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					                    ASSESSOR QUALIFICATIONS
National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications (N/SVQ’s) are the qualifications that the
Government encourages all industries to develop and implement. Vocational
qualifications are designed to reward workers for proving that they are competent at
doing their job. The natural place to assess competence is in the workplace.

The Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) has invested in the training of golf
course managers, and in some cases deputies, to become qualified work-based

The formal qualification to become a qualified assessor is part of a N/SVQ in training
and development and is known as:

Assess candidates using a range of methods – A1 (formally D31/D32)

Training for this qualification usually involves trainee assessors attending a 1-day
training course, subsequently returning to their place of work to complete practice
assessments and complete the required, assessment documentation. Support is made
available by the trainers that allow trainee assessors to return to the classroom, usually
6-8 weeks later, to be observed carrying out an assessment and to have their portfolio
of evidence checked prior to submission to the Awarding Body.

As shown in the course manager job specification at Annex K, golf course managers
should be responsible for the training and assessment of their greenkeeping. This
qualification enables them to assess to National Standards and for them to be
recognised as assessors by training providers and by awarding bodies.

Having a qualified work based assessor benefits the golf course by ensuring that
golf course maintenance standards are improved through staff training and
assessment, increased motivation and the formal recognition of skills.

All GTC Approved Training Providers should use qualified work-based assessors
when candidates are registered for a N/SVQ qualification.

The GTC uses Plan-it Training, a private training provider, that has10 years
experience in delivering assessor training to the greenkeeping sector.

For further information on assessor training contact the GTC:

Email:              Telephone:     01347 838640

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