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					                                              SALEM STATE COLLEGE
                                                INVITATION TO BID
                                               THIS IS NOT AN ORDER

1. The College is an agency of the Commonwealth of         7. Salem State College reserves the right to waive
    Massachusetts and is exempt from any State tax or         informalities and to reject any and all proposals; or to
    Federal excise tax                                        accept the proposal deemed best for the Commonwealth.
2. Unless otherwise stated, the unit price shall be the    8. Any objections to the above conditions must be
   net price. Separate unit and total prices must be           clearly indicated in the proposals.
   shown if applicable.                                    9. For additional information contact:
3. Unless otherwise stated, all quoted prices shall be          Thomas Walker, Director, Alumni Affairs Office
   FOB college address inside delivery.                         at (978) 542-7532.
4. Proposal must be received on or before: 3:00 P.M.,     10. Proposals must be submitted to:
   Monday, June 20, 2005 in the                                  Salem State College
   Purchasing Department, Salem State College, 352              Evelyn Wilson, C.P.M., MCPPO
   Lafayette Street, Salem, MA 01970, at which time              Director of Purchasing & Vendor Relations
   there will be a public opening.                              Administration Building, 1st Flr.
5. FAX copies will be accepted.                                 352 Lafayette Street
6. Submit 1 original and 6 copies of bid.                        Salem, MA 01970
                                                          11. Attn: "Loan Consolidation Program Bid"
                                                               Bid Enclosed
                                                          12. Reference: Bid #2005-10

        SPECIFICATIONS                              UNIT PRICE                         TOTAL PRICE

    (See Attached Specifications)

      EQUAL OPPORTUNITY                                            VENDOR IDENTIFICATION

The Contractor agrees not to discriminate against any      ______________________________________
employee or applicant for employment because of race,      COMPANY
sex, color, religious creed, national origin, and/or       ______________________________________
ancestry. The contractor agrees to post in conspicuous     ADDRESS
places notices to be provided by the Massachusetts         ______________________________________
Commission Against Discrimination with respect to the      CITY          STATE          ZIP
air Employment Practice laws of the Commonwealth           ______________________________________
which are herein made part of this contract reference.     TELEPHONE
                                                           AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE
                                                           NAME                 TITLE
                                                           FEDERAL EMPLOYER’S ID CODE 9 DIGITS

Salem State College

            Request for Proposal

          Loan Consolidation Program

          Bid Number 2005-10

               Alumni Affairs

                June 3, 2005

          Table of Contents

I. Salem State College Overview
              A. Benefits
              B. Representatives
              C. Background
              D. Marketing Opportunities
              E. Schedule of Activities

II. Program Specifics

                •   Consolidation Loan Features
                •   Operational
                •   Revenue
                •   Company Interview

III. Confidentiality Agreement

IV. Bidder Requirements
             A. Responsibility of Vendors
             B. References
             C. Qualifications
             E. Experience
             F. Envelopes

V. Terms & Conditions &
            Sample State Contract
Section I. Salem State College Overview
Salem State is proud of its tradition of providing a high quality and affordable education
that prepares students for an ever-changing world.
A. Alumni Affairs Mission and Purpose

The Alumni Affairs Office supports and facilitates the Alumni Association in its
mission to strengthen the friendships established while at the college; to continue to
strengthen the attachment of each alumnus to their chosen profession, to execute
positive service to Salem State College and to represent in all possible ways as a
conduit for the cause of Public Higher Education in the Commonwealth of

Our purpose is to promote the professional, educational, economical and social
interests of Salem State College. In furtherance of these purposes we must provide
services, which enlighten, strengthen, and develop a unity of action amongst the
students, faculty, administration, trustees, alumni groups, and friends of the College
of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Alumni Benefits

Graduates from Salem State College automatically become a member of the SSC
Alumni Association. There are no dues to pay or forms to complete. Alumnus/a
have access to:

              • Wellness Center Alumni Membership

              • Affinity Credit Card Program

              • Preferred CD and Money Market Deposit Account Rates

              • Liberty Mutual Group Insurance Program
Alumni Association Scholarships- The Alumni Association Board of Directors
annually awards scholarships to incoming freshmen.
Alumni Association Awards- The Alumni Association Awards annually recognizes
individuals for their outstanding achievement and/or service to Salem State
Other Benefits Include:

