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									Development and Design of Android
Applications in a best way
The operating system in the smart phones is crucial for the functionality of the
phone. The prominent mobile operating systems are Android a

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The operating system in the smart phones is crucial for the functionality of the phone. The
prominent mobile operating systems are Android, Symbian and java. Android software is of
open source nature and is developed by the alliance of Open Handset and Google. The open
source nature of Android facilitates the developer to design customized OS level applications
at minimum costs.

The Android applications are gaining recognition just because most of the smart phones in
the market are using it as an operating system. The number of smart phones that are being
sold in the market is on an exponential increase. Consequently, the demand of Android
applications is also increasing. There are a number of application development companies
and freelance which cater to this demand.

There are pros and cons of both the type of service providers. The company offering the
application development services could be expert and offer a wide array of services but they
are professional with hardly any chance of giving personal attention to the buyer.

On the other hand the freelancer, being a one man army has got physical limitations but can
offer tailored services and devote extra time for the client. A company can at times afford to
attend to every client but this is usually not possible with the freelancer especially when the
clientele increases beyond a certain limit.

It depends on the buyer what sort of service to avail. Does the buyer need customized
applications or commonly used generic applications? If the application is not easily available
in the market there is no other alternative but to avail the custom Android Application
development services.

Most of the Android applications include Data Restoration, data storage, permission and
security with tags and id of the user, resources pertaining to notifications, symbols,
techniques for user interface, background services, notifications, browser, navigation,
3DGraphics, SMS service, contact management, fast search box, games, graphics and latest
Bluetooth API

There are a number of application service providers but identifying a professional adept
Android Application development companies can be at times difficult. Following are some
points that can make this task a bit easy.

Are the personnel at the service provider company technically sound, experienced and adept
at applications development? This can be known through interacting with the employee who
is going to handle your account. The other way to know about this is through the feed back
and testimonials of the company’s earlier clients.
Are the terms and conditions of the service provider crystal clear and agreeable? This needs
to be clarified initially so that there are no misunderstandings later.

A dedicated and reliable application developer saves a lot of time, resources and money.
Outsourcing the work of application developer to someone who is not an employee of the
company is very beneficial in the long run. The buyer of the application need not hire expert
technocrats for the application development. When you outsource the work, instead of paying
the employees hourly wages, you can do the payment on project basis.

The customized application facilitates the user to target a specific market segment.

Identification of an experienced, reliable and adept Android application development
company is thus neither too easy not too difficult.

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