw;
In The Still Of The            In Your Letter; REO        Mcgraw, Tim
   Night; Five Satins             Speedwagon            Indian Reservation;
In The Still Of The            In Your Room;              Raiders, The
   Night; Five Satins,            Bangles, The          Indian Reservation;
   The                         Incense And                Revere, Paul & The
In The Still Of The               Peppermints;            Raiders
   Night; Five Satins,            Strawberry Alarm      Indian Reservation;
   The                            Clock                   Raiders, The
In The Still Of The            Incomplete; Sisqo        Indian Summer;
   Nite; Five Satins,          Incomplete;                Brooks & Dunn
   The                            Backstreet Boys,      Indian Wedding;
In The Summertime;                The                     Orbison, Roy
   Mungo Jerry                 Incomplete; Sisqo        Indiana Wants Me;
In The Summertime;             Incomplete; Sisqo          R. Dean Taylor
   Mungo, Jerry                Incomplete; Sisqo        Indiana Wants Me;
In The Sweet By &              Incomplete; Sisqo          Taylor, R Dean
   By; Primitives, The         Inconsolable;            The Indigo Swing;
                                  Backstreet Boys         Indigo Swing


Informer; Snow                 Inspiral Carpets;       Intuition; Natalie
Ingnition (remix); R.             This Is How It          Imbruglia
   Kelly                          Feels                Intuition; Jewel
Ingram, Jack & Patty           Inspiration; Murphy,    Invincible; Muse
   Griffin; Seeing                David Lee            Invisible; Aiken, Clay
   Stars                       Instant Karma (We       Invisible; Simpson,
Ingram, James; How                All Shine On);          Ashlee
   Do You Keep The                Lennon, John         Invisible Touch;
   Music                       Instant Karma We           Genesis
Inhale; Stone Sour                All Shine On;        Invisible Touch;
   w/vocal                        Lennon, John            Genesis
Inhale; Stone Sour             Intentional             Invitation To The
Inherit The Wind                  Heartache;              Blues; Ray Price
   Live; Elvis Presley            Yoakum, Dwight       Invitation To The
Inka Dinka Do;                 International              Blues; Price, Ray
   Durante, Jimmy                 Harvester;           Inxs; What You Need
Inner City Blues;                 Morgan, Craig        Io Che Non Vivo;
   Gaye, Marvin                International              Italian
Innnocence; Avril                 Harvester;           IOU; Greenwood, Lee
   Levigne                        Morgan, Craig        Iou; Greenwood, Lee
Innocence; Buxton,             Interstate Love         Iraq And Roll; Black,
   Sarah                          Song; Stone             Clint
Innocence; Lavigne,               Temple Pilots        Irene Cara; Fame
   Avril                       Interstate Love         Iris; Goo Goo Dolls
Innocent; Fuel                    Song; Stone          Iris; Goo Goo Dolls,
Innocent; Fuel                    Temple Pilots           The
Innocent Man, An;              Into The Great Wide     Iris; Goo Goo Dolls
   Joel, Billy                    Open; Petty, Tom     Iris (City Of Angels);
Innuendo; Queen                Into The Groove;           Goo Goo Dolls,
Insane In The Brain;              Madonna                 The
   Cypress Hill                Into The Music; Van     Irish Mist; Mountains
Insatiable; Hayes,                Morrison                Of Mourne
   Darren                      Into The Night;         Irish Traditional;
Insensitive; Arden,               Santana & Chad          Fields Of Athenry
   Jann                           Kroeger              Iron Lion Zion;
Insensitive; Arden,            Into The Night;            Marley, Bob
   Jann                           Santana W Chad       Iron Lion Zion;
Inseparable; Cole,                Kroeger                 Marley, Bob
   Natalie                     Into The Night;         Ironic; Morissette,
Inseparable; Cole,                Santana feat. Chad      Alanis
   Natalie                        Kroeger              Ironik; Stay With Me
Inseparable; Cole,             Into The Night;         Irreplaceable;
   Natalie                        Mardones, Benny         Beyonce
Inside Of You;                 Into The Night;         Irreplaceable;
   Hoobastank                     Mardones, Benny         Beyonce
Inside Out; Eve 6              Into The Ocean; Blue    Irreplaceable;
Inside Out; Vonray                October                 Sugarland &
Inside Out;                    Into You (Radio            Beyonce
   Yearwood, Trisha               Version); Fabolous   Irresistible; Simpson,
Inside Out;                       & Ashanti               Jessica
   Yearwood, Trisha            Intro Also Sprach       Irresistible; Simpson,
   & Don Henley                   Zarathustra That's      Jessica
Inside The Fire;                  All Right; Elvis     Irresistible; Simpson,
   Disturbed                      Presley                 Jessica
Inside Your Heaven;            Introduction; Vocal     Irresistible; Simpson,
   Underwood, Carrie              Warmup                  Jessica


Irresistible; Simpson,          Is There Life Out       Islands In The
   Jessica                         There; McEntire,        Stream; Rogers,
Irresistible You;                  Reba                    Kenny & Dolly
   England, Ty                  Is There Life Out          Parton
Irrestible; Simpson,               There; McEntire,     isley brothers; shout
   Jessica                         Reba                 isley brothers, the;
Is Anybody Goin' To             Is There Life Out          shout
   San Antone; Pride,              There; McEntire,     Isn't She; Carolina
   Charley                         Reba                    Rain
Is Anybody Goin' To             Is There Something I    Isn't She Lovely;
   San Antone; Pride,              Should Know;            Wonder, Stevie
   Charley                         Duran Duran          Isn't That
Is Anybody Home;                IS THERE                   Everything;
   Our Lady Peace                  SOMTHING I              Danielle Peck
Is Anything Too                    SHOULD KNOW;         Issues; Saturdays,
   Hard For God;                   DURAN DURAN             The
   Whisnants, The               Is This Love;           It Aint Easy Bein
Is It Any Wonder;                  Whitesnake              Easy; Janie Fricke
   Keane                        Is This Love; Marley,   it ain't easy being
Is It Cold In Here Or              Bob                     green; kermit the
   Is It You; Diffie,           Is This Love; Marley,      frog
   Joe                             Bob & The Wailers    It Ain't Me Babe; Bob
Is It Love; MR Mister           Is This Love;              Dylan
Is It My Body;                     Whitesnake           It Ain't Me Babe;
   Cooper, Alice                Is This Love; Marley,      Cash, Johnny
Is It My Body;                     Bob                  It Ain't Me Babe;
   Cooper, Alice                Is This Love; Marley,      Turtles, The
Is It Over Yet; Judd,              Bob                  It Ain't My Fault;
   Wynonna                      Is You Is Or Is You        Silkk The Shocker
Is it so strange; Elvis            Ain't My Baby;          & Mystikal
   Presley                         Krall, Diana         It Ain't No Big Thing;
Is She Really Going             Is You Or Is You           Elvis Presley
   Out With Him;                   Ain't; King, BB      It Ain't No Crime;
   Sugar Ray                    Is Your House Built        Nichols, Joe
Is She Really Going                Upon This Rock;      It Ain't No Crime;
   Out With Him;                   Roberson, Carroll       Joe Nichols
   Jackson, Joe                 Island In The Sun;      It Ain't Over 'Til It's
Is She Really Going                Belafonte, Harry        Over; Kravitz,
   Out With Him;                Island Of Dreams;          Lenny
   Jackson, Joe                    Seekers, The         It Ain't Over 'til It's
Is She Really Going             Island of love; Elvis      Over; Kravitz,
   Out With Him;                   Presley                 Lenny
   Jackson, Joe                 Islands In The          It Came Upon A
Is She Really Going                Stream; Rogers,         Midnight Clear;
   Out With Him;                   Kenny                   Christmas
   Jackson, Joe                 Islands In The          It Came Upon A
Is She Really Going                Stream; Rogers,         Midnight Clear;
   Out With Him;                   Kenny                   Christmas
   Jackson, Joe                 Islands In The          It Could Happen To
Is That A Tear;                    Stream; Jenkins,        You; Sinatra, Frank
   Lawrence, Tracy                 Vanessa & Bryn       It Doesn’t Matter
Is There A Ghost;                  West & Sir Tom          Anymore; Holly,
   Band Of Horses                  Jones & Robin           Buddy
Is There Life After                Gibb                 It Doesn't Matter
   Love; Twain,                                            Anymore; Holly,
   Shania                                                  Buddy


It Doesn't Matter             It Had To Be You;         It Must Be Love; Labi
   Anymore; Holly,                Charles, Ray             Sifre
   Buddy                      It Had To Be You;         It Must Be Love;
It Don't Happen                   Connick, Harry Jr        Jackson, Alan
   Twice; Chesney,            It Hurt So Bad;           It Must Be Love;
   Kenny                          Susan Tedeschi           Jackson, Alan
It Don't Matter To            It Hurts Me Too;          It Must Have Been
   Me; Bread                      Tedeschi, Susan          Love; Roxette
It Don't Matter To            It Is No Secret;          It Must Have Been
   Me; Bread                      Gospel                   Love; Roxette
It Don't Matter To            It Is Well (Elisha's      It Must Have Been
   The Sun; Garth                 Song); Isaacs, The       Love; Roxette
   Brooks                     It Is Well (Elisha's      It Must Have Been
It Don't Matter To                Song); Isaacs, The       Love; Roxette
   The Sun; Brooks,           It Is You; Newsboys       It Must Have Been
   Garth                      It Is You; Newsboys,         Love; Roxette
It Don't Matter To                The                   It Must Have Been
   The Sun; Brooks,           It Isn't Enough;             Love; Roxette
   Garth                          Newley, Anthony       It Never Rains In
It Don't Matter To            It Just Comes                Southern
   The Sun; Brooks,               Natural; Strait,         California;
   Garth (Chris                   George                   Hammond, Albert
   Gaines)                    It Keeps Right On         It Only Hurts When I
It Don't Mean A                   Hurting; Elvis           Cry; Yoakam,
   Thing (If It Ain't             Presley                  Dwight
   Got That Swing);           It Matters To Me; Hill,   It Only Hurts When
   Cassidy, Eva                   Faith                    I'm Breathing;
It Ends Tonight; All          It Matters To Me; Hill,      Twain, Shania
   American Rejects               Faith                 It Only Hurts When
It Feels So Good;             It Matters To Me;            I'm Breathing;
   Sonique                        Faith Hill               Shania
It Feels So Good;             It Matters To Me; Hill,   It Only Hurts When
   Sonique w/vocal                Faith                    I'm Breathing;
It Feels So Good;             It Matters To Me; Hill,      Twain, Shania
   Sonique                        Faith                 It Only Hurts When
It Feels So Good;             It Might As Well Be          I'm Breathing;
   Sonique                        Spring; Frank            Twain, Shania
It Feels So Good;                 Sinatra               It Only Takes A
   Sonique                    It Might As Well Be          Minute; Tavares
It Feels So Good;                 Spring; Broadway-     It Sure Is Monday;
   Sonique                        Show Tunes               Chesnutt, Mark
It Had To Be You;             It Might Be You;          It Sure Is Monday;
   Connick, Harry Jr.             Bishop, Stephen          Chesnutt, Mark
It Had To Be You;             It Must Be Him; Vikki     It Sure Is Monday;
   Harry Connick                  Carr                     Chesnutt, Mark
It Had To Be You;             It Must Be Him; Carr,     It Takes A Woman;
   Harry Connick Jr               Vicki                    Hello Dolly
It Had To Be You;             It Must Be Love;          It Takes Two; Base &
   Bennett, Tony                  Jackson, Alan            DJ E-Z Rock
It Had To Be You;             It Must Be Love;          It Takes Two; Gaye,
   Connick Jr, Harry              Jackson, Alan            Marvin & Kim
It Had To Be You;             It Must Be Love;             Weston
   Damone, Vic                    Jackson, Alan         It Takes Two; Base &
It Had To Be You;             It Must Be Love;             D.J. E-Z Rock
   Stewart, Rod                   Herndon, Ty           It Was; Wright, Cheryl
                                                        It Was; Wright, Chely


It Was; Wright, Chely         It Wasn't Me; Shaggy    The Itch; Vitamin C
It Was A Very Good               & Ricardo Rikrok     The Itch; Vitamin C
   Year; Sinatra,                Ducent               The Itch; Vitamin C
   Frank                      It Wasn't Me; Shaggy    The Itch; Vitamin C
It Was A Very Good               & Ricardo Rikrok     It'll Be Worth It After
   Year; Sinatra,                Ducent                   All; Spencers, The
   Frank                      It Wasn't Me; Shaggy    It's 5 O'Clock
It Was Almost Like               & Ricardo Rikrok         Somewhere;
   A Song; Milsap,               Ducent                   Jackson, Alan &
   Ronnie                     It Wasn't Me; Shaggy        Jimmy Buffett
It Was Almost Like               & Ricardo Rikrok     It's 5 O'Clock
   A Song; Milsap,               Ducent                   Somewhere;
   Ronnie                     It Wasn't Me; Shaggy        Jackson, Alan &
It Was Me; Combs,             It Won't Seem Like          Jimmy Buffett
   Michael                       Christmas            It's 5 O'Clock
It Was Me; Combs,                Without You; Elvis       Somewhere;
   Michael                       Presley                  Jackson, Alan &
It Wasn't Easy;               It Works; Alabama           Jimmy Buffett
   Winans, CeCe               It Would Be You;        It's 5 O'Clock
It Wasn't Easy;                  Allan, Gary              Somewhere;
   Winans, Cece               It´s easy for you;          Jackson, Alan &
It Wasn't God Who                Elvis Presley            Jimmy Buffett
   Made Honky                 It´s only love; Elvis   It's 5 O'Clock
   Tonk; Wells, Kitty            Presley                  Somewhere;
It Wasn't God Who             It’S My Turn; Ross,         Jackson, Alan &
   Made Honky Tonk               Diana                    Jimmy Buffett
   Angels; Wells,             Italian Love Songs;     It's 5 O'Clock
   Kitty                         That's Amore             Somewhere;
It Wasn't God Who             Italian Love Songs;         Jackson, Alan &
   Made Honky Tonk               Torna A Surrento         Jimmy Buffett
   Angels; Wells,             Italian Love Songs;     It's A Beautiful
   Kitty                         Mala Femina              Morning; The
It Wasn't God Who             Italian Love Songs;         Rascals
   Made Honky Tonk               Funiculi Funicula    It's A Beautiful
   Angels; Wells,             Italian Love Songs;         Thing; Brandt,
   Kitty                         Speak Softly, Love       Paul
It Wasn't God Who                (godfather Theme)    It's A Beautiful
   Made Honky Tonk            Italian Love Songs;         Thing; Brandt,
   Angels; Wells,                Nel Blu Dipinto Di       Paul
   Kitty                         Blu                  It's A Business
It Wasn't His Child;          Italian Love Songs;         Doing Pleasure
   Christmas-James,              Che Sara                 With You;
   Michael                    Italian Love Songs;         McGraw, Tim
It Wasnt Me; Shaggy              Al Di La             It's A Business
   & Ricardo Ducent           Italian Love Songs;         Doing Pleasure
It Wasn't Me; Shaggy             Caruso                   With You;
It Wasn't Me; Shaggy          Italian Love Songs;         McGraw, Tim
It Wasn't Me; Shaggy             Tarantella           It's A Girl Thing;
   & Ricardo Rikrok           Italian Love Songs;         Lee, Jesse
   Duc                           Bella Senz Anima     It's A Girl Thing;
It Wasn't Me; Shaggy          Italian Love Songs;         Lee, Jesse
   & Ricardo Rikrok              O Sole Mio           It's A Great Day To
   Ducent                     Italian Love Songs;         Be A Guy; Judd,
It Wasn't Me; Shaggy             Al Maria                 Cledus T
   & Ricardo Rikrok           Italian Love Songs;
   Ducent                        Santa Lucia


It's A Great Day To             It's a Matter of Time;    It's All The Same To
   Be A Guy; Judd,                 Elvis Presley             Me; Cyrus, Billy
   Cledus T.                    It's A Mistake; Men          Ray
It's A Great Day To                At Work                It's All Wrong, But
   Be Alive; Tritt,             It's A New Day;              It's All Right; Dolly
   Travis                          WILL.I.Am                 Parton
It's A Great Day To             It's A Shame;             It's All Your Fault;
   Be Alive; Tritt,                Spinners, The             Church, Claudia
   Travis                       It's A Sin; Pet Shop      It's Alright To Be A
It's A Great Day To                Boys                      Redneck; Jackson,
   Be Alive; Tritt,             It's About Time; Lillix      Alan
   Travis                       It's About Time;          It's Alright To Be A
It's A Great Day To                Reeves, Julie             Redneck; Jackson,
   Be Alive; Tritt,             It's About Time; Lillix      Alan
   Travis                       It's All About Him;       It's Always
It's A Great Day To                Jackson, Allen            Somethin'; Diffie,
   Be Alive; Tritt,             It's All About The           Joe
   Travis                          Benjamins; Puff        It's Always
It's A Great Day To                Daddy & Family            Somethin'; Diffie,
   Be Alive; Tritt,                Notorious & BIG &         Joe
   Travis                          Lil Kim & Lox          It's Always
It's A Hallelujah               It's All About You           Something; Diffie,
   Moment;                         (Not About Me);           Joe
   Kingsmen, The                   Spencer, Tracie        It's Always
it's a hard knock               It's All Coming              Something; Diffie,
   life; annie get your            Back; Dion, Celine        Joe
   gun                          It's All Coming Back      It's Been A Great
It's A Hard Knock                  To Me Now;                Afternoon;
   Life; Annie                     Meatloaf                  Haggard, Merle
It's A Hard Life;               It's All Coming Back      It's Been A Great
   Queen                           To Me Now; Dion,          Afternoon;
It's A Heartache;                  Celine                    Haggard, Merle
   Trick Pony                   It's All Coming Back      It's Been A While;
It's A Heartache;                  To Me Now; Dion,          Staind w/vocal
   Trick Pony                      Celine                 It's Been A While;
It's A Kind Of Magic;           It's All How You             Staind
   Queen                           Look At It;            It's Been A While;
It's A Kind Of Magic;              Lawrence, Tracy           Staind
   Queen                        It's All In The Game;     It's Been Awhile;
It's A Little Too Late;            Edwards, Tommy            Staind
   Chesnutt, Mark               It's All In The Game;     It's Been Awhile;
It's A Little Too Late;            Edwards, Tommy            Staind
   Tucker, Tanya                It's All In The Game;     It's Been Awhile;
It's a long lonely                 Edwards, Tommy            Staind
   highway; Elvis               It's All In The Game;     It's Been Awhile;
   Presley                         Edwards, Tommy            Staind
It's A Love Thing;              It's All In The Game;     It's Been Awhile;
   Urban, Keith                    Edwards, Tommy            Staind
It's A Love Thing;              It's All In Your Head;    It's Been Awhile;
   Whispers, The                   Diamond Rio               Staind
It's A Love Thing;              It's All Over Now;        It's Been Awhile;
   Urban, Keith                    Rolling Stones, The       Staind
It's A Man's Man's              It's All Right;           It's Been So Long
   Man's World;                    Impressions, The          Darling; Ernest
   Brown, James                 Its All Right With           Tubb
                                   Me; Sinatra, Frank


It's Beginning To               It's Just A Matter Of    It's My Time;
   Look A Lot Like                 Time; Benton,            Mcbride, Martina
   Christmas;                      Brook                 Its Nice To Go
   Christmas                    It's Like That; Carey,      Travlin; Sinatra,
It's Five O'clock                  Mariah                   Frank
   Somewhere;                   It's Lonely Out          It's No Secret;
   Jackson, Alan &                 There; Tillis, Pam       Minogue, Kylie
   Jimmy Buffett                It's Midnight; Elvis     It's Not For Me To
It's Five O'clock                  Presley                  Say; Mathis,
   Somewhere;                   It's My Desire; Christ      Johnny
   Jackson, Alan &                 Tabernacle Choir      It's Not For Me To
   Jimmy Buffett                It's My Life; No            Say; Mathis,
It's Five O'Clock                  Doubt                    Johnny
   Somewhere; Duet              It's My Life; No         It's Not Love But Its
   Jackson, Alan &                 Doubt & Lady Saw         Not Bad; Haggard,
   Jimmy Buffett                It's My Life; No            Merle
It's Five O'clock                  Doubt                 It's Not My Time - I
   Somewhere;                   It's My Life; Bon Jovi      Won't Go; 3 Doors
   Jackson, Alan &              It's My Life; No            Down
   Jimmy Buffett                   Doubt                 It's Not Over;
It's Getting Better;            It's My Life; Animals,      Daughtry
   Elliott, Cass                   The                   It's Not Over;
It's Getting Better             It's My Life; No            Daughtry
   All The Time;                   Doubt                 It's Not Over;
   Brooks & Dunn                It's My Life; Bon Jovi      Chesnutt, Mark,
It's Going Down;                It's My Life; No            Gill & Krauss
   Joc, Yung                       Doubt                 It's Not Right But It's
It's Gonna Be Me; N             It's My Party; Lesley       Okay; Houston,
   Sync                            Gore                     Whitney
It's Gonna Be Me; N             It's My Party; Leslie    It's Not Unusual;
   Sync                            Gore                     Jones, Tom
It's Gonna Be Me; N             It's My Party; Gore,     It's Not Your Fault;
   Sync w/vocal                    Leslie                   New Found Glory
It's Gonna Be Me; N             It's My Party; Gore,     It's Now Or Never;
   Sync                            Lesley                   Presley, Elvis
It's Gonna Be Me; N             It's My Party; Gore,     It's Oh So Quiet;
   Sync                            Leslie                   Bjork
It's Gonna Be Me;               It's My Party; Gore,     It's Only A Paper
   Nsync                           Leslie                   Moon; Cole, Nat
It's Gonna Be Me; N             It's My Party; Gore,        King
   Sync                            Lesley                It's Only Love;
It's Gonna Be Me; N             It's My Party; Gore,        Adams, Bryan
   Sync                            Leslie                It's Only Love;
It's Good To Be Us;             It's My Party; Gore,        Simply Red
   Covington, Bucky                Lesley                It's Only Make
It's Good To Be Us;             It's My Time;               Believe; Conway
   Covington, Bucky                McBride, Martina         Twitty
It's Good To Be Us;             It's My Time;            It's Only Make
   Bucky Covington                 McBride, Martina         Believe; Conway
It's Hard To Say                It's My Time;               Twitty
   Goodbye; Dion,                  McBride, Martina      It's Only Make
   Celine & Paul Anka           It's My Time;               Believe; Jackson,
It's Him; Primitive                Mcbride, Martina         Wanda & Glen
   Quartet                      It's My Time;               Campbell
It's In His Kiss; Betty            Mcbride, Martina


It's Only Make                 It's Raining Men;        It's Still Rock And
   Believe; Jackson,              Halliwell, Geri          Roll To Me; Joel,
   Wanda & Glen                It's Raining Men;           Billy
   Campbell                       Two Tons O' Fun       It's Still Rock And
It's Only Make                 It's Raining Men;           Roll To Me; Joel,
   Believe; Campbell,             Weather Girl's, The      Billy
   Glen                        It's Raining Men1;       It's Still Rock And
It's Only Make                    Weather Girl's, The      Roll To Me; Joel,
   Believe; Campbell,          It's Raining On Prom        Billy
   Glen                           Night; Bullens,       It's Still The Cross;
It's Only Make                    Cindy                    Gold City
   Believe; Twitty,            It's Saturday; Marcy     It's Still The Cross;
   Conway                         Playground               Gold City
It's Only Make                 It's So Easy; Crow,      It's The End Of The
   Believe; Twitty,               Sheryl & Don             World As We
   Conway                         Henley                   Know It; REM
It's Only Make                 It's So Easy; Holly,     It's The End Of The
   Believe; Jackson,              Buddy                    World As We
   Wanda & Glen                It's So Easy;               Know It; R.E.M
   Campbell                       Ronstadt, Linda       It's The Same Old
It's Only Make                 It's So Easy;               Song; Four Tops,
   Believe; Twitty,               Ronstadt, Linda          The
   Conway                      It's So Easy; Holly,     It's The Same Old
It's Only Make                    Buddy                    Song; Four Tops,
   Believe; Twitty,            It's So Easy;               The
   Conway                         Ronstadt, Linda       It's The Same Old
It's Only Make                 It's So Easy; Crow,         Song; Four Tops,
   Believe; Twitty,               Sheryl & Don             The
   Conway                         Henley                It's The Same Old
It's Only Rock And             It's So Easy;               Song1; Four Tops,
   Roll; Rolling                  Ronstadt, Linda          The
   Stones, The                 It's So Hard To Say      It's The Way You
It's Only Rock And                Goodbye; Boyz Ii         Make Me Feel;
   Roll But I Like It;            Men                      Steps, The
   Rolling Stones, The         It's still here; Elvis   It's Time To Get Up;
It's Over; Elvis                  Presley                  Combs, Michael
   Presley                     It's Still Rock & Roll   It's Too Late; Carole
It's Over; Orbison,               To Me; Joel, Billy       King
   Roy                         It's Still Rock & Roll   It's Too Late; Carole
It's Over My Head;                To Me; Joel, Billy       King
   Hayes, Wade                 It's Still Rock & Roll   It's Too Late; King,
It's Over Now; 112                To Me; Joel, Billy       Carole
It's Raining It's              It's Still Rock & Roll   It's Tricky; Run DMC
   Pouring; Various               To Me; Joel, Billy    It's What I Do; Dean,
   Artists                     It's Still Rock & Roll      Billy
It's Raining It's                 To Me; Joel, Billy    It's You Again; Exile
   Pouring; Children's         It's Still Rock And      it's your baby you
   Songs                          Roll To Me; Billy        rock it; elvis
It's Raining Men;                 Joel                     presley
   Weather Girls, The          It's Still Rock And      It's Your Call;
It's Raining Men;                 Roll To Me; Joel,        McEntire, Reba
   Weather Girls, The             Billy                 It's Your Call;
It's Raining Men;              It's Still Rock And         Mcentire, Reba
   Two Tons O' Fun                Roll To Me; Joel,     It's Your Call;
It's Raining Men;                 Billy                    McEntire, Reba
   Weather Girls, The


It's Your Love;                I've Always Been          I've Enjoyed As
   McGraw, Tim &                  Crazy; Jennings,          Much Of This As I
   Fath Hill                      Waylon                    Can Stand;
It's Your Love;                I've Always Loved            Wagoner, Porter
   McGraw, Tim &                  You; Third Day         I've Forgotten How
   Faith Hill                  I've Always Loved            You Feel; Isaacs,
It's Your Love;                   You; Third Day            Sonya
   McGraw, Tim &               I've Been A Bad,          I've Got A Crush On
   Hill, Faith                    Bad Boy; Jones,           You; Stewart, Rod
It's Your Love;                   Paul                      & Diana Ross
   McGraw, Tim &               I've Been                 I've Got A Crush On
   Faith Hill                     Everywhere; Hank          You; Sinatra, Frank
It's Your Love;                   Snow                   I've Got A Lovley
   Mcgraw, Tim &               I've Been                    Bunch Of
   Faith Hill                     Everywhere;               Coconuts; Kaye,
It's Your Love;                   Snow, Hank                Danny
   McGraw, Tim &               I've Been Rescued;        I've Got A New
   Faith Hill                     Kingdom Heirs             Heartache; Ray
It's Your Love;                I've Been Searching          Price
   McGraw, Tim &                  So Long; Chicago       I've Got A Right To
   Faith Hill                  I've Been Working            Cry; Barnett,
It's Your Love;                   On The Railroad;          Mandy
   McGraw, Tim &                  Standard               i've got a thing
   Faith Hill                  I've Been Working            about you baby;
It's Your Love;                   On The Railroad;          elvis presley
   McGraw, Tim &                  Standard               I've Got A Tiger By
   Faith Hill                  I've Been Working            The Tail; Owens,
It's Your Love;                   On The Railroad;          Buck
   McGraw, Tim                    Children's Songs       I've Got A Tiger By
It's Your Love;                I've Been Working            The Tail; Sara
   Mcgraw, Tim &                  On The Railroad;          Evans
   Faith Hill                     Standard               I've Got Confidence;
It's Your Love;                I've Been Working            Elvis Presley
   McGraw, Tim &                  On The Railroad;       I've Got Friends
   Faith Hill                     Children's Songs          That Do; Mcgraw,
It's Your Song;                I've Been Working            Tim
   Brooks, Garth                  On The Railroad;       I've Got Love On My
It's Your Song;                   Children's Songs          Mind; Natalie Cole
   Brooks, Garth               Ive Come Awfull           I've Got Love On My
It's Your Song;                   Close; Hank               Mind; Cole, Natalie
   Brooks, Garth                  Thompson               I've Got Rhythm;
It's Your Thing; Isley         I've Come To Expect          Fitzgerald, Ella
   Brothers, The                  It From You; Strait,   I've Got Rhythm; Girl
It's Your Thing; Isley            George                    Crazy
   Brothers, The               I've Come To Expect       I've Got That Old
It's Your Thing;                  It From You; Strait,      Feeling; Krauss,
   Mercedes                       George                    Alison
It's Your Thing; Isley         I've Come To Take         I've Got The Music
   Brothers, The                  You Home; Issacs,         In Me; Dee, Kiki
It's Your Thing; Isley            The                    I've Got The Music
   Brothers, The               I've Cried My Last           In Me; Dee, Kiki
It's Your Thing; Isley            Tear For Yo;           I've Got The Music
   Brothers, The                  Shelton, Ricky Van        In Me; Dee, Kiki
It's Your Thing; Isley         I've Dreamed Of           I've Got The World
   Brothers, The                  You; Streisand,           On A String;
                                  Barbra                    Sinatra, Frank


I've Got The World            I've Never Been To      Jackson, Alan;
   On A String;                  Me; Charlene           Chasin' That Neon
   Newton, Wayne              I've Thought Of           Rainbow
I've Got The World               Everything;          Jackson, Alan;
   On A String;                  Singletary, Daryle     Chattahoochee
   Sinatra, Frank             I've Won;               Jackson, Alan;
I've Got The World               McKameys, The          Chattahoochee
   On A String; Dion,         Iyaz; Replay            Jackson, Alan;
   Celine                     Jack & Jill;              Where Were You
I've Got To See You              Children's Songs     Jackson, Alan;
   Again; Jones,              Jack & Jill;              Summertime Blues
   Norah                         Children's Songs     Jackson, Alan;
I've Got To Use My            Jack And Diane;           Between The Devil
   Imagination;                  Mellencamp, John       & Me
   Knight, Gladys                Cougar               Jackson, Alan; Don't
I've Got To Use My            Jack Be Nimble;           Rock The Jukebox
   Imagination;                  Various Artists      Jackson, Alan; Pop
   Knight, Gladys &           Jack Be Nimble;           A Top
   Pips                          Children's Songs     Jackson, Alan; Little
I've Got You;                 Jack Daniels If You       Bitty
   Anthony, Marc                 Please; Coe, David   Jackson, Alan;
I've Got You Under               Allan                  Summertime Blues
   My Skin; Sinatra,          Jackie Blue; Ozark      Jackson, Alan &
   Frank                         Mountain               George Strait;
I've Gotta Be Me;                Daredevils, The        Designated Drinker
   Davis Jr., Sammy           Jackie Blue; Ozark      Jackson, Alan &
I've Gotta Be Me;                Mountain               Jimmy Buffett; It's
   Davis, Sammy JR               Daredevils, The        5 O'Clock
I've Gotta Get A              Jackson; Phoenix,         Somewhere
   Message To You;               Joaquin &            Jackson, Janet; If
   Bee Gees, The                 Witherspoon,         Jackson, Janet;
I've Had The Time                Reese                  Because Of Love
   Of My Life;                Jackson; Phoenix,       Jackson, Leon; Don't
   Medley, Bill &                Joaquin & Reese        Call This Love
   Jennifer Warnes               Witherspoon          Jackson, Michael;
I've Had The Time             Jackson; Sinatra,         Bad
   Of My Life;                   Nancy & Lee          Jackson, Michael;
   Medley, Bill &                Hazelwood              This Is It
   Jennifer Warnes            Jackson; Cash,          Jacky Don Tucker
I've Had The Time                Johnny & June          (Play By The
   Of My Life;                   Carter                 Rules Miss All
   Medley, Bill &             Jackson Browne;           The F; Keith, Toby
   Jennifer Warnes               Doctor My Eyes       Jaded; Aerosmith
I've Just Seen A              Jackson Hole;           Jaded; Aerosmith
   Face; Beatles, The            Wesley, James        Jaggerz; The Rapper
I've Never Been This          Jackson Hole;           Jai Ho You Are My
   Homesick Before;              Wesley, James w-       Destiny; Rahman,
   Rambos, The                   vocal                  A.R. & The
I've Never Been To            Jackson, Alan; Don't      Pussycat Dolls &
   Me; Charlene                  Rock The Juke Box      Nicole Scherzinger
I'VE NEVER BEEN               Jackson, Alan;          Jailbreak; AC/DC
   TO ME; Charlene               U.S.A. Today         Jailhouse Rock;
I've Never Been To            Jackson, Alan; It's       Elvis Presley
   Me; Charlene                  Just That Way        Jailhouse Rock;
I've Never Been To                                      Presley, Elvis
   Me; Charlene


Jailhouse Rock;               Je Ne Sais Pas          Jennings, Waylon;
  Blues Brothers,               Pourquois;              Good Hearted
  The                           Minogue, Kylie          Woman, A
The Jam; Going                Jealous Again; Black    Jennings, Waylon;
  Underground                   Crowes                  Good Ol' Boys
Jamaica Farewell;             Jealous Again; Black    Jennings, Waylon &
  Belafonte, Harry              Crowes, The             Willie Nelson;
Jamaica Farewell;             Jealous Guy;              Mama's Don't Let
  Belafonte, Harry              Lennon, John            Your Babies Grow
Jambalaya; Williams,          Jealous Guy; Roxy         Up To Be
  Hank                          Music                   Cowboy's
James; She's A Star           Jealous Guy;            Jenny Don’t Be
James Blunt; No                 Lennon, John            Hasty; Nutini,
  Bravery                     Jealous Guy;              Paolo
james brown; its a              Lennon, John          Jenny From The
  man's man's man's           Jealous Mind;             Block; Lopez,
  world                         Stardust, Alvin         Jennifer
james brown; i feel           Jeanie With The         Jenny From The
  good                          Light Brown Hair;       Block; Lopez,
James Dean; Eagles,             Various Artists         Jennifer & Jadakiss
  The                         Jeanie With The           & Styles
James Dean;                     Light Brown Hair;     Jenny From The
  Bedingfield, Daniel           Standard                Block; Lopez,
James Ingram; Just            Jeep Jeep; Marie,         Jennifer
  Once                          Krista                Jenny From The
James Ingram; One             Jeep Jeep; Marie,         Block; Lopez,
  Hundred Ways                  Krista                  Jennifer & Jadakiss
James Taylor; Don't           Jeepers Creepers;       Jenny From The
  Let Me Be Lonely              Standard                Block; Lopez,
  Tonight                     Jeepster; Rex, T          Jennifer
Jamie's Cryin'; Van           Jeff Healy; While My    Jenny From The
  Halen                         Guitar Gently           Block; Lopez,
Jamie's Cryin'; Van             Weeps                   Jennifer & Jadakiss
  Halen                       Jefferson Airplane;       & Styles
Jammin'; Marley,                White Rabbit          Jenny Jenny; Little
  Bob                         Jefferson Airplane;       Richard
Jammin'; Marley,                White Rabbit          Jenny Was A Friend
  Bob                         JEFFERSONS (TV) -         Of Mine; Killers,
Jammin' Me; Petty,              MOVIN' ON UP;           The
  Tom &                         Television Theme      Jeopardy; Greg Kihn
  Heartbreakers                 Songs                   Band
Jan Knight; Mr. Big           Jekyll & Hyde; In His   Jeopardy; Greg Kihn
  Stuff                         Eyes                    Band, The
Jane Doe; Keys,               Jenkins, Vanessa &      Jeremy; Pearl Jam
  Alicia                        Bryn West & Tom       Jeremy; Pearl Jam
Jane Doe; Keys,                 Jones & Robin         Jerk It Out; Caesars,
  Alicia                        Gibb; Islands In        The
Janis Joplin; Me And            The Stream            Jerry Lee Lewis;
  Bobby Mcgee                 Jennifer Lopez;           Great Balls Of Fire
Janis Joplin; Down              Feelin' So Good       Jessie; Kadison,
  On Me                       Jennifer Lopez; I'm       Joshua
Jay-Z & Rihanna &               Real                  Jessie's Girl; Frickin'
  Kanye West; Run             Jennifer Warnes;          A
  This Town                     Right Time Of The     Jessie's Girl;
Jazzman; Carole                 Night                   Springfield, Rick


Jessie's Girl;               Jesus Will Do What       Jimmy Mack; Martha
  Springfield, Rick             You Can't; Crabb        & The Vandellas
Jessie's Girl;                  Family, The           Jimmy Mack; Martha
  Springfield, Rick          Jesus, Lover Of My         & The Vandellas
Jesus Buried My                 Soul; Praise &        Jimmy Mack; Martha
  Past; Steeles, The            Worship                 & The Vandellas
Jesus Came Out               Jesus, What A            Jimmy Mack;
  Alive; Free, Brian            Wonderful Child;        Reeves, Martha &
  & Assurance                   Christmas-Paschal,      Vandellas
Jesus Can; Atkinson,            Janet                 Jimmy Mack; Martha
  Ricky &                    Jet; McCartney, Paul       & The Vandellas
  Compassion                    & The Wings           Jimmy's Got A
Jesus Can Lift You           Jet; Mccartney, Paul       Girlfriend;
  Up; Bishop, Mark           Jet; McCartney, Paul       Wilkinsons, The
Jesus Found Me;              Jet Airliner; Miller,    Jimmy's Got A
  Hinsons, The                  Steve                   Girlfriend;
Jesus Freak; D.C.            Jet Airliner; Steve        Wilkinsons
  Talk                          Miller Band, The      Jingle Bell Rock;
Jesus He Knows               Jet Lag; Stone, Joss       Christmas-Fender,
  Me; Collins, Phil          The Jets; You Got It       Freddie
Jesus In A Song;                All                   Jingle Bell Rock;
  Crabb Family, The          jett, joan & the           Christmas
Jesus Is Coming,                blackhearts; i love   Jingle Bell Rock;
  Get Ready;                    rock n' roll            Christmas-Helms,
  Anchormen, The             jett, joan & the           Bobby
Jesus Is The                    blackhearts; i love   Jingle Bell Rock;
  Answer; Praise &              rock n' roll            Christmas
  Worship                    Jewel; Intuition         Jingle Bell Rock;
Jesus Just Left              Jewel; Staind              Helms, Bobby
  Chicago; ZZ Top            Jewell, Buddy; Help      Jingle Bells;
Jesus Light Of The              Pour Out The Rain       Christmas
  World; Christmas-          Jewell, Buddy; One       Jingle Bells;
  Third Day                     Step At A Time          Christmas-
Jesus Loves Me;              Jezebel; Wright,           Robinson, Smokey
  Children's Songs              Cheryl                Jingle Bells;
Jesus Loves Me;              Jezebel; Wright,           Christmas
  Children's Songs              Chely                 Jingle Bells;
Jesus Of Suburbia;           Jezebel; Wright,           Christmas
  Green Day                     Chely                 Jingle Bells;
Jesus On The Main            Jim Dandy; Baker,          Christmas
  Line; Travis,                 Lavern                Jingle Bells;
  Randy                      Jimi Hendrix; Stone        Christmas
Jesus Take The                  Free                  Jingle Bells;
  Wheel;                     Jimi Hendrix; Hey          Christmas
  Underwood, Carrie             Joe                   Jingle Bells;
Jesus Takes My               Jimmy Buffet; Come         Christmas
  Burdens Away;                 Monday                Jingle Bells;
  Roberson, Carroll          Jimmy Buffet;              Traditional
Jesus To A Child;               Margaritaville        Jingle Bells;
  Michael, George            Jimmy Crack Corn;          Traditional
Jesus Was A                     Various Artists       Jingle Bells; Sinatra,
  Country Boy;               Jimmy Crack Corn;          Frank (Christmas)
  Walker, Clay                  Various Artists       Jingle Bells;
Jesus What A                 Jimmy Crack Corn;          Traditional
  Beautiful Name;               Children's Songs      Jingle Bells;
  Hillsong                                              Christmas