                  • Use of the Salem State College Library

                  • 20% discount at the College Bookstore during any major
                    alumni program

                  • Use of the Career Development Center

                 • Subscription to the Salem State College Magazine

B. Alumni Affairs Representative
                 • Thomas Walker
                   Director of Alumni Affairs
                   Phone: 978-542-7532

                 • Eileen M. O'Brien '01
                   Associate Director
                   Phone: 978-542-7529

C. Background of College

Salem State College, founded in 1854, is the largest of Massachusetts’ nine state
colleges. The campus consists of 108.08 acres and thirty-three buildings on five sites:
North Campus, Central Campus, South Campus, Cat Cove and the O’Keefe Athletic
Center. Today the College is a comprehensive institution of academic strength offering
high quality, balanced education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In its
undergraduate academic programs, it offers 26 majors, 53 minors, 67 concentrations and
9 Baccalaureate Degrees; in its Graduate Division, the College offers 35 graduate
academic programs, 9 Masters Degrees, and 3 Certificates of Advanced Graduate
Studies. The undergraduate level has approximately 6,700 full time equivalents and the
graduate level has approximately 2,200 full time equivalents. The New England
Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) has accredited the College. In addition,
program-specific accrediting bodies have accredited many of the College’s programs.

Salem State College is authorized by Chapter 15A, Section 5, of the Massachusetts
General Laws and operates under the oversight of the Board of Higher Education, which
is responsible for monitoring each educational institution to ensure that state funds
support measurable performance, productivity, and results. The Board of Trustees,
appointed by the Governor, establishes the College’s administrative policies. The
College’s president is responsible for implementing the policies set by the Board of

The Assistance Corporation was formed in 1995 as a result of legislation established by
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Assistance Corporation was created to
promote the orderly growth and development of the College and to assist and benefit the
College in securing physical and financial resources necessary for the acquisition and
development of a site formerly known as the GTE Sylvania plant. That location, Central
Campus, has most recently undergone renovations that today house the School of

Business, the Department of Music and other administrative areas. In addition, the
Central Campus site is the location of a new Residence Hall opened in September 2004.
The Assistance Corporation operates solely on its own revenues and a portion of an
annual appropriation to the College from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is
dedicated to the site. A Board of Directors governs the Assistance Corporation. Section
277 of Chapter 60 as amended by Chapter 185 of the Acts of 1995, established the
Board’s powers and duties.

The Assistance Corporation owns and operates the Enterprise Center at Salem State
College. The Enterprise Center supports start-up and established businesses through
education and providing a professional office environment. The Enterprise Center
commenced operations in the fall of 1999. The Enterprise Center currently houses
approximately 20 tenants with gross potential rental income of approximately $350,000.

The Salem State College Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in 1976 as a 501(c)(3)
private, not-for-profit organization. Its mission is to help Salem State College meet its
needs and goals by raising and distributing private contributions to the College. In so
doing, the Foundation invests and manages these contributions that assist in meeting the
needs of the Salem State College community not met through public funding. A Board of
Directors governs the Foundation.

Salem State College’s student population is diverse, coming from 19 states and 57
countries, representing a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, religious and social groups. The
fall of 2004 total enrollment at Salem State College was 9,347 with 6,771
undergraduates, 2,576 graduates. The student population is 6,282 female and 3,065 male.

The college has over 47,000 alumni of record, nearly 75% of who live and work in the

Additional information on Salem State College may be found at

D. Marketing Opportunities: The following are potential marketing opportunities
for the vendor

   •   Bidder will be given direct mail opportunities to more than 40,000 addressable
       alumni and friends of the college with annual growth rate of 3-4% per year.
   •   Bidder will be given ad placement in an issue of the Salem Statement, distributed
       to more than 40,000 households.
   •   Bidder will have direct Internet link from Alumni website to on-line application
   •   Bidder will have messaging opportunities to Alumni e-newsletter distributed
       periodically to more than 11,000 alumni.
   •   Bidder will have event sponsorship opportunities.

