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HARLEY STREET.doc by censhunay


									                                                               PRESS PACK
PRESS RELEASE                                        Page 2            INTERVIEW WITH SURANNE JONES     Page 26
CARNIVAL FILM AND TELEVISION                         Page 4            INTERVIEW WITH SHAUN PARKES      Page 28
FOREWORD BY MARSTON BLOOM                            Page 5            INTERVIEW WITH OLIVER DIMSDALE   Page 29
CAST LIST                                            Page 7            INTERVIEW WITH KIM MEDCALF       Page 30
THE CHARACTERS                                       Page 10           CAST BIOGRAPHIES                 Page 31
EPISODE SYNOPSES                                     Page 13           PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES           Page 47
INTERVIEW WITH PAUL NICHOLLS                         Page 25           PRODUCTION CREDITS               Page 51

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                                                                  PRESS RELEASE
Harley Street is a contemporary and original medical drama starring Paul Nicholls, Suranne Jones and Shaun Parkes.
Produced by Carnival Film and Television, Harley Street is a glossy, post-watershed 6-part drama series set in London’s famous medical district, in a new
stylish Harley Street practice.
With an ethos of providing first rate, ‘wraparound’ health care, the private practice is run by three GPs, Martha Elliot (Suranne Jones), Robert Fielding (Paul
Nicholls) and cosmetic surgeon and GP Ekkow Obiang (Shaun Parkes). Each is equally dynamic, proactive and passionate about delivering the best
standards of care, round the clock, 24/7.
Created by Marston Bloom, who also writes the first two episodes, Harley Street features a world in which doctors are with their patients every step of the
medical journey, from lifestyle surgery to unusual and often life-threatening medical cases. It focuses on the complex personal relationships of the doctors
who are continually forced to make life and death decisions while trying to find balance between their work and home life.

Martha has grown up the daughter of a Harley Street practitioner, and although a top flight doctor in her own right, her background brings “a touch of class”
to the practice.
Robert is a working class lad, who has spent seven years devoted to his NHS training, and despite ‘the flash car and sexy suits’ he repays the system that
trained him by working night shifts in a busy hospital A&E.
Ekkow also has the looks and the sharp suits. With a background in reconstructive plastic surgery, Ekkow is highly trained and a skilled cosmetic surgeon
who knows how to make his patients feel good. Ekkow is also a constant support for Martha with his GP case load which contrasts with Robert’s often
unpredictable approach to their practice.
“The characters are well defined and multi-layered from the outset. You feel you know who they are from the moment you meet them. Everyone can relate
to the medical genre, but Harley Street is different, and our approach ensures the series doesn’t occupy television territory that’s gone before,” said
Executive Producer Christopher Aird.
The series also features Kim Medcalf as Practice Manager and Nurse, Annie, Cush Jumbo as Receptionist Hannah and Oliver Dimsdale as Dr Felix Quinn.
A range of special guest actors will also feature throughout the series including James Fox, Philip Jackson, Will Mellor, June Whitfield, Wendy Craig, James
Fleet, Leslie Phillips, Tom Ellis, Tim Dutton and Isabella Calthorpe.

                                                                 PRESS RELEASE
Press release continued…
Written by Marston Bloom, Howard Overman, Nicole Taylor and Jack Williams, the series has been developed by Carnival’s Christopher Aird who is
Executive Producing with Carnival’s Creative Director Sally Woodward Gentle. The Producer is Joy Spink (Waking the Dead, Auf Wiedersehen Pet). Paul
Whittington, Colin Teague and Barnaby Southcombe are directing.
Director of Drama Commissioning for ITV, Laura Mackie, comments: “Harley Street is both aspirational and thought-provoking. It will offer viewers, who
traditionally enjoy this genre, a different approach to health care storytelling, whilst retaining the life and death situations which make medical drama so

                                                    CARNIVAL FILM AND TELEVISION
Carnival is one of the UK’s leading independent drama producers, behind many of the most popular TV shows, such as the hit BBC show Hotel Babylon, as
well as Poirot, Rosemary and Thyme, Traffik, BUGS, Jeeves and Wooster and As If. Other recent productions include the conspiracy mini-series Midnight
Man starring James Nesbitt, The Whistleblowers and The Old Curiosity Shop for ITV and the Sea of Souls for BBC. In addition to Harley Street, Carnival is
also currently producing Whitechapel, a new three part drama for ITV starring Rupert Penry-Jones.

Carnival is run by Gareth Neame, who took over the business in 2005 having previously worked as the BBC’s Head of Drama Commissioning. Founded by
Brian Eastman in 1978, originally as Picture Partnership Productions Ltd, the company has produced 500 hours of popular drama for television, cinema and
theatre, both in the UK and US and has attracted more than 70 national and international awards and nominations, including Oscars, Emmys, BAFTAs,
Royal Television Society, Oliviers and TONY awards. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Carnival spearheaded independent drama production in the UK.
Under Neame’s management the company has gone through a dynamic period of change with the solid bedrock of drama productions complementing some
exciting new quality drama commissions with popular and international appeal. In March 2007 Sally Woodward Gentle joined the company as Creative

Carnival has been commissioned by all the major UK broadcasters including the BBC, ITV Network, Channel 4 and Sky as well as US broadcasters such as
NBC, HBO, TNT and the A&E Network and continues to develop strong relationships with them all. Carnival is always exploring new ideas with key drama
commissioners and this is reflected in the delivery and success of its output.

                                                      FOREWORD BY MARSTON BLOOM
In a previous life, before children, I was an actor, and the last theatre job I did was at the National, where one of the actresses twisted her ankle in rehearsal
and went to Harley Street to have it looked at.

She came back and entertained everyone in the canteen about how she’d been seen by an incredibly handsome doctor – and it soon became a running
joke round the building, with people pretending to drop down with injury and illness so they too could get to check him out. I was never that bothered in
seeing the bloke but it must have put a thought in my head because when I came to write my first spec script (so that I could try and pull in a literary agent)
this good-looking doctor was the character who charmed his way to the front page.

I had very limited experience of Harley Street, other than sharing what’s probably the common perception that the place is run by crusty tweed suits and
bow ties but I did know that many doctors work both sides of the system (privately and for the NHS) and this crossover seemed interesting. And it seemed
like good dramatic potential to throw someone like Robert – a handsome and hyperactive charisma king from a working class background - into this sedate
old school mix.

The idea quickly evolved and then deepened and broadened into what it is today when I was lucky enough to have the script picked up by Christopher Aird
at Carnival, and then commissioned by Laura Mackie and Sally Haynes at ITV. A trio who have my eternal loyalty for saving me at a time when I was
genuinely one bounced cheque away from having to wear sensible clothes for a living.

We paired Robert in a private practice with Martha and Ekkow - themselves a couple of outsiders in this traditionally white, male world - and it seems to me
that with this set-up and these three very different characters the programme has freedom to play out an almost limitless range and type of personal and
medical story.

Through Robert and Ekkow’s ongoing NHS commitments we still get to plug into the great dramatic energy and impact of hospital-based emergencies that
has worked so well on TV before but in Harley Street we also get to see a far more intimate, sometimes lifetime, doctor/patient relationship that extends far
beyond the consulting room or A&E department.

We did meet several Harley Street doctors later in the day but my ambition has always been to approach this as an entertainment and not a documentary.
I’d done no significant research for that first spec script which was more about Robert than it was about medicine and though there are intriguing insights to
be had into the world of private practice along the way (which I hope will be a significant part of the programme’s appeal) from my side of the fence the
interesting stuff in Harley Street is always what happens between people.

                                                    FOREWORD BY MARSTON BLOOM
Foreword by Marston Bloom continued…

None of the characters in Harley Street are based on anyone in particular, though I suppose that in my acting days I would have auditioned for Felix rather
than Robert. But I certainly couldn’t have done a better job than Oliver Dimsdale or any of the other great cast and crew who have employed such
commitment, flair and integrity to bring the scripts to life.

That handsome doctor who saw the actress with her ankle may have set my mind running, but the making of a TV series is a highly collaborative process in
which so many people play a significant part: and I reckon their work has produced a cracking programme.
And I really hope the audience agree!

            CAST LIST


           EPISODE ONE


           CAST LIST

           EPISODE TWO


           EPISODE THREE

ADAM ASTILL            TOM
LUCY BROWN             MAYA

                  CAST LIST

                 EPISODE FOUR


             EPISODE FIVE


             EPISODE SIX

                                  THE CHARACTERS


Robert is an adrenaline junkie in perpetual motion. He’s universally acknowledged as one of the finest diagnosticians in the
medical profession and divides his time between the practice and the white knuckle thrills of an inner London A&E, where he
works locum shifts for his old friend, Consultant Dr Ross Jarvis. Robert is highly regarded in the medical industry for his energetic
commitment, intuitive diagnostic skills and passion as he continues to attempt to bridge the gap between NHS and Private health
care. He and Martha dated whilst at medical school but when she left suddenly during their last year they lost touch. He later
found out that she’d fallen pregnant after a one night stand and she didn’t return to medical school. Robert hadn’t seen or heard
from her until last year when she got back in contact to offer him a job at her thriving Harley Street practice. Does he have deeper
motives for taking the job at Martha’s practice?

DR MARTHA ELLIOT (Suranne Jones)

Martha is the founding member of the practice. After completing her interrupted medical studies and qualifying as a GP, Martha
took over the room her father had rented as a GP. She sensed the growing demand for private health care and set about
expanding and re-branding the practice, transforming it into a chic and stylish one-stop shop providing wraparound medical care
for a new generation of patients. Despite Martha’s success, she very nearly threw it all away when she developed an addiction to
the wild side of life at medical school and fell pregnant. Deciding to get her life back on track, she kept the baby and returned to
medical school. She knew it was something of a risk inviting Robert to join the practice but as far as she’s concerned he was
simply the perfect man for the job and she’s not looking to revive their relationship - or is she?

                                       THE CHARACTERS

DR EKKOW OBIANG (Shaun Parkes)

Ekkow is arguably the most unashamedly ambitious of the three doctors at 195 Harley Street. He readily admits to being motivated
by a desire to have the finest things in life but this is countered by his unusually sensitive and completely professional approach to
his work. He’s only recently qualified as an Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgeon but already he’s on a fast track to the top.
Ekkow offers the perfect combination of a dedicated GP with the lucrative talents of one of the finest cosmetic surgeons on the
street. Martha and Ekkow met when he performed reconstructive surgery on one of her patients and she immediately recognised
he was not only a brilliant plastic surgeon but also had one of the finest bed side manners she had ever seen. When she found out
he was also a qualified GP it was a matter of hours before she offered him a partnership at 195 Harley Street.

DR FELIX QUINN (Oliver Dimsdale)

Felix Quinn is from medical aristocracy. He went to a top public school and then on to medical school where he first
encountered Martha and Robert. He was immediately attracted to Martha and annoyed by Robert who clearly had the upper
hand in terms of Martha’s attentions. He knew the fling wouldn’t last and that one day he would have his chance. Today he is a
sophisticated, urbane, charming and successful private GP with his own practice rooms on Harley Street. Some might call
Quinn a little bit old fashioned, but he’d counter that in a rapidly changing world sometimes traditional values are worth holding
on to. Martha’s always had a soft spot for him, he’s part of the furniture of her life and she can see that under the showy exterior
he is a good man. However, Quinn’s ancient resentment of Robert still festers beneath his sleek surface and their competition
goes way beyond the professional.

