Whatever Happened to the Baxter Place? by h3mOOk

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Happened to the
Baxter Place?
Background Knowledge
What is open land?
• Open land is
  fields, meadows
  and farms. It is
  often developed
  as cities grow to
  build more
  houses or for
  commercial use
  such as
Think about buildings taking
over fields and farms
How do you feel about this?
What is a farm? What are
farms for?
What would it be like to live
and work on a farm?
Let’s talk a little about what the other
selections in this unit taught us about the
land and how it has changed over time.
• What did we learn? Did increasing
  population or development change the
This story takes place in Maryland, which
is in the eastern part of the United States.
Farmers earn their living by
planting and selling crops.
When crops fail, farmers need to find a
way to continue to make money…
…or they need to live on their
If they do not have enough savings, they
may have to sell part of their land to earn
People who buy land from farmers
may want to continue to farm it.
However, often developers, or
people who want to build houses
and businesses, buy the land to
build on and make a profit.
Whatever Happened to the
Baxter Place? is realistic fiction.
• In realistic fiction,
   – The characters behave as people do in real

   – The setting of the story is a real place or could
     be a real place.

   – The events in the story could happen in real
• Strategies
  – Asking Questions
  – Making Connections
  – Predicting
• Skills
  – Main Idea and Detail
  – Author’s Point of View
Some things to think about:
• Why did the Baxter family sell so much of
  their farmland?
• Do you think the Baxters were sorry after
  they sold all their land? Explain your
• Some of the selections in this unit talked
  about how places have changed over
  time. These changes have both good and
  bad results. Are changes happening in
  your area? Do you think they are good or
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