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Monthly Newsletter by leader6


									Fitness Together
Client of the Month
-Andy Chiodo
Andy has been a client of Fitness Together
for four months and has already
experienced tremendous changes. He has
lost a total of 22 pounds! He has also lost
six inches total inches from his frame.                                                 Monthly
Andy is a good spirited person who stays
busy by running his own business, and
being the proud owner of two dogs. He has
been working out three times a week in the
mornings since he began and has become                                                  MAY ISSUE
totally dedicated to his new healthy lifestyle.
                                                                                     Happy Mother’s day!
With major gains in his strength and
performance of weight lifting exercises;
Andy’s biggest joy has been stepping on the
scale every morning he is in Fitness
Together. We share in your joy Andy and
are so very excited for you!

Keep up your major accomplishments here
at Fitness Together. We can’t wait to assist
you in reaching more of your goals!!

                                                                                  Private individual fully equipped
                                                     1295 West Lane Avenue         training suites so there are no
                                                      Columbus, Ohio 43221
                                                                                     stares and no distractions!
                                                      Phone (614) 488-3300
                                                        Fax (614) 488-3372                 Hail to privacy!
                                       The study involved 210 workers in       workplace exercise. “We expected
                                       England whose employers offered         to hear more about the downside,
                                       on-site exercise programs—chiefly       such as afternoon fatigue,” said
Article of the                         aerobics classes, but also yoga,        McKenna. “But out of eighteen
                                       weights, and stretching.                themes raised by study
Month                                  Participants completed                  participants, fourteen were positive.
                                       questionnaires reflecting the ease      It was almost overwhelming.”
By Jen Nicastro                        of completing tasks using a seven-
                                       point scale. This was done on a         Workplace exercise programs, said
                                       day when they exercised during the      McKenna, benefit more than just
Workers Are More                       workday and again on days when          the workers. “Companies see more
Productive After                       they did not. They estimated how        productive employees who also
Exercise                               typical each day’s workload was         work better together. From the
                                       and provided details about each         public health side, health care
      Workers’ quality of work,        exercise session. Most of the           costs can be expected to go down
mental performance and time            workers had sedentary jobs; all         for employees who regularly
management were better on days         were involved in voluntary              exercise at work. Think of it: fewer
when they exercised, according to      workplace exercise programs and         sick days, better attendance and
research presented at the 52nd         reported feeling confident in their     more tolerant co-worker relations.”
American College of Sports             work performance before beginning
Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting         the study.                              McKenna is now planning a
in Nashville, Tennessee.                                                       program for university employees
                                       “The results are striking,” said lead   based on these results since
After exercising, study participants   researcher Jim McKenna, Ph.D.           academics are among the most
returned to work more tolerant of      “We weren’t expecting such a            stressed workers in the United
themselves and more forgiving of       strong improvement on productivity      Kingdom. The program will then be
their colleagues. Their work           linked to exercising. Even more         used across other employee
performance was consistently and       impressive was that these people        groups, and hopefully across the
significantly higher, as measured      already thought they were good at       country. The workplace is an ideal
by their ability to manage time        their jobs. Participants tracked        setting for promoting physical
demands, output demands, and           mood, and as expected, exercising       activity. This program can now
mental and interpersonal               enhanced their mood. However,           show more positive outcomes that
performance.                           boosts in productivity were over        matter to the employer.
                                       and above the mood effects; it’s the
The gains were widespread, with a      exercise—or attitude related to
minimum of 65 percent of workers       exercise—that affects productivity.”
improving in all three areas on
exercise days.                         Focus groups confirmed the
                                       surprisingly strong effects of                                              2
    Nutritional Tips: -                        Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies               Next, bend over at the waist at
    Corinne Taylor
                                               2 sticks Land-O -Lake butter (1 cup)        approximately a 45 degree angle.
                                               4 eggs whites                                 Make sure the upper arms are
                                               1 ½ cups whole wheat Flower
    BEST PORTABLE SNACKS!                      ¾ - 1 cup Splenda
                                                                                           parallel with the elbows. Flex the
    We know that you are all busy and that     ¾ - 1 cup Splenda Brown sugar                   elbows by extending the
    it can be a struggle for you to fit your                                               forearms past your head until the
    snacks in during the work day or on the    2 cups of Oatmeal
    weekend. We are here to help you with      1 teaspoon Vanilla extract                        triceps are fully flexed.
    a great list of snacks that you can take   1 teaspoon salt
    with you wherever you go.                  1 teaspoon Baking soda                           Alexandra’s Grocery List
                                               1 package of Chocolate chips                     Things I buy at the store!
    -   String Cheese                               1. Mix eggs, butter and sugars and
    -   Whole Wheat Crackers                            beat until creamy.                 -Extra Lean Turkey Meat
    -   Popcorn (lighter versions)                  2. Add flour, salt, baking soda, and         (for stuffed peppers or patties)
    -   Almonds
                                                        vanilla                            -Tilapia
    -   Apples, Bananas OR
    -   Any kind of Fresh Fruit                     3. Add oats and chocolate chips        -Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
