ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                                2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application


AZSTA has a maximum of $2,250,000 of funding available for the 2007 biennial grant cycle. The Authority may,
at its sole discretion, award the total amount or a portion of the maximum projected available funding based on the
grant applications received by the deadline (see below).

    To identify, solicit, develop and allocate funding for youth and amateur sports proposals in Maricopa
      County which will service a wide variety of sporting and physical activity experiences throughout the
    To provide technical assistance, demographic and facility information and outreach to youth and amateur
      sports participants and their communities about opportunities and activities of AZSTA.
    To participate in and encourage partnerships which benefit youth and amateur sports and physical activity.
    To ensure that funds provided by AZSTA are allocated in a responsible and effective manner and in
      compliance with the organization’s enabling legislation.

   1. Applicants must be a Maricopa County agency, municipality, school district or any other incorporated public
      entity, (including any combination of the forgoing) or a 501(c) (3) or 501 (c) (4) non-profit organization,
      which has been in operation for no less than one calendar year. For-profit organizations are not eligible to
      apply for a biennial grant.
   2. Proposed projects must be within Maricopa County.
   3. Projects that have previously received funding from the Authority may re-apply for funds, but may not be
      as highly considered as new projects requesting funding.
   4. Funding will only be considered for those projects for youth and amateur sports facility/field construction
      and/or renovation, sports field lighting and/or equipment.
      a. Funding for programs will not be considered or awarded
      b. Funding for indirect costs such as overhead and administrative expenses (e.g. salaries, utilities, rent,
          etc.), loans or endowments, conferences, individuals, tournaments, travel, capital campaigns, funding
          to sustain an organization or program or any other category that the Authority, in its sole discretion,
          considers to not be directly related to a capital improvement project will not be funded.

2007 GRANT TIMELINE                                                                     Dates
Grant Assistance Workshops                                                              April 10 – 14, 2007
Deadline for submitting applications                                                    Friday, June 1, 2007 – 5:00 p.m.
         At the time the application is submitted, it is preferred that a minimum of
          50% of Applicant’s Contribution be documented in Section IV of the
          application as well as by third party funding commitment letters (if
Evaluation and Review Period                                                            June-August 2007
Notification of Grant Awards                                                            September-October 2007
     Prior to the notification of the grant awards, applicants will be asked to
          provide additional documentation evidencing a minimum of 75% of
          Applicant’s Contribution
Funding Agreement between AZSTA and Recipient                                           Within 30 days after Notification of Grant
    100% of Applicant’s Contribution must be secured and evidenced prior to            Awards
          the execution of the funding agreement
Project Completion                                                                      Within twelve (12) months of the execution of
     The project, as approved, should be completed within twelve months of             the Funding Agreement
          the execution of the Funding Agreement between the Applicant and the
          Authority (unless otherwise agreed upon by the Authority and
          documented in the Funding Agreement).

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                              ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                          2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

   1. AZSTA Youth and Amateur Sports Grant Application is required and can be found at:
   2. Four (4) copies of the application and supporting documents must be received by the Authority at its
      offices no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, June 1, 2007. No applications will be accepted after this time.
           a. Applications not conforming to the requirements as contained within this Biennial Grant Application
               will be considered incomplete and will not be considered for funding.
           b. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
           c. No faxes will be accepted
           d. Applications should be printed on white, 8.5” x 11” paper. One of the four required copies should
               not be bound, but be held together with a binder clip to allow for additional copies to be made.
           e. An electronic version of the completed grant application (in its original Word format) should also
               be provided by the deadline via email to:
           f. Authority Delivery/Mailing Address:
               1 Cardinals Drive
               Glendale AZ 85305
   3. Letters of support for your project may be included along with your application at the time it is submitted.
      Any communication or solicitation of the Authority’s board of directors, either directly or indirectly,
      regarding your application may subject your application to disqualification.
   4. Any and all requests for information or clarification must be addressed directly with the Authority’s staff to
      either Kim Monroe,, or Chuck Foley,

STEP ONE: Applications are initially reviewed and evaluated by AZSTA’s staff for compliance with the core
requirements of the grant program as well as other established application criteria. This initial review may result in
additional requests for information and/or clarification.