                                  THE CHARACTERS


Although Martha heads up the practice, it’s Annie who really runs the show and is the pragmatic heart of 195 Harley Street. She’s
a straight talker and a superb listener and though Robert and Ekkow sometimes baulk at her less than deferential manner, Martha
couldn’t live without her. Not only does Annie manage the day to day running of the practice, she is also a superb Nurse
Practitioner. Annie’s a healthy antidote to the alpha male testosterone that frequently soaks the atmosphere. Though poles apart
in terms of background and opportunity Martha and Annie are firm friends. Despite her irreverent attitude and forthright manner,
Annie loves every part of her job and all her colleagues at 195 Harley Street.


Hannah is the Receptionist at 195 Harley Street. She is pretty, perky and bright as a button. Her CV isn’t exactly brimming with
qualifications, but she’s one of those streetwise, confident girls who can light up a room with her infectious enthusiasm. She’s
as surprised as anyone to have found herself on Harley Street. It’s quite an achievement for her, but you would be foolish to
underestimate her, the cheeky optimism that made her answer Martha’s ad in the first place, should see her through to great
things in the future. She doesn’t want to be a medical receptionist all her life. In fact she’s got big plans - maybe she’ll even
train to be a doctor herself one day soon. She’s certainly got great potential and although she’s a hugely popular figure with
staff and patients at 195, Hannah’s still got some growing up to do and much to learn.

                                                               EPISODE SYNOPSES
The following synopses are published in the press pack for forward planning purposes only. Please do not reproduce entirely and do not publish
the ending of each episode.

                                                EPISODE ONE - WRITTEN BY MARSTON BLOOM
Dr Robert Fielding (Paul Nicholls) and Dr Martha Elliot (Suranne Jones) along with Dr Ekkow Obiang (Shaun Parkes) run the modern GP practice, 195
Harley Street. Giving patients quality time is of the utmost importance at their clinic, as they continue to grow their forward thinking business amongst the
established and old-school practices that surround them.

While all three doctors are absolutely dedicated to their GP work at 195 they do have other interests. Robert divides his time between the practice and the
white knuckle thrills of a London A&E where he does locum Registrar shifts for his friend, Dr Ross Jarvis (Tom Ellis). Martha is a psychologist who juggles
the demands of her busy career alongside being a single mum to her twelve-year-old daughter Tess (Rosie Day). Whilst Ekkow is a renowned plastic
surgeon, and a mastermind in his field.

Robert has a taut relationship with his father, Mal (Philip Jackson), a history teacher in a South London comp who is not happy that Robert ‘sold out’ and
went private. The two keep a wary distance only seeing each other when forced to by Robert’s younger sister Kate (Polly Maberly) who frequently finds
herself in the middle when things get out of hand.

In Episode One, Martha is offered an unmisssable opportunity when Harley Street establishment figure, Dr Harvey Cost (James Fox) announces his
retirement and urges Martha to join in the running to buy his patient list. Martha knows the extra patients will help to offset the money she’s invested in 195
Harley Street, but Robert’s not sure Cost’s patients are right for their 21st century practice. Martha’s infuriated with Robert’s lack of support when he
unwittingly sleeps with Miranda (Isabella Calthorpe), a feisty woman who is used to getting what she wants, loves to play dangerously and also happens to
be Cost’s daughter.

                                                                 EPISODE SYNOPSES
Episode one continued…

Meanwhile, patients, celebrity chef Joe (Will Mellor) and his wife Danni (Morven Christie) are days away from the birth of their first baby but all is not well
between them. Danni is convinced that Joe has stopped taking his medication for manic depression and Joe is sure Danni is having an affair and wants a
paternity test. It comes to light that Joe isn’t too far from the truth - not only did his wife have an affair nine months ago, but she’s also been hiding a serious
heart condition and has been too scared to break the news for fear that it’ll push him further into clinical depression.

                                                  Joe’s fuming when he eventually discovers the truth and walks out on a distressed Danni causing her to go
                                                  into premature labour. When she gives birth to a girl, Joe is unable to accept her as his daughter, but when
                                                  Danni dies from post- op complications he’s thrust into fatherhood.

                                                  In a smart riverside apartment, Ekkow is administering botox to a group of models when he meets Holly
                                                  (Karen Gillan), a teenage model who’s being coerced by her sleazy manager, Calvin Morgan (Adam
                                                  James) into having unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Uncomfortable with the situation, Ekkow feels he has
                                                  no choice but to step in to help her.

Meanwhile much to Robert’s disapproval, Martha is being courted by his rival Dr Felix Quinn (Oliver Dimsdale), an underhand competitor who wants more
than a working relationship with Martha.

                                                               EPISODE SYNOPSES
                                               EPISODE TWO - WRITTEN BY MARSTON BLOOM

Brewery owner Nick Marsh (Shaun Dooley) is worried about his financial situation - the last few months have been tough and he’s found himself having to
lay off staff including his PA, Susie Linn (Amanda Abbington). Everything rests on his imminent meeting with the bank and he’s been unable to think about
anything else. Nick and Susie have a close working relationship, and she’s been worried since he started vomiting blood. Concerned he’s been focussing so
heavily on the business that he’s neglected his health, Susie makes him book an appointment with Robert.

Robert diagnoses a bleeding ulcer, which needs urgent treatment and books a reluctant Nick in for an endoscopy the following morning. Nick doesn’t reveal
the severity of his problem to Susie, and Robert isn’t too surprised when he fails to turn up for his operation. Feeling he has no choice but to tell her just
what is wrong with her boss, Robert breaks the news to a shocked Susie. She’s hurt that Nick felt unable to tell her about his illness and refuses to help him
further with his business. Nick attempts to carry on working alone at the brewery but is rushed to A&E after he collapses and has to undergo an emergency
operation to stem his bleeding ulcer. Despite her feelings of betrayal Susie is unable to hide her own emotions when Robert tells her Nick is going to pull
through. Later, when Nick regains consciousness Susie tries to revert back to her business like behaviour with her boss but it’s too much for her - she tells
him she’s rearranged the bank meeting for next week and he’ll have to go alone. Faced with the prospect of losing Susie, Nick realises his feelings for her
and asks her to stay – not for the business but for him.

Meanwhile, Dudley Grainger (Leslie Phillips) is an 80-year-old author who has known Martha for years.
He’s a charmer and a cherished patient of the practice, so Martha hides her anguish when she has to inform
him he has cancer. Dudley takes the news on the chin but Hannah is distraught; she’s developed a good
relationship with him and lets her emotions get the better of her. Martha takes Hannah aside and gives her a
strict lesson on working in a GP practice. Realising her error Hannah apologises to Dudley and reads him an
exert from his book as he undergoes his first course of chemotherapy.

Julie Foster (Rachel Fielding) is adamant that she wants to go ahead with her breast enhancement
operation, despite her daughter Lisa’s (Laura Drummond) anxieties. Julie is taking Lisa to Ibiza with some
friends and doesn’t want to look too out of place next to them on the beach. It’s clear being a single mother
has meant that Julie and Lisa have grown up together - they’re more like sisters than mother and daughter and Julie is dependant on Lisa. The operation is
a success but Julie returns the following day to see Ekkow and confesses her breast is very sore. She thinks she may have damaged it by going out the
previous night and it soon becomes apparent that she made a complete fool of herself and embarrassed her daughter. Ekkow reveals she needs an
emergency operation and, furious with her mother, Lisa storms out. When Julie comes round she’s relieved that Lisa has returned and realises she needs to
work on her relationship and start acting like a mother to her daughter.
                                                               EPISODE SYNOPSES
Episode two continues…

In addition to dealing with their patients, the doctors are still competing with Felix Quinn (Oliver Dimsdale) for Dr Cost’s patient list. Unlike Martha and
Ekkow, Robert has concerns about purchasing Cost’s list, but Martha asserts that the extra patients will bring much needed revenue to the practice.
However, when Robert fails to turn up for the presentation to Dr Cost, she and Ekkow are not unduly surprised.

Robert has been unable to end his fling with Miranda and tells her that although he doesn’t want her father’s patient list, he knows how important it is to
Martha. Seeing how serious he is, Miranda ends their dalliance but not before informing Robert that her father’s current list is a fake – made up of patients
that have either died or gone elsewhere. Knowing that Martha won’t make as much money as she’s hoping from Cost’s list, Robert decides to ruin their
chances of getting it and deliberately sabotages their bid enabling smug Felix Quinn to gain the patients. Martha’s furious with Robert until she discovers
they had a lucky escape and reluctantly thanks him.

                                                              EPISODE SYNOPSES

                                              EPISODE THREE - WRITTEN BY NICOLE TAYLOR
Callum Calder (Gerard Kearns) used to have the lifestyle others could only dream off. Only six months ago he was a top class professional footballer,
admired by men for his skills and lusted after by women for his affluent position. Callum is a great ambassador for the game, always well behaved and not
into the usual trappings being a footballer brings. However, following an injury six months ago, he’s been sidelined from the game and he’s been struggling
with his form ever since. Robert’s therefore concerned when Callum comes to see him needing treatment following an uncharacteristic bar brawl.

                                     Subsequent tests point to the fact that he’s taking steroids. Robert flags up the dangers of the drugs to Callum but all
                                     he’s worried about is getting back his form. However, just as Robert is getting through to Callum, information about his
                                     steroid abuse is leaked to the media. Feeling he has no choice, Callum takes an overdose of the tablets he was given
                                     for an earlier injury and is rushed into A&E.

                                     Robert is able to diagnose the drug Callum took and treat him quickly, but feeling responsible for the leak, he calls in a
                                     favour with an ex-girlfriend, Lauren (Cosima Shaw) who’s a lawyer. Lauren manages to get an injunction against the
                                     paper but not before learning the leak came from Harley Street. Robert immediately assumes Quinn is to blame. He’s
                                     the only one who would stoop so low and had already smugly informed Robert that he and Martha went back to the
                                     practice the previous night following a work function. After informing Martha about the leak and Callum’s overdose,
                                     Robert confronts Quinn who is shocked at the news. Quinn saw information about Callum on Martha’s desk and
                                     feeling betrayed by the fact that she knew Dr Cost’s list was a sham, didn’t hold his tongue when drunkenly gossiping
                                     at his ‘club’. Robert assumes Callum will want a new doctor but the incident proves to be a turning point for Callum,
                                     who thanks Robert for saving his life and decides to continue his career as a footballer.

Martha has an appointment with Izzy March (Sally Phillips), a successful, career focused woman who recently adopted a little girl, Sapna. Her desperate
longing for a child has resulted in Izzy becoming over protective towards her daughter and she arrives at the clinic worried that Sapna may have meningitis.
Martha allays her fears but does spot something wrong with one of Sapna's eyes and books her in to see paediatric specialist, Dr Bird. Dr Bird quickly
confirms Martha’s worst fears that Sapna has retinoblastoma, a childhood cancer of the eye. She needs an MRI as soon as possible to check the cancer
hasn’t spread.

