First Session 8:30 – 10:00 AM

Date       Class Class Title                  Subject                  Grade   Room Member   Non-member

                                     Wedgeworth Elementary Hacienda Heights

June 18    1      Space: The Not So           Astronomy                k-1     7    $95      $105
                  Final Frontier. This is a
                  double length class
                  ending at 11:45
through    2      Math Munchies               Mathematics              1-2     3    $60      $70
           3      Animals with Class          Biology                  2-3     4    $55      $65
           4      Motor Mania                 Electricity, Motors      2-6     10   $70      $80
           5      Fun with Rockets            Rocketry                 3-4     11   $60      $70
June 22    6      Computer Creative           Computers                4-5     9    $100     $110
                  Expression. This is a
                  double length class
                  ending at 11:45
           7      Crime Lab. This is a        Criminology, Forensics   4-8     5    $100     $110
                  double length class
                  ending at 11:45
           8      Dissectors Only! This       Dissection               6-8     6    $100     $110
                  is a double length
                  class ending at 11:45
June 25    18     Our Home – Our              Earth Science            k-1     7    $95      $105
                  Earth. This is a double
                  length class ending at
through    19     Art Smart                   Art, Famous Artists      2-3     4    $60      $70
           20     Nature Power                Nature, Physics          2-6     10   $55      $65
June 29    21     Science Tricks and          General Science          3-4     3    $60      $70
           22     Fun with Wood               Carpentry, Woodworking   3-4     11   $60      $70
           23     Be a Science                Engineering, Inquiry     4-5     5    $100     $110
                  Olympian. This is a
                  double length class
                  ending at 11:45
           24     Awesome                     Computers                4-5     9    $100     $110
                  Presentations. This is
                  a double length class
                  ending at 11:45
           25     Micro Monsters. This        Microbiology             6-8     6    $95      $105
                  is a double length
                class ending at 11:45
July 2     38   Weather Wizard. This       Meteorology                    k-1   7    $75    $85
                is a double length
                class ending at 11:45
through    39   Energize Me                Energy                         1-2   3    $50    $60
July 6     40   Journey to the Center      Geology                        1-3   13   $50    $60
                of the Earth
           41   Radical Reptiles           Herpetology                    2-3   4    $45    $55
No class   42   Inventor’s Lab             Inventions                     2-6   10   $50    $60
July 4
           43   Fun with Electricity       Electricity                    3-4   11   $50    $60
           44   Earth’s Hydrosphere.       Earth Science, Biology,        4-5   5    $80    $90
                This is a double length    Chemistry
                class ending at 11:45
 -         45   Flash Animation. This      Computers                      4-5   9    $80    $90
                is a double length
                class ending at 11:45
           46   Make It and Watch It       Physics                        6-8   2    $75    $85
                Go. This is a double
                length class ending at
July 9     59   Icy and Oozy Science.      Physics                        k-1   7    $100   $110
                This is a double length
                class ending at 11:45
through    60   Rockhound Club             Geology                        1-3   13   $60    $70
           61   Life Cycles – The Circle                                  2-3   4    $50    $60
                of Life
           62   Invention Convention       Inventions                     2-6   10   $55    $65
July 13    63   Let’s Get Physical         Physics                        3-4   3    $60    $70
           64   All Things that Go.        Physics                        4-5   6    $100   $110
                This is a double length
                class ending at 11:45
           65   Artistic Advanced          Computers                      4-5   9    $100   $110
                Photoshop. This is a
                double length class
                ending at 11:45
           66   Be a Science               Life, Chemistry, Engineering   6-8   5    $105   $115
                Olympian. This is a        and Inquiry
                double length class
                ending at 11:45
                            Blandford Elementary Rowland Heights