STEP TWO: All applications will be forwarded to the members of the Authority’s Youth and Amateur Sports
Committee for their individual review and consideration. They will be grouped as either conforming or non-
conforming with the program’s core requirements and other established criteria with explanations as to any non-
conformance issues.

STEP THREE: Once step two has been completed, the Authority will schedule a public meeting of the Youth and
Amateur Sports Committee at which time the staff will provide its recommendations as to which applications should
be considered for funding. It would be anticipated that at this meeting the committee, based on the staff’s
recommendations and the committee’s input, would formally recommend a final list of applications to be forwarded
to the Authority’s board of directors for consideration in making grant awards.

STEP FOUR: The Authority’s board of directors meets to consider the award recommendations from the Youth and
Amateur Sports Committee and approve the awards.

STEP FIVE: Final award recipients are notified and are provided an electronic version of the Funding Agreement
which must be completed and fully executed within thirty (30) days of the award notification.           100% of the
applicant’s contribution must be documented prior to the execution of the Funding Agreement in order to move
STEP SIX: Implementation phase – the project is to be completed within twelve months of the execution of the
Funding Agreement. During this phase, the Applicant is to prepare and submit to the Authority at youthsports@az- a monthly Project Progress Report Form which can be found at:
At the completion of the project there will be one final project progress report form to be completed which wraps
up the project by summarizing the success of the project meeting its stated goals and objectives. You will also be
asked on the progress report to complete a Facility Survey at the project’s completion which will put your
information on the Internet. The Authority’s final pro-rata reimbursement will coincide with the receipt of this final

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                              ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                          2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

Who may apply for a grant?                 Applicants must be a Maricopa County agency, municipality, school
                                           district or any other incorporated public entity, (including any
                                           combination of the forgoing) or a 501(c) (3) or 501 (c) (4) non-profit
                                           organization, which has been in operation for no less than one calendar
                                           year. Proposed projects must be within Maricopa County. Applicants
                                           who have previously received funding from AZSTA may apply for funds,
                                           but may not be as highly considered as others who have not received
                                           prior funding. For-profit organizations are not eligible for biennial
                                           grant awards.
How much in funding can applicants         The Authority, per A. R. S., may fund, at its sole discretion, up to two-
request?                                   thirds of a project’s total cost. The Authority provides for additional
                                           consideration for those projects whose funding percentage is greater
                                           than the minimum one-third match.
When can a project start to be eligible    If an applicant is awarded a grant from AZSTA, that portion of the
for funding?                               project for which Authority funds have been awarded cannot have
                                           started before the execution of a Project Funding Agreement. The
                                           Agreement is to be executed within 30 days after the grant is awarded.
When must the project be completed?        Funds will be made available on a pro-rata reimbursement basis after
                                           the agreement is executed and work has begun. The project must be
                                           completed within 12 months of the funding agreement’s execution
                                           unless otherwise agreed to by the Authority and documented in the
                                           funding agreement.
How are the Authority’s funds disbursed?   Disbursements of grant funds will be available to grant recipients on a
                                           pro-rata reimbursement basis. This ensures that the Authority’s funds
                                           are expended on a pro-rata basis along with the recipient’s contribution
                                           as the project progresses. For example, the Authority awards $50,000
                                           toward a project with a total value of $150,000. The Authority’s
                                           contribution as a percentage of the total value is 33%. As the project
                                           moves forward, the grant recipient submits a reimbursement for
                                           $10,000. Once approved, the Authority makes a payment of $3,333
                                           (33%) to the recipient. This would continue through the completion of
                                           the project at which time all funds would have been disbursed under
                                           the Funding Agreement. A reimbursement form is available on the
                                           Authority’s website along with this application and progress reports.
What kinds of projects are eligible?       Grants are based on projects serving youth and amateur sports and
                                           physical activity, which demonstrate financial need, leveraged funding,
                                           community partnerships, and a demonstrated benefit to a local
                                           community in Maricopa County. The Authority will accept grant
                                           applications for new facility or field construction, facility or field
                                           renovation, field lighting and/or equipment. Funding for programs or
                                           other administrative/overhead type expenses will not be awarded.
What are some examples of projects         Funding has been awarded for equipment, transportation, lighting of
which have previously been funded?         fields, renovation of existing sports facilities, construction of
                                           playgrounds, construction of fitness trails, and construction of sports
                                           fields or complexes. The Authority is only accepting applications for
                                           new facility/field construction, field/facility renovation and/or
                                           equipment. Funding for programs will not be considered or awarded.
What types of funding are not awarded?     Grants will not be awarded for requests for: fixed
                                           overhead/administrative expenses (e.g. salaries, rent, utilities, etc.),
                                           loans or endowments, conferences, individuals, golf tournaments or
                                           benefit tables, travel (all), capital campaigns, funding to maintain the
                                           sustainability of an organization or program, or anything else deemed
                                           as not serving the youth and amateur sports community within
                                           Maricopa County.
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                             ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                         2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

