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									D eM o tte                                                    Home Bulletin – October 24, 2011
C h r is t i a n                      1223 Begonia Street SE DeMotte, IN 46310 (219) 987-3721

     S ch o o l                        "But those that hope in the LORD will renew their
                                                                                             James Rozendal, Administrator

                                         strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;
                                      they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and
                                                    not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

From the Principal's Desk:
    This week is a busy week at DMC. Parent-teacher conferences are Monday and Thursday from 4:00 till 4:45, and 5:30
– 8:00 PM. Parents of students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade should meet with teachers in their
classrooms, while junior high teachers will be available in the Music Room. You are encouraged to take advantage of this
opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss their progress. We recognize that we are a team to help each
child be all that God would have them be. We realize how important it is that we continue to communicate with each
other. So please be sure to attend. Together lets continue to encourage our children as they discover their gifts and
learn to use them to serve their God by caring for God’s creation and for their fellow human being.
    This week will also be Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Week at school. Each day, students will be dressing up a special
way to help make the point of the dangers of drugs and tobacco.
Friday, there will be no school for the students. Teachers will be having a workday, updating their first aid/CPR
certification. Have a great week!
                                 Mr. Jim Rozendal
Dates to Remember
Oct. 24:   Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4-8pm                      HOMEMADE Chicken & Noodle Supper
Oct. 24:   “Red Ribbon Week”                                      Mark your calendars…NEXT THURSDAY, NOVEMBER
Oct. 25:   Moms In Touch – 1:30pm                                 3, 2011, from 5:00-7:00PM will be DMCA’s Annual
Oct. 27:   Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4-8pm                      Homemade Chicken & Noodle Supper! Proceeds raised
Oct. 28:   Schwan’s Orders Due                                    from this fundraiser will go towards a new Art Kiln,
Oct. 28:   Teacher In-Service, Make-Up Day                        which is an oven used to harden clay into works of art.
Oct. 31:   SCRIP Due by 8:00am                                    The new Art Kiln will be utilized by all the grades.
Oct. 31:   2nd Grade to Buckley Homestead                         Volunteers are still needed to fill a number of
Oct. 31:   8th Grade Fundraiser Ends                              important shifts at the Chicken & Noodle Supper. The
Nov. 1:    Moms In Touch – 1:30pm                                 shifts are only an hour and fifteen minutes long. We are
Nov. 1:    School Board Meeting – 7:30pm                          seeking both adults and older students to help. Please
Nov. 2:    Teacher Appreciation Day                               call the school to sign up at 987-3721.
Nov. 3:    Schwan’s Order Pick Up: 4:30-7pm                       Please help us make this a successful event!!
Nov. 3:    DMCA Chicken Noodle Dinner
Nov. 4:    Pampered Chef Fundraiser Ends                          “Red Ribbon Week” Themes for PS-5
Nov. 4:    Photo Re-takes                                         Monday, Oct. 24:    “Drugs Turn You Inside Out”
Nov. 7:    SCRIP Due by 8:00am                                                        (wear clothes inside out)
Nov. 7:    Accelerated Reader Store                               Tuesday, Oct. 25:   “Black Out Drugs”
Nov. 9:    Book Fair, 2:00-3:00pm                                                     (wear black clothes)
Nov. 10:   Book Fair, 2:00-3:00pm                                 Wednesday, Oct. 26: “Put a Cap on Drugs”
Nov. 11:   Grandparents Day                                                          (wear a hat)
Nov. 11:   Book Fair, 12:00-3:00pm                                Thursday, Oct. 27:  “Shade Out Drugs:
Nov. 14:   SCRIP Due by 8:00am                                                        (wear sunglasses)
Nov. 14:   Book Fair, 2:00-3:00pm
Nov. 15:   Book Fair, 2:00-7:00pm                                 DMC Board Nominations
Nov. 17:   Moms In Touch – 1:30pm                                 The DMC Board requests your assistance in making
Nov. 17:   DMC Auxiliary Meeting – 7:00pm                         board nominations. Please submit the names of
Nov. 22:   Moms In Touch – 1:30pm                                 persons that you believe the School Board should give
Nov. 24/25: NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving                              consideration in their preparation of Board nominees by
Nov. 29:   Moms In Touch – 1:30pm                                 Monday, October 31. The names may be given to any
Nov. 29:   Blood Drive, 2:00-7:00pm                               DMC Board member or Administrator, Jim Rozendal, at
Dec. 1:    Winter Band/Choir Concert – 7pm               These nominees will be voted on
Dec. 13:   All-School Christmas Program – 7pm                     by the DeMotte Christian School Society on April 12,
Dec. 21-Jan. 3: Christmas Break                                   2012.

