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					Every School Every Thursday

We are busy little bees at Carver in first grade. Learning to read, write, count, add, and subtract
take up the largest portion of our day. When we are not working on those skills we also find time
to learn about balance and motion in science. We are currently learning about how to keep our
teeth, mind, and body healthy in our health unit. On Friday February 12 we had our winter music
concert. The theme was all about love and friendship in honor of the Valentine’s Day season. We
had a great parent turn out and the students dazzled the crowd! We also had a Valentine’s Day
party to celebrate our friendships at school. First grade at Carver is jam packed with fun and
meaningful learning activities every minute of every day! All the students are working hard and
finding success because of their hard work. We are building confidence in academics and
learning how to get along with others. Second grade can be seen upon the horizon, and we will
be ready for it when it comes!

A dance for sweethearts. Cowles held it's annual Sweetheart Dance February 12th. It was a
night full of smiles, laughter, dancing, ice cream, and socializing as Cowles families hit the gym.

As part of National Children’s Dental Health Month, Cowles Montessori School held a “Love Your
Smile” event as part of our Valentine’s Day activities on the morning of Feb. 12. Three dental
educators gave classroom presentations about how to keep children’s teeth healthy. Students
participated in dental-related lessons. Several organizations and local businesses made
donations for the event, such as the American Dental Association, the dental practice of Dr.
Mancuso, the University Dental Group, Costco, Delta Dental of Iowa, and Crest. Windsor Heights
Hy-Vee donated fresh carrot snack packs for 350 students. We appreciate their support to make
this a fun, educational day at Cowles!

My name is Kylie and I am a student at Cowles Montessori. Our school is having a school supply
drive. There is a student named Blake here at Cowles and he has a big brother named Kyle.
Kyle is serving in Afghanistan and building a school there. So our school is having a school
supply drive to donate these supplies to Kyle and the school in Afghanistan as our sister school.

The Downtown School has an Artist in Residence to work with the 9/10/11 year olds annually.
This year Monica Leo was our artist and she guided students through making and producing a
shadow puppet show. Monica gave a puppet presentation at the beginning of the week to the
entire school. Following that she spent time daily with 5 different classes to make shadow
puppets and scenery that were a part of the 10 scene play on the Underground Railroad as it
traveled through Iowa. The final performance was outstanding. All students were actively
involved in making and putting on the play. We all appreciate the work that Monica did to help
our students better understand that part of Iowa history.

The "Battle of the Books" is coming and the team from Edmunds Elementary is in training!
Students are responsibile for reading the forty books on the BOB list and being able to recall the
information they've read. In addition, team members are required to memorize the authors of the
forty books. Edmunds team members have divided the books on the list among themselves and
are busy reading their assigned books. Students meet together during lunch one day each week
to discuss their progress and share information with each other. The team consists of four 5th
grade students and three 4th grade students. We congratulate these students for their hard work
and diligence.
Garton staff and students are celebrating the 100 day of school with style by making and
wearing their own special glasses, necklaces, and badges. Teachers have prepared a number of
literacy, math, and physical activities around the number 100. They are seeing how many words
they can read in 100 seconds, they are counting by tens to gather and eat 100 snacks, and
graphing how many jumping jacks the class can do in 100 seconds.

Library Para-Educator, Sam Black, made special bookmarks for each upper unit student to
celebrate Black History Month. Each bookmark highlights a notable African American who has
shown Garton Wildcat character traits such as responsible, respectful, and caring. They also
have fun trivia questions to teach historical facts!

Kindergarten studied President’s Day. Students made portraits of Abraham Lincoln and George
Washington using construction paper. They added a cut-up sentence to each portrait that said,
                             th                                         st
“Abraham Lincoln is our 16 president and George Washington is our 1 president.” The classes
are singing songs about the presidents. In addition, the groups investigated coins (pennies and
quarters). The students learned about the properties of the coins, the words and numbers on the
coins, as well as the coin in relation to both Lincoln and Washington. Students participated in a
math activity where they flipped a penny ten times and recorded using tally marks whether the
penny landed on heads or tails.

Sherry Clingman’s second grade class is currently studying nutrition during Health. They are
discussing the healthy food choices they can make in the Greenwood cafeteria.

