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					                                   WORKPLAN FOR UGANDA DRR NATIONAL PLATFORM FOR 2010

   HYOGO                                                                                             Q Q Q Q Responsible Party and    Budget Total
FRAMEWORK         EXPECTED OUTPUTS                         PLANNED ACTIVITIES                        1 2 3 4    Source of Fund
                                         I. Review the draft policy to incorporate new issues.                     OPM/UNDP/CIVIL      200,000,000
                                        II. Conduct a Cabinet retreat.                                             ORGANISATIONS
Priority 1:      Out put 1.1 National III. Print and reproduce the approved policy
Ensure that      Disaster preparedness      document for distribution
                                       IV. National and district level workshops to
DRR is a         and      management
                                            disseminate the approved policy
national and a   policy finalized and V. Awareness raising of DRR approach among key
local priority   disseminated               ministries and at district level
with a strong
basis for                                    I. 3Ws of DRR actors at National and District level.                  OPM/ALL PLATFOR     120,000,000
implementati                                II. Advocate for appointment of DRR focal points at                    CIVIL
on               Output 1.2 Linkages            district level and linking them up with a National                 ORGANISATION AND
                 between the National           platform focal point for information sharing and                   UN AGENCIES
                 Platform and lower
                                           III. Create linkages to provide a humanitarian and
                 level strengthened             emergency affairs feedback mechanism between
                                                National Platform and district structures
                                           IV. Capacity building of district local governments in
                                                DRR and CCA approaches
                                            V. National level workshop on DRR
                 Output 1.3 Linkage          I. Analyze the implementation of the NAPA in                          OPM/ WVI/ALL        2,000,000
                 between DRR and CCA            relation to DRR                                                    OTHERCIVIL
                 mechanisms                 II. Integrate the CCU into the National Platform                       ORGANISATIONS
                 strengthened              III. Synchronize CCA initiatives and approaches with                    AND UN AGENCIES

                                                   DRR interventions.
                                              I.   Support to the meteorology department to           OPM/ WVI/ALL         80,000,000
                                                   disseminate consistent and accurate weather        OTHERCIVIL
Priority 2:                                        updates                                            ORGANISATIONS
Identify,                                    II.   Document and encourage replication of good         AND UN AGENCIES
                                                   practices on community based early warning
assess, and       Output 2.1: Effective
monitor           early warning system in
                                          III.     Standardize early warning system at district and
disaster risks    place                            sub-district levels
and enhance                                 IV.    Strengthen Early Warning and Early Action
early warning                                      information flow between districts and national
                                                   level structures.
                                                                                                      OPM/       WVI/ALL   45,000,000
                                              I. Finalize the hazard and vulnerability assessment     OTHERCIVIL
                                                 reports of Oxfam and OPM/UNDP                        ORGANISATIONS
                  Output 2.2: National       II. Conduct hazard and vulnerability assessment in       AND UN AGENCIES
                                                 the regions/districts not covered by the Oxfam
                  Hazard,     Risk     and
                                                 and OPM/UNDP assessments
                                            III. Produce National, regional and district hazard
                  assessment      finalized      maps based on the hazard profile agreed upon
                  and mapped

                  Output 2.3: Weather      I. Department of Meteorology produces updates              OPM/       WVI/ALL   8,000,000
                  forecasts    regularly        and accurate weather information.                     OTHERCIVIL
                  updated           and   II. Ensure dissemination of weather forecasts via           ORGANISATIONS
                  disseminated                  email list, publication, and radio/TV broadcasts.     AND UN AGENCIES
                                         III. Advocacy for investment in water shade
                                                management, irrigation and drought resistant
                                                cropping in drought prone areas
                  Output 3.1: DRR and         I. Technical support to the National Curriculum         OPM/       WVI/ALL   50,000,000
Priority 3: Use   Climate        change           Development Centre (NCDC) to finalize the           OTHERCIVIL
knowledge,        knowledge increased in          DRR/CCA school curriculum                           ORGANISATIONS
innovation        schools                    II. Field testing the DRR/CCA school curriculum          AND UN AGENCIES
and education

to build a
culture of                                      I. Develop a public awareness strategy for              OPM/ WVI/ALL         50,000,000
safety and                                         identified risks                                     OTHERCIVIL
resilience at   Output 3.2: Increased          II. Partnership with key media houses for effective      ORGANISATIONS
all levels      public awareness on                and coordinated public awareness for identified      AND UN AGENCIES
                identified         risks
                                              III. Development of standardized modules for
                (including      climate            public awareness
                change     risks)     in      IV. One National workshop and other public
                Uganda                             awareness activities during the International
                                                   week for DRR