Authorized Signatory

By our signature below, we attest that we have read and understand all components of the Arizona Sports and
Tourism Authority’s funding process related to this Grant Application, and that, if funded, we will comply with all
requirements and guidelines listed therein. We further attest that our organization has the capacity to deliver all
aspects, both financial and operational, that we have presented in this Grant Application.

Date: __5/21/07________

_________________Jeanine Guy___________
Grant Applicant Signature

______Community Services Director_________________

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                                     ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                                 2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

     INFORMATION                     (Fill in the requested information below)
         Organization Name           Town of Buckeye
            Mailing Address          201 East Centre Avenue
   City, State and Zip Code          Buckeye, Arizona 85326
    Primary Contact Person           Jeanine Guy, Community Services Director
                   and Title
                   Phone #           623-349-6601
                      Fax #          623-344-6034
              Email Address
               Website URL 
    Qualifying Organization          Municipal corporation
        Arizona Corporation          N/A
   Commission File Number
     Prior Award Recipient?          Place an ‘X’ here _____ if your organization has received a funding award from the Authority

          Project Title        Earl Edgar Recreational Facility Renovation
 Project Type (mark ‘X’              Facility Construction (new)
         for all that apply)    X    Facility Renovation

      Project Address          201 East Centre Avenue
   City, State and Zip         Buckeye, Arizona 85326
  Major Cross Streets          Miller Road & Centre Avenue
 Describe Ownership            The Town of Buckeye owns all of the land and facilities.
    Structure of Land
        and/or Facility
 Tax Assessor Parcel           400-28-001-E
Project Description            We feel the Town of Buckeye is an excellent candidate for this opportunity and is constantly
(Describe the project and      seeking to improve the programs and services for our community. It is imperative the Town of
its importance to your
                               Buckeye seek grant opportunities for our community in hopes of making resources more available
community in 150 words
or less)                       to them. The Biennial Grant offered by the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority is greatly
                               appreciated and recognized by the Buckeye community and southwest valley. Buckeye is eager to
                               work with the AZSTA organization in the renovation of our existing Earl Edgar Recreation Facility.
                               The renovation of the three youth ball fields, youth football field, practice fields and basketball
                               court will benefit many youth and generations to come. We are confident you will find the Earl
                               Edgar Recreational Facility renovation project a worthy candidate for this privilege and believe you
                               will not be disappointed in making us one of your selections. We are looking forward to hearing
                               from you and being part of the AZSTA family.

