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									                                     Single News

                                   ELIZA JAYE
                          ‘Big Tin Heart’ GB6D61200011
                              Single out 4th June 2012

        For more information please contact Red Gum Records on 07887828655
                     Katie Jones katie.jones@redgumrecords.net

With its intoxicating highs & youthful brashness, Eliza Jaye's foot stomping single,
'Big Tin Heart' is due for release on 4th June. Recorded on a farm in the wilds of
Sussex, this offering boasts a refreshing slice of bluesy rock – perfect to celebrate the
beginning of summer.

Her debut single 'Black Heart Rum', released in September 2011, has been played out
by UK taste makers Steve Lamacq, (Saturday Show) Radio 2 & Tom Robinson, (BBC
Introducing) BBC6. Her debut album 'The Seed' is due for release 22nd October 2012.

Eliza's sound is Influenced by the rock music of the late 60's through to 70's that she
grew up listening to and the 90's grunge movement that dominated her generation.
This eclectic mix is over laid with Eliza’s laconic vocals taking the listener on a
journey through her experiences and fantasies including love, lust and betrayal –
impassioned romance and life's inevitable disappointments.

The lo-fi aesthetic on 'Big Tin Heart' employed by Eliza Jaye and captured by co-
producer & engineer Dean Van Jones ensures a raw and rustic feel. "We used vintage
amps and instruments" Eliza says “you can hear the warmth & natural overdrive of
my Les Paul Delux mini humbuckers driving my Vox ac10 twin guitar amp. The
drums were miked up in a huge corrugated iron shed next to the live room and we
recorded the vocals and bass in Dean's little farmhouse cottage."

Eliza Jaye is a three piece band fronted by Eliza on vocals & guitar, Vicky Smith on
Bass and Ben Kidd on drums. The band's sense of individuality, along with Eliza’s
capacity for vocal delivery have ensured a devoted following. Eliza Jaye has London
shows planned for October 2012.

'Big Tin Heart' will be available for download on 4th June from www.elizajaye.co.uk

   For more informatiion, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact:
                         Red Gum Records on 07887828655

                   Katie Jones: katie.jones@redgumrecords.net

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