Third grade students visited the State Historical Museum to learn about the Lunar New Year.
Students attended workshops facilitated by artists from Asia and of Asian heritage. The students
learned about cultural practices and values of various societies. The classes created cultural art
pieces that are used in the traditional New Year celebrations. In addition, students toured the
exhibit titled “Exit Saigon, Enter Little Saigon: Vietnamese America Since 1975. The students
enjoyed seeing the Japanese Doll exhibit.

English Language Learners (ELL) students are taking the ELDA assessment. This assessment
tests language proficiency in the areas of listening, reading, and writing.

Students will take the Spelling Challenge test on Friday, February 26.

The Hanawalt adapted PE class has taken to the internet. The adapted PE class meets twice a
week for thirty minutes. During this time the students are working on developmentally appropriate
skills such as eye-hand coordination, core balance, and gross motor control. This class is
broadcast over the internet using Skype so that the parents are able to call in and watch their
student s participate in PE. We have several parents who call in regularly to watch their students.

        th                                                          th
The 100 day of school was celebrated on Tuesday, February 16 at Hillis Elementary. Students
were involved in a variety of activities from poetry to counting 100 objects and even developing
100 equations to total 100. There was a lot of fun throughout the classrooms at Hillis on the 100
day of school!

The green paws are back at Hillis. Classrooms are working toward a fun popcorn party as they
compete with other classrooms for green paws. Outside the office at Hillis each classroom is
represented on a graph. Every time a staff member observes a classroom using hallway
etiquette, such as moving in the hallway quietly without interrupting other classes, they are given
a green paw. That paw is then placed on the growing graph outside the office. At the end of the
week, the classroom with the most paws wins the popcorn party. This is a fun way to encourage
appropriate hallway behavior and to keep our priority of learning at Hillis!

Hubbell students enjoyed Hats for Haiti 2. All students had the chance make a donation to wear
hats on Thursday, February 11 . The money raised will be donated to Meals From the
Heartland. Hubbell students will be involved in helping package the meals on March 1 .

Reader Leaders and Book Buddies are before school Reading Clubs for Hubbell students who
share their love of reading and recommend books to be purchased for the library. Our guest
speaker at the Book Buddies meeting in February was Sandy Deyoe, Hubbell parent and author
of 2 books, 10 Reasons We Lied About the Hubbell Ghost and A Valentine for the Hubbell Ghost.

Fifth graders are working hard with fractions during math class. The are working on equivalent
fractions, common denominators and adding and subtracting fractions.
The Hubbell Staff worked hard during In-Service Day, February 15 . They learned more about
Inquiry in their classrooms. They worked with the staffs of the other IB schools also and shared
ideas about inquiry.
All of Hubbell students celebrated friendship at the Valentine Parties on Friday, February 12 .
Thank you homeroom parents for making the parties a big success. Fifth graders ate treats,
shared valentine cards, decorated cookies and made flowers from red duct tape. It was a fun

Jackson students, families, and staff have been working very hard on a service project to support
the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We are participating in a three-week national fundraiser
called "Pennies for Patients."
We have a collection jar in our front hallway every day, and the money is pouring in quickly!

As part of our CR2 (Caring-Respect-Responsibility) building expectations, the Student Leadership
Team kicked off the event with a schoolwide assembly. The Leadership Team presented a
program that taught important facts about Leukemia and Lymphoma. We also had two guest
speakers-- one was a Leukemia survivor, and the other was a representative from the Leukemia
& Lymphoma Society.

We have various special activities planned to keep the momentum and excitement going
throughout the three-week period.
Today, we had a drawing from all the kids who donated to the jar. All of the lucky winners
received the honor of having a special lunch with our principal, Dee Culp

A dental hygienist and Jefferson parent, Christin Wilson, and her co-worker, Katie Ickowitz from
Fleur Dentistry came to speak with the three Jefferson kindergarten classes on dental health.
They demonstrated proper brushing and care of teeth and gums. They brought a video on how
we get cavities and how to prevent them. They gave each child a toothbrush, toothpaste, and
sticker courtesy of Fleur Dentistry. Thank you Fleur Dentistry for your generosity.

Kindergarteners had a fantastic time this last fall going to the Apple Orchard, learning about farm
animals, having a picnic lunch and experiencing life in the country. We are hoping that cold
weather will end soon and we can do more discovering and experiences outside again.
Happy Bear visited the Kindergartners and taught us how about good and bad touches and
sexual abuse concerns.

