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									Staten Island Tech H.S.                                          Mr. Maniscalco, Principal
Ms. Pagliaro, Instructor                                    Mr. Giurici, Assistant Principal

                 Civil War Poster Project- due Monday, January 3, 2010
                       Extra Credit- Worth up to 7 points on an exam
Directions: Individually, or with a group of no more than four students, create an
annotated, and illustrated time-line poster of the Civil War.

Your poster must:
    Have a creative title that is NOT “The Civil War” or “The American Civil War.”
      However, these titles are allowed as subtitles.
    Contain colorful images, drawings, photographs etc of your own choosing.
    Contain the following events as part of your timeline:
                    Secession of South Carolina
                    Firing at Fort Sumpter
                    Battle of Antietam
                    The Emancipation Proclamation
                    The suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus
                    The Battle of Gettysburg.
    Contain at least twelve events on your timeline (no more than four can be battles).
      These twelve events include the events listed above, so at minimum, you need
      six more.

For each event on your timeline:
    Provide dates
    Provide important key names associated with the event
    Provide a summary of the event.
    Provide the significance of this event to the Civil War and/or American History as
       a whole.

***All writing on your poster must be in your own words!!!! If you copy and paste off
the internet-that is called plagiarism. You will receive a zero if you plagiarize!!!

Have fun with this-creativity is welcome!!! Do not wait till the last minute to ask
questions: Email or

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