Jive Talkin'; Bee              John J. Blanchard;       John, Elton & Kiki
  Gees                           Smith, Anthony           Dee; True Love
JLS; Beat Again                John Roland Wood;        Johnny And June;
Joan Jett; I Love                Dodd, Deryl              Newfield, Heidi
  Rock And Roll                John The Revelator;      Johnny and June;
Joanna; Kool & The               Blues Brothers           Heidi Newfield
  Gang                         John The Revelator;      Johnny Angel;
Joe Cocker; You Are              Gospel-Southern          Shelly Faberes
  So Beautiful                 John Travolta;           Johnny Angel;
Joe Walsh; Rocky                 Greased Lightning        Shelly Fabares
  Mountain Way                 John Wayne               Johnny Angel;
Joel, Billy; Stilletto           Walking Away;            Fabares, Shelley
Joel, Billy; Stranger,           White, Lari            Johnny Angel;
  The                          John, Elton; Mad           Fabares, Shelley
Joel, Billy; Don't Ask           Man Across The         Johnny Angel;
  Me Why                         Water                    Fabares, Shelley
Joel, Billy; Uptown            John, Elton; Levon       Johnny Angel;
  Girl                         John, Elton;               Fabares, Shelly
Joel, Billy; Big Shot            Someone Saved          Johnny B. Goode;
Joel, Billy; Shes Got            My Life Tonight          Berry, Chuck
  A Way                        John, Elton; Circle      Johnny B. Goode;
Joel, Billy; Honesty             Of Life, The             Presley, Elvis
Joel, Billy; Matter Of         John, Elton; Candle      Johnny Be Goode;
  Trust, A                       In The Wind              Berry, Chuck
Joel, Billy; Modern            John, Elton; Your        Johnny Mathis;
  Woman                          Song                     Twelfth Of Never
Joel, Billy; Leave A           John, Elton; Bitch Is    johnny mathis &
  Tender Moment                  Back, The                denise williams;
  Alone                        John, Elton;               too much too little
Joel, Billy;                     Philadelphia             too late
  Sometimes A                    Freedom                Johnny Rivers;
  Fantasy                      John, Elton; Sorry         Secret Agent Man
Joel, Billy; Keeping             Seems To Be The        Johnny Rivers;
  The Faith                      Hardest Word             Rockin' Pnuemonia
Joel, Billy; Say               John, Elton; Bennie        And The Boogie
  Goodbye To                     & The Jets               Woogie Flu
  Hollywood                    John, Elton;             Johnny Rivers;
Joel, Billy;                     Saturday Night's All     Midnight Special
  Shameless                      Right                  Johnny, Are You
Joey; Concrete Blond           John, Elton; Little        Queer; Cotton,
Joey; Concrete Blond             Jeannie                  Josie
Joey; Concrete Blond           John, Elton; Daniel      Johnson, Carolyn
John B; Standard               John, Elton; Rocket        Dawn;
John Cafferty; On                Man                      Complicated
  The Darkside                 John, Elton; I Guess     Johnson, Carolyn
John Deere Green;                That's Why They          Dawn; Georgia
  Diffie, Joe                    Call It The Blues      Jojo; Leave (Get Out)
John Deere Green;              John, Elton; Sad         The Joker; Steve
  Diffie, Joe                    Songs Say So             Miller Band, The
John Denver; Thank               Much                   The Joker; Steve
  God I'm A Country            John, Elton; Island        Miller Band, The
  Boy                            Girl                   The Joker; Miller,
John Denver; Take              John, Elton & Kiki         Steve
  Me Home Country                Dee; Don't Go          The Joker; Steve
  Roads                          Breaking My Heart        Miller Band, The


The Joker; Steve              Joseph's Song;        Juke Box Hero;
  Miller Band, The              Christmas-Cord,       Foreigner
The Joker; Steve                Michael             Jukebox Hero;
  Miller Band, The            Joshua Fit The          Foreigner
The Joker; Newley,              Battle; Elvis       Jukebox Hero;
  Anthony                       Presley               Foreigner
The Joker; Steve              Journey; Who's        Jukebox Hero;
  Miller Band, The              Cryin' Now            Foreigner
Jolene; Parton, Dolly         Journey To The        Jukebox In My Mind;
Jolene (Radio                   Center Of The         Alabama
  Version); Smith,              Mind; Nugent, Ted   Jukebox In My Mind;
  Mindy                         & Amboy Dukes         Alabama
Jolly Old Saint               Joy; Newsboys         Jukebox Junkie;
  Nicholas;                   Joy; Newsboys, The      Mellons, Ken
  Christmas                   Joy And Pain; Base    Jukebox With A
Jones, George; He               & DJ E-Z Rock         Country Song;
  Stopped Loving              Joy And Pain; Base,     Stone, Doug
  Her Today                     Rob & DJ E-Z Rock   Julia Says; Wet Wet
Jones, George; Race           Joy To The World;       Wet
  Is On, The                    Christmas           Julie London; Cry
Jones, Norah;                 Joy To The World;       Me A River
  Sunrise                       Christmas           Jump; Madonna
Jones, Norah; Those           Joy To The World;     Jump; Van Halen
  Sweet Words                   Christmas           Jump; Girl's Aloud
Jones, Norah;                 Joy To The World;     Jump; Van Halen
  Nearness Of You,              Christmas           Jump; Van Halen
  The                         Joy To The World;     Jump; Van Halen
Jones, Norah; Come              Christmas           Jump Around;
  Away With Me                Joy To The World;       House Of Pain
Jones, Norah; Don't             Christmas           Jump Around;
  Know Why                    Joy To The World;       House Of Pain
Jones, Shirley; Do              Christmas           Jump In Line;
  You Get Enough              Joy To The World;       Belafonte, Harry
  Love                          Three Dog Night     Jump Jive & Wail;
Jones, Tom; If He             Joy To The World;       Brian Setzer
  Should Ever Leave             Christmas             Orchestra, The
  You                         Joyride; Hanson,      Jump Jive An Wail;
Joplin, Janis; Me               Jennifer              Brian Setzer
  And Bobby McGee             Judds; Love Can         Orchestra
Jose Cuervo; West,              Build A Bridge      Jump Jive An' Wail;
  Shelly                      The Judds; Love Is      Brian Setzer
Jose Cuervo; West,              Alive                 Orchestra, The
  Shelly                      The Judds; Grandpa    The Jump Off; Lil'
Jose Cuervo; West,            Judy Garland; Over      Kim & Mr. Cheeks
  Shelly                        The Rainbow         Jump They Say;
Jose Cuervo; West,            Judy Garland; Over      Bowie, David
  Shelly                        The Rainbow         Jump, Jive & Wail;
Jose Cuervo; West,            Judy In Disguise;       Brian Setzer
  Shelly                        Fred, John            Orchestra, The
Jose Cuervo; West,            Judy In Disguise;     Jump, Jive & Wail;
  Shelly                        Fred, John & His      Setzer, Brian
Joseph's Lullaby;               Playboy Band        Jump, Jive & Wail;
  Christmas-Mercy             Judy's Turn To Cry;     Prima, Louie
  Me                            Gore, Leslie        Jump, Jive & Wail;
                              Juicy; Better Than      Brian Setzer
                                Ezra                  Orchestra, The


Jump, Jive And                Just A Gigalo; David   Just Because She
  Wail; Brian Setzer            Lee Roth               Lives There;
  Orchestra, The              Just A Gigolo; Roth,     Tennison, Chalee
Jump, Jump, Jump;               David Lee            Just Between You &
  True Vibe                   Just A Gigolo; Roth,     Me; Kinleys
Jump, Jump, Jump;               David Lee            Just Between You
  True Vibe                   Just A Gigolo; Roth,     And Me; Kinleys,
Jumpin Jack Flash;              David Lee              The
  Rolling Stones, The         Just A Gigolo; Roth,   Just call me
Jumpin' Jack Flash;             David Lee              lonesome; Elvis
  Rolling Stones, The         Just A Gigolo; Roth,     Presley
Jumpin' Jumpin';                David Lee            Just Can't Get
  Destiny's Child             Just A Gigolo Ain't      Enough; Depeche
  w/vocal                       Got Nobody;            Mode
Jumpin' Jumpin';                David Lee Roth       Just Can't Get
  Destiny's Child             Just A Gigolo, Ain't     Enough;
Jumpin' Jumpin';                Got Nobody;            Saturdays
  Destiny's Child               Prima, Louis         Just Dance; Lady
Jumpin' Jumpin';              Just A Little Bit;       Gaga & Coby
  Destiny's Child               Elvis Presley          O'Donin
Jumpin, Jumpin;               Just A Little Girl;    Just Don't Wait
  Destiny's Child               Studt, Amy             Around Til She's
Jumpin', Jumpin';             Just A Little Girl;      Leavin'; Murphy,
  Destiny's Child               Studt, Amy             David Lee
Jumpin', Jumpin';             Just A Little While;   Just Don't Want To
  Destiny's Child               Jackson, Janet         Be Lonely; Main
Jungle Boogie; Kool           Just Another Day In      Ingredient
  & The Gang                    Paradise; Vassar,    Just Dropped In;
Jungle Love; Miller,            Phil                   Rogers, Kenny
  Steve                       Just Another Day In    Just Feel Better;
Jungle Love; Time               Paradise; Vassar,      Santana & Steven
Jungle Love; Steve              Phil                   Tyler
  Miller Band, The            Just Another Day In    Just Fine; Mary J.
Jungle Love1; Time              Paradise; Vassar,      Blige
Junior's Farm;                  Phil                 Just Fine; Blige,
  McCartney, Paul &           Just Another Girl;       Mary J
  The Wings                     Monica               Just Friends;
Junior's Farm;                Just Another             Winehouse, Amy
  Mccartney, Paul               Heartache; Wright,   Just Friends
Junkhead; Alice In              Cheryl                 (Sunny); Musiq
  Chains                      Just Another Hill;     Just Get Up And
Jupiter; Jewel                  Gospel-Bluegrass       Close The Door;
Just A Closer Walk            Just Be A Man            Rodriguez, Johnny
  With Thee; Gospel             About It; Braxton,   Just Good Ol' Boys;
Just A Feeling; Bad             Toni                   Bandy, Moe & Joe
  Manners                     Just Be A Man            Stamply
Just A Friend;                  About It; Braxton,   Just Got Paid;
  Winans, Mario                 Toni                   Kemp, Johnny
Just A Friend; Biz            Just Be Good To        Just Got Started
  Markie                        Me; Kharma             Lovin' You; James
Just A Friend 2002;           Just Because; Price,     Otto
  Mario                         Lloyd                Just Got Started
Just A Friend 2002;           Just Because;            Lovin' You; Otto,
  Mario                         Baker, Anita           James
Just A Friend 2002 ;                                 Just In Case; Jaheim


Just In Time;                  Just My               Just Put A Ribbon In
  Bennett, Tony                  Imagination;          Your Hair;
Just Let Me Be In                Temptations, The      Chesney, Kenny
  Love; Byrd, Tracy            Just My               Just Someone I
Just Let Me Be In                Imagination;          Used To Know;
  Love; Byrd, Tracy              Temptations, The      Dolly Parton
Just Let Me Be In              Just Once; James      Just Started Lovin'
  Love; Byrd, Tracy              Ingram                You; James Otto
Just Like A Pill; Pink         Just Once; Ingram,    Just the Girl; The
Just Like A                      James                 Click Five
  Redneck; Lawson,             Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Girl; Click
  Shannon                        James                 5, The
Just Like A Woman;             Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Same;
  Dylan, Bob                     James                 Clark, Terri
Just Like Heaven;              Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Two Of Us;
  Melua, Katie                   James                 Smith, Will
Just Like Jesse                Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Two Of Us;
  James; Cher                    James                 Withers, Bill
Just Like Jesse                Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Way You
  James; Cher                    James                 Are; Diana KRALL
Just Like Love;                Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Way You
  Martin, Brad                   James                 Are; Joel, Billy
Just Like Me;                  Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Way You
  Revere, Paul & The             James                 Are; Joel, Billy
  Raiders                      Just Once; Ingram,    Just The Way You
Just Like Starting               James                 Are; Joel, Billy
  Over; Lennon,                Just One; Shaffer,    Just The Way You
  John                           Lisa                  Are; Joel, Billy
Just Like Starting             Just One Last         Just The Way You
  Over; Lennon,                  Dance; Connor,        Are; Joel, Billy
  John                           Sarah               Just The Way You
Just Like You; Three           Just One Look;          Are; Joel, Billy
  Days Grace                     Ronstadt, Linda     Just The Way You
Just Might (Make Me            Just One More           Like It; S.O.S.
  Believe);                      Chance; Holiday,      Band, The
  Sugarland                      Billie              Just The Way You
Just Might (Make Me            Just One More           Like It; SOS Band,
  Believe);                      Chance (2);           The
  Sugarland                      Holiday, Billie     JUST THIS SIDE OF
Just Might (Make Me            Just One More Soul;     HEAVEN; HAL
  Believe);                      Greater Vision        KETCHUM
  Sugarland                    Just One Night;       Just To Feel That
Just Might Have Her              McBride & The         Way; Hicks, Taylor
  Radio On;                      Ride                Just To Hear You
  Tomlinson, Trent             Just One Of The         Say That You
Just Might Have Her              Boys; Poe,            Love Me; Hill, Faith
  Radio On; Trent                Michelle              & Tim McGraw
  Tomlinson                    Just One Of Thoes     Just To Hear You
Just Might Have Her              Things; Sinatra,      Say That You
  Radio On; Trent                Frank                 Love Me; Faith Hill
  Tomlinson                    Just One Of Those       And Tim McGraw
Just My                          Things; Jazz        Just To See Her;
  Imagination;                   Standard              Robinson, Smokey
  Temptations, The             Just Push Play;       JUST TO SEE HER;
                                 Aerosmith             Smokey Robinson


Just To See You                Just You & Me;         Kasabian; Fire
  Smile; McGraw,                 Chicago              Kashmir; Led
  Tim                          K.C. & Sunshine          Zeppelin
Just To See You                  Band; Get Down       Kashmir; Led
  Smile; McGraw,                 Tonight                Zeppelin
  Tim                          K.C. & Sunshine        Kashmir; Led
Just To See You                  Band; That's The       Zeppelin
  Smile; McGraw,                 Way I Like It        Katie Wants A Fast
  Tim                          K.C. & Sunshine          One; Wariner,
Just To See You                  Band; Shake Your       Steve & Garth
  Smile; McGraw,                 Bootie                 Brooks
  Tim                          Ka-Ching; Twain,       Katie Wants A Fast
Just Wanna Love U                Shania                 One; Wariner,
  (Give It 2 Me); Jay-         Kadison, Joshua;         Steve
  z                              Jessie               Katie Wants A Fast
Just Wanna Love U              The Kaiser Chiefs;       One; Wariner,
  (Give It 2 Me); Jay-           Never Miss A Beat      Steve & Garth
  Z                            Kajagoogoo; Too          Brooks
Just Wanna Love U                Shy                  Katie Wants A Fast
  (Give It 2 Me); Jay          Kane, Helen; Well I      One; Brooks, Garth
  Z                              Ask You                & Steve Wariner
Just Want You to               Kansas; Carry On My    Katmandu; Seger,
  Know; Backstreet               Wayward Son            Bob
  Boys                         Kansas; Dust In The    Katmandu; Seger,
Just What I Do; Trick            Wind                   Bob & The Silver
  Pony                         Kansas; Point Of         Bullet Band
Just What I Do; Trick            Know Return          KawLiga; Charley
  Pony                         Kansas City;             Pride
Just What I Do; Trick            Harrison, Wibert     Kaw-Liga; Williams,
  Pony                         Kansas City; Wilbert     Hank
Just What I Needed;              Harrison             Kayleigh; Marillion
  Cars, The                    Kansas City;           kc & sunshine band;
Just What I Needed;              Harrison, Wilbert      boogie shoes
  Cars, The                    Kansas City;           kc & sunshine band;
Just What I Needed;              Harrison, Wilbert      shake shake shake
  Cars, The                    Kansas City Star;        (shake your booty)
Just What The                    Miller, Roger        Kean; Perfect
  Doctor Ordered;              Karma; Keys, Alicia      Symmerty
  Nugent, Ted                  Karma; Keys, Alicia    Keep Breathing;
Just What The                  Karma; Banks, Lloyd      Michaelson, Ingrid
  Doctor Ordered;              Karma; Andrews,        Keep Holding On;
  Nugent, Ted                    Jessica                Lavigne, Avril
Just When I Needed             Karma Chameleon;       Keep It Between The
  You Most; Parton,              Culture Club           Lines; Van
  Dolly                        Karma Chameleon;         Shelton, Ricky
Just When I Needed               Culture Club         Keep It To Yourself;
  You Most;                    Karma Chameleon;         Sonny Boy
  Vanwarmer, Randy               Alicia Keys            Williamson
Just When I Needed             Karma Chameleon;       Keep Lovin' You;
  You Most;                      Culture Club           Hollister, Dave &
  Vanwarmer, Randy             Karma Chameleon;         Az
Just When I Needed               Culture Club         Keep Me In Your
  You Most;                    Karn Evil #9;            Will; King, Jessica
  Vanwarmer, Randy               Emerson, Lake &
Just Won't Burn;                 Palmer
  Susan TedeschI               Kasabian; Underdog


Keep Mom And Dad            Keep Your Hands To     Keith, Toby; Honky
  In Love; Dean,              Yourself; Sawyer       Tonk U
  Billy, Suzy                 Brown                Keith, Toby; You
  Bogguss                   Keep Your Hands To       Shouldn't Kiss Me
Keep On Dancing;              Yourself; Georgia      Like This
  Gentrys, The                Satellites, The      Keith, Toby; Who's
Keep On Dancing;            Keep Your Hands To       Your Daddy
  Gentrys, The                Yourself; Georgia    Keith, Toby;
Keep On Loving                Satellites, The        Courtesy Of The
  You; REO                  Keep Your Hands To       Red, White & Blue
  Speedwagon                  Yourself; Georgia    Keith, Toby; I Wanna
Keep On Loving                Satellites, The        Talk About Me
  You; REO                  Keep Your Hands To     Keith, Toby; I Love
  Speedwagon                  Yourself; Georgia      This Bar
Keep On Loving                Satellites, The      Keith, Toby; Country
  You; REO                  Keep Your Hands To       Comes To Town
  Speedwagon                  Yourself; Georgia    Keith, Toby & Sting;
Keep On Loving                Satellites, The        I'm So Happy I
  You; Steel                Keep Your Hands To       Can't Stop Crying
  Magnolias                   Yourself; Georgia      (SOLO)
Keep On Loving                Satellites, The      Keith, Toby & Sting
  You; REO                  Keeper Of The            (Duet Version); I'm
  Speedwagon                  Flame; Page,           So Happy I Can't
Keep On Smilin';              Martin                 Stop Crying
  Wet Willie                Keeper Of The          Keith, Toby & Willie
Keep On The Sunny             Stars; Tracy Byrd      Nelson; Beer For
  Side; Cash, June          Keeper Of The            My Horses
  Carter                      Stars; Byrd, Tracy   Keller, Jerry; Here
Keep On Truckin';           Keeper Of The            Comes Summer
  Kendricks, Eddie            Stars; Byrd, Tracy   Kelly, Gene; Singin'
Keep On Truckin';           Keeper Of The            In The Rain
  Kendricks, Eddie            Stars; Byrd, Tracy   Kelly, R.; I Believe I
Keep On Truckin';           Keeper Of The            Can Fly
  Kendricks, Eddie            Stars; Tracy Bird    Kemp, Johnny; Just
Keep Searching;             Keeper Of The            Got Paid
  Shannon, Del                Stars; Byrd, Tracy   Kennedy, Brian;
Keep Talking; Pink          The Keeper Of The        Better Man, A
  Floyd                       Stars; Byrd, Tracy   Kenny Loggins; For
Keep The Candle             The Keeper Of The        The First Time
  Burning; Point Of           Stars; Byrd, Tracy   Kenny Rogers; Lady
  Grace                     Keepin' The Faith;     Kenny Rogers; Stuck
Keep The Change;              Billy Joel             On You
  Williams, Holly           Keepin' Up; Alabama    Kenny's Dead;
Keep The Faith; Bon         Keepin' Up; Alabama      Master P (South
  Jovi                      Keeps Gettin'            Park)
Keep The Fire                 Better; Aguilera,    Kentucky Gambler;
  Burnin'; REO                Christina              Merle Haggard
  Speedwagon                Keg In The Closet;     Kentucky Rain;
Keep Your Distance;           Chesney, Kenny         Presley, Elvis
  Loveless, Patty           Keg In The Closet;     Kentucky Woman;
Keep Your Hands To            Chesney, Kenny         Diamond, Neil
  Yo; Georgia               Keg In The Closet;     Kentucky Woman;
  Satellites, The             Kenny Chesney          Diamond, Neil
Keep Your Hands To          Keith, Toby; Whiskey   Kentucky Woman;
  Yourself; Georgia           Girl                   Diamond, Neil


Kerosene; Lambert,               Kicks; Paul Revere      Killing Me Softly;
  Miranda                          And Raiders             Roberta Flack
Kerosene; Lambert,               Kid Cudi Vs             Killing Me Softly;
  Miranda                          Crookers; Day N         Fugees
Kerosene; Miranda                  Nite                  Killing Me Softly;
  Lambert                        The Kid Is Hot            Fugees, The
Kerosene; Lambert,                 Tonight; Loverboy     Killing Me Softly;
  Miranda                        Kid Rock; Single          Fugees, The
Kerosene; Miranda                  Father                Killing Me Softly;
  Lambert                        Kid Rock; Cowboy          Flack, Roberta
Ketchup Song; Las                Kid Rock; All           Killing Me Softly;
  Ketchup                          Summer Long             Flack, Roberta
The Ketchup Song;                Kid Stuff; Fairchild,   Killing Me Softly;
  Las Ketchup                      Barbara                 Flack, Roberta
Ketchup Song, The                Kiddio; Benton,         Killing Me Softly;
  (Spanglish); Las                 Brook                   Fugees, The
  Ketchup                        Kiddio; Benton,         Killing Me Softly
The Ketchup; Las                   Brook                   (With His Song);
  Ketchup                        Kids; Bye Bye Birdie      Fugees, The
Key; Urban Cookie                The Kids Aren't         Killing Me Softly
  Collective                       Alright; Offspring      (With His Song);
Key Largo; Higgins,              Kids Wanna Rock;          Fugees, The
  Bertie                           Adams, Bryan          Kim, Andy; Rock Me
Key Largo; Higgins,              Kiki Dee; I've Got        Gently
  Bertie                           The Music In Me       Kind And Generous;
Key West                         kiki dee & elton          Natalie Merchant
  Intermezzo (i Saw                john; don't go        Kind Of A Drag;
  You First);                      breaking my heart       Buckinghams, The
  Mellencamp, John               Kill Me Now; Rio        Kind Of A Drag;
  Cougar                           Grand                   Buckinghams, The
The Key; Poet Voices             Kill Me now; Rio        Kind Of A Drag;
Keys To The                        Grand                   Buckinghams, The
  Kingdom; Kevin                 Kill Myself; Tim        Kind Of A Drag;
  Spencer Family,                  McGraw                  Buckinghams, The
  The                            The Kill; 30 Seconds    The Kind Of Heart
Keys, Alicia; If I Ain't           To Mars                 That Breaks;
  Got You                        Killer Queen; Queen       Cummings, Chris
Keys, Alicia; Fallin'            Killer Queen; Queen     Kind Of Woman;
Keys, Alicia;                    Killer Queen; Queen       Fleetwood Mac
  Woman's Worth, A               Killer Queen; Queen     Kindly Keep It
Keys, Alicia; Try                  Latifah                 Country; Gill,
  Sleeping With A                Killer Queen; Queen       Vince
  Broken Heart                   The Killers; Human      The King And I;
Kick A Little; Little            Killin Time; Black,       Hello Young Lovers
  Texas                            Clint                 The King And I;
Kick A Little; Little            Killin' Time; Black,      Getting To Know
  Texas                            Clint                   You
Kick Down The                    Killin' Time; Black,    King Bee (Back
  Door; Middleman,                 Clint                   Door Man);
  Georgia                        Killing Me Softly;        Marino, Frank
Kick Me (When I'm                  The Fugees            King Bee/Back Door
  Down); Plus One                Killing Me Softly;        Man; Marino, Frank
Kick Some Ass;                     Fugees, The           King Creole; Elvis
  Stoke 9                        Killing Me Softly;        Presley
Kicks; Revere, Paul                Flack, Roberta
  & The Raiders


King Harvest;                  King, Carole;            Kiss A Girl; Urban,
  Dancin' In The                 Nightingale              Keith
  Moonlight                    King, Carole; Sweet      Kiss A Girl; Urban,
The King Is Coming;              Seasons                  Keith
  Gaithers, The                King, Carole; It Might   Kiss An Angel Good
King Of Eternity;                As Well Rain Until       Mornin'; Pride,
  Greenes                        September                Charley
King Of Glory; Third           King, Carole; So Far     Kiss An Angel Good
  Day                            Away                     Morning; Pride,
King Of Kings;                 King, Carole; I Feel       Charley
  Winans, CeCe                   The Earth Move         Kiss An Angel Good
King Of Pain; Police,          King, Carole;              Morning; Pride,
  The                            Jazzman                  Charley
King Of Rock; Run              king, evelyn; shame      Kiss An Angel Good
  DMC                          Kings & Queens; 30         Morning; Pride,
King Of The Blues;               Seconds To Mars          Charlie
  Moore, Gary                  Kings Of Leon; Use       Kiss And Say
King Of The Castle;              Somebody                 Goodbye;
  Jenkins, Matt                Kings Of Leon; Sex         Manhattans
King Of The Castle;              On Fire                Kiss And Say
  Matt Jenkins                 Kings Of Leon;             Goodbye;
King Of The                      Revelry                  Manhattans, The
  Mountain; Strait,            Kingsmen; Kind Of A      KISS FROM A
  George                         Drag                     ROSE; SEAL
King Of The Road;              Kingsmen; Louie          Kiss From A Rose;
  Roger Miller                   Louie                    Seal
King Of The Road;              Kingston Town;           Kiss From A Rose;
  Travis, Randy                  UB40                     Seal
King Of The Road;              Kingston Town;           Kiss From A Rose;
  Roger Miller                   Ub40                     Seal
King Of The Road;              Kingston, Sean; Fire     Kiss Kiss; Brown,
  Miller, Roger                  Burning The              Chris & T Pain
King Of The Road;                Dancefloor             Kiss Kiss; Holly
  Miller, Roger                Kinks; Lola                Valance
King Of The Road;              The Kinks; Sunny         Kiss Me; Sixpence
  Miller, Roger                  Afternoon                Non The Richer
King Of The Road;              The Kinks; Waterloo      Kiss Me; Sixpence
  Miller, Roger                  Sunset                   None The Richer
King Of The Road;              The Kinks; Tired Of      Kiss Me; Sixpence
  Miller, Roger                  Waiting For You          None The Richer
King Of The Road;              The Kinks; All Day       Kiss Me Deadly;
  Miller, Roger                  And All Of The           Ford, Lita
King Of The Road;                Night                  Kiss Me In The Dark;
  Miller, Roger                The Kinks; You             Randy Rogers
King Of The Road;                Really Got Me            Band
  Miller, Roger                The Kinks; Come          Kiss Me In The Rain;
King Of The Whole                Dancing                  Streisand, Barbra
  Wide World; Elvis            The Kinks; Celluloid     Kiss Me Now;
  Presley                        Heroes                   Armiger, Katie
King Of The World;             Kismet; Elvis Presley    Kiss Me Now;
  Blackhawk                    Kiss; Beth (Acoustic)      Mccann, Lila
King, Carole; It's Too         Kiss; Beth               Kiss Me Thru The
  Late                         Kiss; Prince               Phone; Soulja Boy
King, Carole; One              Kiss & Say                 & Sammi
  Fine Day                       Goodbye;               Kiss Off; Violent
                                 Manhattans, The          Femmes, The


Kiss On My List; Hall         Knight, Gladys; If I   Kool And The Gang;
  & Oates                       Were Your Woman        Celebration
Kiss On My List; Hall         Knight, Gladys; Best   Kool In The Kaftan;
  & Oates                       Thing That Ever        Robertson, B.A.
Kiss The Rain;                  Happened To Me       Kosmic Blues;
  Myers, Billie               Knight, Gladys; Next     Joplin, Janis
Kiss The Rain;                  Time                 Kristofferson;
  Meyers, Billie              Knock Down Walls;        Mcgraw, Tim
Kiss This; Tippin,              Tonic                Kryptonite; Three
  Aaron                       Knock Knock (Radio       Doors Down
A Kiss To Build A               Version); Monica     Kryptonite; 3 Doors
  Dream; Armstrong,           Knock Knock (Radio       Down
  Louis                         Version); Monica     Kryptonite; Three
A Kiss With A Fist;           Knock On Wood;           Doors Down
  Florence & The                Eddie Floyd          Kryptonite; 3 Doors
  Machine                     Knock On Wood;           Down
Kiss You All Over;              Clapton, Eric        Kung Fu Fighting;
  Exile                       Knock On Wood;           Douglas, Carl
Kiss You All Over;              Stewart, Ami         Kyle's Mom's A
  Exile                       Knock On Wood;           Bitch; Cartman,
Kiss You All Over;              Stewart, Ami           Eric
  Carter, Clarence            Knock On Wood;         Kyrie; Mr. Mister
Kiss You All Over;              Floyd, Eddie         KYRIE MR. MISTER;
  Exile                       Knock On Wood;           CD
Kisses Sweeter                  Floyd, Eddie         L A Woman; Doors,
  Than Wine;                  Knock On Wood1;          The
  Rodgers, Jimmie               Stewart, Ami         L.A. Song; Beth Hart
Kissin' Cousins;              Knock Three Times;       Band, The
  Elvis Pesley                  Orlando, Tony &      L.A. Song; Hart, Beth
Kissing A Fool;                 Dawn                 L.A. Woman; Doors,
  George Michael              Knocked It Off;          The
Kissing A Fool;                 Robertson, B.A.      La Agarro Bajando;
  Michael, George             Knockin' On              Spanish-Santa
Kissing A Fool;                 Heavens Door;          Rosa, Gilberto
  Michael, George               Guns 'N Roses        La Bamba; Valens,
Kissing A Fool;               Knockin' On              Ritchie
  Michael, George               Heaven's Door;       La Bamba; Los
Kissing A Fool;                 Guns N' Roses          Lobos
  Michael, George             Knockin' On            La Belle; Lady
Kitty; Presidents Of            Heaven's Door;         Marmalade
  The USA                       Dylan, Bob           La Cage Aux Folles;
The Knack; My                 Knocking At Your         La Cage Aux Folles
  Sharona                       Back Door; Deep      La Carcacha; Selena
Knight, Gladys; I               Purple               La Copa De La Vida;
  Heard It Through            Know Your Enemy;         Martin, Ricky
  The Grapevine                 Green Day            LA Is My Lady;
Knight, Gladys;               Knowing Me,              Sinatra, Frank
  Midnight Train To             Knowing You;         La Isla Bonita;
  Georgia                       ABBA                   Madonna
Knight, Gladys; Way           Kodachrome; Simon      La Isla Bonita;
  We Were, The                  & Garfunkel            Madonna
Knight, Gladys;               Kodachrome; Simon,     La La; Simpson,
  Neither One Of Us             Paul                   Ashlee
Knight, Gladys; Take          Kokomo; Beach          La Roux; In For The
  Me In Your Arms &             Boys, The              Kill
  Love Me


La Roux; I'm Not              Lady Marmalade;         Landing In London;
  Your Toy                      Aguilera, Christina     3 Doors Down &
La Roux; Bulletproof            & Lil' Kim              Bob Segar
LA Woman; Doors,              Lady Willpower;         Landsborough,
  The                           Puckett, Gary &         Charlie; What
LA Women; Doors,                The Union Gap           Colour Is The Wind
  The                         Lady You Bring Me       Landslide; Dixie
Ladie's Choice                  Up; Commodores,         Chicks
  (Radio Version);              The                   Landslide; Dixie
  Efron, Zac                  Ladyfingers;              Chicks
Ladies Love                     Luscious Jackson      Landslide; Dixie
  Country Boys;               Ladyhawke; Back Of        Chicks, The
  Adkins, Trace                 The Van               Landslide; Dixie
Ladies Night; Kool &          Laffy Taffy; D4l          Chicks
  The Gang                    Lala; Ashlee Simpson    Landslide; Dixie
Lady; Kravitz, Lenny          Lamb Of God;              Chicks, The
Lady; Kenny Rogers              Christmas-Mullen,     Landslide; Smashing
Lady; Rogers, Kenny             Nicole C                Pumpkins
Lady; Rogers, Kenny           Lamb Of God;            Landslide; Fleetwood
Lady; Little River              Gospel                  Mac
  Band, The                   The Lamb, The Lion      Landslide; Fleetwood
Lady; Styx                      & The King; Crabb       Mac
Lady Antebellum;                Family, The           Landslide; Nicks,
  American Honey              Lamplight; Essex,         Stevie
Lady In Red; De                 David                 Landslide; Dixie
  Burgh, Chris                Land Of 1000              Chicks, The
Lady In Red; De                 Dancers; Pickett,     Landslide; Dixie
  Burgh, Chris                  Wilson                  Chicks
Lady Is A Tramp;              Land Of 1000            Landslide; Fleetwood
  Standards                     Dances; Pickett,        Mac
The Lady Is A                   Wilson                Landslide; Fleetwood
  Tramp; Sinatra,             Land Of 1000              Mac
  Frank                         Dances; Pickett,      Lane, Frankie;
The Lady Is A                   Wilson                  Making Memories
  Tramp; Sinatra,             Land Of A Million       Lapdance; Nerd
  Frank                         Drums; Outkast        Laredo; Cagle, Chris
Lady Love; Rawls,             Land Of A Million       Laredo; Cagle, Chris
  Lou                           Drums; Outkast        Laredo; Cagle, Chris
Lady Love; Rawls,             Land Of A Thousand      Larger Than Life;
  Lou                           Dances; Pickett,        Backstreet Boys
Lady Madonna;                   Wilson                Last Beautiful Girl;
  Beatles, The                Land Of Confusion;        Matchbox Twenty
Lady Madonna;                   Genesis               Last Beautiful Girl;
  Mccartney, Paul             Land Of Confusion;        Matchbox 20
Lady Marmalade;                 Genesis               Last Call; Lee Ann
  LaBelle, Patti              Land Of Confusion;        Womack
Lady Marmalade;                 Genesis               Last Christmas;
  Aguilera, Christina         Land Of No Time;          Christmas-Swift,
  & Lil Kim, Mya,               Gold City               Taylor
  Pink w/vocal                Land Of The Free;       Last Christmas;
Lady Marmalade;                 Whisnants, The          Christmas-Michael,
  Aguilera, Christina         The Land Of The           George
  & Lil Kim, Mya,               Living; Tillis, Pam   Last Dance;
  Pink                        The Land Of The           Summer, Donna
                                Living; Tillis, Pam   Last Dance;
                                                        Summer, Donna


Last Dance;                   Last One Standing;      Last Train Running;
  Summer, Donna                 Emerson Drive           Whiskey Falls
Last Dance;                   The Last One To         Last Train To
  Summer, Donna                 Know; Reba              Clarksville;
Last Dance / The                McEntire                Monkees, The
  Hustle/On The               Last Request; Nutini,   The Last Waltz;
  Radio; Selena                 Paolo                   Humperdinck,
The Last Dance;               Last Request; Nutini,     Engelbert
  Summer, Donna                 Paolo                 The Last Worthless
Last Dance1;                  Last Resort; Eagles,      Evening; Henley,
  Summer, Donna                 The                     Don
LAST DAY OF MY                The Last Song; All      Late In The Evening;
  LIFE; PHIL                    American Rejects        Simon & Garfunkel
  VASSAR                      Last Thing; Anaid,      Lately; Stevie
Last Day Of My Life;            Diana                   Wonder
  Vassar, Phil                Last Thing I Need       Lately; Byrd, Tracy
Last Dollar (Fly                First Thing This      Laughed Until We
  Away); Mcgraw,                Morning; Nelson,        Cried; Aldean,
  Tim                           Willie                  Jason
The Last Fallen               Last Thing On My        Laughing; Guess
  Hero; Charlie                 Mind; Rimes,            Who, The
  Daniels Band, The             Leann & Ronan         Laughter In The
The Last Fallen                 Keating                 Rain; Sedaka, Neil
  Hero; Charlie               Last Thing On My        Laughter In The
  Daniels Band                  Mind; Steps, The        Rain; Sedaka, Neil
Last Good Time;               Last Thing On My        Laughter In The
  Flynnville Train              Mind; Diamond,          Rain; Neil Sedaka
Last Goodbye;                   Neil                  Laughter In The
  Atomic Kitten               Last Thing On My          Rain; Sedaka, Neil
Last Goodbye;                   Mind; Loveless,       lauper, cyndi; girls
  Kenny Wayne                   Patty                   just wanna have
  Shepherd Band               The Last Thing On         fun
The Last In Line; Dio           My Mind;              Laura Branigan;
Last Kiss; Pearl Jam            Loveless, Patty         Gloria
Last Kiss; Pearl Jam          The Last Thing On       Lavender; Marillion
The Last Man                    My Mind;              Lawdy Miss Clawdy;
  Committed;                    Loveless, Patty         Elvis Presley
  Heatherly, Eric             The Last Thing On       Lawdy Miss Clawdy;
The Last Man                    My Mind;                Price, Lloyd
  Committed;                    Loveless, Patty       Lawrence, Tracy;
  Heatherly, Eric             The Last Thing On         Alibis
Last Name;                      My Mind;              Lawrence, Tracy;
  Underwood, Carrie             Loveless, Patty         Coast Is Clear, The
Last Night; Peck,             The Last Thing She      Lawrence, Tracy;
  Karen & New River             Said; Tyler, Ryan       Texas Tornado
Last Night; Strokes           Last Time; Fuel         Lawyers In Love;
Last Night Of The             Last Time; Rolling        Browne, Jackson
  World; Miss                   Stones, The           Lay Down (Candles
  Saigon                      Last Time; Fuel           In The Rain);
Last Night Of The             The Last Time I Felt      Brooks, Meredith &
  World; Miss                   Like This; Mathis,      Queen Latifah
  Saigon                        Johnny                Lay Down Sally;
The Last Of A Dying           The Last Time I Saw       Clapton, Eric
  Breed; Mccoy,                 Him; Ross, Diana      Lay It Down; Ratt
  Neal                        Last Train Home;        Lay It Down; Ratt