  Total Project Value          $___1,167,000.00_______
 Requested Authority
         Contribution          $___657,000___ (__56___% of Total Project Value (max. is 67%))

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                                    ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                                2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

            Applicant’s       In-Kind contributions are limited in scope as well as limited to the lesser of 10% of the Total Project Value or 25% of
                              the Applicant’s Total Contribution
                              Enter values on the Excel worksheet below by double-clicking on it to open it up. When you are finished press ‘Esc’ to
            Applicant’s      exit and save the worksheet
             Contribution                  Total Project Value $             1,167,000          Enter values in 'Green' shaded boxes only!
               includes all
                               Applicant Contribution
          sources of cash
          and in-kind that                                  Cash $             510,000
          the Applicant is                               In-Kind                            Okay
             securing for                   Total Contribution $               510,000
           their matching        as % of Total Project Value                        44%         Okay       (Min. 33% required)
                   portion                 Amount Secured $                     500,000         Okay       (Min. 50% required)
                                  Maximum In-Kind Amount $                      116,700         Okay       (Max. of lesser of 10% of
                                                                                                          Total Project or 25% of
                                                                                                           Total Contribution)

Project Start and
Completion Dates (If                                                                                   Completion                 Part of this
this is a phased project,
please provide the start
                                    Phase #              Description            Start Date               Date                    Funding App?
and completion dates for                 I            Grading,                     12/07                  6/08                         Yes
each phase and which                                  sprinklers
phase(s) are part of this
funding application. If                 II            Basketball                    2/08                  8/08                         Yes
not, please just complete                             courts,
the Phase #I line. Project
cannot begin prior to the
execution of the Funding                III           Softball field,               4/08                  8/08                         Yes
Agreement. Project                                    fencing
completion date must be
no later than 12 months                 IV            Playground,                   6/08                  12/08                        Yes
after the execution date                              shading
of the Funding
Agreement.)                             V             Landscaping                   6/08                  12/08                        Yes

III. PROJECT                  We are proposing the renovation of Earl Edgar Recreational Facility as a potential AZSTA
DESCRIPTION and               Biennial Grant recipient. This site is nestled in the heart of historic downtown Buckeye as
STATEMENT OF                  our one and only youth sports venue which has accommodated generations of youth and
NEED (Describe the            adult athletes, parents and spectators. This sports venue is a 23-acre flood irrigated park
project in detail including   and consists of two youth baseball fields (one recently awarded as the Arizona
how this project will meet
                              Diamondbacks “Craig Counsell Field”), two adult softball fields, one football/soccer field and
your organization’s goals,
will benefit the community    one basketball court. We lose five usable days monthly due to irrigation, which results in
at-large, how many            corrosion of fencing and compaction of infield areas, shade is non-existent. The lights
people will benefit from      surrounding the baseball and softball fields were installed in 1984, we recently had an 80 ft.
this project, what criteria   light pole collapse from age and structural instability. Our basketball court is concrete
will be used by you to
measure the project’s         which has many cracks and faded lines. The rusted backboards, chain link nets and
success, major partners in    surrounding dilapidated chain link fencing will all be replaced. There is no lighting for the
the project and why this      basketball court- frequently parents park their cars towards the court with their headlights
project is in need of         on so children can participate. Because of the demand for basketball the two existing
                              outdoor racquetball courts which are rarely used, will be demolished and replaced with an
Weighted 30%                  additional lit basketball court. The existing football field is uneven and needs to be graded
Limit – One page              with sprinklers installed. Our plan is to add parking lot lights along with lights in common
                              areas throughout this site. With 52% of the project costs available to us in the 07-08 FY,
                              the recent field donation (AZ Diamondback Charities) and the help from AZSTA, we will be
                              able to provide for the needs of our citizens by renovating Earl Edgar Recreational Facility
                              into a healthier, safer and state-of–the-art sports venue.

