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Hair Growth Tips to Prevent Baldness.doc


									                     Hair Growth Tips to Prevent Baldness

As good hair style indicates a charming personality in both men and women, but now
days not only men but women are also suffering from hair loss.
If your hair are falling with an immense rate, so don’t worry, you can not just stop this
hair fall, but, by adopting certain measures you can grow your hair again. Following are
some tips to reduce hair loss and to increase the hair growth.
First of all, you must eat a healthy and balanced diet. If your diet does not comprise
essential vitamins, minerals and proteins then you will defiantly face an immense hair
fall. You must include Omega-3, vegetables and essential proteins along with hair growth
pills or some supplement in your food, these items can stop hair fall and make your hair
shiny and healthy.
Massaging your scalp with the oil will help you to fight hair fall. Massage also fights
dandruff, as hair fall also occurs due to the abundance of dandruff. Massaging your scalp
also leads to the growth of new hair as it increases the blood circulation in the scalp.
Avoid coloring, ironing, highlighting and other chemical and thermal methods of styling
your hair, because they cause a lot of damage to your hair.
Also avoid intake of alcohol and smoking because both of them lead to baldness.
Don’t choose harsh shampoos having a lot of chemical in it and which dries your hair.
Apply green tea on your scalp in order to get rid of hair loss. Green tea will inhibit the
production of the hormone in the scalp which causes baldness.
It is very important to stop your hair from falling and to make them grow again. And to
do that you can adopt the above measures.

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