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									                                   The GRANITE BANNER
                              Published Quarterly By The New Hampshire Granite Region
                                            Antique Automobile Club Of America

Vol. 2 No. 3                                               Autumn Issue                                              September, 2004

    The Granite Region                                            What’s Happening This
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                  In This Issue                                                Mark Your Calendars

     The biggest event for our club was the                         10/02/04 Japanese Car Day Show Brookline, MA
 Climb To The Clouds. It was a roaring success                10/02/04 Second Annual Buicks in the Fall Easthampton, MA
 and most of this issue is dedicated to reports            10/03/04 Thirteenth Annual Car and Motorcycle Show Stratham, NH
                                                            10/03/04 Twenty-Fourth Annual Mustang & Fords Fall Round Up
 and photos on it. We have three articles                                    & Swap Meet Shrewsbury, MA
 covering different aspects of the event.                          10/10/04 European Motorcycle Day Brookline, MA
                                                                     10/10/04 Foreign Auto Festival Owls Head, ME
     We also have an article covering the 26th              10/16/04 Eighth Annual Shaker Classic Car Show Canterbury, NH
 Annual Crown Victoria Association                                        10/17/04 Autofest 2004 Millbury, MA
 convention which was hosted by our own Dick                            10/17/04 Swedish Car Day Brookline, MA
 and Christine Metz. Don't miss their article on                        10/17/04 Vintage Era Days Dedham, MA
 page 6.                                                            10/17/04 York Harvestfest 2004 York Beach, ME
                                                                     10/23/04 Second Annual Car Show Saugus, MA
                                                               10/24/04 Eighteenth Annual Studebaker Day Brookline, MA
    Larry Cossar and Jack Griffiths sent a
                                                                 10/31/04 Antique Auto Show, Swap & Sell Amherst, NH
 number of photos from Climb To The Clouds.
 We used these photos throughout this                              01/15/05 Twenty-Ninth Annual Autoparts Swap N Sell
 newsletter. Don't be confused by where they                                      West Springfield, MA
 show up on the newsletter. They are all from                         02/06/05 Indoor Auto Flea Market Medway, MA
 CTTC.                                                             05/22/05 Granite Region Annual Meeting Gilford, NH

                   Warren Clark                                           For more info on these and other events,
                   Editor, The Granite Banner                                 check out

                     Granite Region - 2003 - 2004 Officers
        President                           Jack Armstrong             603-279-0996     jcarbarn @
        Vice President / Activities Chair   Larry Cossar               603-778-4788
        Secretary                           Joni (Esperian) Rondeau    603-644-7238
        Treasurer                           Gerry Griffin              603-673-7467
        Exec. Bd. Member at Large           Gary Rondeau               603-644-7238     syncroring @
        Membership Chairman                 Jack Griffiths             603-472-4990     jackdgriffiths @
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This newsletter is published quarterly with issues in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. If you have an interesting story to
contribute, please email it to GraniteNewsletter @ or send it Warren Clark, Editor - Granite Newsletter, 10 Winsor Way,
Weston, MA 02493.
Page 2                                                 Autumn Issue                                        September, 2004

                                         Back Road Notes
                                       A Message From The President

Dear Members,

        It was a great weekend at the Mt. Washington Auto road in July. The variety of activities made it interesting for
everyone. I have received many calls, notes and e-mails congratulating the Granite Region for putting on an excellent
show at an inviting site along side the historic hill climb cars. Special thanks to Larry and Shirley Cossar for putting
together a team that made it all happen so well. Also want to thank the Charter Trust Co. and the Auto Road for their
sponsorship and support.
        Two of our member families , Dick & Chris Metz and Dave & Karen Simmering have recently organized
activities for the Crown Victoria Club and the Model “T” Club respectively. Congratulations to them on very successful
        Let’s get a big turnout for Sky & Dot Borst’s Canterbury Show in Oct. You’ll read elsewhere about getting a
group of our cars together to travel to that show.
        I encourage all our members to put forth ideas for Club events, and lets get as much time in old cars as possible
during this fall season.
                                                                            Happy Fall,

                                                                          Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong, Pres.
Granite Region, AACA

