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									                                     State Senator
                                     Pat Vance
                                     Legislative Report
                                     Or Current Resident

                                    Compromise Budget Restrains Spending
                                       The 2008-09 state budget limits         increase proposed by the Governor
                                    expenditures for new proposals and         in February.
                                    existing programs, while still ensuring • No new taxes or fees. The sched-
                                    the continuation of essential services.    uled phase-out of the Capital Stock
                                    A sluggish economy and weak rev-           and Franchise Tax is maintained.
                                    enues highlight the need for a guard-
                                                                            • Basic education funding is increased
                                    ed spending plan.
                                                                               by $274.7 million, or 5.5 percent.
      Main District Office             Despite calls by
                                                                                                Funding for individ-
          Tracy Evens               some to tap the            More budget information:         ual school districts
            Li Kohr                 Rainy Day Fund to is based on a formu-
         Joe Marsicano              hike spending, the
                                                                                                la proposed by the
       3806 Market Street           increases in expen-
                                                                               Governor, with each district receiv-
      Camp Hill, PA 17011           ditures are limited. Many agencies,
                                                                               ing at least 3 percent more than the
        (717) 975-1985              along with the legislative and judicial
                                                                               prior year.
        1-877-728-8262              branches, received cuts from the
         Monday-Friday              Governor’s initial budget proposal.     Tax Credit Approved for
        9 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                                    Volunteer Responders
                                                                                Individuals serving their communi-
     Satellite District Office      • Increase of 3.98 percent over last    ties through volunteer ambulance serv-
          Joe Marsicano               year, which is slightly below infla-  ices, volunteer fire companies and vol-
     59 West Louther Street           tion and less than the 4.2 percent    unteer rescue companies are eligible for
       Carlisle, PA 17013
                                                                                                Continued on page 3
         (717) 258-6620
        9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

          Capitol Office
            Amy Bolze
       Cara Laudenslager
            Amy Long
          Tracy Polovick
            Mark Ryan
       Senate Box 203031
    Room 168 Main Capitol
   Harrisburg, PA 17120-3031
         (717) 787-8524
         9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

          Web Site:

             E-mail:             There is an effort currently underway to improve access to the Audubon
                                    Hawk Watch at Waggoner’s Gap by creating the Cliff Jones Field Station.
 Information on bills, committee    The addition will be named in honor of the former DEP Secretary and area
meetings, sessions and background   leader who died in May. This area adjacent to Route 74 is one of the finest
  on individual members can be
                                    hawk watching opportunities in Pennsylvania. Sen. Vance’s June cable tele-
     found on the Internet at
                                    vision show discussed this treasure in depth and can be viewed on her Web
                                    site. Pictured during the taping are, from left, David Grove, site compiler;
                                    Vance; and Kim Van Fleet, Important Bird Area Coordinator.
        Printed on recycled Paper

Updates, Additional
Available Online
Vance Legislation
   A complete list of legislation I have
sponsored is available on my Web
site. The list will be updated periodi-
cally and includes a brief description
and status of each bill.
Highway Construction Updates
   You can find links relating to high-
way and bridge projects on my Web
site. You also can access information
about the regional transportation
plans affecting Cumberland and York
                                           Wellsville Borough held its second annual Fall Parade in October. Sen. Pat
counties. These are long-range plans
that identify future projects in the       Vance and Rep. Bev Mackereth rode along the route in a Stanley Steamer
planning stages.                           owned and driven by Charles Johnson.

                                           Energy Saving Tips Plentiful
                                              As energy prices continue to climb       • Use a microwave oven to cook food.
    Energy                                 there are many steps that can be              They are 75 percent faster than con-
                                           taken to lower one’s bill.                    ventional ovens thus reducing ener-
    Investment                             • Customers of PPL, Med-Ed and                gy use.

