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									                                                Be Alert!!

Our memory verse today tells us we should not get tired of doing good. Say the verse together as a class.

As the class...”what are some good things God wants us to do”? (allow various responses)

Now we’re going to check to see how well they know some of the things we should do as Christians. If a
statement is a good thing that God wants us to do, the children should give you a “thumbs-up”. If a statement
is not a good thing that God wants us to do, they should give you a “thumbs-down”.

                                               Thumbs-Up Quiz

Here are the can also make up your own!

   1. Jesus wants us to come to church and learn about Him. (thumbs-up)
   2. Jesus wants us to show kindness to our brothers and sisters. (thumbs-up)
   3. Jesus wants us to talk to our friends during Praise and Worship. (thumbs-down...He wants us to focus
       on Him during Praise and Worship)
   4. Jesus wants us to be very proud of all the good things we do. (thumbs-down...he wants us to give Him
       praise for our talents and abilities)
   5. Jesus wants us to tell others about him. (thumbs-up)
   6. Jesus wants us to tell the truth when it won’t get us into trouble. (thumbs-down...Jesus wants us to tell
       the truth ALL the time)
   7. Jesus wants us to be happy so he doesn’t mind if you don’t clean your room when your mom asks you
       to when it doesn’t make you feel happy to do it. (thumbs down...Jesus wants you to always obey your
       mom...even when you don’t feel like it!)
   8. Jesus wants you to help others when they have a need. (thumbs-up)
   9. Jesus wants us to use the talents He has given us to bless others and so your talents will grow for Him.
   10. Jesus doesn’t mind if you don’t read your Bible as much when there is no more Super Club. (thumbs-
       down...Jesus wants you to read your Bible regularly all year long...even after Super Club is over)
   11. Jesus wants us to be alert so that when He comes back for us he will find us doing what he wants us to
       do. (thumbs up)
   12. Jesus understands that we get tired of doing good sometimes and so it’s okay to give up sometimes
       and just do what everyone else is doing. (thumbs down...Jesus wants us to NEVER give up doing the
       good He wants us to do!)
   13. Jesus’ followers who decide to stop doing good and turn away from God will be punished. (thumbs up)

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