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					              National Guard Bureau Chaplain Corps
               Air National Guard Readiness Center
                    February 2012 Newsletter

                              National Guard Bureau Chaplain Corps
                               Air National Guard Readiness Center
                               3500 Fetchet Avenue * Conaway Hall
                               Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762-5157

February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
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                   Message from the Chief, Ch, Col Les Hyder, ANG Chaplain Corps
Greetings from NGB/HC. The Joint Chaplain Conference has been cancelled, so we have permission to press
ahead an ANG/HC training event in conjunction with the ANG Safety Summit. The dates have been
confirmed for 23-27 April 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We apologize for this inconvenience, but hope
you can understand the budgetary restraints we are facing here at the NGB. In Milwaukee our focus audience
will still be our younger airmen – those with fewer than 10 years of experience in the AFSC. All the briefings
will be geared to their needs. The MOI will be sent out in the near future. In FY 13 we will focus again on
bringing the Wing Chaplains & NCOIC’s at a Joint OC or ANG conference. We ask Wing Chaplains to
encourage & support their young Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants to attend. The conference will be unit
funded, so work with your local FM for resources.

Suicide prevention will continue to be a big emphasis in the ANG. In CY 2011 the ANG ended up with 17
confirmed suicides. That is lower than 2010, but still historically high for the ANG. We ask each Wing
Chaplain to plan additional suicide prevention programs/classes/briefings for your unit. The spring Stand Down
is coming and SE will distribute resources for you to execute this at your Wing. Our airmen are the best of the
best in this country and we owe it to them to intervene and to stop this tragic trend. Dr. Charlie Woods is our
POC for Suicide Prevention if you seek any assistance. Remember that the CC here is still supporting up to 60
ST days for HC support after a suicide at a Wing. If you need this support let me know.

The deployment OPS TEMPO continues for the ANG/HC at a robust pace. We continue to cover 25% of the
USAF/HC deployment lines. You are doing stellar ministry in the field and our efforts have been noticed by the
USAF. When you return please take advantage of the AF/HC Post Deployment Retreat for your own individual
care. Chaplain Tucker in our Readiness Division can verify whether you qualify based on your deployment
location, and can explain how to register. We a truly an operational force and more deployments are coming, so
taking care of yourself is essential!

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed by President Obama so the Continuing
Resolutions have ended and we are getting firm figures on the 2012 HC budget. It looks like we will be able to
support Strong Bonds, CPE Training, DOMOPS training and SAPR training for 2012. This may be the last year
for some of these programs due to budget restraints, so take advantage of them this FY. Details will be
forthcoming as we target dates for these training opportunities.

This past month two of our colleagues lost family loved ones. We ask you to remember Chaplain Tom Smith
whose wife died suddenly, and Chaplain Rhonda Cushman whose 30 year old son died after a long illness.
There are 600 members of the ANG/HC nationwide but we are a small, close knit family that continues to
support one another in the good times and the tough times. On behalf of the HC staff may I extend to all of you
a Happy New Year and express our sincere gratitude for your service in the ANG Chaplain Corps!

                             “Always Ready, Always There, Always a Servant”
With a grateful heart,
Ch, Col Les Hyder
Director, ANG Chaplain Corps
February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
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                                      A Wingman Resiliency Resource
                                             By: Jeffrey M. Young

Have you seen a neat ANG website--www.wingmanday.org? I would invite all Religious Support Teams
(RSTs) to check it out! The site has a tremendous amount of resiliency resources. RSTs are known for
working as a team… with safety and the other helping agencies – thank you! You team effort make such a
significant difference in caring for our Airmen and Families.

When I asked Lt Col Brian Musselman, Chief, Human Factors Safety Division, ANGRC, about the website and
the history of the wingman project evolving into resiliency, he wrote the following:

In 2005, ANG Safety embarked on a mission to communicate a clear, simple, and effective suicide prevention
message. The result has been the highly successful Wingman Project initiative - customized outreach and
strategic messaging focusing on the Ask, Care, Escort (ACE) intervention strategy (wingmanproject.org).

Last year, the project was expanded to address the wide-ranging topic of resiliency. Leveraging the US Air
Force's mandated wingman day guidance, the ANG energized the wingmanday.org one-stop-shopping focal
point for resiliency and Wingman Day resources.

The strength of wingmanday.org lies in the Air National Guard specific and customized products that precisely
target ANG unique demographics and issues. The mini-series "The Fence" is a multi-faceted look at fictitious
Air Guardsmen involved in real-life scenarios. The idea is to spur a guided small group discussion and focus on
the myriad of resources Guardsmen have at their disposal to deal with these types of issues in a healthy and
productive way.