Happy Birthday! SMILE, GOD LOVES YOU!!                            Pampered Chef Products will be displayed
                                                                  Monday and Thursday night during P/T Conferences.
   October 24:      Kaiden Tolkamp                                Come and enjoy some wonderful food and enter your
   October 27:      Hannah Lins                                   name for door prizes. This fundraiser will run from now
   October 31:      Karlee Gonzalez                               until November 4. Come chick it out!!

Don’t forget to pick up your birthday ribbon in the office!       Schwan’s Is Here!
                                                                  Help raise money for DMC! Choose from over 350
Picture Re-takes                                                  products!! 10%-20% will be returned to DMC based on
Re-takes are scheduled for Friday, November 4. If                 total sales. Orders due to DMC by Friday, October 31.
your child was absent or feel a re-take is needed, please         You        may     also     order      online      at
bring the order form or uncut, complete package of       Use School Campaign ID
photos on that day. Re-take order forms are available in          #37018. Phone orders to 1-888-SCHWANS (742-
the office.                                                       9267).
   8th Grade Poinsettia/Wreath/Garland                       Soccer/Volleyball Results:
       2012 Scriptural Calendar Sale
              October 12 - 31                                7th Grade Girls Volleyball
The 8th grade class is conducting their annual                   Tournament Results: 5th Place
poinsettia/wreath/garland and 2012 scriptural calendar
sale to help with expenses of their graduation. If you       8th Grade Girls Volleyball
have not been contacted and desire to order any of               Tournament Results: 5th Place
these items, please call any 8th grade student or the
                                                             Soccer (A team) (14-2)
office. Thank you for your consideration and support.
                                                                Vs. Crown Point – Won 2-1
The sale ends Monday, October 31. You may redeem
                                                                Vs. Highland – Won 5-1
your voucher for poinsettias, wreaths, and garland at
                                                                Vs. Lansing Christian – Won 10-0
Kingma's Greenhouse between November 22 and
                                                                Tournament Results: 2nd Place
December 10.
                                                                Vs. Tinley Park – Won 2-1
                                                                   Championship Game -
Prices and selection are as follows:
                                                                   Vs. Highland Christian – Lost in Shoot Out
   2012 Scriptural Calendar $10.00
                                                             Soccer (B team) (6-1-1)
      Poinsettia, 6-1/2" pot      $13.00
                                                                Vs. Crown Point –Won 3-1
      Poinsettia, 8" pot          $25.00
                                                                Vs. Highland – Won 2-0
         Scott Pine Wreath, 15"   $17.00
         Scott Pine Wreath, 20"   $20.00
                                                                                     Go, Eagles!!
         Scott Pine Wreath, 24"   $24.00
         Scott Pine Wreath, 30"   $29.00
         Scott Pine Wreath, 33”   $36.00                     Soccer / Volleyball Photos
         Scott Pine Wreath, 38"   $45.00                     Did you take some amazing photos at any of this year’s
         Scott Pine Wreath, 48"   $53.00                     soccer or volleyball games? If so, we’d like to use them
         Scott Pine Wreath, 60"   $76.00                     in the yearbook and for other PR purposes. Please send
            Garland, 5 feet             $11.00               a CD to the office or email them to
            Garland, 10 feet            $21.00               Thank you!
            Garland, 15 feet            $32.00
                                                             New Leaf Resources Counseling Available
Grandparents Day is Friday, November 11!                     Dr. Angie Valente from New Leaf Resources is available to
Be sure to invite your Grandparents or Special Friends       meet with children for counseling at DMC. She is at school
to Grandparents Day! The schedule has changed again,         twice a month on Wednesday afternoons. If you are
so please note the schedule as follows:                      interested in having your child meet with her, please stop in
   11:30 – 11:55 Arrival                                     the office and fill in a request form. Dr. Valente will next
   12:00 – 12:55 Program in Gym                              be at school on Wednesday, October 5.