Date              2
          Class Class Title                Subject           Grade   Room Member   Non-member
July 16   75      2
                Light. This is a double    Physics           k-1     21    $95     $105
                length class ending at
through   76    Space Invaders             Astronomy         2-3     51    $55     $65
m         77    Rock Your World This       Geology           2-3     22    $95     $105
                is a double length
                class ending at 11:45
July 20   78    Dr. Flubber’s Wild and     Chemistry         4-5     53    $60     $70
                Fun Experiments
          79    Science Madness This       Physics           6-8     52    $100    $110
                is a double length
                class ending at 11:45
July 23   85     Let’s Go on a Dinosaur    Paleontology      k-1      21   $100    $110
                 Dig. This is a double
                 length class ending at
through   86     Fantastic Flyers          Physics, Flight   2-3      53   $55     $65
          87     Does Matter Matter?       Chemistry         4-5      22   $55     $65
          88     Go Green - NXT            Computers         4-5      51   $100    $110
                 Robotic City. This is a
                 double length class
                 ending at 11:45
July 27   89     Great Minds in            Scientists        6-8      52   $95     $105
                 Science. This is a
                 double length class
                 ending at 11:45
Second Session 10:15 – 11:45 AM
Date       Class No.   Class Title                Subject       Grade Room   Member   Non-

                            Wedgeworth Elementary Hacienda Heights

June 18    9           Animals with Class         Biology       k-1   4      $55      $65
through    10          Circuit Cities             Electricity   2-6   10     $70      $80
June 22    11          Trip the Light Fantastic   Light         3-4   3      $60      $70
           12          Fun with Rockets           Rocketry      3-4   11     $60      $70
June 25    26          Art Smart                  Art, Famous   k-1   4      $60      $70
through    27          Wings and Webs             Biology       1-2   3      $60      $70
           28          Fun with Wood              Carpentry,    3-4   11     $60      $70
June 29    29          Magic Multipliers          Mathematics   3-6   10     $55      $65
July 2     47          Radical Reptiles           Herpetology   k-1   4      $45      $55
through    48          Contraption Carnival       Physics       2-6   10     $50      $60
July 6     49          Kitchen Chemistry          Chemistry     3-4   3      $50      $60
           50          Fun with Electricity       Electricity   3-4   11     $50      $60
No Class   51          Journey to the Center      Geology       4-6   13     $50      $60
July 4                 of the Earth
July 9     67          Life Cycles – The Circle   Biology       k-1   4      $50      $60
                       of Life
through    68          More Contraption           Physics       2-6   10     $60      $70
July 13    69          Sports Science             Physics       3-4   3      $60      $70
           70          Rockhound Club             Geology       4-6   13     $60      $70
                              Blandford Elementary Rowland Heights
                              10:15 to 11:45 a.m.
Date        Class No.   Class Title                Subject              Grade Room      Member       Non-
July 16 -   80          Dr. Flubber’s Wild and     Chemistry            2-3     53      $60          $70
                        Fun Experiments
July 20     81          The Human Body             Anatomy              4-5     51      $55          $65
July 23 -   90          Does Matter Matter?        Chemistry            2-3     22      $55          $65
July 27     91          Fantastic Flyers           Physics, Flight      4-5     53      $55          $65

Third Session 12:30 – 3:45 PM. Recess is 2:00 – 2:15 PM

Date        Class No.   Class Title           Subject           Grade    Room    Member Non-Member

                   Wedgeworth Elementary School Hacienda Heights

June 18     13          See into the Sea      Oceanography      k-1      4       $95          $105
through     14          Space the Not So      Astronomy         2-3      7       $95          $105
                        Final Frontier
June 22     15          Dissectors Only!      Dissection        4-5      6       $100         $110
            16          Have a Blast with     Rocketry          5-8      11      $100         $110
            17          Computer Creative     Computers         6-8      9       $100         $110
June 25     30          Save our              Biology,          k-1      4       $95          $105
                        Rainforests           Botany,
through     31          Our Home – Our        Earth Science     2-3      7       $95          $105
June 29     32          Micro Monsters        Microbiology      4-5      6       $95          $105
            33          Adventures in         Carpentry,        5-8      11      $100         $110
                        Woodcraft             Woodworking
            34          Awesome               Computers         6-8      9       $100         $110
July 2      52          That’s Gross! Don’t   Life Science      k-1      7       $75          $85
                        Eat That!
through     53          Rock Out!             Geology           2-4      10      $80          $90
July 6      54          Become an             Electricity,      5-8      11      $80          $90
                        Electronics           Electronics
No class    55          Flash Animation       Computers         6-8      9       $80          $90
July 4
July 9      71          CSI-Jr                Criminology       k-1      7       $95          $105
through     72          All Things that Go    Physics           2-3      6       $100         $110
July 12    73          Got Science          Biology,       4-5     5        $100   $110
No class   74          Artistic Advanced    Computers      6-8     9        $100   $110
July 13                Photoshop

