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									                       Sefton Drug Action Team
                   Summary Report for the PCT Board
                      Quarter end June 30th 2007

Background: This report provides an update for the first quarter of the
financial year 2007/8.

NTA Quarterly Performance Report

Numbers in Treatment

New presentations            156
Number in treatment YTD      1230
NTA year end projection      1513
NTA LDP target               1404

The stretch target recently suggested by the NTA of 1,565 is achievable. Past
trends suggest that based on the current level of activity of 1,230 that the
1,565 is a more realistic figure than the 1,513 projected number in treatment
at 31st March 2008.

Retention (in treatment minimum period of 12 weeks)

                             NTA Target     Actual
Retention                    85%            77%

Given that Sefton DAT ultimately achieved 87% retention in 2006/7 the
current level of retention defined by the NTA is under query.

Waiting Times (all modalities – less than 3 weeks max wait)

                          NTA Target      Actual
First intervention        83%             95%
Subsequent intervention   83%             89%

Successful Treatment Discharges (all modalities)

                             NTA Target     Actual
Treatment Discharge          52%            61%

Care Planning

                             NTA Target     Actual
Care Planning                95%            99%
Analysis of Drug Misuse – Presenting Substance

Drug Type                      Main            Second          Third
Heroin                         888     75%     35    3%        3       0%
Cocaine                        91      8%      53    4%        31      3%
Methadone                      50      4%      62    5%        29      2%
Cannabis                       51      4%      39    3%        23      2%
Crack                          19      2%      341   29%       16      1%
Other main drugs               48      4%      4     0%        3       0%
N/A                            0       0%      567   48%       1026    87%

N.B These are the main drugs used. There are many other drugs listed
making up the total percentage figure to 100% in each of main, second and
third drug of choice columns.

NTA Summary

There are no major concerns over the Sefton partnership. Service user
involvement is our best regionally (if not nationally) and it is felt the
commissioning and management of the drug treatment system is excellent.


   1. Data provision: The DAT has invested in new systems within its main
      service provider to ensure that accurate data recording is evidenced for
      the DAT.
   2. Increased outreach team: In order to ensure those clients that are hard
      to reach are encouraged into treatment the DAT has supported the
      expansion of the local outreach team and has assisted in the purchase
      of an outreach vehicle.
   3. Improved access to harm reduction: There has been a 25% increase in
      the number of pharmacies participating in both supervised
      consumption of methadone and in the provision of syringe exchange
   4. Increased range of accommodation/housing options for our clients as
      per housing strategy.
   5. Restructuring criminal justice services to provide a more cost effective
      service in 2008/9.

Healthcare Commission Review

Sefton DAT achieved a grade ‘4’ rating which is the highest of the ratings
available. Only 27% of the Drug Action Teams achieved this rating.

Key success points

      Robust commissioning mechanisms with formal partnerships/key
       stakeholders and service users.
      Compliance with Models of Care in respect of range/quality of
       treatment services available.
      Waiting times favourable
      Service retention favourable
      Well informed harm reduction strategy
      Excellent monitoring of service provision.

Healthcare Commission recommendations

The DAT is keen to increase the number of injecting drug users that utilise
needle/syringe exchange services and improve the workforce strategy for
Sefton services. These items will be priorities for the latter half of 2007/8.


The first quarter performance in respect of activity and outcomes show a
healthy position for Sefton DAT. The financial position is similarly healthy and
it is anticipated that the DAT will break even at 31st March 2008.

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