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									                  Improving Your Presence on Linked In

   Improving Your Presence on LinkedIn
                  What every business owner should
                 know about using LinkedIn effectively

By Vinnie Curto
Phone: 877-634-1710

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com   Page 1
                      Improving Your Presence on Linked In

LinkedIn is wonderful for a lot of reasons. First, it has over 140,000,000 members (and
growing). Second, the average income per member is $107,000. Third, you can generate a lot of
business using LinkedIn – especially if you’re in a professional services industry.

In this guide I’ll show you what to do to get the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

Getting Found
LinkedIn is its own search engine – and it’s one of the best there is for scoring potential clients.
It’s far better than Google in that regard. However, those who are performing searches can’t
find most LinkedIn profiles.

Why? Well, most user profiles aren’t keyword optimized. In other words, if someone types in
“Houston financial advisor,” and you were a Houston financial advisor… would you show up at
the top of the LinkedIn results?

Not likely, unless you have optimized your profile by using that keyword in certain strategic

In fact, you tell how often people do searches for you on LinkedIn just by logging into your
account. On the right hand of your LinkedIn home page, you might see something like this…

Not very good! In this particular instance, this profile has only shown up in 6 LinkedIn search
results in the past 90 days. Ouch.

That’s a stark contrast to another profile we’ve worked with who has had results like this…

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                        Page 2
                      Improving Your Presence on Linked In

152 search results in the past day! How is it possible?

The answer: by being optimized for multiple keywords that his ideal clients would be searching
for on LinkedIn.

It’s actually very simple for you to do this. Do a search right now on LinkedIn for you city name
+ your service. Example: if you’re a dentist in Salt Lake City, type in “Salt Lake City Dentist” into
the LinkedIn search.

After you do the search, sort it by keyword…

This will give you an indication of who is at the top currently for the term you’d like to be at the
top for.

Open their profile. Then open a new browser tab and go to this site: http://wordle.net. Once
there, click on “create” on their home page – we’re going to create a word cloud.

If you do it correctly, you should see something like this:

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                         Page 3
                     Improving Your Presence on Linked In

Now go back to the top profile you found for our keyword you’d like to be ranked number 1 in
LinkedIn for… and simply go to Edit->Select all at the top of your browser window…

Once you’ve selected all the text on the profile that is currently number one in LinkedIn, then
go back to Edit->Copy to copy it. Then paste it into Wordle and click “Go”. You’ll end up with
Wordle cloud. Here is one I created for Salt Lake City Dentist

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                    Page 4
                        Improving Your Presence on Linked In

These are words that you’d want to incorporate into your profile, as they make sense to you. In
this case, I’d try as much as possible to get the following words into my profile if I was a Salt
Lake City dentist…

      Salt Lake City
      Utah
      Dental
      University
      CEREC
      Dentist
      Medicine
      Residency
      Practice
      Center
      Laser
      Cosmetic

Ideally, I would mention the surrounding suburbs, counties and cities I have also serviced, so
hopefully I show up in their results as well.

Finally, the more content you have on your profile, the higher you are likely to rank in LinkedIn
search, and also the more terms you’ll likely get ranked for.

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                     Page 5
                     Improving Your Presence on Linked In

You should try as much as possible to fill out as keyword rich, and with detailed information,
each section in LinkedIn.

The Real Trick To LinkedIn Exposure
By default, when someone does a search LinkedIn shows results based on connections.
Specifically, your direct connections and those that are two and three degrees away from you.

For example, a client we knew who did real well in the search benefited greatly from increasing
her connections. Check it out:

Before she only had 77 connections, and all her connections (first, second and third degrees)
totaled “only” 245,789. In other words, only 1.75% of people on LinkedIn would ever see her on
a default search (since it is ordered by connections.)

After increasing her connections (it only took 464 first degree connections!), she is now able to
reach 33.9% of people on LinkedIn via the default search results.

How do you build your connections? By adding super connectors to your network. Because they
already have so many first degree connections (which will become your second degree
connections), it only takes a few to be able to vastly grow your overall network.

Here’s what you do – search just for your city name in LinkedIn. Then sort the search results by
connections. Then add them to your network if possible.

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                     Page 6
                      Improving Your Presence on Linked In

Exposure is only half the battle – what good is getting a lot of people to see your profile if it
doesn’t lead to an easy increase in your business bottom line?

Take a look at the previous picture again where we sorted by connections. Notice the top four
results. Reach their Professional “Headline”. The first, Sean Gustavson, talks about his
credentials, which is okay. The second, Richard Callaby, simply puts his job title – “Freelance

The third, Greig Wells, puts this: “Job Seekers: Go Now to http://www.BeFoundBeHired.com”.


By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                        Page 7
                     Improving Your Presence on Linked In

You should write your professional headline to encourage a specific action from those who
search for you on LinkedIn. In Greig’s case, he simply told them to go to his website. And who
did he tell? His ideal prospects!

The formula is simple: just call out your ideal clients by name and tell them what to do.

The next important part is your summary. It can be 1985 characters long, which translates into
close to about 360 words. You should use as many words as you can, and don’t stop until you
go over the limit. Then go back and edit.

The more you have in your description, the more you can write a compelling description to get
your audience to take action… which may be to call your place of business, or to go to your
website, or to send you a message on LinkedIn… or whatever.

Another thing you should absolutely do is put your LinkedIn email address visible on your
profile, in a place that is easy for anyone to see. Why? Because when people try to add you to
their network, they will need your email.

Ideally, besides the super connectors, you want everyone else to connect to you. That’s because
you only are allowed to initiate 3000 connections on LinkedIn, then you’re done with adding
others to your network.

Linked Groups are great. It’s a perfect way for you to become of the “master networker,” or the
hub around which other local businesses and professionals go for information and

To create a group, go here:

Just like we keyword optimize our profile, you should also keyword optimize your group so that
it shows up in the LinkedIn search engine.

Set so it to “auto-join” so any LinkedIn member may join the group without approval. Finally,
allow the group to be an “open group.”

Here are the little known benefits to LinkedIn groups that most people aren’t aware of…

   1. Many members of LinkedIn rely on groups to help them make decisions in their business
   2. LinkedIn allows you to mass broadcast email the whole group once a week

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                      Page 8
                               Improving Your Presence on Linked In

     3. You can also send unlimited individual emails in groups to even 2 nd and 3rd degree
        connections (which you can’t anywhere else)

Once you have your group set up, edit your profile summary to ask people who visit your profile
to join your group. In addition, if you interact frequently with customers/clients, ask if they
have LinkedIn, and if so connect with them on LinkedIn, then message them inviting them to
your group.

The good news is once you have a group, it’s easy to communicate with the whole group
through email once a week.

These are the “basics” of LinkedIn. For most businesses, if you do this stuff you’ll be 99% ahead
of everyone else on LinkedIn.

If you really want to take it to the next level with LinkedIn, I can show you some other cool
methods as well which we haven’t had a chance to elaborate on in this guide. If you want to
chat casually, just reach out to me here:

Vinnie Curto
Get my business card by text – text 'vin' to 72727

Click here to visit LocalLeadGenie.com an online marketing company specializing in mobile
marketing, seo, and Linkedin.

Disclaimer: LinkedIn is a registered trademark of the LinkedIn Corporation. This report is not endorsed by the LinkedIn Corporation. This report
should not be considered legal, financial, or professional business advice.

By Vinnie Curto, Phone: 877-634-1710, Email: Vinnie@localleadgenie.com                                                                 Page 9

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