Is My Husband Really Sorry For Cheating On Me? by kfoulks79


									  Is My Husband Really Sorry For Cheating On Me?

                                          My husband just admitted that he cheated on me and now
                                         he's telling me how sorry he is. How do I know I can
                                         believe what he's saying? Will I ever be able to trust him


                                         The short answer is yes. Most men are remorseful after an

                                            Most men in fact feel guilt during the affair, but the full
brunt of the guilt isn't truly felt until the affair is over and they're left trying to piece their broken
life together.

What happens to them is they see the look of hurt and anger on your face and how they've
changed your life forever and their world comes crashing down on them in the same way yours
did on you.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying, I'm not condoning their actions, but what I am telling you
is that they're not lying to you every time they tell you they're sorry.

I want to share a few comments from husbands trying to show their wives how sorry they are
and chances are you've already heard something like this from yours, but I think it also helps to
know that many husbands echo the same things to someone they don't know.

What Men Say

Has your husband said: "Is there a way to convince my wife I'm sorry for my one terrible
mistake? I just need one more chance and I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to her."

And maybe you've heard this before: "My wife thinks I'm the most selfish person in the world
because of the affair. She doesn't believe for a minute that I'm sorry for my actions and she
won't give me a chance to prove myself to her."

Listen To Him and Look At His Actions

It's fair to say that the more someone cheats, the less likely they will be sorry for their actions. I
happen to believe this too, but I also don't believe that repeat offenders can't not change either.

However, in most cases the sorrow of the one-time cheater is more genuine and when women
let them back into their lives and marriages, these men make very good and loyal husbands
because they've been given a second chance and have learned from their mistake.

If this is where you're at with your husband, he'll often repeat the same thing over and over
because he's trying to convince you that he's sorry. Maybe he's already explained what he did                                                                       Page 1
   Is My Husband Really Sorry For Cheating On Me?
and why he did it or maybe he hasn't. Perhaps he doesn't fully understand why he did it and
doesn't want to dwell on the details.

But at the end of the day, it's his sorrow and remorsefulness that's he's trying to get you to
recognize. It's up to you whether or not you believe him, but this is a call you should make while
listening to his words and watching his actions in the following days and months. If he's
genuinely sorry for the affair then he'll do ever thing in his power to make it right again by
making you and your marriage a top priority in his life.

The Bottom Line

Listening to what your husband says and then judging his actions are just one of many things
you’ll need to do in order to survive the affair, and you might have to point some of these things
out to him and explain what he needs to do and what that should look like, but once you're both
on the same page if he's truly sorry, he'll do his best to give you everything he's got.


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