Lay It On The Line;            The Leader Of The       Learning How To
  Triumph                        Pack; Shangri-Las,      Bend; Allan, Gary
Lay It On The Line;              The                   Learning The Game;
  Triumph                      The Leader Of The         Holly, Buddy
Lay It On The Line;              Pack; Shangri-Las,    Learning To Live
  Triumph                        The                     Again; Garth
Lay Lady Lay; Dylan,           The Leader Of The         Brooks
  Bob                            Pack; Shangri-Las,    Learning To Live
Lay You Down;                    The                     Again; Brooks,
  Usher                        The Leader Of The         Garth
Lay Your Hands On                Pack; Shangri-Las,    Learning To Live
  Me; Bon Jovi                   The                     Again; Brooks,
Layla; Clapton, Eric           The Leader Of The         Garth
Layla; Derek & The               Pack; Shangli Las,    Leaset Complicated;
  Dominos                        The                     The Indigo Girls
Layla; Derek & The             The Leader Of The       Leather And Lace;
  Dominos                        Pack; Shangli Las,      Nicks, Stevie &
Layla; Derek & The               The                     Don Henley
  Dominos                      Lean Back; Terror       Leather And Lace;
Layla; Derek & The               Squad                   Nicks, Stevie &
  Dominos                      LEAN ON ME; CLUB          Don Henley
Layla; Derek & The               NOUVEAU               Leather And Lace;
  Dominos                      Lean On Me;               Nicks, Stevie &
Lazy River;                      Withers, Bill           Don Henley
  Carmichael, Hoagy            Lean On Me;             Leather And Lace;
LDN; Allen, Lily                 Franklin, Kirk          Nicks, Stevie &
Le Colline Sono In             Lean On Me;               Don Henley
  Fiore; Italian                 Withers, Bill         Leave; JoJo
  Songs                        Lean On Me;             Leave (Get Out);
Le Freak; Chic                   Franklin, Kirk          JoJo
Le Freak; Chic                 Lean On Me;             Leave (Get Out);
Le Freak; Chic                   Withers, Bill           JoJo
Le Freak1; Chic                Lean On Me;             Leave A Tender
Le Jazz Hot; Victoria,           Withers, Bill           Moment Alone;
  Victor                       Lean On Me;               Joel, Billy
Lead Me Guide Me;                Withers, Bill         Leave A Tender
  Elvis Presley                Lean On Me;               Moment Alone;
Lead Me On;                      Withers, Bill           Joel, Billy
  Nightingale,                 Leaning On The          Leave A Tender
  Maxine                         Everlasting Arms;       Moment Alone;
Lead On; Strait,                 Jackson, Alan           Joel, Billy
  George                       Leann Rimes; How        Leave It To Me;
Leader Of Men;                   Do I Live               Shaggy
  Nickelback                   Learn The Hard          Leave Me Alone;
The Leader Of Pack;              Way; Nickelback         Reddy, Helen
  Shangri las, The             Learn To Fly; Foo       Leave Right Now;
Leader Of The Band;              Fighters, The           Young, Will
  Fogelberg, Dan               Learn To Fly; Foo       Leave The Pieces;
Leader Of The Pack;              Fighters                Wreckers
  Shangri?Las, The             Learn To Love           Leave the Pieces;
Leader Of The Pack;              Again; Jeff & Sheri     The Wreckers
  ShangriLas                     Easter                Leave The Pieces;
Leader Of The Pack;            Learnin' The Blues;       Wreckers, The
  Shangli Las, The               Sinatra, Frank        Leavin'; Jesse
                               Learning As You           McCartney
                                 Go; Trevino, Rick


Leavin' On A Jet              Lee, Peggy; Johnny       Lesson In Leavin';
  Plane; John                   Guitar                   Messina, Jo Dee
  Denver                      Left My Heart In         Lesson In Leavin';
Leavin' On Your                 Tokyo; Mini Viva         Messina, Jo Dee
  Mind; Cline, Patsy          Left Outside Alone;      A Lesson In Leavin';
Leavin' On Your                 Anastacia                West, Dottie
  Mind; Cline, Patsy          Legacy; Coty, Neal       A Lesson In Leavin';
Leavin' On Your               Legacy; Nordeman,          Messina, Jo Dee
  Mind; Cline, Patsy            Nichole                Lesson Learned;
Leavin' On Your               Legacy; Coty, Neal         Keys, Alicia & John
  Mind; Cline, Patsy          Legalize It; Tosh,         Mayer
Leavin' On Your                 Peter                  Lessons Learned;
  Mind; Cline, Patsy          Legend Of A                Lawrence, Tracy
Leaving New York;               Cowgirl; Coppola,      Lessons Learned;
  R.E.M.                        Imani                    Lawrence, Tracy
Leaving On A Jet              Legend Of A Mind;        Lessons Learned;
  Plane; Peter, Paul            Moody Blues, The         Lawrence, Tracy
  & Mary                      The Legend Of            Let 'em In;
Leaving On A Jet                Bonnie & Clyde;          Mccartney, Paul
  Plane; Peter, Paul            Haggard, Merle         Let 'Er Rip; Dixie
  & Mary                      Legend, John; So           Chicks
Leaving On A                    High                   Let 'er Rip; Dixie
  Jetplane; Peter             Legend, John; So           Chicks
  Paul and Mary                 High                   Let 'Er Rip; Dixie
Leaving Town;                 Legs; ZZ Top               Chicks
  Freebish, Dexter            Legs; ZZ Top             Let Freedom Ring;
Led Zeppelin;                 Lemar; If She Knew         Gaither Vocal Band
  Stairway To                 Lemon; U2                Let Her Cry; Hootie &
  Heaven                      Lemon Tree; Peter,         The Blowfish
Led Zeppelin; I Can't           Paul & Mary            Let Her Cry; Hootie &
  Quit You Baby               Lemon Tree; Trini          The Blowfish
Led Zeppelin;                   Lopez                  Let Her Cry; Hootie &
  Heartbreaker                Lemon Tree; Lopez,         The Blowfish
Led Zeppelin; Rock              Trini                  Let Her Cry; Hootie &
  And Roll                    Lenka; Show                The Blowfish
Lee Michaels; Do              Lennon, John;            Let Her Cry; Hootie &
  You Know What I               Imagine                  The Blowfish
  Mean                        Lennon, John;            Let Her Cry; Hootie &
Lee, Brenda; Sweet              Woman                    The Blowfish
  Nothin's                    Lennox, Annie; No        Let It Be; Beatles,
Lee, Brenda; Rockin'            More I Love You's        The
  Around The                  Lennox, Annie;           Let It Be Me; Elvis
  Christmas Tree                Shining Light            Presley
Lee, Brenda; I'm              Lenny Kravitz; Fly       Let it be me; Everly
  Sorry                         Away                     Brothers
Lee, Brenda; Fool             Les Miserables;          Let It Be Me; Everly
  Number One                    Bring Him Home           Brothers, The
Lee, Brenda; I Want           Les Miserables; Little   Let It Be Me; Jerry
  To Be Wanted                  Fall Of Rain, A          Butler/Betty Everett
Lee, Brenda; Speak            Leslie Gore; It's My     Let It Be Me;
  To Me Pretty                  Party                    Campbell, Glen
Lee, Brenda; If You           Lesson In Leavin';       Let It Bleed; Rolling
  Love Me                       Messina, Jo Dee          Stones, The
lee, brenda; i wanted         Lesson In Leavin';       Let It Go; Prince
  to be wanted                  Messina, Jo Dee        Let It Go; Young, Will


Let It Out (Let It All         Let Me Blow Ya          Let Me Touch You
  Hang Out);                      Mind; Stefani,         For Awhile;
  Hombres                         Gwen & Eve             Krauss, Alison
Let It Rain; Chesnutt,         Let Me Blow Ya          Let Me Touch You
  Mark                            Mind; Eve & Gwen       For Awhile;
Let It Rain; Smith,               Stefani                Krauss, Alison &
  Michael W.                   Let Me Call You           Union Station
Let It Ride; Bachman              Sweetheart; DK       Let Sally Drive;
  Turner Overdrive                Arrangement            Hagar, Sammy
Let It Rise; Gospel            Let Me Call You         Let That Pony Run;
Let It Rock; Rudolf,              Sweetheart;            Tillis, Pam
  Kevin Ft Lil Wayne              Standard             Let The Good Times
Let It Rock; Rudolf,           Let Me Call You           Roll; Ray Charles
  Kevin & Lil' Wayne              Sweetheart;          Let The Good Times
Let It Snow;                      Traditional            Roll; Charles, Ray
  Christmas                    Let Me Down Easy;       Let The Music Play;
Let It Snow Let It                Isaak, Chris           Shannon
  Snow Let It Snow;            let me entertain you;   Let The Music Play;
  Christmas                       gypsy                  Shannon
Let It Snow! Let It            Let Me Entertain        Let The Picture
  Snow! Let It                    You; Williams,         Paint Itself;
  Snow!; Christmas                Robbie                 Rodney Crowell
Let It Snow, Let It            Let Me Go; 3 Doors      Let The River Flow;
  Snow, Let It                    Down                   Evans, Darrell
  Snow; Christmas-             Let Me Go; Cake         Let The Rocks Keep
  Nichols, Joe                 Let Me Go Lover;          Silent; Lordsong
Let It Whip; Dazz                 Weber, Joan          Let The Veil Down;
  Band, The                    Let Me Hold You;          Jacobs, Judy
Let It Whip; Dazz                 Bow Wow              Let Them Be Little;
  Band                         Let Me Hold You;          Dean, Billy
Let It Whip1; Dazz                Bow Wow &            Let Them Be Little;
  Band                            Omarion                Dean, Billy
Let Love Be Your               Let Me Let Go; Hill,    Let There Be Love;
  Energy; Williams,               Faith                  Cole, Nat 'King'
  Robbie                       Let Me Let Go; Hill,    Let There Be Peace;
Let Love In; Goo                  Faith                  Christmas-Gill,
  Goo Dolls                    Let Me Love You;          Vince
Let Me Be Me;                     Lonestar             Let There Be Rock;
  Mauboy, Jessica              Let Me Love You;          AC/DC
Let Me Be The One;                Mario                Let U Go; Star Disc
  Plus One                     Let Me Love You         Let Us Pray (Change
Let Me Be There;                  Tonight; Pure          of Habit); Elvis
  Olivia NewtonJohn               Prairie League         Presley
Let Me Be There;               Let Me Out; Future      Let Your Glory Fill
  Olivia Newton-John              Leaders Of The         This Place;
Let Me Be There;                  World                  Wheaton, Karen
  Newton-John,                 Let Me Ride; Dr. Dre    Let Your Love Flow;
  Olivia                       Let Me Touch You          Bellamy Brothers,
Let Me Be There;                  For Awhile;            The
  John, Olivia                    Krauss, Alison &     Let Yourself Go;
  Newton                          Union Station          Elvis Presley
Let Me Blow Ya                 Let Me Touch You        Let'er Rip; Dixie
  Mind; Eve & Gwen                For Awhile;            Chicks
  Stefani                         Krauss, Alison &     Let's Be Us Again;
                                  Union Station          Lonestar


Let's Be Us Again;            Let's Get Loud;         Let's Make Love;
  Lonestar                      Jennifer Lopez          Mcgraw, Tim &
Let's Be Us Again;            Let's Get Rocked;         Faith Hill
  Lonestar                      Def Leppard           Let's Make Love;
Let's Be Us Again;            Let's Get Rocked;         McGraw, Tim &
  Lonestar                      Def Leppard             Faith Hill
Let's Burn It Down;           Let's Get Rocked;       Let's Make Love;
  Garner, Kristin               Def Leppard             Mcgraw, Tim &
Let's Call The Whole          Let's Go Crazy;           Faith Hill
  Thing Off;                    Prince                Let's Make Love;
  Standard                    Let's Go Get Stoned;      Hill, Faith
Let's Call The Whole            Charles, Ray          Let's Make Love;
  Thing Off; Astaire,         Let's Go Round            McGraw, Tim &
  Fred                          Again; Average          Faith Hill
Let's Chase Each                White Band, The       Let's Make Love;
  Other Around The            Let's Go To Vegas;        Mcgraw, Tim &
  Room; Haggard,                Hill, Faith             Faith Hill
  Merle                       Let's Go To Vegas;      Lets Make Sure We
Let's Chase Each                Hill, Faith             Kiss Goodbye;
  Other Round The             Let's Go To Vegas;        Gill, Vince
  Room Tonight;                 Hill, Faith           Let's Make Sure We
  Haggard, Merle              Let's Groove; Earth,      Kiss Goodbye;
Let's Dance; Bowie,             Wind & Fire             Gill, Vince
  David                       Let's Groove; Earth,    Let's Meet By The
Let's Do It Again;              Wind & Fire             River; Spencers,
  Staple Singers,             Let's Groove1;            The
  The                           Earth, Wind & Fire    Let's Push It;
Le'ts Face The                Let's Hang On; Four       Nightcrawlers
  Music And Dance;              Seasons, The          Let's Push It;
  Krall, Diana &              Let's Have A Party;       Nightcrawlers
  Norah Jones                   Backstreet Boys,      Let's Roll; Young,
Let's Face The                  The                     Neil
  Music And Dance;            Let's Hear It For The   Let's Spend The
  Diana KRALL                   Boy; Williams,          Night Together;
Let's Fall In Love;             Denise                  Rolling Stones, The
  Sinatra, Frank              Let's Kill Saturday     Let's Stay Home
Let's Fall In Love;             Night; Pinmonkey        Tonight; Joe
  Krall, Diana &              Let's Make A Baby       Let's Stay Home
  Norah Jones                   King; Christmas-        Tonight; Joe
Let's Get Dirty;                Wynonna               Let's Stay Together;
  Heartland                   Let's Make A Night        Green, Al
Let's Get Down; Bow             To Remember;          Let's Stay Together;
  Wow & Baby                    Adams, Bryan            Turner, Tina
Let's Get Excited;            Let's Make Love;        Let's Stay Together;
  Dixon, Alesha                 Hill, Faith & Tim       Green, Al
Let's Get High; Dr.             McGraw                Let's Stay Together;
  Dre                         Let's Make Love;          Green, Al
Let's Get It On;                McGraw, Tim &         Let's Stay Together;
  Marvin Gaye                   Faith Hill              Green, Al
Let's Get It On;              Let's Make Love;        Let's Stay Together;
  Gaye, Marvin                  Faith Hill & Tim        Green, Al
Let's Get It On;                McGraw                Let's Stay Together;
  Gaye, Marvin                Let's Make Love;          Green, Al
Let's Get It Started;           Faith Hill & Tim      Let's Stick Together;
  Black Eyed Peas,              McGraw                  Ferry, Bryan


Let's Take The Long         Lewis, Leona; Run       Life In Technicolour
  Way Around The            Liar; Profyle              II; Coldplay
  World; Milsap,            Liar; Profyle           Life In The Fast
  Ronnie                    Lick It Up; Kiss           Lane; Eagles, The
Let's Talk About            Lick It Up; Kiss        Life Is A Highway;
  Sex; Salt-N-Pepa          Lickin'; Black             Rascal Flatts, The
Let's Talk About               Crowes, The          Life Is A Highway;
  Sex; Salt-N-Pepa          Lickin'; Black             Cochrane, Tom
Let's Twist Again;             Crowes, The          Life Is A Highway;
  Checker, Chubby              w/vocal                 Rascal Flatts
Let's Twist Again;          Lickin'; Black Crowes   Life Is A Highway;
  Chubby Checker            Lido Shuffle; Boz          Cochrane, Tom
Let's Twist Again;             Scaggs               Life Is A
  Checker, Chubby           Lido Shuffle;              Rollercoaster;
Let's Twist Again;             Scaggs, Boz             Keating, Ronan
  Checker, Chubby           The Lies In Your        Life Is A
Let's Twist Again;             Eyes; Sweet, The        Rollercoaster;
  Checker, Chubby           The Lies In Your           Keating, Ronan
Let's Wait Awhile;             Eyes; Sweet, The     Life Is Good; LFO
  Jackson, Janet            Life #9; McBride,       Life Less Ordinary;
A Letter From                  Martina                 Carbon Leaf
  Home; Primitive           Life After You;         Life On Mars; Bowie,
  Quartet                      Daughtry                David
Letter To Me;               Life Ain't Always       Life Turned Her That
  Paisley, Brad                Beautiful; Allan,       Way; Van Shelton,
Letter To Me;                  Gary                    Ricky
  Paisley, Brad             Life Away; Default      Life Turned Her That
The Letter; Box             Life Dont Have To          Way; Shelton,
  Tops, The                    Be So Hard;             Ricky Van
The Letter; Box                Lawrence, Tracy      Lifehouse; Take Me
  Tops, The                 Life Don't Have To         Away
The Letter; Cocker,            Be So Hard;          Life's A Dance;
  Joe                          Lawrence, Tracy         Montgomery, John
The Letter; Cocker,         Life For Rent; Dido        Michael
  Joe                       Life Goes On;           Life's Been Good;
The Letter; Cocker,            Rimes, LeAnn            Walsh, Joe
  Joe                       Life Goes On;           Life's Highway;
The Letter; Box                Rimes, Leann            Wariner, Steve
  Tops, The                 Life Goes On; Little    Life's Too Short To
Letters; Stroke 9              Texas                   Love Like That;
Letters From Home;          Life Goes On;              Hill, Faith
  Montgomery, John             Rimes, Leann         Lifesong; Casting
  Michael                   Life Goes On;              Crowns
Letters From War;              Rimes, Leann         Lifestyles Of The
  Schultz, Mark             Life Got Cold; Girl's      Not So Rich &
Letters Of The                 Aloud                   Famous; Byrd,
  Alphabet; Various         Life Happened;             Tracy
  Artists                      Cochran, Tammy       Lifestyles Of The
Letting The Cables          Life Happened;             Rich And
  Sleep; Bush                  Tammy Cochrane          Famous; Good
Lewis, Huey And             Life Happened;             Charlotte
  Gwyneth Paltrow;             Cochran, Tammy       Lifestyles Of The
  Cruisin                   Life In A Northern         Rich And
Lewis, Leona; Happy            Town; Sugarland         Famous; Good
Lewis, Leona;                  &Little Big Town &      Charlotte
  Forgive Me                   Jake Owen            Lifetime; Maxwell


Lifetime; Maxwell             Lightning Crashes;     Like A Virgin;
A Lifetime; Better              Live                   Madonna
   Than Ezra                  Lightning Crashes;     Like A Virgin;
Lifted; Lighthouse              Live                   Madonna
   Family, The                Lightning Does The     Like A Virgin;
Light A Candle;                 Work; Brock, Chad      Madonna
   Christmas-Avalon           Lightning Does The     Like A Virgin;
The Light Houses                Work; Brock, Chad      Madonna
   Tale; Nickel Creek         Lightning Strikes;     Like A Virgin;
The Light In Your               Christie, Lou          Madonna
   Eye; Rimes, LeAnn          Lights; Journey        Like A Virgin;
Light In Your Eyes;           Lights; Journey          Madonna
   Crow, Sheryl               Lights; Journey        Like A Virgin;
The Light In Your             Lights Out; Presley,     Madonna
   Eyes; Rimes,                 Lisa Marie           Like A Virgin;
   LeAnn                      Lights Out; Presley,     Madonna
The Light In Your               Lisa Marie           Like Glue; Paul,
   Eyes; Rimes,               Lights Out (Radio        Sean
   Leann                        Version); Presley,   Like Glue; Paul,
The Light In Your               Lisa Marie             Sean
   Eyes; Rimes,               Lights, Camera,        Like I Love You;
   LeAnn                        Action!; Mr.           Timberlake, Justin
Light My Fire; Doors,           Cheeks               Like I Love You;
   The                        Like A Baby;             Timberlake, Justin
Light My Fire; Doors,           Michael, George      Like I Love You;
   The                        Like A Child;            Timberlake, Justin
Light My Fire; Doors,           Backstreet Boys,     Like I Love You;
   The                          The & N Sync           Timberlake, Justin
Light My Fire; Doors,         Like A Prayer;         Like Red On A Rose;
   The                          Madonna                Jackson, Alan
Light My Fire; Doors,         Like A Prayer;         Like Someone In
   The                          Madonna                Love; Standards
Light My Fire; Doors,         Like A Prayer;         Like The Rain; Black,
   The                          Madonna                Clint
Light Of The World;           Like A Rock; Seger,    Like The Rain; Black,
   Christmas-Martins,           Bob & The Silver       Clint
   The                          Bullet Band          Like The Rain; Black,
Light Up The Sky;             Like A Rolling           Clint
   Yellowcard                   Stone; Dylan, Bob    Like The Way I Do;
Lightfoot, Gordon; If         Like A Sad Song;         Etheridge, Melissa
   You Could Read               Denver, John         Like The Way I Do;
   My Mind                    Like A Star; Rae,        Etheridge, Melissa
Lightfoot, Gordon;              Corinne Bailey       Like There Ain't No
   Carefree Highway           Like A Stone;            Yesterday;
Lighthouse Tale;                Audioslave             Blackhawk
   Nickel Creek               Like A Surgeon;        Like Toy Soldiers;
The Lighthouse;                 Yankovic, Weird Al     Eminem
   Hinsons, The               Like A Virgin;         Like Water Into
The Lighthouse;                 Madonna                Wine; Loveless,
   Hinsons, The               Like A Virgin;           Patty
The Lighthouse;                 Madonna              Like We Never Had
   Hinsons, The               Like A Virgin;           A Broken Heart;
The Lighthouse's                Madonna                Yearwood, Trisha
   Tale; Nickel Creek         Like A Virgin;         Like We Never
Lightning; Church,              Madonna                Loved At All; Faith
   Eric                                                hill


Like We Never                    Lil' Red Riding        The Lion Sleesp
   Loved At All; Hill,              Hood; Sam The         Tonight; Tokens,
   Faith & Tim                      Sham & The            The
   McGraw                           Pharoahs            Lipps Inc; Funkytown
Like We Never                    Lilac Wine; Brookes,   Lips Like Sugar;
   Loved At All; Hill,              Elkie                 Echo & The
   Faith                         Limbo; Checker,          Bunnymen
Like We Never                       Chubby              Lips Of An Angel;
   Loved At All; Faith           Limbo Rock; Chubby       Jack Ingram
   Hill                             Checker             Lips Of An Angel;
Like We Never                    Limbo Rock;              Hinder
   Loved At All; Hill,              Checker, Chubby     Lips of An Angel;
   Faith & Tim                   Limbo Rock;              Hinder
   Mcgraw                           Checker, Chubby     Lips Of An Angel;
Like We Never                    Linda On My Mind;        Jack Ingram
   Loved At All; Hill,              Twitty, Conway      Lips Of An Angel;
   Faith & Tim                   Linda On My Mind;        Hinder
   McGraw                           Twitty, Conway      Lipstick; Lynne,
Like We Never                    Linda On My Mind;        Rockie
   Loved At All; Hill,              Twitty, Conway      Lipstick And
   Faith                         Linda Ronstadt;          Bruises; Lit
Like We Never                       You're No Good      Lipstick And
   Loved At All; Faith           Linda Ronstadt;          Bruises; Lit
   Hill                             When Will I Be      Lipstick On Your
Like We Never                       Loved                 Collar; Francis,
   Loved At All; Faith           Linda Ronstadt &         Connie
   Hill                             James Ingram;       Lipstick On Your
Like We Never                       Somewhere Out         Collar; Francis,
   Loved At All                     There                 Connie
   (Duet); Hill, Faith &         Linkin Park; New       Lipstick Promises;
   Tim McGraw                       Divide                Ducas, George
Like We Never                    Lion Sleeps Tonight;   Liquid Dreams; O-
   Loved At All                     Tokens                Town
   (Female Solo);                Lion Sleeps Tonight;   Liquid Dreams; O-
   Hill, Faith                      Tokens, The           Town
Like We Never                    The Lion Sleeps        Liquid Dreams; O-
   Loved At All (Mf                 Tonight; Tokens,      Town
   Duet); Hill, Faith               The                 Liquid Dreams; O
Like You; Bow Wow                The Lion Sleeps          Town
   & Ciara                          Tonight; Tokens,    Listen; Beyonce
Like You'll Never                   The                 Listen To A Country
   See Me Again;                 The Lion Sleeps          Song; Anderson,
   Keys, Alicia                     Tonight; Tokens,      Lynn
Like You'll Never                   The                 Listen To Me; Holly,
   See Me Again;                 The Lion Sleeps          Buddy
   Keys, Alicia                     Tonight; Tokens,    Listen To Me; Holly,
Lil Freak; Usher &                  The                   Buddy
   Nicki Minaj                   The Lion Sleeps        Listen To The
Lil Red Riding Hood;                Tonight; Tokens,      Music; Doobie
   Sam The Sham &                   The                   Brothers, The
   The Pharaohs                  The Lion Sleesp        Listen to The Music;
Lil' Red Riding                     Tonight; Tokens,      Doobie Brothers,
   Hood; Sam The                    The                   The
   Sham & The                    The Lion Sleesp        Listen To The
   Pharaohs                         Tonight; Tokens,      Music; Doobie
                                    The                   Brothers


Listen To The                  Little Bitty; Jackson,   A Little Gasoline;
   Music; Doobie                  Alan                     Clark, Terri
   Brothers, The               Little Bitty; Alan       The Little Girl;
Listen To The                     Jackson                  Montgomery, John
   Music; Doobie               Little Bitty; Jackson,      Michael
   Brothers, The                  Alan                  The Little Girl;
Listen To The                  Little Black                Montgomery, John
   Music; Doobie                  Backpack; Stroke         Michael
   Brothers, The                  9                     Little Girls; Annie
Listen To The Radio;           Little Bo Peep;          Little Goodbyes;
   Mattea, Kathy                  Children's Songs         SheDaisy
Listen To The                  Little Bo Peep;          Little Goodbyes;
   Voices; Labi Sifre             Children's Songs         SheDaisy
Listen To What The             Little Bo Peep;          Little Goodbyes;
   Man Said;                      Children's Songs         Shedaisy
   McCartney, Paul             Little Bo Peep;          Little Green Apples;
Listen To What The                Children's Songs         O.C. Smith
   Man Said;                   Little Boots; New In     Little Green Apples;
   Mccartney, Paul                Town                     Smith, O.C.
Listen To Your                 Little Boy Blue;         Little Green Apples;
   Heart; D.H.T.                  Children's Songs         Roger Miller
Listen to Your Heart;          Little Bunny;            Little Green Apples;
   D.H.T.                         Children's Songs         Smith, OC
Listen To Your                 Little Bunny Foo         Little Green Bag;
   Heart; D.H.T.                  Foo; Traditional         George Baker
Listen To Your                 Little By Little;           Selection
   Heart; Roxette                 House, James          Little Help From My
Listen To Your                 Little By Little;           Friends; Cocker,
   Heart; Roxette                 Children's Songs         Joe
Listen To Your                 Little Darlin';          Little Houses; Stone,
   Heart; Roxette                 Diamonds, The            Doug
Lisztomania;                   Little Darlin';          A Little In Love;
   Phoenix                        Diamonds                 Brandt, Paul
Lit Up; Buckcherry             Little Darlin';          Little Jack Horner;
Lit Up; Buckcherry                Diamonds, The            Children's Songs
Lithium; Nirvana               Little Deuce Coupe;      Little Jackie; World
Lithium;                          Beach Boys, The          Should Revolve
   Evanescence                 Little Drummer Boy;         Around Me, The
Lithium; Nirvana                  Christmas             A Little Left Of
Lithium; Nirvana               The Little Drummer          Center; Travis,
Little Bird; Austin,              Boy; Christmas-          Randy
   Sherrie                        Traditional           A Little Left Of
Little Bit - A;                The Little Drummer          Center; Travis,
   Simpson, Jessica               Boy; Christmas           Randy
Little Bit O' Soul;            Little Egypt; Elvis      A Little Less 16
   Music Explosion,               Presley                  Candles; Fall Out
   The                         Little Favours;             Boy
Little Bit Of Life;               Tunstall, KT          A Little Less Talk &
   Morgan, Craig               A Little Gasoline;          A Lot More
A Little Bit Of You;              Clark, Terri             Action; Keith, Toby
   Parnell, Lee Roy            A Little Gasoline;       A Little Less Talk &
A Little Bit Of You;              Clark, Terri             A Lot More
   Parnell, Lee Roy            A Little Gasoline;          Action; Keith, Toby
Little Bitty; Jackson,            Clark, Terri          A Little Less Talk
   Alan                        A Little Gasoline;          And A Lot More
                                  Clark, Terri             Action; Keith, Toby


A Little Less Talk             Little Old Wine           A Little Too Late;
   And A Lot More                 Drinker Me;               Keith, Toby
   Action; Keith, Toby            Martin, Dean           Little White Duck;
Little Lion Man;               A Little Past Little         Children's Songs
   Mumford & Sons                 Rock; Womack,          Little White Lie;
Little Man; Jackson,              Lee Ann                   Hagar, Sammy
   Alan                        Little Pitty Pretty       Little Willy; Sweet,
Little Man; Jackson,              One; Lymon,               The
   Alan                           Frankie                Little Wing; Hendrix,
Little Man; Jackson,           Little Queenie;              Jimi
   Alan                           Rolling Stones, The    Little Wing; Hendrix,
Little Miss Can't Be           Little Queenie;              Jimi
   Wrong; Spin                    Rolling Stones, The    Little Woman;
   Doctors, The                Little Red Corvette;         Sherman, Bobby
Little Miss Can't Be              Prince                 Little Wonders;
   Wrong; Spin                 Little Red Rodeo;            Thomas, Rob
   Doctors, The                   Raye, Collin           Live (Radio
Little Miss Honky              Little Red Rooster;          Version); Kravitz,
   Tonk; Brooks &                 Rolling Stones, The       Lenny
   Dunn                        Little Red Rooster;       Live And Learn;
Little Miss Honky                 Rolling Stones, The       Public, Joe
   Tonk; Brooks &              The Little Red            Live And Let Die;
   Dunn                           Rooster; Rolling          Mccartney, Paul
Little Miss Lover;                Stones, The            Live Close By, Visit
   Hendrix, Jimi               The Little Red               Often; Oslin, Kt
Little Miss Muffet;               Rooster; Rolling       Live For Loving
   Various Artists                Stones, The               You; Estefan,
Little Moments;                A Little Respect;            Gloria
   Paisley, Brad                  Erasure                Live For You;
Little Moments;                Little Richard; Lucille      Lampa, Rachael
   Paisley, Brad               Little Rock; Raye,        Live For You;
Little Moments;                   Collin                    Lampa, Rachael
   Paisley, Brad               Little Rock; Raye,        Live Forever; Oasis
Little Moments;                   Collin                    wvocal
   Paisley, Brad               Little Rock;              Live Forever; Oasis
A Little More                     McEntire, Reba         Live It Up; Marshall
   Country Than                Little Saint Nick;           Dyllon
   That; Corbin,                  Christmas              Live It Up; Mental As
   Easton                      Little Sister; Queens        Anything
A Little More Love;               Of The Stone Age       Live Like We're
   Gill, Vince                 Little Sister; Presley,      Dying; Allen, Kris
A Little More Time                Elvis                  Live Like You Were
   On You; N Sync              Little Star; Elegants,       Dying; Tim
A Little More Time                The                       McGraw
   With You; N Sync            Little Things Mean A      Live Like You Were
A Little More You;                Lot; Good                 Dying; Tim
   Little Big Town                Charlotte                 McGraw
A Little More You;             Little Things Mean A      Live Like You Were
   Little Big Town                Lot; Tucker, Tanya        Dying; Mcgraw,
Little old lady from           Little Things Mean A         Tim
   Pasadena; Jan &                Lot; Kallen, Kitty     Live Like You Were
   Dean                        Little Too Late;             Dying; McGraw,
The Little Old Lady               Benatar, Pat              Tim
   From Pasadena;              A Little Too Late;        Live Like You Were
   Jan & Dean                     Keith, Toby               Dying; McGraw,


Live Like You Were             Livin' La Vida Loca      Living In The Here
  Dying; Tim                     Spanish Version;         And Now; Darryl
  McGraw                         Martin, Ricky            Worley
Live Right Die Right;          Livin' On A Prayer;      Living In The Sun;
  Crossway Quartet,              Bon Jovi, Jon            Bon Jovi
  The                          Livin' On Love; Alan     Living Thing; Electric
Live This Life; Big &            Jackson                  Light Orchestra,
  Rich                         Livin' On Love;            The
Live Those Songs;                Jackson, Alan          The Living Years;
  Chesney, Kenny               Livin' On The Edge;        Mike & The
Live Those Songs;                Aerosmith                Mechanics
  Chesney, Kenny               Livin' On The Edge;      The Living Years;
Live Those Songs;                Aerosmith                Mike & The
  Chesney, Kenny               Livin' Our Love            Mechanics
Live Your Life; T.I Ft           Song; Jason            Llegar A Ti; Spanish-
  Rihanna                        Michael Carroll          Valasquez, Jaci
Live Your Life; T.I. &         Livin' Our Love          Loaded; Martin,
  Rihanna                        Song; Carrol,            Ricky
Live, Laugh And                  Jason Michael          Loaded; Martin,
  Love; Walker, Clay           Livin' Thing; Electric     Ricky
Live, Laugh, Love;               Light Orchestra        Loaded; Martin,
  Walker, Clay                 Living And Living          Ricky
Lively Up Yourself;              Well; Strait,          The Load-outstay;
  Marley, Bob & The              George                   Browne, Jackson
  Wailers                      Living Doll; Richard,    Local Girls; Ronnie
Livin' In Paradise;              Cliff & The Young        Milsap
  Singleton,                     Ones                   loch lomond; Irish
  Jonathan & The               Living For The City;       Classics
  Grove                          Wonder, Stevie         Loch Lomond;
Livin' In Paradise;            Living For The             Standard
  Singleton,                     Night; Strait,         Loch Lomond (Live
  Jonathan & The                 George                   Version); Runrig
  Grove                        Living In A House        Locked Up (Radio
Livin' La Vida Loca;             Full Of Love;            Version); Akon &
  Martin, Ricky                  Allan, Gary              Styles P.
Livin' La Vida Loca;           Living In A House        Loco; Murphy, David
  Spanish-Martin,                Full Of Love;            Lee
  Ricky                          Allan, Gary            Loco; Murphy, David
Livin' La Vida Loca;           Living In A Moment;        Lee
  Martin, Ricky                  Herndon, Ty            Loco; Murphy, David
Livin' La Vida Loca;           Living In A Moment;        Lee
  Martin, Ricky                  Herndon, Ty            Locomotion; Little
Livin' La Vida Loca;           Living in America;         Eva
  Martin, Ricky                  James Brown            The Locomotion;
Livin' La Vida Loca;           Living In Danger;          Little Eva
  Martin, Ricky                  Ace Of Base            The Locomotion;
Livin' La Vida Loca;           Living In Danger;          Little Eva
  Martin, Ricky                  Ace Of Base            The Locomotion;
Livin' La Vida Loca;           Living In Fast             Little Eva
  Martin, Ricky                  Forward; Chesney,      The Locomotion;
Livin' La Vida Loca;             Kenny                    Little Eva
  Martin, Ricky                Living In Fast           The Loco-Motion;
Livin' La Vida Loca;             Forward; Chesney,        Little Eva
  Martin, Ricky                  Kenny                  The Loco-Motion;
                                                          Little Eva


The Loco-Motion;              Lonely; Lawrence,      Lonesome 77203;
  Little Eva                    Tracy                  Hawkshaw
The Loco-Motion;              Lonely And Gone;         Hawkins
  Little Eva                    Montgomery           Lonesome Cowboy;
Loco-Motion, The1;              Gentry                 Elvis Pesley
  Little Eva                  Lonely Days; Bee       Lonesome Day;
Locomotive Breath;              Gees, The              Springsteen, Bruce
  Tull, Jethro                Lonely Is The Night;   Lonesome Ornry
Locomotive Breath;              Squier, Billy          And Mean;
  Jethro Tull                 Lonely Island, The &     Jennings, Waylon
Logan, Johnny;                  T-Pain; I'm On A     Lonesome Orn'ry
  What's Another                Boat                   And Mean;
  Year                        Lonely Man; Elvis        Jennings, Waylon
Loggins & Messina;              Presley              Lonesome Whistle;
  Your Mama Don't             Lonely Night (Angel      Hank Williams
  Dance                         Face); Captain &     Lonestar; Let's Be
Loggins, Kenny;                 Tennille               Us Again
  Whenever I Call             Lonely No More;        Lonestar; Norah
  You Friend                    Thomas, Rob            Jones
Logical Song;                 Lonely No More;        Lonestar; Amazed
  Supertramp                    Thomas, Rob          Lonestar; You
Lola; Kinks, The              Lonely No More;          Walked In
Lola; Kinks, The                Thomas, Rob          The Long & Winding
Lola; Damn Yankees            Lonely No More;          Road; Young, Will
Lolas Love; Shelton,            Thomas, Rob            & Gareth Gates
  Ricky Van                   Lonely No More;        The Long & Winding
Lollipop; Chordettes,           Thomas, Rob            Road; Mccartney,
  The                         Lonely No More;          Paul
Lollipop; Chordettes,           Rob Thomas           A Long And
  The                         Lonely People;           Winding Road;
Lollipop; Chordettes,           America                Beatles, The
  The                         Lonely Road Of         Long Black
London Bridge;                  Faith; Kid Rock        Limousine; Elvis
  Children's Songs            Lonely Road Of           Presley
London Bridge;                  Faith; Kid Rock      Long Black Train;
  Children's Songs            Lonely Road Of           Turner, Josh
London Bridge;                  Faith; Kid Rock      Long Black Veil;
  Children's Songs            The Lonely Side Of       Johnny Cash
London Bridge;                  Love; Loveless,      Long Black Veil;
  Children's Songs              Patty                  Frizzell, Lefty
London Bridge (Is             Lonely Stranger;       Long Cool Woman;
  Falling Down);                Clapton, Eric          Black, Clint
  Childrens Songs             Lonely Teardrops;      Long Cool Woman
London Bridge                   Wilson, Jackie         (In A Black
  (Radio Version);            Lonely Teardrops;        Dress); Hollies,
  Fergie                        Wilson, Jackie         The
London Bridge Is              Lonely Teardrops;      Long Cool Woman
  Falling Down;                 Wilson, Jackie         (In A Black
  Various Artists             Lonely Teenager;         Dress); Hollies,
London Bridge Is                Dion                   The
  Falling Down;               Lonely Too Long;       Long Cool Woman
  Various Artists               Loveless, Patty        (In A Black
Loneliness; Tomcraft          Lonely Won't Leave       Dress); Hollies,
Lonely; Lawrence,               Me Alone; Adkins,      The
  Tracy                         Trace


