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Penn Bowl Trash II Round 6 Packet by Ben Frank and Eric .doc


									Penn Bowl Trash II
Round 6
Packet by Ben Frank and Eric Mukherjee & friends
Edited by Ben Frank and Joe Nguyen

1. In 2005, she beat out the likes of Jessica Lange and Frances McDormand for the role of Martha in a
Broadway revival of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. She voiced Constance in 2006’s Monster House and
was also the voice of Malibu Stacy creator Stacy Lavelle on The Simpsons. One of her most notable voice
roles was as Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. She won a Golden Globe for her role as Irene
Walker in Prizzi’s Honor, and she also played Chandler’s father on Friends. Additionally, She received
high acclaim for playing the titular role in Peggy Sue Got Married. FTP, name this notoriously throaty-
voiced actress, who is best known for her roles in 1980s movies like Body Heat and Romancing the Stone.
A: Kathleen Turner

2. She appeared in Playboy cover-feature nude pictorials in both 1980 and 1984, and in 1987, she starred in
a sitcom where she played a widow with two young kids, who takes over the job of her late husband. On
one show for which she is well known, her character’s sister Penny and mother Ivy help her run a beauty
boutique from her home. Later in life, that character gives birth to a daughter named Lilly with her husband
Frank. On another show, her character settles at an apartment owned by Helen and Stanley Roper in Santa
Monica, where she lives along with Janet and Jack. She achieved much fame in the 1980s as a
spokeswoman for the Thighmaster. FTP, name this actress most famous for playing Carol Lambert on Step
by Step and the ditzy Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company.
A: Suzanne Somers

3. One song with this title was written by Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene and was the title track on
their band’s second album. The video for a different song of this title shows a guy jumping off a fire escape
and encountering Elvis impersonators while running down the street. One song with this name contains the
lyrics “If I could buy my reasoning I’d pay to lose”. That song was covered in 2003 and was originally
done by British synthpop band Talk Talk. After saying the title, one song with this name includes the line
“don’t you forget, caught in the crowd, it never ends”. A popular band from the 80s made a song with this
title in 2000, in which some of the lines are “I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd” and “This ain’t a
song for the broken-hearted”. FTP, name this title of both a 2003 hit for No Doubt and a 2000 hit song for
Bon Jovi.
A: It’s My Life

4. In this film, future Darth Vader portrayer and former body builder David Prowse has a brief role as a
bodyguard named Julian. The film of this name makes far less use of the language Nadsat than the original
novel does. At one point in the film, the main figure returns home to find his room rented out to a lodger
named Joe. The protagonist’s authority as group leader is challenged shortly after that character has sex
with two women he picks up in a record shop. At one part, Alex experiences the painful Ludovico
technique, and he and his buddies are at the Korova Milk Bar as this film opens. A notable scene includes a
rape while performing “Singing in the Rain”, and the film includes excessive use of Beethoven’s ninth
symphony. FTP, name this Stanley Kubrick film about the “ultra-violent”, starring Malcolm McDowell.
A: A Clockwork Orange

5. A team in this league shared a nickname and city with a later WUSA team. To spread talent around and
reduce inevitable losses, David Dixon called for a $1.8 million salary cap for this league. The first
commissioner of this league was Chet Simmons and the most recent one was Harry L. Usher. Those who
played in this league included future world champion professional wrestlers Lex Luger and Ron Simmons.
Teams in this league included the Houston Gamblers and the Jacksonville Bulls, but the Michigan Panthers
won this league’s first championship game. An ESPN 30 for 30 film about this was entitled Small Potatoes.
Better-known teams in this league were the Los Angeles Express and the New Jersey Generals, owned by
Donald Trump. Herschel Walker was a major star in FTP, what football league, which lasted from 1983 to
A: USFL or United States Football League

6. It was the first single off of a 1987 album of the same name and one verse refers to both Halloween and
New Year’s Eve. One part makes reference to a “handful of grease” and a “motorcycle and a switchblade
knife”, and at one point, the singer proclaims, “I got the photos, a ménage a trois, musta broke those
Frenchies laws”. This song makes reference to numerous clubs, including the Body Shop, the Marble Arch,
and the Tropicana, and one lyric in this song announces, “I’m such a good good boy, I just need a new toy”.
The titular entities can also be found “at the Dollhouse” and “at Tattletails” and this song includes a
dialogue exchange between two of the band’s members, Tommy and Vince. FTP, name this Motley Crue
song with a repetitive title, which talks about females.
A: Girls, Girls, Girls