                                                               EPISODE SYNOPSES
Episode three continued…

The news hits Izzy hard and feeling incredibly guilty about Sapna’s condition, she abandons Sapna at the practice leaving her with Annie and causing her to
miss her MRI appointment. Martha has to make her realise the responsibilities of motherhood and tells Izzy they’ve rescheduled Sapna’s appointment to the
following morning. With the clock ticking on Sapna’s health, Izzy arrives at the hospital in time for the appointment. She’s relieved when the tests show that
the cancer hasn’t spread and they can treat the tumour safely and effectively.

Meanwhile, Ekkow is pleased when an old university friend, Tom (Adam Astill) who he hasn’t seen in years arrives at the clinic for a medical appointment.
Tom was known as a bit of a womaniser and so Ekkow is surprised to see that he’s getting married to Maya (Lucy Brown). His fiancée is Jewish so Tom is
converting to Judaism and would like Ekkow to arrange for him to be circumcised.

                                                       When Ekkow meets Maya its clear she isn’t quite the happy bride-to-be and has concerns about
                                                       Tom’s new found commitment to Judaism. Although she was pleased that Tom has embraced her
                                                       religion, she feels he’s going too far. Just as Tom is about to be wheeled into surgery, Maya tells him
                                                       she can’t go through with the marriage so he doesn’t need to have the operation. Tom is clearly upset
                                                       that Maya has pointed out the elephant in the room. He has feelings for Maya but they both know he
                                                       has changed for ever. Tom asks Ekkow to go ahead with the surgery and Maya leaves for her new

                                                                 EPISODE SYNOPSES

                                                  EPISODE FOUR - WRITTEN BY JACK WILLIAMS
Jeff (Joseph Millson) and Lucy Turner (Camilla Power) are both in their mid-thirties. A couple of years ago, Jeff had an accident in which he suffered
trauma to his head and subsequently developed a brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). Jeff was offered surgery but as he showed no symptoms and
the risks of surgery were high, he opted against it. However, now Jeff’s suffering from bad headaches and a scan reveals the AVM is bleeding and he needs
urgent treatment. Jeff is against having any operations, he’s got the audition of his life tomorrow to get into music school and there’s no way he’s going to
miss it. Ekkow advises him to have gamma knife surgery, which is less invasive so he should be well enough to attend the audition. Concerned for Jeff’s
health, Ekkow attends the audition the next day and is shocked when Jeff collapses at his piano. He is rushed back into surgery for a craniotomy and
manages to survive the operation. However, it’s all getting a bit too much for Lucy. She is terrified of losing Jeff and does not know how to confront this with
him. Ekkow gently explains to Jeff he must give Lucy the space to express her fears. Jeff’s elated when he hears the news that he got into music college but
even happier when Lucy tells him that she may be pregnant. She immediately goes to take a test. A delighted Lucy returns to tell Jeff the good news about a
positive result, however he dies suddenly from a huge re-bleed.

Jeff’s deterioration is a wake up call for Ekkow, who’s recently been offered a visiting scholarship in the US from an eminent plastic surgeon. Initially, Ekkow
felt he could continue to practice in the UK and take the visiting lectureship in the US, but Jeff’s death makes him realise he wants to spend more time with
his patients and he decides to turn down the offer.

Meanwhile, Robert attends to sisters Betty (June Whitfield) and Gwen Harrison (Wendy Craig) who are both in their seventies and have lived together for
50 years. They’ve been patients at 195 all their lives, Martha’s father looked after them originally and today they’re in to see Robert as Betty isn’t feeing well.
Whilst Robert does a blood test we learn that Betty is currently dating a man called Oscar and things are going very well between them.

                                                  Everyone is therefore surprised when Betty’s test results reveal she has an increased amount of iron in her
                                                  blood. Betty instantly accuses her sister of poisoning her as she’s the one who sets out all her medication.
                                                  Gwen is hurt by the accusation and denies it but Betty refuses to listen and tells her she’s moving in with

                                                  Later, Robert gets a call from Ross (Tom Ellis) to inform him Gwen is in A&E as she’s injured her leg by
                                                  falling down the stairs. Betty claims she hasn’t pushed her but when Robert tells Gwen he’ll have to inform
                                                  the police, she admits she threw herself down the stairs and she did poison her Betty in the hope it would
                                                  make her too unwell to carry on seeing Oscar. With Robert’s encouragement, Gwen plucks up the courage
                                                  to tell Betty how worried she is about being left alone and the two sisters enjoy an emotional reunion.

                                                              EPISODE SYNOPSES
Episode four continues…

Meanwhile, Annie’s on a mission to become healthier and has employed a personal trainer, James (Mark Umbers). He is very good looking and there is
some flirting between them. Annie brings James into the practice following a lunch time run to ask him for some nutritional advice and to show him off to
Martha and Hannah. As soon as James leaves, the women gather round to discuss him and it’s clear Annie’s smitten. The next time the two are on a run,
Annie sees that James isn’t feeling well and drags him into the practice to get checked out. Martha discovers he has a very high blood cholesterol level
which has caused him to suffer from pancreatitis – he needs to be admitted to hospital. When Martha expresses her surprise that someone as fit and
healthy as James should be suffering from this, James confesses that he eats really unhealthily and didn’t think it would be a problem as he works out every
day. When Annie visits James in hospital, he admits to being a hypocrite by putting her on a healthy diet when he eats nothing but junk food himself.
However, Annie’s delighted to discover that James isn’t so perfect after all and decides she likes him even more.

Following his unwitting leak to the press in episode three, Quinn is public enemy number one at 195 Harley Street. Martha gives him both barrels and he
then begins a charm offensive which includes a huge bouquet of flowers and an embarrassing and very public karaoke in the middle of Harley Street.

                                                                EPISODE SYNOPSES

                                               EPISODE FIVE - WRITTEN BY HOWARD OVERMAN
Max Rogers (James Fleet) is a 55-year-old barrister who has come to 195 Harley Street because he’s worried that his Early Onset Alzheimer’s is getting
worse. Whilst at the practice, David Entwhistle (Nick Fletcher) who has idiopathic cardiomyopathy collapses in front of Max who is having an Alzheimer’s
episode and is unable to help. Feeling incredibly guilty, Max realises there still may be a way he can help as David’s seriously ill and in need of a transplant.
Max is a widower and the progression of his Alzheimer’s has meant he is no longer able to focus on his work. He feels as though there’s nothing left for him
and makes a private agreement with David that before he becomes too ill to work, he’s going to take his own life and donate his heart to David.

David’s astounded by this revelation, but he’s a desperate man. He doesn’t know how long he’s got and doesn’t want to leave his wife Emma (Amelia
Curtis) and son Jack fatherless. Although he appreciates the huge moral dilemma he’s been placed in, he grabs Max’s life line – but doesn’t tell his wife the
truth. Despite both Robert and Martha trying to make them see sense Max and David concoct a plan: Max will put himself into a coma and since David is at
the top of the transplant waiting list, David will have his heart.

Martha however, is instrumental in revealing the plan to Emma who is shocked when she realises Max’s
intentions. Emma urges David to reconsider Max’s proposal, even though she knows she’s effectively
sentencing her husband to death. Meanwhile, Robert heads over to Max’s house – he’s too late to prevent
him taking an overdose but he arrives in time to reverse its effects. Max wakes up in A&E angry to be
alive, but Robert makes him realise there are still ways he can help people by getting involved in
Alzheimer’s action groups. The situation also ends happily for David, who receives notification of a donor
heart and successfully undergoes the surgery.

Nikki Reynolds (Moira Booker) has lived alone since her son Tim (Sam Swainsbury) left home. Six
months ago she was involved in a road traffic accident and is constantly reminded of the awful events by a
scar down the side of her face. When Ekkow assesses Nikki pre-op she becomes very agitated and he’s
surprised when she flees the hospital prior to her surgery. When he goes to visit her she reveals she receives more attention from Tim since her accident
and doesn’t want this to end after she’s had the operation. Ekkow tries to convince her to go ahead with the surgery but she adamantly refuses. She later
turns up at 195 Harley Street and reveals it’s because Tim is on the war path after she lied that Ekkow had cancelled her surgery. Ekkow decides he cannot
lie for his patient and she’s forced to apologise to her son. Tim feels awful when he realises how he’s made her feel and reassures his mother that the
attention he’s been giving her since the accident will not disappear – the accident made him realise he could have lost her and he promises to be more
attentive. Ekkow manages to reschedule Nikki’s operation and the surgery happens without a hitch.

                                                                EPISODE SYNOPSES

Episode five continues…

Robert is surprised when his estranged father, Mal (Philip Jackson) invites him to dinner. His surprise turns to amazement when he sees Mal has been
reading all of his old medical articles. Robert confides to Martha he is worried about his father’s health but happy they seem to have finally found some
common ground.

Their heart to heart is interrupted by Felix Quinn. Martha previously agreed to go on a date with Felix. Unfortunately her babysitter, Annie, had to drop out
and was replaced by Robert. This results in a very difficult moment at Martha’s flat where Robert is left shocked and saddened that Martha seems to have
chosen Felix.

                                                                EPISODE SYNOPSES

                                                EPISODE SIX - WRITTEN BY ANDY RATTENBURY
Simon Burgess (Tim Dutton) turns up unexpectedly at the clinic after falling over in the street. He was a lecturer at Robert and Martha’s medical school and
as Annie cleans up his wound we learn he’s come to see Martha on the pretence of discussing a lecture he’s giving. She and Simon haven’t seen each
other for 12 years and it’s clear they were once lovers. Martha’s shocked when he reveals he could have Huntington’s Disease (a debilitating and ultimately
fatal disease) and asks her to test his blood, claiming she’s the only person he can trust. The news hits Martha hard especially when she realises he could
be the father of her daughter, Tess. They had a three week affair, 12 years ago, and Tess could also therefore have the genetic condition.

Robert is jealous and angry when Martha reveals the truth about Tess to him, but he quickly realises she needs his help and agrees to test Tess’s blood. He
also realises that there’s still a chance that he might be Tess’ father. The tests reveal Simon has Huntington’s but Tess is clear. It’s a bittersweet moment for
Burgess who asks if he can meet Tess. He is delighted when Martha invites him to their house so he can spend some precious time with the girl who may
be his daughter – and who he will never see again. Martha, however, is determined that she doesn’t need to know who the father is.

Meanwhile, Robert’s sister, Kate, calls worried about Mal who’s having difficulty breathing. Robert tells her to take him straight to A&E where he’s diagnosed
with pneumonia. His kidney condition means he has a low immune system and a simple cough has escalated. Robert’s initially angry with his father for not
telling him about his condition and as they discuss their troubled relationship, Robert explains he’s never been able to forgive him for hiding the truth about
his mother’s illness when she was dying. We see a new side to their relationship as they resolve their differences and Mal is instrumental in making Robert
realise his true feelings for Martha.

Ekkow’s patient, Mike Blackmore (Paul Kynman) is undergoing plastic surgery in order to make himself aesthetically pleasing to his younger wife – it’s their
anniversary and he’s having the work done as a surprise. As Ekkow unravels the bandages from Mike’s rhinoplasty, he's very proud of what he's achieved
and Mike is impressed with his new nose. However, the next day Mike returns upset as his wife hates his new look – she’s told him that his old nose had
character and he wants the op reversed. Ekkow's shocked and tells him there’s nothing they can currently do which causes Mike to resort to desperate
measures to get his old nose back. Later that day, he approaches a group of tough rugby blokes enjoying a celebratory drink and asks them kindly to help
him out with something. The next day Mike comes into the practice to show a stunned Ekkow his nose. It looks just like it did before the surgery, the rugby
blokes clearly did a good job of punching him and he’s sure his wife will love it!