         Life Memberships Offered
    The Executive Board is pleased to introduce Life                    Central Meeting Location?
Memberships for the Granite Region of AACA at a one-
                                                                   We are looking to expand our Regional Group meetings
time cost of $300.
                                                               to quarterly meetings from our present annual meetings for
    Life membership avoids the issue of increasing dues,       better communication of the membership.
simplifies the renewal process and adds significantly to the
                                                                   A central location such as Manchester or Concord
treasury fund.
                                                               would be a plus. If you know of a facility that could be
    The Board is happy to announce the first Life              used to hold a meeting of 40-50 members, has facilities for
Membership was presented to Richie Clyne who ‘signed           refreshments and is reasonably priced contact Jack
up’ while attending the Climb to the Clouds auto show at       Armstrong (603-279-0996) or Larry Cossar (603-778-
Mt. Washington Auto Road this past July.                       4788).
    Congratulations and many thanks to Richie. Your
support is welcomed and appreciated.
                                                                                                    Thanks for your help.
    If you are interested in becoming a Life Member,
please contact Membership Chairman, Jack Griffiths at
(603) 472-4990 or email at:
Page 3                                                    Autumn Issue                                           September, 2004

                      Climb to the Clouds
                     Centennial Celebration                                                                     by Judy Wildman
      On Monday, July 11, 1904, the trial runs for the             of 9 minutes 13 seconds established in 1961 prior to the
 inaugural "Climb to the Clouds" commenced at 5:00 AM.             road being paved. Another car and driver of note was Stu
 The eight mile gravel road, bathed in sunshine, stood ready       Rutherford and the '58 Rutherford Special. A number of
 for the participants. An Orient buckboard driven by W. B.         other drivers had experience on the mountain as well.
 Jameson made the second run of the morning in 2 hours 9           Beginning in 1990 and ending in 2001, SCCA held races up
 minutes 36 4/5 seconds -- a time obliterated later in the day     the Auto Road. A vintage group was invited to join those
 by F. E. Stanley's record setting time of 31 minutes 45           races so Bob Valpey, John Schiefflin, Kim Eastman, Dick
 seconds.                                                          Waite, Ben Bragg, and Gordon Matson were familiar with
                                                                   the intricacies of the course and ready for day two.
      When the twenty-five VSCCA entrants took to the hill
 on Friday, July 9, 2004, to celebrate the centennial, the              Saturday, July 10 was unfortunately not one of the
 weather conditions were not as optimal as a hundred years         sixty-five clear days at the mountain. Unlike day two of one
 ago. In fact, the "Climb to the Clouds" was a climb through       hundred years ago, there was no sunshine, and like that day
 the clouds. The start time for the trial runs was delayed an      there was rain in the not too distant future. On Day 2 in
 hour. At 9:00 AM the first car left the start line for its four   1904, Stanley's record from the previous day was bested by
 plus mile climb to the finish line at Government Sign. The        H. S. Harkness' 60 hp Mercedes with a time of 24 minutes
 road, no longer gravel, was rain soaked with some twenty or       37 3/5 seconds.
 more turns and gradients of as much as 20%. A few of the
 open-wheel drivers decided to wait for day two instead of              On Day 2, 2004, a steady wind of 30mph blew at the
 getting showered as their tires threw back spray from the         finish line made waving the checkered flag easier than
 wet road. At the finish line one could hear the approach of       holding on to it. To the west some dark, forbidding clouds
 such cars as John Schiefflin's '54 Arnolt Bristol, Peter          approached. The course, however, was dry for all of the
 Sachs' '33 Alfa Romeo, Ian Landy's '35 Maserati, David            first run and much of the second. The '53 Cheetah Special
 Paqua's '53 Cheetah Special, Howie Gilmore's '57 Porsche          was one of many car sliding through turn twenty and across
 Special and Jim Donick's '51 Allard K2 as they rounded the        the finish line. The last two cars of the second run were
 turn at Station 20 and came out of the mist to get the            Gordon Matson's '11 E-M-F factory team racer and Dick
 checkered flag. The last car up for each of the two runs was      King's '04 Peerless Green Dragon with Shenton King as
 event chairman Tom Ellsworth's '35 Ford-powered Amilcar.          riding mechanic. The drivers entertained the corner workers
 The vegetation at the finish line consisted of stunted            at Stations 12 & 13 when the Peerless showed its superior
 conifers affording a view to the west and hopefully clearing      horsepower and passed the E-M-F. Both crossed the finish
 weather for Saturday's runs.                                      line marking an end to the day's racing.