7. A 2009 episode of this program includes both LASIK eye surgery and a colonoscopy. The series
premiere features an anniversary celebration and an appearance on a daytime talk show. During season 2,
some of the show’s women look into methods of self-defense after the family business is vandalized. In the
episode Leaving the Nest, the middle-aged Kris receives a chimpanzee so that she can fulfill her dream of
having another child. In season 2, Rob gets serious with Adrienne Bailon, the lead singer of The Cheetah
Girls, and other minor characters on this program include daughters Kylie and Kendall. In the summer of
2009, a spinoff of this show entitled Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami aired on E!. FTP, name this reality
show about the family of a late O.J. Simpson attorney, which features Bruce Jenner and sisters Khloe,
Kourtney, and Kim.
A: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

8. In one of his early works, Peter MacDonald witnesses a crime done by Damian and Carrie Rose in the
Caribbean. Maggie finds the love of her life in soccer player Will Shepherd in another of his works entitled
Hide & Seek. He recently started an online initiative to help children build a foundation for a lifetime of
reading called Along with Michael Ledwidge, he wrote 2007’s Step on a Crack, the
first novel of his Michael Bennett series. This author has written many novels about four San Francisco
friends, who join forces to solve mysteries, known as the Women’s Murder Club series. He may be best
known for his novels about American psychologist Alex Cross and also has penned several Maximum Ride
books. FTP, name this American author of thriller novels, who wrote Kiss the Girls and Along Came a
A: James Patterson

9. In a 3-D comic, this character once had the time frozen around her by the Monitor Zillo Villa. She was
once in a relationship with Jose Delgado, who became the superhero Gangbuster. A relative of this
character was married to Ron Troupe and died when her bodysuit exploded. This character adopted a child
named Chris, who turned out to be the son of General Zod. Her sister Lucy was her maid of honor at her
1996 wedding. In the 1950’s, this character had such rivals as the mermaid Lori Lemaris and Lana Lang.
She learned her lover’s secret identity shortly before he was slain by Doomsday. For 10 points, name this
wife and longtime romantic interest of Clark Kent and Superman.
A: Lois Lane (accept either)

10. On June 30, 2009, James P. Clements became the 23 rd president of this school. The current official logo
for this university debuted in 1980 because of a uniform redesign following the tenure of head coach Frank
Cignetti. This school lost the National Championship when they suffered a defeat at the hands of Notre
Dame in the 1989 Fiesta Bowl. Alumni of this school include running backs Amos Zereoue and Avon
Cobourne as well as Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jeff Hostetler. The 2005 season saw them win the
Sugar Bowl after a disappointing 2004 campaign behind the efforts of Chris Henry and Adam “Pacman”
Jones. In 2008, Bill Stewart became this school’s head coach after the departure of Rich Rodriguez. FTP,
name this university whose football team was known in the recent past for the dynamic duo of Pat White
and Steve Slaton.
A: West Virginia University
11. He was once told that his father joined the Peace Corps and had subsequently died in the Sahara Desert.
The people with whom he has conflicts include Lyle Robideaux and Red Beaulieu, and one of his other
enemies annoys this person by calling him “needle dick”. He attempts to work for Captain Insano, and at
one point, he lets his mother know that Alligators are ornery because of their Medula Oblongata. He
becomes romantically involved with Vicki Vallencourt and changes greatly after Coach Klein encourages
him to stand up for himself. He refers to his anger as “tackling fuel” and eventually leads the South Central
Louisiana State Mud Dogs to the Bourbon Bowl after becoming a feared college football linebacker. FTP,
name this character played by Adam Sandler in The Waterboy.
A: Bobby Boucher (Accept either answer) (Prompt on Waterboy before it is mentioned)

12. In one game, this character defends a dragon's cave with two swords called the Galatin in the guise of
Sir Gawain. In another game, he meets a group of survivors from his race called the Nocturnus clan. The
Fire Dunk and the Maximum Heat Attack are variations on this character’s signature Fire Punch. This
character’s theme song is “Unknown from M.E.” Rouge the Bat has a crush on this character, who, in
pursuing his duty as a guardian, inadvertently helped Dr. Robotnik power the Death Egg. Charged with
guarding the Master Emerald, this character glides by puffing his dreadlocks out to float on the air. For 10
points, name this surly, red-haired Echidna, a rival of Sonic.
A: Knuckles [MB]