                                                               EPISODE SYNOPSES
Episode six continues…

Robert is not impressed when he discovers Felix Quinn has misdiagnosed Samantha Taylor (Katy Odey), who comes to the practice with a life threatening
case of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Quinn failed to follow up on patient care and as a result, Samantha took a long haul flight which heightened the seriousness
of the condition.
                                                      Robert immediately sends Samantha to hospital before confronting Quinn. Quinn visits Samantha to
                                                      apologise and tells Robert that he wants to move his relationship with Martha forward and he hopes
                                                      he doesn’t have a problem with it. Robert can do nothing but agree. Will he face up to his feelings for
                                                      Martha or lose her to Quinn?

The above synopses are published in the press pack for forward planning purposes only. Please do not reproduce entirely and do not publish
the ending of each episode.

                                                                  CAST INTERVIEWS
Paul Nicholls plays Dr Robert Fielding
How would you describe your character Robert Fielding?
He’s a workaholic and totally dedicated to a career he loves. His passion for the job doesn’t leave him much social time. When he’s not working at the
practice he’s working shifts at the local A&E. Robert’s biggest flaw is that he tends to care too much about his patients.

Tell us the history behind Martha and Roberts’s relationship?
They dated for a short time whilst they were at medical school. Martha suddenly left her studies without an explanation and Robert hadn’t seen or heard
from her until recently, when she got back in contact to offer him a job at the practice. Robert’s true feelings for Martha are the big mystery in Harley Street.
There’s always the question of will they, won’t they?

Robert has a reputation of being a bit of a ladies man. Why do you think this is?
Robert has a very clean living life and the one vice he allows himself is women. Robert enjoys having no strings attached sex and uses it to alleviate his
stress. He’d rather work than be involved in a relationship.

Did you do any medical research prior to filming?
Yes, I went to see a private GP on Harley Street. She gave me a unique insight into her work ethos. In order to develop my character I asked her about the
emotional side to her career and how she manages to maintain her professionalism during difficult cases. She was telling me that when she drives home
after work she does a mental detox to let everything go. We also had a practitioner on set every time there was a medical procedure. They would guide us
and make everything look as realistic as possible.

What makes Harley Street different to other medical dramas?
Harley Street is one of the most famous medical districts in the world. We want Harley Street to be relevant to everyday people. The series delivers big
medical action sequences, which bring a new take on medical emergencies via a GP. All the doctors in Harley Street are at the top of their game and after
watching just one episode you’ll want to be a patient there.

Have you worked with any of the cast before?
I’ve always wanted to work with Suranne so I was really chuffed when I heard she was playing the part of Martha. I went to see Kim in Hayfever with Judi
Dench and I thought she was amazing, so again I’m really pleased that I’ve had this opportunity to work with her. Shaun and I shared a dressing room for a
couple of days when we were both filming Daylight Robbery.

                                                                  CAST INTERVIEWS
Suranne Jones plays Dr Martha Elliot
What attracted you to the role of Martha Elliott?
Martha has a completely different background to any of the characters I’ve played before. There were so many layers to her character that I just couldn’t say
no. Martha is a strong and successful woman without being overbearing. She is very forward thinking in terms of what she wants to create at the practice.
She feels that people are willing to pay for expensive cars and houses so should be able to pay for good healthcare to look after the body they’re living in.
It’s also quite a grown up role for me as I’m heading into my thirties whereas Martha’s in her mid thirties with a child.

Tell us about her relationship with Robert?
There’s a real ‘will they won’t they’ tension between Martha and Robert that bubbles under throughout the series. They’ve been in a relationship before so
they have a shared history and now they’re working together so it could either be completely disastrous or really wonderful if they do get together. They’re
really good friends and there’s still the sexual chemistry between them from years ago. Although he’s a complete womaniser, he’s the main man in Martha’s
life and he’s a father figure to Tess.

How is Harley Street different to other medical dramas?
Harley Street is very character lead. A lot of people don’t realise that the private sector runs in tandem with the NHS, and most of the doctors maintain both
sides of their careers. The character Robert Fielding works shifts in a local A&E when he’s not at the practice. Ekkow is the best in cosmetic surgery, but
he’s also the best in reconstructive surgery for the NHS. Harley Street mixes these two aspects together, which gives it a really good balance. It’s unusual
because the doctors already know their patients, which makes it easier to tell emotional stories as the patients are often friends with the doctors.

Did you do any research for your role?
The Producer, Joy Spink, kindly arranged for me to meet Dr Samina Showghi, a Harley Street practitioner who is very much like Martha. She consulted on
the show - checking that all the medical aspects were accurate. Samina was very glamorous and so friendly. We discussed the scripts and spoke about
what it’s really like to be a female doctor on Harley Street working in what is still a predominantly man’s world. I asked her if she had any tips and she gave
me a really good piece of advice. She told me to use the passion that I feel about acting and let it show in my character – because Martha would feel as
passionate about helping people as I do about acting.

                                                                 CAST INTERVIEWS
Interview with Suranne Jones continued…

Do you share any qualities with Martha?
No, she’s very different to me. Martha is so groomed and well organised. When I first started filming I’d get up at 5:00 am, have a shower, make sure my
nails were perfect, put cream on and make myself look immaculate because that’s what I thought Martha would do. I even chose a perfume for her, but half
way through filming, the perfume and the shower remained as my routine but the rest was discarded – I just wanted an extra half hour in bed. I like to be
spontaneous, so keeping the professional front up was something I found quite hard.

The costumes you wore were quite formal. Did this help you get into character?
The costume designer was brilliant because he knew my figure really well and he knew how he wanted to dress me right from the start. The costumes did
help and the most dressed down Martha gets is a pair of slacks and some moccasins!

Why should people watch Harley Street?
Harley Street is something new. It’s glamorous and filmic. It’s not too gory for a medical drama as it’s character led so it’s emotionally engaging. We’ve got
some amazing guest artists and great stories every week.

                                                                  CAST INTERVIEWS
Shaun Parkes plays Dr Ekkow Obiang
What appealed to you about starring in Harley Street?
Harley Street is a new twist on one of the most popular genres of television drama. The series is so well written. It’s a great show with a high calibre of
guest stars such as James Fox, Leslie Philips, June Whitfield, James Fleet and Will Mellor. It’s a really exciting show for an actor to work on.

Did you do any research for the role?
I met with a surgeon on Harley Street who was absolutely brilliant. He was just like Ekkow in terms of his principles. Some of the cases he‘s had to deal with
in his practice were similar to some of my storylines. He’s been in situations like Ekkow where he’s had to advise people that they shouldn’t be having
surgery as opposed to just thinking about the money. He also worked for the NHS, as Ekkow does, so he actually has the best of both worlds.

Tell us about the team dynamics.
The character dynamics engage you from the start. There’s Martha and Robert’s relationship, tension between Martha and Felix Quinn, the uncertainty over
who is the father of Martha’s child and Robert’s relationship with his father.

Do we get to see a more private side of Ekkow in the series?
We don’t really go into the details of Ekkow’s private life but we see his emotional side through his dealings with his patients.

During filming did you bond with all the other cast members?
Although it was a long shoot, I could probably count on one hand how many scenes we had to do together. Obviously Paul and Suranne’s characters have a
lot more scenes together, but the three of us getting together was quite rare. We bonded but most of my time was spent with the patients.

Why should viewers watch Harley Street?
Harley Street offers more than just the medical side, because it also puts people’s lives under scrutiny. In most medical dramas they don’t tend to go into
the lives of the doctors outside the practice, but there’s a lot going on here and plenty of stories are explored

What’s next for you?
I’m currently doing a voice over for an eight part documentary called Caribbean Cops.

                                                                  CAST INTERVIEWS

Oliver Dimsdale plays Dr Felix Quinn

Please describe your character Dr Felix Quinn.
Felix is a talented doctor. He’s driven, intelligent and very successful. He’s followed in the footsteps of his father which has probably helped him achieve his
own practice on Harley Street. Felix is very ambitious and his aim is to make his practice the most prolific. He’s a very charming man and treats Martha like
a lady.

Why is Felix so keen to go into business with Martha?
It may seem as though it’s a way to usurp Robert’s position because their practice is the direct rival to his, but it’s more complex than that. He genuinely
wants to do anything to be with Martha and I think he sees it as a way to her heart. Martha is his ultimate woman, as she is someone who he sees as his
intellectual and physical equal.

Tell us about Felix’s relationship with Robert.
His relationship with Robert is based on the fact that they both desire Martha. Robert has a massive chip on his shoulder about Felix and hates him sniffing
around her. Felix thinks Martha can do so much better than Robert because he sees him as a happy-go-lucky philanderer. He is also jealous of Robert’s
business relationship with Martha and the fact he gets to be with her all the time.

What appealed to you about starring in Harley Street?
I really liked the fact that most of the show centres upon the relationships between the doctors. It’s cleverly balanced out with some original but carefully
considered portraits of real life medical experiences which are very well written, but because the drama focuses upon human relationships it’s all the richer
for it.

How did you feel when you read the scripts?
When I read the first scripts I was excited about the possibilities for the development of the character and the direction the writers would take the love

                                                                  CAST INTERVIEWS

Kim Medcalf plays Practice Manager and Nurse Annie Harker
What appealed to you about starring in Harley Street?
It’s a sexy medical drama which was really appealing and taking something new that had just been created also attracted me. Coming from a long running
drama like EastEnders, I’ve never experienced that before. I was also keen to play Annie as she’s a very different character from the role I’ve become
known for. To be one of the regulars who’s in the drama from the beginning was also great.

A lot of viewers will remember you as Sam Mitchell in EastEnders. How does your character Annie Harker in Harley Street differ from her?
They couldn’t be more different. Annie is a professional. Everything she does is very considered. She’s the rational one of the team who keeps the surgery
together, whereas Sam Mitchell messed everything up in her life and made decisions based on her heart rather than her head. Annie’s much more sensible
than Sam and she’s very capable and dedicated to her job.

How does Annie fit into the practice?
Annie is the practice manager who keeps an eye on everything. She holds weekly meetings with the doctors to inform them of all their appointments and
what issues there are to look out for. Aside from her professional role, she’s also a friend to Martha. They stick together in a man’s world, as Annie keeps
the boys in check. We see her having coffee with Martha during the practice downtime and consoling her when she gets stressed out or when things go

How does Annie get on with Hannah, played by Cush Jumbo?
Hannah is a lot younger than Annie, so she pulls her up on things, such as reading magazines under her desk and eating when she’s working! She’s on her
back quite a lot but it’s all done with a bit of humour. She’s not too dictatorial as a character.

What does Annie think of Felix Quinn?
Annie doesn’t trust him after he leaks the confidential information about one of Robert’s patients to the press. She can’t forgive him for that and her attitude
towards him changes.