      After two morning trials and a break from the rain, the           Much of the weekend was dedicated to Karen Miller,
 cars were put on display at the base. A number of cars, both      who in her '50 Jaguar XK120, had spent many happy times
 participant and display models, had a history of racing on        racing the mountain. Ed Miller brought her Jaguar for the
 the mountain. Tony Carrol complete with camera was on             display. At the Friday evening banquet, Bob Valpey was
 hand to record the event. The '04 Orient buckboard that           presented with the first annual Karen Miller award for
 made that historic run a hundred years ago was brought            outstanding service. During both days many of the
 from the Don Garlitts Museum in Ocala, Florida. The Old           participants sported tee shirts with a picture of Karen and
 Gray Mare belonging to Sandy Leith, the Ardent Alligator          her car on the mountain. At the Saturday awards ceremony
 of Peter McManus, and the '04 Peerless Green Dragon of            Paul Giblin and Howie Wemyss presented the consistent
 Dick King bore some of the more colorful names. Along             driver award which also bore Karen's name. This year the
 with the '04 Peerless, three other century old cars were on       award ended in a tie. Kristian Winroth in the '58 Brazier
 display: Dick King's '04 Pope-Toledo and Richard Schrill's        Champ Car and Christopher Rheault in the '35 Riley IMP
 '04 White Model E Steamer and Columbia Electric. The              made their two Saturday runs with .51 seconds a remarkable
 earliest car on display was the '01 Winton 40hp racer             accomplishment. Each driver whose car raced the mountain
 brought by Evan Ide from the Museum of Transportation.            received a replica of the bronze medallion given to those
 A car and driver of note was Bill Rutan with his '52              long ago racers whose fetes we were celebrating.
 Porsche-powered VW Bathtub Special. Bill holds the record
Page 4                                                     Autumn Issue                                          September, 2004

      While VSCCA was climbing through the clouds, the             Restaurants-Ashland, NH; C. J. Roxane Spring Waters-
 Granite Region of AACA was having their car show at the           Moultonborough, NH; Hart's Turkey Farm-Meredith, NH;
 base. Larry and Shirley Cossar did an outstanding job             Coca-Cola Bottling Company- Gorham, NH; Mt.
 chairing the event. Nearly a hundred antique cars registered      Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce; and Robbins
 for the show, and despite a less than perfect forecast, eighty-   Auto Parts- Hampton, NH. Without their support and the
 five antique vehicles aligned themselves on the field for         outstanding participation of the region members, the event
 display and judging. They represented six decades of auto         would not have achieved such success.
 manufacturing from 1900-1961. Each of the participants
 received a “goody” bag complete with personal items,                   Around 3:00 PM, as the rains pelted down, the
 maps, a note pad, discount coupons, a car air freshener, a        participants gathered under the tent for the awards
 drink container with water, and an emergency roadside kit.        ceremony. Awards were given to the best car by decade, the
 Participants were also presented with an elegant cloissone        best commercial vehicle, the best original pre-war and post-
 dash plaque commemorating the centennial event. The               war cars, the longest travel distance car, the spectator's
 Granite Region AACA thanks the following sponsors for             choice car, and the best of show. With such an excellent
 their generous support. Prime Sponsor: Charter Trust-             turnout, the judges had their work cut out from them. After
 Concord, NH; Auto Zone Automotive Stores; NAPA Auto               deliberations worthy of the Supreme Court, they arrived at
 Parts-Portsmouth, NH; Citizens Bank; Common Man                   the following:

         Pre-1910                 Russell Whitney's 1907 Autocar 14 Racer
         1910-1919                Bart Carlson's 1910 Hupmobile Runabout
         1920-1929                Marcy & Mike Jones' 1923 Oldsmobile 43AFS Sport Touring
         1930-1939                Ron & Audrey Peverley's 1931 Essex Super Six 2 Door Coupe
         1940-1949                Roger Pepin's 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Convertible
         1950-1961                Dave Mersereau's 1950 Buick 46D Special Sedan
         Commercial               Tom McCarriston's 1950 Ford 8N Tractor
         Pre-War Original         Jim Lowry's 1932 Studebaker
         Post-War Original        August Carlson's 1960 Cadillac 62 Coupe
         Long Distance            Dennis Jolicoeur's 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk Convertible
                                  (Dennis drove from Bridgewater, MA)
         Spectator's Choice       Jack Armstrong's 1931 Cadillac Phaeton
         Best of Show             John Moir's 1911 Kelsey Motorette