    12:55 – 1:10 Refreshments
     1:10 – 2:10 Classroom Visitation                        Tax Credit Scholarship Opportunity DeMotte
     2:15 – 2:25 Closing                                     Christian School is involved in the Indiana Tax Credit
             2:25 Dismissal                                  Scholarship program. This year close to 20 students at
                                                             DMCS are receiving a tax credit scholarship of $500
Grandparents Day Cookies Needed                              towards their child’s tuition. Money for this scholarship
November 11 is Grandparents Day so we will once again        comes from individuals and corporations that donate
need lots of goodies to serve them. If you can make          money for DeMotte Christian School to the Education
cookies or breads, please call the office at 987-3721.       CHOICE Charitable Trust. Those that donate receive a
We would like you bring the baked goods to school on
                                                             50% tax deduction of the amount given off their Indiana
Thursday, November 10.
                                                             taxes. If you are interested in making a donation or
NOTE: Your Junior High student may earn PART of
their STARS by baking 3+ dozen cookies for                   would like more information about the program, please
Grandparents Day.                                            contact Mr. Rozendal or Mrs. Dexter.
P.S. Thank you for your help! The grandparents
always love the homemade goodies we have for                 Lunch Helper Reminders:
them.                                                        If you are not able to serve on the day you are
                                                             scheduled, please trade with another parent or call
                                                             Darlene Propst. Thank you!
          Junior High Announcements                             Monday, 10/24:       Anne Miller
Dates To Remember:
                                                                Tuesday, 10/25:      Darla McKim
Oct. 24-27: “Red Ribbon Week” (see ann.)
             th                                                 Wednesday, 10/26: Rhonda Nannenga
Oct. 25:    8 VB Team vs. Jr. High Faculty
                                                                Thursday, 10/27:     Jolene Musch
                      at 1:15pm
Oct. 25:
            8 Soccer Team vs. JH Faculty &                      Monday, 10/31:       Karin Nash
                      Parents @ 3:00pm                          Tuesday, 11/1:       Jen Koselke
Oct. 27:
            8 Grade to Sandy Pines                              Wednesday, 11/2:     Becca Peterson
Oct. 31:
            8 Grade Fundraiser Ends                             Thursday, 11/3:      Val Sheets
Nov. 14:    Skating at Lynwood Roller RInk                      Friday, 11/4:        Laura Paulsen
Nov. 18:    2 Quarter Progress Reports
                                                             2nd Quarter Lunch Due
In celebration of “Drug Free Week”                                K(full day) thru Grade 8: $64.50
Monday, Oct. 24:   “Smarties Don’t Do Drugs”                 You may send in payment at any time. Thank you! 
Tuesday, Oct. 25:  “Team Up Against Drugs”
                       (wear your favorite team jersey)
Wednesday, Oct 26: “I Can, We Can, Be Drug Free”
                       (bring in cans for the Food Pantry)
Thursday, Oct. 27:     “Hairs to a Drug Free Life”
                       (crazy hair day)
          CONGRATULATIONS!                      Auxiliary Minutes of 10/20/2011
                                                Members Present: Dawn Hoffman, Darla McKim, Shelly
JH Sixth Grade Honor Roll & STARS*              Broyles, Joni Zylstra, Mark Orsburn, Dana Vander Molen,
"High Honors”                        STARS*     Karen Ingram, Jack Hamstra
Megan deJong                  Chris Beezhold    I.      Jack Hamstra opened meeting with devotions
Madelyn Buiter                Madelyn Buiter            and prayer.
Janelle Heerema               Megan deJong      II.     Minutes from September 15, 2011, meeting
Nicole Nannenga             Janelle Heerema             were read for information. Minutes approved.
Maria Nanninga               Andrew Ingram      III.    Treasurer’s Report: Current balance is
Reece Peterson              Nicole Nannenga             $77,563.34. Reports approved.
Abby Sayers                  Maria Nanninga     IV.     Updates from committees are as follows:
Brenna Tolkamp                 Bobbi Paulsen            A. Teacher Service
Nick Walstra                 Reece Peterson                        i. Teacher Appreciation dates and
Luke Zylstra                   Katelyn Porte                          plans: Wednesday, November 2,
                                 Abby Sayers                          from 9:30-10:00. Auxiliary will
"Honor Roll"                  Brooke Sheets                           provide brunch and recess duty
Chris Beezhold              Brenna Tolkamp                            volunteers.
Devin DeBoer                Cayden Van Kley                       ii. Parent/Teacher Conference nights
Andrew Ingram                Daniel Van Kley                          October 24 and 27; meals provided
Trevor Kingma                   Nick Walstra                          for teachers.
Ben Kuipers                                                      iii. No teacher concern cards to report.