13. One of its songs has the lyrics “I reach out and touch that heavenly face, open my hand and there’s
empty space”. A different track muses “I remember that night in May, the stars were bright above”. It’s
shortest song is the 1 minute and 34 second track “Stay”, while the latter portion of the album includes
songs like “Overload” and “Love Is Strange”. Its seventh track is a Blow Monkeys version of the 1964
Lesley Gore hit “You Don’t Own Me”. One of the better-known songs on the album is “Be My Baby”,
which precedes a track with the lyrics “She’s out of my league; Just a fool to believe I have anything she
needs”. That song comes just before the recognizable Eric Carmen hit “Hungry Eyes”. FTP, name this
album, which includes the Oscar-winning song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” and is the soundtrack to
a 1987 film of the same name, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.
A: Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

14. A man who tried to start a music career under the name Murda One was the inspiration behind his
creation. At one time, he invests $20,000 into his cousin’s scheme to buy the jersey of a dying baseball
player. He is unable to make love to Brooke Manning, a coed that has a crush on him, so he instead desires
to see the girl he really loves in New Zealand. One of the many expensive cars he has driven is a 2009
Cadillac Escalade Hybrid and including his mother, no one has called him by his real name since he was
five. He owns a Rottweiler named Arnold and is often seen wearing items such as an Allan Houston jersey
and a New York Yankees cap. He also frequently uses and provides friends such as E with marijuana. FTP,
name this friend of Vince and Drama, played by Jerry Ferrara on Entourage.
A: Turtle or Salvatore Assante (Accept any underlined part)

15. In 2003, he was named manager of the Clearwater Threshers of the Florida State league and during his
first full season in 1973, he batted only .196 with 136 strikeouts. In 1976, he won his first of ten gold
gloves at his infield position. He served as third base coach for Team USA in the 2009 World Baseball
Classic and in 1980, he broke a team record for home runs previously set in 1929 by Chuck Klein. For the
only team for which he ever played, he is the all-time leader in nearly every offensive statistic including
runs scored, hits, RBI, and home runs. He was World Series MVP as his team defeated the Kansas City
Royals to win its first ever World Series in 1980. FTP, name this Hall of Fame third baseman, who played
his whole career for the Philadelphia Phillies.
A: Mike Schmidt

16. At one point, she becomes close friends with a transgendered drag performer known as Beverly
LaSalle. In one episode, she finds out that her deceased Cousin Liz was actually a lesbian. To bring extra
money to her household, she starts to work as a caretaker at the Sunshine Home. In a 1980 episode, she is
written off a continuation program as she dies of a stroke while off-camera. Her husband has testy
relationships with many people, including her cousin Maude Findlay. That husband often tells her to “stifle
yourself”, and she is the mother of Gloria and mother-in-law of “Meathead”. FTP, name this character
played by Jean Stapleton, who was the loyal wife of the bigoted Archie Bunker on All in the Family.
A: Edith Bunker (Prompt on Bunker)

17. In 2001, they traded the rights to their first round draft selection for three players, including Brandon
Armstrong. Their first home was at the Teaneck Armory and Dave Wohl coached them for two seasons. In
the 2002 playoffs, they blew a 21-point fourth quarter lead in game 3 of the conference semi-finals. In
1991, they greatly improved by acquiring Drazen Petrovic in a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers. From
a major 2008 trade, they acquired players like Desagana Diop and Trenton Hassell. In 2000, they hired as
their team president Rod Thorn, and now they are owned by businessman Mikhail Prokhorov. 2001 saw
them trade Stephon Marbury for Jason Kidd and in 2009, they fired coach Lawrence Frank. FTP, name this
NBA team, which includes Devon Harris and which lost 18 games to begin the 2009-2010 season.
A: New Jersey Nets (Accept either answer)

18. One character in this film claims to be published in four journals, while some of his research also made
its way into Maxim magazine. At one point, an older woman in this film says “I’ve had all kinds of things
shoved up my ass. But I got over it!”. A turning point in the film is when Phil “Landfill” Krundle drowns at
the hands of a spy named Cherry, played by Mo’Nique. When Fink’s yarmulke falls off in competition, his
purely concentrated rage gives him the “Eye of the Jew”. When Gil, Fink, Barry, and the rest of the gang
go to avenge their previous year’s defeat, they find the competition’s location through “drunken recall”.
FTP, name this film about American males who train and compete in an underground drinking games
tournament in Germany.
A: Beerfest