Long Cool Woman             Long Tall Sally; Little   Longer Than;
  In A Black Dress;           Richard                   Fogelberg, Dan
  Hollies, The              Long Tall Sally; Little   The Longest Time;
Long Cool Woman               Richard                   Joel, Billy
  In A Black Dress;         Long Tall Sally; Little   The Longest Time;
  Hollies, The                Richard                   Joel, Billy
The Long Day Is             Long tall sally           Longhaired
  Over; Jones,                medley; Elvis             Redneck; Coe,
  Norah                       Presley                   David Allan
Long Goodbye;               Long Time; Boston         Long-Legged Guitar
  Keating, Ronan            Long Time; Boston           Pickin' Man; Cash,
A Long Goodbye;             Long Time Gone;             Johnny
  Brooks & Dunn               Dixie Chicks            Longneck Bottle;
The Long Goodbye;           Long Time Gone;             Garth Brooks
  Brooks & Dunn               Crosby, Stills &        Longneck Bottle;
Long Haired                   Nash                      Garth Brooks
  Country Boy;              Long Time Gone;           Longneck Bottle;
  Charlie Daniels             Dixie Chicks              Brooks, Garth
Long Haired                 Long Time Gone;           Longneck Bottle;
  Country Boy;                Dixie Chicks              Brooks, Garth
  Daniels, Charlie          Long Time Gone;           Longneck Bottle;
Long Haired                   Dixie Chicks              Brooks, Garth
  Country Boy;              Long Time Gone;           Longneck Bottle;
  Daniels, Charlie            Dixie Chicks, The         Brooks, Garth
Long Hot Summer;            Long Train Runnin';       Longview; Green
  Hendrix, Jimi               Doobie Brothers,          Day
Long Legged Girl;             The                     Longview; Greenday
  Elvis Presley             Long Train Runnin';       Look After You;
Long Line Of                  Doobie Brothers           Fray, The
  Losers;                   Long Train Runnin';       Look After You; Fray
  Montgomery                  Doobie Brothers,        Look At Little Sister;
  Gentry                      The                       Vaughn, Stevie
Long Long Time;             Long Train Runnin';         Ray
  Ronstadt, Linda             Doobie Brothers,        Look At Little Sister;
Long Neck Bottle;             The                       Vaughn, Stevie
  Brooks, Garth             Long Train Runnin';         Ray
Long Past Gone;               Doobie Brothers,        Look At Me; Holly,
  Mullins, Megan              The                       Buddy
Long Past Gone;             A Long Walk; Scott,       Look At Me;
  Mullins, Megan              Jill                      Halliwell, Geri
Long Road To Ruin;          A Long Walk; Scott,       Look At Me Now;
  Foo Fighters                Jill                      Sixwire
Long Road To Ruin;          A Long Walk; Scott,       Look At Me Now;
  Foo Fighters                Jill                      Sixwire
The Long Run;               Long Way Around;          Look At Me Now;
  Eagles, The                 Eagle Eye Cherry          Sixwire
Long Slow Beautiful         Long Way Home;            Look At Me, I'm
  Dance; Rascal               Canadian                  Sandra Dee;
  Flatts                      Ragweed                   Channing,
Long Slow Kisses;           Long, Long Way              Stockard
  Bates, Jeff                 From Home;              Look At Me, I'm
Long Tall Glasses;            Foreigner                 Sandra Dee
  Sayer, Leo                Longer; Fogelberg,          (Reprise); Newton-
Long Tall Glasses(I           Dan                       John, Olivia
  Can Dance); Leo           Longer; Fogelberg,        Look At Us; Paris,
  Sayer                       Dan                       Sarina


Look At Us; Morgan,           Lookin' For Love;       Looking Through
  Craig                         Sawyer Brown            The Eyes Of Love;
Look At Us; Paris,            Lookin' For Love;         Manchester,
  Sarina w/vocal                Sawyer Brown            Melissa
Look At Us; Gill,             Lookin' For Love;       Looking Through
  Vince                         Johnny Lee              Your Eyes; Rimes,
Look At Us; Paris,            Lookin' For Love;         LeAnn
  Sarina                        Lee, Johnny           Looking Through
Look At Us; Gill,             Lookin' For Love;         Your Eyes; Rimes,
  Vince                         Sawyer Brown            LeAnn
Look Away; Chicago            Lookin' Out For         Looking Through
Look Away; Chicago              Number One; Tritt,      Your Eyes; Rimes,
Look For Me;                    Travis                  LeAnn
  Goodmans, The               Lookin' Out My          Looking Through
Look For Me At                  Back Door;              Your Eyes; Twain,
  Jesus' Feet;                  Creedence               Shania
  Parsons, Squires              Clearwater Revival    Looks Like We Made
Look In My Eyes               Lookin' Out My            It; Manilow, Barry
  Pretty Woman;                 Back Door;            Looks Like We Made
  Orlando, Tony &               Creedence               It; Mills, Stephanie
  Dawn                          Clearwater Revival    Looks That Kill;
Look Of Love (Part            Lookin' Out My            Motley Crue
  One); Abc                     Back Door;            Looks That Kill;
The Look Of Love;               Creedence               Motley Crue
  Mendes, Sergio &              Clearwater Revival    Loop Di Love;
  Brazil 66                   Looking Back To           Bastos, J.
The Look Of Love;               See; Browns, The      Loosen Up My
  Krall, Diana &              Looking Back To           Strings; Black,
  Norah Jones                   See; Browns, The        Clint
Look Through My               Looking For A City;     Loosen Up My
  Eyes; Collins, Phil           Goodmans, The           Strings; Clint Black
Look To Him;                  Looking For A New       Lopez, Jennifer;
  Bishops, The                  Love; Watley, Jody      Waiting For Tonight
Look What Followed            Looking For A New       Lopez, Jennifer; If
  Me Home; Ball,                Love; Watley, Jody      You Had My Love
  David                       Looking For A New       Lopez, Jennifer;
Look What The Lord              Love; Watley, Jody      Love Don't Cost A
  Has Done;                   Looking For A Place       Thing
  Wheaton, Karen                To Cross;             Lord Have Mercy On
Look what they've               Wilburns, The           A Country Boy;
  done to my song;            Looking For A Place       Williams, Don
  Melanie                       To Land; Dakota       Lord Have Mercy On
Look What They've               Moon                    The Working Man;
  Done To My Song;            Looking For A Road        Tritt, Travis
  Melanie                       (Theme From           Lord Have Mercy On
Look What You've                Dale); Keith, Brent     Workin' Man; Tritt,
  Done; Jet                   Looking For A             Travis
The Look; Roxette               Stranger; Benatar,    Lord I Hope This
The Look; Roxette               Pat                     Day Is Good;
The Look; Kilgore,            Looking For Space;        Williams, Don
  Jerry                         Denver, John          The Lord Loves A
Lookin' For Love;             Looking For The           Drinking Man;
  Lee, Johnny                   Light; Trevino,         Chesnutt, Mark
Lookin' For Love;               Rick                  Lord, Don't Move
  Brown, Sawyer               Looking Glass;            That Mountain;
                                Brandy                  Hoppers, The


Lord, I Lift Your              Losing My Religion;     Lost In This
  Name On High;                  R.E.M.                  Moment; Big and
  WoW Worship                  Losing My Religion;       Rich
Lord, I Lift Your                REM                   Lost In This
  Name On High;                Losing My Religion;       Moment; Big &
  Gospel                         R.E.M                   Rich
Lord, You're Holy;             Losing My Religion;     Lost In This
  Wheaton, Karen                 REM                     Moment; Big And
Lord's Prayer;                 Losing Your Love;         Rich
  Standard                       Stewart, Larry        Lost In You; Garth
The Lord's Prayer;             Lost; Coldplay            Brooks
  Gospel                       Lost; Faith Hill        Lost In You; Brooks,
The Lord's Prayer;             Lost; Michael Buble       Garth
  Various Artists              Lost; Buble, Michael    Lost In You; Garth
The Lord's Prayer;             Lost; Hill, Faith         Brooks
  Traditional,                 Lost; Buble, Michael    Lost In You; Brooks,
  Christian                    Lost; Coldplay            Garth (Chris
Lorelei; Styx                  Lost And Found;           Gaines)
Los Del Rio;                     Brooks & Dunn         Lost In Your Eyes;
  Macarena                     Lost Art Of Keeping       Debbie Gibson
Los Del Rio;                     A Secret; Queens      Lost Without U;
  Macarena                       Of The Stone Age        Thicke, Robin
los del rio; macarena          Lost Highway; Bon       Lost Without You;
Los Del Rio;                     Jovi                    Thicke, Robin
  Macarena                     Lost In America;        Lost Without You
Los Lonely Boys;                 Cooper, Alice           Love; Bread
  Heaven                       Lost In Emotion;        Lost You Anyway;
Lose Control; Elliott,           Lisa Lisa and Cult      Keith, Toby
  Missy & Ciara &                Jam                   Lot of Leavin' Left
  Fat Man Scoop                Lost In Emotion;          To Do; Dierks
Lose Control; Missy              Lisa Lisa & The         Bentley
  Elliot feat. Ciara &           Cult Jam              Lot Of Leavin' Left
  Fat Man Scoop                Lost In Emotion;          To Do; Dierks
Lose My Breath;                  Lisa Lisa & The         Bentley
  Destiny's Child                Cult Jam              Lot of Leavin' Left
Lose My Breath;                Lost In Love; Air         To Do;
  Destiny's Child                Supply                  Barnburners
Lose Your Way;                 Lost In Music; Sister   Lot Of Leaving Left
  Hawkins, Sophie B.             Sledge                  To Do; Bentley,
Lose Yourself;                 Lost In The Feeling;      Dierks
  Eminem                         Chesnutt, Mark        A Lot Of Things
Loser; Beck                    Lost In The Feeling;      Different;
Loser; 3 Doors Down              Chesnutt, Mark          Chesney, Kenny
Loser; Beck                    Lost In The Fifties     A Lot Of Things
Loser; Beck                      Tonight; Milsap,        Different;
Losing Grip;                     Ronnie                  Chesney, Kenny
  Lavigne, Avril               Lost In The Fifties     A Lot Of Things
Losing Grip;                     Tonight; Milsap,        Different;
  Lavigne, Avril                 Ronnie                  Chesney, Kenny
Losing My Mind;                Lost In The Moment;     A Lot Of Things
  Follies                        Big & Rich              Different;
LOSING MY                      Lost In This              Chesney, Kenny
  RELIGION; R.E.M.               Moment; Big &         A Lot Of Things
Losing My Religion;              Rich                    Different;
  R.E.M                                                  Chesney, Kenny
                                                       Lott, Pixie; Mama Do


Lotta Love; Larson,           Love Ain't Like That;   Love Child; Ross,
  Nicolette                     Hill, Faith             Diana
Lotta Lovin; Gene             Love And                Love Come Down;
  Vincent                       Happiness; Green,       King, Evelyn
Lou Bega; Mambo #5              Al                      'Champagne'
Loud; Big & Rich              Love And Marriage;      Love coming down;
Loud; Big & Rich                Frank Sinatra           Elvis Presley
Louie Louie;                  Love And Marriage;      Love Doesn't Ask
  Kingsmen, The                 Frank Sinatra           Why; Dion, Celine
Louie Louie; The              Love And Theft;         Love Don't Cost A
  Kingsmen                      Dancing In Circles      Thing; Lopez,
Louie Louie; The              Love And                  Jennifer
  Kingsmen                      Understanding;        Love Don't Cost A
Louie Louie;                    Cher                    Thing; Lopez,
  Kingsmen                    Love At First Sight;      Jennifer
Louie Louie;                    Minogue, Kylie        Love Don't Cost A
  Kingsmen, The               Love At First Sight;      Thing; Lopez,
Louie Louie;                    Minogue, Kylie          Jennifer
  Kingsmen, The               Love At First Sight;    Love Don't Cost A
Louie Louie;                    Minogue, Kylie          Thing; Lopez,
  Kingsmen, The               Love Bites; Que &         Jennifer
Louie, Louie;                   Def Leppard           Love Don't Cost A
  Kingsmen, The               Love Bites; Def           Thing; Lopez,
  (Rock)                        Leppard                 Jennifer
Louie, Louie;                 Love Bug; Goerge        Love Don't Cost A
  Kingsmen, The                 Jones                   Thing; Lopez,
Louie, Louie;                 Love Bug; Jones,          Jennifer
  Kingsmen, The                 George                Love Don't Cost A
Louie, Louie;                 Love By Grace;            Thing; Lopez,
  Kingsmen, The                 Fabian, Lara            Jennifer
Louis Armstrong;              Love By Grace;          Love Don't Live
  What A Wonderful              Fabian, Lara            Here; Lady
  World                       Love Can Build A          Antebellum
Louisiana Woman,                Bridge; Judds, The    Love Don't Live
  Mississippi Man;            Love Can Build A          Here; Lady
  Twitty, Conway &              Bridge; Judds, The      Antebellum
  Loretta Lynn                Love Can Build A        Love Don't Live
Lovato, Demi; La La             Bridge; Judds, The      Here; Lady
  Land                        Love Can Build A          Antebellum
Lovato, Demi & Joe              Bridge; Judds, The    Love Game; Lady
  Jonas; This Is Me           Love Can Build A          Gaga
Love; Cole, Nat King            Bridge; Judds, The    Love Gets Me Every
LOVE; Simpson,                Love Can Build A          Time; Twain,
  Ashlee                        Bridge; Judds, The      Shania
Love; Newton,                 Love Can Build A        Love Gets Me Every
  Wayne                         Bridge; Judds, The      Time; Shania
Love; Musiq                   Love Cats; Cure           Twain
  Soulchild                   Love Changes            Love Gets Me Every
Love & Memories;                Everything; Lines,      Time; Twain,
  Of A Revolution               Aaron                   Shania
  (O.A.R.)                    Love Changes            Love Gets Me Every
LOVE @ 1ST SIGHT;               Everything;             Time; Twain,
  MARY J. BLIGE                 Aspects Of Love         Shania
Love Ain't Like That;         Love Child;             Love Gets Me Every
  Hill, Faith                   Supremes, The           Time; Twain,


Love Gets Me Every             Love Is A Battlefield;   Love Is Gone;
  Time; Twain,                   Benatar, Pat             Guetta, David &
  Shania                       Love Is A Beautiful        Chris Willis
Love Gets Me Every               Thing; Vassar, Phil    Love Is Here And
  Time; Twain,                 Love Is A Beautiful        Now You're Gone;
  Shania                         Thing; Phil Vasser       Supremes, The
Love Gets Me                   Love Is A Hurtin'        Love Is Here And
  Everytime; Shania              Thing; Rawls, Lou        Now You're Gone;
  Twain                        Love Is A Losing           Supremes, The
Love Gravy; Chef                 game; Winehouse,       Love Is Here And
  (South Park)                   Amy                      Now You've Gone;
Love Grows (Where              Love Is A Many             Supremes
  My Rosemary                    Splendored             Love Is Here To
  Goes); Edison                  Thing; Four Aces,        Stay; Sinatra,
  Lighthouse, The                The                      Frank
Love Grows (Where              Love Is A Many           Love Is In The Air;
  My Rosemary                    Splendored               Young, John Paul
  Goes); Edison                  Thing; Williams,       Love Is Like A
  Lighthouse, The                Andy                     Butterfly; Parton,
Love Gun; Kiss                 Love Is A Many-            Dolly
Love Hangover;                   splendored Thing;      Love Is Strange;
  Ross, Diana                    Manilow, Barry           Mickey & Sylvia
Love Happens Like              Love Is A Sweet          Love Is Strange;
  That; McCoy, Neal              Thing; Hill, Faith       Holly, Buddy
Love Has No Pride;             Love Is A Wonderful      Love Is Strange;
  Raitt, Bonnie                  Thing; Bolton,           Mickey & Sylvia
Love Her Madly;                  Michael                Love Is Strange
  Doors, The                   Love Is Alive; Judds,      (Duet); Kenny
Love Her Madly;                  The                      Rogers/Dolly
  Doors, The                   Love Is Alive; Judds,      Parton
Love Her Madly;                  The                    Love Is Strange-
  Doors, The                   Love Is All Around;        What To Do-
Love Hurts; Nazareth             Wet Wet Wet              Reminiscing;
Love Hurts; Cher               Love Is All Around;        Holly, Buddy
Love Hurts; Nazareth             Wet, Wet, Wet          Love Is Stronger
The Love I Found In            Love Is All Around;        Than Pride;
  You; Brickman, Jim             Wet Wet Wet              Ricochet
The Love I Lost;               Love Is All Around;      Love Is The Answer;
  Melvin, Harold &               Wet Wet Wet              Dan, England &
  The Blue Notes               Love Is All Around;        John Ford Coley
Love In The First                Wet Wet Wet            Love Is The Drug;
  Degree; Alabama              Love Is All Around;        Roxy Music
Love In The First                Troggs                 Love Is The Drug;
  Degree;                      Love Is All That           Roxy Music
  Bananarama                     Really Matters;        Love Is The Right
Love In The First                Sharp, Kevin             Place; White,
  Degree; Alabama              Love Is All We Need;       Bryan
Love Is; Elam,                   Dion, Celine           Love Is Thicker
  Katrina                      Love Is Enough; 3          Than Water; Gibb,
Love Is; Williams &              Of Hearts                Andy
  McKnight                     Love Is For Giving;      Love It; Bilal
Love Is A Battlefield;           Barry, John            Love Letter; Raitt,
  Benatar, Pat                 Love Is Free; Crow,        Bonnie
Love Is A Battlefield;           Sheryl                 Love Letter; Raitt,
  Benatar, Pat                                            Bonnie


Love Letter; Raitt,           Love Me Like You        Love Of My Life;
  Bonnie                        Used To; Tucker,        Kershaw, Sammy
Love Letters; Elvis             Tanya                 Love Of My Life;
  Presley                     Love Me Like You          Smith, Michael W.
Love Letters; Lester,           Used To; Tucker,      Love Of My Life;
  Kerry                         Tanya                   Kershaw, Sammy
Love Letters In The           Love Me Tender;         Love Of My Life;
  Sand; Boone, Pat              Presley, Elvis          Mcknight, Brian
Love Lies Bleeding;           Love Me Tender;         Love Of My Life;
  John, Elton                   Presley, Elvis          Badu, Erykah
Love Lies Bleeding;           Love me tonight;        Love Of My Life;
  John, Elton                   Elvis Presley           Kershaw, Sammy
A Love Like That;             Love Me Tonight;        Love On A Two Way
  Herndon, Ty                   Jones, Tom              Street; Lattisaw,
A Love Like That;             Love Me Two Times;        Stacy
  Herndon, Ty                   Doors, The            Love On A Two Way
Love Like There's             Love Me Two Times;        Street; Gloria
  No Tomorrow;                  Doors, The              Estefan
  Tippin, Aaron               Love Me Two Times;      Love On A Two-Way
Love Like This;                 Doors, The              Street; Moments,
  Bedingfield,                Love Me With All Of       The
  Natasha & Sean                Your Heart;           Love On The Rocks;
  Kingston                      Bachelor's, The         Diamond, Neil
Love Like Winter;             Love Me With All        Love On The Rocks;
  AFI                           Your Heart;             Diamond, Neil
Love Machine;                   Humperdinck,          Love On The Rocks;
  Miracles, The                 Engelbert               Diamond, Neil
Love Machine (Part            Love My Way;            Love Potion #9; The
  1); Robinson,                 Psychedelic Furs,       Searchers
  Smokey And The                The                   Love Potion #9; The
  Miracles                    Love Needs A Heart;       Searchers
Love Machine (Part              Browne, Jackson       Love Potion #9;
  I); Miracles, The           LOVE NEEDS A              Searchers, The
Love Me; Presley,               HOLIDAY; REBA         Love Potion #9;
  Elvis                         McENTIRE                Searchers, The
Love Me; Raye,                Love Needs a            Love Potion #9;
  Collin                        Holiday; Reba           Searchers, The
Love Me; Raye,                  McEntire              Love Potion #9;
  Collin                      Love No Limit; Blige,     Searchers, The
Love Me; Presley,               Mary J                Love Profusion;
  Elvis                       Love Of A Woman;          Madonna
Love Me Do; Beatles,            Tritt, Travis         Love Put A Song In
  The                         Love Of A Woman;          My Heart;
Love Me Good;                   Tritt, Travis           Rodriguez, Johnny
  Smith, Michael W.           Love Of A Woman;        Love Remains;
Love Me If You Can;             Tritt, Travis           Raye, Collin
  Keith, Toby                 Love Of A Woman;        LOVE REMAINS
Love Me If You Can;             Tritt, Travis           THE SAME;
  Keith, Toby                 Love Of My Life;          GAVIN
Love Me Like A Man;             Queen                   ROSSDALE
  Raitt, Bonnie               Love Of My Life;        Love Remembers;
Love Me Like A Man;             Kershaw, Sammy          Craig Morgan
  Raitt, Bonnie               Love Of My Life;        Love Sex Magic;
Love Me Like A Man;             Santana, Carlos         Ciara & Justin
  Raitt, Bonnie               Love Of My Life;          Timberlake
                                Smith, Michael W.


Love Shack; B-52's,           Love Stinks; J Geils   Love Walked In;
  The                           Band                   Standard
Love Shack; B-52's,           Love Stinks; J Geils   Love Will Come
  The                           Band, The              Thru; Travis
Love Shack; B52's             Love Stinks; J Geils   Love Will Keep Us
Love Shack; B-52's,             Band, The              Alive; Eagles, The
  The                         Love Story; Swift,     Love Will Keep Us
Love Shack; B-52'S,             Taylor                 Together; Captain
  The                         Love Story; Mcphee,      & Tennille
Love Shack; B52's               Katherine            Love Will Keep Us
Love Shack; B-52's            Love Story; Swift,       Together; Captain
Love Shack; B-52's,             Taylor                 & Tennille
  The                         Love Story; Taylor     Love Will Keep Us
Love Shack; B-52's,             Swift                  Together; Captain,
  The                         Love Story; Taylor       The & Tennille
Love Shack; B-52's,             Swift                Love Will Keep Us
  The                         A Love Story In The      Together; Captain,
Love Shack; B-52's,             Making; Davis,         The & Tennille
  The                           Linda                Love Will Keep Us
Love Shack; B52's,            Love T.K.O.;             Together; Captain
  The                           Pendergrass,           & Tennille
Love Shack; B-52's,             Teddy                Love Will Keep Us
  The                         Love Takes Time;         Together; Captain,
Love Shack; B-52's,             Carey, Mariah          The & Tennille
  The                         Love Takes Time;       Love Will Lead You
Love Shack; B-52's,             Carey, Mariah          Back; Dayne,
  The                         Love Takes Time;         Taylor
Love Shack; B-52's,             Carey, Mariah        Love Will Lead You
  The                         Love The One Your        Back; Dayne,
Love Shack; B-52's,             With; Stills,          Taylor
  The                           Stephen              Love Will Lead You
Love Shack (Duet);            Love The World           Back; Dayne,
  B-52's, The                   Away; Rogers,          Taylor
Love She Can't Live             Kenny                Love Will Never Do;
  Without; Black,             Love Thing; Spice        Jackson, Janet
  Clint                         Girls, The           Love Will Never Do;
Love She Can't Live           Love To Hate You;        Jackson, Janet
  Without; Black,               Erasure              Love Will Turn You
  Clint                       Love To Hate You;        Around; Rogers,
Love Sneakin' Up                Erasure                Kenny
  On You; Raitt,              Love Today; Mika       Love Will Turn You
  Bonnie                      Love Touch; Rod          Around; Rogers,
Love So Right; Bee              Stewart                Kenny
  Gees, The                   Love Train; O'Jays     Love Without End,
Love Somebody;                Love Train; O'Jays,      Amen; Strait,
  Williams, Robbie              The                    George
Love Someone Like             Love Train; O'Jays,    Love Without End,
  Me; Holly Dunn                The                    Amen; Strait,
Love Song; 311                Love Train; O'Jays,      George
Love Song; Cure, the            The                  Love Won't Let Me;
Love Song; Bareilles,         Love Travels;            Cochran, Tammy
  Sara                          Mattea, Kathy        Love Won't Let Me
Love Song; Third              Love Trip; Kilgore,      Wait; Harris, Major
  Day                           Jerry                Love Working On
The Love Song;                Love Trip; Kilgore,      You; Montgomery,
  Bates, Jeff                   Jerry                  John Michael


Love X Love;                 Lover Please;          Lovin' All Night;
  Benson, George               Etheridge, Melissa     Loveless, Patty
Love X Love;                 Lover Please;          Lovin' All Night;
  Benson, George               Etheridge, Melissa     Loveless, Patty
Love You; Ingram,            Loverboy; Ocean,       Lovin' All Night;
  Jack                         Billy                  Patty Loveless
Love You Back;               Loverboy; Carey,       Lovin' All Night
  Akins, Rhett                 Mariah & Cameo         (Radio Version);
Love You For A Day;          Lovers Concerto;         Loveless, Patty
  Martin, Ricky                Toys                 Lovin' All Night
Love You Haven't             A Lover's Concerto;      (Radio Version);
  Seen The Last Of             Toys, The              Loveless, Patty
  Me; Byrd, Tracy            Lovers Who             Lovin' All Night
Love You More;                 Wander; Dion           (Radio Version);
  Ginuwine                   Love's Been A Little     Loveless, Patty
Love You More                  Bit Hard On Me;      Lovin' Each Day;
  (Radio Version);             Newton, Juice          Keating, Ronan
  Ginuwine                   Love's Been A Little   Lovin' Every Minute
Love You Out Loud;             Bit Hard On Me;        Of It; Loverboy
  Rascal Flatts                Newton, Juice        Lovin' Her Was
Love You Out Loud;           Love's Devine; Seal      Easier; Waylon
  Rascal Flatts              Love's Gonna Live        Jennings
Love You Out Loud;             Here; Owens, Buck    The Lovin' Spoonful;
  Rascal Flatts              Love's Got A Hold        Did You Ever Have
The Love You Save;             On My Heart;           To Make Up Your
  Jackson 5, The               Steps, The             Mind
The Love You Save;           Love's Got A Hold      The Lovin' Spoonful;
  Jackson Five, The            On You; Jackson,       Summer In The
Love You So; Natalie           Alan                   City
Love Your Love The           Love's Made A Fool     The Lovin' Spoonful;
  Most; Church, Eric           Of You; Holly,         Do You Believe In
Love Your Love The             Buddy                  Magic
  Most; Church, Eric         Loves Me Like A        The Lovin' Spoonful;
Love, Me; Raye,                Rock; Simon, Paul      You Didn't Have To
  Collin                     Loves The Only           Be So Nice
Love, You Ain't                House; McBride,      The Lovin' Spoonful;
  Seen The Last Of             Martina                Welcome Back
  Me; Byrd, Tracy            Love's The Only        The Lovin' Spoonful;
Loved Too Much;                House; McBride,        Daydream
  Herndon, Ty                  Martina              The Lovin' Spoonful;
Loveless, Patty; You         Love's The Only          Darling Be Home
  Don't Seem To                House; McBride,        Soon
  Miss Me                      Martina              Lovin' Touchin'
Lovely Day; Withers,         Love's The Only          Squeezin'; Journey
  Bill                         House; McBride,      Lovin' You;
Lovely Day; Withers,           Martina                Ripperton, Minnie
  Bill                       Love's The Only        Lovin' You Against
Lovely To See You;             House; Mcbride,        My Will; Allan,
  Moody Blues, The             Martina                Gary
Lover Come Back              Love's The Only        Lovin', Touchin',
  To Me; Standard              House; Mcbride,        Squeezin'; Journey
Lover Doll; Elvis              Martina              Loving Arms; Dixie
  Presley                    Love's Unkind;           Chicks
The Lover In Me;               Lawrence, Sophie     Loving Arms; Dixie
  Sheena Easton              Lovesick Blues;          Chicks
                               Williams, Hank


Loving Arms; Dixie              Lucille; Rogers,          Lucky Man; Gentry,
  Chicks                          Kenny                      Montgomery
Loving Blind; Black,            Lucille; Little Richard   Lucky Me, Lucky
  Clint                         Lucille; Little Richard      You; Parnell, Lee
Loving Blind; Black,            Lucille; Rogers,             Roy
  Clint                           Kenny                   Lucky One; Grant,
Loving Each Day;                Lucille; Rogers,             Amy
  Keating, Ronan                  Kenny                   The Lucky One; Hill,
Loving Every                    Luck Be A Lady;              Faith
  Minute; Wills, Mark             Frank Sinatra           The Lucky One; Hill,
Loving Every Minute             Luck Be A Lady;              Faith
  Of It; Wills, Mark              Sinatra, Frank          The Lucky One;
The Loving Kind;                Luck Be A Lady; On           Grant, Amy
  Girls Aloud                     The Town                The Lucky One;
Loving Only Me;                 Luckenbach Texas;            Krauss, Alison &
  Skaggs, Ricky                   Jennings, Waylon           The Union Station
Loving The Alien;                 & Nelson, Willie        The Lucky One; Hill,
  Bowie, David                  Luckenbach, Texas;           Faith
Loving This Way;                  Chesney, Kenny &        The Lucky One;
  Raye, Collin &                  Kid Rock                   Krauss, Alison
  Bobbie Eakes                  Luckenbach, Texas;        The Lucky One;
Loving You; Presley,              Chesney, Kenny &           Krauss, Alison &
  Elvis                           Kid Rock                   Union Station
Loving You; Alicia              Luckenbach, Texas;        Lucky Star; Madonna
  Keys                            Jennings, Waylon        Lucy In The Sky
Loving You;                     The Luckiest Man In          With Diamonds;
  Ripperton, Minnie               The World;                 Beatles, The
Loving You; Presley,              McCoy, Neal             Lucy In The Sky
  Elvis                         The Luckiest Man In          With Diamonds;
Loving You Makes                  The World; Mccoy,          John, Elton
  Me A Better Man;                Neal                    Luka; Vega, Suzanne
  Gill, Vince                   Lucky; Etheridge,         Lullaby; Mullins,
Low; Clarkson, Kelly              Melissa                    Shawn
Low; Cracker                    Lucky; Spears,            Lullaby; Mullins,
Low; Clarkson, Kelly              Britney                    Shawn
Low; Cracker                    Lucky (feat C.            lullaby of broadway;
Low (feat T-Pain);                Caillat); Mraz,            Irish Classics
  Flo Rida                        Jason                   Lullaby Of
Low Rider; War                  Lucky 4 You;                 Broadway;
Low Rider; War                    SheDaisy                   Standard
Low Rider1; War                 Lucky 4 You               Lullaby Of
Lowdown; Boz                      (Tonight I'm Just          Broadway;
  Scaggs                          Me); Shedaisy              Andrews Sisters,
Lowe, Nick; Cruel To            Lucky 4 You                  The
  Be Kind                         (Tonight I'm Just       Lullabye; Joel, Billy
The Lowlands; Nitty               Me); Shedaisy           Lullabye Of
  Gritty Dirt Band              Lucky 4 You                  Broadway; 42nd
The Lowspark Of                   (Tonight I'm Just          Street
  High Heeled                     Me); Shedaisy           Lulu; To Sir With
  Boys; Traffic                 Lucky For You                Love
Lucille; Little Richard           (Tonight I'm Just       Lump; Presidents of
Lucille; Rogers,                  Me); SHeDaisy              the United States
  Kenny                         Lucky For You                of America
Lucille; Little Richard           (Tonight I'm Just       Lump; Presidents Of
Lucille; Rogers,                  Me); Shedaisy              The U.S.A.


Luna Rosa                     The Macarena; Los      Madness; Baggy
  (Blushing Moon);              Del Rio               Trousers
  Italian                     The Macarena; Los      Madness; Our House
Luna Rossa; Italian             Del Rio              Madness; House Of
Lust For Life; Iggy           Macarena1; Los Del      Fun
  Pop                           Rio                  Madonna; Hung Up
Luv Lies; Aerosmith           MacArthur Park;        Madonna; Papa
Luv U Better; Ll Cool           Summer, Donna         Don't Preach
  J                           MacArthur Park;        Madonna; Like A
Luv U Better; LL                Summer, Donna         Virgin
  Cool J                      Machinehead; Bush      Madonna; Crazy For
Luxurious; Gwen               Macho Man; Village      You
  Stefani                       People, The          Madonna; Borderline
Lyin' In His Arms             Macho Man; Village     Madonna; Papa
  Again; Forester               People, The           Don't Preach
  Sisters, The                Mack The Knife;        Madonna; La Isla
Lyin' In His Arms               Armstrong, Louis      Bonita
  Again; Forester             Mack The Knife;        Madonna; Material
  Sisters                       Darin, Bobby          Girl
Lying Eyes; Eagles,           Maclachlan, Sara;      Madonna; Don't Cry
  The                           Angel                 For Me Argentina
Lynn Anderson;                Maclachlan, Sara;      Madonna;
  Rose Garden                   Building A Mystery    Celebration
lynn, cheryl; got to          Macrarena; Los Del     Madonna; Miles
  be real                       Ios                   Away
Lynn, Loretta; Coal           Macy Gray; I Try       madonna; like a
  Miner's Daughter            Macy Gray; Why          virgin
Lynn, Loretta; Coal             Didn't You Call Me   Madonna; Rain
  Miner's Daughter            Mad About The Boy;     Madonna; Physical
Lynn, Loretta & Jack            Washington, Dinah     Attraction
  White; Portland             Mad About You;         Madonna; Fever
  Oregon                        Carlisle, Belinda    madonna; material
Lynyrd Skynrd;                Mad Season;             girl
  Tuesdays Gone                 Matchbox Twenty      Maggie Mae;
Lynyrd Skynyrd;                 w/vocal               Stewart, Rod
  Simple Man                  Mad Season;            Maggie May;
Lynyrd Skynyrd;                 Matchbox Twenty       Stewart, Rod
  Simple Man                  Mad Season;            Maggie May;
Lynyrd Skynyrd;                 Matchbox 20           Stewart, Rod
  Gimme Three                 Mad World; Andrews,    Maggie May;
  Steps                         Michael & Gary        Stewart, Rod
M People; Sight For             Jules                Maggie May;
  Sore Eyes                   Madcon; Beggin'         Stewart, Rod
M People; Moving On           Made By Mercy;         Maggie May;
  Up                            Ruppes, The           Stewart, Rod
M.I.A; Paper Planes           Made For Lovin'        Maggies Farm;
Ma Belle Amie; Tee              You; Stone, Doug      Dylan, Bob
  Set, The                    Made In England;       Magic; Robin Thicke
Macarena; Los Del               John, Elton          Magic; Pilot
  Rio                         Made To Love; Mac,     Magic; Newton-John,
Macarena (Bayside               Toby                  Olivia
  Boys Mix); Los Del          Made To Worship;       Magic; Newton-john,
  Rio                           Tomlin, Chris         Olivia
The Macarena; Los             Madness; Baggy         Magic Bus; Who,
  Del Rio                       Trousers              The


Magic Bus; Who,               Make It Happen;       The Maker Said
  The                          Carey, Mariah          Take Her; Alabama
Magic Carpet Ride;            Make It Real; Jets,   Makes Me Wonder;
  Steppenwolf                  The                    Maroon5
Magic Carpet Ride;            Make It Real; Jets,   Makes Me Wonder;
  Steppenwolf                  The                    Maroon 5
Magic Carpet Ride;            Make It Right;        Makin' Believe;
  Steppenwolf                  Econoline Crush        Wells, Kitty
Magic Carpet Ride;            Make It Right;        Makin' Good Time;
  Steppenwolf                  Econoline Crush        Campbell, Stacy
Magic Man; Heart               w/vocal                Dean
Magic Man; Heart              Make It With You;     Makin' Up With You;
Magic Man; Heart               Bread                  Tennison, Chalee
Magic Moments;                Make It With You;     Makin' Whoopee;
  Como, Perry                  Bread                  Fitzgerald, Ella
Magic Stick; 50 Cent          Make It With You;     Makin Whoppee;
Magic Stick; Lil' Kim          Bread                  Sinatra,Frank
  & 50 Cent                   Make It With You;     Making Love Out Of
The Magic Touch;               Bread                  Nothing At All; Air
  Platters, The               Make It With You;       Supply
The Magic Touch;               Bread                Making Memories Of
  Platters, The               Make It With You;       Us; Urban, Keith
Magnet; Lindsay                Bread                Making Memories Of
  Lohan                       Make Luv; Room 5 &      Us; Urban, Keith
Magnet And Steel;              Oliver Cheatham      Making Memories Of
  Egan, Walter                Make Me Bad; Korn       Us; Urban, Keith
Magnet And Steel;             Make Me Know It;      Making Memories Of
  Egan, Walter                 Elvis Presley          Us; Keith Urban
Magnet And Steel;             Make Me Lose          Making Memories Of
  Walter Egan                  Control; Eric          Us; Urban, Keith
Magneto; Sugar                 Carmen               Making Memories of
  Sugar                       Make Me Over;           Us; Barnburners
Magnificent; U2                Tonex                Making Our Dreams
Main Event;                   Make Me Smile;          Come True;
  Streisand, Barbra            Chicago                Norman Gimbel
Main Ingredient;              Make Me Smile;          And Charles Fox
  Everybody Plays              Chicago              Making Our Dreams
  The Fool                    Make Me Wonder;         Come True; TV
Mainstreet; Seger,             Maroon 5               Theme
  Bob                         Make The World Go     Malo; Spanish-Bebe
Mainstreet; Seger,             Away; Elvis          Malt & Barley Blues;
  Bob                          Presley                McGuiness, Flint
Majesty; Praise &             Make The World Go     Mama; Spice Girls,
  Worship                      Away; Arnold,          The
Major Tom; Shiny               Eddy                 Mama; Williams,
  Toy Guns                    Make Up In Love;        Holly
Make A Memory                  Stone, Doug          Mama; Thomas, BJ
  (You Want To);              Make Up In Love;      Mama Don't Forget
  Bon Jovi                     Stone, Doug            To Pray For Me;
Make It Clap; Busta           Make Up In Love;        Diamond Rio
  Rhymes & Spliff              Stone, Doug          Mama Don't Get
  Star                        Make Up Your Mind;      Dressed Up For
MAKE IT HAPPEN;                Theory Of A            Nothing; Brooks &
  MARIAH CAREY                 Deadman                Dunn
Make It Happen;               Make You Feel My
  Carey, Mariah                Love; Adele


Mama Don't Get               Mama Said Knock        Mambo #5; Bega,
 Dressed Up For               You Out; LL Cool J      Lou
 Nothing; Brooks &           Mama She's Lazy;       Mambo #5; Bega,
 Dunn                         Pinkard & Bowden        Lou
Mama Don't Let               Mama Told Me (Not      Mambo #5; Bega,
 Your Babies Grow             To Come); Three         Lou
 Up To Be                     Dog Night             Mambo #5; Bega,
 Cowboys; Waylon             Mama Tried;              Lou
 & Willie                     Haggard, Merle        Mambo NO 5; Bega,
Mama Don't Let               Mama Tried; Merle        Lou
 Your Babies Grow             Haggard               Mame; Armstrong,
 Up To Be                    Mama Tried;              Louis
 Cowboys; Nelson,             Haggard, Merle        Mamma; Italian
 Willie & Waylon             Mama Tried;            Mamma Mia; ABBA
 Jennings                     Haggard, Merle        Mammas Don't Let
Mama Don't Let               Mama Tried;              Your Babies G;
 Your Babies Grow             Haggard, Merle          Nelson, Willie
 Up To Be                    Mama Weer All          A Man Ain't Made Of
 Cowboys; Nelson,             Crazee Now; Quiet       Stone; Travis,
 Willie & Waylon              Riot                    Randy
 Jennings                    Mama, Don't Let        A Man Ain't Made Of
Mama Don't Let                Your Babies Grow        Stone; Travis,
 Your Babies Grow             Up To Be                Randy
 Up To Be                     Cowboys; Nelson,      The Man He Was;
 Cowboys; Nelson,             Willie & Waylon         Jones, George
 Willie                       Jennings              A Man Holdin On;
Mama Don't Let               Mama's and Papa's;       Herndon, Ty
 Your Babies Grow             California Dreamin'   Man I Feel Like A
 Up To Be                    Mama's Don't Let         Woman; Twain,
 Cowboys; Nelson,             Your Babies Grow        Shania
 Willie & Waylon              Up To Be              Man I Feel Like A
 Jennings                     Cowboy's;               Woman; Twain,
Mama He Treats                Jennings, Waylon        Shania
 Your Daughter                & Willie Nelson       Man I Feel Like A
 Mean; Brown, Ruth           Mama's Pearl;            Woman; Twain,
Mama He's Crazy;              Jackson 5, The          Shania
 Judds, The                  Mama's Room;           Man I Feel Like A
Mama He's Crazy;              Under Influence Of      Woman; Twain,
 Judds, The                   Giants                  Shania
Mama He's Crazy;             Mama's Teaching        Man I Feel Like A
 Judds, The                   Angels How To           Woman; Shania
Mama Like The                 Sing; Rambo,            Twain
 Roses; Elvis                 Dottie                Man I Feel Like A
 Presley                     Mama's, Don't Let        Woman; Twain,
Mama Look At                  Your Babies Grow        Shania
 Bubu; Belafonte,             Up To Be              Man I Feel Like A
 Harry                        Cowboy's;               Woman; Twain,
Mama Said; Metallica          Jennings, Waylon        Shania
Mama Said;                    & Willie Nelson       Man I Feel Like A
 Shirelles, The              Mambo #5; Bega,          Woman; Twain,
Mama Said;                    Lou                     Shania
 Shirelles, The              Mambo #5; Bega,        Man I Feel Like A
Mama Said Knock               Lou                     Woman!; Twain,
 You Out; LL Cool J          Mambo #5; Bega,          Shania
Mama Said Knock               Lou                   The Man I Want To
 You Out; LL Cool J                                   Be; Young, Chris