    -   Protein Bars (watch sugar and fat           4. Bake a 350 degrees for 8-10         -Chicken Kabobs
        contents)                                       minutes                            -95% Lean Ground Hamburger
    -   Bagged or Single Serve Tuna                                                        -98% Fat Free Deli Turkey Meat
    -   Single serve canned Chicken            EXERCISE OF THE MONTH –                               (Eagle Valley, Dietz and Watson)
    -   Kashi or any other kind of healthy     WES HARRISON                                -Eggs (use egg whites)
        cereal                                                                             -Low Carb Tortilla Wraps
    -   Bottles of water, crystal light,         High Cable Bent-Over Tricep               -Canned Chicken
        protein shakes or smoothies (watch               Extension                         -EAS Carb AdvantEdge
        sugar and fat content)                                                             -Balance Bars/Zone Perfect Bars
    -   Cottage Cheese
    -   Babybel Cheeses (lowfat version)
                                               This exercise is to be performed            -Natural Peanut Butter
    -   Yogurt (watch sugar content)            on a machine with a high cable             -Kashi Go Lean Cereal
    -   Baby Carrots, OR                       extension. The primary muscles              -Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein
    -   Other Fresh Cut Vegetables                                                         -Light Tostitos Chips and Salsa
                                                targeted are the triceps brachii,          -100 Calorie Popcorn (Kettle or Butter)
                                                 which are located in the upper            -Organic Whole Wheat Bread
JIM’S KITCHEN –                                         back of the arm.                   -Vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, yellow
RECIPE OF THE                                  Begin by grabbing the rope from                      squash, spaghetti squash, green
MONTH                                            a high pulley with a narrow or                     beans, green peppers, baby corn
                                                 shoulder width overhand grip.             -Fruits – apples, bananas, oranges
This is one of the healthiest cookie
                                                                                           -Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese
recipes you will find that actually taste       Turn your body away from the               -Fat Free American Cheese Slices
good. A few of the clients have                   machine with the rope above
sampled these cookies and will agree.          your head. Step or lunge forward
                                                in order to stagger your stance.                                                     3
                               GOLD MEDAL: A Facial, an        Our staff knows that when you
  Upcoming events at Fitness                                     get your individual results it
                               anti-fatigue leg treatment,
                               and a $20 Gift Certificate to   gets you excited about Fitness
                               Front Runner. ($165 value)                 Together!
Olympic Cardio Club –          SILVER MEDAL: Make up              When you get excited we
Congratulations to our         application and $60 dollars      know you will want others
winners!!                      for choice of products. ($110   around you to feel that same
You did the work, you          value)                           excitement! We thank you
get the prize!!                BRONZE MEDAL: Reiki               for getting others excited
                               Treatment for relaxation                 about us too!
 GOLD – ERIN                   and an eyebrow wax. ($70
CORNETT                        value)
BRONZE – KIT PORTERFIELD       RACE FOR THE                    A Warm Welcome to New
      Our prizes came
from the Aesthetic                                             Jim Hiss
                               SATURDAY, MAY 20TH
Studio. I have known                                           Karen Houk
Renee for 5 years and          ? WE WILL PROVIDE A TANK        Alexandra
she is awesome. She            TOP OR T-SHIRT                  Leudermann
does facials, custom           ? PLEASE SIGN UP AT THE
                               STUDIO AND LET US KNOW          Rhonda Dodrill
make-up, waxing, and
                               YOUR SHIRT SIZE                 Ron Kibbe
body treatments. She
has also added a Reiki
                               ? WE WOULD LOVE TO              Holly Hamman
                               HAVE AS MANY
Master – Jamie Rudolph-        PARTICIPANTS AS POSSIBLE!       Mary Ann Schmitt
who is excellent. Give                                         Joy Forester
her a try and I know you       Where to meet – TBA at Studio   Danielle Calo
will like her services!                                        Vicki Probst
                                YOUR REFERRAL IS OUR
        PRIZES WON               BIGGEST COMPIMENT!            George Arnold                  4
                                                                              may also e-mail me to set up a
                                     QUOTE OF THE                             time.
Happy MAY Birthdays                  MONTH …….                                We all would like to thank you for

Carol Ryan                         God has given you a great                  your business! It is very valuable
                                   and special talent and you                 to us. It has been a pleasure
Jenny Grossman                                                                serving everyone this year!
                                   give back to God by using
                                   that talent.                  
HAPPY ONE                                        -unknown                  Please feel free to e-mail me about
YEAR                                                                       the recipe of the month, or any
ANNIVERSARIES!!!                                                           interesting facts you may have.
Valette Solomon
Amy Pope-Harman                                                            Let me know if you would prefer to get
                                                                           this newsletter by e-mail!! Thank you!
Lisa Farrell
Michelle Matteson
Carol Ryan
Kim Wingart

                                     We would love to hear
                                     feedback about the
                                     newsletter! Please e-mail
                                     us and let us know what
We want to congratulate each         you think.
one of you for staying on the
road to success. We appreciate       If there is anything we can do to
your loyalty and look forward to     make your training experiences
more of your great results and       better here at Fitness Together
success in the future.               please do not hesitate to ask. We
                                     aim to please. If you would like to
                                     talk to me (Alex) one on one,
                                     please call 488-3300 and we will
                                     set up a time to get together! You                                             5

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