    E. Schedule of Activities/Timeline/Deadline

     1. RFP mailed, faxed and posted:                        Week of June 6, 2005

     2. Prospective Bidders written inquiry deadline:        Week of June 13, 2005.

     3. Proposal submission deadline:                        June 20, 2005, 3:00 P.M.

     4. Evaluations & Reference Checking:                    June 20 to 24, 2005

     5. Award Notification:                                  Week of June 27, 2005

     6. Contract signing:                                    Week of June 27, 2005

     7. Contract begin date:                                 July 1, 2005

Section II. Program Specifics

Respondent will respond to all of the areas discussed below. Provide as much
information as necessary for Salem State College to adequately evaluate the proposal.

Consolidation Loan Features:

     1.   What are your borrower benefits?
     2.   Do you offer Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments?
     3.   Do you offer deferments?
     4.   What repayment plans do you offer, e.g., graduate repayment, income sensitive?
     5.   Provide loan interest rate characteristics, e.g., fixed, variable, index.
     6.   Are there prepayment penalties?
     7.   Are there allowances for spousal consolidations?
     8.   Do you offer a private loan consolidation product?


     9. Identify the originator and servicer.
     10. Identify guarantors used.
     11. Do you enable e-signature capability?
     12. Can borrowers apply on-line?
     13. Do you provide a dedicated toll-free customer service number?
     14. What is the role of the Alumni and the Financial Aid Office play in this process?
     15. Identify the need for the establishment of a 501 (c) (3) corporation.
     16. Identify the primary contact for borrowers and the Alumni Association?

   17. What agreements need to be executed?
   18. What is the average processing time from the submission of an application to
       funding of a loan?
   19. What reports do you provide?


   20. Describe co-branding and marketing efforts, including, but not limited to, e.g.,
       email blasts, brochures, web-site development and/or enhancement?
   21. Will you compensate the Alumni Office for the cost of temporary help and
   22. How will you utilize logos or trademarks of the College?
   23. Describe your company’s policy regarding confidential data?
   24. Describe other marketing opportunities, e.g., sponsorships, advertising, other
       Alumni related programs?
   25. Do you provide data trend analysis?


   26. What is the compensation for each completed application?
   27. Are there restrictions for use of proceeds?
   28. Is there a minimum revenue stream the Alumni Office will earn regardless of the
       amount of completed applications generated?
   29. Can you provide estimations of potential revenue streams from this effort?

Company Overview:

   30. Provide a brief history of your company and its financial performance?
   31. Describe your experience originating consolidations loans?
   32. How much loan consolidations have you originated over the past three years?
   33. Provide the names of other colleges and universities you have worked with to
       generate consolidation loans?

Section III. Confidentiality Agreement

 During the proposal process, Salem State shall treat all proposals with confidentiality.
 Proposals received will not be made public or given to any other respondent by the
 Salem State.

 All information contained in this RFP, including the information that is subsequently
 disclosed during the procurement process, is to be considered strictly confidential.
 Information must not be released to parties external to your organization.

 The respondent’s signature below confirms an understanding, agreement, and
 acceptance of the confidential nature of this RFP


    Firm/Organization    : __________________________________
    Printed Name         : __________________________________
    Title                : __________________________________
    Signature            : __________________________________

IV. Bidder Requirements

A. Responsibility of Bidders: Interested individuals/firms are invited to submit a

proposal with the policies, procedures, and dates as set forth herein.

B. References: The Bidder must provide a list of at least three references of
companies/institutions (preferably schools) that have participated or are participating in
similar affinity credit card programs. References must include company name, key contact,
key contact phone number, and key contact e-mail address.

C. Qualifications of Bidders: The bidder will be regularly and wholly engaged in the
business of providing Loan Consolidation programs and services and/or related businesses.
The bidder must be able to show by documentation that he has successfully established and
maintained a business for a period of no less than five successive years prior to the date of
the receipt of this bid. The bidder shall have in his direct employment the necessary
manpower and proper facilities to properly fulfill all the services required.

D. Relevant Experience: The bidder must be able to provide as part of their bid a general
description of their organization including number of staff, evidence of previous experience,
years in business, scope of services offered, and partial list of client events.

                                          F. How         to   Address       Envelopes:    Envelopes
                                               containing responses to the request for proposal
                                               should be marked with the solicitation number
                                               SSC       2005-10.   Also,    please   reference   the
                                               solicitation number SSC 2005-10 in any cover
V. Terms and Conditions

A. TERMINATION: This Agreement may be terminated without cause by either party
by giving written notice to the other at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of
termination stated in this notice. If the bidder fails to fulfill its obligations, the College
may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the bidder at least seven (7)
calendar days before the effective date of the termination stated in the notice. The notice
may state the circumstances of the alleged breach and may state a reasonable time period,
not less than seven (7) days, during which the alleged breach may be cured, subject to the
approval of the College.