Katelyn Porte                                           B. Fundraising
Sam Roodzant                                                     iv. Harvest Sale – Approximately
Brooke Sheets                                                         $46,000 profit.
Cayden Van Kley                                                   v. Pampered Chef fundraiser packets
Daniel Van Kley                                                       go home October 21. Merchandise
Sara Witvoet                                                          will be set up at P/T Conferences.
                                                                      Turn in date will be November 4.
Seventh Grade Honor Roll & STARS*                                vi. Chicken Noodle Dinner – November
"High Honors"                       STARS*                            3. Some volunteers are still needed.
Josh Cohen                   Andrew Cohen                             Auxiliary plans to use proceeds
Olivia Cowsert               Olivia Cowsert                           toward purchase of a new art kiln
Heidi DeBoer                     Noah Croft                           for the entire school.
Kyla Dykstra                Jacob Heerema                       vii. Book Fair – Book Fair will be held at
Britney Hoffman             Haley Huizenga                            our school over Grandparent’s Day.
Isaac Porte                       Heidi Lins                          Book Fair will also be available in-
Erin Ryken                      Isaac Porte                           line this year.
Kaiden Tolkamp                   Erin Ryken                    viii. Spring Fun-A-Thon – A chairperson
                               Ezra Schakel                           is still needed.
"Honor Roll"               Kaiden Tolkamp                        ix. Schwan kick off is November 3
Andrew Cohen            Kaylin Vander Meer                            which is the Chicken Noodle Dinner.
Isaac Cohen                                               C. Purchases and Research
Devin Heemstra                                          2. Request made by music department to
Jacob Heerema                                               purchase a glockenspiel. Motion made,
Jimmy Holmes                                                supported and approved to purchase for
Haley Huizenga                                              $184.
Ben Kickert                                             3. Motion made, supported and approved to
Heidi Lins                                                  give a gift of $100 to Spanish Department.
Savanna Prater                                          4. Motion made, supported and approved to
Clayton Propst                                              give a gift of $100 to the After School
Ezra Schakel                                                program.
Jenna Uffelman                                  V.      Old/New Business:
Kaylin Vander Meer                                      A. Begin thinking of 10 nominations for DMCA
Trenton Walstra                                         next year.
                                                VI.     Concept minutes were read.
Eighth Grade Honor Roll and STARS*              VII.    Next meeting is November 17, at 7:00pm. Joni
"High Honors"                       STARS*              Zylstra will have devotions.
Leah Gouwens                     Jake Bowers    VIII.   Closing prayer by Jack Hamstra.
Kayla Groen                      Renae Buiter
Megan Groen                      Emma Grube
Emma Grube                   Alyssa Hoffman     Moms In Touch Has Begun!
Alyssa Hoffman                    Colin Quigg   Prayer is SO important to the
Claire Miller               Derek Schurman      students and staff at DMC! Moms In
Breanna Toppen                    Joe Steinke   Touch is a group of moms that meet
Mackenna Vander Tuin          Cody Stegenga     once a week to pray for our students at
                            Breanna Toppen      DMC and any others concerns brought to their attention.
"Honor Roll"               Kaitlyn Zeldenrust   They will meet every Tuesday at 1:30pm. If you
Nicholas Arnold               Caleb Zuidema     cannot come every time, please come when you
Jake Bowers                                     can! We'd love to have you join us in lifting our
Renae Buiter                                    children up in prayer. If you have questions, please call
Erin Gouwens                                    Michelle Zuidema at 345-2230.
Nikolas Gonzalez
Chad Hill
Colin Quigg
Derek Schurman
Cody Stegenga
Joe Steinke                Kaitlyn Zeldenrust
Kurt Vander Molen             Caleb Zuidema
Golden Opportunities Books Are Here!                       DMC Book Fair is Coming Soon!
You’ve been asking for them and they have finally          There will be a great selection of Scholastic Books to
arrived! For only $25 you can save at your favorite        choose from. All students and teachers will create a
places, such as:                                           wish list, so this will be a great place to get some early
    Aubelo’s (BYGO monthly)                                Christmas shopping done! All purchases will benefit the
    Burritos Jalisco (50% off each month)                  DMC library. The Book Fair wll be held in Room 9, next
    GFS, Strack & Van Til, Walt’s, Denny’s (BYGO x4),      to Mr. Rozendal’s office. Please watch the home bulletin
    Schnicks, Chicago Children’s Museum Seadog             for details regarding the new on-line shopping that
    Architectural Tour (BYGO)                              will be available this year!
