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					 June 2009                                                                                                                                                      A1

New HSE superintendent to discuss vision, impact of state budget
                                                                                                                                                     A Look Inside
   H      amilton Southeastern Schools will
          begin the 2009-2010 school year
with a new superintendent, whose first
                                                 adjusted by a complexity index that is driven
                                                 by the number of students eligible for free or
                                                 reduced lunches.
                                                                                                   proposal would have
                                                                                                   helped to maintain
                                                                                                   reasonable        class                           Who’s Who                              A2
goals are to maintain a balanced budget and           Two concepts in that funding formula         sizes. “Smaller class                             Around Town                            A3
pursue funding equity. Dr. Brian F. Smith was    hurt growing schools:                             size is critical. For                             Business Leader                        A4
recently appointed the new superintendent        •	 The	first	was	a	minimum	guarantee	that	        example, in third
of schools by the Hamilton Southeastern          assures a school will receive the same overall    grade you learn to
                                                                                                                                                     BITs                                   A4
Schools Board of School Trustees.                revenue as it did the prior year, regardless of   read and in fourth                                Plan Ahead                             A4
     Smith, who will succeed Interim             how many students it gains or loses. Under        grade you read to
Superintendent Dr. Stephen Tegarden, served      this plan, HSE would welcome approximately        learn,” said Smith.                                    Watch for this pull-out feature monthly.
as superintendent of the MSD of Southwest        850 new students next year but would receive      If one can’t read in
Allen County school district from 1998 until     only $62,000 in new dollars, enough to hire       fourth grade due to

2009. Prior to             his tenure in Fort    one new teacher.                                  less one-on-one time in third grade, then he
Wayne, Smith was                                                                                   won’t learn at the level that is expected of a
superintendent                                                                                     fourth grader.
                              We understand money is tight;
of the Centerville-                                                                                    Dr. Smith emphasized that even the
A b i n g t o n               the government wants to reduce state                                 Governor’s new funding formula does not
                                                                                                                                                       Leading Businesses. Leading Communities.

C o m m u n i t y             spending. We want to be part of the solution,                        eliminate HSE’s budget challenges. The

                                                                                                                                                         This publication is designed, written and
and         Edinburgh         but we also want more equity in how those                            district would have to continue to reduce         edited by the Fishers Chamber of Commerce.
Community schools.            dollars are distributed across the state.                            expenses over the next two years.
     Smith comes to                                                                                    “Quality schools are an economic                                    11601 Municipal Drive
Fishers at the same                                                                                driver that draws people and business to                                Fishers, Indiana 46038
time the state budget for the upcoming           •	 The	 second	 feature	 that	 hurts	 growing	                                                                                 (p) 317-578-0700
                                                                                                   locate here. This translates to new jobs,
biennium generated an extended legislative       schools was a decrease in the foundation          good customers, solid housing market                       
session. With budget issues a concern for the    grant for each student enrolled. HSE receives     and community involvement. Recognizing
district, Smith said he hopes to influence the   few dollars from the complexity index and         that strong schools contribute to strong
legislature.                                     depends mainly on the foundation grant for        communities, we support and are looking                        Please submit business news to
     Recently, the Governor proposed a           its instructional funding.                        forward to hearing Dr. Smith speak,” said             
funding formula to a budget subcommittee              “We understand money is tight; the           Christi Wolf, president and CEO of the
for work before a special legislative session    government wants to reduce state spending.        Fishers Chamber of Commerce.                                  Christi Wolf, President and CEO
begins June 11. HSE was pleased with this        We want to be part of the solution, but we            In order to hear what plans Dr. Smith has              Jenny Banks, Chamber Operations
formula because it                               also want more equity in how those dollars        in store for the school district, please attend                       Matt Catanzarite, Intern
•	 Increased	 the	 foundation	 grant	 for	 each	 are distributed across the state,” said Smith.    the luncheon on June 17 at the FORUM                      Carol Doehrman, Event Coordinator
student (funding following the student),         The formula that did not pass at the end          Conference Center at 11:30 a.m. Visit www.                Marcia Honz, Member Development
•	 Allowed	 districts	 to	 continue	 to	 pay	 of the regular session would have forced    to register. Cost is $18       Alison Moore, Communications Coordinator
a portion of utilities and insurance from        HSE’s class sizes to increase by as many as       chamber members and $25 guests.                           Cheryl Robinson, Member Relations
Capital Projects Funds, leaving more General     five students per classroom. The Governor’s
Fund dollars for instruction and salaries,
•	 And	 eliminated	 the	 reghoster	 for	
declining schools. A reghoster gives districts                                                                                                                    August 1, 2009
funding for several years for students who
leave to attend elsewhere. This prevents the
                                                                                                                                                                  Noon - 10 p.m.
state from funding a student twice in two                                                                                                                       USA Parkway Circle
different districts.
     The Governor’s formula has already met
with opposition and it will be an uphill battle
to get it passed.
     The funding formula proposed but not
passed in the regular legislative session
would have penalized growing school
districts such as Hamilton Southeastern. In it
all school districts started out with the same
number of dollars per child (foundation
amount). Then foundation dollars are
A2                                                                                                                                  June 2009