B. OBLIGATION IN EVENT OF TERMINATION: (i) Upon termination, all
finished or unfinished documents, data, studies and reports prepared by the bidder
pursuant to this Contract, including all copies thereof in the possession of the bidder,
shall be promptly remitted to the College together with all documents in its possession
supplied to the bidder by the College for any purpose in connection with the making or
performance of this Agreement.

C. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: No officer or employee of the Commonwealth shall
participate in any decision relating to this Agreement which affects his/her personal
interest or the interest of any corporation, partnership, or association in which he/she is
directly or indirectly interested; and no officer or employee of the Commonwealth shall
have any interest, direct or indirect, in this Agreement or in the proceeds thereof. The
purpose of this clause is to ensure that officers or employees of the Commonwealth, who
are in a position to approve this contract on behalf of the College, do not experience a
personal gain by entering into any contract, which directly affects them.

D. CONFIDENTIALITY: The bidder shall keep confidential all personal and other
confidential data and information that is provided to the bidder by the College or that
otherwise comes into its possession in the performance of its obligations under this
Agreement, and the bidder shall not disclose the same to other persons or entities without
the prior written authorization of the College.

      documentary material, including without limitation, plans, reports, manuals,
      pamphlets and articles prepared by the bidder for any purpose in connection with
      the making or performance of this Agreement, shall be the property of the
      College and shall appropriately designate the College as owner. No such material
      prepared in whole or in part under this Agreement shall be subject to copyright in
      the United States of America or in any other country. The College shall have
      unrestricted authority to publish, disclose, distribute and otherwise use, in whole
      or in part, any such materials. Any material, which has been copyrighted
      previously and is used by the bidder in the performance of this Agreement, shall
      not lose its copyright status by being so used. The purpose of intent of this clause
      is to ensure that materials prepared by the bidder while the College is paying

it, become the property of the College. This clause has no impact on material produced
by the bidder prior to this Agreement.

F. FORCE MAJEURE: Neither party shall be liable to the other or be deemed to be
in breach of this Agreement for any failure or delay in rendering performance arising out
of causes beyond its reasonable control and without fault or negligence. Such causes may
include, but are not limited to. Acts of God or of a public enemy, fires, flood, epidemics,
quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, or unusually severe weather. Dates or
times of performance shall be extended to the extent of delays excused by this section,
provided that the party whose performance is affected notifies the other promptly of the
existence and nature of such delay, and provided that nothing in this provision shall be
deemed to extend the term hereof.

G. SEVERABILITY: If any provision of this Agreement is declared or found illegal,
unenforceable, or void, then both parties shall be relieved of all obligations under the
provision. The remainder of the Agreement shall be enforced to the fullest extent
permitted by law.

H. WAIVERS: All conditions, covenants, duties and obligations contained in this
Agreement can be waived or amended only by written agreement. Forbearance or
indulgence in any form or manner by a party shall not be construed as a waiver, nor in
any way limit the legal or equitable remedies available to that party.

I. RECORDS: The bidder shall maintain books, records and other compilations of
data, pertaining to the performance of its obligations hereunder and shall do so to such
extent and in such detail as shall properly substantiate claims for payment hereunder. The
Governor, the State Auditor or their designees shall have the right, at reasonable times
and upon reasonable notice, to examine and copy the books, records and other
compilations of data that are required to be maintained hereunder.

J. STATUS: Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute the bidder as an
employee of the College or of any other agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
nor shall it be deemed to constitute the bidder as a partner of or a joint venture with the
College for any purpose whatsoever.

K. INDEMNIFICATION: The bidder shall indemnify and hold the Commonwealth
harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses
(including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys fees) for personal injury or damage to
any real or personal property which the Commonwealth may sustain, incur or be required
to pay arising out of or in connection with the services required to be performed
hereunder by reason of any negligent action or inaction or any willful misconduct of the
bidder or of any person employed by the bidder or of any person to whom the bidder has
sub-contracted the performance of any services hereunder.