19. In 2005, two members of this group hosted a reality show called R U the Girl. In 1995, their song “This
Is How It Works” appeared on the hit soundtrack to the movie Waiting to Exhale. A highly successful song
by this group warns women not to alter their appearance just to please a man. A member of this group had a
long and tumultuous relationship with NFL wide receiver Andre Rison, and that member tragically died in
a car crash early in 2002. One of their most famous songs shares a one-word title with hits by the Stone
Temple Pilots and Radiohead, and they achieved diamond certification with the success of their 1994
album CrazySexyCool. FTP, name this female R&B group, which famously sang the hits “No Scrubs” and

20. One person with this surname is best known as the lead guitarist for the band The Shadows. Books in a
series centering on someone with this first name have subtitles like “Alone In His Teacher’s House” and
“Class President”. A supporting character on the Super Friends with a pet named Wonderdog has this first
name. One person with this first name was drafted 2nd overall in the 2005 NBA draft just after winning a
college national championship. One figure with this name is the robot aboard the starship Heart of Gold in
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and is called “the Paranoid Android”. This is the name of an
Ethiopian child on an episode of South Park, who is said to be “Starvin’”. FTP, give this name of a certain
Looney Tunes Martian and the first name of a Motown singer with surname Gaye.
A: Marvin

1. He has enjoyed a long career working with many different actors. Name these people who have appeared
in films with Morgan Freeman FTPE:
[10] Freeman appeared as Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight alongside this most recent portrayer of Batman.
A: Christian Bale
[10] This actor played young attorney Roger Sherman Baldwin alongside Freeman’s Theodore Joadson in
1997’s Amistad. He is known for his disarming southern accent and for being in movies like Sahara, We
Are Marshall, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
A: Matthew McConaughey
[10] Morgan Freeman had a small role as Jack Doyle in Gone Baby Gone. In that film, this actress played
Helene McCready and earned an Oscar nomination.
A: Amy Ryan

2. They recently released 2009’s Hello Hurricane to follow up 2006’s Oh! Gravity. FTPE:
[10] Name this rock band, which is sometimes characterized as Christian, and which sings the songs “Only
Hope” and “Awakening” in addition to their hit song “Dare You to Move”.
A: Switchfoot
[10] Switchfoot’s other really well known song is this 2003 single which continually asks “Have we lost
ourselves?” and states “We want more than this world’s got to offer”.
A: Meant to Live
[10] When Switchfoot originally formed in 1996, they had a different name. However, when they quickly
signed to a label, they dropped this initial moniker, the name of an arm exercise often associated with the
A: Chin Up

3. It is based in Tampa, Florida and has over 900 locations worldwide. FTPE:
[10] Name this restaurant chain, which specializes in USDA Choice and Prime meats and has a strong
“Australian” theme.
A: Outback Steakhouse
[10] One famous menu item at Outback Steakhouse is this appetizer, which is cut to resemble a flower.
Chili’s offers a similar item called the Awesome Blossom.
A: Bloomin’ Onion
[10] Outback’s version of this appetizer was condemned by Men’s Health magazine as “The Worst Food in
America”. Their variation on this item includes bits of fresh chopped bacon and is served with a spicy
ranch dressing. On Outback’s menu, the word “Aussie” modifies this two-word item, which is a variation
on a common starch side dish.
A: Cheese Fries (prompt on Fries)

4. It was the second no-hitter of his career. FTPE:
[10] Name this quick-working White Sox pitcher, who threw a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays
on July 23, 2009.
A: Mark Buehrle
[10] Buehrle’s perfect game was the first in Major League Baseball since this lefty threw one for the
Diamondbacks in 2004. This pitcher, nicknamed “The Big Unit”, retired in January 2010 after winning his
300th game in 2009, while playing for the San Francisco Giants.
A: Randy Johnson
[10] Buehrle’s perfect game was preserved when this ninth-inning defensive substitute robbed the Rays’
Gabe Kapler of a home run with a spectacular juggling catch. This man’s last name implies that he
possessed both the necessary baseball intelligence and experience to make such an amazing play.
A: DeWayne Wise

