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									                 Jack Tickle

  What if I could make the world with out any pollution. That
  would great. That way every one would breathe fresh air.

1. What if I be a giant pickle and I took over the world that
   would pretty cool. I would you`s a sourness ray to make
   everyone taste sour hahaha.

2. If was any candy I would be a lolly pop because I could
  have my own candy to suck on that tootsie roll in side me
  that would be awesome.

3. What if I could be any animal I would be a tiger because
   they are very fierce and their the biggest cat of all of them.

4. What if I could be any body part I would be an arm because
   I could walk on my fingers and grab stuff that would be the
   best choice.

5. What if I could be any number I would be infinites. Because
   it is the highest number and it never ever ends.

6. What if I was any celebrity I would be chad ochocinco
   because he has a bugati vyron it is a super fast car.

7. What if I could be any person I would be the president
   because would I would make all the decisions and I would
   make much better decisions that the president does right

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