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									                                 Woodland Heights Elementary

                                      PTO Board Meeting

                                       September 13, 2010

In attendance: Jackie Pelino, Karen Mathiason, Joan Stolberg, Annie Livingston, Amy Gay, Erin
Clark, Cristy Wagner, Liana Weller, Lindsay Monchecourt, Jill Heck, Julie Dennis, Alycia

Jill Heck, Room Parent Coordinator
Room Parent Meeting will be Friday September 24 at 9:30 am in the cafeteria. Confirmed that
PTO Board will handle lunch delivery on the first early dismissal date of Sept 15, Room Parents
will be scheduled to cover it after that. Many teachers have not yet given names of class parent,
but hope to have info by the 24th.

Julie Dennis- Directory
Stacey Koster has entered the volunteer and directory forms into the database. Julie passed
around a “Volunteer Group Report” to show what the database can do. Julie is still waiting for
non-payments. We have only sold approx. $1000 compared to last year. $2800. Please help sell
– it is $35 for a business card size ad and Julie needs by the end of September.

Spirit wear is available online. Open house orders should be in this week. Had idea regarding
“closet” for children who need coats, etc. Lindsay will speak with the guidance counselor and
try to come up with some ideas.

Working on plantings around WHE sign on Brawley. Possibly could be planted on a district-
wide Community Service Day, October 23rd. Boy scouts may help with planting, digging, etc.
The daisy scouts expressed interest in planting a tree near the school entrance that could be
decorated for various holidays. This would be their service project. Liana also passed out a
sheet regarding budget cuts and therefore no bus driver bonuses. The PTO is being asked to
provide bonuses or a bus driver luncheon. Jackie is going to speak to Mr. Todd about this and
request a spreadsheet to give PTO understanding of funds coming into school account from
community and how they are being allocated. Also, brought up Smart board conversation –
Cristy was checking with the 5th grade teachers to find out what their needs are in each
classroom. Should we get projectors until we purchase smartboards? Will discuss further.

The deadline for Entertainment books is this Friday, Sept. 17th. So far, we have collected
approx. $1500 compared to $3300 last year. Sally Foster is coming up. Wanted to move to
November, but Joan says we have a contract and the program must start in October. Next year
we may look into selling a card instead of a book. Ann Zerkel and Julie Moon are heading up
box tops, which should begin soon.

Francis Calhoun is heading up bingo night but needs a co-chair. Francis’ committee from last
year should all be returning to help. Francis is concerned about it being in October and about
where the money was spent that was raised last year. Joan said it went to computers for the
computer lab. Francis wanted to buy bingo cards, but we may hold off for another year.
Discussed having bingo night right before Halloween and doing a Halloween theme.

September 27th is Chick-fil-A night. Erin would like to get signs made for this. There will be
three Chick-fil-A nights this year. Mr. Mills is handling McDonald’s night, October 5th 4-8pm.
Jackie would like to get a spreadsheet from Mr. Todd regarding how much money is raised from
McDonalds, pretzels, etc. and where it is being spent. Mr. Mills is also working on a carport to
go over mega unit entrance.

Brought up the issue of a capital needs program. This would be for parents who would like to
give or would rather give directly to school instead of a fundraising company. There would be
the potential to raise a lot of money for the school. The idea was passed. Jackie will compose
letter and send it to board for approval.

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