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									                                                      March 6, 2012

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Welcome to the e-News Blast. This newsletter is brought to you by WA-ACTE and is meant to give you the latest and greatest
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WAVA Spring Conference - March 13-14, 2012 - Vancouver Heathman Lodge
Online Registration is now OPEN for the WAVA Spring 2012 Conference in Vancouver WA.

To register and find conference information and tentative agenda go to:

How to become a member.....
WAVA processes all memberships through the Washington ACTE. Please visit their website and join WAVA~An Association
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c/o Kevin Plambeck
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WITEA Spring Conference - March 15-17, 2012 - Wenatchee Center - Click Here for Flyer and Registration Form (pdf) -
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                                                       Comfort Inn
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                                                  Single $77 Double $87
                                                   Cutoff date 3-2-2012

                                   ACTE Region V - April 11-14, 2012 - Jackson Hole WY

Northwest Curriculum Academy (WAME) - June 26-28, 2012 - Click Here for Brochure

                                 Pro f e s sio na l Dev elo p ment a n d Lea der s hi p Tr a in ing
The NCA’s philosophy and mission are based on the MarkED National Model Program, which is a professional and
leadership-development project for improving the delivery of competency-based education in the classroom.
Participants are committed to their own professional development and to the improvement of classroom instruction through
emphasis on learning outcomes, student accountability and responsibility, and increased student involvement in the
management of their own learning.
The $1500 Program Fee Includes:
    1. Three days initial in-service training. (June).
    2. August update for 1st and 2nd year. (WA-ACTE Conference).
    3. Web based curriculum and class support through for two years.
    4. Core Standards Material including Common Formative and Summative Assessments
Who can apply?
        All educators are encouraged to apply. Selection of participants will be completed by the NCA leadership team.
        Notification of acceptance into the program will be by May 15 th of the current year.
        Application available at:
        DECA scholarship available at:
 June dates and location to be determined based on needs and availability of attendees. Tentative dates of June 26 – 28. Please
                                         contact Rick Davis (
                                  or Brenda Knowlton (
                                                            with questions.

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                                        for the next four years in Yakima:
                                                 August 5-8, 2012
                                                August 11-14, 2013
                                                 August 3-6, 2014
                                                August 9-12, 2015

                                                     WA-ACTE Awards

The Washington Association for Career and Technical Education Awards Program seeks to promote excellence in Career and
Technical Education by recognizing individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field, programs that
exemplify the highest standards, and organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand Career and
Technical Education programs. Deadline: May 1, 2012

2012 WA-ACTE Awards Program - New and Improved! - Word - pdf
2012 WA-ACTE Quality Section Standards Award - Word - pdf
2012 WA-ACTE 100% Membership Award - Word - pdf
2012 WA-ACTE Memorial Teacher Education Scholarship - Word - pdf

                                                       Spotlight on CTE

   New! Click Here for Photos of Student Displays at the February 16, 2012, WA-ACTE/WAVA Legislative Policy Seminar

Eatonville students experience the challenges of being disabled
Everything was a little bit harder.
Navigating the hallways. Weaving through the maze of desks in the classroom. Even participating in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Alyx Reynolds’ peers in a food and nutrition class at Eatonville High School got to their feet when it was time for the flag
Alyx, a sophomore, stayed seated. She had to.
The 16-year-old is an athlete who usually has full use of her arms and legs. But she spent Friday in a wheelchair to get a feel
for what it’s like for her classmates with physical disabilities.
About a half-dozen other students at the school in the foothills of Mount Rainier also used wheelchairs, walkers or crutches for
the day.
It was an activity designed to encourage compassion and discussion – and right away it seemed to be working. When the
students took their seats after the pledge, teacher Shannon Steedman turned to Alyx.
“When we say (the pledge) every single day, we say, ‘Please stand,’” Steedman said.
“Yeah, it was kind of hard,” said Alyx, who stood out because she was sitting down.
“Maybe we need to choose a different word (than stand),” Steedman said.
More challenges were to come.
The class was charged with working in groups to make cookie dough. Alyx washed her hands – a task that required her to
open doors below the sink so she could maneuver her wheelchair close enough to reach the running water.
Then she rolled over to the paper towel dispenser, only to realize her hands were dirty again because she’d touched her chair’s
She solved the problem by enlisting friend Jake Mettler, 16, to push her where she needed to go.
“It’s harder for her to get around,” he said, as Alyx worked on the cookie dough at the counter.
But, Jake added, “I’d like to try it next time we do this.”
The activity was part of Disability Awareness Day at Eatonville High. Larae Hall, 17, a junior, planned it with help from
teacher Tira Hancock and other students in the leadership class.
Larae is part of a community coalition called Support Services Advisory Group of Eatonville, which works to improve services
for students with special needs.
Eatonville High has about 630 students. On a typical day, only a couple use wheelchairs.
Friday’s awareness day kicked off with an assembly featuring motivational speaker Jenny Lynn Adams. The Tacoma woman
was born with partial limbs; she had the students riveted with tales of growing up, and with her message of kindness and
“Everyone has limitations,” Adams told the hundreds of students gathered. “Every person has a ‘disability.’ Each person
needs to have encouragement.”
After the assembly, students fanned out into halls.
Alyx headed to food and nutrition. Kat Hurley, 15, another student in the class, also was in a wheelchair. Her chair was
designed for someone with little or no use of his or her arms.
The wheels were small and well out of Kat’s reach. The only way she could get around was if someone pushed her.
A friend helped her maneuver food and nutrition. But Kat already was starting to think about her next class: construction.
And what about P.E. later in the day?
Alyx wondered how she’d fare during her shift working in the student store. Her arms already were getting tired.
But she was feeling good, too.
“It’s a new experience,” she said of the day’s activity. “It will give us a new perspective.”

