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communication POCT by 0l2Mu8eZ


									                                                                                    COMMUNICATION CHECKLIST

                                                                                                    SAMPLE ONLY

                                                                                                                             How will they
 Who has to know?                  What do they have to know?                       Why do they have to know it?

Laboratory Staff
                        Methodologies, QC, QA Structure indications false negs      Service and coverage responsibilities;
  Pathologists          pos what can go wrong troublshooting, service               Need to implement in individual            1a, 2b, 2d
                        responsibilities product updates service updates best       department sections
                        All aspects of testing, QC; Where to go to get problems     Perform all aspects of testing, QC;
  Tecnologists          solved, chain of command; objectives of program             Provide oversight for nurses ;             1a, 2b, 2d
                        product updates service updates (e.. TAT) best practices    troubleshoot service problems
                        Service, goals qa qc product updates servie updatres
  POC Coordinator                                                                                                                  2d
                        best practices practice guidelines                          Train nurses, troubleshoot problems
Hospital Staff

                          What's available, how to access results, false pos neg
   Consultants             limits of accuracy sensitivity and specificity general   Proper utilization, operation
   Intensivists                                methodolgoy                                                                       1, 2, 3
   Primary Care
   Residents, Fellows
   Medical Students                                                                                                                1d
Medical Staff Committees
  Executive             Eligibility, QC, QA, Strategic imperatives                  Utilization
                        Eligibility to perform test
                                                                                    Credentialing, testing requirements.
                        Importance of QC, Risk management                                                                       2b, 2c, 3
                                                                                    Evalluate effectiveness of testing
                        CME educational material
                                                                                    Incorporation of POCT into CME
  Care givers           Operation, QC                                               Perform tests                                  1
                        Establishing a POC service, segment of coordinator
  Nurse admin                                                                                                                    1, 2d
                                                                                    Oversee testing, troubleslhoot
  Nurse Educators       Test operation, QC, QA, risk management,                    Train nurses                                 1, 2d
                        troubleshooting, accessing the lab help in teaching
                           Operational, Financial, strategic implications of POC    Risk management staffing budget
                           testing                                                  planning
   COO, VP Pt. services,   Operational implications of POC testing                  Staffing, budget planning         2
etc.                       Financial implications of POC testing--cost of test vs
   CFO                                                                              Budget planning
                           through put
                           Strategic implications of POC testing
   Trustees                                                                         Evaluate effectiveness of CEO
                           Individualized POC and what it means to them.            Preparation for home training
b xsa                                                                                                                 1b

Community                  The importance of laboratory testing at the bedside      Marketing                         1b
Vendors                    Ground rules and instituional policies for vending       Avoid renegade marketing          2

                 Vehicles of Communication
                                                                         Frequency of Communication

               1. Mass                        Weekly                                                  w
                  a. In-services              Monthly                                                 m
                  b. Newsletters              Quarterly                                               q
                  c. Internet, emal           Yearly                                                   y
                  d. CME presentations, lectures time only                                            o
                  e. Journals: ?              Not applicable                                          na
               2. Personal
                  a. Phone
                  b. Email
                  c. Memo, Letter
                  d. Face to face
               3. Governance
                  a. Hospital Committees
                  b. Other

          Frequency of
          presentations          How will we document that
                            information has been communicated?
                                   Assessing Effectiveness

        Original   Update

                            Signed checklists evaluations and competency
           y         q      checklists diferenct for each group, CAP or ASCC
                            Subspecialty certification, AABP recertification,

                            Signed evaluations and checklists, Proficiency
           y         q

                            Signed evaluations and competency checklists,
           o         q
                            proficiency testing

           y         y
                                  Attendance at presentations; successful
           y         y
                                    credentialing (physician proficiency
           y         y       testing/examination results; Targeting physician
           y         y                  monitoring in QA program;

           y         y
           y         y
           y         y
                            Exam results
           o         y

           o         y      Attendance minutes

           o         y
                            Credentialing requirments

           o         y
                            POCT incorporated into QA program

           o         y
                            POCT included in CME program

           y         q
                              Signed evaluations and checklists, Proficiency
           y         y
                                             testing results
           y         q
         o        y

         o        y                     Attendance minutes
         o        y
         o        y
                         Signed patient info sheets, proficiency in
         o       na      operatation
         y       na      Published newspaper articles
         0       na      Signed vendor agreements

    Individuals with Primary Responsibilty (Delagees)

Name                                      Title
Bowman       Medical Director
Nichols      Laboratory Manager
Esposito     Point of Care Manager
Dale         VP Marketing
Haller       Asst COO

Taylor       Educator

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