5. She is known for playing roles like Vicki Anderson and Bonnie Parker. FTPE:
[10] Name this actress, who has had prominent roles in Mommie Dearest and 1968’s The Thomas Crown
Affair, and who played one of the titular figures in Bonnie and Clyde.
A: Faye Dunaway
[10] Dunaway was one of three actors who won Academy Awards for roles in this 1976 movie. It is famous
for the quote “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore”.
A: Network
[10] Dunaway also appeared alongside Robert Duvall and Natasha Richardson in this 1990 film, taking
place in a fascistic future America. In this movie, any potential mother who commits a crime is forced to
engage in the titular job in order to procreate.
A: The Handmaid’s Tale

6. Actors on this show include Peter Facinelli and Merritt Wever. FTPE:
[10] Name this cable series about a titular “flawed” female emergency room employee at All Saints’
Hospital in New York.
A: Nurse Jackie
[10] Nurse Jackie airs on this channel, where other current original programming includes Californication,
Weeds, and Dexter.
A: Showtime
[10] The star of Nurse Jackie is this actress, who is best known for her role as Carmela Soprano on The
A: Edie Falco

7. Identify these video games based on comic book franchises, FTPE:
[10] This Raven Software game, a sort of successor to the X-men Legends series, features over 140
characters and allows players to battle in teams of four. The plot centers on retrieving the M'Kraan crystal
to defeat Dr Doom, and stopping Galactus.
A: Marvel Ultimate Alliance
[10] This arcade fighting game features Onslaught as the final boss, and includes characters like Mega
Man, Ryu, and Spider-Man.
A: Marvel vs Capcom
[10] This recent offering sees the protagonist infiltrate the title facility in order to stop the Joker from
creating an army using the drug Titan.
A: Batman: Arkham Asylum

8. They are primarily known for their albums Leftoverture and Point of Know Return. FTPE:
[10] Name this band, which produced such hits as “Dust in the Wind”.
A: Kansas
[10] This Kansas song contains the line “masquerading as a man with a reason, my charade is the event of
the season”. It tells the titular figure, “there’ll be peace when you are done”.
A: Carry On Wayward Son
[10] In 2000, Kansas toured as an opening act for this band, which includes Steve Howe and Chris Squire.
They are probably best known for the hit “Owner of a Lonely Heart”.
A: Yes

9. There aren’t many father-son stories more inspirational than this one. FTPE:
[10] Name this film about homeless salesman-turned stockbroker Chris Gardner, whose title misspells a
famous excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.
A: The Pursuit of Happyness
[10] This actor starred along with his real-life son in The Pursuit of Happyness. He would later star in the
superhero movie Hancock.
A: Will Smith
[10] In the film, Chris Gardner puts his family in financial peril by investing in and selling this type of
medical apparatus. It is described as having twice the expense of an x-ray machine, with only slightly
clearer images.
A: Bone-Density Scanner

10. It was the lead track on the album Urban Hymns. FTPE:
[10] Name this 1997 indie hit by The Verve.
A: Bittersweet Symphony
[10] This other 1997 single repeatedly says, “I won’t be held responsible” and also describes someone, who
is “guilt stricken sobbin’ with his head on the floor”. The singer concludes, “we were merely” the titular
type of people.
A: The Freshmen
[10] “The Freshmen” was a hit for this band with members Brad Vander Ark and A.J. Dunning. They
should not be confused with The Verve.
A: The Verve Pipe

11. Get to that “pit stop” first so you can win a prize. FTPE:
[10] Name this show where different twosomes go all around the world in competition with other teams.
A: The Amazing Race
[10] This New Zealand TV personality has been the host of The Amazing Race since its inception.
A: Phil Keoghan
[10] The 15th installment of The Amazing Race concluded on December 6, 2009. Two contestants for this
season were Nate Lofton and Herbert Lang, teammates who play for this basketball team.
A: Harlem Globetrotters (Prompt on Harlem)

12. He went to college at Baylor University and spent his whole career playing for the same time. FTPE:
[10] Name this linebacker for the 1980s “Monsters of the Midway”, nicknamed Samurai Mike.
A: Mike Singletary
[10] Mike Singletary is currently the coach of this NFL team, which includes Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and
Vernon Davis.
A: San Francisco 49ers (Accept either answer)
[10] Singletary greatly helped the Chicago Bears win Super Bowl XX. In that game, this Bears defensive
end took home MVP honors.
A: Richard Dent

