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									                         60+ crowd slips

                             hirty-seven brave and adventurous members of
                             the 60+ Community boarded the bus for a day trip
                            to downtown Grapevine, Texas, and the Gaylord
                           Texan Hotel on Friday afternoon, December 29,
                       2006. You ask yourself, “What was so brave and adven-
                       turous about that?”

                       Well, it was probably the worst day in the entire season
                       to go anywhere. The Metro area was under a tornado
                       watch and flash flooding. However, the Lord was kind!
                       He held off the rain (not to mention the tornado!) until
                       our driver safely delivered us to downtown Grapevine
                       where we managed to invade all the lovely little shops.
                       About 40 minutes into our adventure the Lord opened
                       up the heavens and it poured. I must say the rain really
                       didn’t seem to slow anyone down. We all managed to
                       get our shopping done and then enjoy a delicious din-
                       ner at the restaurant of our choice. (Or it might have just
                       been the restaurant you happened to be closest to when
                       a monsoon hit!)

                       At 5:00 pm we boarded our bus once again and headed
                       for the Gaylord Texan. We promptly donned “lovely”
                       overcoats provided for us (it was 9 degrees in the build-
                       ing we were to enter), and then proceeded to thoroughly
                       enjoy the ICE! 2007 show.

                    Top, Joy Faye Adam tries the ice slide.
                    Left, Gilbert Adam and Joy Faye model the very necessary coats.
                    Below, Virgie Childs, Rose Marie Yeslow, Wanda Catarino

 FEBRUARY 2007                                                 PCPC WITNESS • 12
12 • PCPC WITNESS                                                    FEBRUARY 2007
slides in Grapevine
                       Georgia and Paul Settle

         We saw an amazing display of thousands of tons of ice
         sculptures using lights and color. Some were delightful, fan-
         ciful Christmas themes of Santa, sleighs, and reindeer; oth-
         ers portrayed the birth of our Savior in an overwhelmingly
         beautiful and larger-than-life nativity scene. What a sight!

         There weren’t many takers on this, but a couple of our folk
         even enjoyed a quick slip down the ice slide. After the ICE!
         tour we spent our remaining time taking in the atrium with
         all its stunning seasonal decorations. Everything shim-
         mered! It was the perfect time and place for a cup of hot
         chocolate and a cookie, a perfect ending to a perfect day. In
         the early evening we boarded our bus for home where we
         all arrived safe and sound. It was unanimous; we’d do it all
         again. God is good!

         If you’re interested in participating in some of the fun, the
         next 60 + Community activity is a Valentine banquet at
         Maggiano’s restaurant at NorthPark on Wednesday, Febru-
         ary 14, 11:30 am. The cost is only $10 per person. It will be
         a delicious assortment of food and wonderful entertain-
         ment—a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day! Please join us.
         Contact me, 214-224-2771, or for your
         reservation no later than Monday, February 12.
                                                           —Jane Beasley

 Right, top to bottom: Jake Beatty and Lynn Sinclair; Martha French and
 Margaret Eldridge; Nancy and Bob Sutton; Cookie and Arthur Wood;
 Rosemary Thorton and Peggy Bennett; Liz and Riley Williams

  FEBRUARY 2007                                                            PCPC WITNESS • 13
 FEBRUARY 2007                                                              PCPC WITNESS • 13
    Mission disciples give praise to God for new lives

