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					1999-2000 OFFICERS

 Walter T. Buss
 Regional Plastics, LLC

Vice President
 Jeffrey T. Benton
 Bank One

 Joseph H. Hoffman
                                         FINANCIAL EXECUTIVES INSTITUTE
 Landfall Financial Advisors, Inc.                                   COLUMBUS CHAPTER
 Alan T. Steigerwalt
 R. C. Olmstead, Inc.
                                     February, 1999                                                           Volume III, Issue 1

                                     )5207+(                                             )(,
Ethics and Eligibility
 Kenneth A. Pierce, Jr.              35(6,'(17                                            &ROXPEXV
 The Columbus Dispatch
National Directors
 James P. Ansted                                                                      The spring golf outing will be on Tuesday,
 Plastics Suppliers, Inc.                                                             May 23rd at OSU's Scarlet Golf Course,
                                                             Walt Buss, President     followed by a full dinner in the dining room
                                                             Columbus Chapter FEI     and the annual meeting. Below is a complete
DIRECTORS                             Greetings FEI-Columbus Members:                 up-to-date list of the details of the meetings for
                                                                                      the rest of the 1999/2000 year.
                                      I trust that everyone had a good Holiday
 James P. Ansted
 Plastic Suppliers, Inc.
                                      season.      We had a nice December
                                      breakfast meeting at the Worthington Inn
 William F. Bentz                     on December 9. There were 25 members           Mar 14     D Steven Busser, Chairman
 The Ohio State University            and guests in attendance. We saw a             5:30-8:30pm OSU Finance Dept.
                                      segment from one of our Financial                           Columbus Athletic Club
 David P. Blackmore
 JD Horizon Company
                                      Management Network videos regarding
                                      the current status of taxation of              Apr 11    D Education Night, R. Wilcox
 Mark V. Bunner                       e-commerce sales. I will again mention         5:30-8:30pm Chairman & Founder, Sarcom
 Stanley Steemer International        that these videos are available to you to                  Columbus Athletic Club
                                      view (and for continuing education credit).
 Michael J. Chambers
 Wolfstone, Inc.                      Judy Alvarez is our Librarian at               May 23      L Golf Outing
                                      614-262-0333. This is a value-added            11:00 on    D Annual Meeting
 Clyde R. Fobes                       service that your Chapter is providing for                   OSU Scarlet Golf Course
 Retired                              all of the members. Please see the Video
                                      section of this newsletter for a schedule of   B = Watch for details concerning our summer
 Charles W. Gehring
 Catholic Social Services             topics available to you.                           breakfasts in later mailings.
                                      An update on our Membership Drive:             B =Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner
 David J. Maul                        since July 1, 1999 we have 15 new
 Continental Office Furniture
                                      members and 3 pending members. We              Our Spring schedule should be a good one. In
 Richard D. Nadler                    also have 6 new transfers-in.            Our   March, Steve Busser, who is Chairman of the
 Chornyak & Associates, Inc.          Membership Committee has done an               OSU Finance Dept, will speak. In April, we
                                      excellent job in attracting new members.       have Randy Wilcox, who is founder and
 Alan B. Satterwhite
 Famous Photography, Inc.             We also need to work on membership             Chairman of Sarcom, a soon to be $1 billion
                                      retention as we have lost some long-time       company. We are going to have a presentation
 Michael D. Stoner                    members. If you are aware of anyone            by Microsoft before the regular April meeting.
 Abbott Foods, Inc.                   interested in FEI, put them in touch with      In May, we will have our annual meeting and
                                      Mike Stoner or bring them to a monthly         golf outing at OSU Scarlet. This time the dining
 Director Emeritus                    meeting (reserve a meal first). We see
 Paul J. Dunphy                                                                      room will be available to us.
 Retired                              new membership over the next several
                                      years as vital to the Chapter's existence.                  (Continued on page 2)
 President's Letter (Continued)                                   faculty of Franklin University and has taught finance at
                                                                  The Ohio State University, as well as being actively
 I encourage you to check out our web site                        involved in Columbus Chapter FEI. His wife, Lynn, is a
 ( and the FEI national web site                    realtor with Re/Max, and they have two children, Christa
                                                                  (15) and Justin (12). Christa plays golf and softball, and
 ( to obtain more, current communications.
                                                                  Justin is a wrestler and plays football. The Nadlers are
 As you can see, there is much going on at FEI-Columbus           active in the Worthington, Westerville and Dublin
 and you will get as much out of the Chapter as you put           communities.
 into it. I strongly encourage you to get involved in a
 committee or Chapter activity. Feel free to call me at
 471-1800 and I will see that you are put in touch with           Company Profile
 the right person. See you soon.
                                                                  GREIF BROS. CORPORATION
 Walt Buss, Columbus Chapter President
                                                                  Greif Bros. Corporation is a major supplier of shipping
                                                                  containers and packaging related goods. Based in
                                                                  Delaware, Ohio, the company has approximately 5,000
Member Profile                                                    employees at over 80 locations in the United States,
                                                                  Canada and Mexico.
                                                                  Greif's three lines of business are Industrial Shipping
                                                                  Containers, which consist of fiber, steel and plastic
                                                                  drums, composite intermediate bulk containers, and
                                                                  multiwall shipping bags; Containerboard and Corrugated
 Rick Nadler recently joined the Board of Directors of the        Products, which includes linerboard, medium, corrugated
 Columbus Chapter of FEI. Rick is a CPA and personal              boxes and specialty corrugated products used in
 financial planner with Chornyak & Associates, Inc., in           shipping; and Timber, which comprises over 275,000
 Worthington, Ohio.                                               acres of softwood and hardwood forests.
 Rick began his career with Peat Marwick in St. Louis,            Greif Bros. Corporation was founded in 1877 in
 moving to their Executive Office in New York City. He            Cleveland, Ohio as a wooden barrel and keg supplier.
 has spent the last 15 years in the financial services            Over a century and more, Greif has transformed its
 business—ten years with Bank One here in Columbus.               product lines to meet the changing needs of customers.
 Rick received his undergraduate degree in accounting             Today, Greif is a leader in industrial shipping containers
 and economics from Southeast Missouri State University           and is expanding its business through partnerships in
 and his MBA in finance with honors from Washington               North America and Europe to provide more packaging
 University. He has been a CPA since 1978.                        services to customers. Greif's total revenues for 1999
 As a financial planner, Rick helps clients with                  were $819 million.
 investment, college, tax and retirement planning. In
 describing the service his firm provides, Rick said,             John Dieker, Corporate Controller, and Joe Reed, Chief
 "Before I got into the business, I used to agonize over all      Financial Officer and Secretary for Greif Bros., are
 the investment choices out there, spending an enormous           members of the Columbus Chapter of FEI.

