Care Packages for Soldiers in Afghanistan by jennyyingdi


									               Care Packages for
             Soldiers in Afghanistan
       Soldiers from Fort Carson’s 4th Infantry Brigade (Brigade of Warwick HS graduate,
Captain Jason Mazzella) are in need of your help! During an attack on their base in Afghanistan,
soldiers’ living quarters were burnt to the ground, including all their belongings in them. These
soldiers have nothing and are in dire need of care package items.

      If you want to help, the following items would be greatly appreciated:

Items needed:
All Clothing can be in a variety of sizes (mostly medium-large)
   • Men’s socks
   • Men’s boxers, boxer briefs, underwear
   • Men’s undershirts and beaters
   • Men’s gym shorts
   • Men’s shower sandals
                                           Drop off items
Hygiene Products
                                           in the WVHS
   • Toothpaste
   • Toothbrushes
                                           library media center
   • Shampoo and Conditioner
   • Body soaps and face wash
   • Deodorants (antiperspirant and regular deodorant- NO AEROSOL)
   • Lotion
   • Razors and shaving cream
   • Q-tips
   • Antibacterial soap
   • Baby wipes
   • Chapstick
   • Saline eye drops and nose spray

   • Miscellaneous items including magazines, books, DVD’s,
   video games, snacks, gum, munchies, etc.

Please - no chocolate or items that need to be refrigerated!

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