Union Gospel Mission (UGM) cel-           tions from individuals. He is soon to        David will graduate soon. He is a
ebrated its 57th Thanksgiving and         be moved into a new position where           joyful young man who is still amazed
Praise banquet this year at PCPC. I       he can truly use the talent that God has     at how far God has brought him. He
have been attending it for 11 years       given him—cooking. While Percy was           was drinking and doing drugs by the
and have seen some great changes,         serving time in prison, the governor         age of 14 and spent time in prison on
but certain things remain the same.       of Louisiana needed a new cook. He           three different occasions. After getting
God is given the glory                                      asked for the best cook    out of prison, he fell in love with a girl
for all He is doing in                                      in the prison. Percy       who had ovarian cancer. They lived
the lives of previ-                                         was a great cook, so       the wild life, trying to find meaning in
ously homeless people                                       he was selected and        their existence. When she died, he felt
and in the direction                                        went to the governor’s     like his life had ended. He was later
and provision for the                                       mansion to cook for        led to UGM, where God’s Word came
Union Gospel Mission.                                       the governor and his       alive for him.
This banquet is not                                         family. When a new
and has never been a                                        governor was elected,      I consider David and Percy good
fundraiser. It is truly a                                   Percy was given ex-        friends of mine, but I had never heard
praise banquet, and all                                     ecutive clemency and       their stories in such detail. It was a
who attend come away                                        was eventually led to      precious time I will never forget as
greatly encouraged.                                         UGM. I was amazed at       they shared their lives with me. It is
    The highlight of the                                    his story as I thought     a great privilege that God has chosen
banquet is when men                                         about Joseph in the        me to be a part of the lives of people
and women give tes-                                         Bible, who went from       I would never have known other-
timonies of what God                                        prison directly into       wise. Every day I am with them, God
has done in their lives,                                    Pharoah’s service.         increases my faith in some way. The
and I have the great                                        Percy went to a place      wisdom I have received from reading
privilege of working                                        where he was loved         God’s Word has become illuminated
with them individually                                      and nourished by           through the lives of these dear men. I
ahead of time to help                                       godly people whom          get far more from my service at UGM
them organize their                                         the Lord had cho-          than they could ever get from me.
presentations.                                              sen to teach him His
    As I talked with                                        Word and to whom           Center of Hope: UGM’s Women’s
each of the four pre-                                       he would become ac-        Ministry
senters, I noticed that                                     countable in his walk      Spending time with the ladies was
they all came from                                          with the Lord.             a special experience for me; I really
dysfunctional homes.                                             Percy practiced his   didn’t know them well until they told
For me a dysfunctional                                       testimony with me         me their stories in detail. And I was
home is one where                                            many times, but when      greatly concerned about how to make
there is no understand-                                      he told the audience      their testimonies succinct.! I offered
ing of who Christ is.             Top, Percy Hines           that, growing up, no      suggestions, went home and prayed,
Those in the home live          Above, David Higbee          one had ever told him     and came back a few days later. But
the world’s way, not                                        they loved him or ever     they were praying too, because they
Christ’s way. But God has brought         even said “Happy Birthday,” he began         had learned the importance of prayer
these four to a place of light, where     to cry. He had to stop for a moment          and wanted their testimony to be
Christ is drawing them closer and         before he could go on. While he was in       what the Lord wanted. Actually, I
closer.                                   prison he had found out what a mon-          was amazed at the differences all
                                          ster he really was, using knives, beat-      our prayers had made.
Calvert Place: UGM’s Men’s                ing people up, and being “downright
Ministry                                  mean.” He just did not care about any-       Suzette Benjamin felt a clear
    First I met with the two men, Per- thing or anybody. He started pumping            prompting from the Holy Spirit
cy Hines and David Higbee, whom           iron and became huge, causing people         about what she should say. She
I have known quite a while. They          to fear him, and he loved it.                had experienced abuse in her life
have been through the discipleship            Percy is a changed man and no            that lasted for many, many years.
program; Percy has graduated and          longer has a dysfunctional family. He        She had become a Christian
David is nearing graduation.              has a family at UGM that loves him and       before coming to the Center of
    Percy is now working for the          celebrates with him, and he now knows        Hope, but when she came to the
mission picking up furniture dona-        the deep and abiding love of his Father.     Center she was living behind a

