Are We Digital Dummies by WeAreAMPClan


									       Matthew Delaurier, Opinion Paragraph Are We Digital Dummies?”

        An Idea Brought up in the documentary “Are We Digital Dummies?” is that humans are
not capable of multitasking. They believe that are perception of multitasking is only rapidly
switching from one task to another. They proved this with different examples such as a trucker
texting while driving him on average took his eyes off the road for 4 seconds at a time, in this
amount of time he travelled a football field. He was swaying towards the curb this is good
evidence that we can’t multitask. Another idea they brought forward was that texting is
dangerous because of unintentional blindness. They showed a female who fell in a man hole
while texting. They also did an experiment to have a bright clown at a university most people
on their phones didn’t notice because of texting. Both these examples prove the argument of
unintentional blindness.

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