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									Rejuvenate Your Health Through Experiencing the Best Pilates in Santa
      Are you looking for a physical outlet to release the stress of
everyday life? Does constant, chronic pain plague your waking hours?
Perhaps you’re expecting and are interested in ways to make your delivery
easier and quicken your physical recover after giving birth? Are you an
athlete looking to further your physical abilities? It’s time to discover
what Pilates has to offer you. Pilates Collective offers the premiere
Pilates in Santa Rosa. Benefitting men and women of all ages, this Santa
Rosa Pilates studio offers the most comprehensive variety of Pilates
classes, including Mat, Springboard and Equipment. Trio classes that
range from Fundamental (pre-Pilates) to Advanced.
      First, it’s important to consider the many incredible benefits of a
regular Pilates practice in your daily life, and what it offers your
body. Pilates utilizes techniques, including yoga-like postures, to
provide a sense of personal focus and insight into your body through
sustained, repetitive movement focused on developing the mind-body
connection. Through rebalancing muscular alignment around the joints
through proper integration of the body, our Santa Rosa Pilates practice
helps bring about greater well-being to the overall body, and promotes a
deeper sense of awareness, strength, balance between stability and
mobility. Unlike conventional weight training, Pilates strengthens
muscles as well as stretching them. Being a three-dimensional practice,
it allows for exercises that can be performed using all movement planes,
and therefore incorporates even more muscles into one powerful exercise.
Pilates weaves together the elements of breathing, centering, control,
concentration, precision and flow, and teaches students how to make those
elements really work for the body.
      If you suffer from back pain or fibromyalgia, rest assured that our
Santa Rosa Pilates classes focus on training abdominal strength,
flexibility, and posture—all of which aides and eases the condition of
these symptoms. Pilates Collective offers private one-on-one classes to
assist those who may not feel comfortable following a Pilates practice in
a group setting, where the activity may go a little too fast. For those
looking to lose some weight, our Santa Rosa Pilates classes are a
wonderful compliment to a well-rounded fitness program. In addition, we
also offer an exciting teaching training for Pilates in Santa Rosa
through our Balanced Body program. Train with some of the most
experienced and exciting instructors of Pilates in Santa Rosa! We offer
Balanced Body Education in partnership with EHS Pilates in San Francisco.
Here at Pilates Collective, we believe in community, and regularly donate
to local schools, charities, non-profits and offer a subsidy program
called Stretch to Recovery for cancer survivors, a discounted Pilates in
Santa Rosa program. And for a limited time only, we’re offering new Santa
Rosa Pilates students a special thirty-day unlimited class membership
trial for only sixty-nine dollars. So contact us today and start enjoying
the many benefits that this Santa Rosa Pilates studio can offer you!

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