Do we get to see a more personal side to Annie?
Yes we do. Annie’s softer side come out in episode four when she falls for her personal trainer. When he becomes ill we see Annie at his bedside and
discover a more vulnerable side to her.

                                                             CAST BIOGRAPHIES
                                                                 PRINCIPAL CAST
PAUL NICHOLLS plays Dr Robert Fielding
Television: Bonekickers; The Passion; Clapham Junction; Billy Goat’s Gruff; Miss Marple; Hustle; A Thing Called Love; Gunpowder Treason And Plot; The
Wife Of Bath; Vincent In Brixton; City Central; EastEnders.
Theatre: Festen; Vincent In Brixton; The Promise; Long Days Journey Into Night; Mrs Steinberg And The Byker Boy; Telstar; Written Off; Billy Liar.
Film: Faintheart; Daylight Robbery; Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason; If Only; Joy Rider; High Speed; Goodbye Charlie Bright; The Trench; The
Clandestine Marriage; Love Story.

SURANNE JONES plays Dr Martha Elliot
Television: Strictly Confidential; Dead Clever; Vincent; Plenty More Fish; Coronation Street; My Wonderful Life; City Central; The Grand; Bright Sparks.
Theatre: Terms Of Endearment; Snow White; A Few Good Men; The Woman In Black; Rita, Sue And Bob Too; A Slice Of Saturday Night; The Little Shop
Of Horrors.
Film: Punch.

SHAUN PARKES plays Dr Ekkow Obiang
Television: Blood Rush; Marie Llyod; Random Quest; Dr Who; Inspector Lynley; Casanova; Blue/Orange; Footballers Lives; Elmina’s Kitchen; Servants;
Unconditional Love; Randall & Hopkin II; The Lock; The Visitor; The Plastic Man; Turning World; Heartbeat; Crown Prosecutor; Soldier, Soldier; Casualty;
Degrees Of Error.
Theatre: Topdog Underdog; Titus Adronicus; Guantanamo; Elmina’s Kitchen; Blue/Orange; Chips With Everything; Back Pay; The Young Writers Festival;
The Separation; Drinking, Smoking and Toking; Business As Usual; The Duchess Of Malfi; Life And Death Of A Buffalo Soilder; Romeo And Juliet.
Film: Clubbed; Daylight Robbery; Kill Kill Faster Faster; Penelope; Colour Me Kubrick; Things To Do; Before You’re 30; The Mummy Returns; Offending
Angels; Rage; Human Traffic.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                PRINCIPAL CAST
OLIVER DIMSDALE plays Dr Felix Quinn
Television: Fallen Angel; Nostradamus; Dalziel And Pascoe; He Knew He Was Right; Byron; Casualty; Inspector Lynley Mysteries; Doctors.
Theatre: Water; The Caucasian Chalk Circle; A Response To Twelfth Night; Pravda; The Creeper; The Comedy Of Errors; Great Expectations; The Dead
Wait; Five Finger Exercise; The Tempest; Midsummer Night’s Dream; Beautiful Thing; The Changeling.
Film: Rocknrolla.

KIM MEDCALF plays Annie Harker
Television: The Fixer; Death Becomes Him; BBC Family Prom In The Park 2005; EastEnders.
Theatre: The Vagina Monologues; Cabaret; The Play What I Wrote; Hayfever; South Pacific; The Penelopiad; One Touch Of Venus; The Pyjama Game;
Measure For Measure.

CUSH JUMBO plays Hannah Fellows
Television: My Family.
Theatre: Love’s Labours Lost; We The People; Brixton Stories; The Rimers Of Eldritch; The Caucasian Chalk Circle; Richard III; Pillow Talk; The Beau
Defeated; The Crucible; As You Like It; The Cherry Orchard.

                                                                  EPISODE ONE
Television: Inspector Lynley.
Theatre: Dirty Dancing; The Voysey Inheritance; The Importance Of Being Earnest.
Film: How To Lose Friends And Alienate People; Stage Beauty.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                 EPISODE ONE
MORVEN CHRISTIE plays Danni Lacey
Television: Lost In Austen; Oliver Twist; Homeboys; Family Man; Breaking News; Teachers; Quite Ugly One Morning; Doctors; The Second Quest.
Theatre: Much Ado About Nothing; Romeo & Juliet; King John; When You Cure Me; Festen.
Film: Young Victoria; The Flying Scotsman; House Of Nine; Digital.

AMERJIT DEU plays Dr Powell
Television: No Heroics; Casualty; Silent Witness; The Family Man; Waking The Dead; Doctors; The Playground; The Bill; Murder Squad; Adventures Inc;
Where The Heart Is; Holby City; Trail And Retribution; Paradise Heights; Happy Together; The Harringham Harker; The Swap; Family Affairs; The Armando
Ianucci Show; Big Kids; Big Smoke; Bolder And Khali; Pig Heart Boy; Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married; Maddy; A Touch Of Frost; Udam Singh; Conflict;
Jake’s Progress; Jackanory; Eldorado; Mysteries Of The Jungle; The Cloning Of Joanne May; Starting Out; Shadow Of The Noose; EastEnders.
Theatre: Zameen; Frost Nixon; Fourteen Emotions; Only When I Laugh; Twelfth Night; Dr Faustus; Body Politics; Romeo And Juliet; Man Over Board;
Sicilian Limes; Clerical Outfitters; Trumpets And Raspberries; The Satanist; The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe; The Bald Prima Donna; Gawain And
The Green Night.
Film: Karma Magnet; The Banker; Arrabiatta; Lasko; Stoke Of Genius; Sex Lives Of The Potato Men; Rehab; AKA Albert Walker; Bollywood Queen; Bend It
Like Beckham; The Biographer; East By North East; Mad Cows; Food Of Love; Guru In Seven; Deceivers; Caught; Eye Of The Storm; Praying For An
Elephant; Appeal; Terminal Eye.

TOM ELLIS plays Dr Ross Jarvis
Television: Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop; The Passion; Trial And Retribution; Hibbert And Long; Doctor Who; Casualty; Pulling; The Catherine Tate Show; A
Small Country; Eastenders; Suburban Shootout; Love Soup; Waking The Dead; Much Ado About Nothing; Midsomer Murders; Doctors; No Angels; The
Irredeemable Brain Of Heinrich Hunsecker; Messiah; Holby City; Linda Green; Wild West; Pollyanna; Nice Guy Eddie; Jack And The Beanstalk; Kiss Me
Kate; Nicholas Nickleby.
Theatre: One Minute; Shangalang; The Plough And Stars; Beauty And The Beast; The Beaux Stragagem; Much Ado About Nothing; Macbeth; Beautiful
Thing; The Furies; Cherry Orchard.
Film: Buy, Borrow, Steal; The Best Man; Doris The Builder; Vera Drake; I’ll Be There; Buffalo Soldiers; High Heels And Lowlifes; First Time Callers.

                                                             CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                   EPISODE ONE
JAMES FOX plays Dr Harvey Cost
Television: Celebration; Suez; Waking The Dead; Miss Marple; Colditz; The Tyndale Bible; Trial And Retribution; Falklands Play; Hans Christian Anderson;
Shaka Zulu; The Lost World; Armadillo; Private Views; Metropolis; Nancy Astor; Country; Love Is Old, Love Is New; The Road To 1984; New World;
Subchild; Shadow On The Sun; These Foolish Things; She’s Been Away; Slowly Slowly In The Wind; Never Come Back; A Perfect Hero; Hostage; A
Question Of Attribution; Headhunters; The Dwelling Place; Fall From Grace; The Old Curiosity Shop; The Choir.
Theatre: Resurrection Blues; Uncle Vanya.
Film: Wide Blue Yonder; Goodbye Mr Snuggles; Mister Lonely; Charlie And The Chocolate Factory; The Prince And The Freshman; The Mystic Masseur;
Golden Bowl; Sexy Beast; All Forgotten; Up At The Villa; Mickey Blue Eyes; Jinnah; Shadow Run; Anna Karenina; Kings In Grass Castles; Heart Of
Darkness; Doomsday Gun; Remains Of The Day; As You Like It; Patriot Games; Afraid Of The Dark; The Russia House; ;The Boys In The Island; Farewell
To The King; The Mighty Quinn; High Season; The Whistle Blower; A Passage To India; Runners; Performance; Thoroughly Modern Millie; The Chase;
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines; The Servant; The Loneliness Of The Long Distant Runner.

KAREN GILLAN plays Holly
Television: A Dolls House; Love In Vein; A View From The Boundary.
Theatre: Coming Up: Thinspiration; Dr Who; Fit To Print; Rebus.
Film: Hippie Hippe Shake.

                                                              CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                    EPISODE ONE
PHILIP JACKSON plays Mal Fielding
Television: Margaret Thatcher; Fanny Hill; The Chase; Whistleblowers; New Tricks; Rise And Fall Of Rome; A Touch Of Frost; Funland; Von Trapped;
Murder In Suburbia; Hustle; Grass; Little Britain; London; Trust; Second Nature; Crime And Punishment; Silent Witness; Victoria Wood Christmas Special;
An Inspector Calls; Poirot; Sins; The Vice; Murder Most Horrid; Touch Of Frost; Heartbeat; The Last Salute; Corn Devils; The Ambassador; Girl’s Night; Our
Boy; Skinny Marink; Bramwell; Woe To The Hunter; Hamish Macbeth II; Black Hearts In Battersea; Downwardly Mobile; The Story Of Philip Knight; The
Luck Child; The Dark Room; Our Geoff; Exclusive Yarns; Rat In The Skull; Lizzie’s Pictures; On The Palm; The Great Paper Chase; The Wayward Train;
Camera Club – Glamour Night; Farmers Arms; The Consultant; Radio; Pasmore; Games Without Frontiers; Blooming Youth; Honky Tonk Heroes; Afternoon
Off; Pickersgill People; Pennies From Heaven; The Sea; The Fosdyke Saga; Rouge Male; Keep An Eye On Albert; Sounding Brass; Robin Of Sherwood.
Theatre: Woman Who Cooked Her Husband; A Carpet, A Pony And A Monkey; The Lodger; King Lear; Waiting For Godot; Forget Me Not Lane; Ice Cream;
The Oven Glove Murders; Rat In The Skull; A Midsummer’s Night Dream; Into Europe; Sergeant Musgraves Dance; The Passion; Wilfred; The Comedians;
Fosdyke Saga; Live Like Pigs; Rooted; Millenium; Dick Whittington And His Cat.
Film: The Allotment; I Want Candy; A Little Trip To Heaven; The Best Man; Mother Theresa; The Cruise Of The Gods; The Intended; Alien Love Triangle;
What Rats Won’t Do; Little Voice; Cousin Bette; Opium War; Brassed Off; The Last Dance; Bad Behaviour; High Hopes; The Fourth Protocol; Give My
Regards To Broad Street; Scum.