                        Blandford Elementary Rowland Heights

Date       Class No.   Class title          Subject        Grade   Room     Member Non-member
July 16    82          My Working Body      Anatomy        k-2         21   $95    $105
through    83          Rock Your World      Geology        3-5         22   $95    $105
July 20    84          Let’s Go Wild        Biology        6-8         52   $100   $110
July 23    92          Edible Science       Food Science   k-2         21   $100   $110
through    93          Our Super Solar      Astronomy      3-5         22   $95    $105
                       System – And
July 27    94          The Science of Art   Art            6-8         52   $100   $110
Fourth Session 4:00 – 5:30 PM.

Date          Class Class Title                      Subject             Grade       Room Member              Non-member

                              Wedgeworth Elementary Hacienda Heights

June 25       35      Can We Build It?               Architecture        k-2         7        $55             $65
through       36      Discover Art in Science        Art, General        3-5         3        $55             $65
June 29       37      Brain Busting Board            Board Games         6-8         6        $55             $65
July 2        56      Fly, Fly Away                  Physics, Flight     k-2         7        $55             $65
July 6        57      Science Mysteries              General             3-4         10       $60             $70
No Class      58      Brain Busting Board            Board Games         5-8         6        $45             $55
July 4                Games

2012 Class Descriptions
Adventures in Woodcraft #33 – Instr. Lyle Majeska. Learn to work with pine wood using hand and power tools.
Make your own writing pen using the mini- lathe.

All things that Go #64, #72 – Instr. Jennifer Collins. Come and discover more things that go, make bottle rockets,
cars, and planes and see how and why things keep going!

Animals with Class #3, #9 - Instr. Leann Legind. Find that animals certainly are classy! Learn about the five major
animal classifications. You’ll find out what makes each group so special. Observe dogs, mice, lizards, snakes, fish,
ants & more! Make a fish craft, edible insects, flying birds, a frog mask & other hands-on activities. It’s a class about

Artistic Advanced Photoshop #65, #74 - Inst. Paul Burns. Make and take your beautiful work of art. We will use a
pen tablet connected to our computers along with professional software to learn masking, filters, layers, blend modes,
liquefy, vanishing point, and vector-based type making your photos into masterpiece works of art. This is a double
length class.

Art Smart #19, #26 - Instr. Leann Legind. Explore the artistic forms and mediums of the visual arts such as clay,
watercolor, pastels, chalk, pencil, torn paper while creating like the great masters - Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and

Awesome Presentations #24, #34 – Instr. Jennifer Collins. Learn to make presentations using formats such as Prezi
and PowerPoint! Amaze your family and friends with your perfect presentations.
Be a Science Olympian #23 - Instr. Andrea Brown 4-5 grades, 3 grade if independent and works well with others.
Students will be involved in hands-on building type events. We will build a bridge with straws and see how much
weight it will hold, create an apparatus to have an egg drop from the roof without breaking, design a tower using
mystery materials in order to hold a tennis ball, have a race with a can and rubber band apparatus as well as build a
mobile out of pasta and race it. We will also compete in an event called Write-it Do-it. Students will be introduced to
Zowie Metrics which is learning to measure and estimate. This, too, will be a competition. On our last day of class,
students will compete in pairs or groups, against classmates to earn a gold, silver or bronze medal. Any students
who have been in Science Olympiad or intend to be, will be familiar with some of these events. Any students can
join this class whether they are Science Olympiad team members or not. - Just Fun to learn and compete. Come join
the fun and become a Science Olympian.
Be a Science Olympian #66 -Instr. Andrea Brown (grades 6-8) Students will experiment with water quality including
making a hydrometer or salinometer. We will test for pH and build a water column. We will do some experiments that
a crime lab would complete in an investigation including metals test/analysis, fiber analysis and chromatography.
Write it Do it will be a competitive event. We will build a mousetrap vehicle and a tower to compete against
classmates. One of the other competitions will be to build and play a hand-made musical instrument. On the last day
of class we will hold competitions for gold, silver, bronze medals. Any students who have been in Science Olympiad
or intend to be, will be familiar with some of these events. For those who were in elementary science Olympiad, this
will help you with Middle School events. Any students can join this class whether they are Science Olympiad team
members or not. Just Fun to learn and compete. Come join the fun and become a Science Olympian.