                               Who’s Who & What’s New
               Mike Blanchet                                       Denise Derr-Malm                          Joe Held                           Kyle Kottka
               Community Hospitals                                 RE/MAX Ability Plus                       Commercial Team                    Stanley Steemer
               Mike was recently                                   Specializing in assisting                 Construction                       For more than 60 years,
               appointed CEO of                                    residential real estate                   Commercial Team                    we have been bringing
               Community Hospitals                                 buyers/sellers within                     Construction is a Design/          cleaner, more comfortable
               of Indiana, Inc.                                    the Metro-Indy area.                      Build General Contractor.          homes to America.

               Gina Lewis                                          Bruce Mannix                              Maureen May                        Molly Tittle
               Indiana Members                                     Mannix Agency                             Fishers Ambulatory                 Re-Form Movement
               Credit Union                                        The Mannix Agency                         Surgery Center, LLC                Molly has brought her
               Financial Institute,                                was established in 2003                   Offers a state-of-the-art          signature Barre Blend
               savings, loans                                      and is associated with                    same-day surgery center            Body Workout to Re-Form
               and investments                                     Nationwide Insurance.                     inside the medical center.         Movement Studios.
 The majority of these photos were taken by Focal Point Studios.

  Ball State University is offering an online graduate-level certificate                         Hamilton East Public Library’s website –
  in information and communication technologies (ICT) designed                                   - now offers two new online databases that can help businesses
  for non-engineers who understand the importance of blending                                    search for potential new customers or clients. To access these free
  technological understanding with management skills and analytical,                             informational databases, simply visit the library’s website and follow
  problem-solving insight. For more information visit                               the path from “Online Resources” to “Subscription Databases” to
  distance/advising.                                                                             “Reference USA”.

  Community Health Network was recognized by VHA Inc., a                                         Squeeze Fresh Smoothies recently opened a new franchise store
  national health care alliance, for its efforts to provide health care that                     located in Fishers at 11769 Commercial Drive. It is the second
  matches the needs of its community with a 2009 VHA Leadership                                  Squeeze location to open its doors in Indiana. The franchise is
  Award for Community Benefit Excellence. health systems nationwide                              owned and operated by Fishers resident Antone Ezell. For more
  to be recognized for its efforts to serve community health needs.                              information, please visit

  C&S Consulting, LLC President/CEO Laina Molaski and Vice                                       The Town of Fishers’ bond rating on the general obligation (GO)
  President, Mandy Cooley are taking their expertise and applying                                debt has been raised by Standard and Poor’s (S&P) from ‘AA-
  it to Molaski is the Indianapolis Small Business                                 ‘ to ‘AA’ which will result in greater savings to taxpayers in the
  Examiner and Cooley is the Indianapolis Working Moms Examiner.                                 community. S&P cited the town’s continued tax base growth and
  Both women are very excited to announce that they will have weekly                             diversification of revenues as justification for the increase.
  articles posted.

                                                                                                                                                Networking & More

                                                                                                                                                        July 1
                                                                                                                                                   Arni’s Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                  4705 E. 96th Street
                                                                                                                                                   8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                   $10 pre pay only

                                                                                                                                          Visit to register
June 2009                                                                                                        A3

Around Town                                                Inside Sallie Mae
                                          In addition to providing
                                      federal and private student loans
                                      to undergraduate and graduate
                                      students, Sallie Mae also offers
   For nearly 20 years, the           a variety of tools and resources
460,000-square foot facility seen     to assist families with college
from Interstate 69 in Fishers has     funding. For example, Sallie Mae
been home to the largest student      encourages students to first
loan provider in the country. In      explore free money, such as
2000, that organization became        scholarships, by offering a free
part of Sallie Mae, the nation’s      scholarship database with more
leading saving- and paying-for-       than 3 million scholarships at
college company. Today, Sallie In
Mae, employs more than 2,000          addition, the company recently
Hoosiers, nearly 70 percent           added a scholarship search,
of whom are employed at the           application and fan page on         for businesses across the state.      No other Sallie Mae location in
Fishers location.                     Facebook.                               With student loans come           the country has the data and
    Since 2001, Sallie Mae has                                            bills, and with bills come lots       print capabilities to the extent of
awarded more than $7 million          Operations                          of mail. Sallie Mae sends out         the Fishers location.
in grants to local nonprofits             Sallie Mae manages student      approximately 106,000 letters
and     supports   organizations      loans for 10 million customers      everyday      during     non-peak     Your Financial Aid
such as the Fishers Chamber of        and more than $17.5 billion in      months. Since productivity is the     Resource
Commerce, the United Way and          529 college savings plans. With     key to any successful operation,          In an effort to educate families
Habitat for Humanity,                 8,000 employees nationwide,         the printers at Sallie Mae are able   about      their     college-funding
                                      the Fishers location is the only                    to print 1,000        options, the employees at Sallie
Saving, Planning and                  Sallie Mae location to conduct                      pages per minute      Mae want to serve as advocates
Paying for College                    core functions such as IT and                       from huge rolls of    for their customers. O’Brien said,
   Sallie Mae helps families save,    guarantor servicing operations.                     cut-sheet paper.      “It’s not just about student loans.
plan and pay for college. “We are         Sallie   Mae’s     technology                   Despite the vast      Do something for yourself- save
experts in this area,” said Barbara   division is housed in Fishers                       amount of paper       as much as you can, then we’ll
O’Brien, director, college bound      and employs nearly 700 people.                      used daily, only      help you with the rest.”
marketing at Sallie Mae. The first    The company’s data center –                         about 10 percent          “If we can educate them before
priority at Sallie Mae is helping     the largest in the state with 800   of Sallie Mae’s business is done      they walk on campus, we’ve done
families understand and plan for      servers – houses cutting-edge       on paper; the rest is done online.    our job; that’s our goal,” she said.
their education investment.           technology and serves as a model
A4                                                                                                                  June 2009

