Beautiful Girl in heaven by Ustadzun_Al


									A. Introduction
           In our country, now is a lot of homeless people who live on the streets and willing
   to do anything to get money for their subsistence. stealing, stole, singing, and begging
   them was willing to do to get a bite nasi.tetapi we need to know, should we understand
   the shortcomings they have. not to be condemned, insulted, or even dipukuli.bukan
   means to legalize their actions, but simply to give a proper sense of humanity to them.
   because they are human too. need to get the proper treatment of human beings in general.
           This book told us about a girl who struggles to defend his life against a wide
   range of trials and the complexity of life.
           Women's stage was a portrait of a woman's struggle to maintain the principle of
   the world that knows no mercy. He will invite us to consider that women are not only
   destined to sit at home, but also parallel to the male bias. It could even exceed their
   toughness. Only women who are able to do great.
           In this novel, Budhi Iman Santosa told by gambling on life's journey from a girl
   and lived in Yagyakarta Bandungan. This girl passed very difficult journey and full of
   twists. Trials and testing that should he faced. Starting from, fear, love, anger, friendship,
   uncomfortable feeling, and art dating from various parties. But he tried to live it with
   happiness that he created himself.

B. Discussion
         Process
            • Stories
        I would like to invite you to share a story about a girl fighting for her life in the area of
   others. This girl is suciati, a law student at a university in Yogyakarta.
        This story started when her wallet stolen on the bus by a boy who pretend - pretend
   as a schoolboy, he wore a uniform. Luckily, this action was known by the owner. Sigit
   Sudharma who sat next to Suci and gave scolded a little money on the child. This rose a
   number of questions in this girl's heart. Sigit not want to explain, just ask and give an
   invitation to meet in the studio for making a discussion that Sigit lead.
        Suci came for that invitation. Finally, the place was happaened discussion between
   them without involving other people because of events previously scheduled discussion,
was postponed until an undetermined time. Sigit conveyed a lot of explanation about the
incident in the city bus. From here the argument - his opinion highly unexpected by her.
It turned out that social life was very high. Silently, Sigit put his heart on this girl because
of her personality is very well judged by Sigit.
    Until one day, Suci met with Minul / Mindil was chased by people around who were
in that market. The little girl aged about 9 years has stolen a piece of meat in the food
stall to defend her life.
    Because of pity for this child and remembered Sigit’s words of the previous about
street children who willingly did anything to defend his life, Suci helped her as a sister
and reckless. Confused because not knowing where invited to stay, Sigit also offered his
house to be occupied. Because Sigit only lived with his mother, Mrs. Puspo. Suci and
Minul were asked to accompany his mother. His mother also received them very well.
Sigit that will soon showed theatrical entitled Pandhawa Dadu, asked Suci to play
Draupadi, as the protagonist. Sigit’s request made his frieds – the other theater member
unhappy, but could not do anything other than accepted the decision of the leader.
Suci who had never participated in any theater, trained directly by Sigit. This exercise
was not only done in the studio alone, but also in place which was considered to pose a
great artistic soul such as beaches, waterfalls, and rivers.
    Until one day, when they were practicing at the Samas. There was a tragic incident
that befell Sigit. He was killed by an unknown man. Suci since the night left by Sigit met
her father, Mr. Harso, who was conducting the ritual on the beach. Suci originally with
the victim, became the prime suspect in the investigation of this case. He was found
guilty. But the community around it alleges that the girl was the cause of death Sigit.
Until the unrest between the Suci and Murti, Sigit’s sister who did not accept his
brother’s death. Bu Puspo too suspected this girl and sent Anom to keep on Suci.
    After the death of Sigit, Suci went out of Sigit’s house as they felt ashamed and
embarrassed to Murti. Anom offered his house to be occupied. While Suci and Minul
lived there and finally could to complete her final task. The arrival of Suci in this place
responded well by his father who named Ki Gondho. They regarded them as a family.
Suci thesis was completed properly and eventually fell in love with Anom’s kindness.
Anom too. Unbravely, he told his feeling to Minul as they made a joke.
    Anom goodness and his family may be changed if they knew that Ruswanti who had
sought over the years, lived with Mr. Harso. This woman was once the mistress of Ki
Gondho and had an abortion on an unborn child. Ki Gondho had been asked about this.
Quack abortionist had also been caught. And police had looking for Ruswanti, but not
found. Ruswanti ever attempted suicide and finally rescued by Mr. Harso and married
    Sigit murder case has been very protracted - late, but yet also rose a bright spot.
Arya, Sigit’s brother asked the development of this case on Suci regularly. Until finally
he fell in love with this girl. Her mother was asked to apply Suci to him.
Likewise with the police who named Bambang who was examining her when she was in
Samas. He came to see Suci and told on the pretext of looking for more information
about this case. Butsilently this man put his heart on her and approached through Minul.
    Confused by the application that requested by the third of them, he requested the
opinion of Minul. Because he considered that the assessment of young children was still
sincere. There was no manipulation. Though felt free and wanted to return the favor for
the good of Mrs. Puspo, he finally accepted Bambang’s proposal to make Minul’s heart
felt glad.