      Special thanks are due the judges and the following          Bear Notch, Franconia Notch and Crawford Notch over 120
 trophy sponsors. Hampton Motor Company-Hampton, NH;               miles of scenic driving. The Maine Tour (shortest of the
 Sue and Jack Griffiths-Bedford, NH; Ken and Mary Lou              three) was delightful. Gordon Matson and I were fortunate
 Sommers-Fremont, NH; LeBaron Bonney                               to tour with Mike and Marcy Jones in their '23 Oldsmobile
 Company/Hampton Coach-Amesbury,MA; Mount                          Sport Touring. Other on the tour were Jack and Pat
 Washington Auto Road-Gorham, NH and the NH                        Armstrong accompanied by Shirley and Larry Cossar in
 Automobile Dealers Association- Concord, NH.                      Jack's '35 Ford Beach Wagon, George and Judy House in
      Most of the cars and drivers sought shelter from the         their brass-era Buick, and Tom Ellsworth in his '35 Ford-
 rain, many planning to return later for the “Gala in the          powered Amilcar. The tour took us to Rte. 2 in Gorham and
 Glen”. The gala consisted of a turkey and beef buffet             east to Rte. 113 in Maine. Rte. 113 was a picturesque
 dinner, followed by both a silent and not so silent auction to    touring road along the Wild River. An early pedestrian
 benefit the Gibson Center for Senior Services. A colorful         suspension bridge over the river made an interesting stop as
 fireworks display and dancing brought a delightful evening        did the Stow Corner Store. We had yet to dip into our
 to a close. The rains had abated and the sky held a promise       commemorative picnic baskets, but one should always start
 of a sunny Sunday of touring.                                     with dessert to make sure there's room for it. The ice cream
                                                                   and tempting bakery products at the store handled the
      Sunday the summit of Mount Washington stopped                dessert course nicely. We eventually left Maine and headed
 playing peekaboo with the clouds. It was a perfect day for        back to Conway. The tour directions allowed us to by-pass
 touring. The Mount Washington Auto Road had carefully             North Conway's outlet miles and delivered us back to the
 mapped out three tours. The Grand Hotel Tour with stops at        base of the mountain. There we gathered on the porch and
 Mountain View Grand Hotel, Mount Washington Hotel,                had our picnic lunch. Later in the day a number of us sat on
 The Wentworth, and the Eagle Mountain House                       the veranda at Eagle Mountain House recounting a most
 (headquarters for both the Granite Region and VSCCA) was          enjoyable Happy Hundredth Anniversary of the Climb to
 reported to be an excellent tour. The Four Notches Tour           the Clouds.
 (longest of the three) took one from Pinkham Notch through
Page 5                                                  Autumn Issue                                         September, 2004

             Climb to the Clouds…..
                    A Roaring Success!
                       25 vintage racers and nearly 100 antique cars attend
                                                                                                   by Jack and Sue Griffiths

     The spotty weather could not put a damper on the           manufactured prior to 1961 which represents the 100th
“Climb to the Clouds” 100th Anniversary celebration at          anniversary of the opening of the Auto Road, and the last
the Mount Washington Auto Road on July 9-12, 2004.              time vintage cars raced up the mountain. The racing
     The festivities began on Friday with “time trials” and     resumed in the early 1990’s for 10 years, using modern
practice runs for the many vintage sports cars, several of      automobiles.
which actually raced up the Auto Road in decades past. It            Granite Region members were present in all activities
was a treat to hear the roar of the engines and watch each      including directing car drivers and participants, parking
car speed off the line heading toward the half-way mark of      and registering antique cars, handing out spectator ballots,
the venerable mountain roadway.                                 judging the antique cars, and presenting the awards which
     On the antique car front, a number of participants         are listed elsewhere in this newsletter. Senior management
arrived on Friday, but the field was so wet from the            from Charter Trust Company (lead sponsor for the antique
overnight rains that it was best to gather them in the          car show) arrived mid-morning to greet members and
spectator parking lot at the Auto Road and at the Wildcat       spectators and view the superb collection of vintage cars.
ski area just down the road. Despite a little heavy                  The mist of the morning which developed into a steady
mountain dew, a pleasant afternoon was spent under the          rain at times in the afternoon got things a bit soggy, but
tent with good car talk and hopes for clearing skies.           through it all, drivers and spectators alike enjoyed an
     At 5:00 p.m., a reception was held at the ‘Red Barn’       experience not seen at the Mt. Washington Auto Road in
which provided the opportunity to meet vintage car racers,      many years.
Auto Road staff members, and see the vehicles originally             A car show of this quality and smooth operation takes
used to convey sightseers to the top of Mt. Washington          a great deal of planning and effort. It is always dangerous
over the past 140 years.                                        to single out individuals who contributed so much.
     Later in the evening, an overflow crowd enjoyed the        However, special thanks have to go to Larry and Shirley
excellent buffet at Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, NH         Cossar for heading up the event, Jack and Pat Armstrong
featuring three entrees and ‘serve-yourself’ strawberry         for launching the idea. Others who contributed much of
shortcake dessert. This was a marvelous opportunity to          their time and efforts include Gary and Joni Rondeau,
meet and greet many Granite Region members and                  Willy and Jan Carlson, Ken and Mary Lou Sommers,
spouses. A fun time was had by all.                             George and Judy House, Tom and Barb Madden, Sky and
                                                                Dot Borst, Tom Ellsworth (VSCCA), Ron and Audrey
     Saturday was literally a field day. From                   Peverley, Bill and Kae Allen, Gerry Griffin, Larry and
approximately 8:00 a.m. on, the action was non-stop with        Carol Hoagland, Dick and June Adams, Andy
the vintage racers heading up the hill for real, antique cars   Daubenspeck, Dave and Karen Simmering, Dave
arriving all morning, and spectators pouring in by the          Mersereau, and John Silva. Apologies if anyone has been
hundreds. The count was just shy of 100 antique cars, all       missed.
Page 6                                                Autumn Issue                                         September, 2004

