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        The Most Important Tips For You To Choose Crib

What kind of furniture do you want choose, when you plan to have a baby? A cradle, bassinet or
crib? You must be confused about which one to choose. Let me tell you a truth that will drive you
to make the decision. US governments have regulations and safety standards only for cribs. That
means the cradle and bassinet have potential safety hazard due to no standards and restrictions. All
cribs on the market have to meet the safety standards of US and JPMA. If you choose baby cribs,
you don't need to worry about your baby's safety. On the contrary, you don't know whether the
cradle or bassinet you buy has hidden safety issues that may do harm to your baby. Even though it
has problems, no regulations require manufacturers to recall the products.

First thing you need to note is to avoid the drop-side cribs. Governments disallow manufacturers
to produce the drop side cribs that cause injury even death. For your baby's safety, make sure the
crib you choose is an non-drop side crib. In addition to it, check out whether the crib meets all
safety standards and has certifications like JPMA.

The drop-side crib is specifically designed for those shorter moms. They can adjust the side when
they get baby in and out. It did provide much more convenience but it has big issue with baby's
safety. Nowadays, all sides of cribs are stationary. However, new cribs also have settings for
shorter moms. Most cribs out there are providing multiple mattress height settings and a lot of
cribs have three or four level adjustments. The design allows moms to adjust the right height to get
the baby. Besides that, the height can be adjusted to prevent baby from climbing out of the crib as
he or she grows. That is why many people suggest parents to buy new cribs. New models have
new design and meet the latest safety standards. Therefore, when you receive a crib, you'd better
check the production date to ensure whether it is produced after new standards were released.

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Safety is always more important than all the things else. Apart from avoiding the drop side crib,
you also need to do safety-check for the new model. Many moms complain that their babies often
get legs stuck between the slats or other places on the crib. So it is necessary to inspect these
places where baby may get stuck in. Use the ruler to measure the clearance between the slats. If
you find it is wider than 2.6 inches, you should pay attention to it and that may get your baby
stuck in. Especially for the cribs you buy on the internet, you'd better measure it as soon as you
receive it.

Another thing you should note is whether the paintwork of the crib is non-toxic. As your baby
grows, especially when they are teething they are inclined to chew the rail of crib. It is very
important to prevent them from eating toxic paintwork. Generally, most cribs on the market are
using the non-toxic painting that is safe for baby health.

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