Read more here:
                                                         Job Openings

Bethel School District
Teacher - PCSC - PC Networking & Hardware Repair
Job Details
Title Teacher - PCSC - PC Networking & Hardware Repair
Description The Pierce County Skills Center is seeking teacher applicants who have the potential to be leaders and innovative
educators. Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to deliver instruction based upon best available
research and practices in teaching and learning. The Pierce County Skills Center offers hands-on vocational
programs to high school students in Pierce County.
Jennifer Iyall
Pierce County Skills Center
16117 Canyon Road E
Puyallup WA 98375
253.683.5950 (main line)

There are two positions that can be combined into one, if qualified.

TITLE: Sports Medicine Teacher/Work-Based Learning Coordinator (certificated)
POSITION SUMMARY: The sports medicine teacher will create a program and class environment favorable to learning and
personal growth of students which facilitates student success in academic and interpersonal skills through implementing
district-approved curriculum; motivate students to develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to provide a good
foundation in life, and establish good relationships and rapport with students, parents, and staff members.
Position is a .6 FTE teaching position, with .2 additional FTE for the Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Position may be
combined with the classified non-represented Athletic Trainer position, if they meet the qualifications, which would make it a
full time position. Applicants must apply to each position separately.


TITLE: Athletic Trainer (classified/non-rep)

 Position Summary: To provide athletic training services to student athletes, coaches, and other personnel in the prevention,
immediate care, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, reconditioning and management of athletic injuries. The athletic
trainer works under the prescriptive direction of the athlete’s physician, in consultation with the Athletic Director and the
Assistant Director for Health Services, and in accordance with the state athletic training practice act. The athletic training
services program will comply with all Monroe Public Schools’ policies and procedures relating to the health and safety of

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training or related field. Washington state-licensed as an
athletic trainer. Board certification required. Membership in the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) preferred.
Current First Aid/CPR training required.

WORK YEAR: Student school year plus summer pre- and post-season events.

Position starting April 16, 2012. Full description and how to apply is located on the District website: click on employment and complete the supplemental requirements for each position.

Quillayute Valley School District, Forks

Communications Technologies Teacher for our new high school mac lab and video “green room”
Also, looking to hire for the 2012/2013 school year a Family & Consumer Science/Health Teacher at the high school.

Lindsey Wallerstedt
Assistant to the Superintendent/Personnel Director
Quillayute Valley School District No. 402
411 S. Spartan Ave
Forks WA 98331
(360) 374-6262 ext. 267

                                               Other Items That May Be of Interest

The Agriscience Awards are designed to highlight the importance of agriculture in the 21st century. The Foundation, in
partnership with the American Farm Bureau Federation, will present four monetary awards to three groups representing new
innovative approaches in the field of agriscience around the country--scientists, educators and students. All award recipients
must be living United States citizens.

Grant Opportunities
When learning about STEM, students must be able to see real-world connections between what they are studying and real life.
They also need to be actively involved in the learning process, which means classrooms need to reflect that they are centers for
learning. Classrooms should include a variety of resources and opportunities for students to work collaboratively.

Investigate the funds below to make your classroom a center for learning.

Alkek Foundation
Wherever it has facilities, this foundation supports education, social service, health, arts, and culture.

Anadarko Foundation
This foundation supports education, social service, health, arts, and culture wherever they have facilities.
F. R. Bigelow Foundation
This foundation supports startup or strategic changes in educational processes.

Jessie B. Cox Trust
This trust supports positive effects in traditional and innovative educational experiences.

El Pomar Foundation
El Pomar supports education, health, and the arts.

Teacher's Pet
Grant tip geared specifically toward teachers' smaller projects

Ezra Jack Keats Minigrants
These minigrants are geared toward creative programs implemented by students and their teachers.