                              As one of our organizational goals and affirmed in our Parks & Recreation Master Plan, we
                              are dedicated to maintaining and balancing Buckeye’s heritage with incoming growth. The

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  2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

Town of Buckeye also is motivated in proactively taking steps to secure alternative funding
through grants, partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. This project will assist us as a
model of “how to” creatively pursue partnerships with school districts, non-profits,
businesses and other organizations. We are motivated to develop joint-use facilities, while
our commitment to building Buckeye as a leader within the sports community is second to
none. Although planning is vital, we believe preserving our historic past as our foundation,
is equally important to our residents. For this reason, we recognize the Earl Edgar
Recreational Facility is a deserving project for this award.

In 2006, the Town of Buckeye was the grant recipient and was recently awarded the
“Diamonds Back” youth field or better known as the “Craig Counsell Field” from the Arizona
Diamondbacks Foundation. This first-class baseball diamond was built within the existing
Earl Edgar Recreation Facility. The southwest ball field was completely renovated with new
lights, fencing, turf, infield, bleachers, dugout and an electronic scoreboard which was much
needed for the community. With one baseball field renovated, we recognized an
overwhelming support and commitment from the community, for this reason, we have
chosen to maintain this course. This new state of the art signature youth ballpark has
brought residents an increased sense of pride and ownership of the surrounding community
and we realize with the future renovation of this facility the community will continue to
embrace and support these amenities.

With two recent Parks & Recreation citizen surveys provided to the community, Buckeye
residents clearly want to see greater emphasis on providing little league fields and
football/soccer fields within their park systems. As Buckeye’s future growth will offer a wide
array of housing choices, it is anticipated that the median population age will remain young
and many children will reside in Buckeye.

Currently, Buckeye Little League, AYSO, Buckeye Pop Warner Football and Parks &
Recreation Youth Sports programs take place at this facility. Since our inaugural sports
season (Spring 2006), the sports programs coordinated by the Parks & Recreation
Department alone has reached over 1,570 participants, all of which are new programs to
the Town. With the grand total of 3,421 participants all organizations combined, we can
clearly see the high demand for sport activities (this figure does not account for the
additional family members, coaches and spectators visiting Earl Edgar Recreation Facility).

The below figures illustrate the amount of participants using the lone sports facility to
include Parks & Recreation, Buckeye Pop Warner, Buckeye Little League and AYSO. We
anticipate a large increase of growth in participation for all organizations next season, which
will validate the project’s success.

Spring 2006 - Total Participants 849
Youth Soccer & Cheerleading – 15 teams x 10 per team = 150 youth
Youth Baseball Competition MLB Pitch, Hit & Run = 68 youth
Adult Softball - 8 teams x 18 per team = 144 adults
Buckeye Little League Baseball = 487 youth

Summer 2006 – Total Participants 326
Youth Football Clinic – 74 youth & teens
Adult Softball – 14 teams x 18 per team = 252 adults

Fall 2006 – Total Participants 1,237
Youth Soccer & Baseball = 253 youth
Youth Football Competition – NFL Punt, Pass & Kick = 25 youth
Adult Softball – 8 teams x 18 per team = 144 adults
Buckeye Pop Warner Football = 575 youth
Arizona Youth Soccer Organization = 240 youth

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                                    ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                                2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

                              Spring 2007 – Total Participants 1,009
                              Youth Soccer, Flag Football & Cheerleading – 28 teams x 10 per team = 280 youth
                              Youth Baseball Competition – MLB Pitch, Hit & Run = 45 youth
                              Adult Softball - 8 teams x 18 per team = 144 adults
                              Buckeye Little League Baseball = 540 youth

                              According to the National Recreation and Parks Association Recommended Guidelines our
                              current inventory of sports fields is inadequate. For the size of our community (35,000+)
                              we should have at least 7 youth baseball fields, 3 soccer/football fields, and 7 basketball
                              courts. Although our goal is to establish sufficient and quality ball fields available for youth,
                              while keeping pace with growth, we cannot afford to ignore what is existing and has been
                              part of the heritage and tradition of Buckeye. With the Earl Edgar Recreation Facility
                              project not receiving matched funding we will not be able to move forward in renovating
                              the entire facility, which will result in the exclusion of select user group’s amenities. In
                              addition, our commitment to enhancing partnerships with various sports leagues in Buckeye
                              to promote efficient scheduling of practice times and fields will be in jeopardy.