 14 • PCPC WITNESS                                                                                            FEBRUARY 2007
dumpster owning only the clothes on        was emotionally abusing her. But this        into a wonderful time of fellowship,
her back. Had you seen her, you might      time she became addicted to drugs            worship, and praise. Some years we
have classified her as a hopeless case.    and went to prison. She had been to          have struggled to obtain enough
   At the Center of Hope she has           the Center of Hope once before and           gifts for the almost fifty men on the
learned to walk with the Lord in           was not ready for the discipleship           program. We have learned to begin
submission to Him, waiting for His         program then. But the Lord wasn’t            praying about this ahead of time, and
timing and seeking what He would           through with her. Her daughters went         some years the Lord has provided the
have for her life. She is an articulate    to see her when she finally hit bot-         needed gifts just in time. But this year,
woman who writes well and spends           tom and had nowhere to look but up.          God provided more than we could
much time in prayer. Suzette sang a        She returned to the Center of Hope,          have ever imagined!
solo at the banquet that brought tears     applied for the disciple-                                       Many church mem-
to my eyes. What a gift God has given      ship program, and                                            bers gave gifts, but the
her. There is no doubt in my mind that     came to know the Lord                                        Shepherds of Souls Sun-
He will use this bright, godly, humble     and walk with Him. I                                         day School Community
woman mightily.                            know the Lord will use                                       was amazingly gener-
                                           her amazingly in the                                         ous. Dennis Weitzel,
La Keisha Morgan was the most              lives of her two pre-                                        a member of the class
nervous of the four giving testimonies.    cious daughters, whom                                        who has volunteered
She was terrified of getting up in front   she greatly loves, as                                        for many years at the
of 250 people and telling her story. Yet   she continues to learn                                       men’s mission, took up
she surprised me the most. It was truly    how to be the kind of                                        a collection one Sunday
the Holy Spirit speaking through her       mother God intended                                          morning, and I was
with boldness.                             her to be.                                                   shocked when I saw the
    La Keisha moved out of her home                                                                     envelope overflowing
at age 16. She soon became the mother      Union Gospel Mission’s                                       with money! And God
of a very sick newborn baby, and she       Thanksgiving and                                             continued to send dona-
and her boyfriend had to make the          Praise Banquet is open                                       tions from individuals:
decision to turn the ventilator off. It    to anyone who wants                Suzette Benjamin          sweaters, cash, and gift
left her feeling like she had killed her   to come. Please let us                                      cards.
own son. She had two more children         know if you would like to be invited
             and again went out on her     next year.                                   John and Trulah Monroe, Barbara
                      own because her                                                   Boyce, my husband Dick, and I spent
                           boyfriend       Christmas Morning at Calvert Place Christmas morning at UGM. The men
                                           There used to be men in the disciple-        shared all God has been doing in their
                                               ship program at UGM who had              lives lately. One man, just out after
                                                 nowhere to go for Christmas.           10 years of prison, said, “You don’t
                                                 Some had no family, some had           know what it means to me to see a
                                                 families who never wanted              Christmas tree with lights on it!” as
                                                 to see them again, some had            he looked at the UGM tree with its
                                                 families who lived too far away,       blinking lights. Another man shared
                                                 and some had families that spent that he was in a coma this time last
                                                Christmas drinking and using            year as a result of an aneurysm. No
                                                drugs. It was a sad time for many       one expected him to live. But God
                                                 of these men, so we volunteers         brought him through it, and he is alive
                                                          at UGM started asking         today to worship and serve the Savior.
                                                             PCPC members to            One after another, men stood up to tell
                                                             provide gifts that we      about the faithfulness of God and how
                                                              could deliver to them     much it meant to them that our church
                                                              on Christmas morn-        body would think of them on this day.
                                                              ing.                      We sang Christmas carols, prayed, and
                                                                  As the years          handed out the gifts; and Dick gave
                                                               have gone by,            a devotional message on hope and
                                                               Christmas morning        perseverance.
                                                               has developed                If you are interested in becom-
                                                                                        ing involved at UGM, call Melody
                                                                          La Keisha     Dockery, 214-353-9838, to work with
                                                                   Morgan with her      women and children, or call me, 214-
                                                                   daughters Ariah      522-8659, to work with the men.
                                                                        and Alena                                  —Dianne Steele

 FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                           PCPC WITNESS • 15
Catching up with Cristo Rey                                                                 talking to her mother and telling her
                                                                                            that the Word of God says we should
Outreach to Hispanic community bearing fruit                                                not have idols or images. I see that
                                                                                            prayer is very powerful. Also, before,
Josh Geiger is pastor of Cristo Rey, a         What was your first impression when          if I made a joke, she answered angrily.
bilingual PCA church plant of the North        you came to Cristo Rey the first day?        Now she takes it as nothing. She is
Texas Presbytery ministering to Hispanics      My impression was that it was a little       very calm. The changes I have seen in
in North Dallas.                               unusual. It was a tiny little room           my daughters Gisela and Mariela are
   Felipe is from Matehuala in the state       where there were about eight people.         very big. Mariela is 11. She was the
of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He and his         It was a little strange because I was        first one who began loving Jesus. You
family have been attending Cristo Rey for      used to going to a church where there        can see her interest, her questions. But
a little over two years. Felipe is currently   were so many people and no one               Gisela, who is 16, is more reserved
leading the devotions for PCPC’s ESL stu-      knew each other.                             and doesn’t want to show it, but she
dents on Thursday mornings. Josh posed                                                      has also enjoyed coming to church.
the following questions to Felipe:             How have you been changed by being           I know that she also has understood
                                                                    part of Cristo Rey?     many things about the Lord. And,
                                                                      How have you seen     you remember, she tried drugs—I
                                                                      changes in your       don’t know how much—but thanks
                                                                      life?                 be to God we were able to rescue her
                                                                      The first person      in time, thanks to Cristo Rey and the
                                                                      to see changes in     people who are here, and the prayers.
                                                                      my life was my        Maybe you can’t see a lot of changes
                                                                      wife. She said to     in her now, but I have faith that in the
                                                                      me, “Don’t become     future they are going to be greatly
                                                                      a fanatic!” and I     impacted.
                                                                      laughed. People
                                                                      around me have        When someone asks you, “What is
                                                                      said, “You have       Cristo Rey like?” What do you tell
                                                                      something differ-     them?
                                                                      ent.” My mom,         There’s a song that says “We are a
                                                                      when she came,        special people,” and for me, when I
                                                                      saw I was differ-     think of Cristo Rey, it’s really a special
                                                                      ent. I know what      church. I feel like the Lord is doing a
                                                                      I believe and I am    lot here. The church is growing, and
                                                                      not ashamed to tell   there are people from different nation-
    The family: Chris, Felipe, Mari, Mariela, Gisela
                                                                      anyone that I am a    alities and races here.
                                                                     Christian. The truth
What has been the greatest blessing            is I have felt a change in me. Before, I     How do you see the Lord using our
that you personally have received              desired certain things, and now I have       congregation in the community in
from being part of Cristo Rey?                 stopped desiring those things. That’s        Dallas?
The greatest blessing that I have had          the Word of the Lord. Before, I really       Jose has friends that are from Mexico,
through Cristo Rey is to have found a          wanted to drink a couple of beers.           and he’s telling a lot of them about
personal relationship with Jesus Christ Now I feel that I really don’t need that.           the Word. Alex is telling his family in
—exclusively between Christ and me.            I used to battle a lot with jealousy, but    Mexico and also his friends. I believe
The Bible studies that we have and the thank God, He is working in my life                  that the Word is revealing itself to
depth of conversations between me              and little by little that’s going away.      the people here at Cristo Rey and all
and Pastor Josh have taught me more                                                         the way to Mexico. In my case, I have
about Jesus.                                   How have you seen the Lord working           friends that were born here, and from
                                               in your family? Has your family been         other countries, and I’m talking to
Why did you first begin coming to              changed by being a part of Cristo Rey?       them, and my wife is talking to her
Cristo Rey?                                    Yes, of course. My wife has changed          friends at work. The Word of God is
Well, I looked for a church because,           a lot. When I used to say to her, “Let’s     being taken to many places by the
thank God, I’d had a revelation from           pray for the meal,” she would act            servants here at Cristo Rey.
reading a New Testament that I found           like it didn’t matter if we prayed or
at a Catholic Church. I felt very good         not. Now, when I ask her to pray at          What is your hope for Cristo Rey?
here at this church, because what I was a meal she will pray. She is reading                Where do you see this congregation in
looking for was a church that would            her Bible and talking to her family          five years?
preach the Word of the Lord.                   about Jesus. It’s a big step that she is

  16 • PCPC WITNESS                                                                                                FEBRUARY 2007
A southeast Asian celebration