Become an Electronics Technician #54 – Instr. Lyle Majeska. Learn the basics of Electronics and Soldering. Build
a Slider Robot that moves and has blinking eyes.

Brain Busting Board Games #37, #58 - Instructor Paul Burns. Calling all Gamers, Brainiacs, Tournament lovers.
We will be playing board games that are sure to up your fun level and challenge your neural pathways! Enter the
week long tournament or just play for the fun! Master games like Settlers, Oshi, Tsuro, Citadel, Quixo, and

Can We Build It – A Problem Solving Class #35 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Using the Scientific Method as our
base, we will tackle problems having to do with building with different materials towards different goals. Children will
be challenged individually in 2 child, and 4 child teams to complete tasks. Make your own tumbling tower and
experiment with height and weight. We will use The Three Little Pigs for critical discussion in discussing building

Circuit Cities.# 10 - Instr. Robert Smith. Use batteries and bulbs in circuit boards, a telegraph machine, switches
and a mini-city. Students will create their own quiz boards in subjects they choose.

Computer Creative Expression- Movie Maker and Stop-Action Animation! #6, #17 – Instr. Jennifer Collins. Bring
your favorite story and your imagination to create short films using Movie Maker and Stop Action Animation!

Contraption Carnival. #48 - Instr. Robert Smith. Make the fastest roller car, the best parachute, a marble roller
coaster and creative boats. Students will create their own versions of these and other science experiments with

Crime Lab #7 - Instr. Andrea Brown. Come be a sleuth. Be a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator). Test various powders,
liquids and other substances for reactions to chemicals. Test to see if a substance is real blood. Work with lifting
fingerprints. Investigate with paper chromatography to study handwriting samples. Using a microscope, observe hair
and fibers to see differences /likenesses. Use many forensic science tools such as microscopes, hand lenses and
fingerprint-lift kits. Solve mini crimes and use skills learned through the week to solve a crime in a mock-crime scene.
Observe “evidence at the scene”. Sometime during the week we will have a guest speaker. Make a wanted poster
and show your mug shot and disguise. This is a double length class.

CSI-Jr.: Solve Mysteries like the Big Guys! #71 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Using many of the same strategies as
the big kids, students will learn about fingerprints, find mystery powders, and solve a crime. The will work with gooey
substances and use problem solving to find clues. Improve your observation skills while having fun.

Discover Art in Science! #36 - Instr. Jennifer Collins. Make cool art projects and learn how science influences the
process of Art! You will take home an art project each day!

Dissectors Only! #8, 15 - Instr. Paul Burns. This class is not for the squeamish. We will do 5 dissections in 5 days!
We will learn how to safely observe and open and compare animals to us Depending on availability we dissect five
animals or their parts to see how they relate to us. This is a double length class.

Does Matter Matter? #87, #90 - Instr, Barbara Daniels. Investigate states of matter and discuss how matter
changes states from solid to liquid to gas. We will learn about how volcanic rock goes from liquid to solid and make
volcanoes erupt with baking soda and vinegar. We will also make a polymer that has properties of both a liquid and a
solid. Learn how molecules move in the different states of matter, and combine to make different atoms.

Dr. Flubber’s Wild and Fun Experiments #78, #80 - Instr. George Lightholder. Make an aircraft that is 3 feet long,
a density rainbow, styrofoam gliders, silly putty and flubber! Learn the science behind all the experiments.

Earth’s Hydrosphere #44 - Instr. Andrea Brown. Conduct experiments with fresh water and saltwater. Observe
“once-living” specimens from the ocean. Experiments will be conducted to learn how the water cycle is connected to
weather and also investigate how the water cycle happens with a pot of water on a hot plate. We will investigate
convection currents. We will conduct experiments on various types of water to see salinity levels. We will also test
water for chlorine levels. We will build an apparatus to clean dirty water. We will use an "ice balloon"(a ball of ice) to
see how various substances cause the "ice balloon" to react differently. This is a double length class.
 Edible Science #92 – Instr. Colleen McCollom. Have you ever wondered what makes pop rocks pop? Come join the
 fun and you will learn about the science in your favorite foods.

