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					                                           MIRANDA MAGPIES CRICKET CLUB - SEASON 2008 / 2009
                                           PRESIDENT         Tim Cox           3 Susan Place, Gymea Bay 2227        9501-0636
                                           SECRETARY         Glen Lord         13 Wyralla Road, Yowie Bay 2228      9524-8269


                          SEASON 2008/2009 REGISTRATIONS
The response has been fantastic for both new and returning players for the coming season. We had 8 Junior Teams last year,
however with the increase in registrations we may have 10 teams this season! We also have Under 14 and Under 16 teams for
older siblings. If you are interested in playing cricket this season, please see the information below. We have included the current
list of registered players to show who you may be playing with. We do our best to group players with friends where grading and
seasons with the club permits. Girls are most welcome to join a team. Registration closes this Sunday 10 August so be quick!

UNDER 8                                        UNDER 10                                        UNDER 12
We are looking for 2-6 players                 We are looking for 4-8 players                  We are looking for 2-4 players
to create a second team.                       to create a third team.                         to create a second team.

Doesn’t turn 8 until after 1 Sep 2008          Doesn’t turn 10 until after 1 Sep 2008          Doesn’t turn 12 until after 1 Sep 2008

GAME DETAILS                                   GAME DETAILS                                    GAME DETAILS
Saturdays, start time either 8.30am or         Saturdays, start time 11.10am,                  Saturdays, start time 11.10am,
10.15am, duration 1.5 hours.                   duration 2 hours. Play on 18m pitch             duration 2 hours. Play on 20m pitch
Play on 15m pitch with a soft rebound          with a smaller 142 gram ball.                   with a smaller 142 gram ball.
ball. Everyone bats for 6 overs and
bowls equal overs when possible.               2008/2009 REGISTERED PLAYERS                    2008/2009 REGISTERED PLAYERS
                                               Nathan Braczek                                  Andrew Banning
2008/2009 REGISTERED PLAYERS                   Robert Brown                                    Daniel Bell
Thomas Brown                                   Tom Cox                                         Aaron Bull
Ethan Kilham                                   Tom Declauzal                                   Jarryd Burrows
Christopher King                               Josh Donnelly                                   Sam Eagles
David Watson                                   Matthew Donnelly                                Joel Fuller
Fraser Jaffray                                 Simon Duff                                      Adam Golya
Thomas Arnold                                  Jordan Duncan                                   Hayden Jackson
Matthew Magee                                  Will Eagles                                     Liam McNeill
Jude Ford                                      Nathan Harvey                                   Liam O’Connor
Travis Harvey                                  Jakob Herenda-Carroll                           Nathan Roberts
Ronan Maddox                                   Riley Kilham                                    Brenton Rugless
Aden Easton                                    Nathan Lawson                                   Roy Sruhan
Harrison Dransfield                            Alex Martin                                     Keegan Street
Tyson Street                                   Thomas Mooney                                   Andrew Valtroudis
Tristan Glanznig                               James Panayiotakis                              Robert Watson
                                               Kurt Rugless                                    Joel Wright
                                               Josiah Stewart                                  George Nehma
                                               Tyler Woodrow                                   Hayden Sergent
                                               Issak Ford
                                               Lachlan Northey
                                               Kal Glanznig
                                               Joshua Maile
                                               Zack Kirkwood
                                               Ryan Galgsdies
                                               Braden Crawley
                                               Lachlan McIntyre

Final registrations can be made at Junior Trials, August 10, 9am-11am, at the Seymour Shaw Nets. More details, registration
forms and registration notices can be found at our website: www.mirandamagpiescricketclub.com. Please give me a call if you
have any queries.

Kind regards,

Tim Cox
Miranda Magpies Cricket Club

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