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									                Things To Consider When
                Choosing Iphone 4s Plans

               Best Iphone Plan For You

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It was in October 2011 when the iPhone 4S was introduced to
the world, and since then many have bought or shifted to the
fifth generation of Apple’s iconic smartphone. In fact, the
company has announced that they were able to sell four million
units in the first three days of its release - the most ever for a
phone. There are several features on the iPhone 4S which
contributed to its worldwide success and popularity. One of the
most notable additions to the iPhone 4S is Siri, a voice
recognition system, and the iCloud service. Many agree that
Siri is the best feature on the iPhone 4S and one of the most
innovative solutions made by Apple.

                               The iPhone 4S users will quickly
                               notice the speed upgrade which
                               is largely due to the A5 dual-
                               core processor of this fifth
                               generation iPhone. Its new GPU
                               is also seven times faster than
                               the chip found in the iPhone 4.
                               These upgrades make it
                               possible to use resource-
                               intensive apps and games
seamlessly. The iPhone 4S has an 8MP camera and enhanced
illumination sensor making it possible to produce good quality
web-ready photos. The camera can also shoot 1080 HD

This 5th generation iPhone also boasts more powerful
antennas to provide you with better reception. The iPhone 4S
also has greatly improved its data speeds, which are now
theoretically at 14.4 Mbps, making fast downloads and quick
web page launches a reality. However, owning an iPhone 4S is

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not cheap. You would have to fork out a hundred dollars
monthly for voice minutes, text and data plans. The best iPhone
plan to get is one that you can comfortably pay for yet still fits
your needs in terms of voice minutes, text, and data.

There are several things you need to consider when evaluating
iPhone plans and price would be one of them. The good thing
is that most of the carriers make it possible for you to tailor your
plan to match your needs and budget. For those with a modest
budget, Sprint offers affordable plans. For a total monthly cost
of $99.99 you will get 900 minutes for voice calls, unlimited
texting, and unlimited data.

                              Apart from plan costs, you have to
                              also consider network quality. Many
                              consider AT&T, a GSM carrier, as
                              the best choice for those looking for
                              great speed and coverage. A speed
                              test conducted by PCWorld last year
showed that AT&T reached average download speeds of 1,410
kbps which is closest to the iPhone 4S’s theoretical max
download speed. While expert and consumer reviews can point
you to the right direction, it would be better to ask
recommendations from people you trust so you can have an
unbiased opinion about their overall experience with a
particular carrier.

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