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									                                                                                                                            THE WESTFIELD (N.J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1984                                        Pages

                                                                         Bond Act. Passage will help at-       the phrase "affectional and sex-    children. It would also call for         SUPPORTS FRIGERIO
                                                                         tract new high-technology in-         ual orientation" would be added     homosexuality to be presented as     Editor,
        Letters To The Editor                                            dustries to New Jersey, create
                                                                         new jobs, retain current in-
                                                                                                               to existing laws on discrimina-
                                                                                                               tion and related laws covering
                                                                                                                                                   an alternate lifestyle in sex
                                                                                                                                                   eduoation courses.                      I am writing in support of the
                                                                                                                                                                                        candidacy of Westfield's Mayor,
                                                                         dustries and assure that the          public contracts and employ-          Concerned readers should           Ron Frigerio, who is running for
      A» letter* to the editor mwrt       AUTO INSURANCE RATES           state's work force is trained in      ment.                               write to Mr. Joseph Charles, Jr.,    re-election this November.
   bear signature, a street address Editor, Leader;                      these new technologies.                  In January 1984, at N.O.W.'s     Chairman of the Assembly's           Throughout the years, I have
   and telephone number, t o             The citizens of New Jersey         The proposal recognizes an im-     Lesbian Right's Conference, the     State Government Committee,          worked with Mayor Frigerio on
   authors may be checked. If con- once again have been run over by      portant trend in research and         committee on state legislative      490 Communipaw Ave., Jersey          many Town programs and have
   tributor* are not able to be reach* the auto insurance carriers and   development—a shift away from         strategy targeted New Jersey to     City, NJ 07304, and ask him not to   been thoroughly impressed with
   ed at local phone numbers during legislature. I refer to the alleged  support by the federal govern-        be the first state to pass a "gay   release A-1721 from committee.       his handling of critical situations.
   Leader business hours, the auto insurance reform passed by            ment toward locally sponsored         rights" bill.                       It would be well to remind him       He has an excellent financial
   writer's signature may be legislature which was widely
                                       our                               research centers that pool the           This bill would give homo-       that AIDS is currently at            background and, in the true
   notarized. Only one tetter endors- heralded to reduce the average     resources in industries and           sexuals and lesbians the right to   epidemic proportions.                tradition of past Westfield
   ing candidates for election will he annual premium for auto in-       universities. The bond issue          teach in school while openly pur-                     Paul M. Brislin    mayors, is a firm believer in
   used each week; no letters on surance by $150.00. Take "heed          represents the final product of a     suing a "gay" lifestyle. It would                      Vice President    fiscal conservatism. In the com-
   political issues including thts drivers of New Jersey. Examine        long and careful process of study     give them the right to adopt                Republican Conservative
   library referendum wilt be used your premium notices carefully.                                                                                                                                | Continued on page 6f
                                                                         and planning on the part of a                                                                   Action Club
   the week prior to the General         I elected to take most of the   blue-ribbon panel of business,
   Election (Nov. I Issue).                                              labor, higher education and
   _ Letter* must be written only reductions in coverage permitted       government leaders. United in
   one side or paper and type' by the legislature's "reform"
   written. No letter longer than I Ms which should have reduced my
   pages double-spaced will be con- yearly premium by $130. program
   sidered for publication.            ly, I received my new
                                                                         their goal of a better economic
                                                                         future for the citizens of New
                                                                         Jersey, the panel fashioned a pro-
                                                                                                                   OWN A                                                              hahne's
                                       notice and the annual reduction
      All letters must be in theamounted to a mere $50. I called
                                                                         gram that will harness the poten-
                                                                         tial of high technology to help at-
                                                                                                                   VCR. .
   "Leader" office by Friday if they my agent who stated that the
   are to appear in the following auto insurance companies in
  issue. .:•.•.         i
       $3.5 MILLION "BUHI>EN"
                                       New Jersey were quietly rear-
                                       ranging, the rate structures for
                                                                         tract new industries and retain
                                                                         current ones.