    Legislation                              Adams Electric Cooperative can go to
                                             their respective company’s Web site to
                                                                                       • Use a programmable thermostat.
                                                                                       • Replace filters monthly and keep air
    Enacted                                  complete a questionnaire that gives an
                                             estimate of where the most money is
                                                                                         vents clean of dust and lint.
                                                                                       • Reduce air leaks by using caulk and
       The General Assembly approved         spent and receive tips on how to
                                                                                         weather stripping.
    a measure to increase the develop-       decrease the cost. For PPL visit
                                    Met-Ed’s Web         • Turn down the temperature on the
    ment and use of alternative and
                                             site is        hot water tank.
    renewable energy, improve energy
    efficiency and reduce energy con-        Ed. For Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc   • Turn down the thermostat in the
    sumption.                                visit                      winter and turn it up in the sum-
                                           • Keep drapes and shades closed to            mer. By adjusting the thermostat 10
    Consumer Highlights                                                                  to 15 degrees for eight hours each
                                             reduce the cost of cooling a home
    • $100 million for solar energy          in the summer.                              day, consumers can realize a 10 per-
      projects. Loans, grants or reim-                                                   cent savings each year, according to
                                           • Use clothes dryers and dishwashers
      bursements shall not exceed 35                                                     the U.S. Department of Energy.
                                             in the early morning or late evening
      percent of the purchase and
                                             since they produce heat.
      installation price.
    • $10 million annually for low-
      income home energy assistance
      to supplement federal home
      energy assistance funds.
    • $92.5 million for a variety of
      energy conservation projects.
      Loans, grants or reimbursements
      shall not exceed 25 percent of
      the purchase and installation
       The legislation also dedicates
    significant resources for business-
    es, nonprofit economic develop-
    ment organizations and local gov-
    ernments for projects relating to      Sen. Pat Vance recently participated in the West Shore Elks Club’s Flag
    clean energy, alternative energy       Day ceremony, which honored 43 World War II veterans who live in the
    production, solar energy, renew-       area. The veterans are pictured with Vance, Rep. Glen Grell and Col.
    able energy and pollution control.     Dennis D. Tewksbury, chairman of the Department of Academic Affairs at
                                           the U.S. Army War College.

Budget Restrains Spending
                                            Senate Advances Privacy, Reform Bills
Continued from page 1                          Three pieces of legislation, which       with Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.”
                                            address security of personal informa-       It is estimated that state government
a new tax credit. For 2008, an active       tion within a government agency, bring      spends tens of millions of taxpayer
volunteer is eligible for a $100 credit,    greater accountability to state advertis-   dollars annually advertising itself.
which may be claimed on the individ-        ing and restrict the usage of state vehi-       Finally, Senate Bill 1499 would
ual’s personal income tax return.           cles, recently passed the Senate.           restrict long-term, state-owned vehicle
                                               Senate Bill 1266 would require a         assignments to those employees who
Assistance with Chesapeake Bay
                                            state agency or local government to         drive more than an average of 1,200
Mandates Enacted
                                            notify affected individuals of a data       miles per month on official business.
   New state assistance may help local      security breach within seven days of        A detailed monthly mileage log would
ratepayers with the burden of funding       discovery. Current law requires             be posted on the Department of
upgrades to wastewater treatment            affected individuals to be notified         General Services’ Web site and be
plants. This is especially important to     “without reasonable delay.” In the          accessible to the general public and
communities that must make                  past, delays have occurred beyond           news media, under the legislation.
upgrades to comply with the                 the definition of reasonable.                   All three bills have been assigned
Chesapeake Bay Tributary Strategy.             Senate Bill 1015 would require all       to the House State Government
   Wastewater treatment plant fund-         paid advertising by state government        Committee for consideration.
ing is included within plans to bor-        to bear a disclaimer stating “Paid for
row for dams and water and sewer
projects. The debt service for a
majority of this borrowing is covered
through monies set aside in the
Gaming Economic Development and
Tourism Fund, without using tax rev-
enues. The remainder would be sub-
ject to a voter referendum before the
borrowing could occur.

Advance Directive,
Living Will
   No one likes to think about the          In February Sen. Pat Vance announced that she had secured $1.5 million
kind of health care they would want         in the state’s Capital Budget to address safety concerns at the Opossum
should a catastrophic accident or ill-      Lake Dam in Lower Frankford Township. The 59-acre lake was lowered
ness make them unable to express            14 feet in the fall of 2005 after leaks were discovered in the dam’s spill-
their wishes to family, loved ones and      way. Construction is expected to begin in late 2009 or early 2010 with
doctors.                                    the lake ready for use again in 2011. Sen. Vance is pictured at the lake
   However, it is imperative to give
                                            for the announcement.
these decisions thought before some-
thing occurs. It is estimated only
about 15 percent of people have exe-
cuted an advance directive. A signifi-
cant reason for this low number is          Bill, Lobbying Information
that there is considerable confusion
among the public about advance              Available on Internet
directives.                                                                             users track who is lobbying, who
                                               Pennsylvania Senate votes and
   The Hospital & Healthsystem                                                          individual lobbyists are represent-
                                            debates, along with bills and statutes,
Association of Pennsylvania, a                                                          ing, and how they are spending
                                            can now be accessed online via one
statewide organization that advocates                                                   their money. In addition, users can
                                            Web site, the Citizen Access Page.
for almost 250 hospitals, long-term                                                     view the number of clients each
                                               By visiting my Web site (www.sen
care and home health and hospice                                                        lobbyist has and what each one is
                                   and clicking on the
providers, is working to clear up the                                                   spending per client.
                                            “Citizen Access Page” box on the right
confusion through a consumer                                                               The site guides users through the
                                            side of the page, one can look up bills
brochure and sample advance health-                                                     process, under the headings “How
                                            and amendments, review text of floor
care directive. The information is                                                      to View Senate Votes and Debates,”
                                            debates, and see how senators voted.
available at In                                                      “How to Search Pennsylvania
                                            Information is available regarding
addition, at most Pennsylvania hospi-                                                   Statutes,” and “How to View
                                            votes in committee and the full Senate.
tals, patients who enter the facility are                                               Lobbyist Disclosure Reports.”
                                               The Citizen Access Page also helps
given information on this topic.