 Energize Me # 39 - Instr. Teddy Sachs. Make a pinwheel wind turbine, go "coal" mining in a chocolate chip cookie,
 eat solar s'mores you make yourself as you learn about the force that fuels the Earth: Energy!

 Fantastic Flyers #86, #91 - Instr. George Lightholder. Make, fly and take a variety of airplanes. Learn some of the important
physics that make these projects fly.

 Flash Animation #45, #55 – Instr. Paul Burns. Create clip art in Fireworks and Flash. Create animations to wow your
 family, friends, and the world when you post them on the web. See how your animations make a website more fun
 and dynamic. This is a double length class.

 Fly, Fly Away #56 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Investigate all the things that can fly. Make simple paper rockets,
 hovercraft and whirligigs. Understand terms like drag, lift, and thrust. Compete in paper airplane and rocket contests.
 Create a hot air balloon as well as many other inventions of flight.

 Fun with Electricity #43, 50 – Instr. Lyle Majeska. Learn what Electricity is and how it moves. Build simple circuits
 that light up and make sound. Make a Flashlight and Steady-Hand Game to take home

 Fun with Rockets #5, #12 – Instr, Lyle Majeska. Learn how a rocket flies. Build a paper rocket that will fly up to 200
 feet. You will then build a kit rocket to launch and take home.

 Fun with Wood #22, #28 – Instr. Lyle Majeska. Learn to work with pine wood using hand tools - measure, cut, sand,
 nail and glue. Make wooden toys, puzzles and even a bird feeder or bug house.

 Go Green - NXT Robotic City #88 - Instr. Kim Bach. You will work in pairs to go through a series of training
 exercises to prepare you to guide your robot in solving real-world engineering challenges related to renewable
 energy. During the training you might build a power plant, a wind turbine and a dam. After training, you will go on a
 simulated mission to solve a real-world problem.

 Got Science #73 - Instr. Andrea Brown This class will be full of experiments and hands-on experiences. We will
 conduct experiments to discover how plants and animals survive and adapt in their environments, including hatching
 brine shrimp. We will use owl pellets to discover the food chains of animals. Observing cells through a microscope
 and building an animal or plant cell will be the intro to our own body systems as we do experiments to see our pulse
 and measure our lung capacity. We will simulate earth’s weathering and erosion processes as well as observe how
 overcrowding effects plant growth. For those “chemists” out there, we will delve into how matter changes, doing
 experiments to show physical and chemical changes, along with finding out how we know a gas is present in a
 substance. We will also do a little with electricity and magnetism. We will use scientific tools such as graduated
 cylinders, balances, beakers, microscopes, magnets and circuits to conduct these experiments.

 Great Minds in Science #89 - Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Learn about the greatest minds in the world of science. Read
 about ideas and inventions that changed the world and then try some on your own. Participate in experiments like
 those masterminds did.

 Have a Blast with Rockets #16 – Instr. Lyle Majeska. Learn how a rocket flies. Build, launch and retrieve the Baby
 Bertha rocket. A camera on board one of the rockets will take pictures of the launch site.

 Icy and Oozy Science #59 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Do you like things that ooze through your fingers? Do you
 know all of the things that can be done with ice? Come and experiment with frozen water and other things that
 bubble, drip and ooze. Make foam, flubber, putty, and slime. See how a substance can be more that one state of
 matter. Learn concepts in science without even knowing you are learning!

 Invention Convention #62 - Instr. Robert Smith. Make helicopters, super siphons, Newton’s cradle, gliders, mini-
 microscopes, compasses. Do gravity experiments. Students will use simple materials to learn important science

 Inventor’s Lab # 42 - Instr. Robert Smith. Replicate inventions such as an electroscope, telegraph, telephone and
 light bulb. Students will make working models of inventions involving centripetal force.