The comprehensive resiliency "Ready54.org" will be on-line soon. It will add depth to the ANG bench of
resources that Guardsmen can use to ensure healthy, productive, and resilient lifestyles that keep our
Guardsmen ready and fit to get the job done, both inside and outside the fence - of their life at the Guard, and
their lives at home.

Please let me or Jeff Young know your feedback and ideas as you check out www.wingmanday.org.

As you may have read, Gen Schwartz, CSAF, declared a Resiliency Stand Down for the Air Force. Lt Gen
Wyatt, DANG, sent out a 5 Jan 2012 memo describing the ANG Wingman Day… “being the perfect stage to
enhance resilience and peak performance of our Guard members through strengthening mind, body, spirit and
connection to others across diverse missions…your participation and support are essential as we build a resilient
ANG Community moving forward as a capable, enduring value for America.” We have posted the DANG’s
ANG Wingman Day CONOPS Supplemental Guidance memo on the NGB/HC website.

February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
                                                                                                          Page 3
Chaplain Kent A. Lundy of the 122nd Fighter Wing, Indiana was selected for the Company Grade Officer of
the Year award.

SrA Akin joins the 140th Fighter Wing, Colorado and becomes a Chaplain Assistant with Chaplain Paul
Franz on 22 Jan 2012.

January 2012, Chaplain Assistant Apprentice Course, Fort Jackson, SC
ANG students (SSgt Patricia Johnson, SSgt Jacqueline Kelly, SSgt Amy Sanchez, TSgt Vitalia Baca and
TSgt Michelle Miller)

February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
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                       ANG Strong Bonds Marriage Enrichment Training Program

NGB/HC is pleased to announce we will fund all FY 2012 Wing and State Strong Bond Training requests as
submitted via the strongbonds.org website as reasonable. The size of the event and the amount of funding per
event may vary. In order to verify funding requirements and before unit funds can be distributed, please contact
either Mr. Ed Brown at Edwin.Brown1@ang.af.mil or (334) 718-2572 or MSgt Rauz DiYanni at
Rosalind.DiYanni@ang.af.mil or (240) 612-7310. In addition, we will continue to support Unit Ministry Team
members attending professional SB Instructional Training Courses as sponsored by the Department of the
Army, Chief of Chaplains (DACH).

The remaining CY 2012 (DACH) Instructor Training Courses are as follows:
*10-15 June 2012 - St Louis, MO
*August 2012 - San Antonio, TX (date TBA)
October 2012 - Charlotte, NC (date TBA)
December 2012 - Honolulu, HI (date TBA)
*Note: NGB/HC will fund 8 Chaplains and 4 Chaplain Assistants per course.
In addition to the DACH sponsored Training Courses, NGB/HC will host 2 Strong Bond Training Sessions, 21-
23 April 2012, Milwaukee, WI in conjunction with the “Executive Safety Summit” and the “NGB/HC Training
Event”. In addition to the SB Sessions, NGB/HC will conduct Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant Training,
Mentorship Orientation and Resiliency Training from 24-27 April 2012. Note: Attendance at all training
sessions from 21-27 April will be Unit/Wing funded.

Training Session “A and B”
Session “A” – Couples Curriculum: Laugh Your Way (2 days) – All Day Sunday and Monday.
Session “B” – Singles Curriculum: Got Your Back (2 days) – All Day Sunday and Monday.

For further information regarding SB funding requirements, funds distribution, training courses, website
information and program administration, please do not hesitate referring to www.strongbonds.org or by
contacting either Mr. Ed Brown at Edwin.Brown1@ang.af.mil (334) 718-2572 or MSgt Rosalind DiYanni at
Rosalind.DiYanni@ang.af.mil (240) 612-7310.

Again, thank you for your continued support and assistance with the Strong Bonds Program and for taking care
of our Airmen and their Families! Blessings

February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
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                             Prayer Breakfast & Guest Speaking Engagements

Ch, Col Les Hyder, as the Director of NGB/HC, is available to speak at your Wing for special events, such as
Prayer Breakfasts or Holy Day Observances. If you wish to invite the Director to speak please forward requests
at least 60 days in advance to Ms. Renee Tribbett at renee.tribbett.ctr@ang.af.mil. Ms. Tribbett can assist you
on any protocol items. Wings are asked to provide travel expenses for the event. The title for Chaplain Hyder's
Prayer Breakfast address this year is "Dare to Pray".

                                                    2011 AF Form 1270

If you have not already done so, please submit your unit’s AF Form 1270 as soon as possible. The form can be
sent to angrc.ngbhchcchaplaincorps@ang.af.mil.