                Output 3.3: DRR and             I. Identification, Collection and Analysis of current   OPM/       WVI/ALL   40,000,000
                Climate Change                     DRR training modules in use                          OTHERCIVIL
                training modules               II. Develop a standardized training module for DRR       ORGANISATIONS
                standardized for                   and CCA                                              AND UN AGENCIES
                national and local level      III. Pilot testing the training module on DRR and
                capacity building
                                                I. Development of guidelines and procedures for         OPM/       WVI/ALL   20,000,000
                                                   the operation of regional and local food storage     OTHERCIVIL
Priority 4:                                        facilities                                           ORGANISATIONS
Reduce the      Output 4.1: Effective          II. Mapping and assessment of food storage               AND UN AGENCIES
underlying      food security strategy
                                              III. Dissemination and awareness raising on the
risk factors    in place                           existing National food security policy and
                                                   advocacy for its implementation

                                             I.    Advocacy for investment in water shade               OPM/ WVI/ALL         15,000,000
                                                   management, irrigation and drought resistant         OTHERCIVIL
                Output 4.2: A strategy             cropping in drought prone areas                      ORGANISATIONS
                is in place for increased   II.    Advocacy for immunization campaigns (by              AND UN AGENCIES
                                                   MoH and health sector partners) against
                resilience to health,
                                                   identified diseases that have the potential to
                water and sanitation

                  related risks              III.     cause an epidemic
                                             IV.     Advocacy for sustained public health
                                                     campaigns in areas that suffer from chronic
                                                     epidemics like cholera, HEP E, etc
                                             V.      Advocacy for the establishment of a Standby
                                                     disease epidemic task force by the MoH.

                                                  I. Advocate for the reinforcement of bridges and           OPM /UNDP       12,000,000
                  Output 4.3: Road and               roads in flood prone districts                          /ALL CIVIL
                  housing construction           II. Awareness raising among officials of road and           ORGANISATIONS
                  sectors have fully                 housing construction on critical aspects of risks
                                                     in their respective sectors.
                  incorporated and taken
                                                III. Advocacy for strict adherence to building codes
                  care of Identified                 by the construction sector
                  hazards and risks
Priority 5:                                    I. Develop a comprehensive national disaster                  OPM /UNOCHA/    15,000,000
Strengthen        Output    5.1:   Well           preparedness plan                                          UNICEF
disaster          updated                     II. Training of national and district level stakeholders       /ALL CIVIL
preparedness      comprehensive disaster          on contingency planning (use the inter-agency              ORGANISATIONS
                                                  contingency planning framework) and wider
for effective     preparedness plan in
                                                  emergency response planning
response at all   place
                  Output    5.2:   Well        I.    Establish (with ministry of finance) humanitarian   x
                  coordinated       and             response fund for initiating national and regional
                  financed responses in             interventions.
                  place                       II.   Map and document emergency response funding
                                                    available amongst the UN and INGOs in Uganda
                                             III.   Map and document potential humanitarian
                                                    donors within the country.
                                                                                                             OPM/            150,000,000
                  Output 5.3: Stand by,        I. Maintain a National inter-agency standby                   UNICEF/UNOCHA
                  and well coordinated            assessment team which will be available for quick
                  logistics and human             deployment to undertake a rapid assessment in
                                                  the event of an emergency
                  resources in place for a

timely and effective       II. Develop a data base of existing relief materials
humanitarian response          available in different organizations for quick
                               monitoring and deployment
                          III. Pre-deployment of NFIs and equipment
                          IV. Develop a data base of national humanitarian
                               personnel in country, with highlights of key
                               competencies/skills available locally

Output 5.4: Legal and       I.   Review legal procedures and mechanisms           IFRC/              120,000,000
institutional                    supporting humanitarian response in Uganda.      OPM/URA/NSC/UNB
mechanisms for             II.   Advocate for appropriate legal procedures and    S/DIRECTORATE OF
receiving international          mechanisms.                                      IMMIGRATION
                          III.   Support IFRC initiatives to strengthen legal
                                 aspects of preparedness and response.


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