     L. PROVISION OF CHILD CARE: The bidder certifies that it is in compliance
        with the provisions of Section 7 of Chapter 521 of the Acts of 1990 as amended
        by Chapter 329 of the Acts of 1991, and 102 CMR 12.00 and that the Firm is
        either a "qualified employer" because it has fifty (50) or more full-time
        employees and has established a

dependent care assistance program, child care tuition assistance, or on-site or near-site
child care placements, or is an "exempt employer".

M. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: The bidder is aware of the recently
enacted American with Disabilities Act which prohibits discrimination based upon
disability and shall meet the standards applicable to the state under the Americans with
Disabilities Act 42 USC 12101 et seq.; 28CFR.

All items with an asterisk (*) MUST BE FILLED IN to have this record posted in Comm-

All Submissions MUST be accompanied by AT LEAST ONE file attachment (See Page 4)

Data fields presented in bold, italics are subject to KEYWORD SEARCH functionality.

Your Organization:
* Purchasing Entity:               Salem State College .....................................................................

* Purchasing Department: ....................................................................................................

* Entity Administrator:            Evelyn Wilson
                                   A signatory authority or their designee on record with OSD.

Posting Type:
*Check One
       ❑    Announcement/Intent to Bid: Does Not Contain Specifications
       ❑    Request for Information: Vendor Response Does Not Result in Contract
       X Solicitation: Request for A Response From Bidders, Contains Specifications or Scope
       of Services, Forms/Terms
       ❑    Contract: Publication of Contract Information

ONLY for changes to existing Comm-PASS records, check one and provide requested

The existing Comm-PASS record is currently in an Open/Active status.

This submittal will result in:

     (a) an increment of one (1) to the Version Number on the Summary tab of the current record;
     (b) email notification to all subscribers to the record’s category/subcategory;
     (c) email notification to any Vendors with a valid email address that are listed on the Vendor
         tab of a Contract;
     (d) creation of an Amendment History record under the Other tab

     If checked, please provide an Amendment Reason, e.g., Award Summary, Delivery

X The existing Comm-PASS record is currently in a Closed/Inactive status.

     The submittal will result in:

     (a) no change to the Version Number on the Summary tab of the current record;
     (b) no email notification to any subscriber or Vendor;
     (c) no creation of an Amendment History record under the Other tab.

     If checked, please provide an Update Description, e.g., List of Bidders Responding,
     Evaluation Criteria.

     __Loan Consolidation Program Bid____________________________________________

* Document Number                             2005-10
  Related Document Number
Document Number you will use for the          2005-10
Contract, if a Contract results.
* Document Title (subject to
                                              Loan Consolidation Program
Keyword Search)
* Description (subject to Keyword
BRIEF- provide bidders one or two sentences   To provide our campus with a loan consolidation program.
to make a quick assessment. NOT formal
announcement language.
* Comm-PASS
Choose one Category and the single most       Information Technology - Related Equipment, Services & Supplies
applicable sub-category from the
spreadsheet. For multiple or missing sub-
categories, choose OTHER-All others not       Sub-category:
included or combinations.
Additional Keywords for
Searching                                     Loan, Loan Consolidation
Use common terms, e.g., “crayons” for “art
instructional supplies.”
* Procurement Type                            Check One Only:
                                              X Restricted for Use by Issuing Entity Only
                                              ❑   Restricted for Use by Defined Entities Only
                                              ❑   Open for Use under Separate Contract Execution
* Applicable Procurement Law                  Check One:
                                              X       MGL c. 7, § 22; c. 30, § 51, § 52; 801 CMR 21.00
                                              ❑      MGL c. 7, § 22; c. 30, § 51, § 52; 801 CMR 21.00 and 808 CMR
                                              ❑      MGL c. 30, § 51, § 52 and § 65; c. 7, § 22; and 801 CMR
                                              ❑      MGL c. 149, § 44A - M
                                              ❑      MGL c. 30, § 39M
                                              ❑      MGL c. 7, §§ 38 A½ -O
                                              ❑      MGL c. 30B
                                              ❑      Not applicable
                                              ❑      World Trade Organization/Government Procurement Agreement
                                              ❑      MGL c. 25A, § 11C
                                              ❑      See Description (include law citation, explanation)
* Solicitation Contains EPP                   ❑ YES ❑       NO
* Solicitation Requires Prompt
                                              ❑   YES ❑       NO
Pay Terms
* Estimated Value (US$)                       $ n/a
* Estimated Units (provide unit of
measure as text)
* Calendar Rule Type                          Check One:
                                              X   Standard: No bids accepted after the close date.
                                              ❑   Open: Issuer reserves the right to request further bids after Contract
                                                  is established, if any.
                                              ❑   Rolling: Issuer allows additional vendors to submit bids in order to

     qualify for the Contract, if any.