 Journey to the Center of the Earth. #40, #51 - Instr. Pat Smith Journey with us as we explore different earth
 forces. Find out how the earth shifts during earthquakes and glacial action. See how deltas are formed and
 volcanoes work. This class can be down and dirty, so wear your play clothes. Peanut butter will be used during
 earth forming investigations. This class will cover many of the earth CA State Science Standards for 2nd & 4th grade.
Kitchen Chemistry #49 - Instr.Teddy Sachs. If you take Kitchen Chemistry, your kitchen will be transformed into a
laboratory worthy of a mad scientist as you make startling discoveries about how cabbage can detect acid, how
bacteria makes yogurt, how decomposed sugar turns to caramel, and how much water a Twinkie can hold. Then,
after a long day at the lab, you can relax and eat your results: soup, biscuits, pretzels, cupcakes, or cookies.

Let’s Get Physical #63 - Instr. Teddy Sachs. If you take Let's Get Physical, you'll discover answers to questions like:
Is it possible to blow up a balloon without actually blowing into it? What is inside coins? Can a magnet ever be "turned
off"? Do toilets always flush in the same direction? Can a swimming pool be cleaned with just the breath of one
person? Discover the answers to all these questions and more if you take Let's Get Physical!

Let’s Go on a Dinosaur Dig #85 – Instr. Colleen McCollom. You will uncover fossils while using the correct
procedures a real paleontologist would use. You will learn what fossils are, where they are found and how they are
uncovered. You will create your very own fossil, go on a dinosaur dig and piece together a model dinosaur.

Let's Go Wild! #84 – Instr. Fara Valentine. In this class we'll explore the wild side of Biology, researching the
kingdoms of life and how they have evolved into successful creatures over time. We'll go on an ecology trek, observe
and classify real invertebrates and reptiles and discover the secret world of plants by dissecting and growing our own!

Life Cycles – The Circle of Life #61, 67 - Instr. Leann Legind. Discover the amazing process that living creatures
go through as they change throughout their life cycles! Watch frogs change from tadpoles to froglets, observe the
stages of metamorphosis as a larva turns into a beautiful butterfly, be amazed as mealworms transform into beetles,
and learn about the life cycle of baby mice and how they develop and grow at a rapid rate! You will make models,
draw observations in a life cycle booklet, learn songs, handle live animals, eat edible insects and more! You will even
be able to be able to take home your own “pet” to observe the life cycle process, with parent permission. Get ready to
be transformed as you watch animals grow and change right before your very eyes!

Light #75 - Instr. Patrice Stanzione. It’s all around us, but do we really know what it is? Make a periscope, a pinhole
camera, and a sun dial. Learn how light affects the way we see things by taking pictures manipulating the light itself.
Learn how to bend, bounce, and understand light.

Magic Multipliers #29 - Instr. Robert Smith. Make and use Napier’s Bones, and an abacus. Do mental math,
powers, factorials, bases and probability. Students will be doing creative, unusual, and hands-on math activities to
teach serious concepts.

Make it and Watch it Go! #46 - Instr. Kim Hinterleitner. Learn about how the Forces of Energy and Motion can
make things move with a variety of hands-on activities and experiments. Make your own aircraft and watch it soar
through the air. Use the forces of gravity to build the fastest ramps and the longest roller coaster you can. Make your
own gravity racer and challenge your classmates to a race.

Math Munchies #2 - Instr. Teddy Sachs. Eat your way through a math lesson a day! Estimate how many bites there
are in an Eskimo Pie. Calculate which charm is the luckiest. Postulate with popcorn and make peanut predictions.
Improve your mathematical skills as you eat. Join this class to cook up and count up some delicious treats.

Micro-monsters #25, #32 – Instr. Paul Burns. Students use microscopes and a science journal to explore the world
of cells, bacteria and viruses, as well as create models of DNA, a virus, and a bacteria.

More Contraption Carnival #68 - Instr. Robert Smith. Create the tallest tower, the strongest bridge, unusual
pendulums, and gyrating gyroscopes. Students will discern their own creative techniques for building these

Motor Mania #4 - Instr. Robert Smith. Make stroboscopes, retinal illusions, motor boats and other motor activities.
Students will do enjoyable and creative activities using small motors to power mini-machines such as marble lifters,
fans, and mini-cars.