Christmas carols in four languages
           “After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation,
            from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb,
              clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice,
             ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!’” —Revelation 7:9-10

           he room had a festive air to it, and there was       were sung by a group from Myanmar in their native lan-
          food in abundance. Christmas songs were               guage, and then everyone joined in to sing Christmas carols
        playing, and children were running and enjoying         (in four different languages!) along with PCPC’s J. Marty
      games of different kinds.                                 Cope and Amanda Whitsell. After the music everyone
    Young and old, new and familiar, around 150 Asian           settled down to listen to Assistant Pastor Patrick Lafferty as
folk gathered at a unique Southeast Asian Christmas Party       he shared “The True Meaning of Christmas.”
held in the Oak Lawn West building on December 23.                  “Many people hear about God, but even many Chris-
PCPC’s own Lao Presbyterian Fellowship (LPF) hosted             tians don’t know the true meaning of Christmas,” says
the event. Among the Lao and Thai LPF members and               King Sribounheuang, Director of the Lao Presbyterian Fel-
families present was a group of Myanmar refugees that           lowship. “At this Christmas gathering, many heard about
had just arrived a few weeks earlier. These new arrivals        Christ for the first time. That is important!”
were soon to hear about the love of Christ. There was a             Please join us in praying for an increased LPF/PCPC ef-
great time of fellowship and getting to know new people.        fort to reach many from Southeast Asia for His kingdom!
    As the evening continued, the large group sat down                                                      —Amanda Whitsell
to enjoy Christmas dinner and a time of worship. Songs

I’m really optimistic, and hope that        will eventually
the church grows into a big congrega-       be able to sup-
tion. I think Cristo Rey will have a        port itself, and
very important role in the lives of the     maybe one day
Hispanics here in Dallas. It doesn’t        we can sup-
always look like things are happen-         port another
ing, but things are advancing and           church plant.
everything is in the Lord’s hands. I’m      People have been
optimistic, but the Lord is the one         blessed here, and
who has the last word.                      a seed has been
                                            planted. That
Is there something else that you’d like     should encour-
to say to those who are supporting          age them. The
our congregation or are considering         seed is going
supporting us?                              to grow, and in
I’d like to thank those that are sup-       time will bring
porting our church. They supported          fruit and will
us when we weren’t anything, just 8         plant other seeds
or 10 people. Little by little the church   in other places.
                                            VBS at Cristo Rey

 17 • PCPC WITNESS                                                                                         FEBRUARY 2007
                     Serving Christ on the Shores of the Amazon and
children arrive for VBS

                                                          equipment and crew. Prior to     all of the items that would be added to
                                                          our arrival in each of seven     each blue bag, 148 family packs in all.
                                                          villages, representatives from        The Amor consisted of three living
                                                          Central Presbyterian Church      decks and one engine/service deck.
                                                          of Manaus had already            The top deck performed double duty
                                                          begun to “sow seeds”; our        as the men’s sleeping quarters and our
                                                          charge was to build relation-    dining hall, the middle deck housed
                                                          ships and spread the good        colorful sleeping hammocks for the
                                                          news of Jesus Christ.            girls and interpreters, and the lower
                                                              With 44 large duffle bags    deck served as our laundry, sleeping
                                                          and suitcases filled to capac-   quarters for the boat crew, and general
                                                          ity with a myriad of items       packing area. Our floating home was a
                                                          including clothing, medicine,    gracious host to us as we watched the
                                                         toys, fishing hooks and line,     sun rise and set over the river during
                                                         Portuguese Bibles, and VBS        our trip. After breakfast each morn-
                                                         supplies, we arrived at DFW       ing, we would gather on the upper
                                                         airport and began a long day      deck for a time of singing, devotion,
                                                         of travel, excited about the      and prayer in preparation for the day
                                                        new experiences ahead of us.       ahead.
                                                        In Miami, we rendezvoused
                                                       with our pharmacy student           Village by village
                                                     and our two water-well-drilling           On Sunday, September 3, the ex-
                                                    experts.                               citement of our first village visit set in.
                                                                                           Names such as Macaranca, Sao Sebas-
                                                 A warm welcome                            tio, and Flexal, all new to us, became
                                                     Our landing in Manaus and             villages of precious Brazilian friends
                                                 navigation through customs at 2:30        throughout the week, all eager to greet