Need to Re-Register for Do Not Call List                                            exempt charitable organizations,
                                                                                    political parties and other groups not
    Pennsylvania residents who signed     eliminate the need to re-register every   peddling goods or services.
up for the Do Not Call List when it       five years. The bill is now in the            The Senate also is working to elim-
initially began in 2002 need to re-reg-   House Appropriations Committee.           inate the exemption for political par-
ister to keep unwanted telemarketing         Residents can register their names,    ties. Senate Bill 820, which I cospon-
calls at bay.                             addresses and phone numbers – either      sored, would make it illegal for any
    In 2002 the General Assembly cre-     landline or cell phone numbers – with     political candidate or organization –
ated a law that allowed telephone         the state list by calling 1-888-777-      including so-called 527 groups – to
subscribers to register their telephone   3406 or by visiting www.nocalls           make automated political calls to any
number on a list that prohibits tele- Both the toll-free hotline    resident who signs up to be on the
marketers from contacting them and        and Web site are accessible 24 hours a    list. The bill passed the Senate in
subjects telemarketers to fines if they   day, seven days a week.                   April and is now in the House State
fail to comply. The registration is          The law excludes those calls from      Government Committee.
valid for five years.                     telemarketers who have an existing
    Legislation that passed the Senate    business relationship with customers
in May (Senate Bill 1116) would           or who are calling on behalf of tax-      Pennsylvania Facts
                                                                                            Do you know?
                                                                                    1. What was the northernmost
                                                                                    point Confederate troops reached
                                                                                    during the Civil War?
                                                                                    2. What is the total area of
                                                                                    3. What Pennsylvania-born actress
                                                                                    portrayed Jane Hathaway on the
                                                                                    Beverly Hillbillies?
                                                                                    4. What Pennsylvania community
                                                                                    maintains the largest historic dis-
                                                                                    trict outside of Philadelphia?
                                                                                    5. Around 1797, Pennsylvanian
                                                                                    William P. Eichbaum became the
                                                                                    first person to construct what type
Sen. Pat Vance participated in National Library Week in April by reading            of lighting fixture in America?
to third-grade students from Northside Elementary at the Joseph T.
                                                                                    6. What percentage of school-aged
Simpson Public Library in Mechanicsburg. In addition, she answered
                                                                                    children in Pennsylvania actually
questions from the students.                                                        attended school in 1831?
                                                                                    7. Penn State defensive tackle Mike
                                                                                    Reid received the 1986 Song of the
                                                                                    Year award by the American Society
                                                                                    of Composers, Authors and
                                                                                    Publishers for what composition?
                                                                                    8. The Art Association of
                                                                                    Harrisburg occupies what former
                                                                                    Pennsylvania governor’s home?
                                                                                    9. Glen Mills is noted for having
                                                                                    the first manufacturing plant for
                                                                                    what item?
                                                                                    10. What was Jim Thorpe’s full

                                                                                        10. James Francis Thorpe
                                                                                        9. Roller skates
                                                                                        8. William Findlay
David Norton, a rising junior at Syracuse University, is interning in Sen.              7. “Lost in the Fifties.”
Pat Vance’s district office this summer. The 2006 graduate of Trinity High              6. Approximately 37 percent
School is studying political science, finance and accounting. He is the son             5. A crystal chandelier
of Alberta and James Norton of Camp Hill. Any college student residing in               4. York
the 31st Senatorial District is welcome to apply for an internship. Please              3. Nancy Kulp
                                                                                        2. 45,126 square miles
contact Li in the district office at 975-1985.
                                                                                        1. Lemoyne

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