                  Car Tours and Steamers
                      Mt. Washington Auto Road Centennial Celebration
                           of the First ‘Climb to the Clouds’ Race
                                                                                           by Larry and Carol Hoagland
     To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mt. Washington      to climb the mountain with it again this year but did not
racing history, two days were devoted to racing and            make the attempt. Allen reported that none of the steam
showing the vintage cars. The third day, Sunday, was for       cars present that day did the climb up the mountain,
old fashioned touring, complete with a packed lunch in a       probably because they arrived after the 8-9:30am time
wicker picnic basket. Three driving tours were planned to      window designed for antique cars to use the road without
highlight the ‘incredible scenery and cultural heritage’ of    interference from modern traffic.
the North Country and led to the fashionable Grand                  While the steam enthusiasts were at the field, another
Hotels, the Four Notches, or the back roads to Maine with      story was unfolding in a repair shop nearby. Andy
lots of scenic vistas, antique shops, and ice cream stops      Robeson of Blacksburg, VA, had a broken axle drive gear
along the way. The weather cooperated to make it a             on his Stanley. He writes: “Fortunately, Daryl Kendall
memorable touring day for all.                                 was with me, and we got the gear out on Sunday night. On
                                                               Monday we located a machine shop in Berlin, NH, (Cross
                                                               Machine, Inc). The machinists there essentially dropped
                                                               what they were doing and went to work on the broken
                                                               gear. The spider and gears were intact, and they welded
                                                               the broken gear, trued it up and pinned the spider back in
                                                               place. Thanks to Daryl’s skill, we had the gear installed
                                                               and the car running on Wednesday!

     Monday was Steamer Day when about 50 steamers
were expected at the Auto Road to honor the first “Climb
to the Clouds” in 1904 when F.O.Stanley drove his six HP
Stanley in competition with a 40 HP Daimler but both
were outdistanced by Harry Harkness driving a stripped
chassis 60 HP Mercedes.

    A wide variety of Stanley Steamers from 1902 to 1925
                                                                   In case anyone is wondering if the gear held up, we
were represented. John Moir of Chocorua, NH, had a very
                                                               drove the whole 200 mile Boxboro, MA tour in August
interesting early coffin nose Stanley in original condition.
                                                               without problems.
There was also a home built steamer made from a mid-50’s
Chevrolet station wagon. One Stanley from Iowa had a               Cross Machine, incidentally, worked on five or six
steam calliope mounted on the driver’s side for use while      Stanleys during the week. Next year, the New England
traveling down the road. Allen and Janette Blasick of          Brass and Gas Tour will be at the Mountain View Grand,
Tuftonboro, NH, and Fremont, California, had a 1903            and participants may need the services of their willing
Stanley that raced the mountain in 1904. They had hoped        mechanics.”
Page 7                                               Autumn Issue                                         September, 2004

               26th National Crown Victoria
                Association Convention
                                                                                                           by Dick Metz