     On Friday, September 1, 2006, 22            am was blessed by the fact that not       our boat. Villagers would come on
     Americans headed to Manaus, Brazil,         one piece of luggage was confiscated!     foot or by boat once they’d learned
     to begin their much-anticipated short-      From the airport, a bus transported       that the Americans were coming. They
     term mission trip. This group, repre-       our weary team the short drive to the     were coming to see us!
     senting seven different churches, was       river where our floating home, Amor           As we docked at each village, our
     led by Dr. Cal Ramage of PCPC, who          y Esperanca, was waiting for us. One      Brazilian team members would scam-
     had utilized his dental skills the previ-   look at the Amor and we knew in-          per off to scout out the most suitable
     ous year on the Amazon. Just three          stantly that this was the beginning of a  location to set up the pharmacy, VBS,
     months earlier God began knitting our       wonderful adventure. A warm greet-        and the dental and medical clinics.
     group together, and Cal facilitated six     ing by our crew and Brazilian team of     Sometimes the largest shade tree was
     meetings during the summer to pre-          interpreters, approximately 25 in all,    the most coveted location.
     pare us for our great Amazon adven-         awaited us as we were served our first
     ture, culminating with a packing party      meal—breakfast—at 4:30
     at the Amazon Outreach warehouse in         am.                                family packs are handed out to grateful villagers
     Dallas.                                         Fortunately that first
         At our first organizational meeting,    day on the river was
     trip goals were clearly outlined: pro-      another travel day as we
     viding medical and dental care, testing     headed eastward, cross-
     vision and dispensing reading glasses,      ing the Rio Negro to the
     ministering to men and women, lead-         Uatuma River, a distance
     ing Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the     of about 200 miles and 22
     children, and drilling water wells. Our     hours by water. We had
     ultimate goal was to share the love of      some time to rest, begin
     Christ and to spread the gospel.            to get to know each other,
         Over the last 15 years, Amazon          and assemble what would
     Outreach has acquired two boats now         become known as the
     used for approximately 25 short-term        “family packs.” The lower
     mission trips annually and a smaller        deck looked like a flea
     boat outfitted with well-drilling           market as we categorized

      18 • PCPC WITNESS                                                                                           FEBRUARY 2007
                                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2007
Uatuma Rivers
      Our medical team treated maladies
  from malaria to worms, including
  some nasty wounds. We observed not
  only simple, treatable problems, but
  also illnesses requiring lab and x-ray
  facilities which were not available
  onboard. During one examination, a
  stethoscope revealed that a twin, sick-
  ly in appearance, possibly had a large
  hole in his heart. If not repaired, it
  would end the child’s life prematurely.
  Our Brazilian partners are attempt-
  ing to transport this child to a major
  city where he can undergo open-heart
  surgery. Additionally, our medical
  team encountered an 11-year-old boy
  requiring a simple surgical procedure
  commonly performed in the U.S. By                                                              Above, the American team gathers
  God’s providence, our nurse anes-                                                              on the steps of the Manaus Opera
  thetist had just enough short-acting                                                           House
  anesthesia for one procedure, allow-                                                           Left, morning devotions on the
  ing the medical team to treat this child                                                       Amor y Esperanca
  and prevent chronic kidney failure                                                             Below, VBS leaders and their
  and death.                                                                                     charges