ADAM JAMES plays Calvin Morgan
Television: Bonekickers; My Family; Sold; Extra’s; Ashes To Ashes; The Commander; Judge John Deed; Desperados; The Amazing Mrs Pritchard;
Walking The Dead; Rise And Fall; Shiny, Shiny; Love Soup; Casualty; Meucci; England Experts; Reversals; Doctors; Holby City; As If; Trust; After Hours –
Table Twelve; The Last Battalion; Murder On The Orient Express; Band Of Brothers; I Saw You; Life Of The Party; Tenth Kingdom; Let Them Eat Cake;
Silent Witness; Island II; The Bill; Sharpe’s Regiment.
Theatre: Rabbit; Lone Star Mark One; The Importance Of Being Earnest; Orginal Sin; Time And The Conways; Snake In The Fridge; King Lear; Glass
Menagerie; Chimes At Midnight; Poor Superman; Unseen Hand; Lone Star; Private Wars; A View From A Bridge; Tamburlaine The Great; Coriolanus.
Film: Last Chance Harvey; There For Me; Mother Of Tears; Road To Guantanamo; De-Lovely; Prima Dammi Un Baccio; A Family Man; Three Blind Mice;
It’s Not You It’s Me; High Heels And Low Life; Gregory’s Girl 2; Forbidden Territory.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                  EPISODE ONE

POLLY MABERLY plays Kate Fielding
Television: Foyle’s War; The Royal; The Bill; Midsommer Murders; Roger, Roger; Gooseberries Don’t Dance; Just William; Pride & Prejudice; Casualty; 2.4
Children; Tealeaf For The Roof; The Children Of Green Knowe.
Theatre: Hedda Gabler; When Harry Met Sally; The Tempest; Under The Doctor; The Browing Version; The Twelve-Pound Look; Pirandello’s 3x3 Trilogy;
Chece; I’m Dreaming Or Am I.

WILL MELLOR plays Joe Lacey
Television: The Street; Afternoon Play: Baby Boom; Miss Marple; Sorted; Where The Heart Is; Two Pints Of Larger And A Packet Of Crisps; M.I.T;
Casualty; Fat Friends; Harbour Lights; Hollyoaks; Brookside; Children’s Ward.
Theatre: Oh! What A Night; Nutcracker; Grease.

                                                                  EPISODE TWO
Television: Poirot; Lickle Bill Um – Coming Up Season; Homeboys; Doc Martin; The Bill; After You’ve Gone; Man Stroke Woman; Booze Cruise; Derailed;
The Robinsons; Teachers; Coupling; Bernard’s Watch; 20 Things To Do Before Your 30; The Debt; A&E; Hearts And Bones; Men Only; Sins; Dream Team;
The Thing About Vince; Snap; The Bill; Casualty; Picking Up The Pieces; Wycliffe; No Sweat; Magic.
Theatre: Love Me Tonight; The Safari Party; Something Blue; Taming Of The Shrew; Tin Soldiers.
Film: The All Together; Slip Road.

                                                              CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                    EPISODE TWO
SHAUN DOOLEY plays Nick Marsh
Television: Apparitions; Midsomer Murders; An Accident Waiting To Happen; Mobile; Strictly Confidential; The Bill; Vital Signs; The Street; Heavenly
Father; Rosemary And Thyme; Child Of Mine; The Ghost Squad; Vincent; Holby City; New Tricks; Murphy’s Law; The Royal; Foyle’s War; POW; Silent
Witness; EastEnders; Shackleton; Crossroads; Warriors; Peak Practice; Coronation Street; Dalziel & Pascoe; Casualty; The Grand.
Theatre: Summer Begins; The White Devil; Making Noise Quietly; Kiss Of Spider Woman; The Glass Menagerie; Brassed Off; Early Morning; The Arbor;
Marat/Sade; United On A Wednesday Night; Legal Weapon; Too Much Punch For Judy; Blue Remembered Hills.
Film: Salvage; Eden Lake; Mark Of Cain; Ex-Memoria; Mathilde; Plain Jane; Groove On A Stanley Knife.

LAUREN DRUMMOND plays Lisa Foster
Television: Holby City; Doctors; Waterloo Road; Heartbeat; Blue Murder; Grange Hill; Coronation Street.
Stage: Lilya; Blue; The Positive Hour; 4.48 Phsyhcosis; Patchwork And Plastic; The Children; The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe; Peter Pan.

RACHEL FIELDING plays Julie Foster
Television: New Tricks; Kingdom; Secret Diary Of A Call Girl; Hotel Babylon; Starting Over; Blue Murder; Doctors; Julian Fellowes Investigates: Most
Mysterious Murders; Dream Team; Holby City; Cold Feet; Playing The Field; In The Red; This Life.
Theatre: The Real Inspector Hound; Present Laughter; Arcadia.
Film: January The 2nd ; Nasty Neighbours; Speak Like A Child; Princess Caraboo; Leon The Pig Farmer.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                  EPISODE TWO
LESLIE PHILLIPS plays Dudley Grainger
Television: Marple: By The Pricking Of My Thumbs; Walking With The Shadows; Where The Heart Is; Midsomer Murders; Holby City; Monarch Of The
Glen; Outside The Rules; Sword Of Honour; Take A Girl Like You; Cinderella; Dalziel & Pascoe; Days Like These; The Pale Horse; The Canterville Ghost;
Vanity Dies Hard; Love On The Brunch Line; The Changeling; Lovejoy; The Trails Of Oz.
Theatre: The Play What I Wrote; Naked Justice; On The Whole It’s Been Jolly Good; Merry Wives Of Windsor; Camino Real; Love For Love; August;
Painting Churches; Taking Steps; Pride And Prejudice; Passion Play; Chapter 17; The Cherry Orchard; Pygmalion; Not Now Darling; Canaries Sing; Sextet;
The Man Most Likely To; The Deadly Game; Boeingboeing; The Big Kill; The Whole Truth; The Lost Generation; Diary Of A Nobody; For Better For Worse;
On Next Monday; Charlie’s Aunt; Daddy Long Legs. Dear Octopus; Zeal Of Thy House; Peter Pan; The Dorothy Of A Son; Winslow Boy.
Film: Venus; Colour Me Kubrick; Churchill: The Hollywood Years; Collusion; Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets; Thunderpants; Arthurs Amazing
Things; Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone; Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; Saving Grace; The Orgasm Raygun; The Jackal; Caught In The Act; August; Carry
On Columbus; King Ralph; Mountains Of The Moon; Scandal; Empire Of The Sun; Out Of Africa; Spanish Fly; Not Now Comrade; Not Now Darling; Don’t
Just Lie There, Say Something; The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins; Doctor In Trouble; Some Will, Some Won’t; Maroc 7; Carnaby MD, You Must Be
Joking!; Father Came Too!; The Fast Lady; Crooks Anonymous; The Longest Day; A Weekend With Lulu; A Coming Out Party; In The Doghouse;
Roomates; Doctor In Love; Carry On; Inn For Trouble; Beware Of The Children; Watch Your Stern; Ferdinand I: King Of Naples; Carry On Teacher; Carry
On Nurse; The Angry Hills; The Man Who Liked Funerals; The Navy Lark; The Night We Dropped A Clanger; Please Turn Over; The Big Money; I Was
Monty’s Double; Big Time Operators; Les Girls; Brother In Law; The Barretts Of Wimpole Street; Just My Luck; The Gamma People; High Flight; As Long
As They’re Happy; Value For Money; You Know What Sailors Are; The Limoing Man; The Fake; Terror On A Train; Breaking The Sound Barrier; The
Galloping Major; Pool Of London; Her Panelled Door; Train Of Events; The Citadel; Lassie From Lancashire.

                                                                EPISODE THREE
Television: Mistresses; EastEnders; Roman Mysteries; The Amazing Mrs Pritchard; Hotel Babylon; All About Me; Hollyoaks; Believe Nothing; My Family;
The Last Detective; Black Books; Coupling II ;The Savages; Beast; Coupling; Silent Witness; The Bill.
Theatre: Amadeus; What The Butler Saw; Scam; The Secret Life Of Humpty Dumpty; Twelfth Night; Beggars Can’t Be Choosers; Maurice; Snow White And
The Seven Dwarfs; Cinderella; The History Of Tom Jones.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                EPISODE THREE
GILLIAN BEVAN plays Sue Calder
Television: Whistleblowers; New Tricks; Silent Witness; Heartbeat; The Family Man; Holby City; Teachers; Doctors; The Innocents; Sunburn; Loved By
You; A Dance To Music Of Time; Peak Practice; Kiss & Tell; A Touch Of Frost; The Chief; Chillers; Pie In The Sky; Ghostwatch; Screaming; Lost Empires;
No Job For A Lady; Coppers; Sharon And Elsie; Act Of Will.
Theatre: Grand Hotel; Masterpieces; Hawks And Doves; In The Midnight Hour; Boys From Syracuse; As You Like It; The Wizard Of Oz; The School For
Scandal; Follies; Blood Brothers; Hamlet; A Doll’s House; Way Upstream; Me, Myself And I; Noel & Gertie; Season’s Greetings.

LUCY BROWN plays Maya
Television: Primeval; Sharpe’s Challenge; Whatever Love Means; Malice Aforethought; Frances Tuesday; North And South; The Canterbury Tales;
Theatre: The Ghost Train.
Film: Peter Warlock; Minotaur; Piccadilly Jim; Egocentric.

GERARD KEARNS plays Callum Calder
Television: The Commander; Mark Of Cain; Foyle’s War; Doctors; Shameless; Heartbeat; Holby City.
Theatre: A Thousand Yards; Hanky Park; Borstal Boy.
Film: The Tenth Man.

SALLY PHILIPS plays Izzy March
Television: Jam And Jerusalam; The Amazing Mrs Pritchard; Hyperdrive; Seven Second Delay; French & Saunders Xmas Special; Green Wing; Ready
When You Are Mr McGill; Ccancun; Rescue Me; Smack The Pony; Hippies; In The Red; I’m Alan Partridge; Holding The Baby; Brass Eye; Fist Of Fun.
Theatre: Pinter’s People; The Importance Of Being Earnest.
Film: Boy Town; Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason; Churchill The Hollywood Years; Gladiatress; Mean Machine; Bridget Jones’s Diary; Birthday Girl;
Born Romantic.

                                                                CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                    EPISODE THREE
MALCOLM SCATES plays Steve Calder
Television: The Street; The Bill; Holby City; Lost Worlds; New Street Law; Strictly Confidential; Trial And Retribution; Bad Girls; Brief Encounters; Derailed;
No Angels; See No Evil: The Moors Murders; The Marchioness; Bodies; Heatwave; Steel River Blues; Casualty; Coronation Street; Donavan; Emmerdale;
The Forsythe Saga; Seeing Red; The Ghost Hunter.
Theatre: Theatre Of Blood; Wind In The Willows; The Accrington Pals; Hamlet; The Lady In The Van; A Midsummer Nights Dream; The Blue Room;
Measure For Measure; The Slight Witch; Things We Do For Love.
Film: Breathtaking.

COSIMA SHAW plays Lauren
Television: GSG-9; Mayo; Paparazzo; Verfuhrung Fur Anfanger; I Didn’t Order This; Coupling; Doctors; Trevor’s World Of Sport; Sylter Geschichten.
Theatre: Summer Nights; The Dark Room; A Shayna Maidl.
Film: Ana Begins; V For Vendetta; Mistress Of Spices; Piccadilly Jim; Alfie; Fleig Mit Mir; A New Religion; Second Nature; Homeland Security; The Blue
Network; The Visitor; Der Rosenemil.