 amount of time trying to keep on top of investments,
 taxes, etc.—I truly thought I was doing the right things.
 In retrospect, I didn't have time for it, wasn't in control of
 it and didn't do a very good job of it. I now realize how        March FEI Meeting
 ineffective and inefficient my old ways were. My firm
 (Chornyak & Associates, Inc.) uses a professional
 process that earns clients a high rate of return and puts        Please plan on attending
 them in control of their investment and financial                the Tuesday, March 14th
 planning, rather than the other way around. A large part         Monthly FEI Meeting at the Columbus Athletic Club
 of our process is avoiding the many pitfalls that are out        – cocktails at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30. Steve
 there waiting for you. Once a client starts down this
                                                                  Busser, who is Chairman of The Ohio State
 path, they quite simply never go back."
                                                                  University Finance Department, will be the featured
 Rick is a member of the AICPA and the Ohio Society of            speaker for the evening. We hope to see you there.
 CPAs. He also is Visiting Professor of finance on the

 2                                                                                                    FEI – February 2000
   NEW VIDEO SERIES NOW                                              ~NEW MEMBERS~
    AVAILABLE FOR LOAN                                              Steven Canan, Chief Financial Officer
                                                                    Pages Publishing Group
                                                                    401 E. Wilson Bridge Road
                                                                    Worthington, OH 43085-2320
 The new video series for which your local chapter of FEI has
                                                                    Transfer from Tampa Bay
 subscribed has now accumulated six tapes with four sessions
 each. At the well attended December Breakfast Meeting, one of
                                                                    Jeff Fries, Chief Financial Officer
 the sessions was aired on the timely topic of Internet taxation.
                                                                    George J. Ingel & Company, Inc.
 Below is a complete list of topics on the tapes. These tapes are
                                                                    2040 Alum Creek Drive
 available at no charge to members for one week checkouts by
                                                                    Columbus, OH 43207
 contacting Judy Alvarez, 262-0333. Please take advantage of this
 experimental, additional service offered to you by your Columbus
 Chapter for CPE credit, and to keep up to date on finance,         Peter L. Iverson, Chief Financial Officer
 accounting and business issues.                                    Bank One Corporation
                                                                    P.O. Box 710134
                                                                    Columbus, OH 43271
 Sep-1999                                                           740-548-2359
 Change You Can Bank On
 SEC Forms Swat Team                                                John Jacobs, Chief Financial Officer
 A Time to Reap: Harvesting Investment Capital                      Acorn Products, Inc.
 New Directions in Financial Reporting                              500 Dublin Ave.
                                                                    P.O. Box 1930
 Oct-1999                                                           Columbus, OH 43216
 Fingerprints in Cyberspace: Detecting Computer Crime               614-222-4400
 The Corporate Audit Committee: New Expectations—Part I             Transfer from New Mexico
 Mutual Funds & the Global Securities Market
 Doing Business with Uncle Sam: Developing a Compliance             John Kozak, Chief Financial Officer
   Program                                                          Park National Bank
                                                                    40 N. Third Street
 Nov-1999                                                           Newark, OH 43055
 Taxing the Internet: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow                   614-221-1884
 The Corporate Audit Committee: New Expectations—Part II
 The Challenge of Integrating Finance & Business                    James May, Chief Financial Officer
 Stock Option Plans: Payoff & Pitfalls                              DLZ Corporation
                                                                    6121 Huntley Road
 Dec-1999                                                           Columbus, OH 43229
 Your Investment in the Web: What's It Worth?                       614-888-0040
 Molding the Global Enterprise: A Case Study
 Business Combinations: New Rules For a New Millennium              David A. Myers
 M&A The Tax-Free Way                                               Treasurer & Controller
                                                                    Sterling Commerce, Inc.
 Jan 2000                                                           4600 Lakehurst Court
 Supertanker America: Still on Course                               P.O. Box 8000
