ACW Fireloc American Cord and Webbing by jennyyingdi


Introducing ACW’s “FIRELOC” line of heat
resistant plastic buckles, slides, hooks, etc.

When you are in the heat of a situation, you don’t
want your personal protection equipment to melt off.
ACW Offers a complete line of
“Thermal Resistance Nylon” Plastic Hardware
ACW has released a new 2” side release buckle designed primarily for high heat applications. This buckle has been
tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories for use in the United States and Canada. The ACW S/#’s, item
descriptions and UL/ULC certified safety standards are listed below:

Stock Number                               Pattern                                  Color                                        Width                                  Material

91988                                      MSR                                      Black                                        2”                                     Heat Stabilized Nylon – Male Only*

91990                                      MSR                                      Black                                        2”                                     Heat Stabilized Nylon – Female Only*

UL/ULC Certified Safety Standards
• NFPA 1971, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, 2007 Edition
• NFPA 1951, Standard on Protectice Ensembles for Technical Rescue Incidents, 2007
• NFPA 1977, Standard on Protectice Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting, 2005 Edition
• NFPA 2112, Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Industrial Personnal Against Flash Fire, 2007 Edition
• NFPA 1975, Standard on Station/Work Uniforms for Emergency Services, 2009 Edition
• NFPA 1999, Standard on Protective Clothing for Emergency Medical Operations, 2008 Edition
• CAN/CGSB-155.1, Standard on Firefighters’ Protective Clothing for Protection Against Heat and Flame, 2001 Edition
• CAN/CGSB-155.20, Workwear for Protection Against Hydrocarbon Flash Fire, 2000 Edition
• CAN/CGSB-155.22, Fireline Workwear for Forest Firefighters, 1997 Edition

ACW also manufactures a line of webbing products utilizing specialty yarns, including Kevlar, Nomex,
PBI and Dyneema.

                                                                           For information about ACW FIRELOC Products,
                                                                           please contact us at (401) 762-5500 or visit us

                                                                           American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc.
                                                                           88 Century Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6161 • Ph (401) 762-5500 • Fx (401) 762-5514

   American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc. (“ACW”) does not assume responsibility for defects, damages or injuries caused by misuse, abuse, repair by others or unsuitability as to applications or load bearing strength. Notwithstanding
   anything to the contrary contained in any information or promotional materials furnished by ACW, all sales of ACW are governed exclusively by its standard terms and conditions which include disclaimers of liability.


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