    • Figures and characteristics
    Suciati                   : beautiful, elegant, patient, full of struggle
    Sigit                     : handsome, have a high sociality
    Minul / Mindil            : careful, have a mature mind, sincere
    Bu Puspo                  : kind, patient
    Bambang                   : kind, careful, like to children
    Ruswanti                  : motherhood, easily discourage
    Anom                      : helpful
    Ki Gondho                 : humorist
    Arya                      : careful, philander
    Murti                     : loveful, arrogant
    Mr. Harso                 : hardworker, religious,
    Astuti                    : avengeful
 Conflict
       • Inner
                  Suci felt disappointment on his heart when looking at life in
                     Bandungan. He wanted to reject that state, but could not. Finally
                     he chosed to live outside the area.
                  He felt very frightened because of the night darkness when he was
                     at Samas and abandoned by Sigit. She cried and shouted. But,
                     nobody was coming. Until he finally met his father.
                  He also felt very depressed when he was accused of being a
                     murderer and as temper tantrums Sigit crowd. But he remained
                     patiently to accept this ordeal.
                  So even when there are three men who proposed to her. This
                     makes it confused and did not dare to decide for themselves. He
                     prefers to ask Minul.
       • Physical
                   Holy dilabrak by Murti as judged to have killed his brother.
                    Knowing the situation in their home was crowded, he chose
                    silence and left the place.
                   Another day, he was encouraged by Astuti to fall to the floor.
                    Minul who did not receive treatment Astuti, biting the hand Astuti
                    to bleed. Until the end of another theater dating.
 Social Criticism
         Moral
                   The habit of people - who come to Bandungan, first is to enjoy the
             beautiful scenery there. But now their purpose has changed. They come
             there to make a living, by selling themselves. Sex workers who come to
             Bandungan average - average is the migrants who were willing to sell
             themselves for the sake of dollars. This gives rise to adverse effects on
             the morale of our nation. The habit of getting easy money will make
             them lazy Untk struggling to work. And the result, the personality of our
           nation to be very low. Not to mention the danger of HIV transmission
           because they are transmitted with multiple melekukan sex - sexual
        Legal
                 Murder case in the story is a proof how weak credibility of the
           apparatus. They perform their duties have not been optimal and was
           impressed delay - postpone. Events such as these have frequently
           occurred in our nation. They should be able to speed up the investigation
           before dating another case.
         Humanity
                 Street children who are around us are thousands of them. They do
           everything like stealing, robbery, pickpocketing, begging, and others to
           connect his life. We never suspected that there are still many people in
           need. But we must not be deceived by their background. Lots of people
           who actually are able, choose to be a beggar as a day of work - day. He
           was more pleased with the job because no one would even venture a
           member him for money.
                 We are given a slight excess of the Creator had to share with
           fellow human beings who really - really need help.
        Community
                 Communities described here are people who like to accuse without
           proof. They prefer to blaspheme his case without knowing the first
           sitting. Not much different from our society today. It seems they are
           easily influenced by the words of people and do not care about facts.
           Should we as a society is good, when there is a problem, have to finish
           with a cool head and deliberation. We must find out the background,
           purpose, objectives, benefits, and what wisdom is in these Things are.
 Conclusion
          In this book, suciati who have fought to preserve her life in Yogyakarta
   was not treated well by people who did not like her. But she was still putting up
   with all that. The events that befall her, she was not supposed to get. Althought
       she was surrounded by a lot of love in her life, but the world still gave priority to
       education in her life. Proved, she still completed the final task in earnest, although
       she was in big trouble. Because according to her the problem was not to be a barrier to
       reach our expectations. She also showed evidence of a sense of humanity that he
       had to adopt a street child to be younger. This she did to please her father. As just by
       doing something in the right way she can serve and return the favor both of his

C. Conclusion
         Lack and excess
                  The novel tells the story very well. Meskipunalur told back and forth, but
          easily understood by readers. Events - events in it was very coherent. Character
          is in it too obvious. So it is readily accepted by the ending bit floating the
          reader and intriguing.
        Benefits
           The author can explore writing skills in studying life in our nation. Also the authors
           can share their knowledge and can take a lesson from the material he wrote.
           The author learned some more about this writing and expected to develop
           towards writing better.
                Readers can take a lesson from the stories in this book. So it can prevent
          unwanted actions occur without control.
                All events in this book can awaken learners to be able to place themselves
          as they should and not fall into the black valley.

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