Kindergartners celebrated 100 day in various ways- measuring 100 footsteps, counting 100
pennies, designing their own fruit loop necklaces with 100 pieces, 100 words written together,
100 blocks to build one creation, and 100 snacks to share with the class.
King teachers enjoyed the professional development on Feb. 15 and learned many new
concepts for implementation or to enhance what is already being taught in their classrooms.

Madison Elementary School hosted the OPERA Iowa troupe on Monday afternoon, February 8 .
Workshops were presented for third, fourth, and fifth graders about writing and creating their own
opera, the use of staging, make-up and costumes, and various musical styles. The opera,
Hansel and Gretel, was performed for the entire school followed with a question and answer time.
                                                            st   th
Celebrate National School Counseling Week – February 1 – 5 ! Elementary school years set
the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skill necessary for children to become
healthy, competent and confident learners. Through a comprehensive developmental school
counseling program, counselors work as a team with the school teachers, staff, parents and the
community to create a caring climate and atmosphere. By providing education, prevention, early
identification and intervention, school counselors can help children achieve academic and
personal/social success. Madison Elementary school provides a comprehensive counseling
program including a core classroom curriculum that focuses on Friendship/Cooperation, Personal
Safety, Study Skills, Violence Prevention, Diversity, Life Changes, and Transitions.

Over 175 students at Monroe Elementary will be taking the I-ELDA assessment in February! I-
ELDA stands for the “Iowa English Language Development Assessment”. All Iowan students
who speak one or more language other than English are required to take this test each year. The
test measures how well students understand and use English in school.

There are four parts to the I-ELDA; reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The first three tests
are given to third through fifth graders in groups. Speaking is taken one-on-one with an English
teacher. Students who are in kindergarten through second grade do not take the written test.
Their teachers fill out a checklist for the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

I-ELDA is part of the testing required my “No Child Left Behind”. Because schools are evaluated
based on how much progress students make from year to year, this test is very important!
Monroe students and teachers are working very hard to ensure everyone does their best on the
2010 I-ELDA assessment.

Monroe second graders presented their music concert, "Celebrate!,” on Tuesday, February 9.
Parents and family members enjoyed hearing the children sing and play instruments. To add to
the fun, our neighborhood friends from the Beaverdale Post of the Veteran's of Foreign Wars
came to present a special gift to the school.

Post Commander Jeff Gabby and VFW Auxiliary President Charlene Joenes donated a beautiful
United States flag and flag holder to the school. Colleen Meyers from the VFW had
organized the effort to purchase a flag for the Monroe Auditorium as part of the VFW's
Americanism Program. Students and parents were led by Monroe Principal Cindy Wissler in
saying the Pledge of Allegiance to dedicate the new flag and the audience joined the children in
singing This Land is Your Land.

With the sponsorship of Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant Foundation, Morris
Elementary School is restructuring the school environment offering a comprehensive initiative
supporting more highly targeted minutes for more students on the learning spectrum (top to
bottom). This initiative includes building a framework around Tiered Interventions/Response to
Interventions that will be offered both inside and outside the school day, and will encompass
systems reform toward the DMPS Board Ends, 21st Century Skills/Competencies, and Iowa Core
Curriculum components. The end result for this transformation will come in the form of increased
student achievement and organizational growth.

Oak Park
Third grade has begun studying Water in Science. It has been fun to use eye droppers in the
experiments for surface tension. They also made a thermometer out of a glass bottle, rubber
stopper, and a straw. They are learning how water is affected by hot and cold.

Students will be finishing their Geometry unit very soon. We have learned about Perimeter and
Area. Students have had fun measuring their feet, and other objects. We will be moving on to
Multiplication very soon!

Students enjoyed their Winter parties on Fri., Feb. 12.
                                                            th        th                      st
The Oak Park elementary music concert(s) will be April 26 and 27 . The kindergarten, 1 and
 nd                              th           rd th      th              th.
2 grade concert will be April 26 , and the 3 , 4 and 5 grade April 27        Both concerts will
begin at 7pm. Additional details will be provided closer to the performances.

