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									Latest iPhone 6 is Fast Approaching

The latest gadget that has been widely anticipated nowadays is the iPhone 6. iPhone has significantly
evolved from a lot of gadgets. The rumored release date of the phone has been the top trending topic
nowadays especially in the world of smartphones. It is made even more popular because of its features.
There are now lots of features that this phone can offer you. But then companies are still wondering
what you, as a user would like to see and experience in the latest installment of iPhone. Maybe you
want an improvement from the existing feature or maybe something new you want to see in the latest

iPhone 6 is Fast Approaching

Fans of iPhone have speculated that the next iPhone series after iPhone 4S will be released on the next
two to three years. As iPhone 4S is the fifth generation of iPhone it led analysts to suggest that the next
iPhone will be called iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 5. The next gadget that will be released will be the sixth
generation of iPhone which is rumored to be released on 2012 with no exact date.

128 GB Memory Handed by iPhone 6

The rumors under the new iPhone with a bit of information gathered from people’s anticipation have
been the topic of most technologically inclined people nowadays. Most recent rumors indicate the
launch of iPhone on July 2012 but it was not yet confirmed by the companies involved in making this
gadget. But the past rumor about the specifications of iPhone 5 is now proven with the most anticipated
release of the sixth series. The enhanced specification of the phone will also turned out to be true,
specifically about the memory variants having 64 GB as well as 128 GB memory. Presently the variant 64
GB and 128 GB is still working to be integrated in sixth iPhone. The rumored enhanced features of the
new iPhone include 4.7in of edge to edge provision of screen. The screen shall be the whole front face of
the new iPhone, including the home button with physical incorporation on the display.

There are expectations that new iPhone will be the first iPhone series that will be deployed using
organic radical battery which possesses a higher features being environment friendly compared to the
batteries that are presently used. These batteries can work based on the concept of lithium ion which is
considered to be dangerous because of the heavy metals’ present. There are possibilities that users of
computers will generally replace it with iPhone 6 if it has been successfully released. for more information

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