A Man I'll Never Be;         Man, I Feel Like A      Mann, Manfred; 5-4-
  Boston                      Woman; Twain,           3-2-1
A Man I'll Never Be;          Shania                 Mann, Manfred; Do
  Boston                     Man, I Feel Like A       Wah Diddy Diddy
Man In Black; Cash,           Woman; Twain,          Mann, Manfred;
  Johnny                      Shania                  Pretty Flamingo
Man In Black; Cash,          Man, I Feel Like A      Mann, Manfred; My
  Johnny                      Woman; Twain,           Name Is Jack
The Man In Love               Shania                 Mann, Manfred;
  With You; Strait,          Man, I Feel Like A       Mighty Quinn
  George                      Woman; Twain,          Mannish Boy; Muddy
Man In The Box;               Shania                  Waters
  Alice In Chains            Mandela Day; Simple     Mansion On The
Man In The Mirror;            Minds                   Hill; Williams, Hank
  Jackson, Michael           Mandolin Moon;          Mansion Over The
Man In The Mirror;            Sister Hazel            Hilltop; Elvis
  Jackson, Michael           Mandrell, Barbara; I     Presley
Man Of La Mancha;             Was Country When       Manson, Marilyn;
  Impossible Dream            Country Wasn't          Sweet Dreams (Are
Man Of La Mancha;             Cool                    Made Of This)
  Dulcinea                   Mandy; Westlife         Map Song; Dora The
Man Of My Word;              Mandy; Manilow,          Explorer
  Raye, Collin                Barry                  Marcels; Blue Moon
Man Of The House;            Maneater; Hall &        march, little peggy; i
  Wicks, Chuck                Oates                   will follow him
Man Of The House;            Maneater; Hall &        Marcia Griffiths;
  Wicks, Chuck                Oates                   Electric Slide
Man Of The Year;             Maneater; Hall &        Mardy Bum; Arctic
  Cooper, Alice               Oates                   Monkeys
Man On The Corner;           Maneater; Hall &        Margaritaville;
  Genesis                     Oates                   Buffett, Jimmy
Man On The Moon;             Maneater; Hall, Daryl   Margaritaville;
  REM                         & John Oates            Jimmy Buffett
Man On The Moon;             Manfred Mann; Doo       Margaritaville;
  R.E.M                       Wha Diddy               Buffett, Jimmy
Man Overboard;               Manfred Mann; Do        Margaritaville;
  Blink 182                   Wah Diddy               Buffett, Jimmy
A Man This Lonely;           Manfred Mann's          Margaritaville;
  Brooks & Dunn               Earth Band;             Buffett, Jimmy
A Man This Lonely;            Davy's On The          Margaritaville;
  Brooks & Dunn               Road Again              Buffett, Jimmy
Man To Man; Allan,           Manhatan; Kings Of      Margaritaville;
  Gary                        Leon                    Buffett, Jimmy
The Man Who Shot             Maniac; Sembello,       Margaritaville;
  Liberty Valance;            Michael                 Buffett, Jimmy
  Pitney, Gene               Maniac; Sembello,       Margaritaville;
Man Who Sold The              Michael                 Buffett, Jimmy
  World; Bowie,              Maniac; Sembello,       Margaritaville;
  David                       Michael                 Buffett, Jimmy
A Man Without                Maniac; Sembello,       Margaritaville;
  Love;                       Michael                 Buffett, Jimmy
  Humperdinck,               Manic Depression;       Margaritaville;
  Engelbert                   Hendrix, Jimi           Buffett, Jimmy
Man, I Feel Like A           Manic Monday;           Margaritaville;
  Woman; Twain,               Bangles, The            Buffett, Jimmy


Marguerita; Elvis              Marine's Hymn; The      Martin, Dean;
 Presley                         Marines Song           Standing On The
Marguerita Time;               Marley, Bob & The        Corner
 Status Quo                      Wailers; Is This      Martin, Dean;
Maria; Broadway                  Love                   Innamorata
Maria; Blondie                 Maroon 5; This Love     Martin, Dean;
Maria; Blondie                 Maroon 5; Harder To      Memories Are
Maria; West Side                 Breathe                Made Of This
 Story                         Maroon 5; This Love     Martin, Dean; Volare
Maria; West Side               Maroon 5; This Love     Martin, Dean; That's
 Story                         Maroon 5; Harder To      Amore
Maria; Mathis,                   Breathe               Martin, Ricky; Livin'
 Johnny                        Maroon 5; Sunday         La Vida Loca
Maria; West Side                 Morning               Martin, Ricky; Bella
 Story                         Maroon 5; Won`t Go      Martin, Ricky; She
Maria (From West                 Home Without You       Bangs
 Side Story); Show             Marriage Supper Of      Martin, Ricky; Copa
 Tunes                           The Lamb;              De La Vida
Maria (Shut Up And               Hoppers, The          Martin, Ricky;
 Kiss Me); Nelson,             Married, But Not To      Bomba
 Willie                          Each Other;           Martin, Ricky And
Maria (Shut Up And               Mandrell, Barbara      Christina
 Kiss Me); Nelson,             Marry For Money;         Aguilera; Nobody
 Willie                          Adkins, Trace          Wants To Be
Maria (Shut Up And             The Marshall Tucker      Lonely
 Kiss Me); Nelson,               Band; Can't You       Martino, Al; I Love
 Willie                          See                    You Truly
Maria Mari'!; Italian          Marshall, Amanda;       Mary Ann; Charles,
Maria Maria;                     Birmingham             Ray
 Santana, Carlos               Martha & The            Mary Did You Know;
Maria Maria;                     Muffins; Echo          English, Michael
 Santana, Carlos &               Beach                 Mary Did You Know;
 Product G&B                   Martha & The             Christmas-Mattea,
Maria Maria;                     Muffins; Sweet         Kathy
 Santana, Carlos                 Surrender             Mary Had A Little
 w/vocal                       Martin, Dean; Door Is    Lamb; Children's
Maria Maria; Santana             Still Open To My       Songs
 & Product G&B                   Heart, The            Mary Had A Little
Maria Maria; Santana           Martin, Dean;            Lamb; Children's
 & The Product G&b               Everybody Loves        Songs
Maria, Ida; I Like You           Somebody              Mary Had A Little
 So Much Better                Martin, Dean; Little     Lamb; Children's
 When You're                     Ol' Wine Drinker       Songs
 Naked                           Me                    Mary Had A Little
Maria, Ida; Oh My              Martin, Dean;            Lamb; Childrens
 God                             Naughty Lady Of        Songs
Marie Osmond;                    Shady Lane, The       Mary Had A Little
 Paper Roses                   Martin, Dean;            Lamb; Various
Marie, Kelly; Feels              Memories Are           Artists
 Like I'm In Love                Made Of This          Mary Had A Little
Marie, Teena;                  Martin, Dean; Return     Lamb; Children's
 Lovergirl                       To Me                  Songs
Marie's The Name,              Martin, Dean; Kiss      Mary Had A Little
 His Latest Flame;               Me                     Lamb; Various
 Presley, Elvis                                         Artists


Mary Had A Little            Matchbox; Perkins,     Mathis, Johnny; It's
 Lamb; Children's             Carl                    Not For Me To Say
 Songs                       Matchbox Twenty;       Mathis, Johnny &
Mary Had A Little             Bent                    Deniece Williams;
 Lamb; McCartney,            Matches; Kershaw,        Too Much, Too
 Paul                         Sammy                   Little, Too Late
Mary Jane's Last             Matchmaker; Fiddler    Matrimony;
 Dance; Petty, Tom            On The Roof             O'sullivan, Gilbert
 & The                       Matchmaker             Matrimony;
 Heartbreakers                Matchmaker;             O'Sullivan, Gilbert
Mary Jane's Last              Fiddler On The        Mattea, Kathy; Love
 Dance; Petty, Tom            Roof                    Travels
Mary Jane's Last             Material Girl;         A Matter Of Time;
 Dance; Petty, Tom            Madonna                 Sellers, Jason
 & Heartbreakers             Material Girl;         A Matter Of Time;
Mary Knew;                    Madonna                 Joel, Billy
 Christmas-Free,             Material Girl;         A Matter Of Time;
 Brian                        Madonna                 Sellers, Jason
Mary Was The First           Material Girl;         A Matter Of Trust;
 One To Carry The             Madonna                 Joel, Billy
 Gospel;                     Material Girl;         A Matter Of Trust;
 Christmas-Gaither            Madonna                 Joel, Billy
 Vocal Band                  Material Girl;         Matthew, Mark, Luke
Mary Wrapped A                Madonna                 And Earnhardt;
 Present;                    Material Girl;           Sellers, Shane
 Christmas-                   Madonna               Mauboy, Jessica;
 Hoppers, The                Material Girl;           Because
Marylin Monroe;               Madonna               Maurice Chavalier;
 Diamonds Are A              Mathis, Johnny;          Thank Heaven For
 Girls Best Friend            Someone                 Little Girls
mascara song; la             Mathis, Johnny;        May THe Bird Of
 cage aux folles              What Will My Mary       Paradise Fly Up
Mashed Potato                 Say                     Your Nose; Little
 Time; Sharp, Dee            Mathis, Johnny;          Jimmy Dickens
 Dee                          Certain Smile, A      May The Bird Of
Mashed Potato                Mathis, Johnny;          Paradise Fly Up
 Time; Dee Dee                Chances Are             Your Nose;
 Sharp                       Mathis, Johnny; Star     Dickens, Little
mason, barbara; yes,          Bright                  Jimmy
 i'm ready                   Mathis, Johnny; Too    Maybe; Bunton,
Massachusetts; Bee            Much, Too Little,       Emma
 Gees, The                    Too Late              Maybe; Iglesias,
Master Blaster               Mathis, Johnny;          Enrique
 Jammin'; Wonder,             Chances Are           Maybe; Annie
 Stevie                      Mathis, Johnny;        Maybe; Krauss,
Master I See;                 Twelfth Of Never,       Alison
 Kingsmen, The                The                   maybe; annie get
Master Of Grace;             Mathis, Johnny; Last     your gun
 Freemans, The                Time I Felt Like      Maybe; Krauss,
Master Of Puppets;            This, The               Alison
 Metallica                   Mathis, Johnny;        Maybe Baby; Holly,
Master Of Puppets;            Chances Are             Buddy
 Metallica                   Mathis, Johnny;        Maybe Baby; Holly,
Masterpiece;                  Twelfth Of Never,       Buddy
 Temptations, The             The                   Maybe Baby; Holly,


Maybe He Will              Maybellene; Berry,     McCoy, Neal; Then
 Notice Her Now;            Chuck                  You Can Tell Me
 McCready, Mindy           Maybelline; Chubby      Goodbye
Maybe I Deserve;            Checker               Mccoy, Neal; Forever
 Tank                      Mayberry; Rascal        Works For Me
Maybe I'm Amazed;           Flatts                McCready, Mindy;
 Mccartney, Paul           Mayberry; Rascal        Maybe Maybe Not
Maybe It Was                Flatts                McCready, Mindy;
 Memphis; Tillis,          Mayberry; Rascal        Girl's Gotta Do, A
 Pam                        Flatts                McCready, Mindy;
Maybe It Was               Mayberry; Rascal        What If I Do
 Memphis; Tillis,           Flatts                McEntire, Reba;
 Pam                       Mayby I'm Amazed;       Somebody Should
Maybe It Was                McCartney, Paul &      Leave
 Memphis; Tillis,           Wings                 McEntire, Reba; For
 Pam                       McBride, Martina;       My Broken Heart
Maybe It Was                Independence Day      McEntire, Reba;
 Memphis; Tillis,          McBride, Martina;       Whoever's In New
 Pam                        Heart Trouble          England
Maybe It's Because         McBride, Martina;      McEntire, Reba;
 I'm A Londoner;            Swingin' Doors         Fancy
 Standard-                 McBride, Martina;      Mcevoy, Eleanor;
 Traditional                This One's For The     Only A Woman's
maybe it's because          Girls                  Heart
 i'm a londoner;           McBride, Martina;      McFly; Do Ya
 Irish Classics             Happy Girl            McFly; One For The
Maybe Not Tonight;         McBride, Martina; In    Radio
 Kershaw & Morgan           My Daughter's         McFly; Lies
Maybe Not Tonight;          Eyes                  McGraw, Tim; It's
 Morgan, Lorrie &          McBride, Martina;       Your Love
 Sammy Kershaw              Where Would You       McGraw, Tim; Don't
Maybe She'll Get            Be                     Take The Girl
 Lonely; Ingram,           McBride, Martina;      McGraw, Tim; My
 Jack                       This One's For The     Best Friend
Maybe She's                 Girl's                McGraw, Tim; Grown
 Human; Mattea,            McBride, Martina;       Men Don't Cry
 Kathy                      Broken Wing, A        McGraw, Tim; Red
maybe this time;           McBride, Martina;       Ragtop
 cabaret                    Wrong Baby Wrong      McGraw, Tim; Things
Maybe We Should             Baby Wrong             Change
 Just Sleep On It;         McBride, Martina;      McGraw, Tim;
 McGraw, Tim                When God Fearin'       Telluride
Maybe We Should             Women Get The         McGraw, Tim; I Like
 Just Sleep On It;          Blues                  It, I Love It
 McGraw, Tim               McBride, Martina;      McKnight, Brian;
Maybe We Should             Broken Wing, A         What I've Been
 Just Sleep On It;         McCann, Lila; I         Waiting For
 McGraw, Tim                Wanna Fall In Love    Me & Bobby McGee;
Maybe, Maybe Not;          McCartney, Paul;        Joplin, Janis
 McCready, Mindy            Wanderlust            Me & Bobby McGee;
Maybe, Maybe Not;          McCartney, Paul;        Joplin, Janis
 McCready, Mindy            Young Boy             Me & Bobby McGee;
Maybe, Maybe Not;          McCartney, Paul &       Joplin, Janis
 Mccready, Mindy            Stevie Wonder;        Me & Bobby McGee;
Maybellene; Berry,          Ebony & Ivory          Joplin, Janis


Me & God; Turner,            Me And Charlie         Me, Myself & I;
 Josh & Ralph                 Talking; Miranda        Knowles, Beyonce
 Stanley                      Lambert               Me, Myself And I; De
Me & Julio Down By           Me And God; Turner,      La Soul
 The School Yard;             Josh                  Me, Myself And I;
 Simon & Garfunkel           Me And Maxine;           Knowles, Beyonce
Me & Mr. Jones;               Kershaw, Sammy        Me, Myself And I;
 Winehouse, Amy              Me And Maxine;           Knowles, Beyonce
Me & Mrs Jones;               Kershaw, Sammy        Me, Myself And I;
 Billy Paul                  Me And Mrs Jones;        Vitamin C
Me & Mrs. Jones;              Buble, Michael        Mean To Me; Tonic
 Paul, Billy                 Me And Mrs Jones;      Mean Woman Blues;
Me & My Girl; Essex,          Paul, Billy             Elvis Presley
 David                       Me And Mrs Jones;      Meaning Of Life;
Me & My House;                Paul, Billy             Disturbed
 Talleys, The                Me And Mrs. Jones;     Meant To Be;
Me & My Monkey;               Paul, Billy             Kershaw, Sammy
 Williams, Robbie            Me And My Gang;        Meant To Live;
Me & You; Chesney,            Rascal Flatts           Switchfoot
 Kenny                       Me And My Gang;        Meant To Live;
Me & You & A Dog              Rascal Flatts           Switchfoot
 Named Boo; Lobo             Me and My Gang;        Meant To Live;
Me Against The                Rascal Flatts           Switchfoot
 Music; Spears,              Me And My Shadow;      Meant To Live;
 Britney & Madonna            Sinatra, Frank          Switchfoot
Me And Bobby                 Me And The             Meanwhile; Strait,
 McGee; Joplin,               Elephant;               George
 Janis                        Goldsboro, Bobby      Meanwhile; Strait,
Me And Bobby                 Me And You;              George
 Mcgee; Janis                 Chesney, Kenny        Meanwhile Back At
 Joplin                      Me And You;              The Ranch; Clark
Me And Bobby                  Chesney, Kenny          Family Experience,
 McGee; Joplin,              Me And You And A         The
 Janis                        Dog Named Blue;       Meanwhile Back At
Me And Bobby                  Perry Como              The Ranch; Clark
 McGee; Janis                Me Myself & I; De La     Family Experience,
 Joplin                       Soul                    The
Me And Bobby                 Me Myself And I;       Meanwhile Back At
 McGee; Joplin,               Knowles, Beyonc#        The Ranch; Clark
 Janis                       Me Neither; Paisley,     Family Experience,
Me And Bobby                  Brad                    The
 McGee; Joplin,              Me Neither; Paisley,   Meanwhile Back At
 Janis                        Brad                    The Ranch; Clark
Me And Bobby                 Me Neither; Paisley,     Family Experience
 McGee; Joplin,               Brad                  Meanwhile In The
 Janis                       Me Neither; Paisley,     Garden; Gore,
Me And Bobby                  Brad                    Tony & Majesty
 McGee; Joplin,              Me Neither; Paisley,   Measure Of A Man;
 Janis                        Brad                    Jack Ingram
Me And Bobby                 Me Neither; Paisley,   Measure Of A Man;
 McGee; Joplin,               Brad                    Ingram, Jack
 Janis                       Me So Horny; 2 Live    The Measure Of A
Me And Charlie                Crew                    Man; 4 Him
 Talking; Lambert,           Me Too; Keith, Toby    Meat And Potato
 Miranda                     Me Too; Keith, Toby      Man; Long, Brice


Meat Loaf; Bat Out           Meglomaniac;           Men; Forester
 Of Hell                       Incubus               Sisters, The
Meat Loaf; Hot               Mel B. & Missy         Men; Forester
 Patootie-bless My             Elliot; I Want You    Sisters, The
 Soul                          Back                 Men And Mascara;
Meatloaf; Two Out Of         Mel C; Goin' Down       Roberts, Julie
 Three Aint' Bad             Mel C; Northern Star   Men At Work; Down
Meatloaf; Two Out Of         Mel C; Ga Ga            Under
 Three Ain't Bad             Melissa; Allman        Men Buy The Drinks
meatloaf & ellen               Brothers              (Girls Call The
 foley; paradise by          Mellencamp, John &      Shots); Steve Holy
 the dashboard light           Meshell              Men Don't Change;
Medeiros, Glen;                Ndegeocello; Wild     Dalley, Amy
 Nothings Gonna                Night                Men Don't Change;
 Change My Love              Mellow Yellow;          Amy Dalley
 For You                       Donovan              Men Don't Change;
Medley (Oh Boy               Mellow Yellow;          Dalley, Amy
 Peggy Sue That'll             Donovan              Men In Black; Smith,
 Be The Day);                Mellow Yellow;          Will
 Holly, Buddy                  Donovan              Men In Black; Smith,
Medley (True Love            Memories; Presley,      Will
 Ways Raining In               Elvis                Men In Black; Smith,
 My Heart Hea;               Memories Are Made       Will
 Holly, Buddy                  Of This; Martin,     Men In Black; Smith,
Medley 3; Holly,               Dean                  Will
 Buddy                       Memories Are Made      Mendocino County
Medley 4; Holly,               Of This; Martin,      Line; Nelson, Willie
 Buddy                         Dean                  & Lee Ann
Meet In The Middle;          Memories Are Made       Womack
 Diamond Rio                   Of This; Martin,     Mercedes Benz;
Meet In The Middle;            Dean                  Joplin, Janis
 Diamond Rio                 Memories Are Made      Mercedes Benz;
Meet In The Middle;            Of This; Martin,      Joplin, Janis
 Diamond Rio                   Dean                 Mercury Blues;
Meet In The Middle;          Memory; Cats            Jackson, Alan
 Diamond Rio                 Memory; Sugarcult      Mercy; Duffy
Meet In The Middle;          Memory; Cats           MERCY; DUFFY
 Diamond Rio                 Memory; Streisand,     Mercy; Duffy
Meet Me Halfway;               Barbra               Mercy; Duffy
 Black Eyed Peas             The Memory             Mercy; Duffy
Meet Me In Montana;            Remains; Metallica   Mercy Came
 Osmond, Marie &             Memphis; Nail, David    Running; Philips,
 Dan Seals                   Memphis; Chubby         Craig & Dean
Meet Me In Montana;            Checker              Mercy Mercy Me;
 Osmond, Marie &             Memphis; Berry,         Gaye, Marvin
 Dan Seals                     Chuck                Mercy Said No;
Meet Me With Your            Memphis Soul Song;      Winans, CeCe
 Black Drawers                 Uncle Kracker        Mercy Said No;
 On; Hardiman,               Memphis                 Winans, CeCe
 Gloria                        Tennessee; Jones,    Merle Haggard; Okie
Meet Virginia; Train           Tom                   From Muskogee
Meeting In The               Memphis Women          Merriweather,
 Ladies Room;                  And Chicken;          Daniel; Red
 Klymaxx                       Brown, T. Graham     Merriweather, Daniel
Megalomaniac;                Men; Forester           & Wale; Change
 Incubus                       Sisters, The


Merry Christmas               Mi Media Mitad;          Michael, George;
  Baby; Christmas               Ruiz, Rey                Star People
Merry Christmas               Mi Vida Loca (My         Michael, George;
  Baby; Berry,                  Crazy Life); Tillis,     Waiting For That
  Chuck (Christmas)             Pam                      Day
Merry Christmas               Mi Vida Loca (My         Michael, George;
  Darling;                      Crazy Life); Tillis,     You Have Been
  Christmas-                    Pam                      Loved
  Carpenters, The             Miami; Smith, Will       Michael, George;
Merry Christmas               Miami; Smith, Will         Fastlove
  Darling; Christmas          Miami 2017 (Seen         Michael, George;
Merry Christmas To              The Lights Go Out        Spinning The
  Me; Christmas-                On Broadway);            Wheel
  Jackson, Alan                 Joel, Billy            Michael, George;
Mesmerize; Ja Rule            Miami, My Amy;             Outside (Dance
  & Ashanti                     Whitley, Keith           Mix)
Mess Around;                  Michael Row The          Michael, George &
  Charles, Ray                  Boat Ashore;             Elton John; Don't
Mess Around;                    Various Artists          Let The Sun Go
  Charles, Ray                Michael Row The            Down On Me
Message In A Bottle;            Boat Ashore;           Michelle; Beatles,
  Police, The                   Children's Songs         The
Message In A Bottle;          Michael Row The          Mickey; Basil, Toni
  Police, The                   Boat Ashore;           Mickey; Basil, Toni
Message To Martha;              Various Artists        Mickey; Toni Basil
  Faith, Adam                 Michael Row the          Mickey; Basil, Toni
The Message;                    Boat Ashore;           Mickey; Basile, Tony
  Grandmaster Flash             Highwaymen             Mickey's Monkey;
The Message;                  Michael, George; I'm       Robinson, Smokey
  Grandmaster Flash             Your Man               Mickey's Monkey;
Messina, Jo Dee;              Michael, George;           Miracles, The
  That's God                    Fast Love              Middle; Jimmy Eat
Metal Health; Quiet           Michael, George;           World
  Riot                          Freedom                Middle; Jimmy Eat
Metal Health; Quiet           Michael, George;           World
  Riot                          Careless Whisper       Middle; Jimmy Eat
Metal Postcard;               Michael, George;           World
  Siouxsie & The                Older                  The Middle Of
  Banshees                    Michael, George;           Nowhere;
Method Of Modern                Jesus To A Child         Mccomas, Brian
  Love; Hall, Daryl &         Michael, George;         The Middle; Jimmy
  John Oates                    Freedom 90               Eat World
Method Of Modern                (Dance Mix)            The Middle; Jimmy
  Love; Hall & Oates          Michael, George;           Eat World
Metro Station; Shake            Cowboys And            The Middle; Jimmy
  It                            Angels                   Eat World
The Metro; Berlin,            Michael, George;         The Middle; Jimmy
  Irving                        Strangest Thing,         Eat World
Mexican Wine;                   The                    Midler, Bette; Wind
  Fountains Of                Michael, George;           Beneath My Wings,
  Wayne                         Too Funky                The
Mexican Wine;                 Michael, George;         Midnight
  Fountains Of                  Monkey                   Confession; Grass
  Wayne                       Michael, George;           Roots, The
Mgmt; Time To                   Different Corner, A


Midnight                       Midnight Train To       Million Pieces
  Confessions;                   Georgia; Knight,        (Kissin' Your
  Grass Roots                    Gladys                  Cares Goodbye);
Midnight                       Midnight Train To         Newsboys, The
  Confessions;                   Georgia; Knight,      The Mills Brothers;
  Grass Roots, The               Gladys & The Pips       Til Then
Midnight                       Midnight Train To       The Mills Brothers;
  Confessions;                   Georgia; Knight,        Cab Driver
  Grass Roots                    Gladys                  (Quartet)
Midnight                       Midwest Swing; St.      The Mills Brothers;
  Confessions;                   Lunatics                Cab Driver
  Grass Roots, The             Mighty Is Our God;      Milsap, Ronnie;
Midnight Cry; Gold               Gospel                  There's No Gettin'
  City                         Mighty Love;              Over Me
Midnight Hour,                   Spinners, The         Mind Games;
  The1; Pickett,               Mighty Mighty;            Lennon, John
  Wilson                         Earth, Wind & Fire    Mind Games;
Midnight In Chelsea;           Mighty To Save;           Lennon, John
  Bon Jovi                       Hillsong              Mine; Elvis Presley
Midnight Rider;                Mika; We Are Golden     Mine All Mine;
  Nelson, Willie &             miles, alannah; black     SheDaisy
  Toby Keith                     velvet                Minelli, Liza; City
Midnight Rider;                Military Anthems;         Lights
  Allman Brothers                Patriotic             Minelli, Liza; Money
  Band, The                    Milkcow Blues; Elvis      Makes The World
Midnight Shift; Holly,           Presley                 Go 'round
  Buddy                        Milkshake; Kelis        Minelli, Liza; New
The Midnight                   Milkshake; Kelis          York, New York
  Special; Rivers,             Milkshake; Kellis       Minelli, Liza; Maybe
  Johnny                       Milkshake; Kelis          This Time
The Midnight                   Milkshake (Radio        Minelli, Liza; Cabaret
  Special; Various               Version); Kelis       Minelli, Liza; Ring
  Artists                      Milky White Way;          Them Bells
The Midnight                     Elvis Presley         Minelli, Liza; Cabaret
  Special; Standard            Millennium; Willams,    Mini Viva; Left My
The Midnight                     Robbie                  Heart In Tokyo
  Special;                     Millennium; Williams,   Minivan; Hometown
  Creedence                      Robbie                  News
  Clearwater Revival           Miller, Ned; From A     Minivan; Hometown
Midnight Train To G;             Jack To A King          News
  Knight, Gladys &             Miller, Roger; King     Minivan; Hometown
  The Pips                       Of The Road             News
Midnight Train To              Miller, Roger; Chug     Minnie The
  Georgia; Knight,               A Lug                   Moocher;
  Gladys                       Miller, Roger; King       Calloway, Cab
Midnight Train To                Of The Road           Minnie The
  Georgia; Knight,             Miller, Roger; King       Moocher;
  Gladys & The Pips              Of The Road             Calloway, Cab
Midnight Train To              Million Dollar Bill;    Minnie The
  Georgia; Knight,               Houston, Whitney        Moocher; Cab
  Gladys & The Pips            Million Dollar Bill;      Calloway
Midnight Train To                Houston, Whitney      Minnie The
  Georgia; Gladys              Million Miles; Fuel       Moocher; Blues
  Knight & The Pips            Million Miles Away;       Brothers, The
                                 Offspring             Minogue, Kylie; One,


Minute By Minute;             Miss Me Blind;            Mississippi Girl;
  Doobie Brothers               Culture Club              Barnburners
Mio; Rubio, Paulina           Miss Murder (CD           Mississippi Girl; Hill,
Miracle; Foo Fighters           Version); AFI             Faith
Miracle; Kimball,             Miss You; Clapton,        Mississippi Queen;
  Cheynne                       Eric                      Mountain
Miracle In Me;                Miss You; Rolling         Mississippi Queen;
  Greenes                       Stones, The               Mountain
Miracle of The                Miss You; Aaliyah         Mississippi Slide;
  Rosary; Elvis               Miss You Much;              Mixx Master Lee
  Presley                       Jackson, Janet          Mister Mistoffelees;
Miracles; Jefferson           Miss You Much;              Cats
  Starship                      Jackson, Janet          Mister Sandman;
Miracles; Jefferson           MISSIN' YOU;                Chordettes, The
  Starship                      BRANDY                  Mister Sandman;
Miracles; Jefferson           Missing Person;             Chordettes, The
  Starship                      Smith, Michael W.       Mistletoe & Wine;
Mirror Man; Genesis           Missing Years; Little       Richard, Cliff
Mirror Mirror; M2M              Texas                     (Christmas)
  w/vocal                     Missing You; Alison       Misty; Mathis, Johnny
Mirror Mirror; M2M              Krauss & John           Misty; Standard
Mirror Mirror; M2m              Waite                   Misty Blue; Spears,
Mirror Mirror; Ross,          Missing You; Turner,        Billie Jo
  Diana                         Tina                    Misty Mountain Hop;
Mirror Mirror; M2M            Missing You; Waite,         Led Zeppelin
Miserable; Lit                  John                    Misunderstanding;
Misery; Pink &                Missing You; Turner,        Genesis
  Steven Tyler                  Tina                    Misunderstood; Bon
Misery Business;              Missing You; Case           Jovi
  Paramore                    Missing You; Brooks       mitch ryder & the
Misery Business;                & Dunn                    detroit wheels;
  Paramore                    Missing You; Ross,          devil with the blue
Misery Business;                Diana                     dress
  Paramore                    Mission                   Mitchell, Guy;
Misery Loves                    Responsible;              Heartaches By The
  Company; Porter               Tolcher, Michael          Number
  Wagoner                     Mission Temple            Mitchell, Guy; My
Misery Loves                    Fireworks Stand;          Heart Cries For
  Company;                      Sawyer Brown              You
  Wagoner, Porter             Missionary Man;           Mitchum, Robert;
Misled; Dion, Celine            Eurythmics, The           Ballad Of Thunder
Miss Being MrS;               Mississippi;                Road
  Lynn, Loretta                 Pussycat                Mmm Bop; Hanson
Miss Independent;             Mississippi Girl; Hill,   Mmm Mmm Mmm;
  Clarkson, Kelly               Faith                     Crash Test
Miss Independent;             Mississippi Girl; Hill,     Dummies
  Clarkson, Kelly               Faith                   Mmm Mmm Mmm
Miss Me Baby;                 Mississippi Girl;           Mmm; Crash Test
  Cagle, Chris                  Faith Hill                Dummies
Miss Me Baby;                 Mississippi Girl; Hill,   Mmm Mmm Mmm
  Cagle, Chris                  Faith                     Mmm; Crash Test
Miss Me Baby;                 Mississippi Girl;           Dummies
  Cagle, Chris                  Faith Hill              Mmm Mmm Mmm
Miss Me Blind;                Mississippi Girl;           Mmm; Crash Test
  Culture Club, The             Faith Hill                Dummies


The Mob Rules;                 Moments; Emerson       The Money Song;
  Black Sabbath                  Drive                  Cabaret
Mobile; Lavigne, Avril         Moments; Emerson       The Money Song;
The Mock Turtles;                Drive                  Cabaret
  Can You Dig It               Mona Lisa; Cole, Nat   Moneymaker;
Mocking Bird;                    'King'                 Ludacris & Pharrell
  Taylor, James                Mona Lisa;             Monica; U Should've
Mockingbird; Keith,              Humperdinck,           Known Better
  Toby & Krystal                 Engelbert            Monkey; Michael,
Mockingbird; Keith,            Mona Lisa; Cole, Nat     George
  Toby & Krystal                 King                 MONKEY WRENCH;
Mockingbird; Keith,            Mona Lisa; Cole, Nat     FOO FIGHTERS
  Toby                           King                 Monkey's In The
Modern Day Bonnie              Mona Lisa; Cole, Nat     Middle; Atkins,
  And Clyde; Tritt,              King                   Rodney
  Travis                       Mona Lisa Lost Her     Mono; Love,
Modern Day Bonnie                Smile; Coe, David      Courtney
  And Clyde; Tritt,              Allan                Monsoon; Robbie
  Travis                       Mona Lisa Lost Her       Williams
Modern Day Bonnie                Smile; Coe, David    Monster; Lady Gaga
  And Clyde; Tritt,              Allan                The Monster Mash;
  Travis                       Mona Lisas And           Pickett, Bobby
Modern Day Bonnie                Mad Hatters; John,     Boris
  And Clyde; Tritt,              Elton                The Monster Mash;
  Travis                       Monday Monday;           Pickett, Bobby
Modern Day                       Mamas, The & The       Boris
  Romance; Nitty                 Papas                The Monster Mash;
  Gritty Dirt Band,            Monday Monday;           Pickett, Bobby
  The                            Mamas, The & The       Boris & The
Modern Love; Bowie,              Papas                  Cryptkickers
  David                        Monday Morning         Mony Mony; Idol,
Modern Man;                      Church; Jackson,       Billy
  Peterson, Michael              Alan                 Mony Mony; James,
Modern Man;                    Monday, Monday;          Tommy
  Peterson, Michael              Mamas & Papas,       Mony Mony; James,
Modern Man;                      The                    Tommy
  Peterson, Michael            Money; Pink Floyd      Mony Mony; Idol,
Modern Woman;                  Money; Pink Floyd        Billy
  Joel, Billy                  Money; Guy, Buddy      Mony Mony; Idol,
A Moment Like This;            Money; Pink Floyd        Billy
  Clarkson, Kelly              Money For Nothing;     Mony Mony; Idol,
A Moment Like This;              Dire Straits           Billy
  Clarkson, Kelly              Money Honey; Elvis     Mony Mony; Idol,
A Moment Like This;              Presley                Billy
  Clarkson, Kelly              Money In The Bank;     Mony Mony; Idol,
A Moment Like This;              Anderson, John         Billy
  Clarkson, Kelly              Money Money            Mony Mony; Idol,
A Moment Like This;              Money; ABBA            Billy
  Clarkson, Kelly              Money Or Love;         Mony Mony; Idol,
Moment Of                        Black, Clint           Billy
  Weakness; Bif                Money Or Love;         Mony Mony; Idol,
  Naked                          Black, Clint           Billy
Moments; Emerson               Money Or Love;         Mony Mony; James,
  Drive                          Black, Clint           Tommy
Moments; Emerson               The Money Song;        Mony Mony; Idol, Bill
  Drive                          Cabaret


Mony, Mony; Idol,            More; Frank Sinatra    More Than Ever;
 Billy                       More; Newton,           Gathier Vocal
Moo La Moo; Azar,              Wayne                 Band, The
 Steve                       More; Adkins, Trace    More Than
Moody Blue; Presley,         More Beautiful          Everything; Akins,
 Elvis                         Today; McGuinn,       Rhett
Moody Blues; Nights            Mark                 More Than I Can
 In White Satin              More Beaver; Judd,      Say; Sayer, Leo
Moody River; Boone,            Cledus T             More Than Just A
 Pat                         The More I Drink;       Hill; Perry Sisters,
Moon River;                    Shelton, Blake        The
 Williams, Andy              The More I See You;    More Than Love; Los
Moonage Daydream;              Montez, Chris         Lonely Boys
 Bowie, David                More Like Her;         More Than That;
Moondance; Van                 Miranda Lambert       Backstreet Boys
 Morrison                    More Love;             More Than
Moondance; Van                 Robinson, Smokey      Wonderful; Patti,
 Morrison                    More Love; Kim          Sandi Duet
Moondance;                     Carnes               More Than Words;
 Morrison, Van               More Love More          Extreme
Moondance;                     Power; Smith,        More Than Words;
 Morrison, Van                 Michael W.            Extreme
Moonglow; Bennett,           More Of A Man;         More Than Words;
 Tony & KD Lang                Carrington, Rodney    J., Frankie
Moonglow; Stewart,           More Of A Man;         More Than Words;
 Rod                           Carrington, Rodney    Extreme
Moonlight Bay;               More Precious Than     More Than Words;
 Standard                      Silver; WoW           Frankie J
Moonlight Feels                Worship              More Than Words;
 Right; Starbuck             MORE THAN A             Extreme
Moonlight Feels                FEELING;             More Than Words;
 Right; Starbuck               BOSTON                Extreme
Moonlight In                 More Than A            More Than Words
 Vermont; Vaughn,              Feeling; Boston       Can Say; Alias
 Sarah                       More Than A            More Than Words
Moonlight In                   Feeling; Boston       Can Say; Extreme,
 Vermont;                    More Than A             The
 Vaughan, Sarah                Feeling; Boston      More Than You
Moonlight Serenade;          More Than A             Know; Carpenter,
 Simon, Carly                  Memory; Brooks,       Thelma
Moonlight Serenade;            Garth                More To Life
 Manilow, Barry              More Than A             (There's Gotta
Moonlight Swim;                Memory; Brooks,       Be); Orrico, Stacie
 Elvis Presley                 Garth                More To Life,
Moonlighting; Sayer,         More Than A             (There's Gotta
 Leo                           Memory; Garth         Be); Orrico, Stacie
Moonshadow;                    Brooks               More To Life,
 Stevens, Cat                More Than A             (There's Gotta
Moonshadow;                    Memory; Garth         Be); Orrico, Stacie
 Stevens, Cat                  Brooks               More Today Than
Moonshadow;                  More Than A             Yesterday; Spiral
 Stevens, Cat                  Woman; Aaliyah        Staircase
Moore, Mandy;                More Than A            More Today Than
 Candy                         Woman; Tavares        Yesterday; Spiral
More; Rocky Lynne                                    Staircase
More; Standards