IV. FUNDING                   While Buckeye looks to its future with confidence and hope, at the same time it looks back
PARTNERSHIPS &                with pride. Buckeye is the only community in Maricopa County to be named a “Main Street
LEVERAGED                     Coalition” community, a national program designed to maintain communities’ historic
FUNDING (Describe             downtown and Old U. S. Highway 80 (currently Maricopa County Highway 85) that runs
any agencies or               through it. Recently, the Main Street Coalition contributed over $200,000 to replace the
organizations with whom
                              aged non-functioning restrooms and a battered concession stand at Earl Edgar Recreational
you will collaborate to
enhance the project’s         Facility. The “Main Street Coalition” has a vested interest and is a major partner and
effectiveness and             supporter of this project with high hopes that the renovations will attract more residents,
leverage funding for the      visitors and users to the heart of Buckeye on Main Street.
project. Additional
consideration will be
given to projects that are    Another major partner is the local School Districts; the Town of Buckeye is currently
able to leverage other        developing intergovernmental agreements with the Buckeye Union High, Buckeye
funding sources which         Elementary and the Liberty Elementary School Districts. The Town believes in joint-use
will help the applicant       facilities and establishing arrangements for use and care of these facilities, with little or no
exceed the applicant’s
required contribution
                              cost to each party for use.
minimum of 33% of the
total project value           Local youth sports organizations to include; Buckeye Little League, AYSO and Buckeye Pop
adjusted for costs which      Warner Football have all committed to provide additional funding for this project. This
the Authority may/may
                              further proving the on-going partnership, commitment and collaboration of the Town of
not elect to participate in
funding.)                     Buckeye and other organizations. With each of these partnerships and financial supporters,
                              the Earl Edgar Renovation Project will ensure quality facilities are being made available for
Weighted 30% (including       the children of our community.
the budget template and
Limit – One page

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                                    ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                                2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

                             Enter values on the Excel worksheet below by double-clicking on it to open it up. When you are finished press ‘Esc’
                             to exit and save the worksheet
                              Applicant's Source of Funding for Stated Contribution (per above)
                              Please list all other organizations and/or individuals whose contributions, either cash or in-kind, are part of the Applicant's Contribution as stated in
                              II. above. These contributions and those being made directly by the Applicant should equal the amount listed in II. above. In-Kind Contributions
                              are limited to the lesser of 10% of the Total Project Cost or 25% of the Applicant's Contribution. Do not include the Authority's requested
                              contribution amount.

                                Name          Relationship                                Cash                 In-Kind             Total
                             Town of Buckeye                                            $ 500,000                                $ 500,000 [Enter Applicant's Name and Contribution o
                             Little League           Facility User                              5,000                                5,000
                             Pop Warner              Facility User                              5,000                                5,000

V. PROJECT                   The Earl Edgar Recreational Facility is utilized to the maximum degree possible during the
SUSTAINABILITY               entire year. The projection growth rate for the Town of Buckeye is extreme. New facilities
(Describe the useful life    are planned, but we are so far behind in recreational demands that upgrades and
(in years) of the project
                             maintenance of our existing facility is vital.
and how and who the
project, once it is
completed and operating,     The first phase of our second planned recreational facility is set to begin next fiscal year.
will be funded for on-       Within a year and a half children should be playing on those fields. Our projections show
going operations, capital    that by the time the new facility is open the demand that comes with growth will be greater
repair and replacement
and routine maintenance.)    than the new facility can accommodate.

Weighted 20%                 The useful life for the elements of the Earl Edgar Recreational Facility project is expected to
Limit – One page             exceed the product warranty that extends up to 25 years. The ball field lights have a 25
                             year warranty for the poles, lights, ballasts, re-lamping and controller; the playground and
                             shade canopies have a 10 year warranty; the basketball courts will be made of post-tension
                             concrete and with the non-expansive soil that we have in Buckeye, the basketball courts
                             should last well over 20 years.

