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How Insurance Authorization Can Help the Healthcare Industry

Insurance authorization can help the healthcare industry by enabling it to
maximize its receivables by reducing denials for its insurance claims. Insurance
payments are how hospitals and doctors receive what is due them for the
valuable treatment they provide.

Healthcare practices need to first conduct medical eligibility verification for
every patient to ensure that the treatment they’ll provide is covered by the
insurance company. The trouble is that
insurance eligibility verification is a very
extensive          and        resource      consuming
responsibility, which is why insurance
authorization services offered by a medical
billing company can help.

What Insurance Authorization Covers

The insurance authorizations by a medical billing company can enable:

    •    Verification of benefits of all patients before submitting to the insurance
         company for approval

    • Receiving patient schedules from the healthcare practice through email,
         fax or FTP

    • Verification of patient information with the insurance carrier

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    • Verification of patients’ insurance coverage on primary and secondary

    • Updating patient accounts

    •    Verifying whether the criteria demanded by the insurance company are

    • Communicating with patients and carrying out the complete paperwork

    •    Completing authorization forms and the criteria sheets

    •    Resolving possible coverage problems that may present themselves at
         any stage

As part of insurance authorization, the medical billing company always keeps in
touch with insurance companies to check on missing information, appeals, and
other relevant details to ensure accurate billing. Following the verification
process the billing company will obtain the authorization from the insurance
companies through facsimile, telephone call or other means.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The advantage of outsourcing insurance verification is that it brings in experts
to handle these complex responsibilities. It also frees healthcare practices and
doctors of the drain on resources and money brought about by handling medical
billing and insurance claim submission in-house. Here are some of these
advantages in detail:

    •    Streamlined workflow

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    •    Much lesser returned claims
    •    Quicker billing cycles
    •    Reduced time and effort
    •    Faster authorization and approval
    •    Reduced risk
    •    Freed up workforce that can concentrate on the core tasks
    •    Reduced operational costs by at least 40%
    •    Smoother process of billing
    •    Lower write-offs of bad debt

Qualities of the Medical Billing Company

A reliable medical billing company works with patients and insurance
providers for verifying medical insurance coverage. There is also complete
support offered for obtaining prior authorizations or pre-certification. It also has
the following qualities that can help it ensure insurance payments for healthcare
practices and reduce their burden:

    •    Experience with insurance practices followed and guidelines issued by
         various insurance providers

    • Knowledge of medical and surgical practices and healthcare terminology

    • Great skills in communication and typing

    • Great computer skills

    •    Experience in customer service and call center practices

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This is how insurance authorization can help the healthcare industry, by helping
healthcare practices and doctors receive their full insurance payment for the
services they render.

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