More Today Than                Morrison, James;       The Motown Song;
  Yesterday; Spiral              Please Don't Stop      Stewart, Rod
  Staircase                      The Rain             Mountain Dew;
The More You                   Morrison, James;         Grandpa Jones
  Ignore Me The                  You Make It Real     Mountain Dew; Flatt
  Closer I Get;                Morrison, James &        & Scruggs
  Morrissey                      Nelly Furtado;       Mountain Mover;
Morgan, Craig; Look              Broken Strings         Talleys, The
  At Us                        Morrison, Van;         Mountain Music;
Morgan, Craig; This              Brown Eyed Girl        Alabama
  Ain't Nothin'                Morrison, Van;         Mountain Of Love;
Morgan, Jane;                    Brown Eyed Girl        Johnny Rivers
  Fascination                  The Most Beautiful     The Mountain Of
Morgan, Lorrie; Five             Girl In The World;     Love; Rivers,
  Minutes                        Rich, Charlie          Johnny
Morgan, Lorrie;                The Most Beautiful     Mountains; Lonestar
  Except For Monday              Girl; South Sixty    Mountains Of Mercy;
Mornin' Ride;                    Five                   Gaithers, The
  Greenwood, Lee               Most Girls; Pink       Mountian Dew;
Morning After;                 Most Girls; Pink         Grandpa Jones
  Newton, Wayne                Most High; Monet,      Mouth; Bainbridge,
The Morning After;               Jerzee                 Merrill
  Mcgovern,                    The Most Wonderful     Mouth; Bainbridge,
  Maureen                        Time Of The Year;      Merrill
Morning Girl; Neon               Christmas            Mouth; Bainbridge,
  Philharmonic, The            Mother; Lennon,          Merrill
Morning Has                      John                 Move Along; Star
  Broken; Stevens,             Mother And Child         Disc
  Cat                            Reunion; Simon,      Move Closer;
Morning Has                      Paul                   Nelson, Phylis
  Broken; Stevens,             Mother In Law; K-      Move It Like This;
  Cat                            Doe, Ernie             Baha Men
Morning Has                    Mother In Law;         Move It On Over;
  Broken; Stevens,               Hermans Hermits        Thorogood, George
  Cat                          Mother In Law; Doe,      & The Destroyers
Morning Has                      Ernie K              Move It On Over;
  Broken; Stevens,             Mother Of Mine;          Hank Williams
  Cat                            Reid, Neil           Move On; Warren
Morning Sun;                   Motherless               Brothers, The
  Williams, Robbie               Children; Clapton,   Move On; Warren
Morning Train (9 To              Eric                   Brothers, The
  5); Easton, Sheena           Mother's Little        Move On; Warren
Morning Train (9 To              Helper; Rolling        Brothers, The
  5); Easton, Sheena             Stones, The          Move On; Warren
Morning Train (Nine            Mother's Little          Brothers
  To Five); Easton,              Helper; Rolling      Move Over; Joplin,
  Sheena                         Stones, The            Janis
Morning Wood                   Mother's Pride;        Move Ya Body; Nina
  (Adult); Carrington,           Michael, George        Sky feat. Jabba
  Rodney                       Moto Psycho;           Moved Up, Moved
Morningside;                     Megadeth w/vocal       Out, Moved On;
  Bareilles, Sara              Moto Psycho;             Wilburns, The
Morningtown Ride;                Megadeth             Movies; Alien Ant
  Seekers, The                 Motown; Boyz Ii Men      Farm
Morris Albert; She Is          The Motown Song;
  My Girl                        Stewart, Rod


Movign Out                    Mr. Soft; Cockney     Mud On The Tires;
  (Anthony's Song);             Rebel                 Paisley, Brad
  Joel, Billy                 Mr. Tambourine          w/vocal
Movin' Out                      Man; Byrds, The     Mud On The Tires;
  (Anthony's Song);           Mr. Tambourine          Paisley, Brad
  Joel, Billy                   Man; Byrds, The     Mud On The Tires;
Moving On; Sixpence           Mr.Too Damn Good;       Brad Paisley
  None The Richer               Levert, Gerald      Mud On The Tires;
Moving On; Lann,              Mraz, Jason; Lucky      Paisley, Brad
  James                         (feat C. Caillat)   Mud On The Tires;
Moving On Up; M               Mraz, Jason; Lucky      Paisley, Brad
  People                        (feat C. Caillat)   Mud On The Tires;
Moving Out; Joel,             Mraz, Jason; I'm        Paisley, Brad
  Billy                         Yours               Muffin Man;
MR Big Stuff; Knight,         Mrs Brown You've        Children's Songs
  Jean                          Got A Lovely        Muffin Man;
MR Jones; Counting              Daughter;             Children's Songs
  Crows                         Herman's Hermits    The Muffin Man;
Mr Lonely; Bobby              MrS Robinson;           Various Artists
  Vinton                        Simon & Garfunkel   Mujer Pequena;
Mr Lovemaker;                 Mrs. Brown You've       Carlos, Roberto
  Johnny Paycheck               Got A Lovely        Mule Train; Ford,
MR Lovemaker;                   Daughter;             'Tennessee' Ernie
  Paycheck, Johnny              Herman's Hermits    Mull Of Kintyre;
MR Mom; Lonestar              Mrs. Brown You've       McCartney, Paul &
Mr. Blue; Garth                 Got A Lovely          Wings
  Brooks                        Daughter;           Murder By Numbers;
Mr. Bojangles; Nitty            Herman's Hermits      Sting
  Gritty Dirt Band            Mrs. Robinson;        Murder
Mr. Brightside;                 Simon & Garfunkel     Incorporated;
  Killers, The                Mrs. Robinson;          Springsteen, Bruce
Mr. Brightside;                 Simon & Garfunkel   Murder On Music
  Killers, The                Mrs. Steven Rudy;       Row; Strait,
Mr. Brightside;                 McGuinn, Mark         George & Alan
  Killers, The                Mrs. Steven Rudy;       Jackson
Mr. Brightside;                 Mcguinn, Mark       Murder She Wrote;
  Killers, The                Mrs. Steven Rudy;       Demus, Chaka &
Mr. Brightside;                 McGuinn, Mark         Pliers
  Killers, The                Ms. Grace2; Tymes,    Murphy, David Lee;
Mr. Brightside; The             The                   Loco
  Killers                     Ms. Jackson;          Murphy, David Lee;
Mr. Brownstone;                 OutKast               All Lit Up In Love
  Guns N' Roses               Ms. Jackson;          Murray, Anne; You
Mr. Custer; Verne,              OutKast               Needed Me
  Larry                       Ms. Jackson;          Music; Madonna
Mr. Jones; Counting             OutKast             Music; Madonna
  Crows                       Ms. Jackson;          Music; Sermon, Erick
Mr. Lonely; Bobby               Outkast               & Marvin Gaye
  Vinton                      Ms. Jackson;          Music; Madonna
Mr. Lucky; Hooker,              OutKast             MUSIC FOR LOVE;
  John Lee                    Ms. Jackson;            MARIO
Mr. Mom; Lonestar               Outkast             Music Get's The
Mr. Roboto; Styx              Ms. Steven Rudy;        Best Of Me; Ellis-
Mr. Rock & Roll;                McGuinn, Mark         Bextor, Sophie
  MacDonald, Amy                                    Music Music Music;
                                                      Brewer, Teresa


Music Of My Heart;            Mustang Sally;          My Best Friend;
  N Sync & Gloria              Commitments, The        Mcgraw, Tim
  Estefan                     Mustang Sally;          My Best Friends
Music Of My Heart;             Pickett, Wilson         Girl; Cars, The
  N Sync                      Mustang Sally;          My Best Friend's
Music Of My Heart;             Pickett, Wilson         Girl; Cars
  Estefan, Gloria & N         Mustang Sally;          My Blue Angel;
  Sync                         Wilson Pickett          Tippin, Aaron
Music Of My Heart;            Mustang Sally;          My Bologna;
  N Sync & Gloria              Pickett, Wilson         Yankovic, Weird Al
  Estefan                     Mustang Sally;          My Bonnie; Standard
The Music Of The               Pickett, Wilson        My Bonnie Lies
  Night; Phantom Of           Mustang Sally;           Over The Ocean;
  The Opera, The               Pickett, Wilson         Children's
music of the night,           Mustang Sally1;         My Bonnie Lies
  the; phantom of the          Pickett, Wilson         Over The Ocean;
  opera, the                  MY ALL; MARIAH           Standard
Muskrat Love;                  CAREY                  My Bonnie Lies
  Captain & Tennille,         My All; Carey, Mariah    Over The Ocean;
  The                         My All; Mariah Carey     Various Artists
Muskrat Love;                 My Angel Is Here;       My Bonnie Lies
  Captain & Tennille,          Judd, Wynonna           Over The Ocean;
  The                         My Babe; Elvis           Children's Songs
Muskrat Love;                  Presley                My Boo; Usher &
  Captain & Tennille          My Baby; Lil' Romeo      Alicia Keys
Must Be Doin'                 My Baby Loves           My Boo; Usher &
  Somethin' Right;             Lovin'; White           Alicia Keys
  Currington, Billy            Plains                 My Boo; Usher &
Must Be Doin'                 My Baby Loves Me;        Alicia Keys
  Somethin' Right;             McBride, Martina       My Boy; Elvis Presley
  Currington, Billy           My Baby Loves Me;       My Boy Lollipop;
Must Be Doin'                  McBride, Martina        Small, Millie
  Something Right;            My Baby Loves Me;       My Boyfriend's
  Currington, Billy            McBride, Martina        Back; Angels, The
Must Be Doing                 My Baby Loves Me;       My Cellmate Thinks
  Something Right;             Mcbride, Martina        I'm Sexy; Judd,
  Barnburners                 My Baby Loves Me;        Cledus T.
Must Be Nice; Lyfe             McBride, Martina       My Cherie Amour;
  Jennings                    My Baby Loves Me;        Wonder, Stevie
Must Have Done                 McBride, Martina       My Chick Bad;
  Something Right;            My Baby You;             Ludacris & Nicki
  Relient K                    Anthony, Marc           Minaj
Must Have Done                My Best Friend;         My Conviction; Hair
  Something Right;             McGraw, Tim            My Coo-Ca-Choo;
  Relient K                   My Best Friend;          Stardust, Alvin
Must Have Got Lost;            McGraw, Tim            My Country Tis of
  J Geils Band, The           My Best Friend;          Thee; Standard
Mustang Sally;                 McGraw, Tim            My Country 'Tis Of
  Pickett, Wilson             My Best Friend;          Thee; Patriotic
Mustang Sally;                 McGraw, Tim            My Deliverer;
  Pickett, Wilson             My Best Friend;          Jacobs, Judy
Mustang Sally;                 McGraw, Tim            My Ding A Ling;
  Pickett, Wilson             My Best Friend;          Berry, Chuck
Mustang Sally;                 McGraw, Tim            My Ding A Ling;
  Pickett, Wilson             My Best Friend;          Berry, Chuck
                               Mcgraw, Tim


My Doorbell; White            My Friends Are All      My Girl; Temptations,
 Stripes, The                  Gonna Be                The
My Elusive Butterfly;          Strangers;             My Girl; Temptations,
 Campbell, Glen                Haggard, Merle          The
My Everything; 98             My Friends Over         My Girl; Temptations,
 Degrees                       You; New Found          The
My Eyes Adored                 Glory                  My Girl; Temptations,
 You; Valli, Frankie          My Friend's Over         The
 & The Four                    You; New Found         My Girl; Temptations,
 Seasons                       Glory                   The
My Fair Lady; Get             My Friend's Over        My Girl; Temptations,
 Me To The Church              You; New Found          The
 On Time                       Glory                  My Girl1;
My Father's Eyes;             My Friend's Over         Temptations, The
 Grant, Amy                    You; New Found         My Give A Damn's
My Father's Eyes;              Glory                   Busted; Jo Dee
 Clapton, Eric                My Front Porch           Messina
My Favorite                    Looking In;            My Give A Damn's
 Memory; Haggard,              Lonestar                Busted; Messina,
 Merle                        My Funny Valentine;      Jo Dee
My Favorite                    Ronstadt, Linda        My Give A Damn's
 Memory; Haggard,             My Funny Valentine;      Busted; Jo Dee
 Merle                         Sinatra, Frank          Messina
My Favorite Mistake;          My Funny Valentine;     My Give A Damn's
 Crow, Sheryl                  Streisand, Barbra       Busted; Messina,
My Favorite Mistake;          My Future Ex             Jo Dee
 Sheryl Crow                   Boyfriend;             My Guy; Wells, Mary
My Favorite Mistake;           Wynette, Holly         My Guy; Various
 Crow, Sheryl                 My Future Ex            My Guy; Wells, Mary
My Favorite Mistake;           Boyfriend;             My Guy; Wells, Mary
 Crow, Sheryl                  Wynnette, Holly        My Guy; Wells, Mary
My Favorite Things;           My Generation; Who,     My Guy; Wells, Mary
 Mary Poppins                  The                    My Guy; Wells, Mary
My Favorite Things;           My Generation; Who,     My Guy; Wells, Mary
 Andrews, Julie                The                    My Guy; Wells, Mary
My Favorite Things;           My Generation; Limp     My Guy with vocals;
 Sound Of Music,               Bizkit                  Various
 The                          My Girl; Temptations,   My Hallelujah Song;
my favorite things;            The                     Hough, Julianne
 sound of music, the          My Girl; Temptations,   My Hang-Up Is You;
My Favorite Things;            The                     Hart, Freddie
 Sound Of Music,              My Girl; Temptations,   My Happiness;
 The                           The                     Powderfinger
My First Love;                My Girl; Temptations    My Happiness;
 Daughter To Daddy            My Girl; The             Powderfinger
 (Wedding)                     Temptations             w/vocal
My First Love;                My Girl; The            My happiness; Elvis
 Avante & Ketara               Temptations             Presley
 Wyatt                        My Girl; Gates,         My Happy Ending;
My First Night With            Gareth                  Lavigne, Avril
 You; Mya                     My Girl; Temptations,   My Happy Ending;
My First Night With            The                     Lavigne, Avril
 You; Mya                     My Girl; Temptations,   My Happy Ending;
My Foolish Heart;              The                     Lavigne, Avril
 Standard                     My Girl; Temptations,   My Happy Ending;
                               The                     Lavigne, Avril


My Happy Ending;             My Heart Will Go      My Kind Of Town;
 Avril Lavigne                On; Dion, Celine      Frank Sinatra
My Hat, It Has Three         My Heart Will Never   My Kind Of Town;
 Corners;                     Know; Walker,         Sinatra, Frank
 Traditional                  Clay                 My Kind Of Woman;
My Heart; Milsap,            My Heart's In Good     Gill, Vince & Patty
 Ronnie                       Hands; Exile          Loveless
My Heart Belongs to          My Hero; Foo          My Kind Of Woman
 Me; Streisand,               Fighters              My Kind Of Man;
 Barbra                      My Hero; Foo           Gill, Vince & Pattty
My Heart Can't Tell           Fighters              Loveless
 You No; Stewart,            My Heroes Have        My Kind Of Woman,
 Rod                          Always Been           My Kind Of Man;
My Heart Can't Tell           Cowboys; Nelson,      Gill, Vince & Patty
 You No; Stewart,             Willie                Loveless
 Rod                         My Heroes Have        My Kind Of Woman,
My Heart Can't Tell           Always Been           My Kind Of Man;
 You No; Stewart,             Cowboys; Nelson,      Gill & Loveless
 Rod                          Willie               My Kind Of Woman,
My Heart Has A               My Home; Heirline      My Kind Of Man;
 History; Brandt,            My Home's In           Gill, Vince & Patty
 Paul                         Alabama; Alabama      Loveless
My Heart Is Lost To          My Hometown;          My Kinda Girl;
 You; Brooks &                Robison, Charlie      Babyface
 Dunn                        My Hope Is You;       My Last Name;
My Heart Is Lost To           Third Day             Bentley, Dierks
 You; Brooks &               My House Is Full;     My Life; Joel, Billy
 Dunn                         Wolfe, Lanny         My Life; Joel, Billy
My Heart Is Still            My Humps; Black       My Life; Joel, Billy
 Beating; Kinleys,            Eyed Peas, The       My Life Is In You
 The                         My Humps; Black        Lord; Gospel
My Heart Is Still             Eyed Peas            My Life Is In You,
 Beating; Kinleys            My Humps;              Lord; WoW
My Heart Wants To             Morissette, Alanis    Worship
 Run; Azar, Steve            My Imagination;       My Life Is In Your
My Heart Will Go              Black, Clint          Hands; Franklin,
 On; Dion, Celine            My Immortal;           Kirk
My Heart Will Go              Evanescence          My Life Would Suck
 On; Celine Dion             My Immortal;           Without You;
My Heart Will Go              Evanescence           Clarkson, Kelly
 On; Celine Dion             My Immortal;          My Life Would Suck
My Heart Will Go              Evanescence           Without You;
 On; Dion, Celine            My Immortal;           Clarkson, Kelly
My Heart Will Go              Evanescence          My Life, My Love,
 On; Dion, Celine            My Immortal;           My All; Franklin,
My Heart Will Go              Evanescence           Kirk
 On; Dion, Celine            My Immortal;          My List; Keith, Toby
My Heart Will Go              Evanescence          My List; Keith, Toby
 On; Dion, Celine            My Is Like..Wo; Mya   My List; Keith, Toby
My Heart Will Go             My Kind Of Girl;      My List; Keith, Toby
 On; Dion, Celine             Raye, Collin         My little friend; Elvis
My Heart Will Go             My Kind Of Girl;       Presley
 On; Dion, Celine             Newton, Wayne        My Little Girl;
My Heart Will Go             My Kind Of Music;      Mcgraw, Tim
 On; Dion, Celine             Scott, Ray           My Little Girl; Tim


My Lord & I; Gaither         My Neck, My Back;       My Own Prison;
 Vocal Band, The              Khia                    Creed
My Love; McCartney,          My Neck, My Back        My Own Prison;
 Paul                         (Lick It); Khia         Creed
My Love; Paul                My Next 30 Years;       My Own Worst
 McCartney                    McGraw, Tim             Enemy; Lit
My Love; Westlife            My Next 30 Years;       My Own Worst
My Love; McCartney,           Tritt, Travis           Enemy; Lit
 Paul & Wings                My Next Broken          My Own Worst
My Love; Clark,               Heart; Brooks &         Enemy; Lit
 Petula                       Dunn                   My Own Worst
My Love; Mccartney,          My Next Broken           Enemy; Lit
 Paul                         Heart; Brooks &        My Praise; Phillips,
My Love; Paul                 Dunn                    Craig & Dean
 McCartney                   My Next Thirty          My Prayer; Platters,
My Love Don't Cost            Years; McGraw,          The
 A Thing; Lopez,              Tim                    My Prayer; Platters,
 Jennifer                    My Next Thirty           The
My Love Goes On               Years; McGraw,         My Prayer; Platters,
 And On; Cagle,               Tim                     The
 Chris                       My Next Thirty          My Prayer; Platters,
My Love Goes On               Years; McGraw,          The
 And On; Cagle,               Tim                    My Prerogative;
 Chris                       My Next Thirty           Spears, Britney
My Love Is Like               Years; McGraw,         My Prerogative;
 Whoa; Mya                    Tim                     Brown, Bobby
My Love Is                   My Next Thirty          My Redeemer Lives;
 Like...Wo; Mya               Years; Tritt, Travis    Praise & Worship
My Love Is Your              My Next Thirty          My Redeemer Lives;
 Love; Houston,               Years; Mcgraw,          Hillsong
 Whitney                      Tim                    My Romance;
My Love Will Not             My Next Thirty           Standards
 Change; Ketchum,             Years; Mcgraw,         My Sacrifice; Creed
 Hal                          Tim                    My Sacrifice; Creed
My Mama's Prayer;            My Night To Howl;       My Sacrifice; Creed
 Heirline                     Morgan, Lorrie         My Sacrifice; Creed
My Mammy; Jolson,            My Night To Howl;       My Sacrifice; Creed
 Al                           Morgan, Lorrie         My Sacrifice; Creed
My Man; Streisand,           My Old Flame;           My Sacrifice; Creed
 Barbra                       Clooney,               My Sarah; Thin Lizzy
My Maria; Brooks &            Rosemary               My Savior, My God;
 Dunn                        My Old Friend;           Shust, Aaron
My Maria; Brooks &            Mcgraw, Tim            My Sharona; Knack,
 Dunn                        My Old Friend; Tim       The
My Maria; Brooks              McGraw                 My Sharona; Knack
 And Dunn                    My Old Kentucky         My Sharona; Knack,
My Maria; Brooks &            Home; Children's        The
 Dunn                         Songs                  My Sharona; Knack,
My My My; Gill,              My Old Kentucky          The
 Johnny                       Home; Standard         My Sharona; Knack,
My Name; Canyon,             my old kentucky          The
 George                       home; Irish            My Shoes Keep
My Name; Canyon,              Classics                Walking Back To
 George                      My One And Only          You; Ray Price
My Name Is; Eminem            Love; Standards        My Sister; McEntire,


My Sister; McEntire,         My Wish; Rascal        Na Na Hey Hey Kiss
 Reba                          Flatts                 Him Goodbye;
My Sister; Mcentire,         My Wish; Rascal          Steam
 Reba                          Flatts               Na Na Hey Hey Kiss
My Sister; Reba              My Wish; Rascal          Him Goodbye;
 McEntire                      Flatts                 Steam
My Sister;                   My Wish Came True;     Na Na Hey Kiss Him
 Barnburners                   Elvis Presley          Goodbye; Steam
My Special Angel;            My Woman, My           Na Na, Hey Hey Kiss
 Helms, Bobby                  Woman, My Wife;        Him Goodbye;
My Special Angel;              Robbins, Marty         Steam
 Helms, Bobby                My World Is Empty      Nadine (Is It You);
My Special Angel;              Without You;           Berry, Chuck
 Helms, Bobby                  Ross, Diana          Naggin'; Ying Yang
My Strongest                 My World Is Empty        Twins
 Weakness; Judd,               Without You;         Nail, Jimmy; Flame
 Wynonna                       Supremes, The          Still Burns, The
My Sweet Lady;               My World Is Empty      Naked Eyes; Always
 Denver, John                  Without You;           Something There
My Sweet Lord;                 Supremes, The          To Remind Me
 Harrison, George            My World Is Over;      Name; Goo Goo
My Town; Gentry,               Chesney, Kenny &       Dolls, The
 Montgomery                    Whitney Duncan       Name; Goo Goo Dolls
My Tribute; Crouch,          My, My Lord;           The Name Game;
 Andrae                        McCrary, Ann           Ellis, Shirley
My Way; Limp Bizkit          My, Oh My; Wreckers    The Name Of The
 w/vocal                     Myles, Alannah;          Game; ABBA
My Way; Limp Bizkit            Black Velvet         Nans Song; Williams,
My Way; Elvis                Mysterious Ways;         Robbie
 Presley                       U2                   Narrow Daylight;
My Way; Sex Pistols,         Mysterious Ways;         Krall, Diana
 The                           U2                   Narrow Daylight;
My Way; Limp Bizkit          Mysterious Ways;         Diana KRALL
My Way; Newley,                U2                   Nasty; Jackson,
 Anthony                     Mysterious Ways;         Janet
My Way; Sinatra,               U2                   Nasty; Jackson,
 Frank                       Mysterious Ways;         Janet
My Way To You;                 U2                   Nasty Girl; Vanity 6
 Johnson, Jamey              Mysterious Ways;       Nasty Girl; Nitty
My Way To You;                 U2                   Nasty Naughty Boy;
 Johnson, Jamey              Mystery Train; Elvis     Aguilera, Christina
My Way To You;                 Presley              Natalie Cole; Love
 Johnson, Jamey              Na Na Hey Hey Kiss     Natalie Cole; Route
My Wild Irish Rose;            Him Goodbye;           66
 Irish Songs                   Steam                Natural; S Club 7
My Wild Irish Rose;          Na Na Hey Hey Kiss     Natural Born Killaz;
 Standard                      Him Goodbye;           Dr. Dre & Ice Cube
My Wild Irish Rose;            Steam                Natural Mystic;
 Irish Traditional           Na Na Hey Hey Kiss       Marley, Bob
My Will; D.C. Talk             Him Goodbye;         Natural Mystic;
My Wish; Rascal                Steam                  Marley, Bob
 Flatts                      Na Na Hey Hey Kiss     Natural Woman (You
My Wish; Rascal                Him Goodbye;           Make Me Feel Like
 Flatts                        Steam                  A); Franklin, Aretha
My Wish; Rascal                                     Natural Women;
 Flatts                                               Unknown Artist


naughton, david;             Neil Diamond; Sweet      Nelson, Willie; My
  making it                    Caroline                 Heroes Have
Naughty Girl;                Neil Diamond;              Always Been
  Beyonce                      Cracklin' Rose           Cowboys
Naughty Girl;                Neil Sedaka;             Nelson, Willie;
  Knowles, Beyonce             Laughter In The          Seven Spanish
Naughty Girl; Fox,             Rain                     Angels
  Samantha                   Neither One Of Us;       Nelson, Willie; All Of
Naughty Naughty;               Knight, Gladys           Me
  Parr, John                 Neither One Of Us;       Nelson, Willie; If
The Nearness Of                Knight, Gladys           You've Got The
  You; Standard              Neither One Of Us;         Money, I've Got
The Nearness Of                Knight, Gladys           The Time
  You; Wilson,               Neither One Of Us;       Nelson, Willie;
  Nancy                        Knight, Gladys &         Seven Spanish
The Nearness Of                The Pips                 Angels
  You; Stewart, Rod          Neither One Of Us        Nemo; Nightwash
Need To Be Next To             Wants To Be The        Neon Moon; Brooks
  You; Nash, Leigh             First; Knight,           & Dunn
Need To Be Next To             Gladys                 Neon Moon; Brooks
  You; Nash, Leigh           Nelson, Ricky; Hello       & Dunn
Need You Now; Lady             Mary Lou               Neutron Dance;
  Antebellum                 Nelson, Ricky; It's        Pointer Sisters,
Need You Now; Lady             Late                     The
  Antebellum                 Nelson, Ricky; Hello     Neutron Dance;
Need You Now; Lady             Mary Lou                 Pointer Sisters,
  Antebellum                 Nelson, Willie; To All     The
Need You Tonight;              The Girls l've         Never; Perez,
  INXS                         Loved Before             Amanda
Need You Tonight;            Nelson, Willie;          Never; Jaheim
  INXS                         Poncho And Lefty       Never; Heart
Need You Tonight;            Nelson, Willie;          Never; Heart
  INXS                         Whiskey River          Never; Heart
Need You Tonight;            Nelson, Willie; Blue     Never A Time;
  Inxs                         Skies                    Collins, Phil
The Needle And The           Nelson, Willie; On       Never again; Elvis
  Spoon; Lynyrd                The Road Again           Presley
  Skynyrd                    Nelson, Willie; On       Never Again;
The Needle And The             The Road Again           Nickelback
  Spoon; Lynyrd              Nelson, Willie; Blue     Never Again;
  Skynyrd                      Eyes Crying In The       Clarkson, Kelly
Needle In A                    Rain                   Never Again;
  Haystack;                  Nelson, Willie; Good       Nickelback
  Velvelettes, The             Hearted Woman, A       Never Again; Kelly
Needles And Pins;            Nelson, Willie; Mama       Clarkson
  The Ramones                  Don't Let Your         Never Again;
Needs; Collective              Babies                   Nickelback
  Soul                       Nelson, Willie; On       Never Again;
Negra Tiene                    The Road Again           Nickelback
  Tumbao, La;                Nelson, Willie; Crazy    Never Again;
  Spanish-Cruz,              Nelson, Willie; Funny      Nickelback
  Celia                        How Time Slips         Never Again (Radio
Nei Blu Dipinto Di             Away                     Version);
  Blu; Italian Songs         Nelson, Willie;            Clarkson, Kelly
The Neighbor; Dixie            Always On My           Never Alone;
  Chicks                       Mind                     Barlowgirl


Never Be Anyone               Never Gonna Be          Never Love You
  Else; Nelson, Ricky           Alone Wvocals;          Enough; Wright,
Never Be You; Cash,             Nickelback              Chely
  Rosanne                     Never Gonna Fall In     NEVER MIND ME;
Never Be Your                   Love Again; Eric        BIG & RICH
  Woman; Naughty                Carmen                Never Mind Me
  Boy Presents Wiley          Never Gonna Give          (Duet Version);
  & Emili Sande                 You Up; Rick            Big & Rich
Never Been Kissed;              Astley                Never My Love;
  Austin, Sherrie             Never Gonna Give          Association, The
Never Been So                   You Up; Rick          Never Say Never;
  Loved; Pride,                 Astley                  Romeo Void
  Charley                     Never Gonna Give        Never Stop; Brand
Never Been                      You Up; Astley,         New Heavies
  Unloved; Smith,               Rick                  Never Tear Us
  Michael W.                  Never Gonna Leave         Apart; INXS
Never Bow Down;                 Your Side;            Never Tear Us
  Third Day                     Bedingfield, Daniel     Apart; INXS
Never Can Say                 Never Gonna Stop        Never Tear Us
  Goodbye; Jackson              (Red, Red               Apart; Inxs
  5, The                        Kroovy); Zombie,      Never Too Far;
Never Can Say                   Rob                     Carey, Mariah
  Goodbye; Gaynor,            Never Had A Dream       Never Too Far;
  Gloria                        Come True; S            Carey, Mariah
Never Can Say                   Club 7                Never Too Far;
  Goodbye; Gaynor,            Never Had A Dream         Carey, Mariah
  Gloria                        Come True; S          Never Too Far (Hero
Never Can Say                   Club 7                  Medley); Carey,
  Goodbye;                    Never In A Million        Mariah
  Jackson, Michael              Tears; Brown, T.      Never Too Farhero
Never Comes The                 Graham                  Medley; Carey,
  Day; Moody Blues,           Never Knew Lonely;        Mariah
  The                           Gill, Vince           Never Too Late;
Never ending; Elvis           Never Knew Love           Three Days Grace
  Presley                       Like This Before;     Never Too Late;
Never Ending Song               Mills, Stephanie        Minogue, Kylie
  Of Love; New                Never Knew Love         Never Too Much;
  Seekers, The                  Like This Before;       Vandross, Luther
Never Ending Song               Mills, Stephanie      Never Too Much;
  Of Love; Delaney            Never Leave You;          Vandross, Luther
  And Bonnie And                Stryder, Tinchy &     Never Wanted
  Friends                       Amelle                  Nothing More;
Never Ever; All               Never Let Me Down;        Chesney, Kenny
  Saints                        Bowie, David          Never Wanted
Never Forget You;             Never Let Me Go;          Nothing More;
  Noisettes                     Vandross, Luther        Chesney, Kenny
Never Give Up On A            Never Let You Go;       Never Would Have
  Good Thing;                   Third Eye Blind         Made It; Sapp,
  Benson, George              Never Lie; Immature       Marvin
Never Give Up On A            Never Love You          New Again; Paisley,
  Good Thing;                   Enough; Wright,         Brad & Sara Evans
  Benson, George                Cheryl                New Age Girl;
Never Gonna Be                Never Love You            Deadeye Dick
  Alone; Nickelback             Enough; Wright,       New Age Girl;
Never Gonna Be                  Chely                   Deadeye Dick
  Alone; Nickelback


New Attitude;                New World In The        Next Time I Fall;
  Labelle, Patti               Morning;                Cetera, Peter &
New Attitude;                  Whittaker, Roger        Amy Grant
  LaBelle, Patti             New York; Faith,        Next Time I Fall In
New Attitude;                  Paloma                  Love; Grant, Amy
  LaBelle, Patti             New York Mining           & Peter Cetera
New Attitude;                  Disaster; Bee         The Next Time I Fall
  LaBelle, Patti               Gees, The               In Love; Cetera,
New Beginning; Stir          New York Minute;          Peter & Amy Grant
New Broom Boogie;              Henley, Don           Next To You, Next
  Al Dexter And His          New York New York;        To Me;
  Troopers                     Adams, Ryan             Shenandoah
A New Day Has                New York New York;      Next Year; Foo
  Come; Dion,                  Sinatra, Frank          Fighters
  Celine                     New York State Of       Ne-Yo; Miss
A New Day Has                  Mind; Joel, Billy       Independant
  Come; Dion,                New York State Of       Nice & Slow; Usher
  Celine                       Mind; Joel, Billy     Nice And Easy;
New Found Glory;             Newley, Anthony;          Sinatra, Frank
  My Heart Will Go             Why                   Nice And Easy;
  On                         Newton, Wayne; Red        Sinatra, Frank
New In Town; Little            Roses For A Blue      Nice And Slow;
  Boots                        Lady                    Usher
New Kid In Town;             Newton-john, Olivia;    Nice And Slow;
  Eagles, The                  Hopelessly              Usher
New Orleans; Elvis             Devoted To You        Nice To Be With
  Presley                    Newton-john, Olivia;      You; Gallery
New Orleans; Blues             Physical              Nice To Know You;
  Brothers, The              Newton-john, Olivia;      Incubus
new seekers, the;              Magic                 Nice Work If You
  look what they've          Newton-john, Olivia;      Can Get It; Sinatra,
  done to my song              I Honestly Love         Frank
NEW SENSATION;                 You                   Nice Work If You
  INXS                       Newton-john, Olivia;      Can Get It;
New Sensation;                 Summer Nights           Standard
  INXS                       Newton-john, Olivia;    Nichols, Joe; If
New Sensation;                 Little More Love, A     Nobody Believed In
  INXS                       Newton-john, Olivia;      You
New Shoes; Nutini,             Xanadu                Nichols, Joe wvocal;
  Paolo                      Newton-john, Olivia       Gimmie That Girl
New Shoes; Nutini,             & John Travolta;      Nick Gilder; Hot child
  Paolo                        You're The One          in the city
New Soul; Naim,                That I Want           Nick Lowe; Cruel To
  Yael                       Next Big Thing; Gill,     Be Kind
New Strings;                   Vince                 Nick Of Time; Raitt,
  Lambert, Miranda           Next Big Thing; Gill,     Bonnie
New Strings;                   Vince                 NICK OF TIME;
  Miranda Lambert            The Next Cloud;           BONNIE RAITT
New Tesament                   Kingsmen, The         Nick Of Time; Raitt,
  Medley; Children's         Next Step Is Love;        Bonnie
  Songs                        Elvis Presley         Nick Of Time; Raitt,
New Way (To Light            Next Time; Knight,        Bonnie
  Up An Old Flame);            Gladys                Nick Of Time; Raitt,
  Diffie, Joe                Next Time I Fall;         Bonnie
                               Cetera, Peter &       Nickelback; If Today
                               Amy Grant               Was Your Last Day


Nickelback; Gotta Be           Night Time Is The     Nikita; John, Elton
  Somebody                       Right Time;         Nikita; John, Elton
Nicks, Stevie & Don              Charles, Ray        Nilsson; Everybody's
  Henley; Leather &            A Night To              Talkin'
  Lace (Duet)                    Remember; Diffie,   Nina Sky & Jabba;
Nicks, Stevie, Tom               Joe                   Move Ya Body
  Petty &                      A Night To            Nine In The
  Heartbreakers;                 Remember; Diffie,     Afternoon; Panic
  Stop Draggin’ My               Joe                   At The Disco
  Heart Around                 A Night To            Nineteen; Waycross
Night And Day;                   Remember;           Nineteen Somethin';
  Sinatra, Frank                 Shalamar              Wills, Mark
Night And Day;                 Nightair; Fleetwood   Nineteen
  Holiday, Billie                Mac                   Something; Wills,
Night Chicago Died;            Nightime Is The         Mark
  Paper Lace                     Right Time;         Nirvana; Smells Like
Night Disappear                  Charles, Ray          Teen Spirit
  With You;                    Nightingale; Norah    Nirvana; Smells Like
  McComas, Brian                 Jones                 Teen Spirit
Night Disappear                Nightingale; Carole   Nirvana; Man Who
  With You;                      King                  Sold The World,
  Mccomas, Brian               Nightmare On My         The
Night Fever; Bee                 Street; D.J. Jazy   Nirvana; Heart
  Gees, The                      Jeff                  Shaped Box
The Night Has A                A Nightmare On My     Nite And Day; Kasino
  Thousand Eyes;                 Street; DJ Jazzy      F
  Shannon, Del                   Jeff & The Fresh    Nitty Gritty Dirt
Night Is Fallin' In My           Prince                Band; Mr.
  Heart; Diamond               Nights Are Forever      Bojangles
  Rio                            Without You;        No Air; Sparks,
Night Life; Ray Price            England, Dan &        Jordin & Chris
Night Moves; Seger,              John Ford Coley       Brown
  Bob                          Nights In White       No Air; Jordin Sparks
Night Moves; Seger,              Satin; Moody          feat. Chris Brown
  Bob                            Blues               No Air; Jordin Sparks
Night Moves; Seger,            Nights In White         & Chris Brown
  Bob                            Satin; Moody        No Alibies; Clapton,
Night Shift; Richie,             Blues, The            Eric
  Lionel                       Nights In White       No Alibies; Clapton,
Night Swimming;                  Satin; Moody          Eric
  REM                            Blues, The          No Charge; Melba
The Night The                  Nights In White         Montgomery
  Lights Went Out                Satin; Moody        No Charge; Caesar,
  In Georgia;                    Blues, The            Shirley
  McEntire, Reba               Nights In White       No Charge; Blige,
The Night They                   Satin; Moody          Mary J.
  Drove Old Dixie                Blues, The          No Diggity;
  Down; Band, The              Nights In White         Blackstreet
The Night They                   Satin; Moody        No Doubt; Don't
  Drove Old Dixie                Blues, The            Speak
  Down; Baez, Joan             Nights On             No Doubt About It;
The Night They                   Broadway; Bee         McCoy, Neal
  Drove Old Dixie                Gees, The           No Doubt About It;
  Down; Band, The              Nightshift;             McCoy, Neal
  & Joan Baez                    Commodores, The     No Doubt About It;
                               Nikita; John, Elton     Mccoy, Neal