     My wife Christine and I were honored to be chosen to    •   Thursday (8/5) Visit to the "Metz" Garage and Dance
host this event.                                                 with "Annie and the Orphans"
     The Sheraton Tara in Nashua was the site for the        • Friday (8/6) Budweiser Brewery visit and pictures of
festivities. The accommodations, food, beverages and staff       kids with Clydesdales, followed by Annual Awards
of this facility are "top notch" and second to none.             Banquet.
     In attendance were 1954, 1955, and 1956 FORD lovers          As you can see, everyone was kept busy with something
from as far away as Sweden. Total number of cars was in      to everyone's liking. Being the first time in the Northeast,
excess of 100 with about 500 members.                        folks were really impressed with the quality of life we enjoy
     Being in New England, we promise outstanding            here in New Hampshire, in addition to the friendliness of the
weather. This week of July 31st thru August 7th was by far   "natives."
the nicest week of the summer.                                    Chris and I would host another convention in a
     The event was covered by Oldies 105, Channel 9, and     heartbeat. Seeing people enjoy their vacation in our
the Boston Globe. Here is a list of the itinerary for the    beautiful region was very gratifying.
• Sunday (8/1) Early Arrivals - Pool Side Barbecue               Visit the C.V.A. website at
• Monday (8/2) Kid's Day - Canobie Lake Park       
• Tuesday (8/3) Squam Lake Tour - On Golden Pond
• Wednesday (8/4) New Hampshire International
    Speedway - lap on track and barbecue, with photos in
    Victory Lane

         More pictures from “Climb to the Clouds”:
Page 8                                               Autumn Issue                                        September, 2004

          2005 Annual Meeting
         Mark Your Calendars….
                                         by Jack Griffiths

     Dick and Chris Metz of Gilford, NH have
graciously offered to host the 2005 Granite Region
Annual Meeting next May.
     The tentative date as of this writing is Sunday, May
22, 2005.
     Following the usual format, members should plan
to arrive beginning at 10:30 a.m. following by the
formal meeting at noon, thence a picnic or other type
of lunch (to be determined).
                                                                   Mini-tours to Canterbury
     This is a great opportunity for Granite Regionaires
to break their antique cars out of winter storage and
                                                                         October 16, 2004
                                                                                                     by Jack Griffiths
drive them to the Annual Meeting.
     Dick has an extensive collection of antique cars
(most, if not all, Fords) and enjoys sharing the classic     Profile Auto League (PAL) will hold its annual
                                                          Canterbury Antique Car Show on Saturday, October 16,
experience. We all look forward to an excellent time
                                                          2004 (see notice elsewhere in this newsletter).
at the Metz residence next May.
                                                             The Granite Region would like to support Sky Borst
     If you want to check out Dick’s website, log onto: and have as many members as possible attend. It’s a real treat.
                                                                  Susan and I are planning to meet at the Macy’s parking
                                                             lot in Bedford about 8:00 a.m. and drive to the show as a
                                                             ‘mini tour’ with as many other members as might be
                                                             interested. After the show, we are contemplating heading
                                                             to a restaurant in Concord for some dinner. If you would
                                                             like to join us, please call at (603) 472-4990 or email at:
                                                                  Any members who would like to meet at other locations
                                                             around the state should contact President Jack Armstrong at
                                                             (603) 279- 0996 or at
                                                                  to make arrangements. In any case, see you at
Page 9   Autumn Issue   September, 2004
Page 10                                                Autumn Issue                                    September, 2004

Classified Ads - Classified Ads - Classified Ads - Classified Ads - Classified Ads
      Spartan Four Trumpet Musical Horn
                                                                           Custom Car Illustrations
          Plays “The Merry Oldsmobile Song”
              Good Condition Asking $250                               Commission a customized illustration
           Contact Larry Cossar 603-778-4788                                of your favorite antique auto
                                                                                Approximate Prices:
            Chevrolet--4-cylinder engine                                 8.5 x 11 - $75 ---- 16 x 24 - $225
                                                                                Contact Dion Mifsud
             1926-1927 --- casting # 346709                         
              Asking $250.00 or best offer                              check out their web site for details
               Sky Borst - 603-230-9566                             

                                                                           Classified Ads
              Minty 1958 Coup deVille                                 Things really move in the Classifieds
            with continental kit package.
                                                                      Send your ad (clearly written please) to
                   White w/silver roof                                            Warren Clark,
     Repainted two years ago (costing about 8 grand)                         Editor, Granite Banner
              Rick Costello 603-863-9096
                                                                                 10 Winsor Way
                                                                               Weston, MA 02493
                                                                      Ads may run for two issues at no charge.

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