Students in all grades have been working on recognizing and singing in different styles. In
addition, they have been working diligently on learning the music language of terms, symbols and
notation. Learning and using smaller pitched and percussion instruments will be studied again

Park Avenue
               th   th
Park Avenue 4 & 5 Graders were taught about the Native America culture by Dawn Martinez
Oropeze and Juan Carlos Oropeza Romero who are part of the Iowa Arts Council. They learned
their language, dance, songs and traditions. The entire school had a POW WOW assembly in
the auditorium by Ralph and Carol Moisa. They listened to stories, songs and music on the flute
and large gathering drums. The event was organized by music teacher Janna Amendt and
enjoyed by everyone!

Perkins’ teachers attended the Des Moines Public Schools professional development in
downtown Des Moines on February 15 . Teachers participated in 4 sessions during the day long
professional development. Some sessions were geared toward elementary while others were
geared toward secondary education. Sessions covered many different aspects of teaching and

Phillips Game-On Night and Variety Show sponsored by the Goodrell P.E. department and
Phillips PTA will occur tonight at Goodrell from 5:30 to 8:30. Phillips students will participate in
physical activities and games led by student volunteers from John Walling’s P.E. program.
Thanks to Mr. Walling, Goodrell received a grant from Midwest Dairy Council and Team Nutrition
to provide healthy snacks for the evening. Also leading activities will be East High cheerleading
squad and color guard, and tae Kwando exhibitions. The Phillips variety show will start at 7:00
where our own students will have the opportunity to perform. A big thank you to Mr. Walling’s
efforts to support student fitness!

Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill Elementary School students are working hard on reading. Students have been
focusing on fluency. Fifth grade students have been working extra hard on rereading passages,
prosody, automaticity, and accuracy. Research shows that when students are fluent they have
higher rates of comprehension.

Pleasant Hill School had a great candy gram sale for Friendship Day to pay for a new nurse’s cot.
The candy grams were a huge success and the students, parents, staff, and principal enjoyed
working together as a team to complete this project and the writing of several hundred messages.

Our next goal will be to again have 100% conference attendance. In the fall we meet with every
family either through conferences or home visits. Parent involvement is the number one way to
help every child succeed.

River Woods
 rd                                                                                  st
3 Grade ELL students kicked off the Iowa-ELDA testing the week of February 1 . Students will
be tested in the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. ELL teachers will use the
                                                                                       th   th
results of this test to track the achievement of their students in these four areas. 4 and 5 grade
students will take the test the week of February 8 .

The following students had their art displayed on Channel 12 during the week of February 15:
Tuan Truong, Persephone Tillery, Devin Ashton, Byron Jarrett, Gabby Carlson, Dean Reese,
Maria Wilson, Rayna Kinney, Mikeirra Lyke, Jazlin Espinosa, Ryan Burgett, Owen McGuffin,
Daija Bates, Jacob Cone, Tabitha Sanburg, Tamia Green, Denzil Miller, Bailey Carpenter, Natalie
Burns, Devonny Goodman, Alex Buon Ya, Hannah Scoonover, and Thiang Deng. This art can
also be viewed on-line beyond the television viewing time.

Students in Mrs. Brody’s classroom are learning about different writing genres. Utilizing random
pictures, students practice writing what is needed for proficient introductions. The final product will
be a presentation of two introductions that the students wrote for each picture and a discussion
about point-of-view. Mrs. Brody’s students continue to work on improving their skills with writing a
report. The students will choose a famous African American leader, use multi-media to search for
facts, and will present the finished report to other classrooms.

The Smouse Knights of the Week traveling trophy went to Ms Voll and Ms. Henderson’s
Headstart/ECSE classroom for demonstrating excellent Hallway expectation skills for the week of
February 1st, Way to Go Ms Voll and Ms. Henderson’s Class!!

South Union
The fifth grade class of Mr. Peterson is beginning a unit on Greek Mythology. The students will
begin by doing research on a God, Goddess, Hero or Monster. They will be able to present their
reports in a council of the Gods in about a week. The students will assume the role and wear a
toga while eating grapes and drinking grape juice during a council of the Gods.

Stowe fifth grade students recently were invited to take part in a learning experience at the Iowa
State Historical Building. The exhibits and activities centered around the life and times of
Abraham Lincoln. Students watched a play dealing with the early life of Lincoln, and heard a
conversation that might have taken place between Lincoln and General Grant. They also listened
to music of the period. One of the highlights of the visit was getting to participate in a “mock trial”.
The trial was based upon a real case that Abraham Lincoln participated in when he was a
traveling lawyer. The students really enjoyed the trial and being able to ask attorneys and judges
questions about their profession. Students want to thank the U.S District Court for Southern Iowa
for sponsoring the activities.
First grade students at Studebaker Elementary had a naturalist from Polk county visit their
classrooms to teach them about animal habitats. They learned about a variety of animals and
had the opportunity to touch some animals that he brought in.