13. Its protagonist was named Fievel Mousekewitz. FTPE:
[10] Name this 1986 film about a Russian-Jewish family of mice, who decide to immigrate to the U.S.
A: An American Tail
[10] This actor has a minor role in An American Tail as Henri, a pigeon of French descent. He is better
known for playing roles like Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music and also appears as Doctor
Parnassus in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
A: Christopher Plummer
[10] This Grammy-winning song appeared in An American Tail. A version by Linda Ronstadt and James
Ingram made it to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song describes the titular location as “beneath the pale
moonlight” and claims, “it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star”.
A: Somewhere Out There

14. It took place in the fictional small town of Mayberry, North Carolina. FTPE:
[10] Name this 1960s program, which included Opie, Aunt Bee and deputy Barney Fife.
A: The Andy Griffith Show
[10] The Sheriff played by Andy Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show had this last name.
A: Taylor
[10] The Andy Griffith Show eventually spawned a spinoff series entitled Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., on which
this man played the title role.
A: Jim Nabors

15. It’s back to the drawing board. Answer these questions about college football SEC coaching changes
leading up to the 2009 season FTPE:
[10] This man replaced Tommy Tuberville at Auburn despite his really questionable coaching record at
Iowa State. He went 5-19 in two seasons with the Cyclones.
A: Gene Chizik
[10] This SEC school fired Phillip Fulmer after a disappointing 5-7 season and replaced him with former
Oakland Raiders Coach Lane Kiffin, not knowing he would eventually bolt for USC.
A: University of Tennessee
[10] For the 2009 season, Dan Mullen replaced this man as head coach at Mississippi State. He currently
serves as the running backs coach of the St. Louis Rams and was the first African American head football
coach in the SEC.
A: Sylvester Croom

16. Identify these villains from the Street Fighter series, FTPE:
[10] This teacher of Adon and eyepatch-wearing Muy Thai kickboxer was the final boss in the first Street
Fighter game.
A: Sagat
[10] Sagat later became a subordinate of this leader of the criminal organization Shadaloo and wielder of
Psycho Power, the boss in the second entry.
A: M Bison
[10] This brother of Urien is a half-blue half-red behemoth and president of the Illuminati, and is the final
boss of Street Fighter III.
A: Gill

17. This song includes the opening lines “Now it seems to me that you know just what to say. Words are
only words, can you show me something else”. FTPE:
[10] Name this 2005 song, which contains the lyrics “I don’t wanna have to pay for this, I don’t want to
know the lover at my door is just another heartache on my list”.
A: Lonely No More
[10] “Lonely No More” is by this lead singer of Matchbox 20, who released the single “Her Diamonds” in
A: Rob Thomas
[10] “Her Diamonds” is the lead single off of this second solo studio album by Rob Thomas. It is the
follow-up to his 2005 solo debut …Something to Be.
A: Cradlesong

18. They may be from different shows, but name these TV actresses with something in common. FTPE:
[10] This actress starred as Valerie Cherish on the TV series The Comeback, but is most famous for her role
as Phoebe Buffay.
A: Lisa Kudrow
[10] She currently stars as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House.
A: Lisa Edelstein
[10] This actress was once married to Lenny Kravitz, and she is most famous for starring on a show, where
her brother was played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
A: Lisa Bonet

19. It is at the forefront of 21st century education. FTPE:
[10] Name this educational game system with a happy-sounding name, which is designed for children ages
3 to 7 and is created by Video Technology Ltd.
A: V.Smile
[10] Most of the educational games for the V.Smile involve characters popular with young children,
including this Australian children’s musical group, which currently consists of Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt,
Anthony Field, and Sam Moran. They have their own television series, which includes characters like
Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword.
A: The Wiggles
[10] The ROM cartridges, which contain games for the V.Smile are referred to by this name, which rhymes
with “cartridge” and refers to how the games increase one’s knowledge.
A: Smartridge

20. At his famous ESPY speech, he inspired others to never give up. FTPE:
[10] Name this North Carolina State basketball head coach, who died of cancer in 1993 and whose legacy
lives on through the V Foundation.
A: Jim Valvano
[10] In 1983, Valvano’s team upset this school’s squad to win the NCAA championship. Their roster
included future hall of famer Hakeem Olajuwon.
A: University of Houston
[10] In his playing days, Valvano was a point guard at this mid-Atlantic school, where he teamed up with
All-American Bob Lloyd in the backcourt.
A: Rutgers University

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