CatholicSocialTeaching Crossword Puzzle Chapter 1 large by qB9k896


									                             Catholic Social Teaching Chapter 1 Large

2                                              3                4                    5            6

               7                                                        8



     11                                            12           13

                                 14                             15

                       16                                                       17



          20                          21           22                                        23

24                     25



                                      28                                             29

                                      30                                31



Across                      our brothers’ and                encyclical that lists        called ___ ___
                            sisters’ keepers                 important human              doctrine
2. This principle
includes the social         14. The ___ ___                                          27. This principle asks
conditions that permit      guides us to live                22. The lack of some    how our most ___
people to reach their       loving and just lives            or all the nutrition    members of society
full human potential        as God intends                   elements necessary for are doing
                                                             human health
3. The power to             18. The U.S. Catholic                                    28. This is the heart of
perform deliberate          bishops highlighted              25. The quality or      Christian morality
actions on one’s own        ___ principles that              state of being worthy,
                                                                                     30. A pastoral letter
responsibility              serve as the                     honored, or esteemed
                                                                                     sent to the whole
                            foundation of the
10. Rights that are for                                      26. The body of         Church on some
                            Church’s social
every human being                                            Church doctrine that    important aspect of
                                                             applies Jesus’ gospel   Church teaching
13. This principle
                            19. An important                 to our life together is
reminds us that we are
                            social justice
32. God revealed that     16. This principle
he has a communal         teaches that the lowest
and social ___            level of an
                          organization should
33. This principle
                          handle a function if it
calls us to protect the
                          is capable without the
people and all of
                          higher level intruding
God’s creation
                          17. The principle of
                          respect for human life
1. The depiction of       holds that every stage
sexual acts or nudity     of human life is ___
with the purpose of       and worthy of
gratifying lustful        protection
                          20. Rights that are
4. The principle of       inherent and beyond
dignity of work is        challenge
concerned with the
                          21. Enables us to
rights of ___
                          recognize and
5. The Genesis            understand God’s
creation account          command to do good
reveals that each of us   and avoid evil
is made in ___ ___
                          23. The state or
6. God called her to      condition of sin into
minister to the poorest   which all generations
of the poor               of people are born
7. Our sins sometimes     24. Rights that are
develop into ___ of       untouchable because
sin that create unjust    they come from God
                          29. Claims we can
8. This principle holds   make on each other
that although people      and on society to
have different talents,   guarantee attaining
we are all equal          certain basic
9. This is the central    minimum conditions
social institution that   to live a truly human
must be supported and     life
strengthened              31. An Aramaic term
11. The foundational      of endearment that
principle holds that      means "dada"
every person deserves
12. The life, death,
and resurrection of
15. All rights have
corresponding ___

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