Deb Reed’s first grade class and Linda Lukenbill’s fifth grade class presented reader’s theater
plays to each other. Both classes did a good job presenting and listening.

Windsor recently held their annual VIP breakfast for Windsor families. Over 300 attended the
breakfast sponsored by the PTA and Windsor staff.

5 Graders at Wright Elementary are having a delicious time learning about food and nutrition in
Miss Wagner’s Science class. Students have conducted experiments to test how much fat, sugar,
and vitamin C is in foods using acids as indicators. They have also discussed diabetes and
anemia and have been instructed on how to help someone in a diabetic emergency. As a final
piece to an Artful Learning unit, students will take what they have learned in Science and develop
their own cultural food for a country they have created in their Social Studies class. Foods will be
presented at a “Parade of Nations” where each student’s created country will be celebrated.


The eighth grade continues to work on the research unit. Language arts students are creating
formal outlines based on their notes, and later in the week they will be writing their rough drafts.
Mr. Young’s social studies students are going over the amendments and discussing several
important Supreme Court cases. Social studies classes taught by Mrs. Gray are creating their
own country to compete in the Olympics, writing a constitution and creating a flag for their
country. In algebra Mrs. Gray’s students are beginning graphing and ordered pairs. Students in
Mr. Wade’s math classes are finishing equations and will start inequalities. Science classes
continue with the astronomy unit with Mrs. Coop’s classes exploring galaxies while Mr. Joseph’s
classes research planets.

Orchestra students from Callanan took a field trip to hear the Bryant Park Quartet on Friday,
February 19. This group is a professional string quartet based in New York City which performs
and hold educational workshops across the country. Callanan orchestra students had the
opportunity to hear these great musicians, learn more about music, and what it takes to perform
at the professional level.

Pre-Algebra students in Ms. Hill’s class are finishing their study of percents. During this unit they
have sharpened their skills of converting between fractions, decimals and percents. They have
also applied their knowledge of percents to real-life contexts of percent increase/decrease,
commission, sales tax rates and simple interest. Our next unit will be exploring exponents,
scientific notation and Pythagorean Theorem.

After reading Daniel's Journey, we have followed up with a persuasive writing project. Listening to
"Where is the Love?" by Black Eyed Peas, we discussed injustice in our world today. We made a
list and using the list, determined one topic (student choice). We had to determine why this topic
was important, what right was being violated, what kind of factual information we need to
research to support our topic and a call to action. This activity fit in well with Valentines Day and
the understanding that there is a big world out there and how we can impact it.
Warren G. Harding Middle School 8 grade literacy teachers Mr. Cameron, Mr. Erickson, Mrs.
Johnson and Mr. Leib are in the middle of a two week unit on the home front during World War II.
Throughout the unit students will listen to a guest speaker from the WWII era, write a reader’s
theater about the home front, make rations posters for today and even play a “run the rations
game” in physical education class. Embedded in the unit is a connection to living green as they
will study what they, as citizens, can do to reduce and reuse resources.

We are very proud to say that Hoyt students did very well at the Des Moines Public School 2nd
Annual District Science Fair on February 11, 2010. They will continue to the State Science and
Technolgy Fair at Iowa State University on March 26th and 27th, 2010.

6th grade:
Life Science: Damien McMahon 2nd place
Earth Science: Cyndi Pike 1st place
          Karly Summy 2nd place
       Annie Khanthaphengxay and Cellena Koden 3rd place
Physical Science: Autumn Lippold 2nd place

7th grade:
Earth Science: Kayla Hill and Katie Gregg 1st place
         Brittany Ruggles 2nd place
Physical Science: Jeffrey Rangle tied for 2nd place

8th grade:
Life Science: Katie Williamson 3rd place
Earth Science: Lynsay Andrews 2nd place

Each of the winners were also awarded a four ticket package that included IMAX and entrance to
the Science Center of Iowa.

Thanks for all of your support!! Now onward to state!