Business Leader
      Meet Bill Lutz
              What is your title?
                                           BITs             Business Information Topics
              Attorney-Partner, Defur     Golf Tips:                              Make A Smooth Transition               Always try to arrive at least 30
                                                                                  Should a golfer pause at the top of    minutes before your scheduled tee
              Voran LLP                   Set Up “At Ease For Free Arm Swing”
                                                                                  the backswing? My answer has always    time.
                                          You need to minimize tension in all
              How long have you           parts of your body at address, but
                                                                                  been a qualified “no”. Rushing the     The fastest way to lower your scores
              served on the Fishers                                               transition from backward to forward    is to practice your putting and
              Chamber Board of            particularly in your arms. That’s
              Directors? Started                                                  motions is just as destructive as      chipping.
                                          impossible unless your shoulders are
              first term in January       relaxed. Let them really relax, and
                                                                                  deliberately pausing between the
of 2005, held first office position in                                            two. That’s why one of my key swing
2006, currently Board Chair.              you’ll feel your arms go limp right
                                                                                  thoughts over the years has been,
                                          along with the slumping, which is
Describe yourself and why you’re                                                  “Start down no faster than you begin
                                          just the way they should be to make
an important asset to the Chamber.                                                swinging back”.
                                          a full, free, fluid golf swing.
I am an elder-law attorney and have                                                                                         Tips and Quips were provided
been active in the community since                                                                                             by Ironwood Golf Club.
moving here in 2000. I have the
experience of owning and growing                                                         Golf Quips:
a business here. I have also had             - The older I get, the better               - I was three over.              - A gimme can best be defined as
the experience of working with the                at golf I used to be.            One over a house, one over a patio    an agreement between two golfers...
small business of the Delaware                                                     and one over a swimming pool.         neither of whom can’t putt very well.
County Chamber of Commerce
and can provide a bit of a different
prospective having worked in
community that faced much different
challenges.                                Plan Ahead                              Where To Be
What is your favorite part about             Wednesday, June 17                         Wednesday, July 1                   Wednesday, July 15
being the Chairman of the Board?           Monthly Chamber Luncheon                     Morning Motivator
I have really enjoyed getting to know                                                                                    Monthly Chamber Luncheon
chamber members and community              FORUM Conference Center                       Arni’s Restaurant               FORUM Conference Center
leaders. I am constantly amazed by            11313 USA Parkway                         4705 E. 96th Street                 11313 USA Parkway
the level of energy, imagination and           11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.                                                           11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
committment that exists in Fishers.                                                      8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
                                           $18 members / $25 guests                      $10 pre paid only               $18 members / $25 guests
Why is it so important to be a
Fishers Chamber of Commerce
member? All businesses need
to have a voice. We are making
fundamental changes regarding the             Wednesday, June 24                       Wednesday, July 8                    Wednesday, July 22
role of government in business. It is          Business After Hours                   Navigating the Chamber                 Business After Hours
imperative that business be proactive                                                                                           E.F. Marburger
in maintaining the ability to allow            Sunblest Apartments                     Fishers Train Station
innovation and creativity to still fuel      11757 Garden Circle East                 11601 Municipal Drive                 9999 Allisonville Road
growth. A strong economy cannot be             4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.                     8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.                  4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
managed, it has to be nurtured and                                                            No Cost                               No Cost
allowed to grow in its own direction.                No Cost

        The Fishers Chamber of Commerce would like                                   Visit Us in
                                                                                   Both Locations
             to salute these milestone members!                                     Fishers and
        15 year member:                        5 year members:                                       317-842-2228
       Indianapolis Power                 Cumberland Crossing Family
           & Light Co.                             Physicians                                         Noblesville
                                          Pools of Fun- Brooks School
       10 year members:                     Waste Management of
        Humane Society                        Indiana WTE Group                    Quality Used
                                                                                   Cars & Trucks
      for Hamilton County

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