My Working Body – Its Systems #82 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. We move, breathe, think, and eat, but do we
understand any of it? Through fun activities, projects and experiments learn about the systems inside of you.
Understand what’s under your skin. Get a glossary of new words and charts to keep that will help you throughout
your education.

Nature Power # 20 - Instr. Robert Smith. Make mini-boats, soapy science, sundials, wind chimes, thermometers &
sun-prints. Students will make a variety of science activities related to weather, sun, wind, water, and diffusion of
Our Home – Our Earth #18, #31 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. You're standing on it, but do you really know about our
home, the Earth? This big rock we live on has really interesting features. Come make a 3D topographical map of our
state, build our community out of found objects, experience a "working" volcano, cut into the Earth's crust, complete a
comprehensive chart of land forms along with many other fun activities.

Our Super Solar System – And Beyond! #93 - Instr. Barbara Daniels. What is in our solar system? What is beyond
our solar system? Investigate what we know about the planets, stars and moons inside and beyond our solar
system. Learn about the history of space exploration and discuss what might be discovered in the future. Hands-on
activities include building scale models of the solar system, making simple rockets and imagining and designing what
life might be like on other worlds.

Radical Reptiles # 41, 47 - Instr. Leann Legind. Slither into the world of scaly creatures. Learn about reptiles & their
amazing characteristics. Meet Izzy and Lizzy, two anole lizards, a green ribbon snake, terrific turtles & more cold-
blooded friends. Play games, sing reptile songs, make a lizard hat, a 3-D turtle and more. Leaping Lizards - have a
great time!

Rockhound Club #60, #70 – Instr. Pat Smith. Join our rock club workshop and start or add to your personal
collection. Be a geologist by testing minerals for hardness and streaks. Learn crystal shapes, discover a rock that
floats and see some rocks that glow in the dark. On Friday take home rocks and simple tools used in class.

Rock Out! #53 - Instr. Irma Akers. Ever wonder what rocks and minerals are used for? Learn about all the ways we
use rocks in our daily lives and create an art project. Dissect a rock and discover what it is made of. Explore and
examine how dirt is formed. Go on a rock hunt and make your own minerals and rocks.

Rock Your World! #77, #83 - Instr. Barbara Daniels. Go on virtual field trips around the world exploring famous
and special rock formations. Learn about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks and how they are made.
Build models of famous rock formations, and make art with rocks and sand.

Save Our Rainforests #30 - Instr. Leann Legind. Enter the beautiful world of the rainforest! Come prepared to
explore the layers of the rainforest, create a clay poison arrow frog, move like a howler monkey, draw a morpho
butterfly, paint a beautiful rainforest mural, taste exotic rainforest foods and much more! Don’t miss out and
remember “Save Our Rainforests!”

Science Madness #79 - Instr. Jose Pina. Students will learn what it feels like to be a scientist. They will learn how to
conduct a variety of science experiments using as Newton’s Law of Motion and heat transfer among others.

Science Mysteries #57 - Instr. Lana Willis. Have fun learning about science magic, solar energy, and forensic
science! Each day will have a different focus. One day will be about science magic, another about solar energy, etc.
Don’t be absent!!!!

Science Tricks and Trivia # 21 - Instr. Teddy Sachs. Hold up 100 pounds with just one hand! Learn to whip the
tablecloth out from under the dinner dishes. Turn a plastic comb into a magic wand. Learn how a single egg can
support a 200 pound person. Sound incredible? Try this class and see for yourself.

See into the Sea # 13 - Instr. Leann Legind. Put on your mask. Get ready to look into the ocean. Learn about the
amazing animals that live in this incredible world. Make your own ocean fish print, dissect a squid, observe fish and a
hermit crab, make a jelly fish and a stuffed sea creature to take home. You’ll have a seasational time!

Space Invaders #76 - Instr. Rosa Corona and June Sakaue. Join us as we voyage into the wonders and mysteries
of our solar system. Get ready to embark on an incredible journey.

Space The Not So Final Frontier #1, 14 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Go where few men have gone before. Make real
and imaginary planets, among many other spacey activities. Construct a solar system model, make a Star Watcher
for the night sky, with a Galileoscope and see the moon as Galileo did. Learn how to chart the phases of the moon
and Venus. Become aware of the latest discoveries in space!