Education Blueprints Association
The Education Blueprints Association provides learning resources that deliver education solutions for individuals, teachers,
and students. They provide programs that engage students/learners, as well as learning tools and courses that challenge
learners to achieve excellence in education and life. By providing resources and programs for teachers, they will increase their
skills through transformative learning experiences for their students.

LEGO® Education Workshop Grant Description
This grant program, offered by EBA, is available to help fund teachers using LEGO® Education products to facilitate hands-
on workshops at national, state, or regional conferences or events by reimbursing qualified facilitators for expenses.

LEGO® Education Showcase Grant Description
The LEGO® Education Showcase Grant Program, offered by EBA, is available to current LEGO Education customers who
want to showcase their investment in the LEGO Education System for Learning through a hands-on community activity.

For more information about how you can find underwriting for LEGO® Education products, visit Grant Opportunities on our
home page at or call 800-362-4308.

Energize your students with the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative, a hands-on, real-world project
that teaches the complex job-related skills needed in a challenging and changing workplace.
High-powered radio-controlled cars are the hook for students, and race engineering is the key to their success.

Students of all talents work in teams to modify a 1:10 scale radio-controlled car to optimize the car's performance – just like
real NASCAR teams – while developing workforce skills in a variety of career areas.

Working within a cross-curricular, standards-based program, students learn how to solve problems using sound data-driven

Students implement lessons that they learn in class and see actual results.

The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative is flexible.

You can use the program during school as Career & Tech modules or as a pre-engineering course or it can be used in after-
school clubs.

It's the perfect program for summer camps – of any size or duration. It's easy to get started, and we customize the program to
fit your needs. (Read how the Baltimore City Public Schools used SRC in their summer initiative program.)

Multi-day, comprehensive onsite training is available for educators of any discipline.

Non-consumable materials mean you can continue the program during the school year or use them in subsequent summer

Don't wait! Learn more about how this fast-paced program helps students to develop 21st century skills and identify post-
secondary education and career opportunities.
Call or email us today to discuss customized curriculum and pricing!
1-855-836-8033, option 1

I wanted to share the exciting news that Washington STEM is now accepting applications for our next round of both
Entrepreneur and Portfolio Awards! These awards support STEM education innovations that advance student success in
science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

As you work with some amazing educators from around the State, I’m hoping you can help spread the word about these
investment opportunities or consider applying yourself!

Additional details on these two awards are below, including when applications are due. You can also learn more here. For this
round of investments, we are prioritizing efforts that:
    · Close the achievement gap for underserved students and those underrepresented in STEM fields.
    · Support implementation of the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and lead the way on the Next
        Generation Science Standards framework.
    · Successfully move students along a PreK to STEM workforce pathway.

We appreciate your support in sharing this opportunity with anyone you know that would be a good candidate. If of interest,
we’ve also drafted some copy below for your e-newsletter website.

As always, I hope this note finds you doing well! Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.

Mark Lewis | Washington STEM
Senior Program Officer
210 S. Hudson Street
Seattle, WA 98134
O: 206.658.4328
M: 503.720.6884
Join us on Facebook

Calling all education innovators—from PreK12 to high education in classrooms and out of school settings—who are propelling
students to succeed in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! Washington STEM is now accepting applications for
its next round of both Entrepreneur and Portfolio Awards! Go to to learn more and start your

Entrepreneur Awards are one year investments ranging from $2,000-$25,000 that support the exploration of breakthrough
ideas and promising approaches in STEM education. Online applications are due May 3, 2012. Click here to download the
Request for Proposals.

Portfolio Awards are multi-year STEM projects ranging from range from $50,000-$250,000 that develop or expand
STEM education innovations. There are two types of Portfolio Awards, based on project purpose: Development & Efficacy
and Replication & Expansion. Applicants are required to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI), with successful letters invited to
submit a full proposal. LOI submissions are due March 23, 2012. Click here to download the Letter of Inquiry.

Calling all teachers, school leaders, district leaders, and educators who are committed to improving outcomes for students of
all ages in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!
Spring 2012 Award Opportunities
Washington STEM is currently accepting applications for Entrepreneur and Portfolio Awards. These awards are designed to
provide incentives for quality proposals that explore innovative approaches to STEM educational practices and programs.

This is one of two opportunities to apply for the Entrepreneur and Portfolio Awards in 2012. Another round will be available
in Fall 2012.
We hope you will apply for this round of Washington STEM’s Entrepreneur and Portfolio Awards.
Getting Started: Information for Grant Seekers:
The information for Grant Seekers document serves as a reference when applying for either an Entrepreneur or Portfolio
Award. Click here to download the document and learn more about these award opportunities.
Information for Grant Seekers Webinars: Register for one of the following webinars to learn more about Washington STEM
grants. Click on one of the date below to begin the registration process.

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