                                                                            The bond issue would provide
                                                                         $57 million for four new advanced
                                                                                                                      For as little as                                            bridal gift
     Editor, Leader;                   each auto insurance category,
     I am writing in response to the thus effectively counteracting
                                                                         technology centers at Rutgers
                                                                         and other research universities,
  series of articles on the front the legislature's reforms and          which would be jointly funded by
  page of the leader and several substantially reducing the              industries and the schools. In ad-       Many models to cfaooie from                   Register at any Hahne's Bridal
  letters to the editor, ail of which premium savings to the con-        dition, it would provide $23
  have urged an affirmative vote sumer which the reform was in-          million for          undergraduate                                                  Gift Registry during the month of
  on the non-binding referendum of tended to accomplish. So now I        technical and engineering                                                             October and receive the oppor-
  whether $3.5 million should be ex- and many others (perhaps            facilities, $7 million for develop-
  pended for a new library building unaware) have reduced coverage       ing robotics and engineering                                                          tunity to win a fabulous grand-
  (including fixtures and fur- for virtually no savings in               training facilities in South                                                             father clock, compliments of
( niture).                             premium. This is reform?          Jersey, and $3 million for future
     The proponents of the new I am appalled that I have not             needs.                                    Stop In for complete detail*                    Howard Miller...winner to be
                                                                                                                   on our new financing plans
  library building have provided read or heard a word about the
  copious evidence of the need for auto insurance companies' rear-
                                                                            Voters can greatly strengthen
                                                                         New Jersey's ability to compete
                                                                                                                                                              chosen at a month-end drawing.
  more space for the Westfield rangement of the premium
  Memorial Library. I do not dis- scales. In a similar letter
                                                                         in      the     high-technology
                                                                         sweepstakes by voting yes on the
                                                                                                                    LOW DISCOUNT                                Our Bridal Gift Registry is the very best way to
  agree on this point;'even a cur- directed to the Star Ledger, I
  sory inspection of the present have encouraged Herb Jaffe, the
                                                                         Jobs, Science and Technology
                                                                         Bond Act.
                                                                                                                       PRICES!                                help your friends and family select the gifts most
                                                                                                                                                               suited to your new lifestyle. As a complimentary
  library facility reveals an ob-Star Ledger's legal editor, to                               Shirley Brown        Ovsr 1,000 VHS Movies                        service, our trained experts will help you select
  vious shortage of space. How- launch an investigation of this                               146 Tudor Oval            Now In stock                                your china, silver and crystal...everything to
  ever, the proponents of the new underhanded scheme, and to br-                                                                                                     make your new home complete. And, once
  library building have not provid- ing this matter to the attention of                                                                                          you've registered at one Hahne's store, you're
  ed an evidence why this need for the New Jersey public. Addi-                                                                                                automatically registered at every Hahne's store.
  space can only be met by con- tionally, our legislature should be            "CAY RIGHTS" BILL                                                                   So easy, so special. All brides will receive a
  struction of a $3.5 million new ashamed to take credit for such Editor, Leader;                                                                               copy of the "Bride's Wedding Planner" just for
  building. As I pointed out in my an empty reform, and should             Congratulations to Governor
                                                                                                                                                                 registering with us. All registries are located in
  letter of September 6, the ex-begin working toward real Tom Kean for vetoing S-I144, the                                                                                                  the china department.
  isting library building would pro- reform of the most expensive Comparable Worth Bill. This was
  vide approximately 9,200 addi- auto insurance system in the a silly bill, but a dangerous one as
  tional square feet of space upon country.
  the conversion of several base-
  ment areas to library use and the
  construction of mezzanines
                                                    Robert A. Fromtling
                                                                           It is now timely to alert your
                                                            523 Hort St. readers to A-1721, introduced last
                                                                         March into the NJ Assembly by
                                                                                                                   41 Elm St • Westfield
  throughout the building.                                               Assemblyman Bennett Mazur.                       654-7674
     While there is an obvious need        SUPPORTS BOND ISSUE           This bill would legalize "gay                                                      a new jersey tradition for 126 years
  for more library space, both for Editor, Leader;                       rights" in New Jersey. Under it,
  the public and for the library          This November voters can take
  staff, there is no need to burden constructive action to address
  the taxpayers with a $3.5 million some of New Jersey's problems,
  expenditure for an new library including loss of industry,
  building.                             uriemployrrienYand urban decay.
              Kenneth L. MacRitchie Voters will be asked to approve a
                       3 Stanley Oval Jobs, Science and Technology

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