Book Club is meeting Thursday at 6 PM. Come and enjoy the food and books that will be shared.

McCombs Middle School sent four students and their projects to the district science fair on
Thursday, February 11 . Kayla Bates, Brittany Hall, Ted Kofoed, and Nathan Luna represented
McCombs well. Congratulations to Brittany Hall whose project placed third in her category. She
will be moving on to the state competition on March 26 .

There are two new faces from Drake University in the 8 grade hallway. They are Josh Baker and
Greta Standish. Greta is working with students in Ms. Dykstra’s Language Arts and Reading
classes and Josh is teaching science with Mr. Weida.
The 2 Annual District Science Fair was held on Feb. ll at the Science Center of Iowa. Meredith
had 8 exhibits qualify for the event. Those who presented their projects Were Andrea Rider, Kara
Whalen, Jackie Henry, Mark Bodiroga, Lexi Teel, Julie Penton, Brittany Hamilton, DeVonte
Washington, Jason Mata, Blake Brown and Mikel Wright. Three of the groups qualified for the
State Science Fair that will be held on March 26 and 27 at Hilton Coliseum in Ames. Those
students who qualified for State Include: Andrea Rider,Julie Penton, Brittany Hamilton, and
Jackie Henry.
Congratulations to the Meredith 8 Grade Band for their excellent performance at the Large
Group Festival.
Meredith Melody and the 8 Grade Chorus sang at the Hoover/Meredith Fine Arts Gala on Feb.
21 .

Looking for a way to strengthen writing skills and put some fun into the writing process, Language
A teachers Betsy Armstrong-Jayne, Ruth Harvey, and Mary Holwell, have formed POW groups,
                                          th             th                         th
Partners of Writing. One group pairs 6 graders with 7 graders; another pairs 6 graders with
 th                                   th     th
8 graders; and a final pairing is 7 and 8 graders. Activities have included writing an interview
of other, writing a traveling story, a 6-word memoir, and choosing a story starter and working
together to add an introduction and conclusion. The students are currently rewriting Mother
Goose from poetry to prose. As teachers reflect on the project so far, we find the students asking
us when POW will be meeting again and wondering just what the next writing project will be.


East’s National Honor Society collected gently used jeans to donate to the people of Haiti this
past week. Two hundred pairs of jeans were collected from students, families, and staff at East
High School. A local clothing store will be matching the donations of gently used jeans with new
pairs from their store. A special thank you to all members of the East community for supporting
this special project.

Pleasant Hill Elks Lodge #98 will be sponsoring a Breakfast Buffet Fundraiser supporting Post
Prom on Saturday, February 27 from 7:30 am to 10:30 am. The Lodge is located at 5420 NE
12 Avenue in Pleasant Hill across from White Water University.
$5 for Adults, $3 for ages 5-12 and Free for ages 4 and under.
Please come support this great event and start your day off with a wonderful breakfast.
Donations may be made to post prom activities by sending a check to: East High School, Post
Prom Committee, 815 E. 13 Street, Des Moines, IA 50316.
The Winter Dance “Starlight Circus” was held on February 13 at East High School. The following
were voted as court royalty; senior Queen Elexandria Nouchanthavong and King Matt Say,
Juniors Kacie Mongar and Logan Davis, Sophomores Riley Fisher and Kyle Thomson and
Freshmen Stephenie Gabriel and Shawn Jarratt

Congratulations to the Winter Formal Court and thank you to everyone who helped Pep “E” Club
and sponsor Susan Hook for all your efforts.

The Husky Alliance is presenting their 3 Annual Fine Arts Gala coined this year as an "All Arts
World Tour."
Dinner, Silent Auction, Exhibits, and Entertainment!

The Hoover High School and Meredith Middle School have a wonderful legacy of supporting
student development within the Fine Arts programs. To continue this tradition, we invite parents of
future Meredith and Hoover students to help with an upcoming event presented by the Husky
Alliance Booster Club.

Come join an evening of filled with live entertainment, dinner with a “global flair” and auction
packages representing nations from around the world! Similar to how an art exhibit, music group
or dramatic presentation may embark on an international tour, this evening will showcase
countries from around the world—countries represented by many of the participating students
and their families.