No End In Sight;              No More (Baby I'ma      No One Needs To
  Elam, Katrina                 Do Right); 3LW          Know; Twain,
No End In Sight;              No More Drama;            Shania
  Elam, Katrina                 Blige, Mary J         No One Needs To
No End To This                No More I Love You;       Know; Shania
  Road; Restless                Lennox, Annie           Twain
  Heart                       No More I Love          No One Needs To
No Excuses; Alice In            Yous; Lennox,           Know; Shania
  Chains                        Annie                   Twain
No Fear; Clark, Terri         No More Lonely          No One Needs To
No Fear; Clark, Terri           Nights; Mccartney,      Know; Twain,
No Fear; Clark, Terri           Paul                    Shania
No Future In The              No More Looking         No One To Run
  Past; Gill, Vince             Over My                 With; Allman
No Future In The                Shoulder; Tritt,        Brothers Band, The
  Past; Gill, Vince             Travis                No One Will Ever
No Greater Love;              No More Looking           Love Me; Howard,
  Lampa, Rachael                Over My                 Rebecca Lynn
No Leaf Clover (Live            Shoulder; Tritt,      No Other Word For
  version); Metallica           Travis                  Grace; Talleys,
No Letting Go;                No More No Less;          The
  Wonder, Wayne                 Collective Soul       No Particular Place
No Love; Edmonds,             No More Tears;            To Go; Berry,
  Kevon                         Streisand, Barbra &     Chuck
No Love (I'm Not                Donna Summer          No Place Like Home;
  Used To);                   No More The Fool;         Georgia Middleman
  Edmonds, Kevon                Elkie Brooks          No Place Like Home;
No Man In His                 No More To Kill;          Travis, Randy
  Wrong Heart;                  Black, Clint          No Place Like Home;
  Allan, Gary                 No More Words;            Middleman,
No Man's Land;                  Berlin                  Georgia
  Montgomery, John            No News; Lonestar       No Place That Far;
  Michael                     No News; Lonestar         Evans, Sara
No Matter How I Try;          No One; Keys, Alicia    No Place That Far;
  O'Sullivan, Gilbert         NO ONE; ALICIA            Evans, Sara
No Matter What; Def             KEYS                  No Place That Far;
  Leppard                     No One; Keys, Alicia      Evans, Sara
No Matter What;               No One Else Like        No Pressure; Lemar
  Boyzone                       You; Jacobs, Judy     No Questions
No Me Ames;                   No One Else On            Asked; Fleetwood
  Spanish-Lopez,                Earth; Judd,            Mac
  Jennifer & Marc               Wynonna               No Rain; Blind Melon
  Anthony                     No One In The           No Reply At All;
No Me Ensenaste;                World; Baker,           Genesis
  Spanish-Thalia                Anita                 No Reply At All;
No Me Ensenaste;              No One Is To Blame;       Genesis
  Spanish-Thalia                Carlson, Katrina &    No Scrubs; TLC
No Mercy; Herndon,              Howard Jones          No Scrubs; TLC
  Ty                          No One Is To Blame;     No Scrubs; TLC
No Mercy; Herndon,              Jones, Howard         No Scrubs; TLC
  Ty                          No One Needs To         No Scrubs; Tlc
No More; Elvis                  Know; Shania          No Shoes, No Shirt,
  Presley                       Twain                   No Problem;
No More; A1                   No One Needs To           Chesney, Kenny
No More; Ruff Endz              Know; Twain,
No More; Ruff Endz              Shania


No Shoes, No Shirt,           No Woman No Cry;        Nobody Loves Me
  No Problems;                  Marley, Bob             Like You Do; Anne
  Chesney, Kenny              No Woman, No Cry;         Murray & Dave
No Shoes, No Shirt,             Marley, Bob             Loggins
  No Problems;                No Woman, No Cry        Nobody Loves Me
  Chesney, Kenny                (Live); Marley, Bob     Like You Do;
No Shoes, No Shirt,             & The Wailers           Murray, Anne &
  No Problems;                No You Girls;             Dave Loggins
  Chesney, Kenny                Ferdinand, Franz      Nobody Told Me;
No Strings                    No. 1; Nelly              Lennon, John
  Attached; N Sync            Noah & The Whale;       Nobody Want;
No Substitute/Oh                Five Years Time         Martin, Ricky &
  Kathy Lee; Chef             Nobody; Sylvia            Christina Aquilera
No Such Thing; John           Nobody; Sylia           Nobody Wants To
  Mayer                       Nobody; Sylvia            Be Lonely; Martin,
No Such Thing;                Nobody; Sweat,            Ricky & Christina
  Mayer, John                   Keith & Athena          Aguilera
No Such Thing;                  Cage                  Nobody Wants To
  Mayer, John                 Nobody; Sylvia            Be Lonely; Martin,
No Such Thing;                Nobody; Sylvia            Ricky & Christina
  Mayer, John                 Nobody; Sylvia            Aguilera
No Such Thing;                Nobody; Sylvia          Nobody Wins;
  Mayer, John                 Nobody But Me;            Brenda Lee
No Surprise;                    Shelton, Blake        Nobody's Child;
  Daughtry                    Nobody But You;           Young, Karen
No Surrender;                   Backstreet Boys,      Nobody's Fool;
  Springsteen, Bruce            The                     Cinderella
No Te Preocupes               Nobody Died;            Nobody's Fool;
  Por Mi; Spanish-              Wilkinsons, The         Cinderella (Movie)
  Chayanne                    Nobody Does It          Nobody's Gonna
No Tell Lover;                  Better; Carly           Rain On Our
  Chicago                       Simon                   Parade; Mattea,
No Tell Lover;                Nobody Does It            Kathy
  Chicago                       Better; Simon,        Nobody's Got It All;
No Thinkin' Think;              Carly                   Anderson, John
  Adkins, Trace               Nobody Gonna Tell       Nobody's Home;
No Time; Guess                  Me What To Do;          Black, Clint
  Who, The                      Van Zant              Nobody's Home;
No Time For Tears;            Nobody Gonna Tell         Black, Clint
  Messina, Jo Dee               Me What To Do;        Nobody's Home;
No Time For Tears;              Van Zant                Clint Black
  Messina, Jo Dee             Nobody Home; Pink       Nobody's Home;
No Time For Tears;              Floyd                   Black, Clint
  Enemy, The                  Nobody Knows;           Nobody's Home;
No Time To Kill;                Tony Rich Project,      Black, Clint
  Black, Clint                  The                   Nobody's Perfect;
No Way Out; Stone             Nobody Knows The          Montana, Hannah
  Temple Pilots                 Trouble I've Seen;    Nobody's Supposed
No Way Out;                     Sharp, Kevin            To Be Here; Cox,
  Bogguss, Suzy               Nobody Knows The          Deborah
No Way To Treat A               Trouble I've Seen;    Nobody's Supposed
  Lady; Raitt, Bonnie           Tony Rich Project,      To Be Here; Cox,
No Woman No Cry;                The                     Deborah
  Boney M.                                            Nobody's Supposed
No Woman No Cry;                                        To Be Here; Cox,
  Marley, Bob                                           Deborah


Nobody's There;               Not Counting You;       Not The Only One;
  Gold City                     Brooks, Garth           Raitt, Bonnie
Noisettes; Don't              Not Enough Hours        The Note; Singletary,
  Upset The Rhythm              In The Night;           Daryle
  (Go Baby Go)                  Supernaw, Doug        Nothin'; N.O.R.E.
The Noisettes; Never          Not Enough Love In      Nothin' Better To
  Forget You                    The World;              Do; LeAnn Rimes
Nolita Fairytale;               Henley, Don           Nothin' Better To
  Carlton, Vanessa            Not Even A Stone;         Do; Rimes, Leann
Non Dimenticar;                 Perrys, The           Nothin' Better To
  Italian                     Not Fade Away;            Do; Rimes, LeAnn
Non Ho L'eta; Italian           Holly, Buddy          Nothin' Bout Love
  Songs                       Not Fade Away;            Makes Sense;
Non Ti Scordar Di               Holly, Buddy            LeAnn Rimes
  Me; Italian Songs           Not Fade Away;          Nothin' 'bout Love
None Of Your                    Rolling Stones, The     Makes Sense;
  Business; Salt-N-           Not Fair; Allen, Lily     Rimes, Leann
  Pepa                        Not For Sale;           Nothin' But A Good
Nookie; Limp Bizkit             Combs, Michael          Time; Poison
Nookie; Limp Bizkit           Not For Sale;           Nothin' But A Good
Nookie; Limp Bizkit             Combs, Michael          Time; Poison
North To Alaska;              Not Going Down; Jo      Nothin' But A Love
  Johnny Horton                 Dee Messina             Thang; Worley,
North To Alaska;              Not Gonna Cry;            Darryl
  Horton, Johnny                Blige, Mary J         Nothin' But Cowboy
North To Alaska;              Not Gonna Cry;            Boots; Blue
  Horton, Johnny                Blige, Mary J           Country
North To Alaska;              Not Me; Thomas,         Nothin' But The
  Horton, Johnny                Keni                    Taillights; Black,
North To Alaska;              Not Now John; Pink        Clint
  Horton, Johnny                Floyd                 Nothin' Less Than
North Wind;                   Not On Your Love;         Love; Buffalo Club
  Williams, Hank                Carson, Jeff          Nothin' Less Than
Norwegian Wood                Not Pretty Enough;        Love; Buffalo Club
  (This Bird Has                Chambers, Kasey       Nothin' Like
  Flown); Beatles,            Not Ready To Make         Summer;
  The                           Nice; Dixie Chicks,     Rasmusen,
Not A Day Goes By;              The                     Carmen
  Lonestar                    Not Ready To Make       Nothin' New Under
Not A Day Goes By;              Nice; Dixie Chicks      The Moon; Rimes,
  Lonestar                    Not Responsible;          LeAnn
Not A Day Goes By;              Jones, Tom            Nothin' On You;
  Lonestar                    Not Right But Okay;       B.O.B. & Bruno
Not A Day Goes By;              Houston, Whitney        Mars
  Lonestar                    Not That Different;     Nothin' To Lose;
Not A Moment Too                Raye, Collin            Gracin, Josh
  Soon; McGraw,               Not That Different;     Nothin' To Lose;
  Tim                           Raye, Collin            Josh Gracin
Not A Moment Too              Not That Kind Of        Nothin' To Lose;
  Soon; McGraw,                 Girl; Anastacia         Gracin, Josh
  Tim                         Not That Kinda Girl;    Nothing; Yoakum,
Not Counting You;               Jojo                    Dwight
  Brooks, Garth               Not That Kinda Girl;    Nothing; NORE
Not Counting You;               JoJo                  Nothing; NORE
  Brooks, Garth               Not The Only One;       nothing; chorus line
                                Raitt, Bonnie


Nothing At All;              Nothing Left To          Now Behold The
  Santana & Musiq              Lose; Mat Kearney        Lamb; Franklin,
Nothing At All;              Nothing News;              Kirk
  Santana & Musiq              Black, Clint           Now I Know; White,
Nothing At All;              Nothing News;              Lari
  Santana & Musiq              Black, Clint           Now I Lay Me Down
Nothing Broken But           Nothing On But The         To Sleep; Various
  My Heart; Dion,              Radio; Allan, Gary       Artists
  Celine                     Nothing On But The       Now I Lay Me Down
Nothing Broken But             Radio; Gary Allan        To Sleep;
  My Heart; Dion,            Nothing Short Of           Children's Songs
  Celine                       Dying; Tritt, Travis   Now I'm That Bitch;
Nothing Broken But           Nothing Short Of           Franc, Livvy
  My Heart; Dion,              Dying; Travis Tritt    Now That I Found
  Celine                     Nothing To Prove;          You; Clark, Terri
Nothing But The                Lonestar               Now That I Found
  Blood; Crabb               Nothing To Prove;          You; Clark, Terri
  Family, The                  Spine, Carolines       Now That I Found
Nothing But Time;            Nothing To Prove;          You; Clark, Terri
  Browne, Jackson              Caroline's Spine       Now That I Found
Nothing Can Stop             Nothing's Gonna            You; Terri Clark
  Me Now; Newley,              Change My Love;        Now That We Found
  Anthony                      Medeiros, Glenn          Love; Third World
Nothing Cathes               Nothing's Gonna          Now That We
  Jesus By                     Change My Love           Foundlove; Third
  Surprise;                    For You; Medeiros,       World
  Montgomery, John             Glenn                  NOW THAT YOU
  Michael                    Nothing's Gonna            GOT IT; GWEN
Nothing Compares;              Change My Love           STEFANI ftg.
  Third Day                    For You; Benson,         DAMIAN MARLEY
Nothing Compares;              George                 Now That You
  Third Day                  Nothing's Gonna            Know; Peck, Karen
Nothing Compares 2             Stop Us Now;             & New River
  U; O'Connor,                 Starship               Now That You
  Sinead                     Nothing's Gonna            Know; Peck, Karen
Nothing Compares 2             Stop Us Now;             & New River
  U; O'connor,                 Starship               Now That's
  Sinead                     Nothing's Gonna            Awesome!;
Nothing Compares               Stop Us Now;             Engvall, Byrd,
  To You; O'Connor,            Starship                 Mccoy & Brown
  Sinead                     Notion; Kings Of         Now You See Me
Nothing Compares               Leon                     Now You Don't;
  To You; O'Connor,          Notorious; Duran           Womack, Lee Ann
  Sinead                       Duran                  Now You See Me,
Nothing Else                 Notorious; Duran           Now You Don't;
  Matters; Metallica           Duran                    Womack, Lee Ann
Nothing In My Way;           Notorious; Duran         Now You're Gone;
  Keane                        Duran                    Basshunter
Nothing Left Behind          November Rain;           Nowhere Man;
  Us; Marx, Richard            Guns 'N Roses            Beatles, The
Nothing Left To              Noviembre Sin Ti;        Nowhere To Run;
  Lose; Kearney,               Spanish-Reik             Martha & The
  Matt                       Now & Forever; True        Vandellas
Nothing Left To                Vibe                   Nowhere To Run;
  Lose; Mat Kearney                                     Martha & The


Nowhere To Run;               O Holy Night;           Ocean Avenue;
  Reeves, Martha &              Traditional             Yellowcard
  Vandellas                   O L'amour; Erasure      Ocean Avenue;
A Ns Gotta Do;                O Little Town Of          Yellowcard
  Brock, Chad                   Bethlehem;            Ocean Avenue;
Nth Degree; Star                Christmas               Yellowcard
  Disc                        O Little Town Of        Ocean Avenue;
Numb; Disturbed                 Bethlehem;              Yellowcard
Number 1; Stryder,              Christmas             Ocean Avenue;
  Tinchy & N-Dubz             O Little Town Of          Yellowcard
Number One; Skye                Bethlehem;            Ocean Front
  Sweetnam                      Christmas               Property; Strait,
Number One Enemy;             O Sole Mio; Italian       George
  Daisy Dares You             O What A Thrill;        Ocean, Billy; When
Nutbush City Limits;            Mavericks, The          The Going Gets
  Turner, Tina                O What A Thrill;          Tough, The Tough
Nuthin' But A G                 Mavericks, The          Gets Going
  Thang; Dr. Dre &            O, My Lord, What A      The Ocean; Led
  Snoop Doggy Dogg              Time; Gaither           Zeppelin
Nuthin' But A G                 Vocal Band, The       O'connor, Hazel;
  Thang; Dr. Dre &            Oak Ridge Boys;           Calls The Tune
  Snoop Doggy Dogg              Elvira                Odd One; Sick
Nyc; Annie                    The Oak Ridge             Puppies Wvocal
O; Omarion                      Boys; Elvira          Odd One; Sick
O; Omarion                    The Oak Ridge             Puppies
O Christmas Tree;               Boys; Elvira          Ode To Billie Joe;
  Christmas                   Oasis; D'you Know         Gentry, Bobbie
O Come All Ye                   What I Mean           Ode To Billie Joe;
  Faithful; Elvis             Oasis; Magic Pie          Gentry, Bobbie
  Presley                     Oasis; Stand By Me      Ode To Billie Joe;
O Come All Ye                 Oasis; New Hinsons,       Gentry, Bobbie
  Faithful; Christmas           The                   Ode To My Car;
O Come All Ye                 Oasis; Be Here Now        Sandler, Adam
  Faithful; Christmas         Oasis; Stay Young         (South Park)
O Come All Ye                 Oasis; Don't Go         Ode To My Car;
  Faithful; Christmas           Away                    Sandler, Adam
O Come All Ye                 Oasis; It's Gettin'     Ode To My Car;
  Faithful; Christmas           Better                  Sandler, Adam
O Come All Ye                 Oasis; Falling Down     Ode To My Family;
  Faithful; Christmas         Oasis; I'm Outta Here     Cranberries, The
O Come, O Come                Oasis; Shock Of The     O'donnell, Daniel;
  Emmanuel;                     Lightning, The          Isle Of Innisfree
  Christmas                   Ob La Di, Ob La Da;     O'donnell, Daniel;
O Holy Night;                   Beatles, The            Danny Boy
  Christmas                   Objection; Shakira      Of Course I'm
O Holy Night;                 Objection (Tango);        Alright; Alabama
  Christmas                     Shakira               The Offspring; Hit
O Holy Night;                 Obsession;                That
  Christmas                     Animotion             Oh; Ciara & Ludacris
O Holy Night;                 Obsession (No Es        Oh; Matthews, Dave,
  Christmas-Greater             Amor); Frankie J        Band
  Vision                        feat. Baby Bash       Oh Boy; Camron &
O Holy Night;                 Obvious; Westlife         Juelz Santana
  Christmas                   Ocean Avenue;           Oh Boy; Camron &
O Holy Night;                   Yellowcard              Juelz Santana
  Traditional                                         Oh Boy; Holly, Buddy


Oh Boy; Holly, Buddy         Oh My My Can You        Oh Yeah!; Big
 & The Crickets                Boogie; Turner,          Tymers & Gotti &
Oh Boy; Holly, Buddy           Ike & Tina               Boo & Tateeze
Oh Boy; Cam'ron &            Oh My Wonderful         Oh You Pretty
 Juelz Santana                 One; Italian             Things; Bowie,
Oh Boy; Holly, Buddy         Oh No; Richie, Lionel      David
Oh Carol; Sedaka,            Oh Pretty Woman;        Oh, Babe, What
 Neil                          Orbison, Roy             Would You Say;
Oh Carol; Sedaka,            Oh Pretty Woman;           Hurricane Smith
 Neil                          Various               Oh, Boy; Buddy Holly
Oh Carolina; Shaggy          Oh Pretty Woman;        Oh, Susanna;
Oh Come All Ye                 Orbison, Roy &           Various Artists
 Faithful; Christmas           The Candymen          Oh, What A
Oh Come Angel                Oh Pretty Woman            Beautiful Mornin';
 Band; Taditional              with vocals;             Oklahoma
Oh Come Oh Come                Various                  (Musical)
 Emmanuel;                   Oh Sheila; Ready For    Ohio (come Back To
 Christmas                     The World                Texas); Bowling
Oh Darling; Beatles,         Oh Sheila; Ready For       For Soup
 The                           The World             Oil And Water;
Oh Draw Me, Lord;            Oh Sheila; Ready For       Incubus
 Selah                         The World             Okie From
Oh Girl; Chi-Lites,          Oh Suzanna;                Muskogee; Merle
 The                           Standard                 Haggard
Oh Girl; Chilites            Oh Suzanna;             Okie From
Oh Girl; Chi-Lites,            Children's Songs         Muskogee;
 The                         Oh Very Young;             Haggard, Merle
Oh Girl; Chi-Lites,            Stevens, Cat          Okie From
 The                         Oh Very Young;             Muskogee;
Oh Happy Day; Elvis            Stevens, Cat             Haggard, Merle
 Presley                     Oh Very Young;          Okie From
Oh Happy Day;                  Stevens, Cat             Muskogee; Merle
 Harris, Larnell             Oh Very Young; Cat         Haggard
Oh L'amour; Erasure            Stevens               Okie From
Oh L'Amour; Erasure          Oh Very Young;             Muskogee;
Oh Little Town Of              Stevens, Cat             Haggard, Merle
 Bethleham; Elvis            Oh Well; Fleetwood      Okie From
 Presley                       Mac                      Muskogee;
Oh Little Town Of            Oh What A Beautiful        Haggard, Merle
 Bethlehem;                    Morning;              Okie From
 Christmas                     Oklahoma                 Muskogie;
Oh Lonesome Me;              oh what a beautiful        Haggard, Merle
 Don Gibson                    morning;              Oklahoma; Gilman,
Oh Lonesome Me;                oklahoma                 Billy
 Gibson, Don                 Oh What A Night         Oklahoma;
Oh Lonesome Me;                (December '63);          Oklahoma
 Kentucky                      Dells, The            Oklahoma; Show
 Headhunters                 Oh What A Savior;          Tunes
Oh Look At Me Now;             Cathedrals, The       Oklahoma; I Can't
 Sinatra, Frank              Oh What A Thrill;          Say No
Oh My God; Maria,              Mavericks, The        Oklahoma; Gilman,
 Ida                         Oh What A Thrill;          Billy
Oh My Love; Lennon,            Mavericks, The        Ol' 55; Eagles, The
 John                        Oh When The Saints      ol' man river; Irish
                               Come Watching            Classics
                               In; Standard


Ol' Red; Shelton,            Old MacDonald;         Old Time Rock And
  Blake                        Children's Songs        Roll; Seger, Bob
Old; Simon, Paul             Old Macdonald Had      Old Time Rock And
Old; Simon &                   A Farm; Various         Roll; Seger, Bob
  Garfunkel                    Artists              Old Time Rock And
The Old Apartment;           Old Macdonald Had         Roll; Seger, Bob &
  Barenaked Ladies             A Farm; Children's      The Silver Bullet
Old Before I Die;              Songs                   Band
  Williams, Robbie           Old Man; Young, Neil   Old Time Rock 'n'
Old Blue; Children's         Old Man Mose;             Roll; Seger, Bob
  Songs                        Newton, Wayne        The Old Time Way;
Old Blue Chair;              Old Man River;            Free, Brian &
  Chesney, Kenny               Standard                Assurance
Old Blue Chair;              Old McDonald Had       Old Town New;
  Kenny Chesney                A Farm; Children's      McGraw, Tim
Old Blue Chair;              Old Mother             Old Toy Trains;
  Chesney, Kenny               Hubbard; Various        Whitaker, Roger
Old Blue Chair                 Artists              Old Weaknesses
  (Ocean Mix);               Old Rugged Cross;         (Coming On
  Kenny Chesney                Gospel                  Strong); Tucker,
Old Cape Cod; Page,          The Old Rugged            Tanya
  Patti                        Cross Made The       Old Woman Who
Old Devil Moon;                Difference;             Lived In A Shoe;
  Bennett, Tony                Gaithers, The           Various Artists
Old Dogs, Children           Old Shep; Elvis        Old Woman Who
  & Watermelon                 Presley                 Lived In A Shoe;
  Wine; Hall, Tom T.         Old Ship Of Zion;         Various Artists
Old Enough To                  New Hinsons, The     Older The Violin The
  Know Better;               The Old Songs;            Sweeter The
  Hayes, Wade                  Manilow, Barry          Tune; Hank
Old Fashioned Girl;          Old Tesament              Thompson
  Kitt, Eartha                 Medley; Children's   Older Woman; Hill,
Old Fashioned Love             Songs                   Benny
  Song; Three Dog            The Old Time           Oldest Swinger In
  Night                        Christian Way;          Town; Wedlock,
Old Flame; Alabama             Signature Sound         Fred
Old Flame; Alabama             Quartet, The         Oliver's Army;
Old Gospel Ship;             Old Time Religion;        Costello, Elvis
  Mote, Gordon                 Various Artists      Olivia Newton John;
Old Gray Mare;               Old Time Religion;        I Honestly Love
  Children's Songs             Various Artists         You
Old Gray Mare;               Old Time Religion;     olivia newton-john,
  Various Artists              Gospel                  john travola;
Old King Cole;               Old Time Rock &           you're the one that i
  Children's Songs             Roll; Seger, Bob        want
Old King Cole;               Old Time Rock &        OMD; Talking Loud
  Children's Songs             Roll; Seger, Bob        And Clear
Old King Cole;               Old Time Rock &        Omen; Prodigy
  Children's Songs             Roll; Seger, Bob     On A Carousel;
Old King Cole;               Old Time Rock &           Hollies, The
  Various Artists              Roll; Seger, Bob     On A Good Night;
The Old Love Letter;         Old Time Rock &           Hayes, Wade
  McKameys, The                Roll; Seger, Bob     On A Good Night;
Old MacDonald;               Old Time Rock &           Hayes, Wade
  Children's Songs             Roll; Seger, Bob     On A Mision; Cilmi,


On A Mission; Trick           On My Knees;          On The Road Again;
 Pony                          Velasquez, Jaci        Nelson, Willie
On A Mission; Trick           On My Knees;          On The Road Again;
 Pony                          Velasquez, Jaci        Nelson, Willie
On A Night Like               On My Own; LaBelle,   On The Road Again;
 This; Trick Pony              Patti & Michael        Nelson, Willie
On A Night Like                McDonald             On The Road Again;
 This; Trick Pony             On My Own; Les          Nelson, Willie
On A Night Like                Miserables           On The Road Again;
 This; Trick Pony             On My Way To You;       Nelson, Willie
On A Night Like                Isaacs, Sonya        On The Road To
 This; Trick Pony             On Second Thought;      Emmaus; Steeles,
On A Slow Boat To              Rabbitt, Eddie         The
 China; Standards             On Tap , In a Can ,   On The Roof Again;
On A Slow Boat To              In a Bottle; Hank      Eve 6
 China; Standard               Thompson             On The Side Of
On A Snowy                    On The Coast Of         Angels; Rimes,
 Christmas Night;              Somewhere              LeAnn
 Elvis Presley                 Beautiful;           On The Side Of
ON AGAIN                       Chesney, Kenny         Angels; Rimes,
 TONIGHT; TRENT               On The Dark Side;       LeAnn
 WILLMON                       Cafferty, John       On The Side Of
On An Evening In              On The Down Low;        Angels; Rimes,
 Roma; Martin,                 McKnight, Brian        Leann
 Dean                         On The Other Hand;    On The Side Of
On Bended Knee;                Travis, Randy          Angels; Rimes,
 Boyz II Men                  On The Other Hand;      Leann
On Bended Knee;                Travis, Randy        On The Street
 Boyz II Men                  On The Other Side       Where You Live;
On Bended Knee;                Of The Radio;          Broadway
 Boyz II Men                   Rice, Chris          On The Street
On Bended Knee;               On The Radio;           Where You Live;
 Boyz II Men                   McCutcheon,            My Fair Lady
On Bended Knee;                Martine              On The Street
 Boyz II Men                  On The Radio;           Where You Live;
On Bended Knee;                Summer, Donna          My Fair Lady
 Boyz II Men                  On The Radio          on the street where
On Bended Knee;                (Remember The          you live; my fair
 Boyz Ii Men                   Days); Furtado,        lady
On Bended Knee;                Nelly                On The Sunny Side
 Boyz II Men                  On The Road;            Of The Street;
On Broadway;                   Parnell, Lee Roy       Standard
 Drifters, The                On The Road Again;    On The Sunny Side
On Broadway;                   Willie Nelson          Of The Street;
 Drifters, The                On The Road Again;      Standard
On Broadway;                   Nelson, Willie       On The Sunny Side
 Benson, George               On The Road Again;      Of The Street;
On Broadway;                   Carter, Deana &        Standard
 Benson, George                Willie Nelson          Reminiscing
On Call; Kings Of             On The Road Again;    On The Turning
 Leon                          Nelson, Willie         Away; Pink Floyd
On Down The Line;             On The Road Again;    On The Verge; Raye,
 Loveless, Patty               Willie Nelson          Collin
On Fire; Banks, Lloyd         On The Road Again;    On The Verge; Collin
On My Knees;                   Nelson, Willie         Raye
 Velasquez, Jaci


On The Way Down;            Once Bitten, Twice      One Bourbon, One
 Cabrera, Ryan                Shy; Great White       Scotch, One Beer;
On The Way Down;            Once Bitten, Twice       Hooker, John Lee
 Cabrera, Ryan                Shy; Great White      One Bourbon, One
On the Wings of             Once In A Lifetime;      Scotch, One Beer;
 Love; Jeffrey                Talking Heads, The     Hooker, John Lee
 Osborne                    Once In A Lifetime;     One Boy Two Litttle
On The Wings Of               Urban, Keith           Girls; Elvis Presley
 Love; Osborne,             Once In A Lifetime;     One Boy, One Girl;
 Jeffrey                      Bolton, Michael        Collin Raye
On The Wings Of             Once In A Lifetime;     One Boy, One Girl;
 Love; Osborne,               Talking Heads          Raye, Collin
 Jeffrey                    Once In A Lifetime;     One Boy, One Girl;
On The Wings Of               Newley, Anthony        Raye, Collin
 Love; Osborne,             Once In A Lifetime;     One Boy, One Girl;
 Jeffrey                      Talking Heads          Raye, Collin
On The Wings Of             Once In A Lifetime      One Boy, One Girl;
 Love; Osborne,               (Radio Version);       Raye, Collin
 Jeffrey                      Urban, Keith          One Bright Star;
On To The Next              Once In A Lifetime       Christmas
 One; Jay-Z &                 Love; Walker, Clay    One Broken Heart
 Swizz Beatz                Once In A Lifetime       For Sale; Elvis
On Top Of Old                 Love; Walker, Clay     Presley
 Smokey;                    Once In A While;        One Bud Wiser;
 Children's Songs             Chimes                 Wilson, Gretchen
On Top Of Old               Once Upon A             One Day; Issak, Chris
 Smokey; Standard             December; Carter,     One Day At A Time;
On Top Of Old                 Deana                  Carter, Deana
 Smokey; Various            once upon a dream;      One Day At A Time;
 Artists                      jekyll & hyde          Lane, Christy
On Top Of Old               Once Upon A             One Day At A Time;
 Smokey; Standard             Lifetime; Alabama      Lane, Cristy
On Top Of Old               Once Was Enough;        One Day At A Time;
 Smokey; Standard             Freemans, The          Lane, Cristy
On Top Of Old               Once You've Loved       One Day Closer To
 Smokey; Various              Somebody; Dixie        You; Johnson,
 Artists                      Chicks                 Carolyn Dawn
On Top Of Old               One; Hill, Faith        One Day Closer To
 Smoky; Children's          One; U2                  You; Johnson,
On Your Way Home;           One; Allan, Gary         Carolyn Dawn
 Loveless, Patty            One; U2                 One Day Closer To
On Your Way Home;           One; Blige, Mary J. &    You; Johnson,
 Loveless, Patty              U2                     Carolyn Dawn
Once A Day; Connie          One; US                 One Day I'll Fly
 Smith                      One; Three Dog Night     Away; Kidman,
Once A Day; Smith,          One; U2                  Nicole
 Connie                     one; chorus line        One Day I'll Fly
Once Again; Jordan,         One; Metallica           Away; Kidman,
 Frankie                    One; U2                  Nicole
Once Bitten Twice           One; U2                 One Day In Your
 Shy; Great White           One; U2                  Life; Anastacia
Once Bitten Twice           One bad apple;          One Day Left To
 Shy; Great White             Osmonds                Live; Kershaw,
Once Bitten Twice           One Believer;            Sammy
 Shy; Great White             Diamond Rio           One Fine Day;
                                                     Chiffons, The


One Fine Day;               The One I Loved       One Man Band;
  Chiffons, The               Back Then; Jones,    Sayer, Leo
One Fine Day;                 George              One Mic; Nas
  Chiffons, The             One In A Million;     One Mic; Nas
One Fine Day;                 Lee, Johnny         One Minute Man;
  Chiffons, The             One In A Million;      Elliott, Missy
One Flight Down;              Mccready, Mindy     One Minute Man;
  Norah Jones               One In A Million;      Ludacris, Elliott &
One For My Baby;              Graham, Larry        Trina
  Frank Sinatra             One In A Million;     One Moment In
One For My Baby;              Graham, Larry        Time; Whitney
  Franklin, Lynn            One In A Million;      Houston
One For My Baby;              Graham, Larry       One Moment In
  Sinatra, Frank            One In A Million       Time; Houston,
One For Sorrow;               You; Larry Graham    Whitney
  Steps, The                One In A Million      One Moment In
One Hand One                  You; Graham,         Time; Houston,
  Heart; West Side            Larry                Whitney
  Story                     One In A Million      One Moment In
One Hand One                  You; Larry Graham    Time; Houston,
  Heart; West Side          One In Every Crowd;    Whitney
  Story                       Montgomery          One Moment In
One Has My Name,              Gentry               Time; Houston,
  The Other Has My          The One In The         Whitney
  Heart; Jimmy                Middle; Johns,      One Moment In
  Wakely                      Sarah                Time; Houston,
One Headlight;              One Kiss From You;     Whitney
  Wallflowers, The            Spears, Britney     One More Chance;
One Headlight;              One Last Breath;       Bloc Party
  Wallflowers, The            Creed               One More Day;
One Heart At A              One Last Breath;       Diamond Rio
  Time; Standard              Creed               One More Day;
One Honest Heart;           One Last Breath;       Diamond Rio
  McEntire, Reba              Creed               One More Day;
One Honest Heart;           One Last Breath;       Diamond Rio
  Reba McEntire               Creed               One More Day;
One Honest Heart;           One Last Kiss; J       Diamond Rio
  McEntire, Reba              Geils Band, The     One More Day;
One Hundred &               One Less Bill To       Diamond Rio
  Two; Judds, The             Answer; 5th         One More Day;
One Hundred &                 Dimension            Diamond Rio
  Two; Judds, The           One Little Victory;   One More Day;
One Hundred And               Rush                 Diamond Rio
  Two; Judds                One Love; Hootie &    One More Day;
One Hundred Ways;             The Blowfish         Diamond Rio
  Ingram, James             One Love; Guetta,     One More Day;
One Hundred Ways;             David & Estelle      Diamond Rio
  Ingram, James             One Love (Original    One More Goodbye;
The One I Gave My             Version); Marley,    Randy Rogers
  Heart To; Aaliyah           Bob                  Band
The One I Love;             One Love Original     One More Last
  Gray, David                 Version; Marley,     Chance; Gill, Vince
The One I Love;               Bob                 One More Last
  REM                       One Lovepeople Get     Chance; Gill, Vince
The One I Love;               Ready (Remix);      One More Last
  R.E.M                       Marley, Bob          Chance; Gill, Vince


One More Last                One Of These           One Step At A Time;
 Chance; Gill, Vince           Nights; Eagles,        Jewell, Buddy
One More Last                  The                  One Step At A Time;
 Chance; Gill, Vince         One Of Those Days;       Sparks, Jordin
One More Night;                Houston, Whitney     One Step At A Time;
 Collins, Phil               One Of Those Days;       Sparks, Jordin
One More Payment;              Martin, Brad         One Step Closer;
 Black, Clint                One Of Those Days;       Linkin Park
One More Payment;              Houston, Whitney     One Step Closer;
 Black, Clint                One Of Those Girl's;     Linkin Park
One More River To              Lavigne, Avril       One Step Closer; S
 Cross; Gospel               One Of Those             Club Juniors
One More Time; Ray             Nights Tonight;      One Sweet Day;
 Price                         Morgan, Lorrie         Carey, Mariah
One More Try; Divine         One Of Those           One Sweet Day;
One More Try;                  Nights Tonight;        Boyz Ii Men
 Michael, George               Morgan, Lorrie       One Sweet Day;
One More Try;                One Of Us;               Boyz Ii Men &
 Michael, George               Osbourne, Joan         Carey, Mariah
One More Try;                One Of Us; Osborne,    The One That You
 Michael, George               Joan                   Love; Air Supply
One Night; Presley,          One Of Us;             One Thing; Finger
 Elvis                         Osbourne, Joan         Eleven
One Night At A               One Of Us;             One Thing; Finger
 Time; Strait,                 Osbourne, Joan         Eleven
 George                      One Of Us; Osborne,    One Thing; Finger
One Night At A                 Joan                   Eleven
 Time; Strait,               One On One; Hall       One Thing; Finger
 George                        and Oates              Eleven
One Night In                 One On One; Hall &     One Thing; Bates,
 Bangkok; Chess                Oates                  Jeff
One Night In                 The One On The         One Thing; Finger
 Bangkok; Head,                Right Is On The        Eleven
 Murray                        Left; Cash, Johnny   One Thing; Bates,
One Night In Las             One Part Be My           Jeff
 Vegas; Wright,                Lover; Raitt,        One Thing Leads To
 Chely & Brad                  Bonnie                 Another; Fixx, The
 Paisley                     One Piece At A         One Thing Leads To
One Night In New               Time; Cash,            Another; Fixx, The
 Orleans;                      Johnny               One Thing Leads To
 Blackhawk                   One Second               Another; Fixx, The
One night of sun;              Chance; Bates,       One Thing Leads To
 Elvis Presley                 Jeff                   Another; Fixx, The
One Of A Kind;               One Shot; Vasquez,     One Tin Soldier;
 Spinners, The                 Mario                  Coven
One Of A Kind(Love           One Small Miracle;     One Toke Over The
 Affair); Spinners             White, Bryan           Line; Brewer And
One Of The Boys;             One Small Miracle;       Shipley
 Wilson, Gretchen              White, Bryan         One Track Heart;
One Of These Days;           One Step Ahead Of        Elvis Presley
 McGraw, Tim                   The Storm;           One Two I Love You;
One Of These Days;             Lawrence, Tracy        Walker, Clay
 FFH                         ONE STEP AT A          One Vision; Queen
One Of These Days;             TIME; JORDIN         One Vision; Queen
 McGraw, Tim                   SPARKS               One Voice; Gilman,


One Voice; Gilman,           The One; John, Elton    Only Gone From
  Billy                      The One; John, Elton      Our Sight;
One Way; Easter,             The One; Carey,           Primitive Quartet,
  Jeff & Sheri                 Mariah                  The
One Way Or                   The One; Creed          Only Grace; West,
  Another; Blondie           The One; Allan, Gary      Matthew
One Way Or                   The One; John, Elton    Only Hope; Moore,
  Another; Blondie           O'Neal, Jamie; There      Mandy
One Way Out;                   Is No Arizona         Only Hope; Moore,
  Allman Brothers            O'neal, Jamie; There      Mandy
One Way Out;                   Is No Arizona         Only In America;
  Allman Brothers,           One's On The Way;         Brooks & Dunn
  The                          Lynn, Loretta         Only in America; Jay
One Way Road; John           Online; Paisley, Brad     and the Americans
  Butler Trio                Online; Brad Paisley    Only In America;
One Way Ticket;              Online (Radio             Brooks & Dunn
  Rimes, LeAnn                 Version); Paisley,    Only In My Dream's;
One Way Ticket;                Brad                    Steps, The
  Rimes, LeAnn               Only A Woman Like       Only In My Mind;
One Way Ticket;                You; Bolton,            McEntire, Reba
  Rimes, Leann                 Michael               Only Lonely; Bon
One Way Ticket               Only Believe; Elvis       Jovi
  (Because I Can);             Presley               Only Love; Hawkins,
  Rimes, LeAnn               Only Daddy That'll        Sophie B
One Way Ticket To              Walk The Line;        Only Love Can
  The Blues;                   Jennings, Waylon        Break A Heart;
  Sedaka, Neil               Only Difference           Pitney, Gene
One Week;                      Between               Only Love Is Real;
  Barenaked Ladies             Martyrdom &             Carole King
The One Who Really             Suicide Is Press      Only On Days That
  Loves You; Wells,            Coverage,; Panic!       End In 'Y'; Walker,
  Mary                         At The Disco            Clay
One Wing In The              Only For A While;       Only One;
  Fire; Tomlinson,             Toploader               Yellowcard
  Trent                      Only For You;           Only One Love In
One Wing In The                Keating, Ronan          My Life; Ronnie
  Fire; Tomlinson,           Only God Could            Milsap
  Trent                        Love You More;        Only One Road;
One Wish; Ray J                Nelon, Kelly            Dion, Celine
One Woman Man;               Only God Knows;         Only One Road;
  Hollister, Dave              Martins, The            Dion, Celine
One Woman Man;               Only God Knows          Only Prettier;
  Hollister, Dave              Why; Kid Rock           Lambert, Miranda
One Woman Man;               Only God Knows          The Only Promise
  Hollister, Dave              Why; Kid Rock           That Remains;
One Word; Elliot             Only God Knows            Mcentire, Reba &
  Yamin                        Why; Kid Rock           Justin Timberlake
The One; Backstreet          Only God Knows          Only Sixteen; Cooke,
  Boys, The                    Why; Kid Rock           Sam
The One; Backstreet          Only God Knows          Only Sleeping; Perry
  Boys, The                    Why; Kid Rock           Sisters, The
ONE, THE; FOO                Only God Knows          Only The Good Die
  FIGHTERS                     Why; Kid Rock           Young; Joel, Billy
The One; Backstreet          Only God Knows          Only The Good Die
  Boys, The w/vocal            Why; Kid Rock           Young; Joel, Billy
The One; John, Elton