                                                               Dates and Times:
SCRIP Update                                                   Wednesday, November 9:         2:00-3:00pm
       Help spread the word!!                                 Thursday, November 10:         2:00-3:00pm
        From April, 2011, through September, 2011,             Friday, November 11:           12:00-3:00pm
        over $10,000 was disbursed to DMC and CCHS             Monday, November 14:           2:00-3:00pm
        families! Fill out a SCRIP registration form and       Tuesday, November 15:          2:00-7:00pm
        submit it with your first order. You can find
        SCRIP information at
                                                            Covenant Christian HS Announcements .
       Christmastime is almost here!                      Plan to attend Covenant Marketplace on Thursday,
        Christmas is less than 70 days away! Start         November 3, 2011, from 6:30-8:30pm at CCHS,
        planning now! Watch for the awesome increase       where you can enjoy shopping at all your favorite Home
        in percentage returns…SEVERAL merchants will       Party Vendors and Home Based Businesses in one place!
        run specials for the season! Log on to             We still have room for more vendors and businesses to and look under the “What’s         display your products and services for sale, so if you are
        New” section for the most up to date               interested, please call Mary DeBoer at 219-987-3392.
       New to SCRIP!!!                                    The CCHS Board requests your assistance in making
        Orthodontist, Dr. Brenda Stenftenagel              board nominations. Please submit the names of
        (commonly known to many as “Dr. Brenda”),          persons that you believe the School Board should give
        from Braces For All Ages in Hebron, will soon be   consideration in their preparation of Board nominees by
        joining the SCRIP program with a 5% return!!       Monday, October 31. The names may be given to
        More information to come soon!                     any Covenant Board member or Administrator, Clarence
       Upcoming SCRIP dates:                              Oudman, at These nominees will
          October 31                                       be voted on by the Covenant Christian High School
          November 7, 14, 28                               Society on April 12, 2012.
          December 5, 12
          January 9, 2012                                      Butter Braids are back! CCHS will be selling these
                                                           super yummy pastries from October 12 through
Don't Forget Our On-going Projects …                       November 4. You may order from a CCHS student or
 Campbell's Labels for Education: A collection box        stop in the school office. The cost is $12 each. Checks
  is located in the front foyer of DMC.                    are payable to Covenant Christian. Stock up on these
 Box Tops for Education: We receive 10 cents for          delicious pastries so you can enjoy them year round.
  every ‘Box Tops for Education’ label collected!          Delivery/pick-up of this PIA fundraiser will be Tuesday,
 Original Printer Cartridge Recycle Program: Bring        November 22, between 2-3pm. If you have questions,
  these items in to the front foyer of school and          please contact Sue Bakker at 987-6311.
  deposit in the collection box!
 “Our Family” Tysen’s Labels: Clip the UPC                    CCHS is seeking an Art Teacher for second
  symbol from any Tysen’s “Our Family” product and         semester. Inquiries and resumes are being accepted for
  DMC receives .05 each!                                   this part-time position.   Contact Clarence Oudman,
 Target “Take Charge of Education” REDcard:               Administrator, at 219-987-7651 or
  Use your Target REDcard for purchases and Target         if you are interested.
  will send DMC an annual check. Visit for
                                                               CCHS is in need of a track coach for spring. If you
 Meijer Community Rewards: Anyone can join!
                                                           are interested, please contact the school office at 219-
  Just visit to sign up.
                                                           987-7651 or the Athletic Director Dennis Lins at
  DMC’s code is: 681054. We can receive up to 4%
  of your purchase.                               for an application.
 Drink Pouch Brigade: Bring your empty, flattened,
  straw-less pouches to the collection box in the foyer.
  We will send them to the TerraCycle Co. where they
  will make new products from old trash!
 Don't forget our ongoing Market Day and SCRIP
  programs! For more information, contact the
  office at 987-3721.
 Join Office Depot's 5% Back to Schools Program
  and 5% of your purchase will be credited to DMC for
  FREE SUPPLIES. DMC's 5% Back to Schools
  Program ID Number is 70035754.

Chamber Christmas Open House
Join the community at the Fairchild House on Friday,
November 18, from 3:00-7:00pm for the Chamber
Christmas Open House. Refreshments will be served
and the choir will sing at 6:00pm with the Christmas
Tree Lighting at approximately 6:30pm. All children will
receive a Christmas gift bag.

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