Sports Science #69 – Instr. Teddy Sachs. Dive headfirst into the science behind sports----and come up a winner!
Have you ever wondered if there's a secret to stopping a soccer ball, why ice skates have metal blades, or how a
boat can sail into the wind? Would you like to learn to balance like a gymnast, how to improve your free-throw ability,
or how to swim like a shark?

That’s Gross, Don’t Eat That! #52 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Not everyone drives through Mc Donald’s. All of life
around us eat different things. Come and learn about what eats what, make a food chain, spin a food web.
Understand producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores and decomposers. Dissect an owl pellet and see what it
ate. Find out why we eat what we do. Make and eat some gross stuff!

The Human Body #81 -- Instr. Rosa Corona and June Sakaue. Have you ever wondered how your body works?
Learn about the human body systems in this class.
 The Science of Art #94 - Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Experience art using the methods of the masters.
 Draw like Da Vinci, Paint like Michelangelo, Sculpt like Rodin, and Illustrate like Rockwell. These great
 artists were scientists in the way they approached art. All California Standards based activities will be

 Trip the Light Fantastic #11 - Instr. Teddy Sachs. Use mirrors to read messages and unlock secret codes, make
 your own kaleidoscope, use a prism as an eyepiece to explore light energy. Does it bend? Does light have color?
 Learn these answers and more as you become a light energy expert.

 Weather Wizards #38 – Instr. Patrice Stanzione. Join us and learn all about the weather! We have some crazy
 weather in California, but what about other parts of the world? Make rain, a cloud and a tornado. Experiment with
 updraft and sea breeze. Make a thread and paper hydrometer, indicating humidity. You’ll be able to predict the
 weather as well as the pros do!

 Wings & Webs # 27 - Instr. Teddy Sachs. Discover the exciting characteristics of creepy, crawly critters. Capture
 creatures to live in your "insect condo." Investigate live crickets and all their charms as you learn.



 *Registration is first come, first served. Register early to avoid disappointment.


 *Grade level is listed on the class schedule. This is the grade your child will be entering in September,
 2012. Preschool students must be 4 years old as of December, 2011 and must be registered for
 Kindergarten for the school year beginning in August, 2012.


 Wedgeworth Elementary School 16949 E Wedgeworth Drive, Hacienda Heights
 from June 18 to July 13.

 Blandford Elementary School 2601 Blandford Drive, Rowland Heights from July
 16 to July 27.


 *Your child’s safety and comfort are extremely important to us. Any child who is enrolled in both a
 morning class and a 12:30 PM class the same week will be supervised during the lunch time. STUDENTS

 Activities will be provided when the students have finished eating. There is no additional charge for this


 1. Use a separate class application, or photocopy, for each student.
2. Fill out all requested information at the top of the application.

3. Fill out all requested information for the classes you want.

4. If you are joining YSC now, write the membership fee. Add this to TOTAL FEE.


6. In case some classes you choose are full, fill out all requested information for alternate class choices.

7. Sign the application. Print your name on the line below your signature.

8. We can’t accept reservations without payment.

9. A class confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail. We regret that we are not able to confirm classes
by telephone.

 Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for the class confirmation to be sent to you via e-mail to the address listed

10. For more information, please e-mail us at or call (626) 854-9825.

11. We will post a list of classes closed due to full enrollment on our web site, and our telephone message machine.

12. Please return the registration form along with your check to: Youth Science Center, P.O. Box 5723,
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 or send to YSC, Wedgeworth Elementary, 16949 Wedgeworth Drive,
Hacienda Heights 91745. You may also hand deliver to the Wedgeworth office.

                                 CANCELLATION POLICY

If you must cancel your registration, notify us one week prior to the start of class IN WRITING. Mail
your cancellation or change to P.O. Box 5723 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745. You may also e-mail us at No cancellations can be accepted over the phone. After our summer
session has begun, written cancellations will be accepted in room 8 or at the registration table on
Mondays. A credit slip redeemable for any YSC class or YSC store purchase in the next year will be issued
for the value of the canceled class minus a $20 per class processing fee. Credit slips will be mailed
separately within three weeks. A refund will be issued only if the class is closed or canceled by YSC.
Please allow 3 weeks for refunds to be processed.

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