Only The Lonely;            Only You And I          Open Our Eyes,
 Motels, The                 Know; Clapton,           Lord; Gospel
Only The Lonely;             Eric                   Open Road Song;
 Motels, The                Only You Can Love         Eve 6
Only The Lonely;             Me This Way;           Open The Eyes Of
 Orbison, Roy                Urban, Keith             My Heart Lord;
Only The Lonely;            Only You Can Love         Gospel
 Orbison, Roy                Me This Way;           Open The Eyes Of
Only The Lonely;             Urban, Keith             My Heart, Lord;
 Orbison, Roy               Onward Christian          WoW Worship
Only The Lonely;             Soldiers;              Open Your Eyes;
 Motels, The                 Children's Songs         Alter Bridge
Only The Strong             Onward Christian        Operator; Midnight
 Survive; Elvis              Soldiers; Various        Star
 Presley                     Artists                Operator; Croce, Jim
Only The Young;             Onward Christian        Operator; Croce, Jim
 Journey                     Soldiers; Various      Operator; Croce, Jim
Only Time; Enya              Artists                Operator; Croce, Jim
Only Time; Enya             Ooby Dooby; Roy         OPP; Naughty By
Only Time; Enya              Orbison                  Nature
Only Time; Enya             Ooby Dooby;             OPP; Naughty By
Only U; Ashanti              Orbison, Roy             Nature
Only Wanna Be With          Oochie Wally; Nas &     OPp; Naughty By
 You; Hootie &               Qb's Finest              Nature
 Blowfish                   Ooh; Blige, Mary J      Opposites Attract;
Only Wanna Be With          Ooh Baby Baby;            Abdul, Paula
 You; Hootie & The           Ronstadt, Linda        Opticon; Orgy
 Blowfish                   Ooh Baby Baby;            w/vocal
Only Wanna Be With           Ronstadt, Linda        Opticon; Orgy
 You; Hootie & The          Ooh Baby, Baby;         Optimistic;
 Blowfish                    Jana                     Radiohead
Only Wanna Be With          Ooo Baby Baby;          Orange Blossom
 You; Hootie & The           Robinson, Smokey         Special; Cash,
 Blowfish                   Ooohhhwee; Master         Johnny
Only Want To Be              P                      Orange Blossom
 With You; Hootie &         Oops (Oh My); Tweet       Special; Cash,
 The Blowfish               Oops (Oh My); Tweet       Johnny
Only Want To Be             Oops (Oh My); Tweet     Orange County Girl;
 With You; Hootie &         Oops I Did It Again;      Stefani, Gwen
 The Blowfish                Spears, Britney        Oranges Grow On
Only You; Kelley,           Oops!; Tweet              Trees; Blue's Clues
 Josh                       Oops! I Did It Again;   Ordinary; Train
Only You; Platters,          Britney Spears         Ordinary Average
 The                        Open Arms; Raye,          Guy; Walsh, Joe
Only You; Platters,          Collin                 Ordinary Baby;
 The                        Open Arms; Turner,        Christmas-Gaither
Only You; Platters           Tina                     Vocal Band
Only You; Platters,         Open Arms; Journey      Ordinary Day;
 The                        Open Arms; Journey        Carlton, Vanessa
Only You; Platters,         Open Arms; Journey      Ordinary Day;
 The                        Open Invitation;          Carlton, Vanessa
Only You; Platters,          Santana                Ordinary Day;
 The                        Open Invitation;          Carlton, Vanessa
Only You (And You            Santana, Carlos        Ordinary Day;
 Alone); Platters,          Open My Heart;            Carlton, Vanessa
 The                         Adams, Yolanda


Ordinary Day;                 Otis Redding; Sittin'    Out Last Night;
  Carlton, Vanessa              On The Dock Of          Chesney, Kenny
Ordinary Life; Brock,           The Bay                Out Of Control;
  Chad                        Ottawan; D.I.S.C.O.       Hoobastank
Ordinary Life; Brock,         Our Country; John        Out Of Control
  Chad                          Mellencamp              Raging Fire;
Ordinary Life; Brock,         Our Country; John         Loveless, Patty &
  Chad                          Mellencamp              Travis Tritt
Ordinary Love;                Our Country;             Out Of Control
  Minor, Shane                  Mellencamp, John        Raging Fire;
Ordinary Love;                Our Day Will Come;        Loveless, Patty &
  Minor, Shane                  Ruby & The              Travis Tritt
Ordinary People;                Romantics              Out Of My Bones;
  Legend, John                Our Day Will Come;        Travis, Randy
Ordinary People;                Ruby & The             Out Of My Bones;
  John Legend                   Romantics               Randy Travis
Ordinary People;              Our House; Madness       Out Of My Head;
  Walker, Clay                Our House; Madness        Fastball
Ordinary People;              Our House; Madness       Out Of My Heart;
  Legend, John                Our House; Madness        BBMak
Ordinary People;              Our House; Madness       Out Of My Heart; Bb
  John Legend                 Our Lips Are Sealed;      Mak
Ordinary People;                Hilary & Haylie Duff   Out Of My Heart;
  John Legend                 Our Lips Are Sealed;      Bbmak
Ordinary World;                 Go Gos                 Out Of My Heart
  Duran Duran                 Our Lives; Calling        (Into Your Head);
Original Prankster;           Our Lives; Calling,       BB Mak
  Offspring                     The                    Out Of Reach;
Original Prankster;           Our Love; Blige,          Gabrielle
  Offspring, The                Mary J                 Out Of Touch; Hall &
Original Sin; INXS            Our Song; Swift,          Oates
Original Sin; John,             Taylor                 Out Of Your Shoes;
  Elton                       Our Song; Taylor          Morgan, Lorrie
Orphans Of God;                 Swift                  Out Of Your Shoes;
  Talley Trio, The            Our Song; Swift,          Morgan, Lorrie
Osama Yo Mama;                  Taylor                 Out On The Street;
  Stevens, Ray                Our Song; Swift,          Springsteen, Bruce
Osama Yo Mama;                  Taylor                 Out With A Bang;
  Stevens, Ray                Our Song; Swift,          Murphy, David Lee
Osama Yo Mama;                  Taylor                 Outkast; Roses
  Stevens, Ray                Our Song (Radio          Outkast; Roses
Other Side Of The               Version); Swift,       Outrageous; Spears,
  World; Tunstall,              Taylor                  Britney
  K.T.                        Our Time Now; Plain      Outside; Lewis,
The Other Side Of               White T's               Aaron & Fred Durst
  This Kiss;                  Ours; Sugar Ray          Outside; Lewis,
  McCready, Mindy             Ours; Sugar Ray           Aaron & Fred Durst
The Other Side; Red           Out Here In The          Outside; Lewis,
  Hot Chili Peppers,            Water; Howard,          Aaron & Fred Durst
  The                           Rebecca Lynn           Outside My Window;
The Other Side;               out here on my own;       Buxton, Sarah
  McKameys, The                 fame                   Outside My Window;
Otherside; Red Hot            Out Here On My            Buxton, Sarah
  Chili Peppers                 Own; Fame              Outside The Gate;
                              Out Last Night;           Wilburns, The
                                Chesney, Kenny


Outside Woman                Over The Rainbow;       Pain; Jimmy Eat
  Blues; Clapton,               Garland, Judy          World
  Eric                       over the rainbow;       Pain; Three Days
Outside Woman                   wizard of oz           Grace
  Blues; Cream               Over The Rainbow        Pain; Jimmy Eat
The Outsider;                   (Live Version);        World
  Perfect Circle, A             Martina McBride      Pain; Stereomud
Outta Here; Denters,         Over The River &        Pain To Kill; Clark,
  Esmee                         Through The            Terri
Over & Over; Nelly &            Woods; Christmas     Paint It Black;
  Tim McGraw                 Over The River &          Rolling Stones, The
Over & Over; Easter,            Through The          Paint It Black;
  Jeff & Sheri                  Woods; Christmas       Rolling Stones, The
Over And Over; Nelly         Over You; Gary          Paint Me A
  feat. Tim McGraw              Puckett & The          Birmingham;
Over In The                     Union Gap              Lawrence, Tracy
  Meadow; Various            Over You; Daughtry      Paisley, Brad; Me
  Artists                    Overjoyed; Wonder,        Neither
Over It; McPhee,                Stevie               Paisley, Brad; Mud
  Katharine                  Overnight Success;        On The Tires
Over It; Mcphee                 Strait, George       Paisley, Brad; Me
Over It; Katharine           Overprotected;            Neither
  McPhee                        Spears, Britney      Paisley, Brad; I'm
Over My Head; Fray,          Owner Of A Lonely         Gonna Miss Her
  The                           Heart; Yes           Paisley, Brad; We
Over My Head;                Owner Of A Lonely         Danced
  Fleetwood Mac                 Heart; Yes           Paisley, Brad; I'm
Over My Head                 Owner Of A Lonely         Gonna Miss Her
  (Cable Car); Fray             Heart; Yes           Paloma Faith; Stone
Over My Head(Cable           Oye Come Va;              Cold Sober
  Car); The Fray                Santana, Carlos      Panama; Van Halen
Over The Hills And           Oye Mi Canto;           Pancho And Lefty;
  Far Away; Led                 Estefan, Gloria        Nelson, Willie &
  Zeppelin                   Oye Mi Canto (Radio       Merle Haggard
Over The Mountain;              Version);            Panic In Detroit;
  Osbourne, Ozzy                N.O.R.E., Nina Sky     Bowie, David
Over The Rainbow;               & Daddy Yankee       Papa Bear; Harling,
  Garland, Judy              P Diddy - I Don't         Keith
Over The Rainbow;               Wanna Know;          Papa Can You Hear
  Judy Garland                  Winans, Mario          Me; Streisand,
Over The Rainbow;            P.I.M.P. (Radio           Barbra
  Garland, Judy                 Version); 50 Cent    Papa Don't Preach;
Over The Rainbow;            P.o.d.; Sleeping          Kelly Osbourne
  Cassidy, Eva                  Awake                Papa Don't Preach;
Over The Rainbow;            P.S. I Love You;          Madonna
  Garland, Judy                 Beatles, The         Papa Don't Preach;
Over The Rainbow;            Pacific Coast Party;      Osbourne, Kelly
  Garland, Judy                 Smash Mouth          Papa Don't Preach;
Over The Rainbow;            Page, Martin; In The      Madonna
  Garland, Judy                 House Of Stone       Papa Loved Mama;
Over The Rainbow;               And Light              Brooks, Garth
  Garland, Judy              Page, Patti; Old        Papa Loved Mama;
Over The Rainbow;               Cape Cod               Brooks, Garth
  Garland, Judy              Pain; Three Days        Papa Loves Mama;
Over The Rainbow;               Grace                  Garth Brooks
  Garland, Judy


Papa Was A Rollin'            Paradise; Morgan,        Paramore; That`s
  Stone;                        Craig                    What You Get
  Temptations, The            Paradise By The          Paramore; Decode
Papa Was A Rolling              Dashboard Light;       Paramore; Crush
  Stone;                        Meat Loaf                Crush Crush
  Temptations, The            Paradise By The          Paramore; Ignorance
Paparazzi; Lady                 Dashboard Light;       Paranoid; Black
  Gaga                          Meatloaf                 Sabbath
Papa's Got A Brand            Paradise By The          Paranoid (War Pigs);
  New Bag; Brown,               Dashboard Light;         Black Sabbath
  James                         Meat Loaf              Pardon Me; Incubus
Papa's Got A Brand            Paradise By The          Paris; Hill, Faith
  New Bag; Brown,               Dashboard              Parnell, Lee Roy;
  James                         Lights; Meatloaf         You Can't Get
Papa's Got A Brand            Paradise By The            There From Here
  New Bag (Part 1);             Dashboard              Parnell, Lee Roy;
  Brown, James                  Lights; Meat Loaf        Little Bit Of You, A
Paper Angels;                 Paradise By The          Part Ii; Method Man,
  Wayne, Jimmy                  Dashboard                Redman, & Toni
Paper Angels;                   Lights; Meat Loaf        Braxton
  Wayne, Jimmy                Paradise By The          part of your world;
Paper In Fire;                  Dashboard                little mermaid, the
  Mellencamp, John              Lights; Meat Loaf      Part The Waters & I
Paper In Fire;                Paradise By The            Need Thee Every
  Mellencamp, John              Dashboard                Hour; Selah
  Cougar                        Lights; Meat Loaf      Part Time Lover;
Paper Roses;                  Paradise By The            Wonder, Stevie
  Osmond, Marie                 Dashboard              Partridge Family; I
Paper Roses; Marie              Lights; Meatloaf         Think I Love You
  Osmond                      Paradise By The          PARTRIDGE
Paper Roses;                    Dashboard Lights         FAMILY (TV) -
  Osmond, Marie                 (Duet); Meat Loaf        COME ON GET
Paper Roses;                  Paradise City; Guns        HAPPY; Television
  Osmond, Marie                 N' Roses                 Theme Songs
Paper Roses;                  Paradise City; Guns      Party; Elvis Presley
  Osmond, Marie                 N' Roses               Party Crowd;
Paper Roses;                  Paradise City; Guns        Murphy, David Lee
  Osmond, Marie                 'N Roses               Party Doll; Knox,
Paper Rosie; Gene             Paradise Hawaiian          Buddy
  Watson                        Style; Elvis Presley   Party For Two;
Paperback Writer;             Paralyzed; Rock Kills      Twain, Shania &
  Beatles, The                  Kid                      Billy Currington
Papercut; Linkin Park         Paralyzed; Elvis         Party For Two;
Papercut; Linkin Park           Presley                  Shania Twain &
Parachute; Cole,              Paralyzer; Finger          Billy Currington
  Cheryl                        Eleven                 Party for Two;
Paradis, Vanessa;             Paramore; Crush            Barnburners
  Be My Baby                    Crush Crush            Party For Two;
Paradise; Anderson,           Paramore; That`s           Shania Twain &
  John                          What You Get             Billy Currington
Paradise; Morgan,             Paramore; Decode         Party For Two
  Craig                       Paramore; Misery           (Radio Version);
Paradise;                       Business                 Twain, Shania &
  Springsteen, Bruce          Paramore; Misery           Billy Currington
Paradise; Ll Cool J &           Business               Party Hard; W.K.,
  Amerie                                                 Andrew


Party In the USA;            Pat Benator; We           Peace In The Valley;
  Miley Cyrus                  Belong To The             Gospel
Party Like A Rock              Night                   Peace Of Mind;
  Star; JT                   Pat-A-Cake;                 Loggins & Messina
  Experience                   Children's Songs        Peace Of Mind;
Party Like A Rock            Patch It Up; Elvis          Boston
  Star; Da Shop                Presley                 Peace Train;
  Boyz                       Patches; Carter,            Stevens, Cat
Party On; McCoy,               Clarence                Peace Train;
  Neal                       Patience; Guns N            Stevens, Cat
Party On The Patio;            Roses                   Peace Train;
  Jolie & The Wanted         Patiently Waiting; 50       Stevens, Cat
Party On The Patio;            Cent & Eminem           Peace, Love And
  Jolie & Wanted             Patrick Swayze;             Understanding;
Pass It On Down;               She's Like The            Costello, Elvis
  Alabama                      Wind                    Peaceful Easy
Pass Me By (If               Patrol, Snow; Run           Feeling; Eagles,
  You're Only                Patrol, Snow; Crack         The
  Passing                      The Shutters            Peaceful World;
  Through);                  Patsy Cline; I Fall To      Mellencamp, John
  Rodriguez, Johnny            Pieces                    Cougar & India Arie
Pass Out; Tempah,            Patsy Cline; Crazy        Peaceful World
  Tinie                      Paul Anka; Put Your         (Duet); John
Pass That Dutch                Head On My                Mellencap/India
  (Radio Version);             Shoulder                  Arie
  Elliott, Missy             Paul Anka; Having         Peacekeeper;
Pass The                       My Baby                   Fleetwood Mac
  Courvoisier Part           paul anka; puppy          Peaches & Herb; Re-
  Ii; Busta Rhymes &           love                      united
  Pharrell                   paul anka; it's time to   Peaches & Herb;
Pass You By; Boyz II           cry                       Reunited
  Men                        paul anka; diana          Peaches And
Pass You By; Boyz II         paul anka; lonely boy       Cream; 112
  Men                        paul anka; you are        Pearl Jam; Fixer, The
Pass You By; Boyz Ii           my destiny              Pearl Jam; Daughter
  Men                        paul anka; having my      Pearl Jam; Jeremy
Pass You By; Boyz Ii           baby                    Pearl Jam; Black
  Men                        paul anka; put your       Pearls; Shannon
Passenger Seat;                head on my                Brown
  Shedaisy                     shoulder                Pearl's A Singer;
Passionate Kisses;           paul anka; my home          Brookes, Elkie
  Carpenter, Mary              town                    Peel Me A Grape;
  Chapin                     Paul Revere; Beastie        Krall, Diana &
Passionate Kisses;             Boys, The                 Norah Jones
  Carpenter, Mary            Pavement Cracks;          Peg O' My Heart;
  Chapin                       Lennox, Annie             Irish Song's
Passionate Kisses;           Paycheck Woman;           Peggy Sue; Holly,
  Carpenter, Mary              Judd, Cledus T.           Buddy
  Chapin                     Paycheck, Johnny;         Peggy Sue; Holly,
Passive; Perfect               Take This Job &           Buddy
  Circle, A                    Shove It                Peggy Sue; Buddy
Pat A Cake;                  Paying The Cost To          Holly
  Children's Songs             Be The Boss; B.B.       Peggy Sue; Holly,
Pat Benatar; Hit Me            King                      Buddy
  With Your Best             Peace in The Valley;      Peggy Sue; Buddy
  Shot                         Elvis Presley             Holly


Peggy Sue; Holly,            People Get Ready;      Perfect Memory;
  Buddy                        Stewart, Rod           Remy Zero
Peggy Sue; Holly,            People Get Ready;      Perfect Moment;
  Buddy                        Stewart, Rod           McCutcheon,
Peggy Sue; Holly,            People Get Ready;        Martine
  Buddy                        Stewart, Rod         Perfect Night;
Peggy Sue Got                People Got To Be         Hoffman, Billy
  Married; Holly,              Free; Rascals, The   Perfect Proposal;
  Buddy                      People Got To Be         Wonder, Wayne
Peggy Sue Got                  Free; Rascals, The   Perfect Situation;
  Married; Holly,            People Got To Be         Weezer
  Buddy                        Free; Rascals, The   Perfect Time Of Day;
Pencil Full Of Lead;         People Got To Be         Day, Howie
  Nutini, Paulo                Free; Rascals        Perfect Time Of Day;
Penguin Polka;               People Like Us;          Day, Howie
  Oswald                       Tippin, Aaron        Perfect Time Of The
Pennies From                 People Say; Dixie        Day; Day, Howie
  Heaven; Crosby,              Cups                 Perfect Way; Scritti
  Bing                       The People That We       Politti
Pennies From                   Love; Bush           Perfect Way; Scritti
  Heaven; Sinatra,           People Will Say          Politti
  Frank                        We're In Love;       Perfect World;
Pennies From                   Frank Sinatra          Brown, Sawyer
  Heaven; Standard           Peppermint Twist;      Perfect World;
  Reminiscing                  Joey Dee And The       Sawyer Brown
Pennies From                   Starliters           The Perfect Year;
  Heaven; Crosby,            The Peppermint           Carroll, Dinah
  Bing                         Twist; Dee, Joey &   Perfectly Honest;
Pennies From                   The Starlighters       Bishop, Mark
  Heaven; Crosby,            Percy Sledge; When     Perry, Katy; Hot &
  Bing                         A Man Loves A          Cold
Penny Arcade; King,            Woman                Perry, Katy; I Kissed
  Sammy                      Perfect; Simple Plan     A Girl
Penny Lane; Beatles,         Perfect; Simple Plan   Perry, Katy; Waking
  The                        Perfect; Evans, Sara     Up In Vegas
Penny Lover; Richie,         Perfect; Fairground    Perry, Katy; Thinking
  Lionel                       Attraction             Of You
Penny Lover; Richie,         Perfect; Fairground    Personal Jesus;
  Lionel                       Attraction             Manson, Marilyn
People; Streisand,           Perfect; Simple Plan   Personal Jesus;
  Barbra                     Perfect; Sara Evans      Mode, Depeche
People Are Crazy;            Perfect; Fairground    Personality; Price,
  Currington, Billy            Attraction             Lloyd
People Are Crazy;            Perfect; Evans, Sara   Personality; Price,
  Currington, Billy          Perfect; Simple Plan     Lloyd
People Are Strange;          Perfect Day; Reed,     Personality; Price,
  Doors, The                   Lou                    Lloyd
People Are Strange;          Perfect Exceeder;      Personality; Price,
  Doors, The                   Mason Vs Princess      Lloyd
People Are Strange;            Superstar            Peter, Paul & Mary;
  Doors, The                 The Perfect Fan;         Blowin' In The
People Are Strange;            Backstreet Boys        Wind
  Doors, The                 Perfect Gentleman;     Peterson, Michael;
People Get Ready;              Jean, Wyclef           From Here To
  Impressions                Perfect Love;            Eternity
                               Yearwood, Trisha


Petty, Tom & Stevie            Piano Man; Joel, Billy   Pictures Of You;
  Nicks; Leather And           Piano Man; Joel, Billy     Last Goodnight,
  Lace                         Piano Man; Joel, Billy     The
Phantom Of The                 Piano Man; Joel, Billy   Pictures Of You;
  Opera; Angel Of              Piano Man; Joel, Billy     Last Goodnight,
  Music                        Pick Yourself Up;          The
Phantom Of The                   Diana Krall            Piece Of Me; Spears,
  Opera; Phantom               Pickett, Wilson;           Britney
  Of The Opera                   Funky Broadway         Piece Of My Heart;
Philadelphia                   Pickin' Wildflowers;       Joplin, Janis
  Freedom; John,                 Anderson, Keith        Piece Of My Heart;
  Elton                        Pickin' Wildflowers;       Joplin, Janis
Philadelphia                     Barnburners            Piece Of My Heart;
  Freedom; John,               Pickup Man; Diffie,        Hill, Faith
  Elton                          Joe                    Piece Of My Heart;
Philadelphia                   Pickup Man; Diffie,        Hill, Faith
  Freedom; John,                 Joe                    Piece Of My Heart;
  Elton                        Picture; Kid Rock &        Joplin, Janis
Phony Calls;                     Sheryl Crow            Piece Of My Heart;
  Yankovic, Weird Al           Picture; Kid Rock &        Fanklin, Erma
Photo; Cabrera,                  Sheryl Crow            Piece Of My Heart;
  Ryan                         Picture; Crow, Sheryl      Hill, Faith
Photograph; Def                  & Kid Rock             Piece Of My Heart;
  Leppard                      A Picture Of Grace;        Joplin, Janis
Photograph; Def                  Gaither Vocal Band     Piece Of My Heart;
  Leppard                      A Picture Of Me            Hill, Faith
Photograph;                      Without You;           Piece Of My Heart;
  Nickelback                     Morgan, Lorrie           Joplin, Janis
Photograph;                    A Picture Of Me          Piece Of My Heart;
  Nickelback                     Without You;             Joplin, Janis
Photograph; Malibu               Morgan, Lorrie         Piece Of My Heart;
  Storm                        A Picture Of Me            Hill, Faith
Photograph;                      Without You;           Piece Of Work;
  Nickelback                     Morgan, Lorrie           Buffett, Jimmy &
Photograph;                    A Picture Of You;          Toby Keith
  Nickleback                     Boyzone                Pieces Of Me;
Photograph; Def                Picture Perfect; Via,      Simpson, Ashlee
  Leppard                        Angela                 Pieces Of Me;
Photograph; Def                Picture Perfect; Via,      Simpson, Ashlee
  Leppard                        Angela                 Pieces Of Me;
Photograph; Weezer             Picture Postcards          Simpson, Ashlee
Photograph; Def                  From L.A.;             Pieces Of Me;
  Leppard                        Kadison, Joshua          Simpson, Ashlee
Photograph (Radio              Picture To Burn;         The Pied Piper;
  Version);                      Taylor Swift             Crispian St. Peters
  Nickelback                   Picture To Burn;         A Pile Of Crowns;
Photographs &                    Swift, Taylor            Greater Vision
  Memories; Croce,             Picture To Burn;         Pimp Juice; Nelly
  Jim                            Taylor Swift           Pinball Wizard; Who,
Physical; Newton-              Pictures Of Lily;          The
  John, Olivia                   Who, The               Pinch Me; Barenaked
Physical; John, Olivia         Pictures Of                Ladies
  Newton                         Matchstick Men;        Pink; Aerosmith
Piano Man; Joel, Billy           Status Quo             Pink Cadillac; Lewis,
Piano Man; Joel, Billy                                    Jerry Lee & Bruce
Piano Man; Joel, Billy                                    Springsteen


Pink Cadillac; Travis,         Playboys Of The         Please Don't Go1;
  Randy                          Southwestern            K.C. & The
Pink Cadillac; Cole,             World; Shelton,         Sunshine Band
  Natalie                        Blake                 Please Don't Leave
Pink Houses;                   Playground In My          Me; Pink
  Mellencamp, John               Mind; Clint Holmes    Please Don't Stop
  Cougar                       Playground In My          Loving Me; Elvis
The Pinkies; Danger              Mind; Newton,           Presley
  Games                          Wayne                 Please Don't Stop
Piove Ciao Ciao                Playin' For Keeps;        The Rain;
  Bambina; Italian               Elvis Presley           Morrison, James
Pistol Packin Mama;            Playing With Fire;      Please Forgive Me;
  Al Dexter & His                Rolling Stones, The     Adams, Bryan
  Troops                       Playing With Fire;      Please Forgive Me;
Pitbull; Hotel Room              Curfman, Shannon        Crabb Family,The
  Service                      Pleasant Valley         Please Help Me, I'm
A Place In The Sun;              Sunday; Monkees,        Falling; Locklin,
  Wonder, Stevie                 The                     Hank
Place In This World;           Please; Tillis, Pam     Please Help Me, I'm
  Smith, Michael W.            Please; Tillis, Pam       Falling; Locklin,
Place In This World;           Please; Kinleys, The      Hank
  Smith, Michael W.            Please; John, Elton     Please MR Postman;
A Place In This                Please; Tillis, Pam       Marvelettes, The
  World; Smith,                Please; Tillis, Pam     Please Mr. Postman;
  Michael W.                   Please; Toni Braxton      Marvelettes, The
PLACES I'VE                    Please; Tillis, Pam     Please Mr. Postman;
  NEVER BEEN;                  Please; Tillis, Pam       Marvelettes, The
  WILLIS, MARK                 Please; Kinleys, The    Please Mr. Postman;
Places I've Never              Please Baby Please        Marvelettes, The
  Been; Wills, Mark              Don't Go;             Please Mr. Postman;
Planet Song; Blue's              Morrison, Van           Marvelettes, The
  Clues                        Please Be Kind;         Please Mr. Postman;
Platters; Smoke Gets             Sinatra, Frank          Marvelettes, The
  In Your Eyes                 Please Come Down        Please Please Me;
Play; Lopez, Jennifer            To Me; Crabb            Beatles, The
  w/vocal                        Family,The            Please Remember
Play; Lopez, Jennifer          Please Come Down          Me; McGraw, Tim
Play; Lopez, Jennifer            To Me; Crabb          Please Remember
Play; Lopez, Jennifer            Family, The             Me; Tim McGraw
Play; Lopez, Jennifer          Please Come Home        Please Remember
Play (Radio                      For Christmas;          Me; McGraw, Tim
  Version); Banner,              Bon Jovi              Please Remember
  David                          (Christmas)             Me; McGraw, Tim
Play Guitar Play;              Please Come Home        Please Remember
  Conway Twitty                  For Christmas;          Me; McGraw, Tim
Play Me; Diamond,                Eagles, The           Please Remember
  Neil                           (Christmas)             Me; Mcgraw, Tim
Play Something                 Please Come To          Pleasure; Soup
  Country; Brooks &              Boston; Loggins,        Dragons, The
  Dunn                           Dave                  Pleasure; Soup
Play That Funky                Please Come To            Dragons, The
  Music (White                   Boston; Loggins,      Pleasure Principle;
  Boy); Wild Cherry              Dave                    Jackson, Janet
Play The Game                  Please Don't Go;        The Pleasure
  Tonight; Kansas                Boyz II Men             Principle; Jackson,


Pledging My Love;             Poison Whiskey;           Poor, Poor Pitiful
  Ace, Johnny                   Lynyrd Skynyrd            Me; Clark, Terri
Pledging My Love;             Poker Face; Lady          Poor, Poor Pitiful
  Presley, Elvis                Gaga                      Me; Ronstadt,
Plowboy (Parody);             Poker Face; Lady Ga         Linda
  Judd, Cledus T.               Ga                      Pop; N Sync
Plush; Stone Temple           The Police; Don't         Pop; N Sync
  Pilots                        Stand So Close To       Pop; N Sync
Pocahontas Pride;               Me                      Pop; Nsync
  Wilson, Gretchen            The Police; Roxanne       Pop A Top; Jim Ed
Pocket Full Of Gold;          Politically Correct;        Brown
  Gill, Vince                   SR-71                   Pop A Top; Jackson,
Pocket Full Of                Politically                 Alan
  Rainbows; Elvis               Uncorrect; Wilson,      Pop A Top; Alan
  Presley                       Gretchen                  Jackson
Pocket Full Of                Politics Religion         Pop A Top; Jackson,
  Sunshine;                     And Her; Kershaw,         Alan
  Bedingfield,                  Sammy                   Pop A Top; Alan
  Natasha                     Polk Salad Annie;           Jackson
Pocketbook;                     White, Tony Joe         Pop A Top; Jackson,
  Ndegeocello,                Polka Dots And              Alan
  Meshell & Redman              Moonbeams; Jazz         Pop A Top; Jackson,
  & Tweet                       Standard                  Alan
Pocketbook                    Polly Put The Kettle      Pop Goes The
  (Remix);                      On; Various Artists       Weasel; Children's
  Ndegeocello,                Polly Put The Kettle        Songs
  Meshell & Redman              On; Various Artists     Pop Goes The
  & Tweet                     Polly Wolly Doodle;         Weasel; Children's
Pocketful Of                    Childrens Songs           Songs
  Sunshine;                   Polly Wolly Doodle;       Pop Goes The
  Bedingfield,                  Various Artists           Weasel; Children's
  Natasha                     Polly Wolly Doodle;         Songs
Pocketful Of                    Children's Songs        Pop Ya Collar; Usher
  Sunshine;                   Pon De Replay;            Pop Ya Collar; Usher
  Natasha                       Rihanna                 Pop Ya Collar; Usher
  Bedingfield                 Pon De Replay;            Pop, Iggy;
Poetry In Motion;               Rihianna                  Passenger, The
  Tillotson, Johnny           Pon de Replay;            Pop, Iggy; Lust For
Poetry In Motion;               Rihanna                   Life
  Tillotson, Johny            Pony Time; Chubby         Popsicle Toes; Krall,
Poetry Man; Queen               Checker                   Diana & Norah
  Latifah                     Poor Boy; Elvis             Jones
Poindexter, Buster;             Pesley                  Pork & Beans;
  Hot, Hot, Hot               Poor little fool; Ricky     Weezer
pointer sisters; i'm            Nelson                  Porn Star; Meredith,
  so excited                  Poor Little Fool;           Amy
pointer sisters; i'm            Nelson, Ricky           Positive K; I Got A
  so excited                  Poor Me; Diffie, Joe        Man
Poison; Bell Biv              Poor Poor Pitiful Me;     Positive Vibrations;
  Devoe                         Clark, Terri              Marley, Bob & The
Poison Ivy; The               Poor Poor Pitiful Me;       Wailers
  Coasters                      Clark, Terri            Positively 4th Street;
Poison Ivy; Coasters,         The Poor Side Of            Dylan, Bob
  The                           Town; Rivers,           Possession;
Poison Prince;                  Johnny                    McLachlan, Sarah
  MacDonald, Amy                                          w/vocal


Possession;                 The Power Of Love;       Praise God, It's
  McLachlan, Sarah            Lewis, Huey & The        Settled, I'm
Postmarked                    News                     Saved; Perrys, The
  Birmingham;               The Power Of Love;       Praise His Name;
  Blackhawk                   Dion, Celine             Easter, Jeff & Sheri
Potential Breakup           The Power Of Love;       Praise His Name;
  Song; Aly & Aj              Dion, Celine             Easter, Jeff & Sheri
Pour Me; Trick Pony         The Power Of Love;       Praise The Father,
Pour Me; Trick Pony           Dion, Celine             Praise The Son;
Pour Me; Trick Pony         The Power Of Love;         Tomlin, Chris
Pour Me; Trick Pony           Dion, Celine           Praise The Name Of
Pour Me; Trick Pony         The Power Of Love;         Jesus; Gospel
Pour Me; Trick Pony           Dion, Celine           Praise You; Fatboy
Pour On The Power;          The Power Of Love;         Slim
  Patti, Sandi                Dion, Celine           Praise You In This
Pour Some Sugar             The Power Of Love;         Storm; Casting
  On Me; Def                  Lewis, Huey & The        Crowns
  Leppard                     News                   Praise You With The
Pour Some Sugar             Power Of My Love;          Dance; Casting
  On Me; Def                  Elvis Presley            Crowns
  Leppard                   The Power Of One;        Pray; True Vibe
Pour Some Sugar               Bomshel                Pray For Me; Smith,
  On Me; Def                Power Of Two; The          Michael W.
  Leppard                     Indigo Girls           Pray For The Fish;
Pour Some Sugar             Power Windows;             Travis, Randy
  On Me; Def                  Berry, John            Pray For The Fish;
  Leppard                   Power Windows;             Travis, Randy
Pour Some Sugar               Berry, John            Pray For The Fish;
  On Me; Def                Powerful Thing;            Travis, Randy
  Leppard                     Yearwood, Trisha       Pray Out Loud;
Power In The Blood;         Powerless; Furtado,        Simpson, Jessica
  All Star Quartet            Nelly                  Pray Out Loud;
Power Of A Moment;          Powerless (Say             Simpson, Jessica
  Rice, Chris                 What You Want);        Prayer; Disturbed
Power Of Love;                Furtado, Nelly         Prayer; Disturbed
  Jennifer Rush             Powerless (Say           Prayer Of A
Power Of Love;                What You Want);          Common Man;
  Dion, Celine                Furtado, Nelly           Vassar, Phil
Power Of Love;              Practice Life; Griggs,   Prayer Of A
  Dion, Celine                Andy & Martina           Common Man;
Power Of Love;                McBride                  Vassar, Phil
  Dion, Celine              Practice Life;           The Prayer; Dion,
Power Of Love &               Mcbride, Martina &       Celine
  Love Power;                 Andy Griggs            The Prayer; Talley,
  Vandross, Luther          Practice What You          Lauren & David
The Power Of Love;            Preach; White,           Phelps
  Parnell, Lee Roy            Barry                  Prayin' For Daylight;
The Power Of Love;          A Praise Chorus;           Rascal Flatts
  Lewis, Huey & The           Jimmy Eat World        Prayin' For Daylight;
  News                      A Praise Chorus;           Rascal Flatts
The Power Of Love;            Jimmy Eat World        Prayin' For Daylight;
  Dion, Celine              Praise God, It's           Rascal Flatts
The Power Of Love;            Settled, I'm           Prayin' For Daylight;
  Rush, Jennifer              Saved; Perrys, The       Rascal Flatts


Praying For                   Pretty Girl; Jon B       Pride, Charley; Is
  Daylight; Rascal            Pretty Good At             Anybody Goin' To
  Flatts                        Drinkin Beer;            San Antone
Praying For                     Currington, Billy      Pride, Charley;
  Daylight; Rascal            Pretty Little Adriana;     Crystal Chandeliers
  Flatts                        Gill, Vince            prima, louis & keely
Praying For Time;             Pretty Little Angel        smith; that old
  Michael, George               Eyes; Lee, Curtis        black magic
Praying For Time;             Pretty Paper;            Prince; U Got The
  Michael, George               Orbison, Roy             Look
Precious & Few;               Pretty Vegas; INXS       Prisoner Of Love;
  Climax                      Pretty Woman; Roy          Foreigner
Precious And Few;               Orbison                Prisoner Of Love;
  Climax                      Pretty Woman; Roy          Foreigner
Precious Illusions;             Orbison                Private Dancer;
  Morissette, Alanis          Pretty Woman;              Turner, Tina
Precious Lord; Elvis            Orbison, Roy           Private Emotion;
  Presley                     Pretty Woman; Roy          Martin, Ricky
Precious Memories;              Orbison                Private Eyes; Hall &
  Hoppers, The                Pretty Woman;              Oates
Predictable; Good               Orbison, Roy           Private Eyes; Hall &
  Charlotte                   Pretty Woman;              Oates
Predictable; Good               Orbison, Roy           Private Eyes; Hall,
  Charlotte                   Pretty Woman;              Daryl & John Oates
The Presence Of                 Orbison, Roy           Private Idaho; B-
  The Lord Is Here;           Pretty Woman;              52's, The
  Cage, Byron                   Orbison, Roy           Probably Wouldn't
Press On; Selah               Pretty Woman;              Be This Way;
Preston, Billy &                Orbison, Roy             Leann Rimes
  Syreeta; With You           Pretty Woman;            Probably Wouldn't
  I'm Born Again                Orbison, Roy             Be This Way;
The Pretender; Foo            Pretty Woman;              Rimes, LeAnn
  Fighters                      Orbison, Roy           Probably Wouldn't
The Pretender; Foo            Pretty Woman; Van          Be This Way;
  Fighters                      Halen                    Rimes, Leann
The Pretender;                Pretty Woman1;           Probably Wouldn't
  Browne, Jackson               Orbison, Roy             Be This Way;
The Pretender;                Price To Pay; Travis,      Rimes, LeAnn
  Browne, Jackson               Randy                  Procal Harum;
The Pretenders;               Price To Play; Staind      Conquistador
  Brass In Pocket             Price, Ray; For The      Procol Harum;
Pretty Amazing                  Good Times               Whiter Shade Of
  Grace; Diamond,             Pride & Joy; Gaye,         Pale, A
  Neil                          Marvin                 Proctor, Rachel; Me
Pretty Baby; Carlton,         Pride (In The Name         & Emily
  Vanessa                       Of Love); U2           Prodigy; Omen
Pretty Baby; Carlton,         Pride (In The Name       Promiscuous;
  Vanessa                       Of Love); U2             Furtado, Nelly &
Pretty Belinda;               Pride And Joy;             Timbaland
  Andrews, Chris                Stevie Ray Vaughn      Promiscuous; Nelly
Pretty Fly For A              Pride And Joy;             Furtado
  White Guy;                    Vaughan, Stevie        Promiscuous; Nelly
  Offspring                     Ray                      Furtado &
Pretty Fly For A              Pride, Charley;            Timbaland
  White Guy; The                Crystal Chandeliers    Promise; Ciara


Promise; Jagged              Proud Mary;            Puff, The Magic
  Edge                         Creedence              Dragon; Peter,
Promise; Eve 6                 Clearwater Revival     Paul & Mary
Promise Me; Craven,          Proud Mary;            Puff, The Magic
  Beverly                      Creedance Clear        Dragon; Peter,
The Promise Of A               Water Revival          Paul & Mary
  New Day; Abdul,