February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
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                                          Readiness and Operations
                                        By: Ch, Lt Col Alfred Nicholson

Global Reach Ministry
The Air National Guard Chaplain Corps personnel not only carry a fair share of the global war on terror, but
stand ready and eager to bring spiritual and pastoral care to our war fighters. Often HC Minutemen inquire
about available deployment options. Increasingly, our ANG/HC receives deployment requests with specific
requirements. We have OCONUS and CONUS special assignments and great opportunities for ministry. For
those who want to be proactive and pre-postured for such requests, you may want to consider updating your
personal data in the military personnel data system, and consider applying for a higher security clearance (as
Wing Commanders and funds allow…smile). Also, because we cannot send deployment information to home
e-mails, you MUST set up and check your HC Org e-mail! Most units have them but are unaware. That is the
address we use to send deployment opportunities.

        Personal Data: Believe it or not, the most helpful thing you can do to increase your odds of being
offered a unique deployment opportunity is to update your personal information with your unit personnel flight
(or Mission Support Squadron). Our readiness database comes from that flow of information. Accurate
information on your home address, phone number, e-mail, cell number, etc. is IMPERATIVE and makes
reaching you a much greater likelihood. When in doubt, send the updated information directly to us at
ngbhcreadiness@ang.af.mil (NGB/HC Readiness). Remember the old slogan for the NIKE commercials, “Just
Do It”; I’m just saying… (smile)

        Security Clearances: We have a number of special assignment opportunities that require higher security
clearances. We do not expect the number of such billets to go away; in fact it is a greater likelihood that they
will increase. Application for Top Secret clearances are costly and takes time and will initially be met with “it
can‘t be done.” But persistence will pay off. Having such a clearance also postures you for the ability to
volunteer for deployment requests with that special requirement.

“New” in Readiness
Effective 1 Jan 2012, I was duly assigned and assumed the duties of the new Chief of Readiness and Operations
for NGB/HC. Although, I was not given a Change of Command ceremony or a parade, the transition was
successful and I look forward to serving you and embracing the new responsibilities. I am humbled by the
confidence bestowed upon me and pray that I can live up to all expectations. We are all blessed by the presence
of Ch, Maj Sam Tucker (your primary Functional Area Manager) and MSgt Rob Johnson, NCOIC of Readiness
(with expertise in DOMOPS). From deployment desires/issues to Inspection assistance to specialized readiness
training and resources, we pledge to do our very best to encourage your success in ministry.

“Always Ready, Always There, Always Servants.”

February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
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February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
                                   Page 8
              Happy Valentine’s Day, celebrate Black History Month and President’s Day

                                             NGB/HC Staff

Name                               E-mail                                Duty Phone
Ch, Col Les Hyder                  leslie.hyder@ang.af.mil               240-612-8082
Ch, Col Steve Chisolm              joseph.chisolm@ang.af.mil             240-612-9865
Dr. Charles Woods                  charles.woods.12.ctr@ang.af.mil       240-612-7347
Ch, Lt Col Robert Barry            robert.barry.2@ang.af.mil             240-612-7488
Ch, Lt Col Alfred Nicholson        alfred.nicholson@ang.af.mil           240-612-7395
Ch, Lt Col M. David Reynolds       michael.reynolds@ang.af.mil           240-612-7718
Ch, Lt Col Michael Shirley         michael.shirley.1@ang.af.mil          240-612-8490
Ch, Maj Linzy Laughhunn            linzy.laughhunn@ang.af.mil            240-612-7081
Ch, Maj Colin Smith                colin.smith@ang.af.mil                240-612-7751
Ch, Maj Sam Tucker                 sammy.tucker@ang.af.mil               240-612-7474
SMSgt Gina West                    gina.west@ang.af.mil                  240-612-7318
MSgt Rauz DiYanni                  rosalind.diyanni@ang.af.mil           240-612-7310
MSgt Robert Johnson                robert.johnson.3@ang.af.mil           240-612-7096
MSgt Elizabeth O’Connor            elizabeth.oconnor@ang.af.mil          240-612-9493
TSgt Johnnie Johnson               johnnie.johnson@ang.af.mil            240-612-9618
Mr. Edwin Brown                    edwin.brown1@ang.af.mil               240-612-7396
Ms. Angela Mitchell                angela.mitchell.ctr@ang.af.mil        240-612-7521
Ms. Reneé Tribbett                 renee.tribbett.ctr@ang.af.mil         240-612-7753
Mr. Jeffrey Young                  jeffrey.young.ctr@ang.af.mil          703-408-5875

February 2012Chaplain Newsletter
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