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PEARL JAM to headline Opener Festival “Lets start the adventure .doc


									PEARL JAM to headline Open’er Festival

“Let’s start the adventure called Open’er 2010. And how are we starting it? There are
only a few bands so important for the music of the last 2 decades and so important for
the Polish and the international audience, playing amazing concerts - full of energy and
passion. We’re proud and happy to announce that in the year of their 20 th anniversary
PEARL JAM will perform at Open’er Festival!”

                                                 Mikolaj Ziolkowski, Open’er Festival Promoter

         PEARL JAM is definitely one of the most popular and influential rock bands of
the past two decades. Challenging itself and its audience, the band has remained a
major force in rock and roll, as much for its loyalty to its social and political principles
and restless experimentation as for its rock radio staples and bestselling albums.
         At the beginning of the 90’s together with other Seattle bands they brought back
vitality, passion and unpredictability to rock music and since then they continue to
deliver quality sounds and words. With over 60 million records sold worldwide and many
modern classics such as “Alive”, “Jeremy”, “Rearviewmirror”, “Better Man” or “World
Wide Suicide” they are still searching for new ways to express their love to music, life
and fans. That’s why Pearl Jam recently celebrated the self-release of their highly
anticipated ninth studio album “Backspacer” full of straightforward guitar energy and
they are on the road again.
         Undoubtedly they are one of the best bands playing live but although they played
in our country before - fulfilling the venues with pure rock energy, gathering thousands
of truly dedicated fans, they never played summer festival in Poland. Each concert was
different, each time Poland was different too - that’s what makes their performances
here magic and memorable. Knowing the fact that they are very special to our audience,
we are sure that this concert at Open’er Festival will be amazing moment to remember.

                                        HEINEKEN OPEN’ER FESTIVAL
                     VENUE: Gdynia, Aiport Gdynia-Kosakowo (Babie Doły Airfield, Kosakowo).
                                                  Ticket prices:
                                               To the 15th January:
                                   3-day ticket (2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 62 EUR
                                  4-day ticket (1,2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 76 EUR
                                                  From the 16th
                                   3-day ticket (2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 69 EUR
                                  4-day ticket (1,2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 83 EUR
                                      Ticket prices including camping place:
                                               To the 15th January:
                            3-day ticket with camping (2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 71 EUR
                           4-day ticket with camping (1,2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 86 EUR
                                                  From the 16th
                            3-day ticket with camping (2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 79 EUR
                           4-day ticket with camping (1,2,3,4.07.2010) – approx. 93 EUR
                                          1-day tickets – approx. 37 EUR
          TICKETS TO BE PURCHASED: as well as via and
                PROMOTER: Alter Art.; More info and

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