                             The Earl Edgar Recreational Facility is being maintained by the Community Services Parks
                             Division which is funded through the Town of Buckeye general fund. General repairs and
                             maintenance will be covered in the Parks Division annual budget. Each component of the
                             project will be identified in the Town of Buckeye Capital Improvement Project Plan in
                             strategic preparation to ensure the funding is allocated for necessary future replacement
                             when the elements reach their life expectancy.

                             The Parks Division has implemented Park Maintenance Standards with consistent policies,
                             procedures and guidelines that will be followed in maintaining this facility. The Community
                             Services Department is dedicated to providing safe and accessible parks and recreation
                             spaces that meets the intellectual, cultural, fitness and leisure needs of all residents.

VI. PUBLIC                   In addition to the countless citizens in Buckeye coming to Earl Edgar Recreational Facility, the
INVOLVEMENT                  Town has 350,000 additional housing units already approved in the existing town limits of 300
AND SUPPORT                  square miles and a planning area of 660 square miles. Buckeye is poised to rival Phoenix as the
(Describe the                largest city in the Valley of the Sun not to mention in Arizona. According to the Maricopa
public’s/community’s role
                             Association of Governments, the population should reach 100,000 by 2010. Realizing this, our
in this project, how
they’ve been involved in     Parks and Recreation Advisory Board recently voted unanimously in favor to approve the submittal
shaping the project and      of this grant. They are supportive of this initiative and feel the urgency to get this project done is
what demonstrated            now. From earlier Advisory Board meetings, many board members have shared the concern of
support or non-support       insufficient number of athletic facilities, specifically lighted athletic fields for the ever-growing
there is for this project.
Include your                 youth sports participants and families in Buckeye. Our citizen board has been supportive of past

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                                     ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                                 2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

organization’s efforts to      projects at this facility and will continue to support future projects alike. Along with this Advisory
include the community in
                               board, our overall Town Council and leadership strongly encourage community involvement and
the process and/or obtain
their support for the          participation when it comes to decision making.
                               Other public involvement and support has been established from our own participant program
Weighted 15%                   evaluations. During the conclusion of our eight-week sports seasons, we provide program
Limit – One page
                               evaluation forms and request feedback on the level of services to include the overall rating of the
                               program, facilities, staff, accessibility and other relevant information which assist us in measuring
                               the success of our programs. In past evaluations many citizens have commented on the condition
                               of the facilities as needing improvement, more practice times and locations, better access,
                               additional seating, shade coverings and more lighting. With the compilation of the public’s first
                               hand experiences, suggestions and concerns, we are able to connect the shaping of this project.

                               In addition to our program evaluations we have hosted two recent Parks & Recreation citizen
                               surveys provided to the community via direct mailing, Buckeye residents have clearly stated they
                               want to see greater emphasis on providing little league fields and football/soccer fields within their
                               future and existing park systems. Hundreds of residents responded with valuable information,
                               which has led staff to take proper measures, including grant opportunities, to ensure project
                               implementation and succession is reached.

