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									 Solamon Energy
The Evolution of the Energy Manager - From
Boiler Room to Board Room, white paper by
              Acre Resources
• This latest white paper from Acre
  Resources looks at the profoundly changing
  role & skill-set of the Energy Manager -
  evolving into someone equally comfortable in
  the board room & the boiler room; with
  technical & commercial knowledge, and the
  increasing ability to impact on margins &
Written by Acre's Jim Woods,
the paper details expert
contributions from: Mervyn
Bowden (Head of Energy
Management, Marks &
Spencer); Richard
Tarboton (Director of Energy
and Carbon, BT);Stephen
Barker (Head of Energy
Efficiency, Siemens Industry
Sector UK); and Trevor
Seddon (Director of Energy
Consulting, Johnson Controls).
They look at efficiency as a
way to increase profit –
impacting the scope &
function of their energy
• Included is a BT case study - the
  energy team delivered a £35m gross
  energy reduction in two years of
  hiring a Director for Energy and
  Carbon in 2008. BT estimate they
  could save £60m in 5-10 years, and
  that energy management advances
  could generate a new revenue
  stream...[read more]

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