                                     Sunday, February 21, 2010
                           First Church of the Open Bible on Beaver Ave.
                               5 p.m. - Silent auction and art viewing.
    6 p.m. - Dinner will be served with performances from the music and drama departments.
                       $25 per person - call 242-8288 to reserve your seats.

Proceeds will go to benefit the Fine Arts Departments at both Meredith Middle School and Hoover
High School as well as other activities at both schools.

Sue Angell’s first year French students are writing descriptive papers, in French, about a friend or
a sibling. The paper will include physical, as well as, personality descriptions.

Larry Beall’s Biology II students are beginning their exploration of the nervous system. As part of
this unit the students will use new models of the brain recently donated to the school. After the
nervous system, the Bio II students will then begin their study of the circulatory system.

Biology students are wrapping up their study of earth history with lab work over using
identification keys. This knowledge will help them in the next unit which is animals. As part of the
unit on animals, the students will have the choice of doing research on any bird or reptile of their

Betsy Loffredo’s composition class has been working on a career based project. After first writing
an essay about their ideal job, they spent several days in the library researching two different
careers of their choice. Once they finished their research, the students used a graphic organizer
to do a comparison of the careers. Finally the students wrote a compare/contrast essay about
the two careers they chose. With research in hand, they were able to choose a preferred career
and explain what about that career made it more appealing.

Karen Thompson and John Howett’s Geometry classes have been using the TI-Nspire handheld
calculators to construct triangles and calculate areas and perimeters. The TI-Nspire allows the
student to grab a vertex and move it seeing continuous changes in data. These students are also
using the new CME textbooks that will be used district wide next near.
The North High Girls basketball team raised $275 for cancer research during their Cancer
Awareness week activities. It culminated during their game against Lincoln. The girls wore pink
uniforms courteous of North High Booster Club and A Team Apparel.

Art Teacher Catherine Chiodo has four Painting Drawing advanced Art Students work on Display
at The State Historical Building. The DMPS All City Show Chad Gonzalez 12 Grade, Katlin
            th                          th                        th
Mikesell 12 Grade, Lucia Velasco 12 Grade, Taylor Dupuy         10 Grade

North-Hoover Wrestling had three wrestlers qualify for the State Wrestling Tournament this past
                           th                                      th
Saturday. Brian Warren (10 grade) at 135 pounds, Nick Vasey (12 grade) at 160 pounds, and
Andrew Lamb (12 grade) at Heavyweight. They will begin wrestling at the State Tournament on
Wednesday February 17 at 6:30 P.M.

The attachment is a photo of a North High School Color Guard with Sergeant Major Bradley A.
Kasal. SgtMaj Kasal was the senior enlisted Marine in Iowa and is being transferred to the School
of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, CA. On November 14, 2004 the SgtMaj’s unit was involved in
house-to-house fighting in Fallujah, Iraq. Intense gunfire broke out in a nearby Iraqi home and
several Marines were able to escape the house, but others were pinned down inside. SgtMaj
Kasal told his Marines” I’m not going to leave Marines behind in the hands of insurgents at any
cost. I was told they were wounded and I was afraid of them ending up on television being
beheaded later. The house was a death trap and the then 1stSgt Kasal was shot seven times. He
also sustained more than 40 shrapnel wounds. He lost four and a half inches of his leg and
underwent more than 20 surgeries. He refused amputation and medical discharge. Today he
scores first class on the Marine Corps physical fitness test. Sgt Maj Kasal was awarded the Navy
Cross, the 2d highest award in this nation. The photo speaks of who the Sergeant Major really is.
The photo was taken the day he was leaving Des Moines and all kinds of dignitaries were there to
pay their respects. The Sergeant Major still took the time to go to our color guard and thanked
them for what they were doing and then asked could he have a photo with them. The Sergeant
Major is the best of the Marines and our color guard is some of the best at North High. Go polar

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On January 28 and 29 , Roosevelt students participated in the Academic Decathlon Regional at
Drake University. The competition involved a prepared speech, an interview, and a number of
academic tests on the French Revolution. Despite a few setbacks, the students made a strong
showing with the team finishing 12 overall—just out of the qualifying for a spot at state.
Congratulations to Ty Bolte-Hennings, Celest Love, Brianna Atwood, Kerry Williams, and Patrick
Brugger. Special congratulations to Aaron Williams who took two first place ribbons – one for
Math and one for Economics; and Rashad Nagi who also won two first place ribbons – one for his
interview and one for the Super Quiz.

