Appendix 26 Focus Supplier Program by 8Hp08vI3


									         Benteler NAO Focus Supplier Program – Process Flow Chart

                     Input                         Process step                                  Output

                                                      Focus Entry:
                                            Benteler’s buyer sends official              Letter sent to Supplier
                                           notification letter to supplier with
                                           invitation to escalation meeting

        SQE provides summary of why
                                                    Conduct Supplier
         supplier entered in pogram
                                                  Escalation Meeting at                 Measurement Plan with
                                                        Benteler                          targets identified
        Supplier to provide presentation
           of issues and action plan

                                                  Benteler SQE conduct                  PDCA for process audit
                                                  VDA 6.3 process audit                       findings
                                                       at supplier

         SQE visits & conference call                   Monitor of                         Measurement Plan
                   reviews                        Measurement Plan &                           Updates
                                                  Supplier Performance
        Supplier 8Ds, updated PDCAs,                  for 3 months
              inspection results                       (minimum)

                                                    Conduct follow-up
                                                    VDA 6.3 Process

                                                         Does the
                                                         supplier                 Yes
        Supplier Quality Performance &                                                       Exit Letter sent
            Process Audit Results                                                              to Supplier
                                                     meet the targets
                                                       & VDA audit
                                                     ratings > 90%?

                                              Three Month Extension:
                                           Benteler’s buyer sends notification
                                                letter to supplier’s Top
                                             Management and invitation to
                                                  Escalation Meeting.

                                                   Conduct Escalation
        SQE provides summary of why                meeting at Benteler                  Measurement Plan with
         supplier entered in pogram                (with Director level                   targets identified
                                                    representatives )
        Supplier to provide presentation
           of issues and action plan

                                                         Does the
        Supplier Quality Performance &                                            Yes
                                                      performance                            Exit Letter sent
            Process Audit Results                    meet the targets                          to Supplier
                                                       & VDA audit
                                                     ratings > 90%?


                                                 Benteler to proceed as
                                                  needed with further                   Additional notifications to be
                                                   actions (3rd Party                   send to supplier as needed
                                                  Containment, NBH,

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