SADIE SHIMMIN plays Miss Pettigrew
Television: Casualty; The Bill; The Family Man; Waking The Dead; Down To Earth; Doctors; Too Good To Be True; Alibi; William & Mary; Wire In The
Blood; Anybody’s Nightmare; Perfect; EastEnders; The Sins; Blackadder.
Theatre: You Can Take It With You; The Rose Tattoo; A Voyage Round My Father; Cold Hands; The Crucible; Squint; Life After Life; The Memory Of
Water; Control Freaks; The Cracked Comic; A Doll’s House; Mensch Meier; Wild Oats; Schippel The Plumber; Women Of Troy.

HOLLY WESTON plays Grace
Television: Murder In Suburbia; Wall Of Silence; Killing Time.
Theatre: Stripper And Gentlemen; Bad Blood; A Dream Play.
Film: Mouth To Mouth; Filth And Wisdom; Silver Trees; A Love Too Tempting; C**t; Angel.

                                                             CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                  EPISODE FOUR
WENDY CRAIG plays Gwen Harrison
Television: The Royal; Heaven And Earth; Disappearing Britain; Inside Out; Doctors; The Importance Of Being Earnest; Crosswords; The Hiding Place;
Heartbeat; The Forsyte Saga; Butterflies; The Servant; Candida; Not In Front Of The Children; Mother Makes Three, Mother Makes Five; Brighton Belles.
Theatre: The Circle; The Rivals; Mr Kettle And Mrs Moon; George Dillon; The Wrong Side Of The Park; Three; A Resounding Tinkle; Sport Of My Mad
Mother; The Ginger Man; Ride A Cock Horse; I Love You Mrs Patterson; Finishing Touches; Breezeblock Park; Beyond Reasonable Doubt; The Taming Of
The Shrew; A Doll’s House, Hobson’s Choice; Mary Mary; The Constant Wife; Matters Matrimonial; Seasons Of The Heart.
Film: Room At The Top; The Mindbenders; I’ll Never Forget What’s His Name; Joseph Andrews; Nanny; The Servant; Just Like A Woman.

Television:. Casualty; Doctors; New Street Law; Little Britain; Murphy’s Law; Waking The Dead; Grease Monkeys; Into The Void; The Bench; Holby City;
Kidnapped; The Bill; The Turnaround; A Natural Selection; Dandos Brilliantine; Little Napoleon; Oh Mary This London; Brookside.
Theatre: Mistaken – Annie Besant in India; The Daughter; Playing With Fire; Passage To India; Othello; Midnight’s Children; A Midsummer Night’s Dream;
The Life Of Padma Sambhava; The Exhibitionists; The Last Yellow; A Clockwork Orange; The Darwin Project; Two Gentlemen Of Verona; The Castle; The
Duchess Of Malfi; Bound East For Cardiff; World Storytime; Easy Prey; In Dussledorf And Nebraska; The Mabinogion; The Servant Of Two Masters;
Knuckle; Shadow In The Glass.

JOSEPH MILLSON plays Jeff Turner
Television: Midsomer Murders; Talk To Me; Sarah Jane Adventures; New Tricks; Ghost Squad; The Romantics; Macbeth; Doctors; Holby City; EastEnders;
Sam’s Game; Peak Practice; Dressing For Breakfast; In Exile; The Awful Truth; Our Tune.
Theatre: Fear And Misery; Cinderella; Much Ado About Nothing; King John; Pillars Of The Community; Richard II; Dog In The Manger; House Of Desires;
Pedro, The Great Pretender; As You Like It; The Seagull/Cold Meat Party; The Lifted Veil; The Clearing; Four Knights In Knaresborough; Mill On The Floss;
Monogamy; Talented Mr. Ripley; Real Inspector Hound; Black Comedy; Gasping; David Copperfield; The Beaux Stratagem; Salad Days; The Rivals; The
Fantasticks; Loot; Artaud At Rodez; The Dramatist; Romeo And Juliet.
Film: S.N.U.B; Casino Royale; La Belle Dame Sans Merci; Sophies World.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                EPISODE FOUR

CAMILLA POWER plays Lucy Turner
Television: Torchwood; Waterloo Road; Brief Encounters; The Brief; Not Only But Always; Byron; Hornblower; Spark House; Murder In Mind; Inspector
Lynley Mysteries; Manchild; Family Tree; Soft Soap; Uprising; Fish; Slap; Underworld; The Grand; Casualty; Chronicles Of Narnia; The Bill; Bonjour La
Classe; Not The End Of The World; Ruth Rendell; Over The Rainbow; The Treasure Seekers; Stone Cold; Beck; The Echo; The Mystery Of The Keys.
Theatre: Platonov; Semi-Monde; Blue Room; The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie.
Film: Moonacre; A Summer Story; The Calling.

COLIN STINTON plays Mr Stenson
Television: Between Two Rivers; Consenting Adults; Doctor Who; Trail Of Tony Blair; Billy The Kid; Road To Nuremberg; Spooks; Wire In The Blood; A
Fod Andromida; My Family; Broken News; Spacemen; Down To Earth; Manchild; The Falklands Play; Waking The Dead; Emma Brody; The Armando
Lanchi Show; Frightmares; Jonathan Creek; 99-1; The 10%ers; Remember; Deadly Voyage; A Year Of Provence; Ghostwatch; Hostages; Poirot; Mother
Love; The Ginger Tree; Saracen; Very Peculiar Practice; Yesterdays Dreams; Crazy Like A Fox; Paul’s Case; The Hamptons.
Theatre: Uncle Vanya; Romance; Man & Boy; The Goat; The Front Page; The Graduate; Triumph Of Love; The Old Neighbour; Death Of A Salesman;
Guys And Dolls; The Lights; Indian Ink; Sweet Bird Of Youth; Johnny On A Spot; Mechanical; Night Of The Iguana; Speed The Plow; The Father; Mr
Happiness; Wrecked Eggs; The Bay At Nice; Futurist; Edmond; Search & Destroy; Dr Faustus; The Graduate; Some Americans Abroad; Vermont Sketches;
Quartermaine’s Terms; Early Warnings; Edmonds; Curse Of The Aching Heart; Twelth Night; The Beaver Coat; The Water Engine; Prairie Du Chien; Art;
The Visit; The Cherry Orchard; Edmond; The Front Page; Lone Canoe; Holiday; Native Son.
Film: Red Mist; Transsiberian; A Mighty Heart; The Bourne Ultimatum; Big Nothing; Second In Command; The Kovack Box; Revolver; Closer; The Jacket;
Proof; The Machinist; Twelve Days Of Terror; Belly Of The Beast; Thunderpants; Ali G Indahouse; Quicksand; Spy Game; The Hours; Muffin; The Winslow
Boy; Tomorrow Never Dies; In Love And War; In Hitlers Shadow; Homicide; The Russia House; Daniel; The Verdict.

                                                           CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                EPISODE FOUR
MARK UMBERS plays James Daidson
Television: Midsommer Murders; Blackbeard; Princes In The Tower; Foyle’s War; The Merchant Of Venice; The Scarlet Pimpernel; Berkeley Square; The
Student Prince.
Theatre: The Glass Menagerie; The Vortex; My Fair Lady; Candide; The Merchant Of Venice; Pirates Of Penzance.
Film: These Foolish Things; Colour Me Kubrick; A Good Woman; Guerilla.

JUNE WHITFIELD plays Betty Harrison
Television: Marple; New Tricks; Last Of The Summer Wine; Green Green Grass; Absolutely Fabulous; Common As Muck; Family Money; Happy Ever
After; All Rise With Julian Clary; Tom Jones; Jude The Obscure; Terry And June; The Last Of The Blonde Bombshells; The Seven Faces Of Jim.
Theatre: Bedroom Farce; Pink Strings And Sealing Wax; Ace Of Clubs; South Pacific; Love From Judy; A Bedful Of Foreigners; Not Now Darling; Over My
Dead Body; An Ideal Husband; Ring Around The Moon; Cinderella.

                                                                EPISODE FIVE
MOIRA BOOKER plays Nikki Reynolds
Television: The Bill; Doctors; As Time Goes By; Footballers Wives; Casualty; Peak Practice; Out Of Sight; Lucan; Drop The Dead Donkey; Ghost Hour;
Forever Green; Coming To Terms; Made In Heaven; Shelley; Crazy Like A Fox; Sorry; Crossroads; Partners In Crime; County Hall.
Theatre: Fifteen Minutes; The Manchurian Candidate; The Three Musketeers; The Three Musketeers; Co Founder And Co Producer Of The New Vic
Touring Company 1981–1991:-Including USA and UK Tour; Dracula; Frankenstein; One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest; The Night They Raided Minskey’s;
Spivs; The Gift; Canterbury Tales; Young Writer’s Workshop; A View From The Bridge; Macbeth; Infidelities; Look Back In Anger; Plenty; Wild Honey;
Godspell; Piaf; Much Ado About Nothing; The Deep Man; Philip Holtz Fury; The Cherry Orchard; The Lower Depths; The Showgirl.
Film: Owd Bob; The Doctors And The Devils; Dream Lover.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                  EPISODE FIVE

AMELIA CURTIS plays Emma Entwhistle
Television: Love Soup; The Royal; Dalziel And Pascoe; Class Of 76; New Tricks; Empire; Thing Called Love; POW; Rosemary And Thyme; Manchild;
Casualty; Happiness; At Home With The Braithwaits; Love Or Money; Peak Practice; Brothers and Sisters; Staying Alice; London Bridge; Pie In The Sky;
Cadfael; The Boaster; Family Style; The Bill; Seaforth; Lovejoy; EastEnders; The Blood That’s In You.
Theatre: Eskimo Sisters; Perfect Pitch; The Changeling; Playing Hyde And Seek With Jesus; A Pair Of Blue Eyes; Les Liaisons Dangereuses; The
Film: Fear Dot Com; South West Nine; Janice Beard 45 WPM; The Nine Lives Of Thomas Katz; Kevin And Perry The Movie; Understanding Jane; Judge
Dredd; The Train; Circus.

JAMES FLEET plays Max Rogers
Television: Little Doritt; Legit; Vicar Of Dibley; Midsomer Murders; Sea Of Souls; Monarch Of The Glen; Murder In Surburbia; Family Business; Promoted
To Glory; Young Arthur; Fields Of Gold; Dick Whittington; Brotherly Love; Chambers; Spark; Underworld; Dance To The Music Of Time; Cows; Crossing
The Floor; Harry Enfield And Chums; Moll Flanders; Lord Of Misrule; Milner; Cracker; Murder Most Horrid; Running Late; Head Hunters; A Year In
Provence; The Bill; Advocates II; Boon; The Common Pursuit; They Never Slept; Ruth Rendell Mystery; Grange Hill; Omega Factor.
Theatre: In The Club; Cloud Nine; Habeas Corpus; Mary Stuart; The Three Sister; Art; The Late Middle Classes; Neville’s Island; Just Between Ourselves;
The Government Inspector; Berenice; As You Like It; The Crimson Island; Winterset; An Orange For Baby; Up In The Hide; The Churchhill Play; The
Taming Of The Shrew; Hyde Park; The Jew Of Malta; Waste; The Dillen; Volpone; A New Way To Pay Old Debts; The Time Of Your Life; Peter Pan; Henry
IV; Money; The Witch Of Edmonton; A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Film: Lady Godiva; A Cock And Bull Story; The Phantom Of The Opera; Blackball; South From Granada; Two Men Went To War; Charlotte Grey; Kevin
And Perry; Milk; Frenchman’s Creek; Remember Me; Eskimo Day; Butterfly Effect; The Grotesque; Sense And Sensibility; Three Steps To Heaven; Four
Weddings And A Funeral; Exchange Of Fire; Femme Fatal; Blue Black Permanent; An Electric Moon; Defence Of The Realm.