The Roosevelt High School Jazz Band competed in the Tall Corn Jazz Festival at the University
of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls on February 19.

Central Campus
The Central Campus Nurse Aide Specialist students of Instructor Marci Cordaro have completed
their CPR training and are now creating PowerPoint presentations, posters and research papers
on different careers in healthcare. The Advanced Nurse Aide students are working on skills
training in preparation for beginning their clinical rotation at Scottish Rite care facility.

Career Opportunities in Health (COH)students of Instructor Jeanna Eppert, have been back at
Iowa Health-Des Moines shadowing and learning from a variety of healthcare professionals.
Within the classroom, the students have been discussing health topics, had a visit from DMU
students and visited the VA Hospital.

Central Campus Broadcasting students work in TV, Film and Radio facilitated by Instructors Kirk
Johnson and Tim Coleman. Recently, KDPS Radio Students, Bryan Dingman and Keith Oliver,
worked with students and staff at McKinley Elementary to record a CD of preschoolers singing
nursery rhymes. The final disc had five separate tracks for a project called “Music can Teach.”
Students in preschool received a copy of the disc to share with their siblings and other family

During January and February, Central Academy’s ninth grade Honors English and Speech
students participated in the Poetry Out Loud recitation competition. All ninth grade Central
Academy English students in Mr. Hildreth and Mrs. Miller’s classrooms selected a poem from
Poetry Out Loud to memorize and recite. Classroom contest winners were Maureen Lyons,
Katelyn Stevens, Dmitri McDonald, Allison Richter, Hannah Carlson, Karina Foster-Middleton,
Jacob Wolfe, Maggie Krebs, Kirsten Benson, Elizabeth Lockin, and Jessica Richter. Classroom
winners performed two memorized selections before four judges.

In the all school competition held February 15, Jessica Richter was named first runner up. The
winner, who recited “Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind” by William Shakespeare and “Alone” by
Edgar Allen Poe, was Dmitri McDonald. Dmitri will represent Central Academy at the state
championship in March at the Iowa Historical Building.

Ruby Van Meter
Students in Kathy Phillips’ Home Living Skills classes practiced food preparation skills, such as
kitchen and food safety, using kitchen equipment, following recipe instructions, measuring, and
cooking skills to prepare for the annual RVM staff appreciation brunch. Among the students who
hosted and served the brunch were Laina Russell, Zac Lenhart, Fatuma Abdi, and Denisse
Montana. As part of hosting and serving they completed final cooking steps, practiced
appropriate manners and social skills, serving skills, and cleaning skills. A job well done by all of
the students.

Students in other Home Living Skills classes have been learning about nutrition. They have
learned about classifying foods into the appropriate food groups aligning with MyPyramid,
analyzing recipes according to the food groups, identifying the healthy vs. junk foods and
ingredients, and analyzing recipes to see if they are healthy or not. Students will also be
preparing healthy foods and practicing their kitchen skills during the unit taught over the next
several weeks.
The Annual RVM Basketball Jamboree will be held Friday, February 26 at Roosevelt High
School. This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the RVM PTO. Doors open at 6:30 with tip-
off at 7:00. Tickets are $1.00. We will be playing students from Simpson College again this year
and anticipate an exciting time.

Orchard Place
As students arrive at Orchard Place Campus School from various high schools throughout the
State of Iowa, the teachers work diligently to ensure students are receiving the appropriate credits
to maintain their on-track path to graduate. Since a majority of these students have their own
unique course requirements, Orchard Place has adopted the APEX program for online learning.
APEX has been piloted in the Des Moines School District and is designed to follow the Des
Moines curriculum, and offers a myriad of courses ranging from core classes such as algebra,
English, and history, to electives such as music appreciation, physical education and foreign
languages. Orchard Place is able to offer more advanced courses for those students who are
motivated, independent learners. This program is organized by Ms. Laura Hoegh, who facilitates
the courses and instructs the students as necessary. APEX is an intensive study and allows
students to become independent learners. Students are currently enrolled in the following
courses: Geometry, Algebra II, Economics, and Spanish II. APEX is flexible to allow us to
individualize any course for students to meet their academic needs. Orchard Place is excited to
see the academic growth and progress students have made through APEX and is planning for
the continuation and expansion of this online program.

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