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Camelot Villa-Mobile Homes-052012-Buy A Mobile Home Article 2


									Buying A Mobile Home In Macomb, Mi

In today's economy, finding an affordable home is becoming much more
mobile and crucial, or manufactured, homes have become the most well-
liked option for new home owners in Macomb, Mi, and the entire USA. Gone
are the old days of mobile homes or trailers. The mobile homes of the
decade look more and more like site-built homes and are available with
just as many amenities and options.

The terms "mobile home" and "manufactured home" are virtually
interchangeable now. Mobile homes are not always mobile and are often
indistinguishable from regular homes. What makes a mobile or manufactured
home different is it is prebuilt fully in a factory and after that
brought to the site, as opposed to being built there. When you buy a
mobile home, it can save you 10-35% over the cost of a regular home, and
never having to give up some of the features you may want.

When you buy a mobile home, the 1st decision you'll have to make is
whether you want a single or perhaps a double-wide. A single-wide is just
about 1,000 feet square, and a double is approximately 1,600. From there,
you can begin adding your extras, that will affect the final cost of the
mobile home.

It is essential to remember that once you buy a mobile home, you're just
buying the house, rather than the land it sits on. This should be
purchased separately. You can acquire or rent a lot in the mobile home
community, just look at the Macomb, Mi listings for ones nearby, meaning
the plot will be mostly, if not fully finished and ready for the
installing of the home, or you can get your own parcel. In case you
choose never to get a plot in the community, the land will likely need to
be prepped for your home. A foundation will need to be built, septic
installed, etc. It is vital to consider these extra costs before you
decide to buy a mobile home, as it will change the overall amount you'll
need as well as the time frame for installation and setup.

Overall, deciding to buy a mobile home over the site-built home, can be
quite a financially advantageous decision. It can save you money without
needing to give up the chance to design your dream home. To learn more,
speak to your local Macomb, Mi mobile home community or mobile home sales
person and find out how easy it's for you to begin the process in your
dream home.

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