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					                PVO NEWS
Upcoming Events and volunteering needs:

             Scholastic Book Fair Grades K-8
 The first Scholastic Book fair will be at our school from Tuesday, October 11th
through Tuesday, October 18th. The schedule is as follows:
Tuesday, October 11th: Preview day by the students, they will complete their
wish lists.
Wednesday, October 12th: Students and families will have an opportunity to
shop from 7:30am to 3:00pm
Thursday, October 13th: The book fair will be in the café for the Grandparent’s
to enjoy
Monday and Tuesday, October 17th and 18th: Shopping hours are from 7:30 to

                          Volunteers needed:
Tuesday, October 11 through Tuesday, October 18th; various time to assist
with the sales

       This will be a great event and a fun way to interact with students

Please contact Kathy Chandler at 798-0024 or jchand4845@aol.com if you can

          Grandparents’ Day, Thursday October 13th

This is a day to honor our grandparents and to promote their involvement in
the lives of their grandchildren. Students invite their grandparents, or grand
friends, to our school to watch a performance and tour the classrooms.
Grandparents will be served finger foods and beverages. Last year we had
over 350 Grandparents join us for this spectacular day. Please remember to
send in the suggested $5.00 donation for Grandparents’ Day.
                          VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Prep workers : Wednesday, October 12th we need volunteers to help set up
the gym for the café, decorate the café, and prepare the food and beverages.
We will be working from 9:00am to completion.

Greeter’s for Grandparents’ Day: We are looking for volunteers to greet the
Grandparents as they arrive at FCS, Thursday October 13th. The volunteers
might need to assist some of the Grandparents out of their cars. No skills
needed, just a happy and warm face. Hours are 7:30am until 11:00 am.

Food and beverage help for Grandparents’ Day: We are looking for
people to assist with the serving of food in the café during Grandparents’ Day
on Thursday October 13th. The work will involved restocking the food trays
and beverage containers. Help is needed from 7:30am until 12:00.

Please email Ann Kovats at laagk@verizon.net, if you can assist with any of
these roles to make our Grandparents’ Day a huge success ! Please let her
know what day(s) and time you are available, any amount of time is greatly

                         OTHER NEEDS AND NEWS

Are you creative /crafty ? Mrs. Walker is looking for a volunteer(s) to
decorate the bulletin boards in the MS/US hallway. There are 3 to 4 bulletin
boards that need to be decorated and maintained throughout the school year.
If you are interested and want to enjoy it, please contact Mrs. Walker.

The Prayer Warriors meet every Wednesday at 8:15 am to pray for our school,
administration, teachers, students, families and any other needs as requested.
Parents, teachers, and staff members are welcome to email their prayer needs
to jen@frankleyes.com or place them in the prayer box, located outside the
front office. In addition to the prayer requests, the group will be praying for
different classes and staff members throughout the school year. During the
month of October, the students in Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Hamilton, and Mrs.
Jordan’s classes have been invited to submit their prayer needs. The children,
who would like to do so, can place their written request in the prayer box.

Thank you in advance for your time and willingness to serve, we really
appreciate you. Hope your school year is off to a great start !

Ann Kovats, 354-1522 or laagk@verizon.net

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