                                                                                                   team member would share
                                                                                                   his or her testimony trans-
                                                                                                   lated by one of our Brazilian
                                                              team. Our water well                interpreters. Periodically we
                                                              drilling team success-   would invite those in need of healing
                                                              fully struck water in    to come forward and receive prayer.
                                                              three of six villages,   Then the team would surround these
                                                              bringing the dual gift   precious people and pray in both
                                                              of “living water.” A     English and Portuguese. Each ser-
                                                              large multicolored       vice concluded with the anticipated
                                                              parachute or bubbles     distribution of the family packs to the
                                                              beckoned the chil-       heads of very grateful families. In all,
                                                              dren to VBS. A typical   our team was privileged to bring the
                                                              day included Bible       truth of the gospel to seven hungry
                                                              story skits complete     villages. Joyfully, members in each one
                                                              with costumes, songs     prayed to receive Christ! At trip’s end,
                                                              with our Brazilian       we were sad to leave behind our new
                                                              interpreters, engaging   friends and the tranquility of the river,
              The dental team, equipped      crafts, and snacks. Even the youngest     longing to return.
          with state-of-the art portable     children were exposed to the gospel
          equipment, pulled teeth and        using the EvangiCube, and generally       We serve a great God, and as His
          gave lessons in proper den-        we just “loved on them.”                  ambassadors we participated in dem-
          tal hygiene to the children.          Whether spending a half day or an      onstrating His love for His children
          Checking the vision of villag-     entire day in a village, we provided      living along the banks of the Amazon.
          ers provided a perfect open-       a meal for those who journeyed by         Plans are already underway for a
          ing for evangelism and rela-       foot or boat because they knew we         return trip in September 2007, and we
          tionship building. Some of our     were coming. Each village visit ended     invite you to respond to God’s call to
          men fished with Brazilian men      with a worship service conducted in       make disciples throughout the world.
          and shared the love of Christ.     a church, in a soccer arena, or on the    If you are interested, please contact
          Brazilian women learned            river bank. Either the local pastor or    Corey Young, 214-224-2525 or corey.
          about Christ and birth control     one of our team would give the gospel     young@pcpc for further information.
          from our women’s ministry          message. Additionally, an American                              —Charlotte Medley

   FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                        PCPC WITNESS • 19
neighbors to the world

                                                                                               Andrew and Becky Bronson with
            year has passed since we          ing. Please pray as they seek to raise          PCPC Missions Director Curt Dobbs
             gathered around the theme        the last of their financial support for a             (center) in Thailand
              “Neighbors to the World”        two-year ministry in evangelism and
                at PCPC’s 2006 World          discipleship. Read more about them at       are working with our Missions and
Missions Conference. We studied                Outreach staff to see what God would
Christ’s commands to pour our lives                                                       have them do. Plus, some PCPC mem-
into loving our God and loving our            Four PCPC members called to Asia            bers are now tentmakers (minister-
neighbors. We fellowshipped with our          For security reasons, these four cannot     ing in another culture while holding
heroes, our missionaries. We learned          be named or pictured, but their story       a secular job for income) in strategic
of PCPC’s involvement in the exten-           is nonetheless exciting. Their hearts       places and others are considering this
sion of God’s Kingdom around the              stirred during their participation in       unique type of service.
globe.                                        PCPC’s cultural exchange program
    So what has happened since then?          between our high school youth and a         Glory be to God for calling some of us
How is our church growing in its              high school in Asia. Two of the four        go. Glory be to God for calling all of us
love for its neighbors around the             left for Asia in August 2006. Two more      to send. In 2007 may Park Cities Pres-
world? How is God changing hearts             are making plans and raising support        byterian
and teaching us to love, to go, and to        to go this summer. All four plan to         Church
                                                                                                                        Josh and Amy
send? Here’s an update on some PCPC           serve at least two years. Please contact    continue
members who heard the call to go.             our World Missions office, 214-224-         to grow
Read and be encouraged. But watch             2525, if you would like more informa-       in its
out—you’ll be challenged, too. God is         tion on how to support and pray for         calling
at work!                                      these brothers and sisters.                 to be a
Andrew and Becky Bronson, a young             These are just eight of our members         bor
couple who had been prayerfully consider-     answering God’s call to special times       to the
ing overseas ministry                         of service. There are others, some          world!
In September 2006 Andrew, and Becky           young and some not so young, who
moved to Thailand for a two-year
commitment. They plan to spend part
of their time serving in Bangkok and                                                                                   Periodical
part of their time in Nong Khai at Gen-        pcpc                                                                   Postage Paid
nesaret Church, one of PCPC’s World            FEBRUARY 2007 • Vol. XVII, No. 1                                       Dallas, Texas
50 church plants. They are working in          Park Cities Presbyterian Church
evangelism, discipleship, mercy min-           4124 Oak Lawn
istries and church planting. To learn          Dallas, Texas 75219
more about their current ministry, go

Josh and Amy Oettle (pronounced
“Etley”), called to work on a major college
campus in Mexico City
Josh and Amy have been pursuing a
call to take the gospel to the future
professionals of Mexico. They recently
left their jobs and are in the midst of
cross-cultural training and fundrais-

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