All inquiries regarding this document will be directed to:

* Contact Person First and Last Name                                   Evelyn Wilson

  Contact Person’s Title                                               Director, Purchasing & Vendor Relations
* Telephone Number 1                                                   978.542.6152
                                                                       Ten (10) digits required

  Telephone Number 2 (Phone/Fax/TDD/Cell)                              978.542.6164
                                                                       Ten (10) digits required, if provided.

  Telephone Number 3 (Phone/Fax/TDD/Cell)
                                                                       Ten (10) digits required, if provided.

* Email Address                                              
If none, enter the text “”                     “at” and “dot” symbols required

* Street Address 1                                                     352 Lafayette St.

 Street Address 2

* City/Town                                                            Salem

* State                                                                MA

* Zip Code                                                             01970

All entries must include date and time.
The format for date is mm/dd/yyyy.
The format for time is hour minutes AM/PM and all times are Eastern.

* Open Date (date bid is publicly accessible)
Please note that Comm-PASS will make your record public as long
as the Open Date has been achieved.
Allow two (2) business days between the time you submit this
request and the Open Date you enter to avoid an Open Date that
precedes the posting date.

* Amendment Deadline (no edits after this date)
We recommend 24 hours prior to Close Date since system will            06/19/05
prohibit changes to record once Amendment Deadline is reached.

* Close Date (date by which bid must be received)                      06/20/05

                                                                       ❑    YES ✸           NO
* Allow Online Vendor Responses
                                                                       Online Response is not yet allowed.

* Allow Single Vendor to Submit Multiple                               X    YES             ❑     NO
Responses                                                              Informational only. Comm-PASS cannot prevent mail or hand delivery.


    Document Type:               Document Title (visible to the public):               Computer File Name (not visible):

    EX: Form                     W-9                                                   tax_id.doc

                      EX: Specification              Delivery Zones                                                rfr_05_del.xls

                      Summary                        *1. Loan Consolidation Program Bid                            pdf






                 x       I affirm and attest that this submittal does not provide public disclosure of sensitive
                         information including but not limited to social security numbers, bank routing numbers,
                         blueprints, plans, policies, procedures and schematic drawings, which relate to internal
                         layout and structural elements, security measures, emergency preparedness, threat or
                         vulnerability assessments, or any other records relating to the security or safety of persons
                         or buildings, structures, facilities, utilities, transportation or other infrastructure located
                         within the Commonwealth, as generally exempt from public disclosure under M.G.L. c. 4, §
                         7, cls. 26(n).

                 x       I have included all mandatory text in this RFR - i.e. Paragraphs regarding Comm-PASS
                         distribution and vendor responsibility, and a paragraph regarding modifying the RFR.

                 x       If applicable, I have included the Standard Documents necessary for a bidder to provide a
                         complete, valid response.

                 Name: ___Dina Struss________________Contact Telephone

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Date:                             Problem:                                                 Spoke to:                         Resolved Date:

BID:             “Loan Consolidation Program”

BID DUE:         June 20, 2005 @ 3:00 PM

BID #:           2005-10
Attn: Wendy Hill
Director, Partnership Development
CFS Affinity Services
100 City Hall Plaza, Level 2
Boston, MA 02108
cell: 617-780-9451
Fax: 617.248.8747
email:      __________________________________________

Attn: Scott McIsaac
Campus Solutions – MA
102 Sachem Street
Quincy, MA 02170
617-328-7888 – W
617-899-5261 – C
Fax: 617.328-7848
Email:            __________________________________________

Attn: Fabrizio Balestri
Student Loan Xpress, Inc.
A CIT Company
12680 High Bluff Drive, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 866-311-8111
Cell: 619-871-6772
Email:        __________________________________________

OPENED BY:                                 __________________________________________

WITNESSED BY:                              __________________________________________

VENDORS PRESENT:                           __________________________________________