 Financial Customer Service: A New Corporate Function               Dublin, OH 43016-2000
 Financial Reporting in the Year 2000
 Communicating with the Investment Community                        John Schroepfer, Chief Financial Officer
                                                                    Digital Storage/Submit Order
 Feb 2000                                                           390 Shelby Avenue East
 Dr. Zonis and Our Global Economy                                   Powell, OH 43065
 Measuring Performance in the New Millennium                        614-761-8815
 B2B Transactions Proliferate on the Web
 Accounting for Derivatives: Complying with the New Rules
                                                                             (continued on back page)

FEI – February 2000                                                                                             3
       NEW MEMBERS (Continued)                           IPO Process Conference Call
Michael A. Shope                                         A national conference call was held on November 19
80 S. Lindwood Avenue                                    with some experts on this very complicated process.
Norwalk, OH 44857                                        This is another in a series of conference calls on
Transfer from Detroit                                    specific topics that members can dial
                                                         in to by downloading at: http://www. teleconf/
Robert A. Slater, Chief Financial Officer                teleindx.htm.
State Teachers Retirement                                .
275 E. Broad Street                                      Access to AICPA Life Insurance
Columbus, OH 43215
614-990-0209                                             The AICPA has agreed to give FEI members access to
                                                         the AICPA Flexible Life Insurance Plan. Individuals who
Ray G. Stephens, Director                                belong to FEI only will be able to purchase up to
School of Accountancy                                    $750,000 of life insurance coverage. FEI members who
College of Business                                      also belong to the AICPA will be able to purchase up to
Ohio University                                          $2 million of total coverage. Direct mail will come to
Copeland Hall                                            members soon spelling out the details.
Athens, OH 45701
740-597-1805                                             Treasurers' Roundtable
Please join us in welcoming these new members!           Over 200 treasurers dialed in for the first Treasurers'
                                                         Roundtable in December.         Various topics included
                                                         recent capital market transactions, overseas investments
                                                         and Y2K planning. Future calls will also address timely
                                                         issues for treasurers.

                                                         It's sign-up time for the "FEI National Financial
                                                         Leadership Conference 2000". The conference is at the
                                                         Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago from May 24-27.
National Leadership Positions Available                  There is a Pre-Conference Optional Program
                                                         Wednesday afternoon, May 24 with full sessions on
National Leadership positions are available and are a    Thursday and Friday. Spouses' activities are planned
great way to get involved with members from other        for both Thursday and Friday, and post-conference
chapters. Please contact the National FEI office for     activities are planned for Saturday, including a golf
details.                                                 tournament.

'Private Net" – A New Service for Private                A long list of excellent speakers and topics are
                                                         scheduled. Please try to attend – several Columbus
Company Members                                          Chapter members are already signed up.
In December, FEI National launched a new e-news
service that contains news and resources uniquely
oriented to members in private companies, which                   NEWSLETTER DEADLINE
represents a significant portion of the membership. It
                                                         Would you like to be featured in the next newsletter as a
will be a free monthly electronic newsletter. You can
                                                         Member Profile or Company Profile article? Do you
subscribe by going to the National web site
                                                         have other ideas for articles in the local FEI newsletter?
                                                         Call Jeff Benton (614-791-0484) or Judy Alvarez (614-
                                                         262-0333). Deadline for the April edition is April 10 .

4                                                                                              FEI – February 2000

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