VII. BENEFIT TO                The Earl Edgar Recreational Facility is accessible to and for the benefit of many local
A LOCAL SCHOOL                 schools in Buckeye and the southwest valley. For several years, Earl Edgar Recreational
OR BY A LOCAL                  Facility has hosted local high school softball tournaments that other valley wide schools
SCHOOL (Describe, if           register to compete. In addition, the Buckeye Elementary School District uses this facility
applicable, how your           for their baseball/softball intramural program. During these games and tournaments no
project is accessible to
                               fees are assessed to either the high school or elementary schools. The purpose of these
and for the benefit of local
school(s). If there is a       functions is to assist the local school clubs, PTA’s and athletic programs with opportunities
benefit, describe which        to fundraise. Further, the use of the concession stand is made available during games and
school(s) (by name and         tournaments to generate additional revenue to help sustain additional school programs.
location and distance from
the project site) will
benefit from this project.     These partnerships provide the Town of Buckeye opportunities of financial support from
If your organization is a      school districts in the way of facility upkeep and maintenance. This also falls in line with our
local school, will the         department goal of joint-use facilities and establishing arrangements for use and care of
project be made available      these facilities, with little or no cost to the school district, town and taxpayers.
to the public and/or
amateur sports
organizations during non-      Buckeye Elementary School District #33 - 6th – 8th grade Boys & Girls Baseball &
school hours? Please           Softball
describe in detail. )          Held during spring - March through April
                               Buckeye Elementary School - 210 S. Sixth Street Buckeye AZ 85326 (.2 miles)
Weighted 5%
Limit – One page               Bales Elementary School - 25400 W. Maricopa Buckeye AZ 85326 (1.3 miles)
                               Sundance Elementary School - 23800 W Hadley St Buckeye, AZ 85326 (5.2 miles)
                               West Park Elementary School - 2700 S. 257th Drive Buckeye, AZ 85326 (2.6 miles)

                               Buckeye Union High School District #201- Buckeye High School Girls Softball
                               Held during spring- First weekend of March
                               Buckeye High School - 902 Eason Ave, Buckeye AZ 85326 (.3 miles)

VIII. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION (Submit the following attachments with your application submittal)
   1. IRS Letter determining 501c3/c4 status

                                                            Page 10 of 11
                                      ARIZONA SPORTS AND TOURISM AUTHORITY
                                  2007 Youth & Amateur Sports Biennial Grant Application

      2.   Location Map/Site Map/Plan (8 ½ x 11 or folded to 8 ½ x 11 only)
      3.   Photos of Existing Facility, Field, Site
      4.   Letters of Support
      5.   List of Board of Directors and Key Staff or Staff Organization Chart with Names and Titles
      6.   Most recent fiscal year-end financial statements
      7.   Fee structure, if applicable, for facility users

                                                                          Source of Funding - Applicant           AZSTA           Total
#                Project Item Description                 Cost           Cash        In-Kind       Total         Funding         Funding
      Facility Construction/Renovation                                                                                                      Check Calcula
    1 Land (____acres@$__________/ac)                                                          $       -     $        -      $        -     $

      Infrastructure and Parking
    2 On-site access roads and drives                                                                   -                              -
    3 Electrical distribution                                                                           -                              -
    4 Site utilities and storm drainage                                                                 -                              -
    5                                                                                                   -                              -
    6                                                                                                   -                              -
    7                                                                                                   -                              -
                                                                                                        -                              -
      Subtotal:Infrastructure & Parking               $      -       $       -      $    -     $       -     $        -      $        -

   Site Work/Landscaping/Irrigation
 8 Sprinklers and grading                                  250,000        110,000                 110,000          140,000      250,000
 9 Landscaping                                              84,000         36,960                  36,960           47,040       84,000
10                                                                                                    -                             -
11                                                                                                    -                             -
12                                                                                                    -                             -
13                                                                                                    -                             -
                                                                                                      -                             -
      Subtotal:Site Work/Landscaping/Irrigation       $ 334,000      $ 146,960      $    -     $ 146,960     $ 187,040       $ 334,000

      Facility Construction/Renovation (hard costs)
14    Lighting: Softball, Soccer, parking lot              393,000        169,440                  169,440        223,560         393,000
15    Softball field renovation, fencing                    76,000         33,440                   33,440         42,560          76,000
16    Playground and shading                               131,000         57,640                   57,640         73,360         131,000
17    Basketball courts                                    208,000         91,520                   91,520        116,480         208,000
18    ADA sidewalk                                          25,000         11,000                   11,000         14,000          25,000
19                                                                                                     -                              -
20                                                                                                     -                              -
21                                                                                                     -                              -

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