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Advantages of Biomass Energy by WeAreAMPClan


									Natural gas is the right fuel for so many reasons. Here are ten of the best reasons ...

      Convenience
       With natural gas, you'll never run out of fuel. Underground pipelines mean there is no
       disruption of supply due to storms or power outages.
      Versatility
       Natural gas can do more than heat your home. It can be used for water heating, clothes
       drying, cooking, and mood-setting fireplaces. It can also be used outdoors for
       barbecuing, gas lighting, and even to heat your swimming pool or hot tub.
      Savings
       Natural gas can save you money. With appliances fuel prices can be anywhere from half
       to a quarter of electric fuel. Natural Gas is still your best energy buy.
      Safety
       Natural gas is one of the world's safest sources of energy used by over 15 million
       Canadians to heat their homes and businesses.
      Consistent, Reliable Supply
       Natural gas comes from a pipeline underground. It's always there when you need it and
       you never have to worry about running out of fuel, or arranging for deliveries. Many
       natural gas appliances will operate during a power outage so you can still stay warm,
       have hot water and eat well.
      Future Possibilities
       Once your home is connected to natural gas, it's easy to convert appliances or add
       additional gas products later on.
      Abundant Domestic Production
       International supply issues will never stand in the way of heating your home. There is a
       secure supply of natural gas in Canada.
      Easier, More Affordable Maintenance
       Clean burning natural gas heating equipment means less maintenance and repairs over
       the years.
      Increased Resale Value of Your Home
       Adding natural gas heating, a fireplace and other appliances to your home, farm or
       cottage will pay dividends down the road when you decide it's time to move.

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