                                                            CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                  EPISODE FIVE
NICK FLETCHER plays David Entwhistle
Television: Midsommer Murders; New Tricks; True Dare Kiss; Rough Treatment; After The War; Grange Hill.
Theatre: The Overwhelming; Once In A Lifetime; Playing With Fire; Attenborough; The Un Inspector; Rattle Of A Simple Man, Two Gentleman Of Verona;
Kavanagh; A Midsummer Nights Dream; Pennington; King Lear; Star Quality; Love’s Labours Lost; The Slight Witch; All’s Well That Ends Well; Silence; A
Difficult; Unwin; Henry V; A Chaste Maid In Cheapside; Burdalane; A Wife Without A Smile; Hill; The House Amongst The Stars; Court In The Act; The Way
Of The World; The Last Thrash; The Cassilis Engagement.
Film: Body Of Lies; Hippie Hippie Shake; Bring Me The Head Of Mavis Davis; The Visitor; Cooke.

SAM SWAINSBURY plays Tim Reynolds
Television: Jekyll.
Theatre: The Burial At Thebes; Hysteria; Slope; Under Milk Wood; The Roaring Girl; Peace In Our Time; The Pickwick Papers; The Merry Wives Of
Windsor; The Tinderbox; The Nativity.

                                                              CAST BIOGRAPHIES

                                                                    EPISODE SIX

TIM DUTTON plays Simon Burgess
Television: A Risk Worth Taking; Bonkers; HMO; Outside The Rules; Ally McBeal; In The Name Of Love; Oliver Twist; Thanks; Melissa;
Film: The Rendezvous; Bye Bye Harry; The Detonator; No Snow; Queen Of Sheba’s Pearls; Tooth; The Bourne Identity; Dead By Monday; Darkness Falls ;
Frenchmans Creek; Death On Everest.

Paul Kynman plays Mike Blackmore
Television : Doctors; The Bill; Hollyoaks; Casualty; Rome; Spartacus; Heartbeat; Blue Murder; Hound Of Baskervilles; Celeb; Silent Witness; Armadillo;
Trial And Retribution; Sins; Touching Evil; Heartbeat; Wonderful You; The Governor.
Film: A Cock And Bull Story; The Darkest Light; Legionnaire; Bent; First Knight.
Stage: Under The Whale Back; April in Paris; A Little Night Music; Johnny On The Spot; Madness OF George III.

KATY ODEY plays Samantha Taylor
Television: The Bill; Doctors; London’s Burning; Casualty; The Untold Story.
Theatre: The French Lieutenants Woman; On The Piste; Meeting Mary; Cyrano De Bergerac; His Dark Materials; The Contractor; Dead Funny; An Ideal
Husband; Talk Of The City; Bartholomew Fair; The Herbal Bed; Look Back In Anger; King Lear; Veronica’s Room; The Tempest; Twelfth Night; The
Dramatist; Equus; Time And The Conways; Dancing At Lughnasa; First Love; Gargling With Jelly; Housemaster.
Film: Mr Right.

                                                         PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES
                                                               EXECUTIVE PRODUCER
                                                                Sally Woodward Gentle

Sally was appointed Creative Director of Carnival Films in March 2007. Prior to that she was Creative Director for BBC Drama Production and Acting Head
of BBC Drama Series and Serials. While at the BBC, Sally also worked alongside Gareth Neame as his Head of Development and later with Jane Tranter in
Drama Commissioning. At the BBC she executive produced a range of drama output including: Hearts and Bones, Tipping the Velvet, Cambridge Spies,
The Hound of the Baskervilles, Linda Green, The Legend of the Tamworth Two, Waking the Dead, Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!, Philip Pullman’s The
Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North, William Boyd’s A Waste of Shame and BAFTA nominated Fear of Fanny. Sally was also responsible for
the development of the forthcoming HBO co-production, The House of Saddam.

After graduating from Goldsmith’s College having freelanced in film production, Sally joined Limelight production company as assistant to Steve Barron.
Having worked as Director’s Assistant on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles she then worked alongside Alison Owen in their Film and Television division. Here
she was production co-ordinator on Hear My Song and was promoted to Head of Television. In this role, among other shows, she executive produced the
award winning Channel 4 series Teenage Health Freak and the world’s first networked 100% CGI animation series ReBoot as well as the multi-award
winning Channel 4 documentary Edward VIII: The Traitor King.

On leaving Limelight, Sally joined Kudos and as Managing Director executive produced factual output as well as developing and executive producing the
BAFTA nominated Chanel 4 drama series Psychos and, alongside Stephen Garrett, Sally initiated the development of Spooks. Since joining Carnival Sally
has executive produced the ITV Special Christmas At The Riviera and is currently in post-production of the ITV three part gothic thriller Whitechapel starring
Rupert Penry-Jones. Sally is also currently in development on drama projects for all three major broadcasters.

                                                      PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES

                                                            EXECUTIVE PRODUCER
                                                                Christopher Aird

Christopher Aird developed Harley Street for Carnival Films. He is also an Executive Producer on Hotel Babylon and has various other TV projects in
development for Carnival. His credits as Producer include Hotel Babylon series 1 and 2, Spooks and The Inspector Lynley Mysteries for the BBC.

Previously he worked as a Development Executive in BBC Drama Commissioning on shows including Spooks, Bodies, Red Cap, Burn It and The Hound of
the Baskervilles. He was a script editor in the BBC Drama series and BBC Radio Drama departments for four years and has a degree in Drama from Bristol

                                                                     Joy Spink
Joy Spink started her career in commercials. She then went on to work in feature film development and financing with American financier Jo Child. Joy
moved into drama and film production management, working on various productions including the BAFTA winning An Ungentlemanly Act; Supergrass;
Metroland; Among Giants; and co-producing the award-winning King Lear. Her credits as a Producer include The Sleeper, Auf Wiedersehen Pet; Final
Demand and now Harley Street.

                                                       PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES

                                                   CREATOR & WRITER EPISODES 1 AND 2
                                                             Marston Bloom
Harley Street is the first television drama Marston Bloom has written. He began his career as an actor in 1989 with a two year stint at the Royal
Shakespeare Company, where he acted alongside Ralph Fiennes, Linus Roach and Alex Kingston. His last job was in an Ibsen play at the National Theatre,
directed by Trevor Nunn, and starring Sir Ian McKellen. Other acting credits include three seasons of The Knock starring David Morrissey and Alex
Kingston, Stalagluft with Stephen Fry and Nicholas Lindhurst, The Life And Times OF Henry Pratt with Richard Wilson, Touch of Frost, Soldier, Soldier and
Stuart: A Life Backwards.

Writer: Episode 3 – Nicole Taylor
Television: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.
Film: EMO.

Writer: Episode 4 – Jack Williams
Television: Bonekickers; Hotel Babylon, Roman’s Empire; Honest; Wild At Heart.

Writer: Episode 5 – Howard Overman
Television: Merlin; Misfits; The Last Van Helsing; Spooks: Field Office 19; Vexed; Disconnected; Hotel Babylon; Moving Wallpaper; Perfect Day; Hustle;
New Tricks; U Get Me; The Crust; Clocking Off; Jam.

Writer: Episode 6 – Andy Rattenbury
Television: Hotel Babylon; The Grey Man; The Golden Hour; M.I.T; Monarch Of The Glen; Absolute Power; Trust; Casualty; Holby City; Teachers; Peak
Practice; Harbour Lights; Grafters.

                                                       PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES

Director: Episodes 1 and 2 - Paul Whittington
Television: Empress’s New Clothes; Wire In The Blood V; Hotel Babylon II; Totally Frank II; Adios; Washday; Long Time Dead.
Film: Innocent Pink; What About Me?; Hero.

Director: Episode 3 and 4 - Colin Teague
Television: Doctor Who; Torchwood; The Sarah Jane Adventures; Holby City; London’s Burning.
Film: The Last Drop; Spivs; Shooters.

Director: Episodes 5 and 6 - Barnaby Southcombe
Television: Sold; Footballers Wives; Night And Day; Holby Blue; Waterloo Road; Teachers; As If; Top Buzzer.
Film: Impasse; You Reap What You Sow; Phil’s Job Weekend.
Theatre: Betrayal.

                                        PRODUCTION CREDITS
WRITERS                     NICOLE TAYLOR             UNIT MANAGER                    BECKY KEMP
                            JACK WILLIAMS             POST PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR      JESSICA RUNDLE
                            HOWARD OVERMAN            COLOURIST                       CHRIS BEETON
                            ANDY RATTENBURY           ONLINE EDITOR                   SION PENNY
PRODUCER                    JOY SPINK                 RE-RECORDING MIXER              NIGEL HEATH
DIRECTORS                   PAUL WHITTINGTON          SOUND FX EDITOR                 DARREN BANKS
                            COLIN TEAGUE              DIALOGUE EDITOR                 ALEX SAWYER
                            BARNABY SOUTHCOMBE        TITLES                          JUMP
FIRST A.D                   MARCUS CATLIN             PICTURE PUBLICITY               VICTORIA BROOKS
SECOND A.D                  BEN HARRISON                                              SANDRA POWELL
THIRD A.D                   MALCOLM DAVIES            PUBLICIST                       TRACEY GALLAGHER
SCRIPT SUPERVISOR           VICKY COLE                                                MR ROY NG
ART DIRECTOR                KARL PROBERT                                              MR SHYAM KOLVEKAR
PRODUCTION BUYER            ANDY GROGAN                                               MR DARREN FRANCIS
PROPS MASTER                JULIAN SEARLE                                             DR WAYNE COTTRELL
STANDBY ART DIRECTOR        ANDY HARE                                                 MR TAN ARULAMPALAM
FOCUS PULLER                ADAM COLES                SOUND RECORDIST                 STEVEN PHILLIPS
GRIP                        KEITH MEAD                SCRIPT EDITOR                   SAM SYMONS
CLAPPER LOADER              DEAN MURRAY               CASTING DIRECTOR                MAGGIE LUNN
GAFFER                      GAVIN WALTERS             COMPOSERS                       JOHN LUNN
BEST BOY                    PETER HARRIS                                              JIM WILLIAMS
SOUND MAINTENANCE           JOHN LEWIS                EDITORS                         NICK MCPHEE
PRODUCTION ACCOUNTANT       CHRIS TARRY                                               XAVIER RUSSELL
MAKE UP ARTISTS             CANDICE BANKS                                             CRISPIN GREEN
                            TONY LILLEY               DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY         PETER GREENHALGH BSC
                            KEVIN ALEXANDER           LINE PRODUCER                   EUGENIO PEREZ
COSTUME ASSISTANTS          EMMA HEATH                                                SALLY WOODWARD GENTLE
                            SOPHIE HINTON


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